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Art Trade with :iconmidnight-ahri:

Wanted a pic of my OC Jia trying to get Wolf Boss to get with her OC Jubei :iconteheplz: I had fun lol.

And also, :party::la:Happy Birthday:la::party:!
Well, early birthday lol. xD;;


Jubei Li Rong (c) *Midnight-Ahri
Jiasuo Zuoteng and art (c) =Shear-Rohark
Wolf Boss (c) Dreamworks
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As the title implies, Liu Xing made a battle garb for her dear friend. However, she was busy painting the portrait of a young emperor that she had Ying be her courier to deliver it to Jubei.

On another note. OMG. LATE GIFT IS LATE. /shot TTuTT
Sorry Ophieee ;;A;; school has been butchering me one week after another. Imma dieee OTL but anyway, I remember the gift you gave me on my birthday. I was inspired TuT

And here I thought that tonight, since I'm rather free, I'd go all out and give all my OCs some love. Apparently, one night is not enough. ;; but I'm glad I moved on with my list anyway! I want to do more but I'm tired as hell I can't even type straight anymore

It's the first time I ever drew Jubei I hope she looks okay ><;;; And as for Ying, that's her new-ish look. I just changed the shape of her face to give her more lynx-like features and her dark brown spots are only rendered in black because I'm lazy as fuck. And those aren't new clothes. That's her normal day clothes when she's just chillin like a bamf somewhere until Song called her for an errand >w>

That's all. Hope you like it sis! I love yaaaa :**

Jubei Li Rong :iconmidnight-ahri:
Ying Mao Li | Song Ni Jie (Liu Xing) *09ShootingStar90
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"What are Friends for?"

I wasn't feeling too good yesterday. Something stressed me out so much, I had to stay home from classes yesterday. Still a bit stressed out, so I thought I'd draw something a bit more comforting. Though, after this, I might consider taking another Hiatus. Just a bit of time to myself, you know? Anyway, back to this.

Drew little Jubei and Jia giving eachother a hug. C:
Jia had something bothering her and such, and when Jubei saw her crying, she went and gave her a hug to comfort her. C:
I love the friendship they have as well. :heart:

Tried a bit of Digital Watercoloring as well, but you can't really see it here... OTL =w=;;;


Jubei Li Rong (c) ~OpheliazBloodyMary
Jiasuo Zuoteng and art (c) =HatPanda
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Birthday Gift for mah girlfriend, :iconopheliazbloodymary:, who just happened to turn 20 years old last Friday. XD


Lord Shen's going to kill me for this. :fear:

Honestly, it wasn't that easy to draw Wolf Boss. Nico Marlet, Y u make drawings so hard!? >XV I was busy with bloody work so I barely had time for anything else. but I'm filled with relief that I'm done with this.
Just........ being affectionate with one another. :iconicameplz::heart:

Hope you don't mind, I drew Jubei into a more adult-like goat. Yesh I added boobies. XD Would it be nice if Jubei became an Empress indeed. And hope this could help you finish your... AHEM.. Kiss meme between the two. :iconhurrplz:
You can bash me if you can't understand the positions. :/

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! :iconcakeplz::heart::party: hope you had a great party!! :blowkiss:
Your dwagon misses you so much. >A< <3333333

Jubei (c) ~OpheliazBloodyMary
Wolf Boss (c) Kung Fu Panda 2
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Thank you for the redline guys, it really helped <3
Point commission for :iconmidnight-ahri:
I really hope this was what you wanted!
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Cuz she wouldn't stop fekkin bother me about it not being up :iconuwahplz::iconwthplz:

Collab with :iconwaterzdragon::heart::la:

I was at her house a few weeks ago (and I'm going back after I post a few things xD) and she said:

"SATO. COLLAB. NOW. :iconraegplz:
So I was forced against my will asked to finish this with her pfffff

She drew her characters Xun Shui and MingLiang (Zong and Xun's daughter) on the left and I drew Jia and Xing Ji (Shen and Jia's daughter) on the right.

BTW, when you get the chance, do give her a watch :)


Xun Xhui and MingLiang (c) ~WaterzDragon
Jiasuo Zuoteng and Xing Ji (c) =HatPanda
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Name: Yiyao Zuoteng
Nicknames: Yiyaya, Nurse, Violet, Yin
Age: Older than Jia and Zong |D (is yet to determine)
Birthdate: May 18
Abilities: YinYang theory (wind and life)
Family: Zhàndòujī (father), Luówén (mother), Zongjiao (younger brother), Jiasuo (younger sister)
Personality: Though she might look calm, she really is a hyper and energetic woman. She's very kind and motherly to her younger siblings (which gives her the nickname "Yin")
Bio: Yiyao Zuoteng is the Bamboo village's famous healer and Zhàndòujī's eldest daughter. Since Yiyao was born with the special power of healing, Zhàndòujī found this useful and gave her the job as a nurse for his injured soliders (since he was the head general for the YinYang army). Her and her father were very close and Yiyao learned everything she could from her father along with Xiao Dan who, in a short amount of time, grew a crush on him. Before Xiao Dan planned the kidnap of Jia and Zong, Yiyao confessed her feelings for him, but, sadly for her, he turned her down and continued with the mission he planned out. Unable to heal her heart, Yiyao ranaway from the village and started living in a small hut nearby the village. She lived peacefully until she heard about the ambush in her previous home. Worried, she rushed to village and saw that it had been burnt to ash. She searched the village for her two younger siblings and her parents, but all she could find was Jia's favorite doll that her mother made her and her father's dead body.
Even more miserable than before, Yiyao traveled to Gongmen City to find a job and fend for herself. During the process, she found a wolf solider wounded in the city and healed him with her healing powers. Fascinated by this, the wolf solider took her to Shen's palace and hired her as a nurse to heal any badly burnt wolves/gorillas in the factory. That's where she reunited with Zong and Jia.

Other facts:
- She's a healer yet she gets hurt alot (usually just tiny scratches and serious bruises)
- When she's not healing soliders and/or training with her father & Xiao Dan, she enjoys painting sceneries or playing with her younger siblings
- She enjoys the performing arts (music-playing, actting, dances, etc.) So she's close to Sheng Yin and his performing group
- She's currently looking for someone to love since she got her heart broken by Xiao Dan. She does have her eye out for a specific goat >w>

Fffffffffffmy fuckin fingers are hurting |D
Anyway, sorry if I haven't been posting much V^V I've been suffering alot lately as soon as I started school ;^;
I've lost some of my motivation & inspiration and school hasn't been helping. Along with not seeing your parents since the beginging of June thing TTATT I've been suffering way more than I have before V^V;; And I've been having alot of headaches just from crying too much ;^;
So I created this character to help me a bit and, forunately, I feel a bit better C,: (also, thanks to a few of my friends for making me feel better)(I also made her cuz I wanted to make more characters that have the same YinYang technique that Jia has)
Yiyao means "medicine" in chinese. Since I've been taking alot of medicine for my headaches to go away. A few tablets were a tint of purple C: lol xD

Yiyao, Jia, Zong, Zhan, and Luo (c) =HatPanda
Kung Fu Panda (c) Dreamworks

Edit: Forgot the little yinyang pendant thing she carries wit her |D
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"I won't let you drown
When the water's pulling you in
I'll keep fighting, I'll keep fighting
The rain's going to follow you wherever you go
The clouds go black and the thunder rolls
And I see lightning, I see lightning

When the world surrounds you
I'll make it go away
Paint the sky with silver lining
I will try to save you
Cover up the grey
With silver lining"

:music: Silver Lining- Hurts:music:

I finished! OTL;;;

My motivation to finish trades has too many mood swings, so I tried to draw something else and these two came to mind, so I did xD

I love these two though and I missed them OTL;;
They're just so cute srsly? ;v;

But anyway, Enjoy!:heart::peace:

Kestueki Kasai (c) *Midnight-Ahri
Yiyao Zuoteng and art (c) =Shear-Rohark
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Gift for :iconskitzopheliac: Of her Oc Jubei and Boss Wolf :D
Boss Wolf is a horrible pain to draw, But Jubei is good, she behaves and always looks nice, I could give her a mustache and she would still look gorgeous!
Boss Wolf is kissing Jubeis shoulder, a loving gesture!<3
I forgot Boss Wolfs eye :depressed: Sorry!
Hope you like it :) and Happy Holidays.

Boss Wolf (C) Kung fu panda Dreamworks
Jubei (C) :iconskitzopheliac:

-I will upload some more gifts later today, keep an eye out-
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...and best man(from afar) :'D *shot*
I'm glad I get to draw the kids again. =v=;;

Xuanfeng is a big daddy's girl, she usually follows him around ever since she was small, but until now she still loves to be around him, talking all the things from what she's been doing and stuff but she also hangs out with her mom& siblings. ;u;

I just feel like adding Zhuang there..coz I miss him. And no, he's not doing some fanservice pose, just looking at his family, he's not jealous or anything. xD

I might have to cancel her relationship with Yang(Nyu&Shen's son) by making him break up with her, I don't seem to like the outcome of them being together. ._.

Enjoy. c:

Xuanfeng, Zhuang (c) Me
Wolf Boss (c) Kung fu panda 2, Dreamworks
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