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Find your common ground of shedding blood
In the far lands of Else Where,
For here is not the place where bodies should
Fall just short of their own sweat and tears.
It is fear that is the beast you so portray,
And an agenda so immorally laced with false teachings.
Here lies the home, once ancient and grown,
Now rubble in the growing pile
Of humanities excrement.
Its epitaph shall read nothing,
For no words can be written
by the lack of knowledge per this land....
Look your land in its dying eyes,
Listen to its final breaths...
The billowing sands that blow
Erosion into its elderly face.
make your way to the place in which you slumber,
And allow your mind to bestow upon you
Nightmares that bring you to regret your chosen ways of sin,
and method of self-destruction.
Taken by so full of self,
The rotten husk now lies
Half buried in a partially cremated state...
Still a home for its dying cells
The soon to be carcass,
Awaiting the bills of hovering vultures
Over head.
"All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers."

-Francois Fenelon

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The era is now passed through which I lived and favored,
and my patience then packs its bags for hiatus,
with which to remind me that perhaps
brighter days lie in sunny hammocks ahead.

Here and alas lays the road to that sunny setting,
upon which I walk and tread the changing tide.
The next item on the list of Fates agenda and her passionate affair with time...
the seconds will carry on like the beats of my undying heart.

The fire that burns in my eyes, through which I see is only assuaged
by the tears they produce...
the tears I produce in my longing for some peace of some sort.
Yet those tears shall only accompany the sweat of my efforts.

Once upon a time, in the dream come true through which I slept,
did a fairy tale once existů
that tale of my tale through endless times of a dream come true
and gone by in the era that I once lived and favored.
I do NOT own the picture, this is the creator: [link]

I am only the writer of the words. This happens to be my 300th poem and I pray that you all enjoy it. It is a narrative of an immortal being who laments of the passing time. This threnody of inevitability is meant to provoke the thought of the reader in regards to time and existence, and how one is ultimately affected by the world around them. Think of your generation, your era, and what memories will later be recalled of the time in which you lived. Think of the future and all of its endless possibilities, both good and bad. Lose yourself in is a wonderfully terrifying feeling, is it not?
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My, what hope lies
in the half empty glass,
trembling by tremor and leer.
At such a long road's end,
does it rise and shatter.

What understanding have you,
of fear, of pestilence,
other than the existence of self.
Imposed, the creation
to be eventually bled out.

Filthy, the very cause
by which the water rises,
boiling with blisters
in the overwhelming sin
of the ever beating sun above.

Freedom, to the acrostic asininity
now found laughing atop the grave...
the grave of past gone by,
decaying with every bite
of a gluttonous sloth with an ancient cause.

That to my eyes, the mass hysteria,
borderline loss of sanity from the commonalty.
Have I lost track or do my eyes deceive,
the horsemen's tracks are of disarray,
and I know not which one has come.

Now, the angels look onward,
gazing with hopeless eyes,
searching for faith in the fallen creation,
who now wither and crawl,
away as they fall, into the Abyss....

Declines, the signs of the end,
the near and far come and go,
as the war seeps through the inhuman nature!
My, what filthy freedom
that now declines....
First fallen angels, then the humans.

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Dear World,
I'm tired,
very tired,
of those names you call me,
how you put me down,
and the pain you give.
It's not fair?
Why focus on me?
I guess it's better this way,
you hurt me, rather than the people I care about.
But, I suppose it doesn't bother you one bit.
I hurts that I'm broken, scarred, and useless.
But I'm tired now.
I have said what I needed to.
I have shed my last tear.
I will soon take my last breath.
You made me who I am, World.
I hope you're happy.
I'm just in one of those moods.
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I seem to have forgotten the sound of my own heartbeat
Splitting apart my limbs I've found the source of my insanity
Coiled around veins and arteries
Star dust and a lazy man’s drug
Has put me to sleep under fictitious pretenses
Of forbidden apples and two faced prince charming’s
syndrome is a really pleasant word, syn-dro-me it's so lovely in the way it rolls off the tongue
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Have you looked into the shattered mirror,
to find the subject of your exasperation?
Accursed hypocrites of the heathen reign,
"Make them suffer for the sins of their ancestors!"
What know you of history's bloody course?
Not a thing, not a damn thing.
Look in the mirror of this worlds memory,
let the record show that which is yours,
the folly, the choking arguments.
Evidence is all you have,
just and yet, the other term, of faith...
Yet again and again,
abased, abashed, by my shear hatred for you all,
Of what do you know in regards to faith?
Not a thing, not a damn thing.
You walk hand in hand with
the blind, deaf & dumb
whose names are covered over with genius.
Ignorance is fear, the blood that flows,
will bleed out to write your part of history...
so short...
yet what of history do you truly know,
repeated by basic word of mouth...?
Not a thing...
Not one...damn...thing....
I have yet to find an atheist that can actually argue logically and independently, without sounding like a total hypocritical, stereotypical, illogical idiot...You label me as a hypocrite, or even a "terrorist". The majority of the time the main argument is that religion is the reason for the worlds strife....You don't know damn thing about history it seems, and when your argument resolves itself to the scientific realm, you really have no idea what you're talking about....I'll respect your beliefs, but if you start bashing mine, you will had better be prepared.

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We’d sit on porch steps
Insecticide burning our lungs
Awkward and gangly attempting to grow into our limbs
You with freckles dusting your nose and I with a small dot on my cheek
You called it a beauty spot and I said god was too lazy to give me freckles

We were 15 and lust driven amnesiacs
Dissolving our flesh with cheap gin in your tree house
Throwing pebbles at the sky hoping to shatter it
We were an epidemic of the underdog prognosis
Playing encores to an audience of cowards

For some reason we’d always rush across rail way tracks
Metal bars quivering and our broken sneakers stumbling
We were branded in mistakes and embellished in thin silvery scars
Battle scars we’d say laughing because there was nothing else to do
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Three are they,
Of Heavenly origin.
Governed by the Highest Throne,
and led by the Horsemen.
Devout are the Grim Trinity.
As death has never ceased
So true to the cause are they...
By cursed and divine blades.
The Patrons of the Deceased and Dying...
and of those related to the involved.
Divine by right is the Angel...
Unholy by cause is the Demon...
Leader by title is the Nephilim.
By them are taken souls guided,
Through them are souls
released or enslaved.
The Patrons of Death:
Azrael, the Angel.
Abaddon, The Demon.
The Horsemen, the Nephilim and mediator of the two.

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So long ago began
the ever growing free for all,
The all you can eat,
dog eat dog world,
Where commonplace
are the simplistic struggles.
So out of hand,
that solutions become
ironically complex...
Hell's buffet,
straight out and down
from the kitchen above,
down the slip n' slide
through the caverns
of mishaps and mistakes,
I bet it tastes like regret,
and the buyer's remorse,
Reap what you sew say
the teeth of the demon,
With every bite sinks
in a shame filled saliva.
"Maybe we'll slow them down!"
Say the so called thinkers...
I can't help but think against them,
but what do I know?
I'm just a common crumb in the trough.
Above Heaven watches,
restricted by the local law
to keep the peace...
nothing is ever done,
but to keep the balance.
I wanted to try a little something different, and since I haven't written lyrics in a long time, I thought why not for a more satirical piece speaking out against how certain sins are now widely accepted and common within today's world. Don't misunderstand my message though, because I am completely guilty of a lot of things that I'm not proud, but so are we all as human beings. It's just our nature.

As far as the writing style for this piece goes, I was in many ways mimicking two songs by my favorite band, Lamb of God. The songs are "Contractor" and "Cheated". Fast paced, and meant to mock the modern political issues of our society. This one the other hand is directed at modern religious issues.

The satirical aspect of it is making fun of people such as the Westburo Baptist Church. Notice how I intentionally leave out any mention of Christ, redemption, and The Sacrifice for our sins. Such is my way pointing a both laughing, and accusing finger at people like them. The rest is as explained in the first paragraph of this synopsis.

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When your heart throws a beat
You cant understand
Your life is suddenly
Uppside down

I can feel the pain
Beating through my veins
The rhythm pulsing
Burning, searing pain
Life soon to stop
A sudden end

When your heart throws a beat
You cant understand
Your life is suddenly
Uppside down

Can you see my agony
My fear of falling
My short life
All in wain!
All because of this needless pain!
I have to leave you soon
My strength do have an end!
My dearest friend

When your heart throws a beat
You cant understand
Your life is suddenly
Uppside down

A hidden defect
A hidden pain
My heart beating
Can you see my fear of falling
Dont try to catch me
It`s useless my friend

The rhythm so wild
No drum can follow
The beat so crazy
My mind so hollow
The pain finally coming to an end
Please do not cry for me
I will see you on the borderline
My dearest friend
So do not cry for me
I`ll see you again

When your heart throws a beat
You cant understand
Your life is suddenly
Uppside down

When your heart throws a beat
You cant understand
Your life is suddenly
Uppside down

Inspired by Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and my own heart defect.... R.I.P Jimmy, thank you for giving me the strength to carry on!
lyrics inspired by Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and my own Deceitful Heart... Thank you Jimmy, for giving me the strength to carry on!
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