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Gazing onward with the wanting eyes,
in search of nostalgia and reminiscence
is the shell of me.
Repression of thus, my depression,
I recall little to nothing at all.
Find me within the fog of my thought,
Shade of my Lord,
for lost am I,
drowning in the murky waters
of my ever fleeting psyche.
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Bound and left for the beasts,
what awaits is no end
No shade finds my flesh,
and the catching fibers
are slowly burnt to a crisp
And such a darkness,
the vision of my eyes,
Whatever lies ahead
The rotting time,
The old home of my mind...
the dust and asbestos
that corrodes
what fragments remain.
left for my demons-
I'm simply waiting for time
to drag me away and down,
for the rotting feast...
to begin waiting
for this life
to fade away
with every bite.
Painting citation:[link]
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The era is now passed through which I lived and favored,
and my patience then packs its bags for hiatus,
with which to remind me that perhaps
brighter days lie in sunny hammocks ahead.

Here and alas lays the road to that sunny setting,
upon which I walk and tread the changing tide.
The next item on the list of Fates agenda and her passionate affair with time...
the seconds will carry on like the beats of my undying heart.

The fire that burns in my eyes, through which I see is only assuaged
by the tears they produce...
the tears I produce in my longing for some peace of some sort.
Yet those tears shall only accompany the sweat of my efforts.

Once upon a time, in the dream come true through which I slept,
did a fairy tale once existů
that tale of my tale through endless times of a dream come true
and gone by in the era that I once lived and favored.
I do NOT own the picture, this is the creator: [link]

I am only the writer of the words. This happens to be my 300th poem and I pray that you all enjoy it. It is a narrative of an immortal being who laments of the passing time. This threnody of inevitability is meant to provoke the thought of the reader in regards to time and existence, and how one is ultimately affected by the world around them. Think of your generation, your era, and what memories will later be recalled of the time in which you lived. Think of the future and all of its endless possibilities, both good and bad. Lose yourself in is a wonderfully terrifying feeling, is it not?
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I seem to have forgotten the sound of my own heartbeat
Splitting apart my limbs I've found the source of my insanity
Coiled around veins and arteries
Star dust and a lazy man’s drug
Has put me to sleep under fictitious pretenses
Of forbidden apples and two faced prince charming’s
syndrome is a really pleasant word, syn-dro-me it's so lovely in the way it rolls off the tongue
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Dear World,
I'm tired,
very tired,
of those names you call me,
how you put me down,
and the pain you give.
It's not fair?
Why focus on me?
I guess it's better this way,
you hurt me, rather than the people I care about.
But, I suppose it doesn't bother you one bit.
I hurts that I'm broken, scarred, and useless.
But I'm tired now.
I have said what I needed to.
I have shed my last tear.
I will soon take my last breath.
You made me who I am, World.
I hope you're happy.
I'm just in one of those moods.
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We’d sit on porch steps
Insecticide burning our lungs
Awkward and gangly attempting to grow into our limbs
You with freckles dusting your nose and I with a small dot on my cheek
You called it a beauty spot and I said god was too lazy to give me freckles

We were 15 and lust driven amnesiacs
Dissolving our flesh with cheap gin in your tree house
Throwing pebbles at the sky hoping to shatter it
We were an epidemic of the underdog prognosis
Playing encores to an audience of cowards

For some reason we’d always rush across rail way tracks
Metal bars quivering and our broken sneakers stumbling
We were branded in mistakes and embellished in thin silvery scars
Battle scars we’d say laughing because there was nothing else to do
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Get me away from this black hole
That's stirring within me
Pulling away all emotions
Only a void left behind

Without you I feel empty
Only you can fill this black hole
make it go away
to return again
when you're gone

My emotions and feelings
Wander around in circles
go up and down
from left to right
High when you're with me
Much too deep when I'm left alone

Come to me again
Let me feel and nothing more
No void eating me up
Leaving only the extremes
Hate and love and nothing more

Let me close you in my arms
Fill the black hole in one go
No void within me
You fill my whole heart
I feel empty when my girlfriend is not here with me. Depleted of emotions, only this emptiness left behind.
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I will thaw out my
frozen ice box of a chest
for you
I will pump and resurrect
the dead tissues
so I can write about you

I will write about your
drug store Romeo smile
and the way you
hold your hands behind
your head like its the only
thing that will stop it
from rolling off your shoulders

I will write about the way
your eyes crinkle in the corners
and the way your dimples are uneven
when you laugh

I will write about the
tiny vampire footprints
you leave on my skin at night
when we're sat outside
on the sidewalk
contemplating Aristotle and Cobain
Like bleary eyed philosophers

I will write about the way
your fingers flex when you're excited
and how your knee
jitters when you're nervous
and how you like
lonely places
because they're so much more
than movie theatres and shopping malls

I will write about you
until I run out of words
and I'm sorry
I'm not poetic enough
to cover the breadth of
your firecracker soul
but I hope you know
this is the best
I can do
and I hope
that's enough.
I was told to never fall in love with a writer, because they will write about you even after you leave. You will become their obsession and their muse, they will cement you in their words and try and reanimate the curvature of your spine. They will make you live within their musings and they will frame you and place you on their bedside table to stare at longingly. They will not approach you again, they will allow you to shine brightly within someone else's eyes because they know that they were too quiet, or sensitive or intense and that a person like you shouldn't be pinned down in ink on paper. I was told to never fall in love with a writer, so instead I chose to be one.
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My, what hope lies
in the half empty glass,
trembling by tremor and leer.
At such a long road's end,
does it rise and shatter.

What understanding have you,
of fear, of pestilence,
other than the existence of self.
Imposed, the creation
to be eventually bled out.

Filthy, the very cause
by which the water rises,
boiling with blisters
in the overwhelming sin
of the ever beating sun above.

Freedom, to the acrostic asininity
now found laughing atop the grave...
the grave of past gone by,
decaying with every bite
of a gluttonous sloth with an ancient cause.

That to my eyes, the mass hysteria,
borderline loss of sanity from the commonalty.
Have I lost track or do my eyes deceive,
the horsemen's tracks are of disarray,
and I know not which one has come.

Now, the angels look onward,
gazing with hopeless eyes,
searching for faith in the fallen creation,
who now wither and crawl,
away as they fall, into the Abyss....

Declines, the signs of the end,
the near and far come and go,
as the war seeps through the inhuman nature!
My, what filthy freedom
that now declines....
First fallen angels, then the humans.

Picture citation: [link]
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I hope and wait patiently for you to find me

To hear me calling out to you with every fiber of my being

You haven’t met me yet, you don’t know me

But I want you to know how undeviating you have been to me

From this distance

You gave me passion

You gave me hope

You gave me a light to grasp on to

You made my life like a song

You are like the notes to my life’s melody

Melancholy and bittersweet

I will write you a book

Full of rhymes and rhythms

Words written just for you

You are inspiration, my muse

And it has been you that has inspired me to live

To listen to this worlds song

So I will fight, to live

This unwavering battle with myself

And I hope that someday you will hear me say

Thank you, for saving me from myself.
She is my inspiration for life.
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