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You didn't waste any time as you ran home.  You where already late, and being much later would result in a much harder beating.  You whipped around corners, your (h/c) hair flying out behind you. You reached the front door in 5 minutes flat. You slowly opened it, quietly calling out.
"Hurry up and go to your room, I've got someone over!" You heard the voice of your father ringing out.
"Y-Yes sir!" you replied. You ran past the living room, catching a glimpse of your father sitting on the couch, with a woman.  You growled, but didn't stop long enough for your father to notice.  You skipped every other step, out of habit. You quickly reached your room, and quietly opened the door, belly flopping onto the bed. You sighed as you sank into the feather mattress, running your hands up and down it. Your room was the only thing in this house that didn't look like shit and you where proud of that. You rolled over, staring at the white ceiling, watching a spider crawl along.
"Are you going to Scarborough fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine." You stopped, and blinked.
"Why am I singing mom's lullaby?" you mumbled, rolling over on your side. You yelped, and rolled back over, gritting your teeth as you rubbed your arm. Waves of pain ran up your arm, increasing each time. You bit your lip, tears pricking the coroner of your eyes. The pain slowly passed until it was reduced to a dull throb.  You slowly sat up, keeping your arm close to you. Your vision blurred, and you swayed, but it quickly passed. You stood up, and quietly made your way over the mirror. You hadn't looked in a mirror for so long that you where shocked at the person you saw staring back. You gingerly ran your fingers along the mirror, passing over your reflection.  
"t-that's me?" You whispered, jumping as a loud bang rang out.
"Are you in bed yet?" You father shouted, banging on the door again. You quickly rummaged thru your draw and pulled out a pair of (f/c) sweat pants.
"Almost!' you replied, quickly putting them on. You father growled, and stalked down the stairs. You catapulted onto your bed, turned off the lamp, quickly and quietly falling asleep.

You awoke to the sharp beeping of your alarm clock. You shut it off, groaning. You ran your hands over your face, recalling yesterday's events. You felt your face heat up, and you quickly shook your head.
"I don't need him." You mumbled, standing up. "I don't even like him!" You rummaged thru your closet, grumbling about Alfred. You thru on a (favorite band) tee shirt, black sweatshirt, skinny jeans and sneakers.  You grabbed your bag and sprinted down the stairs.
"Where you going?" you stopped and slowly turned your head, gulping as your father slowly made his way over to you. You closed your eyes and felt a sharp slap on your cheek.
"That's for yesterday." He said, and pushed you out the door. You stumbled down the steps, and regained your balance as you heard the sharp click of the door ring out. You turned your head, and sighed seeing that your father was inside. You put your hand up to you cheek and flinched as it made contact. You brought your hand back down, thru your hood up, trying your best to hide the all ready forming bruise. You walked 10 feet when someone slammed into you, making you stumble.
"What the…" you trailed off, and Alfred grinned at you.
"Sorry, I didn't think I was going that fast." He said, rubbing the back of his head.
"Its ok." you replied, cracking a smile. 'NO IT'S NOT!' you mentally screamed at yourself.
"That's good." He said, pushing his glasses back into place. You let your smile fade, and you turned back around, pulling on your hood.
"We should probably get going." You said, setting off at a brisk walk.
"Hey wait!" Alfred shouted, running after you. He quickly caught up, and matched your speed. You gulped, and instead of speeding up, you found yourself keeping a steady pace with him. 'What's wrong with me?' You thought, looking down.
"Is something wrong?" you glanced at Alfred, and shook your head.
"No, nothing's wrong, just-just lost in thought." You replied, brushing a stray strand of hair out of your face. Alfred shrugged, and opened the door. You quietly thanked him, and turned the corner; heading tword's the gym. You could have waited for Alfred, seeing as how you have the same class, but you needed a little time to think. You walked into the girl's locker room, checking to make sure that nobody was there. You quickly changed, and shoved your clothes into your locker before heading out to the gym. You sat down on the bleachers, surveying the empty gym.
"I saw." You turned your head, your eye's widening.
"I know about your little problem." She quick pulled up your sleeve, a faint smile coming to her lips. "You better stay away from Alfred, or I might just accidently slip."

The rest of the day was a blur. You couldn't focus, and every time Alfred came near you, you ran.  The rest of the week went by like this, and Mackenzie enjoyed every minute of it. It disgusted you that she would stoop so low, but you couldn't risk anybody finding out.

"(Name)!" You speed up, but were pulled back, slamming against Alfred.
"Let me go!" you shouted, using all your strength trying to get out of his grip.
"Not until you tell me what's wrong." You stopped struggling. His voice was serious, almost commanding.
"You've been avoiding me for a week (name)." He stopped and turned you around, so you were facing him. "Tell me what's wrong." You hung your head, and felt a small smile tug at your lips.
"Believe me, I would if I could." You tore out of his grip, ignoring his shouts.  You where oblivious to your surround's, you just didn't care where you went, just as long as you were away from Alfred. You stopped, taking short breathes. You were in front of a grave yard. You pushed open the gates, a shrill squeak echoing. You ran your hand along the tombstones, taking time to read each one. You found one that was fairly new, and you knelt down to take a better look.
"Dakota." You mumbled.  He didn't have a last name, only the dates. 2003-2012. 'an orphan.'  Tears welled up in your eyes, and they soon ran down your cheeks.
"You died so young…" your trailed off, and sat in silence; your eye's never leaving the tomb.  A soft thump rang out. Your eyes darted to the side, and you were shocked to see Alfred sitting next to you.
"He was an orphan you know." You mumbled. Alfred nodded, smiling sadly.
"Nobody derives to die like that." He replied, reaching over to pick a small daisy and placed it in front of the tomb running his hand along it.
"You really wanna know what's wrong?" you whispered. Alfred looked at you, and nodded. You faintly smiled, and rolled up your sleeve.
"My mom died when I was 5." You cut him off, pulling you sleeve back down. "My father started drinking, and when he was drunk, he had fits, and he usually took them out on me." You looked back at the tomb and started up again.
"I was, well terrified, and I did the only thing that seemed logical to me, so I shut myself out. It was like that for 4 years, and then I finally made a friend.
"I was so happy, that I went to tell my father, and I brought her along. When I told him, he got angry, and he hit me in front of her. She ran, and told her parent's. They called the cops, but he got out of it." You stopped, not able to finish.
"You've been dealing with this since you were 5?" he asked. You nodded.
"Is that why you've been avoiding me?"
"No, Mackenzie found out."
"Oh." You sat in silence, the wind occasionally blowing.
"You should tell somebody." Alfred mumbled. You shook your head.
"I can't."  You replied. Alfred looked at you his eyes full of concern.
"You can't tell anybody either." Alfred nodded.
"I won't, at least not yet." He whispered the last part. You stood up.
"I've got to go." You said, walking around the tombstone. Alfred remand silent, the wind gently blowing. You found your way out of the cemetery, and paused outside of the gates.  You didn't want to leave, not without Alfred. You waited for a while, before he joined you. You two walked in a silence, settling on an unspoken deal. Alfred stopped in front of your house.
"I'll tell Mackenzie to quit whatever she's doing." He said. You nodded. Alfred started to walk away when you called out to him.
"Alfred wait!" he stopped and turned his head.
"Thank you." You mumbled. He smiled.
"You're welcome." he started walking again, as did you. Your confidence wavering as you walked up the steps. You opened the door and gasped as your father pulled you inside.
"You're in a lot of trouble." He growled, throwing on the floor. You grunted when you made contact. Your father then pinned your arms above your head.
"Who is he?" he spat. You closed your eyes and clamped your mouth shut.
"Who is he!?"
"I- I don't know what you're talking about!" you replied, yelping as your father slammed you against the wall.
"You know damn well who I'm talking about." He said, leaning up against you.
"That boy who walked you home, that boy you've been hanging out with, Alfred."
FINALLY! :iocnfinallyplz: im sorry this took so long, but it's hard only being able to get on 1 day a week. the song is Scarborough Fair, and this version is sung by the celtic women.

Scarborough Fair belong's to Celtic Women:[link]
Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:
Hetalia belong's to :iocnhimaruyaplz:

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: :la:
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end
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You tugged on the sleeves of your jacket, the dull throb of pain a consent reminder of how long the pain killers would last.
"You ready?" Alfred wrapped his arm around your shoulders, and you slowly nodded, locking eye's with Arthur. Amelia came out of the bathroom, tugging on the end of her skirt, eyeing it distastefully.
"Do I really have to ware this?" She asked.
"I don't like it either." You replied.  You were wearing a short-sleeved shirt, with a jacked, but you would have to take it off, and you were not in the mood to show other people your still healing wounds.
"Let's go." Arthur quickly said, opening the door.  You froze, and Alfred gently led you out the door, keeping a small smile. The four of you soon reached the car, and you climbed in the back seat with Alfred, Arthur driving and Amelia in the passenger seat.  The ride was short, but the atmosphere was killing you, and when you reached the court house, you quickly got out of the car, taking a deep breath of fresh air. You slowly looked around, stiffing up when you saw your father being led in. He shot you a glare, and you ran behind Alfred.
"What's wrong?" Alfred looked back at you, and you gingerly pointed towards your father, and Alfred wrapped his arm around your shoulder, shooting his own glare at him. Arthur walked up, with Amelia close behind, He spotted your father, and quickly led you to another door, bringing you inside.
"We've got 20 minutes till we have to go on." Arthur said, making sure the door was tightly closed.
"What do we do till then?" Amelia asked.
"Wait." Arthur replied. You nodded, leaning on Alfred, wincing as a jolt of pain shot up you're back.
"You ok?" Alfred looked at you, his blue eyes filled with concern.
"Ya." You mumbled, closing your eyes, quickly falling into a troubled sleep.

"(Name)?"  Your eyes slowly opened, and you found yourself staring into a pair of blue ones.
"Alfred?" you mumbled, rubbing your eyes.
"Come on, we gotta go." His voice was soft, but urgent. You nodded, prying yourself off of the couch. Alfred grabbed your hand, and slowly led you out of the room. Arthur was waiting outside, looking rather pissed and Amelia talking to a lawyer.  She looked back at you, grinning.
"There, she's up." She said. "We're still on." The lawyer huffed and stomped off.
"That was a close on." She mumbled.
"Did I oversleep?" you asked, your (e/c) eyes shining with worry.
"No, but that stupid ass lawyer was complaining that you weren't in the court room, and that you were going to for fit the case if you didn't show up." Arthur spat. You flinched, and glanced at Amelia. She shrugged.
"Come on, let's go." Arthur mumbled. Alfred gently tugged you down the hall, and when you reached the court room, you latched onto him and refused to let go. Arthur marched the three of you down the hall, clutching a file that you hadn't noticed before.
"Sorry we were a little late your honor." Arthur said, taking the stand for you.
"That's quite understandable." He replied, waving away the apology.  You sat down on the bench with Arthur and Amelia.
"Now, are you (Name's) lawyer or-"
"Doctor, sir."  Arthur said, cutting him off.  The judge nodded, and started with your father. The lawyer you saw earlier was actually your fathers, and he recalled the past events, started when your mother died, but he made it sound like all the beating's where your fault.
"Son of a bitch." You mumbled, catching Alfred's attention.  He smiled, placing his hand on top of yours.  The judge told the lawyer to stop, saying that he had heard enough.  He then asked for you to recount the events, and you froze.
"I-um…"  You stopped. You couldn't do it.
"Do you want me to say it?" Alfred asked. You nodded, silently thanking him. Alfred smiled, and stood up to join Arthur, and retold you story, just as you had told him. You found enough strength to show him the still healing bruises and cut's along your arms, and you quickly sat back down, wincing as your back hit the hard wood.  The judge looked at you in shock, and when Arthur finished giving account of the stab wound, the judged quietly asked you father
"Is this true?"
"Of course not." He snorted. "She just want's attention."
"But you do admit to beating her?"
"I-"You smirked. The judge had him cornered. A jolt of pain ran up your back, and you yelped, causing everybody to look at you. Arthur swore under his breath.
"Go back to (name), I can handle the rest." Arthur mumbled. Alfred nodded, and sat next to you. You rested your head on his shoulder, wincing as more jolts ran up your back.
"Your honor, if I may, I and Amelia would like to take cousdey of (name)." Arthur said, flinching as you yelped again.  The judge looked concerned.
"Will she be ok?" he asked.
"She will be the sooner we can get back to the hospital." Arthur said. The judge nodded.
"And you want cousdey why?" he asked. Arthur took a deep breath, clearly frustrated.
"I'm her doctor, and it would be best if I could monitor her progress 24/7." He replied.
"What about her relatives?"
"They refuse to take her in." The judge looked shocked, but it quickly faded. He nodded, raising his mallet.
"Arthur and Amelia Kirkland get cousity of (Full name), and I sentence (father's name) to 11 years in prison." The judge brought his mallet down, singling the end of the trial. Arthur ran back to you, and Alfred lifted you up, wrapping your arm around his shoulder.
"Here" Amelia handed Alfred a couple chewable aspirins, and he popped them into your mouth, one by one.  You finished chewing, looking at Alfred.
"Are we done?" you asked. He nodded, and Amelia started pushing Alfred and Arthur.
"Let's go!" They nodded, and Alfred picked you up, making in a little easier on you. You rested your head on his chest, burring your head in his suit. The ride back to the hospital was quick, and as soon as you hit your bed, you fell asleep.

You awoke with a start, and were surprised to find boxes sitting in the room. They were all labeled like somebody was moving. 'That's right' you thought. 'I'm moving in with Alfred.'  Your face heated up at the thought, but you were happy all the same.
"Oh, you're up!" Amelia walked into the room, back in her scrubs.
"Iggy!" she called. 'Iggy?' you thought.  Arthur came into the room, followed by Alfred.
"So I can't call you Iggy, but she can?" he asked, stopping as he spotted you.
"(Name)!" He shouted, running up to hug you. You stopped him.
"I'm still not 100% better." You said, smiling. Alfred pouted.
"That's not fair." Amelia smacked him accost the head.
"You should be grateful she's here with us." She said, scolding him like a child.  Alfred weakly smiled, flinching as she raised her hand again.
"So, when am I leaving?" You asked.
"In about a week." Arthur replied. You nodded, your sprites lifting.

The week passed by quickly and your wound was healed a couple days before you were going to leave, but Arthur insisted on keeping you for the full week. You were disappointed, but Friday came soon enough, and you were discharged from the hospital.  It wasn't too hard loading the boxes, seeing as how there were only 5, but Amelia promised you that she would take you out shopping to get you some new clothes. You looked forward to it, but not as much as getting to your new house. Arthur was warning you about his brother's, who like to drop by un-announced, but you hardly paid any attrition.  You soon reached the house, and Alfred grabbed all of your boxes, but you snatched the top one, opening it to check that everything was still there. Amelia smiled and opened the door for you and Alfred.
"Welcome home (Name)."

This my dear friends is the end.

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
preview image belongs to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:

prologue : [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: :la: End
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You slowly opened your eyes, and blinked, letting you sight get used to the white room.  You went to sit up, and fell back, your body screaming in agony.  You bit your lip, waiting for the pain to pass. As soon as it was over, you slowly moved your arm, then the other one. You sighed, and let your eye's wander around the room.  You lingered on the pile of gifts at the end of your bed.
"Who would give me those?" you mumbled. You shrugged it off, and looked over to the side of the bed, and blinked. Alfred was sitting on a stool, his head lying on the bed, asleep.  
"Alfred, sleeping, never thought I'd see it." You giggled, and smiled. "I'm glad you're my boyfriend, ya know?"
"Yup."  Alfred mumbled, slowly opening his eyes. He lifted his head, and grinned.  "(Name)!" Alfred jumped up, and kissed you. It was gentle, yet passionate, but it was all you needed.
"You know, I haven't left this room once since they brought you here." Alfred said, lying down on the bed next to you.
"And that's been how long?" You asked, turning your head tword's him.
"3 days."  You blinked.
"3 days?"
"3 days." Alfred replied, a smile tugging at his lips. You two jumped as the door opened. The doctor came in, followed by the nurse. He stopped, and smiled.
"Never thought I see this." He said, chuckling as Alfred got up off the bed, his face red.  The doctor walked over, and smiled.
"Hello (name), I'm Dr.  Kirkland, but you can call me Arthur." He smiled. "And this is Amelia." He nodded tword's the nurse. You smiled, and looked at Alfred, who found a corner, then back to Amelia.
"You two look a lot like each other." You said. Amelia smiled, and pulled Alfred out of the corner.
"That's because he's my little brother!" she replied, hugging him.
"W-wha?"  You blinked. "How come you never told me?" Alfred looked at you.
"I um-"
"Good question." Amelia said, nodding her head.  "Why didn't you?"
"Amelia, love, this is supposed to be a hospital, not a family reunion." Arthur said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Amelia grinned, and let go of Alfred, who made his way over to your bed. Arthur sighed, and gave Amelia a quick kiss, and then turned back tword's you.
"Do you think you could sit up?" He asked. You shook your head.
"What if Amelia helped you?" he replied.
"Maybe." You said, looking at Alfred.
"Well, it doesn't hurt to try." Amelia replied, walking over to you. "Alfred, Move." She pushed Alfred and he stumbled, but caught himself.
"Shut up." Amelia said, sliding her hand's under your back. "Ready?"
"I guess." You mumbled. She gently lifted you, stopping half way.
"Can you make the rest?" she asked. You nodded. She lifted you up the rest, and leaned you against the pillow.
"Thanks'." you said. "It still hurts thou."
"No problem, and that's to be expected, seeing as how you, well got stabbed in the back." She replied. Alfred walked back over to you, and he put his hand on top of yours, and kissed you forehead.  You smiled
"Anyway, now that that's done, I need to check your heartbeat and all that jazz." Arthur said, clearing his throat.  Alfred looked at him.
"You not goanna make me move, are you?" he asked, squeezing you hand.
"No." Alfred sighed. "Only because Amelia already did that."
"Aww, you so sweet." She said.  Arthur smiled, and took his stethoscope off his neck.
"Only when you don't annoy me." He replied, sitting on the stool next to your bed.
"Are you two dating or…"
"Married." Arthur replied, pressing the end of the stethoscope to your chest.  You nodded, and looked up at Alfred, who was glaring at Arthur. You shook your head, and winced as he placed the end on your stomach.
"Sorry." He mumbled, wrapping the stethoscope around his neck. You nodded, glancing up at Alfred.
"Were going to need to change your bandages (name)." Arthur said, glancing at your stomach. You gulped, and looked around the room.  Arthur and Alfred looked at each other, and Amelia stepped up to your bed.
"I'll do it." She said. She raised her arm, and pointed to the door.
"You two boy's, out." She said. Alfred eminently burst into complaint, and Arthur stood up, and placed his hands on Alfred's shoulders.  
"Come on git." He said, steering him tword's the door.
"She'll be fine." Arthur cut him off, and led him out the door. Amelia slammed it shut behind them, and pulled down the shades, waving to the boys.
"You'd think they never heard of privacy." She said, reaching into the cupboards.
"Arthur didn't mind." You replied, gasping as a wave of pain shot up your back. Amelia looked over at you, her blue eyes filled with worry.
"Can I lie down after were done?" you asked. "I don't think I can sit up for much longer."  Amelia nodded, and pulled a fresh roll of bandages out of the cupboard.  She slowly unwrapped the bandages, stopping when you let out little shrikes.  When she finished, she looked at the knife wound, and flinched.
"Is it better?" you asked, yelping when she dabbed rubbing alcohol on it.
"A little." She replied. You groaned, wincing. Amelia sighed, and put the bottle down, and wrapped new bandages around your chest and stomach.  
"There, all done." Amelia threw the bloody wrappings in the trash can, and helped to lay down.  She called the boys back in, and you fell asleep as Alfred reached your bed.

During the next few days, people came to visit you, usually 3 at a time.  Mackenzie came, but it was only to see Alfred. She never once let go of his arm, and she got so bad Amelia had to step in. She pulled her off Alfred, slapped her and kicked her out, telling her to grow up.  Later on in the week, you found out you had to go to your father's trial.
"I can barley sit up!" you shouted. "What makes them think I can stand for 4 hours?"
"I know, but there not giving me much say in this love." Arthur said, running his hand thru his hair. Amelia placed her hand on his shoulder, and Alfred sat on the edge of your bed.
"I'll be up there with you (name), so if you start to get dizzy, you can lean on me." Alfred said. You looked at him.
"Y-you're going to be there?" you asked. Alfred nodded.
"Iv got to tell them about the knife thing." He replied. Arthur nodded.
"Oh, well then, I guess it's not so bad then." You mumbled.
"We can give you pain killers, plus we'll be there to." Amelia chimed in.
"plus, they want us to tell him of your entire wound's, and were actually going to try to get custody of you." Arthur said. You looked over at Alfred, who was just a shocked as you.
"W-why?" You and Alfred asked at the same time. Arthur smirked.
"Reason's best left unknown." He replied.  You looked over at Alfred, who was blushing.
"W-where is she going to sleep?" he asked.  
"Where ever." Amelia replied, grinning.  You face palmed.
"This is going to go well, I'm sure." You mumbled.
YUS! IT'S DONE! In all honesty, i was hoping to have this be the last chapter, but there's one more!

Iggy has made a suprise apprence, and i threw UsUk in there! DONT KILL ME!

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:

prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2 :[link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: :la:
Part 5: [link] End
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You sat on the park bench, staring into space. The soft patter of the rain on the leaves kept you from drifting off and it helped soothed the pain.  You watched the events of the past hour run thru your head, each time more vivid than the last. Unable to bare it anymore, you cussed yourself out.
"Why am I so damn stupid!" you shouted, punching a nearby tree, shock waves running up your arm. You quickly pulled it back, and cradled it, the pain slowly easing. You looked down at your arm, your eyes widening. The busies seemed darker in the rain, and a few cut's had started to bleed. You gulped, and hung your head, your arm limply hanging by your side.
"(Name)?" You head shot up.
"A-Alfred." You stuttered, putting your arm's behind your back. But Alfred had already seen them. You looked away, tears pricking your eyes. You felt something drop on your shoulders. You looked back at Alfred, your eyes wide.
"Alfred." It was barley a whisper, but he heard it.
"Keep it." He mumbled, shivering as the wind blew. You thrust the jacked back at him, but he pushed it away.
"You need it more than I do." He said, before he took off running.
"Alfred, wait!" you shouted, but it was useless. He was already gone.
So, iv had this idea for a while, and i dont know how to start it, so, id figured i'll let you read a little, and tell my if you like it.

Hetalia belong's to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner
You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:

EDIT: this scean comes later on in the story, so dont freak out when i dont countinue from here, k?

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end
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You stared at the poster taped to the wall. You blinked and leaned forward, your hand's in your pockets.
"Prom next week." You read, standing up. You smirked, and turned around.
"No way I'm going." You said, leaning your head back. That's one of the good things about being a loner; people don't ask you to things like that. You felt a sharp stab of pain shoot up your arm.
"Damn." You mumbled, rubbing it. It was defiantly getting worse. You quickly rolled up your sleeve, and winced. The bruises had gotten darker, and that lump was bigger. You put your sleeve back down and looked towards the oak door that led to the nurse's office.
"Maybe i should…" You shook your head.  You didn't need the nurse to know you where abused. You started walking towards your English class, excuses running thru your head.
"I need to walk the dog? No." you looked down at the tile floor steadily moving beneath your feet.
"What's a good excuse?" you mumbled stopping at the door. You clasped you hand together and smiled.
"Dad was sick and he needed a few thing's before I went to school." You said, opening the door. You where questioned by the teacher, and after repeating your excuse, where lectured on the importance of being on time.
"Ya ya." You said walking to the back of room, taking a window seat. Your teacher puffed out her cheeks and went back to writing on the board. You took out a notebook and pencil, and putting your feet up on the desk, began taking notes. You may be a punk but you sure as hell weren't going to fail school. You glanced up at the board, and noticed a pair of blue eye's trained on you. You ignored it, and went back to writing. If people wanted to stare at you, so be it. About 20 minuets later you heard the sharp ding of the bell, and gathering your stuff quickly walked out of the room.
"(Name), wait." You stopped and turned on your heel.
"What?" You spat. The teacher called you over, and quietly asked you to try not to be late again. You agreed, and ran out of the class. You felt a hand clamp on to your wrist, and at the speed you were going, you did a face plant, with your arm sticking up. You ripped out of the persons hand and rolled over, you other arm still holding your books. You glared at him and quickly sat up.
"What the fuck do you want?" You asked, standing up. Francis smirked, and went into some stupid speech about how you should go to prom with him and other stuff.  Second's in you punched him in the face, causing him to fall over.
"You're wasting my time." You mumbled, rubbing the wrist Francis had grabbed. It was your free hour, so you quickly ran to the library, the occasional stab of pain running along your back. You found an empty table at the back, and you sat down, laying down your sketch book, and opening it to a random page, started to sketch. A couple minutes later you held it up, and smiled. It was just the outline of you and your mother, and a few minor details, but it looked ok. You set it back down, and stopped your pencil before it hit the paper. You hadn't realized it yet, but you where drawing a family picture that you had found, one with your dad. You shook your head and started to sketch again, deciding to leave your father out.
"He doesn't deserve to be in it." You mumbled, starting on your mother's hand, which was holding yours.
"That's really good." You jumped, and slammed the sketchbook shut. You looked up, and glared. A certain blued eyed hyper American was standing on the other side of the table, grinning.
"Don't do that." You said, slowly opening the sketchbook again. Normally you would have punched the guy, but you had a soft spot for Alfred, you didn't know why, and quite frankly, in annoyed you.
"What cha drawing?" Alfred asked, tilting his head to see the picture better. You covered it up.
"None of your business." You spat, slightly moving your arm so you could draw.  You felt a hand clamp onto your arm, and it was quickly jerked up.
"Hey!" You shouted, dropping your pencil. Alfred walked around the table, still holding your arm.  You moved your other arm over the picture, but Alfred grabbed that one too.  He stood behind you, his eyes glued to the paper.
"Who's that?" He asked, letting go of your arms. You slammed the book shut.
"Nobody." You said, standing up, hastily grabbing the book off of the table.
"Alfie!"  Alfred stiffened, and slowly turned his head.
"Uh…"  You looked at him, and then to Mackenzie, who was running across the library.
"I was wondering where you ran off to." She said, attaching herself to Alfred. You snickered.
"Looks like you got you self a leech Alfred." You said, leaning on the bookshelf. Mackenzie glared at you.
"Who's to talk?" She hissed. "You could never have one; always wearing long-lived shirt's and sweat shirts." You narrowed your eyes and set your book's down on the table.
"Are you saying I can't get guys because I don't wear what you wear?" you asked, taking a step towards her.
"That's exactly what I'm saying." She said, smirking. Alfred looked flustered, looking at you then her. You raised you fist, then put it back down. You grabbed your books and walked away; ignoring the insults that Mackenzie was throwing at you.  You walked out the library, and were stopped by Francis.
"So, you never gave me an answer."  He said, leaning up against the wall.
"NO!" you shouted, taking off at a run, leaving Francis with a dazed look. You reached the U.S. History room in a minute, and slowly opened the door.
"Hey Mr. Stempien." You said, taking a seat at the back off the room.
"Sup?" he replied, handing a piece of pizza to you.
"Thanks." you said, taking a huge bite. Mr. Stempien was your favorite teacher, not just because he gave you pizza, but that was a huge factor, but because he made class fun.  You heard the creak of the door, and book's being slammed down on the desk next to yours.
"Got any pizza left?" Alfred asked, sliding into his seat. Mr. Stempien handed him the box, just as the door opened again.
"Hey Alfred."  You groaned. 'Why me?' you though, finishing the last bit of your pizza. Mackenzie glared at you, and took a seat next to Alfred. Mr. Stempien looked at all 3 of you, and grabbed a piece of pizza out of the box, with Alfred glaring at him.
"I really don't think this is going to work." He said. He pointed to Mackenzie then you.
"Mortal enemies and the guy there fighting over, yup not going to work." You felt your face heat up.
"WHAT?!" you and Alfred shouted at the same time, earning a glance from Mackenzie. Mr. Stempien smiled, and walked to the front of the room, right as the bell rang and the rest of the student's filed in. You winced as a sharp stab of pain ran up your arm. You gently rubbed it, gritting your teeth as the pain increased. Black dot's started swimming across your gaze. 'Not now!' you thought, the class room fading. You took a sharp intake of breath, and herd a soft thump before everything went black.

"It's over 9,000!" You shot up, hitting your head on a metal table. "Ow…"
"You're up!" You glanced in the direction from where the voice was coming, and was surprised to see Alfred sitting in the chair.
"Where am I?" You asked, rubbing your head.
"The nurse's office. You passed out in class." Alfred replied, standing up and making quick strides over to you. You stiffened.
"S-she didn't do anything, did she?" You asked, pulling the blanked closer to you. Alfred shook his head and handed you a glass of water on the table. You took it, and took small sips.
"You really scared me." He said, taking the glass from you and setting it back on the table.
"Sorry." You mumbled, pulling on a loose string on the blanket. Alfred smiled and sat on the edge of the bed.
"Don't be." He said, pulling a loose strand of hair out of your face. You looked up at Alfred, his expression full of concern, and something else.
"Alfred…" You jumped as the door slammed open, and Alfred quickly pulled away from you.
"Alfred!" Mackenzie waltzed into the room, shooting you a look of pure hatred.
"Mackenzie, w-what are you doing here?" Alfred asked, his eyes filled with shock.
"Oh noting really." She said, flipping her hair. "Just came to see what you guys are up to." She sat in Alfred's lap, smiling. You leaned up against the wall. Alfred looked at you, his face saying help me!
"Push her off." You mouthed, making the movement with your hands. Alfred shrugs and did so. Mackenzie landed with a satisfying thump. You smiled and gave Alfred thumbs up.
"What was that for?" Mackenzie whined, slowly getting up.
"Hand's slipped." Alfred replied, winking at you. Mackenzie growled, and stomped to the door.
"Whatever." She mumbled, slamming the door shut. You giggled, and put your hands over your mouth.
"Nice one!" you said, giggling again. Alfred smiled, and did a fake little bow.
"The hero always answers his damsel's requests."  He said, grabbing your hand. You felt your face heat up a little, but you ignored it. Alfred helped you up, pulling you close to him. Now you started to worry. You could tell your face was tomato red. Alfred smiled.
"Want me to walk you home?" He asked. You shook your head, and preyed yourself out of his grip.
"No, i-im fine." You said, hastily making your way tword's the door.
"Ok." Alfred mumbled, slightly flinching as you slammed the door.  He slowly made his way tword's the door, careful not to slam it. He just barley caught a glimpse of you as you dissipared out the school door.
so, here's part 1. And the over 9,000 thing, me and sis where just talking about that, so id figure id throw that in there.

Hetalia belong's to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Preview image belong's to it's rightfull owner

You belong to :iconsexyamerica3plz:

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: :la:
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link] end
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Present Day – America's House

"What happened next?" Nevada asked
"I let her go …" Alfred mumbled
"You let her go?" Hawaii asked
"Yeah … because I knew that she was right. I was denying her the thing we were fighting so hard to have ourselves. And I couldn't bear to see her unhappy" Alfred replied
All of the girls sighed and said "How Romantic" whilst the boys all wrinkled their noses in disgust
"So, what happened to her?" Nevada asked
"She returned to Arthur and I never saw her again …" Alfred replied
"Huh?! Why?" New Jersey asked, horrified
"I don't know" Alfred said, shrugging
He sighed
"That's your story, kids. Now get to bed" He said
"Aww, but we wanted to hear how you kicked Britain's ass!" Rhode Island said, pouting
"Bed!" Alfred insisted
The children crawled into bed and he sighed. Then, he looked up and saw the Dakota twins shaking. He sighed and got up. He wondered over to them and patted them both on the head
"It's ok … in dreams, nothing can hurt you. Besides, if any monsters come to get you, tell them they should turn their tails and run" Alfred said
"Why, Daddy?" North Dakota asked
"Because I'm a Hero … and monsters fear heroes" Alfred replied
The Dakota twins looked at each other and smiled
"Thanks Daddy!" They said in unison
Alfred smiled
"No problem. Now, get some shut eye" He said, standing up
He looked at his children and sighed. It was tough raising all of them by himself, but he managed. He just wished that [Name] had stayed after the war ended. He left the room and took one last look at the bedroom, which all of the states shared. He smiled
"Goodnight, demon slayers" He said, turning out the light
He left and went to his room, which was just down the hall. It was much smaller, and the walls were covered in movie posters. In the corner was a computer, sitting on top of a desk which was covered in coffee stains and litter. He often said he would clean it, but he never got around to it. There was a chest of drawers close to the door, which had clothes falling out of it or untidily put away, which he swore that he would one day do properly. He shut the door behind him and took off his glasses
"What a day … but at least I can finally get some sleep" He said, setting his glasses down on the desk
He scratched the back of his head and yawned loudly as he kicked off his shoes
"Man, raising kids is hard" He muttered
He took off his shirt and threw it on the floor, deciding that he would deal with it in the morning, as he was too tired. He let out a frustrated sigh as he undid his belt and yawned again as he took off his trousers. Forgetting about his socks, he just turned out the lights and crawled into bed
"Man … today sucked. I'm dwelling on the past so much, it's not like me. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow and it turned out I was that jerky limey the whole time" He sighed
He stared at the ceiling, whilst he covered himself with his bed sheets, which resembled the American flag
"I'd like to see Captain America try to raise kids" He sighed
His eyes closed … and instead of the usual dream of being the hero, he was haunted by a memory he had tried to forget …

"Pregnant?! How can you be pregnant?" [Name] asked, horrified
"I don't know, it just happened, ok?" Alfred said, shaken
"B-but you're a man! And you already have thirteen kids!" She wailed
"I know, I know … the same thing happened when they were born. One day I woke up pregnant. Honest, I don't know how this happened!" He cried
"You don't just "Wake up Pregnant", Alfred! That's not how this works!" She said
"[Name], please don't do this, I need you!" He said, stroking her cheek
She smacked his hand away
"Don't give me that! You cheated on me didn't you?" She wailed
"No! I would never do that!" He cried, horrified by the accusation
He put a hand on his swollen stomach and began to cry
"Please, [Name]. Be reasonable …" He said
"Forget it, Alfred! Goodbye, and you can forget about our wedding!" She shouted
She took the wedding ring off her finger and threw it at Alfred's feet. She left the house, crying heavily
"[Name], wait!" He cried

Alfred woke to find that Washington was shaking him
"Daddy, wake up" He whimpered
Alfred sat up
"What's wrong?" He asked
"I h-had a bad dream … the whole world was trying to kill me!" Washington said, shaking violently
Alfred sighed and picked his son up, holding him close in a hug
"I'm scared" Washington whimpered
Alfred sighed
"Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around. Nothing's gonna harm you, no sir. Not while I'm around" He sang
The child became calm and fell asleep in Alfred's arms
"Tomorrow, I have to set a few things right …" Alfred muttered to himself

To be Continued
I do not own the preview picture. It's a screenshot from Hetalia : Axis Powers

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You


"Goodnight demon slayer, goodnight
Now it's time to close your tired eyes
There are devils to slay and dragons to ride
If they see you coming, hell they better hide
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight my little slayer goodnight"

- Goodnight Demonslayer by Voltaire


Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - :reading:
Part 6 - [link]
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By the time Alfred returned to his tent, [Name] was seething with rage
"You sicken me" She hissed
"Why is that?" He asked, as if nothing was wrong
She sighed angrily
"I heard what you were planning to do. You attacked your own brother!" [Name] shouted
"I had good reason! How could he let the British into my country?!" He asked angrily
"Did you ever consider that he didn't know they were there?" She asked back
Alfred fell silent and [Name] sighed
"You've lost sight of what you're fighting for. You once spoke of freedom, yet you've taken mine … you speak of justice, yet you struck your own brother down when he has done no wrong. Arthur told me you were a sweet, kind hearted man, what happened?" She asked
He just stared at her, surprised that she was talking this way. All he had been hearing from the others was how they were going to win against the British and gain their freedom … and some said they would treat the British the same way that they, themselves had been treated. Alfred's mind began to picture Arthur, slaving away and taxed out of house and home, like so many of the Americans were. Alfred's blood ran cold and he began to shake when he saw Arthur suffering in his mind's eye. He then shook his head violently to banish those unwanted thoughts
"Where's the sweet little boy that used to play football with his brothers?" [Name] asked
"Brother. I have one brother …" Alfred growled
"That's as maybe, but Arthur took you in. He didn't have to do that. He could have left you in the wilderness all by yourself!" She said, angrily
"He did leave me all on my own!" He shouted
"He had a battle to fight! And he believed you were strong enough to look after yourself while he was gone!" She wailed
"How do you know all this?" He asked, furious and confused
She looked down and Alfred's eyes widened
"You were there, weren't you?" He breathed
"I was that little girl you used to play football with" She said, blushing a little
"Soccer" Alfred said flatly
"Whatever … it's the same thing, Alfred" She said
He rolled his eyes and she sighed
"The point is that Arthur loves you as if you were one of his brothers" [Name] said with a smile
"Oh, that's a comfort …" He said sarcastically
She looked confused so he scoffed
"Last time I checked he hated his brothers!" He said angrily
[Name] shook her head
"Not as much as he would lead you to believe. Deep down, he loves his brothers very much" She said
Alfred sighed angrily and folded his arms
"Why should I believe you? You're with Arthur, for all I know you could be lying to me" He said
She hung her head
"What would I have to gain? You're never going to let me go unless Arthur surrenders. You deny me the very thing you're fighting for" She said
He sighed and untied her
"There, so you at least have the freedom to move around" He said
"Thank you … but why?" She asked
"So you have one less thing to complain about" He replied
She let out a low, agitated growl. She didn't like what this war was doing to him, that much was obvious. That and she craved to be free once again. She had been trapped in Alfred's tent for a while, now and it was obvious that she didn't like it. Then again, who wants to be a prisoner of war being used as a tool to bring down the enemy?
"Now, how did Arthur save you, exactly?" Alfred asked
"Arthur found me being attacked by a group of thugs and he took me in. He rescued me … I owe him my life" [Name] replied
"I see …" Alfred said in a flat tone
"I'm not lying. Just look into my eyes and you will see that I'm not!" She said, sounding sad
He dared to look her in the eye, and his heart skipped a beat. He could see pain, misery and suffering in her shimmering [e/c] eyes … the kind of pain that war brought
"Alright, I believe you" He said, folding his arms
"Thank you, Alfred" She said, smiling
She looked down, a little sad
"What's wrong?" Alfred asked
"N-nothing … I just r-really miss Arthur. He's kind, funny … and smart, too" She replied
"Are you sure we're talking about the same Arthur, here?" He asked
She gave a small laugh and he smiled, happy that he finally managed to make her laugh, despite their earlier quarrel
"Arthur isn't half as bad as you make out" She said, smiling
"Make out?! Sure!" He tackled her to the floor
"No! Get off!" She cried, laughing
[Name] wriggled around as Alfred tickled her
"No! Stop!" She squealed
"Beg me!"  He chuckled
It was odd that a moment ago, they were fighting and now they were acting like best pals. He continued to tickle her and she pinned him down
"Got'cha!" She said, laughing
"Hey, no fair!" He cried
She laughed and he chuckled a little. Then, their eyes met and the laughter died down. A blush formed on [Name]'s cheeks and Alfred's grin fell. Their heads moved closer and closer together until their lips met, and they kissed

To be Continued
I do not own the preview picture. It's a screenshot from Hetalia : Axis Powers

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You


"I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything"

- Hurt by Johnny Cash (Cover)


Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - :reading:
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - [link]
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The next morning, Alfred left the eldest States in charge and went to visit his younger brother Matthew first. He knocked on the door, feeling nervous for the first time in many years. He had no idea how Matthew would react, but Alfred would soon find out. Matthew answered the door, holding a child in his arms
"Yes? Oh, Alfred! What brings you way out here?" Matthew asked, adjusting his glasses
"I wanted to talk to you about something" Alfred replied
"Really?" Matthew asked, smiling a little
"Matt, I-"
"Wait a minute" Matthew said
He put the child down
"Go play with your siblings" He said with a smile
"Ok, Papa!"
The child ran off and Matthew looked at Alfred with a proud smile
"Kids are great, huh? … Now, what did you want to talk aboot?" Matthew asked
Alfred bit his lip so he didn't laugh at his Canadian brother's pronunciation of the word "about" and he took a deep breath
"It's about the Revolutionary war" Alfred said
Matthew looked down and rubbed his cheek
"You know, that really hurt when you hit me like that" He said
"I know, and I wanted to apologise for that. I was very angry and I wasn't thinking straight. Can you forgive me for what I did?" Alfred asked
"Al, that was a long time ago. You asked me forgiveness after the war, why are you asking again?" Matthew asked
"It's been bugging me a lot lately" Alfred said
He sighed
"Tell you what, you get one free shot!" He said
"Hit me" Alfred said
"I'm not going to hit you!" Matthew cried, horrified
"Come on! You have no idea how many countries would kill for this opportunity! You get one free punch! Go nuts!" Alfred said
Matthew sighed
"Are you sure?" He asked
"Positive. Come on, give it all you've got" Alfred said
Matthew sighed
"Ok, but you asked for it. No bitching afterwards, eh?" He said
"Come on, I can take it! I'm the Hero!" Alfred said, smiling
"My god you're annoying …" Matthew muttered
"Dude, just hit me!" Alfred said, frustrated
Matthew sighed and hit the American square in the jaw as hard as he possibly could. Alfred fell to the floor
"Aw man, that hurt!" He said, rubbing his now bruised jaw
"You told me to punch you!" Matthew said, irritated
"I know, but you didn't have to hit me so hard, man!" Alfred said, standing up
Matthew rolled his eyes
"Anything else you need?" He asked
"No, I'm needed elsewhere" Alfred replied
"Good, because my kids need me" Matthew said
"Wait, there's something I wanna ask" Alfred said
"What is it?" Matthew sighed
"Did you wake up one morning pregnant?" Alfred asked
Matthew looked down, going dark red
"Y-yeah … why do you ask?" He asked
"Nothing, just curious" Alfred said
Matthew smiled a little
"So, what are you going to do now?" He asked
"I'm going to see [Name]. And set things right" Alfred replied
"Are you sure you should do that? She was pretty mad at you" Matthew said
"I know … but I have to at least try to reason with her, right?" Alfred asked
Matthew sighed
"Good luck" He said


Alfred knocked on Arthur's door, hoping that [Name] was still there, and lucky enough for him, she was. She answered the door, and to Alfred's surprise, she was five months pregnant and there was a ring on her finger
"A-Alfred! I-it's been a long time!" She said, shocked
"H-hi, [Name]" He said with a forced smile
"How have you been?" She asked
"It's been hard raising the states by myself … you?" He asked
She looked down with a guilty expression
"I'm sorry, Alfred. I was mad and … I shouldn't have walked out on you" She said
He sighed
"No, you had every right to. I was a total jerk to Arthur, and you deserve better" He said
She smiled and looked at him
"So … um … who's your husband?" He asked
As if on cue, Allistor came into view. He leaned against the door frame, cross legged as he smoked a cigarette. Allistor was Arthur's brother, also known as Scotland
"Ye alrigh', Alfie?" He asked
When Alfred saw the ring on Allistor's finger, his jaw dropped
"This is your husband?!" Alfred asked, horrified
[Name] nodded, looking down
"What's wrong, [Name]? Alfie givin' ye trouble?" Allistor asked
"No, Allistor. He's my old boyfriend" She said
Alfred's heart ached when she said that and he hung his head
"Oh Aye? Be that right, lad?" Allistor asked
"Yes. She and I were in a relationship until we had a falling out" Alfred said sadly
"Whatever" Allistor said, blowing smoke in the heartbroken American's face
"Don't do that! The smoke's not good for the baby!" Alfred shouted
"Please don't fight" [Name] wailed
The two men looked at her. She looked distressed
"Anyway … why did ye come here?" Allistor asked, looking at Alfred
"I came … t-to set something right" Alfred said
This piqued [Name]'s interest
"I … was young, and I was careless … I should have treated you better" Alfred said
"B-but I was in the wrong leaving you alone to raise those kids by yourself" [Name] said
"No, I was in the wrong expecting you to be ok with the idea of … my condition. I love you, [Name]. But … it looks like I've lost you" He said
"Alfred, I …"
"Let me finish. It's ok, I'm happy that you found someone who needs your love more than I" He said
"Alfred …" [Name] mumbled
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry. And … I was wondering … could we at least stay friends?" Alfred asked
She smiled
"Of course, Alfred!" She said
He grinned
"Look, this be very touchin' but we aren't heatin' up th' whole world here. Artie'll pitch a fit if he finds out I'm responsible for a rise in th' phone bill" Allistor said
Alfred sighed and [Name] laughed a little
"Ok, Allistor. So I'll see you around, then?" She asked, looking at Alfred
"Sure. I'd love that" He said with a smile
"Oh, Alfred … you have no idea how much that means to me!" She said, hugging him
"Oi, ye'd better send some o' those hugs my way, or I'll be kickin' his arse!" Allistor complained
"Alright, alright. Sorry about him. He gets jealous easy" [Name] said, laughing a little
Alfred nodded and smiled at her
"So this is goodbye for now, then?" He asked, his voice shaking
She nodded
"It is … but we'll see each other again …" She said
Their relationship wasn't exactly what Alfred had hoped for, but he was glad to have her back in his life again. He began to think that their break up was a blessing in disguise, especially when he was named the child's godfather. He was forgiven, but he still felt terrible guilt in his heart. All the apologies in the world didn't make his burden feel any lighter, but he was happy to know that [Name] would always be there … a good friend that he so badly needed during this difficult time. Though he didn't get his happily ever after like he wanted, he was glad that [Name] had hers … and loved her enough to let her go. It was the saddest … and happiest July that Alfred ever had

The End
I do not own the preview picture. It's a screenshot from Hetalia : Axis Powers

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You


"But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know"

- Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye ft Kimbra


Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - :reading:
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"Daddy! Daddy's home"
Alfred sighed and waited to be pinned to the door by the 50 United States of his beautiful home country and sure enough, there was a sound of footsteps that he would have likened to a stampede and the States appeared and pinned him to the door, all trying to hug him at once
"Whoa! H-hey, Kids!" He said, smiling
"How was the conference, Dad?" Alaska asked
"Oh, you know. The usual …" He said
"Dad, Florida's been hogging the pool!"
The others nodded in agreement. Alfred gave a confused look and counted all of the children in front of him
"49 … Florida must be in the pool. New York, can you go and get her?" He muttered
"Why me?!" New York complained
"Don't take that tone with me, young man. Just do it" Alfred said
New York left, cursing and complaining as he went. Alfred shook his head
"I should wash that boy's mouth out with soap" He said
The kids laughed and he smiled
"Go on, kids. Go play" He said
The children cheered and all ran off in different directions. Alfred leaned against the door and sighed
"Kids … who'd have 'em? …" He joked to himself
He wondered into the living room and found Texas all by herself … and she was crying
"Hey, what's the matter?" He asked, approaching her
She looked up at him and hugged Alfred
"Ohio and Idaho threatened to send my horse to a glue factory" She whimpered
"How did that happen in five seconds?!" He asked, sounding agitated
He sighed and hugged her tightly
"Alright, I'll have a word with them" He said
"Thank you, Daddy" She said
He let go of her and she hurried off. He stood up and sighed
"I wish … I wish [Name] was here to help me with this" He said
He hung his head and shed a tear, just as Alabama came into the room
"Pa, what's wrong?"
Alfred quickly dried his eyes and looked at Alabama with a smile
"It's nothing, bud. Go play with your brothers and sisters" He said
Alabama left, leaving Alfred alone with his thoughts. He looked at the floor as all of the memories he had hoped to forget, surfaced …
"Hey, Britain! All I want is my freedom … I am no longer a child, nor your little brother. From now on, consider me Independent!"
His blood ran cold as that memory washed over his mind. But his reminiscing was cut short when Utah came into the room, looking frightened
"Dad! Maine's jumping out of the closet to scare everyone again!"
Alfred sighed
"Can't I have a moment's peace? … Ok, Utah, I'll deal with this" He said
"Thanks, Dad"
Utah left the room and Alfred sighed again
"This is so unlike me … maybe I should go see a psychiatrist" He muttered


Later that night, he was putting the States to bed, but they kept saying they should go to bed at different times, because of the different time zones. Alfred, however, ignored this and insisted that they all went to bed at the same time
"Tell us a story, Dad!" Kansas said
"Yeah!" The others cheered in unison
Alfred felt very tired and wasn't in the mood for story-telling. But he couldn't ignore the memories constantly flowing through his head. He had to tell someone … he had to get this off his chest
"Alright then, I have just the story for you" He said
He took out a box, which had been kept in his storage room for a long time. He opened it and took out a flag
"Wow! That looks like your flag, Dad!" Kentucky said
"But what's with the circle of stars?" Arizona asked
He sighed
"This was the old flag for the United States of America. This one … has only thirteen stars, but it still represents the freedom I fought so hard for. You see … long ago, there was a war between me and someone I once called brother" He said
"Aww, not a history lesson!" California complained
"Shut up, I want to hear this!" Georgia sad
"Well … I'm going to start from before the war started. I'm going to tell you about when I first saw her" Alfred said
"Who, Dad?" Wyoming asked
"Yeah, tell us!" Indiana said, jumping up and down on his bed
Alfred smiled and looked at all of the States leaning forward expectantly. So, he decided that he didn't have much choice now, and might as well tell the story
"Alright. This is a story about a war I both won and lost. This … is a story about [Name]"

To be Continued
I do not own the preview picture. It's a screenshot from Hetalia : Axis Powers

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You


"A hero of war ...
Is that what they see?
Just medals and scars ...
So damn proud of me!
And I brought home that flag,
Now it gathers dust.
But it's a flag that I love ...
It's the only flag I trust"

- Hero of War by Rise Against


Part 1 - :reading:
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Part 6 - [link]
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1777 – New York

"Dad! Dad, we got her!" Connecticut cried
Alfred looked up and saw that he had captured [Name], as instructed. He smiled proudly as [Name] was dragged into Alfred's tent
"Let go of me!" She wailed
"We'll keep a look out, dad!" New Jersey said, leaving with his brother
"Thank you …" Alfred said
[Name] stood there, tied up and annoyed
"Why did you capture me? What could you possibly gain?" She asked, agitated
"You could be the right leverage for us to win this war, [Name]. I can just taste victory!" He said
She frowned
"You speak of liberty and freedom … but for who?" She snapped
"The American people! This war will decide whether we live our lives as free men or slaves. That is what I am fighting for!" He said
"How many of the British have you captured or killed? How many people's freedom have you taken so you can have yours?" She asked, her voice shaking
Before Alfred could answer, Virginia hurried into the tent
"Dad! Come quick, the British are coming in from Canada!" She cried
"Canada?! That Traitor!" Alfred shouted
"And Arthur's taking out our men pretty much all by himself!" She said
"Stay here with [Name]. Guard her well" Alfred said
"Yes, dad!" Virginia said, saluting
"Don't you dare kill him!" [Name] cried
"You are in no position to make demands, [Name]-dude" Alfred said, leaving the tent
"NO!" [Name] screamed
Alfred ignored her, and went to find Arthur. To his great surprise, Virginia was right. Arthur jumped over a barrier and took out a small dagger which he kept strapped to his shin, hidden beneath his uniform and a sword. It was amazing how Arthur could wound or kill people with muskets with just that small knife and a rapier. Then, Alfred saw Arthur's eyes glowing. He was using his magic to help him fight
"Cheater …" Alfred growled
Arthur was talented, there was no denying that. He was kicking some serious ass. He was grabbed from behind, but he managed to vault over said soldier and knocked him to the ground. It was fairly bad-ass … especially when Arthur dropped his weapons and began to fight unarmed with ease. It was rather embarrassing that the Americans were being beaten so easily. Arthur headbutted an attacker and used them as a human shield to block the bullets being fired at him, then proceeded to take out the shooters with well executed and well-aimed fireballs
"America!" Arthur shouted
Alfred stood up straight as he heard his name being called
"We can put a stop to this!" Arthur cried
"I'm going to …" Alfred snarled, picking up his musket
"NO, PLEASE!" [Name] screamed
Arthur looked surprised by the sound of [Name]'s voice
"[Name]! [Name], where are you?" Arthur called desperately
"Retreat! Retreat now!" someone shouted
Arthur looked torn, but he had to obey the command. The British retreated and the Americans cheered loudly
"Everyone, be on your guard! Protect [Name]. I have a traitor to speak to …" Alfred said in a dark tone


Matthew was struck across the face with the end of Alfred's musket, causing the helpless Canadian to fall to the ground
"Wh-what do you want from me?" Matthew cried, shaking
"The British came from your country! How the hell could you let them in?!" Alfred shouted
Before Matthew could answer, Alfred kicked his little brother in the gut. And they weren't brothers just by bond … they were brothers by blood
"Alfred, I-"
Alfred pointed his musket at the terrified Canadian's chin, making him squeak in terror
"Alfred, I don't know! P-Please don't shoot me! I didn't do anything wrong!" Matthew squeaked
"We almost lost New York because of you!" Alfred shouted
Alfred looked up and saw Francis, pointing his musket at him
"Papa!" Matthew cried
"Papa?! He's not your father!" Alfred said, horrified
"He is to me" Matthew mumbled, trying to get up
Alfred kicked the Canadian, making him cry out in pain
"Stop that, or I swear I will shoot" Francis growled
"What do you want, Frenchy?" Alfred snapped
"Just turn around and leave. Leave Matthew alone and I won't shoot you" Francis said calmly
Alfred would have argued, but he had bigger fish to fry. He walked away, shooting a murderous glare at Matthew as he left. This war had brought out the worst in Alfred … and it was going to get messy

To be Continued
I do not own the preview picture. It's a screenshot from Hetalia : Axis Powers

Story (c) :iconswiftninja91:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
[Name] (You) (c) You


"Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away
Where innocence is burned in flames
A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead
I'm frozen to the bones, I am ..."

- Iron by Woodkid
You might recognise it from the Assassin's Creed : Revelations trailer


Arrętez - Stop [French]

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