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Youtube Preview: [link]

You can find the wallpapers in my gallery.

The rotating earth and main window are actually seperated into 2 different ini files beacause of complications between to different update times.
If you know how to do this within one ini file PLEASE PM me so i can update, tnx.

Reccomended settings:
After you have enabled the skin, I suggest you right click on
Your rainmeter icon and go into 'manage' and navigate to the
TekFace>Earht Rotating For TekFace>Earht Rotating For TekFace.ini
And make sure Draggable, Click through, Keep on screen, Save position and Snap to edges boxes are all checked.
I highly recommend you place the rotating earth at the bottom (From 'position' drop down menu)

Now navigate to TekFace main and make sure all boxes here are also checked.

Enjoy :-)
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Hi everyone,

Here's my new rainmeter skin to go with the PROJECT-X wall.

I hope you like it.

Please don't modify this artwork without my permission.
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  • ~Kaelri: The reader script is entirely his work and many bits of code inspired by his skins.

  • ~MerlinTheRed: Weather icons [link]

  • ~chrfb: Folder and shortcut icons [link]

  • Extra thanks to Kaelri and Brian for reading code, testing and spotting mistakes, jsmorley, MerlinTheRed and the rest of the Rainmeter community for being such a wonderful bunch of helpful and friendly people.

  • Clock: Date and time for two locations. Click on date to show/hide feed reader and weather panels.

  • Reader: Cycles between five feeds. Use the buttons to manually switch between them, mouse over topics to expand them, click on titles to view full articles (opens browser). Special characters may not display correctly.

  • Weather: Weather and next day forecast for 2 locations.

  • Currency converter: Click on either currency to enter a different code or either number to change amount.

  • GMail: Tracks up to four GMail accounts. Displays total number of unread items and summary of the last three emails on each account.

  • Control: Common folders and shutdown shortcuts, recycle bin manager.

  • Monitor: Tracks up to four hard disks, CPU load and temperature (up to 4 cores), battery state and network traffic. Shortcuts for hard drive paths.

  • System: Displays running processes and computer name, OS and uptime. Shortcuts for My Computer, Computer Management and Task Manager.

  • Requires Rainmeter 2.4.0 r1674 or later.

  • CPU temperature display requires CoreTemp to be installed and running in the background.

  • Right-click -> Custom skin actions to edit settings for each skin and change between 4 available colors.
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at first sorry for my bad english ^^ iam native german

realy realy alpha stadium ^^

please submit your opinion

-menu tree
-simple system info (processor only)
-media control
--includes audiodevice changer
--includes volume control
--progress slider (comming soon)

some parts are ready to download
-media control (advanced) [link]
-menu tree [link]
-info bar (including gmail, jDownloader, Torrent, RSS) (comming soon)
-bottom bar [link]
-system info (comming soon)

the next parts thats come
- skin with note , torrent, jdownloader, mail in tabbable form
- bar with winstartmenu replacement , aquaero values from watercooling and drive information
- extending system information skin
- working on reziability and color changing via rainRGB
- changing fonts over menu to all system wide installed fonts (not knowing is it posible)
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Shameless plug! Check out my Bastion Rainmeter Skin/Theme! :D [link]


So I decided to not only upload the Rainmeter skins, but also everything you need to make a theme like I currently have on my computer! :D How cool am I? :P

What comes in this pack:

A few different clocks. (2nd Gig is the one in the preview.)

A cool animation. (Circle thing in the top middle on that circle.)

Top and bottom bars, for visual pleasure only.

Disk Dock (The dock in the center.)

Hard Drive C and D monitors.

An app launcher.

Wi-fi status.

Network status. (up/down speed)

Power monitor. (For desktop users, it just looks cool. XD)

Processes Running.

Scan. (That thin red line scrolls and "scans" your desktop. Visual purpose only.)

Shutdown menu. (Shutdown, lock, logoff, restart, etc)

Fan monitor. (Has a system option, which is the one in the preview image and also the only one I edited. I upload the "only fan" option as well.)

System monitor. (RAM, CPU, Temp)

Weather app.

Winamp circles.


Icons (both for the Disk Dock, and for desktop)

Wallpaper for desktop, logon screen, and a logon pic.


Now for some notes.

First off, that Disk Dock. You can change the paths and everything, just head into the .ini and get busy. I use it in conjunction with a Rocketdock dock and an Objectdock dock. (Yes I know I can have two Objectdocks instead, but hush.) One on top, one on the bottom, and the Disk Dock in the middle.

The icons. I may not, probably don't, have all the ones you're looking for. I simply uploaded the ones I edited. Change them at your desire. Both PNGs and ico files are included.

The launcher (right side in the middle) can be set up to launch different things of course, just go into the .ini and redirect it.

The sounds are just for my current theme, if you don't like them don't use them. If you want to use them for something else, go for it.

The fan monitor and system skins need Speedfan to work, don't worry, I'll link with the other required stuff.

Weather app needs some work unless you want the weather for my area. I'll provide a link for info on that as well.

The wallpaper and logon screen are both 1920x1080. If you want to resize, go for it! :D

EDIT: I recommend not having any icons on your desktop. Makes it a lot prettier. :P



Rainmeter. It runs all of the skin stuff. Grab it here: [link]

Speedfan. Used to show your temp and fan speed. [link]

Help for the weather app can be found here: [link]



Thanks for downloading! :) Love the original creators, they're cooler than I am. ._.
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Updated Versions by ~jbainbrid [link]

New Version of Windows Seven - Longhorn Inspired Start Menu with tons of improvements

1) Extract the startmenu.rar into C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins
and run the skin

2) Open 1menu3g.ini file and scroll down to menu2
3) Change KAPASI to your username in the following line in menu2
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["F:\Users\KAPASI"] #HideMeter#
4) This applies for all menus where the username is KAPASI
5) HIT save and enjoy the skin

Hold the left mouse click on the left side of the orb to drag the skin

Three different skins are included in this pack:)
Download and Enjoy

Feel free to edit the skin but please dont forget to give me the credits :P
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New Screenshot
Another Screenshot
The Old Screenshot


- 4 Themes - Light , Dark , Glass , Dark Glass
- 3 Animations - Fireplace, Big and Small Candle
- VLC Skin for video integration.
- Over 200 Skins in Total!
- Now with GMail, Volume, Imgur, and System Button skins!!!
- Now with Launcher Panels!!

Wallpaper by Me

Requires atleast Rainmeter 2.5.


~VClouds for Weather & RSS base.
~Kaelri and ~jsmorley for RainFile.
Brian for the great FileView plugin.
~dragonmage for help with the VLC skin.
*dAKirby309 for some of his Metro Icons

Version History:

v.1.5 - 20130503 - Various Small Fixes & Tweaks, Added Launcher Panels, Added Vertical Skins
v.1.4 - 20130423 - Added many photo skins, System Buttons, and Explorer Context Menus
v.1.3 - 20130414 - Various Small Fixes & Tweaks, Added Volume Sliders, Added USB Drive Support
v.1.2 - 20130409 - Various Small Fixes & Tweaks, Added Gmail skins
v.1.1 - 20130215 - Various Small Fixes & Tweaks
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This is a modified Version of the J.A.R.V.I.S OS 1.02 Original Released by "theclickart"

NEW Version Realeased
Changes since v.
- Updated Setting more and more and more......
    . added a 5th Tab MISC (lets you set a Border for the Notes Skin)
    - added an Option under the 5th tab to set a Custom Picture for the User Tag and not taking Windows Profile Pic (the Pic gets Resized to 48x48)
    - Updated RSS Feeds, you can now Disable Feeds if u dont need em (some ppl like me just need 1 Feed, they will also get disabled in the Reader itself, note you can only Disable 3         since 1 Feed needs always to be active for the Reader to work probertly
- added a Battery Plugin! Shows the Current Power level and a Dynamic Text (hat a look at it here)
    - "Battery - Charging" if youre on a Laptop with Power Supply Plugged in
    - "Battery" if you're on a Laptop without Power Supply plugged in (Progress Bar gets Red if the Battery gets below 50%)
    -"Power AC"  if you're on a Destktop with permanent Power Supply (Progress Bar always stays at 100% then)
- added a Music Control Panel (its more like a Bigger Nice looking Music Player)
- updated the Music Control Panel to show the Cover, Title, Artist, Duration, Progress and the Cover! also added some Control Buttons
    - the Music Control Panel is based on the Login Panel that Tony Start has on his Door (im also working on a User Control Panel in the Same Style which will show
        some the same things like the User Tag, or maybe like more Windows themed Information, but MORE MORE
- added 2 Wallpapers for 1680x1050 (1 new with a Tesseract in the middle) for other Screen Resolutions i will add more in the Next version!
- Slightly adjusted the Date Skin
- Updated Reader to work with the "Setting Skin" to let PPL disable not used Feeds
- Updated Notes to work with the "Setting Skin" to let PPL choose if they want a Border for it (this still isnt finall, since i dont think it looks good)
- Updated the Config File with some new Strings, just in Case settings Breaks or PPL want to set everything manually
    - NotesforBorder=0 or 1 for a Border on the Notes
    - Feed1_active=0 or 1 for RSS Feed 2 to be Enabled or Not
    - Feed2_active=0 or 1 for RSS Feed 3 to be Enabled or Not
    - Feed3_active=0 or 1 for RSS Feed 4 to be Enabled or Not
    - Note Feed 1 does have such a Setting but it doesn't work since it always needs to be activaed for the Reader to work!
    - Usertag_pic="Picture" lets you set a Custom Picture on the User Tag (this can be done easier over the Settings Skin)


- Settings finally work!!!! the Original release was broken..
- updated and Fixed the Settings (added 2 more NAV launchers, and added a 5th Category for Future use, which is empty yet)

- added Notes
- added a Clock themed Date
- added Up / Download Skin
- added User Tag (Shows Logged on User, his Profile Picture and the Currently used OS
- added 2 NAV Launchers (which can be customized via Settings)
- updated Jarvis Tag
- updated the HDD Information (if u click on the Drive Name now, it opens the Drive)
- updated the Recycle Bin (Left click now Opens the Recycle Bin, no matter if its empty or not! Right Click asks you to delete all Content in the Recycle Bin. was left click.)
- updated the Network Information to show your Local Adapter IP, Gateaway and Internet IP
- Fixed a small BUG in Reader

To DO List /  Upcomming Things - Changes
- Fixing Calander (Tries to load a Picture for every Day, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png and so on) that we dont need
- maybe updating the Control Buttons of Music Control Panel to get a Hover and Pressed effect, they'r static yet and dont change
- more to Come

Leave me a Comment if u found any BUGS or for Feature Requests ^^
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This is my first public rainmeter skin, i actually didn't plan to make a full theme but i figured out maybe someone would like to use my skin too.
Since the skin was just for myself Iíve no configuration panel and i won't make one either.

The skin is actually a mix of different skins which Iíve heavily edited.

There is an ReadMe file included with more info about (hidden) buttons to display/hide skins. Also a guide to use the WMPRadio skin.
If you use and older proccesor or amd you might have to change the value's in the CPU tab skin to lower values.

In order to run this skin you must install (and run):
- Rainmeter (2.4 or higher)
- Coretemp (For CPU temp + info)
- MSIAfterburner (For GPU temp + info)
The skin is made and tested for windows 7

- 1.0: Skin is released ! (01/07/2012)
- 1.0: Cleaned up files, reduces download size and made preview image (02/07/2012)
- 1.1: New version released: Bug fixes and new functionality (05/07/2012)
- 1.11: Minor icon changes, fixed wrong value in CPUQuad skin (23/07/2012)
-1.12: edited icons, made rainmeter 2.4 compatible (17-11-2012) (Probably FINAL)

[Change log 1.1]
-Fixed BatteryWinget bug
-Fixed Radio bug, now fully working
-Implemented @Resources properly
-Added build-in variables
-Added color changer for critical measures
-Changed tab transitions
-Minor cosmetic changes

- Clock by lilshizzy (
- Tabmeter2 by toastbrotpascal
- gnometer by poiru
- Illustro by poiru
- Soita by poiru
- Unity by Hello-123456 & Col-Darby
- ForceX System Monitor by ForceX
- Rainmeter TopProcesses by ch_rob

- MSIAfterburner plugin by stangowner
- TopProcceses plugin by ch_rob

- Rainmeter Icon by kenz0
- Flurry (Icons) by David Lanham
- Faenza Icons by tiheum

-Wallpaper is radom from the internet, if you know the auther let me know (wallpaper not included)

Feel free to edit and if you make a mod let me know, Iím curious :)
I hope you guys (and girls!) like it :)
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