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Youtube Preview: [link]

You can find the wallpapers in my gallery.

The rotating earth and main window are actually seperated into 2 different ini files beacause of complications between to different update times.
If you know how to do this within one ini file PLEASE PM me so i can update, tnx.

Reccomended settings:
After you have enabled the skin, I suggest you right click on
Your rainmeter icon and go into 'manage' and navigate to the
TekFace>Earht Rotating For TekFace>Earht Rotating For TekFace.ini
And make sure Draggable, Click through, Keep on screen, Save position and Snap to edges boxes are all checked.
I highly recommend you place the rotating earth at the bottom (From 'position' drop down menu)

Now navigate to TekFace main and make sure all boxes here are also checked.

Enjoy :-)
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provides readouts for:

cores 1/2/3/4, c:/d:/e:/f:, ram, swap, and mhz

hours, minutes, seconds, day, month, and date

net i/o, signal, ping, ipa, ssid, battery, and battery time remaining
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at first sorry for my bad english ^^ iam native german

realy realy alpha stadium ^^

please submit your opinion

-menu tree
-simple system info (processor only)
-media control
--includes audiodevice changer
--includes volume control
--progress slider (comming soon)

some parts are ready to download
-media control (advanced) [link]
-menu tree [link]
-info bar (including gmail, jDownloader, Torrent, RSS) (comming soon)
-bottom bar [link]
-system info (comming soon)

the next parts thats come
- skin with note , torrent, jdownloader, mail in tabbable form
- bar with winstartmenu replacement , aquaero values from watercooling and drive information
- extending system information skin
- working on reziability and color changing via rainRGB
- changing fonts over menu to all system wide installed fonts (not knowing is it posible)
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  • ~Kaelri: The reader script is entirely his work and many bits of code inspired by his skins.

  • ~MerlinTheRed: Weather icons [link]

  • ~chrfb: Folder and shortcut icons [link]

  • Extra thanks to Kaelri and Brian for reading code, testing and spotting mistakes, jsmorley, MerlinTheRed and the rest of the Rainmeter community for being such a wonderful bunch of helpful and friendly people.

  • Clock: Date and time for two locations. Click on date to show/hide feed reader and weather panels.

  • Reader: Cycles between five feeds. Use the buttons to manually switch between them, mouse over topics to expand them, click on titles to view full articles (opens browser). Special characters may not display correctly.

  • Weather: Weather and next day forecast for 2 locations.

  • Currency converter: Click on either currency to enter a different code or either number to change amount.

  • GMail: Tracks up to four GMail accounts. Displays total number of unread items and summary of the last three emails on each account.

  • Control: Common folders and shutdown shortcuts, recycle bin manager.

  • Monitor: Tracks up to four hard disks, CPU load and temperature (up to 4 cores), battery state and network traffic. Shortcuts for hard drive paths.

  • System: Displays running processes and computer name, OS and uptime. Shortcuts for My Computer, Computer Management and Task Manager.

  • Requires Rainmeter 2.4.0 r1674 or later.

  • CPU temperature display requires CoreTemp to be installed and running in the background.

  • Right-click -> Custom skin actions to edit settings for each skin and change between 4 available colors.
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I've taken a bit of time to clean up a few of the graphics and layout from V1 and also added support for loading each panel separately as an alternative to the Full or Mini versions of the whole bar.

If your using the Full, Drives2, Drives6, Search or Mini skins then make sure you set up the Variables in the .ini files correctly. Full and CPU skins both require CoreTemp to be installed to function correctly.

Be glad to hear any feedback, or any pointers on my code as I'm just getting into the swing of things.

Made with Rainmeter version
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This rainmeter skin is originally taken from the skin " The professional" by ~goatrance. A simple CPU/RAM/NET histogram visualization. I have added A Task Manager Button (the Logo), OS and user info. Allso I have added GPU measurement, DNS Recycle Bin and 14 Buttons... and given the whole thing a new look...

To make the GPU Temp and Usage to properly work you'll need MSIAfterburner.dll by Stangowner's
and Unwinder's Msi Afterburner program.

Links and instructions are in the "Readme" file.


Made allot of changes in this new version.

Added another histogram, also made it easier to costomize. Added a Music great for winamp.
Core, HDD and GPU Temp.
SWAP and some more buttons

Update on Core and CPU Temp. Added Max Value to the temperatures on request. Link to txt. file here: [link]
Copy and paste to Temp Measures and Measure Core, and it should work

If you have any suggestions, please tell:) If you like it, plz comment.
Might be some buggs...Report if found. Enjoy
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A new rainmeter skin especially for Mr GRIM HUD Themes

Note : the original walls are from submicron [link].
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Rainmeter skins, version 1.0

These are simple roundline and string skins - sort of a combination of my older Circuitous and Simplicity Circles skins. The design doesn't lend itself to things like feed readers and calendars, but there are a lot more skins in the suite than are shown in the preview:

Included skins:

- Battery monitor
- Hard drive space (x3)
- Disk activity (using PerfMon.dll)
- RAM space
- SWAP space
- Upload traffic
- Download traffic
- Wifi monitor
- Media player control using NowPlaying.dll
- CPU (average load and top process)
- CPU cores (x4) (core load and frequency)
- Recycle Bin (size, item count, auto-empty)
- CPU temperature (either CoreTemp or SpeedFan)
- Time and Date
- Volume control
- Weather (using Yahoo! Weather)
- vertical or horizontal background bar
[screenshot showing all the skins included in the suite]

Skin settings can be easily changed using the Config.ini skin


Bernd Montag - Sansation font
Yahoo! Weather - weather data
smurfier - Lua wizard
Kaelri - @include-fu
jsmorley - RegExp guru
gronostajo - SimplyRound skin
lalibi - Etheldrede Pantone
amc242 - beta tester
ionstorm01 - beta tester

More info/Help me/How to:

Try the ReadMe file first. You can open it from the Config.ini skin, and it is located at right in the skin root folder.
I also am maintaining a "FAQ" journal entry for these skins, for answers that I expect to repeat a lot or for semi-complicated things that need a long answer.
If the ReadMe and FAQ don't cover it, then fire away in the comments - I'll answer any question I can.

Many thanks everyone who helped beta test these skins, and I hope you all enjoy the final product. As usual, bug reports, feature suggestions, and constructive criticism are all greatly appreciated.

Hyrax out. :wave:
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Updated Versions by ~jbainbrid [link]

New Version of Windows Seven - Longhorn Inspired Start Menu with tons of improvements

1) Extract the startmenu.rar into C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins
and run the skin

2) Open 1menu3g.ini file and scroll down to menu2
3) Change KAPASI to your username in the following line in menu2
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute ["F:\Users\KAPASI"] #HideMeter#
4) This applies for all menus where the username is KAPASI
5) HIT save and enjoy the skin

Hold the left mouse click on the left side of the orb to drag the skin

Three different skins are included in this pack:)
Download and Enjoy

Feel free to edit the skin but please dont forget to give me the credits :P
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