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Similar Deviations

:bulletred: This auction will run either until the 16th of November, or until 2 days have passed without bids

:bulletred: Minimum bid increment is 5 points

:bulletred: You will be notified if you are outbid

:bulletred: If you back out of a winning bid, you will be blacklisted and banned from adopting anything of mine

1. big orange floof - Starts at 40 :points: - Autobuy 400 points - Highest bid - 170 PENDING

2. Autumn deer - Autobought

3. Melon - Bought

4. snake raven - Bought

Parroti's Adoptable Rules

* Can be whatever gender you want
* You can make it grow up
* Some credit on an initial picture you draw of them would be nice, but not required
* I can provide you with a separate image of your adopt upon request
* You can change markings or colours slightly, please nothing major
* Markings on their mask are painted on, and can be changed completely


1. Can we do a trade for one?
No, sorry. I don't do trades for adoptables.

2. If these don't sell, can I have one for free?
No; furthermore if you beg me for adoptables, when I do free ones, you will not be getting one.

3. Can I use these in commissions/independent stories?
Go for it!

4. Can I draw this in an anthro/alternate form?

Art by me
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silly self-portrait
series: [link]

facebook: [link]
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Vue 8, with ecosystem,
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MY COMMISSION---->>[link]


:iconlenpopipoplz: :iconpopipoplz: :iconrinpopipoplz::iconkaitopopipoplz:

im best and my favorite work i have ever done in my life...

i hope there's more to come..

finished on July 29 2011...

hope you like it guys and girls, specially the vocaloid lovers...


im best and favorite work i have ever done in my life...
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Self portrait, very recent.
The inverted cross is not to be taken as offensive. Used purely for the purpose of the portrait.


[c] Ana Fagarazzi | Af-Studios
Follow on Facebook and Flickr
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Cám ơn :iconamilasuriga: đã dịch giùm tớ:hug:
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offer 100+ points for these please QAQ

1. taken :iconsoapweed:
2. taken :iconheliossa:
3. taken :iconheliossa:
4. taken :iconask-xyra-and-friends:
5. taken
6. taken :iconenvot:
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wut is this 
wut have i done
here wut they r 
Hey New by onigiryStuff

so this one is basic forest type born in winter season 
donot have a thick fur it was intend to be speedy 
control the ice in it surroundings 

RULES Offer To Adopt
-can offer art/custom/premade design/charas/closed species/money ONLY
-u cannot sell it once received
-i will pick which the best offer on 31 DEC

i still dont have a proper species name wtf so put it as wtf hollys
 idk comment or give me good ones;;
i need help so in love with these (still need to construct more)

this is a closed species pls do not make ur own!
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Kao Emoji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [V1] by Jerikuto

The last two Kamishibas of the year,and they're are as far the MOST SPECIAL ones that I've made... ;///; (proud of them). They are Astral Kamishibas, but not like the normal ones..they are CHINESE ZODIAC ASTRALS, because they only appear ones (at their respective years) and 2015 will be the year of the "WOOD Ram / Wood Sheep". They are like primal or really Ancestral Kamishibas, slimmers and more fluffy, and with special mutations (especially at the tail, it may be a fluffy rare tail, but is like a strage mutation of it; their manes are more notorious that the normal Kamishibas and have some gold scales at their backs (also parts of their bodies made with gold), this strange mutations resembles more as their dragonian ancestor and genes.

Astral Chinese Kamishibas attract luck at their respective years, they are really uniques and  only they are five of each zodiac  (wood, metal, fire, earth and water) but it's super rare to see all of them together... they appear almost like 12 years later...  If you encounter or have the luck to have one, all the good fortune will arrive to your home and live, or is as the legend says... Do you will have the luck to keep one of them with you?

I will be so happy if you help me spread the word about them & my species too,
I will be grateful for the kind gesture :heart:

" Chinese Zodiac Astral Kamishibas かみしば
Ram(MALE) & Sheep(Female)"
The first two Chinese Astral have owners now wiiii:heart:
(as their owner you can choose the tongue type)

* Comment at the "BID here " COMMENT FOR EACH ONE OF THEM and REPLY to the HIGHEST BIDDER.
* After 48 hours, the LAST bidder, wins the Auction (if nobody AB it) 
* If you wanna buy it and don't send the payment between the next 24 hours, the kamishiba will be open to auction again.
* Read the adoptables terms below (this journal >) // ABOUT KAMISHIBAS(c) COMPLETE INFORMATION *re-edit
* After you buy it, i'll provide you the  version without watermarks. Take care and love him/her <3
* If you AB, I will give to you a Chibi of your Kamishiba like this [EXAMPLE]


1) "WOOD RAM" The MALE Astral Kamishiba [LEFT ONE]   
EYES: SHAPED PUPIL (sheep alike and rare feature) and  Colored Sclera ( special feature)
TAIL: tail nº3- special mutation of the rare fluffly one
TYPE: Gravity, Glow (Swirls and mane)  & Special Royal (gold body parts :eyebrown, leg fluff and scales at his back)
EXTRA: Special mutation at the mane and jade pads.
*ALSO He has GOLDEN HORNS.. they look like a helmet but they are actually his horns* BUT you can choose if you want  them or not after you own it.
(KAMISHIBAS usually like 99.98 percent don't have horns so he would be VERY SPECIAL)
OWNER: -  The-Slave

1) "WOOD SHEEP" The FEMALE Astral Kamishiba [RIGHT ONE] 
EYES: SHAPED PUPIL (sheep alike and rare feature) and  Colored Sclera ( special feature)
TAIL: tail nº3- special mutation of the rare fluffly one
TYPE:  Glow (pattern)  & Special Royal (gold body parts :eyebrown, fingers and scales at her back)
EXTRA: Special mutation at the mane, jade pads and Hair feature.
OWNER: - Akatsukicerberus 


First at all, They’re a special dragonic beast that move like felines; with really strong and flexible bodies, and special “ears- wings” , they look at first like ears, but they are a little pair of wings, really sensitive and moves according  to Kamishiba’s gestures or mood (they can only move up and down). Under the wings, you will find a little small  hole of the innear ear.  They don’t have scales, only a very soft fur (so they’re fur dragons).

They just grown up 1 meter high (adult form), but there are some specials ones that could grow up 1meter 50cm or 2 meters high (the last one is super rare, and no one have seen one, but they exists). Kamishibas are intelligent creatures with a large high reasoning power; able to solve problems quickly. Their lifetime is about 22 years: 0 to 2 years, baby phase; 3 to 10 years, young phase; 10  to 20/22 or a little more, adult phase. Kamishibas were created by me Mad-Izoku

:star:"Kamishibas かみしば(c) Original closed species" belong to me Mad-Izoku
:star:"Astral Chinese Ram(male) & Sheep(female) Kamishibas(c)" belongs to   their respective owners!! 


Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

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welp i see the species got a hit! im happy how they turn out ;w;
n ty for the help for the ideas n such <33
This is a closed specie!
Orikeiju close species by onigiryStuff

so here Dra To Adopt one!!
a common type
influence by a dog hatch by the streets


make a uniqe sound it must end with "i" or "e" 
other info? u can add to win ur chance on the adopt
give a name
doesnt have to be a good art aslong got the shape n color right
in any media ( traditional/digital/etc)
credit the species
END 1 FEB 2014

so gudluck!!

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