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First off i would like to thank my amazing beta Munford91.

This story is RATED M for later chapters, but i will warn you before it gets there lol.



Heart once cold burns for you

Chapter one: A mark never Forgotten.

Sesshomaru stood tall on the snow covered hill. His silver hair blew around his face as the winters harsh winds past him. He looked down to the small human child tucked against his chest.

Rin had fallen ill. He knew it was from the harsh winter. It had come suddenly, Though he knew winter was near he was surprised to find that the snow had begun to fall so quickly. He didn't feel the cold. But his human ward did. They were miles from any large civilizations. Hundreds of miles from his home.

But as Sesshomaru watched Rin's pale lips began to tremble against his pelt. He knew if he did not find shelter soon, she would die in his arms.

He began to quickly make his way to the south. He knew of a village there, fortunately it was close to them . But unfortunately it was where his brother lived.

Sesshomaru could smell the sent of burning wood. The ashes practically calling to him as he sped up his walk.

Sesshomaru began to scan the area for any sign of his brother. Not being able to sense him, he quickly took off. He was now running faster then the snow was falling. He could feel the ice passing his skin as the small hut came into his view.

At that moment Sesshomaru did not care who lived there. The heat coming from the smoke that was rising from the roof of the hut , was all he cared about.

He swiftly made his way to the huts door and slid inside.

The sent of fire slammed into his senses. Sesshomaru scanned the hut quickly looking for its owner. His eyes abruptly turning to the opposite side of the hut as the sound of shattering china hit him.

Sesshomaru looked into the wide eyes and shocked face of none other than his brother's wench. She stood wide eyed as she looked at him. They stood in silence before Sesshomaru looked away to the large futon in front of the large raging fire. He looked back to the woman before quickly making his way to the fire.

Kagome watch as the large taiyouka swiftly placed something in her bed. She did not dare to move. She merely watched as he pulled the blankets over the small form. Kagome took a step forward as the sound of a child coughing broke the silence.

Sesshomaru turned his eyes making contact with her. Kagome froze as she stared into his golden eyes, she did not dare look away. Sesshomaru slowly turned back to the bed as the coughing got worse.

Kagome took a second to herself before she closed the distance between herself, the bed, and Sesshomaru.

Kagome's eyes widened as a very pale and shaking Rin came into her view. She quickly ran to the other side of her large bed.

Sesshomaru looked up as he watch the human sit across from him. She looked up nervously as she began to speak.

" long has she been coughing?" Her voice was shaky, she was scared.

Sesshomaru looked back down at his ward as he spoke. The woman in front of him jumping at the sound of his voice.

" A few days.."

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome nodded. He could feel her heart raising as she built up the courage to speak again.

Her voice was shaky but she did not stutter this time. "May I examine her?"

Sesshomaru thought to himself quickly, he normally would not allow it but the fact that he knew nothing of the human body or how to heal it, and more importantly the woman in front of him did, he nodded his head.

Kagome quickly began to observe Rin. One thing she knew was that Rin. was soaking wet from the snow. And she would surly become hypothermic if the wet clothes were not removed. She slowly looked up to Sesshomaru. This time she spoke with great haste in her voice.

"Do you have another set of clothes for her?"

Sesshomaru shook his head as he watched the woman before him sigh and stand.

"I think I have an extra pair of pajamas she can wear. We have to remove the wet clothes or she will freeze."

Sesshomaru stood quickly causing Kagome to jump and step backwards. Sesshomaru spoke roughly. " Where are these extra clothes, This Sesshomaru will retrieve them while you undress Rin?"

Kagome nodded as she knelt down to Rin's shaking form. " In the other room you will see a bright yellow bag, they will be in there. The fabric is green."

Kagome watched as Sesshomaru turned quickly as he made his way to the bag.

Kagome quickly began to untie Rin's kimono. She quickly peeled the wet fabric from the shaking child's body. As the sound of Sesshomaru's swords clanking was heard behind her. She turned as the pajamas were thrown in her direction. She looked up to Sesshomaru's figure as he turned to the hut of the door.

"This Sesshomaru will wait outside while you dress her."

Kagome nodded as she watched Sesshomaru walk through the weaved door. She quickly turned back to the sickly child in front of her.

Kagome had the sudden feeling that she was now the child's only hope.

Sesshomaru stood outside in the falling snow. He griped his hand onto the hilt of his sword. His thoughts began to drift as the thought of him loosing Rin was becoming surreal again.

He had lost her once before, if not for his mothers 'gift' she would be lost to him.

Sesshomaru knew that she was becoming of age to marry, though she had not shown any interest in any of the males around her. But he knew that it was no longer safe for her to travel with him.

She needed stability, she needed to learn how to be a wife, she needed a mother...

Sesshomaru was brought back from him mental rambling when the raven haired female opened the hut door. She smiled at him, but he didn't respond. Sesshomaru pushed past her into the hut once again.

Rin was bundled up in several large blankets. Kagome had a warm rag on the child's head.

The large yellow bag was now sitting on the end of the futon. Kagome nervously walked passed him to the kettle that sat on top of the fire. She had begun to make tea as soon as she knew Rin. was out of danger.

Sesshomaru watched as she turned to her bag and began to pull out several unfamiliar bottles. She looked up to Sesshomaru as she spoke softly.

"She will probably need to stay in bed for a few days. But she should be fine. I don't mind if you stay here with her."

Sesshomaru watched as the woman in front of him begin to gently poor some of the sweet smelling liquid into the hot tea cup she held. He quickly looked back to sleeping child before him. Though he would not show it, he was generally concerned for the child's life. They had only been there about 20 minutes, but her shivering had ceased to continue and her scent was getting better by the minute.

Sesshomaru turned his attention back to the other female in the room. He watched her silently from the corner of his eye. He began thinking of the last time he had seen her. If he remembered correctly, which he always did, it was in battle. Sesshomaru began to remember the sight of her that day.

She was shooting arrows from her bow, the smoky air blew through her hair as Naraku was charging her. Her skin was bruised and scarped. Her clothes torn and bloody but she did not care.

Sesshomaru began to think to himself again, though the woman in front of him looked as if she were only human. She was most possibly one of the most powerful mikos he had every come across. Sesshomaru was well over 1000 human years old. Her had seen many who had claimed the title miko. But none who could do what this female could.

It has been over a year since he has seen her last. She hasn't really changed that much physically on the outside. Being human he could tell that she had grown a bit. More of an adult now that child , in human standards at least. Sesshomaru watched as she gently placed a cup of tea on the counter next to her stirring its contents briefly. He looked down her body then back up to her face.

This night she was not dressed in her usual whorish attire, though she was still in something that was inappropriate for her station, she wasn't showing nearly as much skin. Sesshomaru looked down her body again, She was wearing tight black pants and a very tight long sleeve shirt. it stuck to her body as if it were her skin. She had her hair braided on one side of her face as it hung low over her shoulder. He watched as it moved with every step she took, swinging against her hips.

Sesshomaru turned back to the sleeping child , though for some reason unknown to him, his mind continued to think of her body. She had matured greatly. No longer the body of a child. Her body was of a woman. It was to bad she wasn't a youkai, because in her human state she was nothing to him. Sesshomaru turned again as she steeped over to the broken cup on the floor. She looked up, her crystal blue eyes meeting his golden ones, she smiled.

Sesshomaru looked away.

It was a shame really. Evan in youkai standards she was very attractive. But her human stench was a deal breaker for him. He could barely tolerate Rin at points. What a shame.

Kagome could feel his eyes on her. She had to remember to breath and not show her nervousness.

She began to put away the bottles of antibiotics that she had just poured into Rin's cup.

She silently placed said bottles back into her bag before making her way to the broken cup that still sat on the floor. She bent down gracefully and began to pluck the large pieces from the tea drenched floor. She briefly looked up and caught Sesshomaru's eyes. Though she did not look away he did as she stood to dispose the shard of glass. Kagome continued to tell herself that the situation was awkward for the both of them and he might be trying to figure out how to handle it just as she was.

She looked back to him slowly. Sesshomaru was now looking back down to his ward. His hands laid on his knees as he sat completely still. Kagome lifted the cup of medicine for Rin and slowly made her way over to the large futon. She knelt down slowly placing the cup on the floor by her. She took a deep breath as she looked up and met Sesshomaru's eyes. She smiled at him as she spoke.

Her voice was stronger now and she did not hesitate as she spoke, Sesshomaru listened.

"I have some medicine for her. It will make her sleep, but it will help her body heal from the cold. I put it in the cup of tea, so it will be easier for her to take it." Sesshomaru nodded as he watched Kagome lift Rin head with her hand. She was gentle as she spoke to the child.

Rin's eyes opened slowly as Kagome lifted her up. Kagome smiled down as she lifted the cup.

Rin began to cough again, the child's eyes beginning to water as she cried.

"I know sweetie, but I promise once you drink this tea you will feel a lot better in just a few hours okay."

Rin nodded as Kagome lifted the cup up to Rin's small lips. The child slowly drunk the warm liquid.

Sesshomaru watched at Kagome placed the cup back down next to her, before slowly laying the child back against the bed.

Kagome leaned down moving Rin's hair from her face as she spoke gently.

"Sleep now Rin, you will feel much better when you wake up."

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome stood and began to walk back to the kettle. His eyes returning to Rin when he felt her small hand touch his knee.

Rin reached out gently touching the fabric on his knee. Her eyes slightly opened as she spoke with a hoarsed voice. "Please don't leave me Lord Sesshomaru, I promise to get better as fast as I can."

Sesshomaru was a bit taken back at the words of his ward. Though he did not speak, his large hand laid on top of her small one. It was a silent communication and Rin understood that he was not going anywhere. Sesshomaru watched as her eyes began to flutter and she fell asleep.

Kagome stood in the small kitchen of the hut. She watched the small moment between the large taiyouka and his 'Daughter'. She smiled as he turned to face her, she lifted her hand to push a few strands of hair from her face as she spoke. "She will probably be asleep for a few hours, I have her kimono drying out in the next room, it might take a while so if you want to rest I believe I have another futon. It's a bit smaller than that one but if you want to lay down you can.

Sesshomaru looked at her not answering. Kagome looked away briefly then looked back up before she spoke again, "Would you like some tea?"

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at her as he turned back to Rin, this time speaking with an arrogant voice to her. "I do not need anything from you miko, I'm only here because you know how to heal children." Kagome looked at him a little bit shocked as he spoke to her.

She replied back to him. "I was just trying to be hospitable to you Sesshomaru, you don't have to be rude to me. I know you don't like me and frankly I don't care for you that much either. But you came to me for help, not the other way around." Sesshomaru looked up to her as he stood. How dare she speak to him like that.

He took a step forward to her. He watched as she took a sip from her tea, not afraid for a second by his sudden closeness. She watched him walk to her.

"Who do you think you are Miko, to speak to the Sesshomaru so rudely, you are nothing but a worthless human." Sesshomaru watched her place her cup down, but was a bit shocked when she took a step closer to him. Anger flowing from her as she spoke. How dare he insult her, and in her own home. All she was trying to do was help him. She walked up to him. He looked down to her small form, he could feel the anger radiating off of her as she spoke with an angry tone.

"How dare you speak to me in such a way Sesshomaru, all I'm doing is trying to help you. I haven't asked you for anything. I let you barge in to my home, with not even a hi, hello how are you. And you want to speak to me as if I'm just a common whore."

Sesshomaru looked at her with an emotionless face as he respond. "But that is all you are Miko."

Kagome's eyes widened and before she realized it she had raised her hand and slapped him across the face. She quickly found herself being slammed against the wall behind her, Sesshomaru's large clawed hand gripping the grey fabric of her shirt as his other hand pinned her to the wall, his eyes were a shade of red as he growled at her. "How dare you strike this Sesshomaru, few have done so and none have lived to tell the tale." Sesshomaru leaned closer to her face as he spoke. Kagome looked him in the eyes, but there was no fear in her own.

"You do not scare me Sesshomaru. You can try and sit here and make me feel worthless but you can't do or say anything that can hurt me. I don't feel anymore." Sesshomaru stared at her he growled down at her. he was angry, she had struck him, no one would ever touch him and live to tell about it. He looked down to his hand that was gripping the fabric of her shirt. That was when he saw Something that shocked him greatly. Sesshomaru slowly released his hands from her shirt as he pulled the material in his hand to the side a large scar came into view.

He could feel her begin to struggle against his hand, but she was no match for him. Sesshomaru's eyes widened as he looked at the large scar that sat on her bare shoulder.

Sesshomaru looked up to her face. At that moment he saw it, What had his brother done. He quickly release her as she pulled her shirt back into place, and slowly faced him. Sesshomaru stood in front of her as he looked into her eyes. He felt ashamed of himself, something that he never ever felt.

He spoke to her softly. "Tell me miko, why did Inuyasha strike you?" he watched as her back went straight and a thousand emotions filled in her face at that one moment, he saw them all. Hatred, sadness, angry.

Kagome spoke without emotions as she pulled her hands to the side of her shirt. She pulled her shirt down to show her shoulder to him and show what his brother had done.

Sesshomaru eyed the large strike of his brothers claw that would forever haunt her skin. He did not know what to say. He wanted to know why his brothers struck her, so forcefully to tear her skin in a such a way that she would be marked forever. Kagome stared at him as she spoke, this time with a shaking voice her words cut him even deeper.

"Are you happy? You are right, I am a worthless human. I'm not worth anything. The one person I gave my heart to betrayed me in the end. I have all this power flowing inside of me, and such great potential, believe me I know. I could heal it if I wanted to, but I can't. It seems that every time I try to my heart will never let me forget that night." Sesshomaru watched as she turned from him, her eyes glistening. "He got mad one night. Came home angry. I was standing right where you are, he came in and grab me. Threw me against the wall. He tried to..."

God his brother was an idiot. Sesshomaru knew she was not worthless, in fact she was very powerful. Sesshomaru watched her turn to him again, she slid her hand up wiping her eyes.

"I tried to push him away with my powers. It only made him angrier. I should have just gave in.I should have known better than to continue to yell at him, but I was just stupid. And it happened pretty quickly after that. I shocked him and the next thing I knew my chest was on fire. There was blood began to freak out telling me how sorry he was, that was the last time I saw him."

Sesshomaru was shocked by his brother's recklessness. He watched as Kagome passed him as she made her way to the door of the other room.

Sesshomaru turned reaching his hand out to her and speaking. "Miko.I.."

Kagome turned to him.."You don't have to tell me I'm worthless Sesshomaru, because I already know I am. "

So what do you think?!

Please review! Oh and this stories cover photo is by the amazing Sugaro0! Link in my bio!
Can the cold hearted lord of the west learn to love? Is it possible that his cold heart as been set ablaze by a certain raven haired beauty? Can he truly love her? COMPLETE AS OF 06/07/2014

The cover photo for my story " a heart once cold burns for you " is by the amazing sugar0o . Who was awesome enough to allow me to use it. Please check her out she is amazing!Her deviant art is ( The Photo link is (…

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The Lord of the west stood tall on the mountain side. His long silver hair blowing in the harsh winter wind. An ice glare on his face as he looked over his snow covered lands.

Winter had come suddenly in the night.

Much too suddenly for his liking, But the demon lord knew that it was time to return to his home.

The large castle of the west had been left with no lord to rule it for a year now.

Sesshomaru would send his servant, an old toad demon to the large castle. Said demon's name was Jakin.

Jakin would insure that the grounds were keep and the magnificent castle stood in its glory, awaiting it's lords arrival at any moment.

The large demon look down as the sound of a small sneeze hit his ears.

Sesshomaru turned his head slightly as he looked down to the small human female. she was sitting on a snow covered rock. She was currently wiping her nose with a small handkerchief.

Sesshomaru eyed her for a moment, his little 'daughter' had changed greatly in the last four years.

Sesshomaru looked back up to the snow covered hills as he began to think of the little girl that he resurrected almost 5 years ago.

Rin was thin, malnourished. She wore rags, her hair and skin not taken care of. She had been cast aside like bad fish.

Now that once abandoned child, walked beside the mightiest of demon lords, she called him father.

Sesshomaru had not like the idea of the young girl calling him father, at first.

But now that she understood that it was something that was only said in private, he did not mind very much.

Sesshomaru turned to the young girl who smiled up at him.

Her nose was red from the cold wind. Her brown hair pinned up with a very expensive jade clip, the red stone matching the dark kimono she wore. Rin had matured greatly, she was now taking lessons on how to be a lady. Sesshomaru had collected her from the old miko, to travel with him again. It was time for her to return to the castle and begin her studies.

Sesshomaru would not have an uneducated child tied to him.

He looked away from her chocolate eyes as he spoke.

"Come Rin, we leave."

his voice was like satin as it echoed in the wind.

The young girl nodded as she stood, pulling the hood back over her head as she waited for Sesshomaru to pass her, before she followed behind him.

Sesshomaru was pleased that she was learning her place. Something the young child had lacked the first two years that she followed him.

Sesshomaru walked through the snow gracefully as he turned to look over his shoulder, watching the young girl struggle with her long kimono. Sesshomaru looked up to the sky watching the clouds move quickly as the wind picked up.

Rin released her kimono as a loud whistle filled the air. Her eyes widened as she looked up to her lord.

It was not very long before a loud roar filled the air. A large smile graced the young girls face as she tighten the hood around her rosy face.

Sesshomaru watched as the two headed dragon landed roughly in the snow. Large amounts of the cold snow filling the air as the dragon began to run to the young girl.

Rin smiled as the dragon pushed one of its large heads against her small hand, a purr escaping its large chest as it was reunited with its beloved owner.

Yes Ah and UN loved Sesshomaru as well, but the human female was much more lenient with giving snacks and petting's.

Rin's eyes widened as Sesshomaru lifted her to sit on the back of the dragon. she looked up to his face as his large clawed hands left her waist.

Even sitting on the two headed dragons back, her lord still stood tall.

"Thank you, lord." Rin stuttered before correcting herself.

Sesshomaru's eyes soften as he watched the blush fill her cheeks as he spoke.

"are you warm enough Rin? We have a journey ahead of us."

he spoke actually concerned about the human girls warmth.

Sesshomaru watched as the girl nodded, the large demon turned and took hold of the rains that where attached to the large two headed dragon.

Rin watched as her lord turned, his long hair blowing in the breeze as he began to gracefully walk to the western castle.


The inu-hanyou stared with fearful eyes as the raven haired miko stared in to his golden eyes.

"this isn't what it looks like Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, his face turning red as he looked at the anger filled face. In his hand, he held a red pair of a certain miko's panties.

Kagome gripped her fist as she stared at the hanyou.

"oh really Inuyasha, because it looks like you were sniffing my underwear." she growled, ripping the panties from his clawed hand.

The miko could not believe what she had walked in on.

Inuyasha and her were camping out on the southwest border. They had been called to clear out some demons from a small village. With Sango about to give birth, Miroku had to stay behind with the slayer. So Kagome decided to join the hanyou on the journey.

It had been one year since Naraku's death. The jewel was gone and all was at piece.

Kagome and Inuyasha had not come together like many of their friends had thought.

Kagome realized how immature the hanyou was, and the scene before her just proved it.

Kagome eyed the red panties in her hand.

she had left to change behind the trees, before slowly walking back in the snow to their small camp site. What met her was the hanyou sitting by her yellow bag, in his hands he gripped her underwear. Her eye''s widened as she saw him bring the fabric to his nose, smelling it.

The hanyou's mouth hung low as he tried to prove to her that he was not smelling her dainty underwear.

"Kagome! I.. I.."

he ran behind her as she lifted her bag and began to walk from their campsite.

The miko was so done with the hanyou. She cursed under her breath as she felt the cold wind hit her skin. yes it was a walk to the next village, but she was not going to stay with the hanyou pervert tonight. She would go to the small village and get a room at the inn.

Kagome could hear Inuyasha's heavy steps running behind her. His constant excuses as he followed the angry miko.

Inuyasha stopped suddenly as a massive aura hit him. His eyes widened as he reached for the miko's jacket.

"Kagome wait!" his voice cried out as she turned looking at his hand on her hoodie. She shocked him gently as she hissed.

"let go Inuyasha!" the hanyou's hand released as Kagome turned back to the front.

Her face slammed into something hard and cold, the feeling of her cheek being sliced opened hit her, Kagome was suddenly falling back, her eyes widened as a large hand reached out and grabbed her around the waist.

Kagome gripped the sleeve of the person who caught her. Her eyes looking up as she was pulled up to face the person. .

Kagome's eyes widened as Sesshomaru stared back down at her. His eyes cold as ice as he placed her on her feet. Kagome was speechless, her eyes wide and her cheeks full of blush as she watched Sesshomaru lift her red panties from his shoulder.


Sesshomaru and Kagome have a awkward meeting in the middle of the forest. But what happens when someone from the west traps the miko and demon in a cave, and the only way to get out is for an heir to be conceived..

Chapter Two

The cover photo belongs to SUGAR0o
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I do apologize for the late updates. I am just getting over the flue. I’m back to good health now, so the chapters should start rolling in now.

Kagome laid awake in the large bed throughout the night. She waited for Sesshomaru to return but he never did.

Eventually, the day's events caught up with her and the raven haired woman fell asleep.
It was not until the next morning that a soft knock woke her.

Kagome slowly sat up from the oversized bed, her eyes flowing to the door as it was slowly opened.
The familiar face of her head servant came in, the demoness held her head low as she spoke.

"Forgive me, milady, but my master has demanded that your belongings be placed into your new room.” The demoness did not dare look into her Lady's face, for she knew what a dishonor this was for her new Lady.

Kagome stared wide eyed at the open door. Had she just heard correctly?
He was throwing her out? Kagome looked down to the silk sheet in her hand as she began to think.
She had done nothing wrong!

Liran's eyes widened as her Lady pushed passed her into the large hallway. The servant's eyes widening as she took in her Lady's appearance.

Kagome was on a mission. She quickly tied the sheer night robe around her naked body as she went in search of that stupid man. She was not going to be cast aside like unwanted newspaper. No! Not again! One Taisho had done that to her already and she would be damned if the elder Taisho did it too!

Sesshomaru would have to look her directly in the eyes and tell her why he was making her leave.
It was not long before she felt his aura, Liran running behind her as she gripped the door handle of the large oak door and threw it open.

Sesshomaru looked up as the door to his office was thrown open. He stood as the small figure of his new mate stood there, her hair flowing down her shoulders as she stared at him, anger in her eyes.
Sesshomaru stared into her eyes, not caring about the demoness that now followed Kagome into his personal office.

Kagome broke her gaze with Sesshomaru as she turned to the wide eyed Jakin.
“Leave.” Her voice was hard as she stared at him.

Jakin turned to his Lord before he quickly ran from the room.
Sesshomaru was furious. Who did this woman think she was!?
Kagome released the doorknob as she began to speak.

“What have I done wrong to be cast away!?” she now stepped forward as she spoke.
Sesshomaru moved from behind his desk to stand before the small human. He was angry. She dared to yell at him!?

Kagome did not flinch as he now stood close enough to touch her.
“You will be returned to your room, and I will deal with your behavior later.”

Sesshomaru began to pass her up as she reached out and grabbed the sleeve of his shirt.

“No! You WILL tell me why!” her voice was now a demand.
Kagome looked up into Sesshomaru's eyes as a growl left him.
She did not flinch as he pulled his sleeve from her small hand.
Sesshomaru turned to face her now.

Kagome looked up at him. His eyes become red with anger as he spoke.
“You will obey me human, or I will punish you personally.”
his voice was a growl now as he spoke.

“My name is Kagome! I am not some slave you can bully and punish, Sesshomaru! I am your wife, and you will answer my quest..”

Kagome's eyes widened as she found herself thrown back, her body hitting the floor as she looked up.
The sensation on her face told her that he had slapped her.

Kagome looked up with shocked eyes to Sesshomaru, his hand held up as he watched her.
Kagome lifted her hand to the place where he had struck her.

Sesshomaru looked down as Liran threw herself in front of Kagome, the demoness bowing low as she began to speak.

“Please, milord! She is with child!” she cried out.
Sesshomaru looked into Kagome's face, the large mark of his strike very present on her skin. Sesshomaru looked down to her lips, the cut where his claw had sliced through her pink lips, now leaving a crimson drip down her chin.

Why had he struck her so hard? He didn’t mean to.

Sesshomaru could feel his beast fighting him for power, his demon angry that his mate was injured.
Sesshomaru closed his eyes for a brief second and locked his demon away.

Sesshomaru looked into the now glistening eyes of his mate as she stood.
Sesshomaru looked down at the servant who still bowed in front of Kagome.
“Leave us!”

Liran looked up as she stood.
She knew better than to disobey her Lord. She just prayed that he show mercy to her Lady.
Liran quickly left the room, leaving the door open in case he was not so merciful. She would protect her Lady even if it meant her own life must be taken.
That was what Liran was trained for.

Sesshomaru looked down to Kagome, his eyes looking her over once again.
Kagome looked up as she spoke.

“Why are you making me leave our room? What have I done wrong?”
Sesshomaru looked away from her. She had done nothing wrong.
Kagome watched as he looked to her, his face softened as he spoke.
“Nothing. You have done nothing.” Kagome's eyes widened as Sesshomaru turned to face her completely.

“This Sesshomaru wishes to speak with you in the privacy of our room.”
Kagome watched as he held his hand out to her.

He watched as she eyed him, slowly passing him as she left his office.

Sesshomaru watched as she walked into the hallway and towards their room.
Sesshomaru looked down to his hand, his eyes falling to the red blood stain on his pale skin.

'What have you done!?' His beast roared.

Sesshomaru and Kagome have a awkward meeting in the middle of the forest. But what happens when someone from the west traps the miko and the demon lord in a cave, and the only way to get out is for an heir to be conceived..

Chapter Nine-COMING SOON!

Beginning of story

The cover photo belongs to SUGAR0o
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Chapter four : unforgettable encounter

AUTHOR NOTE! [when sesshomaru's beast is talking you will see { } these symbols around it. And when sesshomaru responds you will see these symbols~~ . still no beta , so sorry about in spelling/ grammer issues!


Kagome sat underneath a tall tree. Though it no longer had leaves, its height provided enough shade. Kagome watched as Alanna kicked the small rocks on the edge of the river into the water. It was so peaceful here. No noisy streets or beeping cars. kagome smiled waving at the young child, as she occasionally turned to make sure kagome was still there. The wind had picked up a bit. Kagome was now very thankful for the thick kimono she had on. She slid her fingers across the material, it was cotton. Little silver flower were embroidered into the fabric. She smile running her finger along one one the flowers. If kagome had been A normal human, she would not have felt the Powerful demon that approached her. Kagome turned her head to the top of the hill. And there staring straight at her ,was sesshomaru. He stood tall, his long hair blowing in the wind behind his back. His armer shining in the sun. His golden eyes piercing her soul as he stared at her.

Sesshomaru could not believe his eyes. There she was. Sitting in the grass. She sat staring down at her hands. Her dark hair laid perfectly down her shoulders. A few strands blowing in the winter breeze. He couldn't help himself as her sent hit his nose. He took a step forward,.. she turned and looked directly into His eyes. Most humans would quickly look away when they accedently made eye contact with him. But not kagome. She continued to stair at him. Something was wrong. Her eyes were not full of life, like he remembered. They were puffy and red. Full of sadness. Sesshomaru began to walk down the hill, never taking his eyes off her. "Kagome! Your back" rin took of from behind sesshomaru running down the hill. She sat in front of kagome. She smiled. Rin was know 13. She had grown a lot. Her orange kimono was replaced with a soft pink and flowered kimono. Her hair was branded Down her back. Small jewels were placed all around. Sesshomaru was definitely dressing her like a princess .

Kagome smiled embracing the young girl in a hug. " I am so happy to see you again , my have you changed." Rin. Smiled standing up to slowly spin and show kagome her new kimono. " do you like it ?! Lord sesshomaru brought it back from the east ." Kagome smiled standing up from her spot under the tree. Sesshomaru slowly walked up to the two woman. His eyes never leaving kagome as she spoke to rin. The five years had changed her . Her hair was much longer. Her face had matured. Her body was now of a woman and not a child. Sesshomaru couldn't Help The thoughts of her running through his mind. What was he doing! Mentally Lusting over this ...human. his inner beast began to growl at him. Sesshomaru would not be like his father. His beast protesting in its cage. { She is not a normal human. It could work. } ~Silence I will not hear such nonsense. ~{stupid! how can you not see what is in front of you she is broken... Fix her !}

The beast screamed at him from inside his mind. Sesshomaru blocked him out. Kagome could see him standing there she was afraid to turn to face him ,he was much taller than her. she would have to look up into his eyes . he was standing much closer than he has ever been to her,that is when he wasn't attacking them. The conversation with Rin quickly it did when she noticed the little girl by the river. She smiled and ran to play with her little friend...kagome knew she could not stare at Rin forever, she slowly turned to face the Lord in front of her. She's forced smile on her lips as her eyes slowly made their way to his. Lord sesshomaru it is an honor to see you again. He did not say anything. He just continued staring at he, he could see clearly that she had been crying, hurting. Then a thought occurred to him. Clearly place in his mind from his beast. { touch her...}

Sesshomaru had not realized that he had lifted his hand to brush the few strands of hair that has attached itself to her face, behind her ear. Kagome me nearly cried out when she realized he was reaching for her. He stopped midway staring at his own hands, not believing he had just touched her. he look her in the eyes . Placing his hand on his side. he would not say anything and he knew she would not. Kagomes heart began racing ,he touched her. ...He never touched her. He seemed shocked that he did it himself, for the second the emotion was on his face when, he made contact with her. emotions she had never seen on the taiyouka's face before. Sesshomaru's beast began beating against the cage , trying to grasp any freedom it could get. Sesshomaru began a battle with his own self, the Beast continuing to remind him how long it has been since they have been touched by someone else. Its please for affection for growing. it has been over a hundred years since sesshomaru had laid with a woman or even been touched by one. he did not count rin .she was a child.

Sesshomaru decided that he would play along and show attention to Kagame and converse with her, hopefully this little bit of affection with her would calm his beast before he lost complete control. Sesshomaru turned to kagome who still seemed to be in shock . He stepped closer to her. He watched her slowly take a steps back uneasy with the the Quick loss of a space between them. He watched her expression for a few minutes before speaking. "miko where have you been.." . The questions to caught her off guard, why was he caring where she had been? he never cared for anyone , she slowly raised her eyebrow before answering. " I was home with my family.. " sesshomaru watched her expression , he knew she was from the future. Her clothing attire said that for her and he had seen her going to the well many times. the first time he saw her jump in. He watched thinking she was killing herself. when he went to see her body in the well, she was gone. he had listen to the conversation between her and her friends once, she was from the future. His beast was right, Kagame was not an ordinary human. He nodded his head. " You must have enjoyed your stay to stay so long.. " Kagome's lips began to quiver, she did not want to cry ...especially in front of him ,but her heart had been broken. she could not control the tears. sesshomaru watched her are the tears began to flow down her porcelain cheeks. His beast began to growl . { you upset her !} ~silence I did no such thing~

The beast continue to grow. Sesshomaru tilted his head to the side, " miko why do you cry ? have I done something to offend you.?" kagome slowly shook her head wiping the tears from her face . how was this happening ? how is it that Lord sesshomaru , the cold Prince of the West was asking her if you hurt her feelings ? she knew she had to be dreaming , this was just getting too weird ... Kagome looked into his eyes slowly shaking her head " I'm sorry I did not mean to cry in front of you to sesshomaru ... I have just been through a lot the past couple of days." . Kagome bit her lip fas sesshomaru watched her. He had the sudden urge to touch her, cursing himself he would not touch her! he would not allow himself to be moved by his beast. he took a step back causing the woman in front of him to look up. her watery eyes making contact with his gold ones . she wiped her eyes with the end of her sleeve and smile. " I'm sorry I should not have said anything I apologize". Sesshomaru watch her again before speaking. "you have nothing to apologize for. You have obviously been hurt. And it is in your nature to want to share your hurt, it is a human thing." Kagome watched him not knowing whether to be insulted are to be thankful that he understood . she decided not to be mad with him and smiled trying to change the subject. " It is nice of you to bring rin here to play. "

sesshomaru realized she was trying to change the subject from herself and he complied. he nodded his head..." hn... She enjoy the time away from the castle it allows her to be with her own kind.. " kagome smiled quickly glancing to the children playing in the flowers , she turned back to sesshomaru not expecting for his eyes to be glued to her. she blinked a few times before she quickly turned from his gaze. Was he checking her out ?.?this is impossible she shook her head slightly before for looking behind him towards the hill. what was sango and miroku so long. she was becoming worried. Sesshomaru sensed her uneasiness , so he stepped away from her walking to another tree that was about 15 feet from where rin was. The Lord sit Himself under the large tree watching the children play. Kagome had the feeling of sadness, what is with her and Men . she shook her head again, before walking to the children. She sat down to play with the flowers below. Another 15 minutes have passed. Kagome was showing the children how to make a flower crown .

Sesshomaru was watching kagome as she watch rin danced around singing with her flowers in her hand , pretending to be a princess , he then found himself taking a hard look at her figure this time, the blue kimono hugged her body, it brought out her eyes . it was a very beautiful color on her, though he could tell the fabric was cheap... he would like to see her something more colorful , he then had the thought to buy her something, something in color no doubt it was his beast putting the t in his head . He growled.~ this sesshomaru will not buy her a present, he does not care for her. ~{she needs a present, it will make her smile. we want her to smile ..because of us. }

Sesshomaru knew he was going to lose this battle, hey mentally shook his head..sesshomary was very wealthy, so buying a kimono for her was not a great feet and it meant nothing to him.. This pleased his beast so he settle down and enjoyed watching the woman in front of him through his masters eyes. Kagome could feel his eyes on her, she did not to look . she nervously stood pushing her hair behing her shoulders. not realizing the Act would cause the jade comb in her hair to fall to the groutried to catch it before it fell. But the sound of it hitting the growing and let her know she wasn't fast enough. she looked into the grass picking up the the two pieces. Sesshomaru watched as she tried to fix it. Rin walked up to kagome. "oh no it broke..." Rin turned to look at the sesshomaru. A sad look on her face, she looked at kagome before turning and taking the broken hair comb." maybe lord sesshomaru can fix it." rin walked slowly towards the sesshomaru . ssesshomaru watched as Rin walked up to him. the broken comb in her hands, he lifted his arm up as she placed the pieces in his large hand." do you think you can fix it ?" He looked down at the Comb in his hands . The jade had broken off, as he touched it with his hands he knew it was a fake Jade. obviously the man who made it was cheap,he handed it to rin. "It is cheaply made the stone is not even real Jade, if I were you Miko I would get my money back"... "it was a gift "

she said slowly taking the broken clip from rin and placing in her pocket. "so it matters not if it was fake.." sesshomaru watch her as she place the broken clip into her pocket of the kimono . why did he feel as if you hurt her feelings?...again . He beast began to growl. {you have done it again! why Cant you be sensitive to her? we do not want to upset her ! she is broken, you need to fix her..} his beast began to argue with him, this was the most can ever spoken to his inner self in years. what was it about her that cause his being so much change. he watched her face As should look out towards the village. A smile gracing her face. He turn to see what caused her the sudden change of emotions. it was the slayer and the monk and their child coming down the hill , walking towards them. the monk carrying a large basket, they made their way down the hill. Sesshomaru stood causing his shadow to covers kagome. she look at him through the corner of his eye . Sango smile watching them react to each other. the children came running. Sango laid out the blanket on the ground. "who is ready for some tea and cookies ?" sango turn to sesshomaru slightly nodding her head , " it is wonderful to see you again Lord sesshomaru , I hope Alana was not bad for you and ." he did not respond but nodded his head ,she smiled looking at kagome. "can you help me with the tea?" kagome smiled walking to her friend "of course I can " knowing a little bit of etiquette from her time In this era she pulled the tea glass out and turned turn it to sesshomaru, " would would you like some tea sesshomaru ?" everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him.

he did not respond but nearly nodded his head . She poured the tea her hand slightly shaking as she handed him the cup. He took it into his large hand held it though he would not drink it is still shocked everyone that he accepted it from her. the afternoon seem to go by much quicker now that sango and miroku had came."before they knew it the Sun was setting and everyone was ready to leave, winter was much earlier this year and from the smell in the air sesshomaru knew it was going to snow tonight. Everyone made their way up the hill. Hen could not help from stealing small glances of kagome As she walked up the hill . this is when he noticed as pulled up the front of her kimonos to keep it from going in the sand , that she was only wearing summer shoes . She slowly released it as it made it to the top of the hill. Miroku and sango stood saying their goodbyes and thanking him for another visit. Rin hugged the children waving goodbye to them before waving goodbye to kagome. Kagomem stood in front of the sesshomaru. he looked at her before she looked up to him ,eye contact. she smiled " it was good to see you again sesshomaru." she smiled tilting her head to him before turning. she did not wait for him to speak , as most humans would because she knew he would not. he watched her walk away and I knowing he could not control his own mouth he responded " it was wonderful to see your smile again "

he could not help the purr that his beast let out. do not get attached, this will not happen again. The beast smiled though his masters thought this was nothing. He knew what was happening. he knew that the Miko had left something in his masters heart that evan he was not be able to be rid of. ..That night kagome Sat with sango and miroku eating soup and bread for dinner . They were talking about how the winter was coming so early . they hoped it would not last as long as it had the year before. everything was winding down there was a soft knock on the front of the hut. Miroku looked at sango. "who could it be at this time of night " Miroku open door And look around, no one was to be seen . " excuse me I'm down here human! " Moroka look down there was an old man obviously not human with his bulging blue horns from his head. he had a very large box that quickly was becoming too heavy for him. "this is for the shiko ." Miroku leaned down lifting heavy box from the old man he nodded , quickly glancing back in the hunt at the women .he turned around and the man was gone. he looked around. The man was gone without a trace. Miroku turned back into the the kitchen. The women looked at him with a confused face " what is it miroku?" he lifted his shoulders , " I don't know but he said it was for kagome.." kagome's face became shocked as she looked at very large box . the box was golden tied up with a sapphire blue ribbons. sango patted the table " put it down here so she could open it ". Miroku placed the bos on the table in front of kagome.

She touched the box with her fingertips. even the box look expensive. she tried to go through her mind, who would send her such a gift...? She nervously undid the blue ribbon, afraid to break slid the top of the box off. laying it on the floor next to her she opened the paper surrounded the secrets of the box. Kagome could not believe her eyes, as she undid the paper the red fabric came into view. sango gasped. moving closer to her friend. " oh my god kagome!" Kagome ran her hands crossed beautiful fabric, it was silk with little silver embroidering around the edges, kagome could not help herself from the smile . She lifted the fabric from the box. It immediately became clear that it was a kimono. Miroku sat down staring at his wife large smile As she watch kagome touch the fabric . sango smiled watching kagome as she held kimono with her hands. " this is a very expensive gift kagome,I wonder who sent it to you..?" Kagome stood pulling the entire kimono from the box . revealing 2 boxes underneath it .

she look down into the box. the boxes were golden with the same sapphire blue ribbon tide across ,one was much larger than the other . Kagome sat placing the kimono on her lap. She grabbed the large one first, she undid the ribbon. After lifting the the lid it revealed a pair of silk silver shoes . Sango smiled widen as She look at her husband. he was now understanding why his wife was so excited. there's only one person in the area who could afford such a gift for her . it was no other than the Lord who had visited earlier . Sango watched as kagome touched the small shoes . sango lifted the smaller box from a very large box and handed it to kagome. she knew what had to be inside it , it only made her more excited as the Miko took the box from her .kagome open the box she placed the top of it on the table in front of her. she gasps As she stare down.

It had to be the most beautiful comb she never seen her entire life . it was red and had blue flowers that hung from it. she looked at her friend immediately, there was no way that's a sesshomaru had sent this to her. he despised humans, why would he give her so much . She lifted the comb to further admire it when she noticed that there was a small letter underneath it. Kagome began to shake as she lifted the letter from the box quickly opening. As she opened the letter something fell landing on her lap. She quickly looked down. There laying on the red fabric of the kimono was a moon shaped jade pendent that was attached to a white chain. Kagome lifted it watching the moon as it hung from the looked at the letter. There was no note explaining the gift , there is only an S .

Kagome tighten her grip around the letter . She looked towards the window, why would he give her something like this. she smiled, her heart began to flutter, she could not help the blood that came to her cheeks. she could not wait to see him again , and thank him in person. she hoped that he would come again Soon. she smiled looking at the little moon." Sesshomaru ..

-The castle of the west- -

Jakin nervously knocked on his masters door. "come". He pushed the old door open and walk in. " My lord, he has returned..." jakin turned and nodded his head as the old goat demon walked in. "is it done?" the old man nodded. " she has accepted your gift my lord. And from what I could see from the window...she was very happy." A grin came to the taiyouka's face he turned to face the demon. Jakin jumped, his master smiling ! What had this woman done to him. Sesshomaru turned back to his window, " good". The two small demons left the room, jakin closed the large door, before looking once more at his masters blood red eyes. Sesshomaru smiles. " I will show you , you can love" ~ i demand you give me control back~ "all in due time" Sesshomaru smiled looking at the sky as the small white snow flakes began to fall...
My Second Chance.

After waiting 5 years to finally be reunited with Inuyasha. She returns but things have changed for the worse. 
Who will be there to mend the hurt that has been done... > has given me full permission to use the photo above.
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The snow fell hard against the massive western castle.

All lights in the large windows were dimmed, all but one.

Sesshomaru stood in his large bedroom. He was currently removing his armor as he looked out over the snow covered land. He had just returned from a long trip. He had gone to the mountains in search of a sword that he had commission a demon to make for him.

The demon chose to steal his money instead and made a run for it.

Sesshomaru looked down at his blood stained shirt as he began to untie it. The choice had cost the demon his life.

Sesshomaru turned as a knock was heard on his large door. He breathed deep speaking as he continued to undress.


The large door opened as a young servant walked in. She kept her face down as she placed the tray of raw meat, with bread and a cup of sake.

She spoke low as she bowed.

"Is there anything else that my master needs tonight? "

Sesshomaru dropped the bloody shirt at the young girls feet as he spoke.

"Have that disposed of and make sure that the sent does not linger."

The young demon child nodded as she listen to her master began to speak. She knelt down taking the stained kimono from the stone floor.

"Has rin been well?"

Sesshomaru looked down as the child nodded.

"Yes my lord, young rin had been very good. She has completed all of her studies and has even improved on her flute. She is excited to see you my lord"

Sesshomaru nodded as he waived his hand dismissing the servant as he sat on the large pillows. He turned reaching for a piece of the raw meet.

He turned looking at the bread for a moment.

He had not asked for the bread..

It was unusual for his cook to send him something he had not asked for.

But Sesshomaru was to tired to think about it so he lifted a piece of the brown bread and placed a piece of the blooded meat on top as he took a large bite.

He would rest tonight and start his duties the next morning.

Sesshomaru took another bite of the bread quickly eating it before he began to feel drowsy.

Was he really so tired that his body would betray him in such a way..

Sesshomaru struggled to stand as he attempted to make it to his large bed. But as he came to his feet the realization that he had been drugged hit him.

Sesshomaru reached for his bed as he tripped and took his tray of food with him.

The large taiyoukai slammed against the stone floor ad his mind fell into darkness.

A blue light began to surround the taiyoukai. His body beginning to face as the light increased.


Kagome smiled up at the new mother as she slowly handed her the infant son.

The young mother had years rolling down her face as she held her child for the first time. Placing a kiss on the child's face.

Kagome smiled as her hands began to glow pink, she spoke quietly.

"I am going to heal you a bit so there is no infection, is that alright?"

The woman nodded as she hummed to the whimpering baby.

Kagome stood as she bowed lowly.

"Congratulations miss Yura. He is strong and healthy. I shall go now but if you should need anything during the night I shall return.

Kagome exited the hut, looking up to the husband and his family. She smiled and bowed her head to them.

"it it a strong son."

Kagome watched as the husband's eyes glisten. His family members hugged him as he turned to her.

Kagome smiled as he places a small bag of money in her hand. He nodded as he thanked her again. She smiled as she began to walk to her own hut.

Kagome had been the village healer for 2 years now.

After Naraku's death, Inuyasha and her had began to make a life. The well had closed so she was able to allow herself to be happy in this era.

But her happiness did not last long.

Inuyasha had begun to leave her for days. Then return drunk and bloody.

She never quite knew what he was doing. But she knew that she deserved better.

Sango and Miroku had come to stay with her when Sango was in labor.

It just so happened that Inuyasha had returned to. He was bloody and tipsy. He was also angry. Kagome had make him tea and tried to calm him down but he was yelling about some woman.

Kagome stopped walking as she could see her little hut. There were amazing memories there.. In fact the whole hut was a memory. Inuyasha had built it for her,

It was suppose to be a wedding present from him. But the realization came when she found him at a whore house. He was stealing the little money she had saved, and he used it to buy a woman for a night.

Kagome wiped her face as a tears began to fall. She had loved him but she knew she deserved better.

Kagome began to walk again. She was tired. She had been working in the village all day.

She slowly began to walk up to her hut when a child's cry hit her.

She turned quickly walking to the small path that sat behind her hut. A young boy sat holding his leg. He had tears falling from a his face.

Kagome quickly knelt down as she spoke.

"What has happened dear?"

The child began to studded as he spoke.

"I was..running and I hurts!"

Kagome nodded as she following the child's hand up to the hill that he had fallen from.

Her eyes widening as she took in his twisted was broken.

Kagome spoke softly as her hand began to glow.

"I will help you okay. Just take a deep breath."

Kagome watched as the little boy nodded breathing deeply as Kagome grabbed his leg. Her powers flowing into his body as the bones seamed back together.

The young child's whimpering began to stop as the pain left him.

Kagome smiled as she looked into the child's face.

"See all better, just be careful when you run, okay?"

The boy nodded as he watched Kagome stand. She held her hand out as she pulled him to his feet. She watched as he slowly put weight on it before he began to jump up and down.

The boy smiled as he turned to his bag. Kagome watched as he pulled a large wrapped up bread out.

He spoke.

"I have no money to repay you with, but will you please accept this bread. My mother make it to sell."

Kagome smiled as she shook her head.

"There is no need to pay me. Take the bread home."

The boy shook his head as he lifted it out to her.

"Then will you accept this as a thank you gift?"

Kagome smiled as she lifted her small money bag.

"How about I buy this one and you tell your mother that I would like 5 more okay?"

The boys eyes widened as Kagome placed a golf piece in his hand. He looked up and spoke.

"This is to much ma'am. "

Kagome smiled as she took a piece off of the bread a took a bite. She smiled as she patted the boys head.

"Tell your momma to buy you some better shoes okay."

She slowly began to walk to her hut. Just barley making it through the door as her fatigue finally hit her.

Kagome placed her bag down as she laid her hand on the wall. Wow was she really this tired..

She continued to struggle to stay on her feet as her legs began to give out.

Kagome fell to the floor as her eyes rolled back. A few moments later a blue light appeared over her.

Her body beginning to fade from its place on the floor.


Sesshomaru opened his eyes as his hand landed on the window seal of the large window to his room. He rubbed has eyes as he looked out over the....grassy hills..

Was in not just winter?

Sesshomaru rubbed his face as he turned. He needed to rest. His mind was obviously turning on him.

Sesshomaru turned his eyes widening at the difference to his large room. His large bed now had satin drapes that hung from the roof.

The pillows around the small table where purple and red instead of just red.

There where more dressers. And a vanity with boxes on it.

Sesshomaru looked down to the ground as his foot touched something. He leaned down picking up the ripped kimono..

As he lifted it he recognized the claw marks.. they where his own..

What had happened last night?

Sesshomaru turned to the large bed determined that he was dreaming. He walked up the small step up and removed the curtain. His eyes widening as he noticed a figure in his bed.

No one slept in his bed.. not even a whore!

Sesshomaru growled ripping the blankets from the bed exposing the person laying under it.

Sesshomaru dropped the satin sheet as his eye took in the figure. He wanted to be angry.. but the feeling that began to fill him was not was pride? Why did he feel pride..,

Sesshomaru reached out as he touched the raven hair of the woman who slept in his bed.. she was real.

Sesshomaru could not believe what he was was this Evan possible..

The miko was laying in his bed. Her raven hair sprawled out across her pillow. She was dressed in a small black sleeping shirt..One of his. It was barely tied so he had full view of her cleavage..

But that was not was his eyes were on...oh no.

Sesshomaru was more concerned with the mating mark that sat on her shoulder and more importantly her large swollen stomach..

Only his scent graced her own..
Sesshomaru and Kagome are removed from their places in time as someone's test. But what will happen when the cold lord finds a pupped miko baring his mark? You will have to read to find out!

Chapter Two

The cover photo belongs to SUGAR0o

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Authors note


{ huge thanks to TheForgottenPrincess for being my Beta! You are so awesome!}

When Sesshomaru's beast talks ,you will see these symbols {}.

When Sesshomaru responds ,you will see these symbols ~~

Okay on to the story I know y'all have Been waiting! Enjoy and please review!

Chapter 5 : The Royal invitation

Kagome slowly pulled herself from the well, sliding her feet against the old wood of the shrine. She stood slowly, staring at her home in the distance. The decision she made will be hard, but she knew it was the one that was meant to be made.

The walk to her house was a slow one. In the present time, the weather was still warm, but had a cold breeze. This alerted her that winter was coming shortly. She looked over and saw her mother's car in the driveway and Sota's bike leaning against the house.

'Good, they're both home,' Kagome though to herself.

Kagome turned the doorknob slowly and entered the house. She slid her jacket off her shoulders as she came face to face with her mother. Masumi sat at the table, staring in anger and relief at Kagome. Her eyes were red and puffy, showing she was crying.

"My God, where have you been?!" Masumi said, embracing her daughter around the shoulders. Kagome reached her arms around her mother's shoulders, giver her a tight squeeze before releasing her.

"Answer me! Where have you been? We've been so worried, you've been missing for six days!" Her mother said, shaking Kagome's arms slowly as she spoke.

Kagome couldn't help the water that filled her eyes. How could she forget about her family so easily? She bit her lip before speaking.

"I'm so sorry. I... I really am. Mom, I just... I went through the well. It worked," Masumi's eyes widened in surprise.

Masumi let go of Kagome's shoulders and leaned back against the old wooden table behind her. She gripped the the lip of the table so hard her knuckles turned white.

"It worked? After all these years?" Kagome nodded as she walked around the table, taking a seat. Masumi followed her and sat across from her. She took Kagome's hands into her own. "Tell me everything... everything."

Kagome nodded and and began to tell her mother about the past six days. Her mother sat as quietly as possible and listened with interest as she spoke. Kagome told her mother about Inuyasha's marriage, her heart break, Sango and Miroku, Rin... Sesshomaru and her new feelings...

An hour or two passed as her mother sat in her chair, staring at Kagome. She had been through so much in six days that she couldn't remain mad that Kagome had left with no notice. She focused her attention on her daughter's current situation. She always knew this would happen. She had always been waiting for Inuyasha and Kagome to come through the door. Masumi smiled at Kagome, standing up and walking over to her. She wrapped her arms around her daughter's shoulders before placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I always knew this day would come, though I had it pictured differently. This is how it is meant to be. My sweet baby girl, I will miss you greatly, but better things lay before you. I wish you the best. I hope you find love and have a family and be happy forever. Don't worry about Sota or me, we both knew this would happen." Kagome stood, embracing her mother tightly as she began to weep.

She knew what her mother was saying, and it felt good to know that she was agreeing with her. Kagome was never meant to liver her life in this time, but was meant to be in the era of demons and lords.

"I'm going to pack a few bags of things I know I can't live without. I'll try to visit as often as I possibly can, promise." Kagome promised as she released her mother and began walking towards the stairs. She didn't get very far before Sota came barreling around the corner. He crashed into Kagome and wrapped his arms around her waist with tears running down his face.

"I'm going to miss you so much!" Sota exclaimed, shaking as he clung to her tightly. Kagome placed her hands around his head and wiped away the tears on his cheeks.

"I'll be gone for a little bit, but I will visit as soon as I can, I promise." Sota smiled, nodding his head in understanding. Kagome looked into his eyes. "I need you to do me a favor Sota."

"Anything sis. Anything you need," he said.

Kagome glanced at Misumi, smiling.

"I need you to take care of mom for me. I don't know how long I will be gone, but I promise to return soon." Kagome kissed his forehead. The little boy began crying harder as he nodded. He would do what his sister had requested.

The family stood there in the kitchen, crying and comforting each other before Kagome made her way to her room.


Sesshomaru stood in his office, staring out his window. He was looking at the clouded sky, then down at the snow covered forest. He'd just regained control over his body after four days of his demon being in control. How he got control, Sesshomaru didn't understand. But he wouldn't let it happen again.

Sesshomaru glanced toward the door and then back to the window. For some reason, he had a feeling his body that something was missing, but couldn't put his finger on what it was he was missing.

It wasn't Rin, for they had had lunch an hour ago. Suddenly the image of Kagome sitting in the grass, playing with Rin and Alana, was pushed into his mind. He quickly shook the thought away. No, it wasn't her, he didn't care for her.

Before Sesshomaru realized what he was doing, a growl escaped his chest. His beast hadn't spoken to him in days, and suddenly he was extremely angry. Sesshomaru didn't know how to respond so he just stated the obvious.

~She is human and unable to be with us. We would break her. Plus she is pathetic and weak like all the other humans.~

{She is not pathetic. She is beautiful and perfect for us. Also, you would not break her; she would break you.} His beast growled violently back at him.

Sesshomaru could not help the growl that escaped him. How dare his beast think that, that this human woman could break him. This was making him angry. Sesshomaru turned toward the large mirror and stared at his demon. Red eyes and enlongated fangs.

~She is human, therefore, she is unworthy of this Sesshomaru's touch.~ Sesshomaru growled back.

Before he knew what had happened, Sesshomaru was slammed against the cold wall of his fortress. He looked around the office, but found he was alone. What happened? Suddenly, pain began to encase his body. It started in his chest ,to all the points in his body. He slid to the floor, unable to breathe.

What was happening to him? The pain began to shake his entire body, causing him to have intense feelings he has never felt before. Sesshomaru looked up into the mirror only to see the demon standing before him. Red eyes pierced his golden ones.

{You will learn to love her, for she's the one I have chosen. She is the only one you will ever be allowed to be with.} Sesshomaru growled in protest. How dare his beast try to dominate him. He was the master. His beast began to growl again. {You will learn to love her, or I will destroy you.}

Sesshomaru stared af the mirror as the image of his demon began to fade away. He lay there, taking a breath and calmed his slightly racing heart. How could his beast do something like this to him? It had literally threatened to kill itself. Sesshomaru shook his head as the pain faded. His demon and himself were one. The demon was his consciousness, his true feelings. He stood up and walked to his bed. As sat down, he placed his head in his hand. He would have to learn to be with her or he would surely end up killing himself.

There was only one thing left to do. Sesshomaru turned to his desk and walked over to it. He grabbed the feather pen from its ink and began to write her name on a piece of paper...


Kagome turned around, placing the yellow backpack on the bed. It was obviously overstuffed with things she could not bear to leave behind: a few pictures of her family, her digital camera, about a thousand batteries, a book that she always loved to read, and, of course, a few things of clothing she could not part with, and her last two shampoos. She knew they wouldn't last long, but it would be good while it lasted. Making sure she had everything, she hoisted the backpack onto her shoulders before walking to the end of the room. She slid her hand over the light switch before turning around and taking a long look at her room, thinking about all of her memories she had there.

She remembered when she was trying to study for that final, Inuyasha sitting in the window yelling that she was taking way too long, and when she was sick and he took care of her. She smiled and turned off the light. She closed the door and began to walk down the stairs to her new future.

Kagome met her family at the bottom of the stairs. There were long hugs and many tears and continuous goodbyes. She walked out of the house, no longer a girl but a woman. Her mother stood there with tears in her eyes as her daughter opened the door to the shrine for the final time.

Kagome stepped down into the shrine and into the well. She tighten her arms around the straps of her back pack. This was her new beginning and she was looking forward to it. No Naraku... no jewel to protect... she could be happy. She stepped off the lip of the well and was engulfed in a familiar blue light. She smiled. She WOULD be happy.

Misumi stood at the well doors and watched as the blue light faded. She couldn't help the tears that stained her cheeks as she walked to where her daughter had been moments before. She held the sutras up before placing them onto the well with shaking hands. Her daughter would not be returning, for the present was no longer her time. Misumi knew that Kagome's destiny was greater than even she knew. Kagome's destiny was in the land of lords and demons. Misumi laid her head on the lip of the well and cried.


Songo and Kagome stood in the kitchen making lunch for the children. Miroku was down at the river gathering fresh water for their meal and for cooking. Snow had been falling all day, but it had taken a break which was the perfect time to cut up firewood and get fresh water. Kagome smiled as she turned and looked at the children as they waited underneath a blanket near the fire.

Kagome walked over and handed them each a bowl of stew. Sango smiled as Kagome walked back into the kitchen. She was happy that kagome was there and loved spending time with her. Sango and Miroku opened their house to Kagome for as long as she needed. Sango turned around to grab more firewood when she realized they were out and Miroku had yet to return.

"Would you mind going outside and getting more wood from Miroku?" Songo asked, turning to Kagome.

"Sure, I don't mind," Kagome smiled as she put on her boots that she brought with her.

She walked out of the door and waved to people that were passing by. She turned around the corner to the back of the hut. She knew that they kept the firewood in the back under a cover so that snow or rain wouldn't get on it. She didn't expect to come face to face with a pair of golden eyes as she rounded the corner. Unfortunately they weren't the golden eyes she was hoping for.

Inuyasha stared into her blue eyes as he held his hand out to help his wife up the hill. He was inches from her, staring down at her before he spoke.

"What are you still doing here?" He asked. Kagome raised an eyebrow at him.

"What are YOU doing here?" Kagome asked in return, not even trying to initiate contact with Sara.

"We had to come to the market so I thought we could visit Songo and Miroku... but I don't think that will be happening now..." Inuyasha trailed off, looking at his wife and then to Kagome.

Kagome took a deep breath and walked past the couple, headed to the firewood. She wouldn't stand there and listen to him talk. She grabbed a few pieces of wood before turning around.

"You're welcome to visit them if you want. It's not like I care what you do Inuyasha." Inuyasha could smell the truth in her words. He chose not to listen. As he began walking up the hill, he smelt a powerful demon and heard Kagome drop the firewood. He turned around and saw a large taiyouka standing in front of Kagome that smelled of Sesshomaru.

Kagome gasped as she stared into the red eyes of the demon standing in front of her. He was dressed in a silver uniform with a crescent moon in the middle of his chest. This symbol is what made Inuyasha step forward. He watched the guard as he held out a gold box with a blue sapphire ribbon. Kagome knew the box was from Sesshomaru but was afraid to take the box from the demon. The guard looked at Kagome who was so small compared to him.

"I will not hurt you. I have brought this from the Western Lord, Sesshomaru, who has requested your presense at the ice ball tomorrow evening. " the guard said, sensing that Kagome was frightened.

Kagome reached out and took the box from the demon, shaking as her hands touched it. Inuyasha could not help the growl that escaped his chest when he heard mention of the ice ball. He knew exactly what it was, and it infuriated him that Sesshomaru would dare take what was his!

"What are you doing?" Sara hissed, stepping forward and grabbing Inuyasha's arm. He didn't turn around.

Kagome untied the ribbon, her hands shaking even more as she pulled off the top and read the hand- written note. Blood filled her cheeks as she read her name written in the most beautiful script. Below her name was his request for her presence at the ice ball. He would be there to pick her up in the morning and take her to his palace where she would be taken care of. She smiled and touched the still wet ink of the written S. Kagome looked into the box and saw a velvet bag. She reached down into the box and retrieved a beautiful Safire blue comb with silver flowers hanging on the top. It resembled the one she had gotten earlier. Inuyasha stepped closer, which made the guard step in front of Kagome.

"Move!" Inuyasha exclaimed in a growl.

"She is lord Sesshomaru's intended. I will not allow you to approach her without the permission of my lord." Kagome's eyes widened in shock. Sesshomaru was courting her. The guard kept his stance in front of her.

Inuyasha growled, putting his hand on the hilt of Tetsuiga. Before he could pull the sword out of his sheath, his body was slammed into the ground. He stared up at the red eyes of the guard standing over him.

"I suggest you keep your half-breed ass down. I would hate to kill you in front of these women." The guard turned to Kagome who stared wide eyed at Inuyasha.

"What is your response, my lady?" Kagome bit her lip, looking at the man in front of her. She slowly touched the crescent pendant around her neck..

"I... I... I accept." The guard nodded, walking away from Inuyasha.

"Good. My lord will be pleased." He bowed to Kagome before turning to face Inuyasha. "I suggest you work on your manners mutt." The guard turned and began to walk away.

Kagome smiled, lifting the wood again. Inuyasha stood and walked away stiffly, growling incoherently under his breath. Kagome watched with interest as he left his wife standing in the snow. Kagome began walking past her before she stopped and stared at her.

"He probably went to the old ghost tree. That is where I would usually find him after he would throw a tantrum." Sara glared at her.

Kagome walked up the hill to tell Songo the good news. She knew Inuyasha would be mad and possibly hate her, but this wasn't about him. This was about her and her being happy.


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Tender Rebel

By: Aurora Collins

Disclaimers: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^

Ch.1 The Miko General

The dreary sky threatened rain and the thunder could be heard reverberating through the heavens. The first drop hit the window of a large pristine castle that belonged to a great Inu demon. He is the lord of the western lands, Sesshomaru, son of the great Inu-Taisho. Inside the study Sesshomaru was reading a scroll and it seemed to preoccupy his mind so vastly that he didn't even smell the new change of weather. Within the scroll was impending news that he received from one of his scouts recently, and it disturbed him greatly. He would have to call a council and have the demon lords gather to make the best course of action available to all who were involved.
What was taking place would affect all of them and the decision would lay within the council and himself. Sesshomaru sent out urgent messages to the four corners of Japan, to all the other great Inu demon lords. Once Sesshomaru was done writing the missives he called upon his most loyal vassal.

"Jaken..." Sesshomaru said in a monotone voice.
Within a moment Jaken, the toad, appeared in front of his lord.
"Yes my lord?" Jaken answered obediently.
"Jaken send the missive out to the other lords, and quickly."
"Yes my lord... right away my lord."

Jaken took the scrolls and immediately went out to accomplish his task. Over the years Jaken learned to not question his lords motives. He was quick to please his lord and do his bidding with out complaint, even if it was to watch Rin, the human child. Once Jaken left, Sesshomaru rose from his chair and away from his desk. He gazed from out his window and at that moment, realized the weather made an abrupt change. He wondered why he didn't notice the pitter patter of the rain hitting his window, or the smell that accompanied it. The rain was now pouring from the sky in great sheets and it hit his window mercilessly. His thoughts came back to the initial problem and he snarled in reaction.
His land, home, and people were in danger and he had a need to protect it all. After Naraku was vanquished he was able to continue his role as lord of the western lands, like his father before him. Unfortunately he neglected his duties while he was away and was spending the last year fixing everything. He still had a lot to do and even more after that. Sesshomaru had already spent hours upon hours behind the very desk where he just sat, signing documents, passing laws, and the expenses started to wear on his purse. Sesshomaru had to right the wrongs he did though, but he did recall leaving someone in charge during the years he was gone. Trying to kill Naraku and his evil and to purge the half demon from his lands.
His advisor seemed incapable of keeping everything in order while he was gone and so the demon was let go from the job, and taken literally out of the castle. The demon was so old that he served his father and he wondered how the advisor lasted as long as he did. Maybe his father felt bad for the demon, but Sesshomaru was not so soft hearted as his dear departed father. He had no qualms about getting rid of someone that just set him back and made more work for him. He couldn't even recall the name of the demon that served him and usually just ignored the old bantering man. The only reason why he could even conjure up the demon was because he was the root of all his current problems with his estate, people, and  lands. But he had only himself to blame for putting the advisor in charge when he should of known better.
He would not make the same mistake again. His point was that he had something to fight for and to try and keep his territory from going under again. He didn't want to fail his subjects again, but this new threat seemed to be even bigger than what Naraku ever was, and that disturbed him greatly. Naraku was indeed a strong opponent and he could barely be beaten and now something else that was stronger emerged out of thin air.

Sesshomaru had to find out how this army came to be and why they are here. Maybe if he found out who the leader was he could negotiate a treaty of some sort. Although he knew the outcome would come to war one way or the other. With that distasteful thought planted deeply within his mind he set out of his study. He would await the councils arrival and get immediate answers so that he could take action. Until than Sesshomaru would keep himself occupied with the tasks that still needed to be done. He had a long list to fulfill and it grew larger now with the councils arrival.
The castle had to be cleaned, rooms prepared, and finish the paperwork that plagued him so diligently these past few months. Sesshomaru sighed, something he hardly ever did as he walked down the hall. He looked down the long corridor and there running towards him was his young ward, Rin. She smiled towards him and firmly latched onto his leg with a jump. Sesshomaru stood firm because such a little girl wouldn't be able to budge him.
"Lord Sesshomaru, this Rin missed you" She said with enthusiasm. Sesshomaru just looked down at her and peered into her chocolate brown eyes. She continued "You have been gone for hours and Jaken said that Rin couldn't disturb Lord Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru gently unlatched Rin and said "I'm done for the evening." "So does that mean Lord Sesshomaru will have dinner with Rin?" She asked in a hopeful tone. Sesshomaru gave her a curt nod and in response he got a loud, rambunctious little girl. He didn't mind her being happy, loud, or enthusiastic. He found Rin to be an intriguing girl, and somewhat like the daughter he never had.
Even in his darkest moods he came to find out that he couldn't deny Rin anything, nor be cross with her. But Sesshomaru still couldn't bring himself to play her games and as lord he had to set an example to the people he ruled over. His thoughts soon left his head when he was led down the corridor to the dining room.

After several days of waiting the demon lords appeared, one right after the other. They were greeted and allowed some time to get into their rooms and get settled in to their new arrangements. The council was soon called together, with Sesshomaru in the lead. Although Sesshomaru was considered a young demon, because of his parentage, he was not questioned about his authority. Not to mention the undeniable rumors that spread that he played a large part in the defeat of Naraku. So he had the attention he needed and the respect to follow with the council.
"Today I call this meeting to discuss about this new threat that not only invades my lands but yours as well. It seems that this threat is an army and they are named the Gates of Hell because of their look and demeanor. They are described to be completely black, with glowing red eyes, and where ever it goes, only destruction and chaos is in it's wake," Sesshomaru explained this as he stood at the front of the table.
Rykutso the demon of the North, Biatsu the demon of the South, and Zetsumie the demoness of the East all nodded their heads in understanding of what was said.
"Yes we understand the threat very well Lord Sesshomaru, but now is the discussion of what we will do about it," Biatsu said with irritation.
"I agree. We need to do something..." The demoness Zetsumei replied.
Rykutso stood up and slammed his hand on the table "We need to do more than just something Zetsumei. Have you no brains woman!?"
"You, you callous swine. I outta challenge you!" Zetsumei barked out.
"Sorry bitch but I would decline such a challenge from a whelp like you..."
Zetsumie snarled and it looked like she was about to jump over the table to get to Rykutso.

Sesshomaru stared at all them icily and cleared his throat impatiently to gain their attention. "If you are done lords I would like to move on. I do in fact have a plan and I feel there is no need to cut throats over a decision".
"Well, out with it pup," Biatsu said.

Sesshomaru growled at him and said "You dare call this Sesshomaru a pup?" His eyes slanted and his claws were already radiating a green hue color. "No one dares to talk to this Sesshomaru like he were some peasant. I'm the main leader of all four tribes and you better remember that Biatsu or next time I will have your head for you insolence." Biatsu gulped down and said "Yes lord.  Please continue."
Sesshomaru straightened himself up and said, "I'm gathering my generals and sending them out to the most well known, prestige tribes and gather the most intellectual, strongest warriors. These chosen warriors will be made into trainers to get the weaker demons trained in a fashion so that I can lead them into battle with The Gates of Hell. Once that feat is accomplished we will set forth and vanquish our foes and go on as if this little issue were nothing more than an irritating flea demon."
"I'm also setting up defenses around the castles on the four corners of Japan. I will have refugees camped out here at my castle as well as all yours. In order to keep our territories alive, we need our vassals and serfs to keep them for us. So is our bargain of offering protection for the weaker ones that can't be trained. But if we have to we will even send children in to fight. Do I hear any objections to this plan?" Sesshomaru asked.
They all shook their heads no and agreed to the terms. They would hold one more meeting to decide which tribes would be dispatched and after that the lords would go home to protect their lands. When the time would come they would gather once more with all four armies and destroy the Gates of Hell.

The Generals finally came to a small human village at the just the outskirts of Sesshomaru's land. It wasn't known for being hostile but they kept up their guard because the person they wanted was said to be strong. The Generals though had no reason to worry because they were dispatched by Lord Sesshomaru and they had immunity to whatever previous treaties or agreements were signed. As soon as the Generals thought that a band of warriors came from the trees above and attacked the trespassers. The humans assailed them with swords and staffs and were trying to beat the demon Generals.
"W-wait! STOP!" the general yelled out "We come in peace! We were sent by Lord Sesshomaru!!" Once the lords name was spoken they all stopped their useless attacks. "We come here to seek a certain warrior from your village to fight against a threat... can we speak to the one in charge." The humans gave them a look like they couldn't care less but they feared the outcome if they were to attack the messengers of Sesshomaru again. One came up to them and said "Follow us into the village and we will introduce you to our leader." They led the way further, deeper into the woods where the trees intertwined above and the roots mangled with themselves below. If the person wasn't careful they could easily lose their way and never find their way out again.
Soon they came to the village and it was small and quaint. It looked like there wasn't much to it at all and only a handful of inhabitants seemed to be there. The Generals wondered what could of happened to the small village to make it so desolate. When they were led through the village the people stopped and gasped and there weren't many of them to even defend themselves against even the smallest of demons. The lead General wondered what great warrior could Sesshomaru want from the human village they were in now. They came to a hut and the one leading them stopped. "Wait here. I'll go get our leader..." he than vanished and was gone inside the hut.
"My lady we have visitors..." Kujo said as he kneeled before her. Kagome scowled at him and said "Didn't I say to make sure no one found this village. If we ever had an attack we would perish and die, then our village would be as if we never existed. How could you allow something like this to happen Kujo?" Kujo bowed his head and said, "My apologies mam, but they said they were sent by Lord Sesshomaru and we had to stop." Kagome's eyes brows slanted and gave a look that could kill. She threw down the scrolls she was looking at  and actually growled out like some animal. "What...? That dog dares to have his men come here.... after what he did..." "More like what he didn't do my lady," Kujo said. "Don't mock me now Kujo. I'm now in a foul disposition," Kagome said with a dangerous tone attached to her voice.
"What about our visitors?" He asked in a low tone. Kagome stiffened and replied "I'll go see them now." With that she left Kujo and went outside to see who the people were. Once she set her feet outside she saw that the male demons were large and from what she could tell were part of some wolf tribe. These, she mused, were not messengers at all, but warriors. They had the scars of battle and the stink of something fierce. Kagome tried hard not to wrinkle her nose at them while she was in their presence. She had a blank look on her face and the Generals looked at one another to see if they saw what they really saw. The leader apparently was a woman and she was probably the most beautiful human they had ever seen. She had her crystal blue orbs that stood out like crescent waves in her eyes and her raven black hair was like that of an abyss. Her skin was so pale that it could of been mistaken for snow, her figure was exquisite, petite and perfect. The one thing they noticed initially were that her breasts were not overly large but that wouldn't be considered a bad thing.
Kagome tapped her foot and noticed that they were staring at her. It wasn't something new though because that is what happened whenever someone new came into the village. "Did you want something or did you come here to stare at people?" Kagome said without patience. The Generals snapped up straight and the leader said, "You're the leader?" "Yes I am and I would like to know what you want so that I can send you on your way," She said as her tapping from her foot increased. The Generals burst out laughing "You! A mere woman! A leader!? You're lying human!" Kagome gritted her teeth and said, "You better tell me what you want now or I will be forced to boot you from MY village. Don't test me on this and I hope you don't because I would hate to show you what I showed to Naraku." The demons shut themselves up and asked, "You fought Naraku?"

"Yes I did."
"And you won?"
"It was hard."
"But did you win?"
"Yes, but the casualties were massive."

"So Lord Sesshomaru sent you. What business is it to me? He is not my lord," She said as she began to get irritated once more. "We don't know why he wants you either but as per your village's agreement with him, he would protect you and in turn you give him your services..." The General stated.

"That treaty must have been made before I became leader of this village, but it makes no difference to me either way. I haven't seen him here protecting us and we've been attacked several times. Most of the people died before Naraku was vanquished. Where was he then!? I'm sure he's just being lazy at his castle now anyway!"
"But he sent us here to retrieve the most powerful fighters to vanquish an army that is tormenting the land."
"Well I'm not going, and neither are any of my people. We are few, and they need me here."
"But the agreement is..."
"NULL AND VOID!!! The agreement is just that since he didn't keep his end of the bargain!"
"We can't go back without someone from here my lady. Just pick someone to take your place and we will..."
"Not in your life... I would never send anyone with you."

The General sighed, "You have to understand that we need someone or your village won't have the protection we offer now." "And what pray tell would that be?" She asked, now interested. "The army 'Gates of Hell' will come here sooner then you think and we offer refuge at the castle now. We will have a barrier set up to where all evil will stay out. Please reconsider."
Kagome cursed under her breathe and said, "I don't believe you about this army but I will go with you so that I can talk to your lord because your all too pigheaded to listen to what I have to say. Besides I have a bone to pick with that dog. We leave within the hour Generals." With that she left them without another word. She went back into her hut and began to gather her belongings. Kujo came up to her and asked, "So what happened My lady?" Kagome didn't look up from  her task as she said, "You're in charge Kujo. I'm going to see Lord Sesshomaru and see what he wants. If all goes well I will send a missive to have you all come to the castle." "Yes my lady," Kujo said obediently. He knew better then to question her. Kujo knew she was a good kind lady and she had always their best interests at heart. Although sometimes he found her to be a tad bit monotone and bland. Like the only thing she knew how to do was be a leader, but he knew she wanted more out of life. The Gods had another plan for her and now their plans changed once again. He hoped for the better.

Kagome had her things packed and ready to go in the time limit she set herself with. She said her goodbyes to her village and set out with the Generals. Once they left the forest the Generals had to go another way but they pointed her in the right direction to the castle. They still had some more villages to visit before they could return home themselves, so they gave the woman a piece of paper stating her business in the castle, as well as the lead General's signature on the document. She would have safe passage through the gates and report directly with the lord and that was when she decided she would get her answers. She deserved at least that for all the trouble and heart ache she had gone through.
Within a couple days worth of traveling she was ready for a bath, some good food, and rest. She was beyond dirty because there was hardly a suitable water sources to keep herself clean. She knew she looked the wreak and with her almost white skin it made her look even dirtier, like some beggar. The mottled cloak she wore didn't help matters either; which covered her body. She was far too embarrassed now to show anything but her face.  Kagome hoped she would be able to get cleaned up first but she highly doubted it. No, she would just go in there and talk to the lord about what issues she had with him. Kagome decided to continue forward because the sooner she got inside the castle to get her business sorted out the sooner she could go home, and she wanted to be home again soon... she already missed it.
Once she got close to the gates she was stopped by the guards that were standing on the towers and walls above. "Halt! Who goes there?" one of the guards asked. "I am Kagome, leader of Kaeda's village! I came here as per request from Lord Sesshomaru himself!" She replied loud enough so that the guard could hear her. "We will send a guard down to retrieve your missive now."
Kagome stood there and waited as the gates opened and a pitiful excuse for a guard came down. He took her missive and read it over. He nodded his head to the tower guards and he handed the paper back to her, "Go ahead. We will notify Lord Sesshomaru that you have arrived." Kagome nodded to him and continued on. She noticed that the guard didn't stare at her but she figured it was her dissarray that deterred them away and she knew she stank to high heaven. Kagome was actually starting to get embarrassed by her state, but she would be damned if she would ask of anything. She didn't want to owe the lord anything that would bind her to his services. She was smarter then that.
Once she got inside the castle she saw servants left and right cleaning and other tasks that would keep the castle in working order. Her ears pricked up at all the noise and she happened to hear a conversation down the hallway. It was two female demon servants and they were chatting away like some birds in a cage. "Oh my look at that..." "Look at what?" the one asked as she turned her head towards Kagome. Her face flushed as the servant turned away quickly. "So handsome, although a little dirty, but not bad for a human," the servant said. The other servant smiled broadly and said "Well Remi I think we may have some fun with this new guest here. But maybe we should order a bath for h...i..."
Before Kagome could listen to anymore she noticed that they stopped and went on their way with the faces as pale as anything she saw on a living person. She turned her attention forward and was greeted by a short little green toad. The green toad was looking down the hall at the two ogling servants that just now scampered away. He than turned his attention on the new guest "My name is Jaken and I was informed that you just arrived. I will bring you to Lord Sesshomaru's study so that you may talk in private with him." Kagome realized that Jaken didn't even recognize her, but then again she didn't want to hear the green creep squawk about like some demented bird. Kagome nodded once more at the toad and followed him down the endless halls and whenever she passed a girl servant she heard a giggle or a shocked gasp. She had to wonder what everyone's problem was. Was she so dirty that everyone had to make fun of her or gasp from her stench.
Within minutes they were down the last hall and went inside a rather large room. It was filled with shelves of books and scrolls and there were huge fur rugs that covered the floor. A fire place towards the end of the room with pillows and short chairs surrounding it. On the other end of the room were large windows and a desk facing the middle of the room. When she saw the occupant of the chair behind it she let out a gasp of her own. Sesshomaru was even more handsome than she recalled all those months ago. His long silver white hair around his face and his markings were that rich magenta color. His eyes, she thought were a bit duller than hers though. That was something she could mark against him. So maybe the Lord wasn't so perfect after all. She stepped forward towards the desk and Sesshomaru glanced at her and his face showed nothing that he was thinking. He raked her body up and down and she could tell he was smelling her by the way his nostrils flared.
He was quick to recover and she knew he was appalled by her and maybe wouldn't wish to speak to her right now. Other than that he said and did nothing. She quickly dug in her pocket and handed him the paper that the General gave to her. He took it and read it over and said, "Ah, now I see, you're part of one of those human villages. I heard many good things about it, but..." "But what? I'm here as per your request. I'm the leader of my village and I thought it fitting that I should be the one to deal with the situation," Kagome said as she spread her legs and put her hands on her hips like some boy.  Obviously Sesshomaru didn't recognize her either and she wondered what could of kept them from knowing it was her. Sesshomaru for a moment had a shocked look on his face. The human before him had a very small, feminine voice and it didn't match his body or dirty face at all. "My apologies sir, now down to business," Sesshomaru said as he wanted to deal with this thing quickly. He had other, more pressing things to attend to than to pamper some little boy who thought he had an ounce of class.
Kagome could feel the hair on the back of her neck prick up. She scowled at him and said, "Sir!? SIR!? Do I look like a boy to you!?" Kagome then opened her cloak and her breasts bobbed forward of their own accord. "Do these look like they belong on a man?" She asked now pointing at herself. "My body screams woman! Is your nose broken?" Sesshomaru stood up from his desk and said, "Well maybe if you didn't wreak and cover your body then I would be able to distinguish what gender you are. Wait a minute.... you're....." "You finally get it! Yes I'm Kagome if you ever cared to look! As for me being dirty... well for goodness sake I've been traveling for days and with no real water source. What do you expect me to do!?" Kagome said, getting more frustrated by the minute. Now she knew why those servant girls giggled and gasped at her. They all thought she was a man.
She groaned to herself now knowing that small fact and it got her irritation to double. "Listen Sesshomaru..." "That's Lord Sesshomaru to you wench," Sesshomaru retorted back before Kagome could finish. Kagome clenched her fist and said, "You're not my lord and the name is Kagome. That is why I came here, to discuss this lord business with you, but you... you... keep taunting me and making me hate you even more. I should just challenge you and be done with it. " This perked Sesshomaru's interest, "Now why wouldn't you accept me as your lord and keeper?" "Why do you think Sesshomaru? You let Inuyasha die during the final battle with Naraku! Not only that but since Kaeda passed away I've been the one protecting my village, not you!"
"I did no such thing. He's the one that pushed me out of the way before I could deliver the final blow. He's the one that wanted to be the hero in that whole endeavor and this happened over a year ago," Sesshomaru said in his defense. "You had your Tetsuiga and you could of brought him back to life," Kagome stated, trying to keep tears at bay. Sesshomaru glared at her, "I was injured severley myself and not only that but Inuyasha was blasted into oblivion. How can I make someone come back alive without a body? Do I look like the Grim Reaper or something?" Kagome stamped her foot down, "Even if that were true, it still doesn't explain about the village."

"I see... it looks like my Advisor was lax in that area too."
"What do you mean?"
"I was away from my estates for a while and left one of my vassals in charge."
"What could of been so important than you had to leave."
"To defeat Naraku of course."
      "That was before Naraku. I'm talking about now and I just think you're lying to cover your own tracks," She bit out. Sesshomaru shot by her side and glared down at her, "You dare accuse this Sesshomaru of lying." "If the shoe fits," She said casually. "I assure you my lady that I never lie. After we defeated Naraku I had to come back and fix my lands from what my Advisor did," Sesshomaru stated as his glare deepened. Kagome cringed back a bit as she saw that his stare was more intense. "Alright I believe you..." She said quickly. She didn't like him so close to her and with his cold stare piercing through her eyes. He was an intense demon and one that had an anger issue obviously, because in the past he did try to kill her a couple of times. He pretended to be indifferent and monotone to all emotions but his anger was something fierce and it could be triggered so easily. How she made this deduction, she couldn't say. "So what is it to be wench?" Sesshomaru said as he walked away from her. "It's Kagome and I feel that you were still in the wrong in both areas. An apology or and admittance would do greatly to improve the current situation."
"An apology? I don't think so. I will however make a new contract with you..." He couldn't finish because Kagome punched at the desk so hard that it left a hole. Her fist glowed pink as she took her fist out of the wood, her Miko powers flaring. "You will apologize because it was your fault for not being there. You can't blame others for what should have been your responsibility. You're suppose to be Lord over these lands and people, and that also means admitting you're wrong when you know you are. I know you're trying to fix everything now and trying to get things settled with this new threat, but I don't think my village will be a part of it, if their lord can't even do something so simple as apologize. I'll protect my village," Kagome would of continued but Sesshomaru turned his back on her at this point.
"Are you quite finished?" He asked as he turned around and rose one eyebrow. "Listen my lady, I am trying to make this right and you need to understand that I don't apologize for anything and I mean anything. Inuyasha could of attested to it a long time ago. Now with this new contract you will agree to train my armies and reside at this castle until I state otherwise. In return your village will be provided with supplies, guards, warriors, and anything else they need. Soon when the threat becomes more obtrusive then I will allow them to come and stay at my castle until the threat is dealt with." "And if I don't agree?" she asked, feeling like she was being pushed into a corner. "If not then your village will just have to fend for themselves completely and you won't be able to come back here again to ask for help, nor any of the other lords in Japan. You will become outcasts. So I suggest as a leader yourself, you need to decide what is best for your people and not what you want."
Kagome bit her lower lip and sighed, "It seems I have no choice but one of these days Sesshomaru I will have you apologize for what you did. You can count on it." "That I highly doubt...and that would be Lord Sesshomaru now," He stated in his usual monotone voice.  Kagome huffed out as she signed the contract. The last thing she wanted to do was call him Lord, but now that she signed the contract and had his protection she had that obligation now. Kagome thought that she must be going mad  for even agreeing to any of this, but she did promise Kaeda on her death bed that she would take care of the remaining people. Kagome also wouldn't let Miroku and Sango down because before they left to start a family they made her promise to take care of herself. She would fill all obligations.
She finished signing it and laid the quill pen down. She stepped away from the desk and said, "I would like to send a missive to my people to let them know what is going on, and I would like a copy of the contract made so that they can see what they must do as well." "It will be done in time. It will be a few days to get someone to the castle to copy the contract and notarize it for me," Sesshomaru stated as he sat down once more behind his desk. He was about to start writing when he said, "Oh and you wench can have the pleasure of fixing my desk on your time off from training my warriors. It seems you made a fine mess of it in your fit of rage." R-rage...! I'll show you! I wish I could just 'sit' you like I did with Inuyasha and then..." she stopped herself and breathed in deeply. "Yes it will be done." "Lord?" Sesshomaru added because he had yet to hear her say it. Sesshomaru was surprised at himself for keeping his composure as long as he did because this human woman was beginning to crawl under his skin.
She turned away from him and said just before leaving, "The day I call you a lord and admit it willingly will be the day that you apologize to me and my people. I can be just as prideful Sesshomaru; just watch me." Before she could see what she did she quickly left the study and all she heard behind the closed door was wood cracking. She smirked as she mused that he finished breaking the rest of the desk. Maybe she wouldn't have to fix it after all.

Kagome was led to her room by one of the servants of the household and they still had the assumption that she was a man. But she dared not reveal herself because she felt that might embarrass herself even more and people might make the wrong accusations about her upbringing, not to mention her mother would be appalled if she ever saw her daughter now. As one of the regiment leaders she had to have some authority from the start. She got to her room and couldn't believe the large room she was given. The bed was bigger than her own in the hut that she resided at. She could tell that the humongous mattress was full of down and she recalled hearing that down was a very soft cushion, but since her mom couldn't afford something so nice she had to do without. Kagome also saw that the floor was marble and drapes of velvet hung from the tall windows. There was a fire place and even a bath connected to her room. Kagome heard from a traveler once that the castle of the West had so much but she could of never guessed how magnificent it really was.
She heard that the castle had hot running water from an old spring that laid not far from the castle grounds. With the help of magic and technology they were able to devise a way to have fresh water available to the castle daily. She thought that was something special all on it's own. Maybe she was being a bit aggressive but she might as well take what she can get now and think about the laters some other time. Kagome set her belongings down and noticed that the servant girl was still there. Kagome's eye brows arched up and she asked, "Can I help you with something?" The girl fumbled with her dress and a blush ran across her face. The servant bowed before Kagome and said, "My name is Lucia and I was sent to carry out your every need. Is there anything that I can get for you my lord?" "I just need my bath ran and perhaps some food. I know it's late but I had a long journey," Kagome said as she found a dresser to put her clothes in.
The girl's blush deepened further and she said abruptly, "And what about tonight sir? I was assigned for more then just..." The poor girl couldn't finish because Kagome just busted up laughing. "Hahahaha!! Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but I'm far from a man. Don't worry even your great lord made that mistake too, along with everyone else in this damned castle," Kagome said now getting serious. "You're a girl? Our Lord Sesshomaru made that mistake too? But he never makes mistakes," Lucia said. Kagome smirked and said, "Well ain't that a dandy illusion you have. Did you share his bed too?" The girl's face reddened and said, "N-no... he never shares his bed with anyone." "I see. Well it doesn't matter anyway. I'm tired and need my things taken care of, so if you please," Kagome gestured as she began to get her things out of her bag. "Oh yes I will get on it right away!" Lucia said and ran off to do her mistresses bidding. Kagome shook her head wondering why she even asked that horrid question.

Kagome sighed already having more then a long enough day to last her a lifetime. Maybe she should of taken that vacation back home to her time and actually finish her associates degree in college, but than again Kagome has to wonder what the point would be. The servant finally left and Kagome was alone. The first thing she did was go into the bathroom and there she was equally amazed as the decadence of the room as she was with the rest of the castle.
The whole room was tiled in what looked like pearl and the tub was so big that it could of been mistakened for a pool. There was a mount inside the tub and it held up a platter for bath oils, soaps and other cleaning materials. On one side of the bathroom were mirrors and they covered the whole wall. It made the room look twice it's size and it made the elegance of the room more appealing. There was also a small window that was slightly opened to let all the steam out so it didn't fog up the mirrors to badly. By the steps of the tub were a small pile of towels and a bath robe that were there for her disposal.
After reviewing the room she got in her bath and lingered in it until the hot water almost became cold. She washed herself over and over again until she knew she was clean and that all the dirt was scrubbed from her hair. She even ate her evening meal while she was bathing, which she found was a luxury all in itself. When she towel dried all the water off and she looked in the mirror she smiled gracefully at herself. She looked perfect to say the least and her skin was the same white color she remembered and her hair glittered and shined like onyx like it was suppose to be. Kagome glowed with the radiance she knew she possessed and was happy with herself being clean at last. She got dressed in her pajamas and literally hopped on the bed.
She sunk in the soft mattress and smiled broadly at the luxuries she never had the chance to experience. But when she thought of that she began to think of her village and what they must be suffering. She wanted to send her note to them as soon as she was able to get a copy of that contract. She wanted them to see it and see that she made the right choice and stay by her side. Kagome already missed them and hoped that they would remain safe until the promised soldiers could go and make sure that they were protected this time. She wanted to trust Sesshomaru but she was having a hard time with it. There was also something else that happened to intrude on her mind tonight and that was the conversation she had with the servant girl, Lucia. Why did she even ask about Sesshomaru's bedmates? What made her be so concerned or interested in that particular subject? She dug her head in the pillows and moaned to herself as she shook her head and tried not to blush. She wasn't concerned, or interested... she was just trying to get ammunition so that maybe she could use it against the great Taiyokai.
Yes, that is exactly the reason she decided. If she was going to make Sesshomaru's life a living hell she might as well get what dirt she can about him. After all he deserved everything he got from her, and her words she knew could be the most lethal thing about her. Kagome giggled as she recalled how she got the oh so great lord to break his own desk to where it was beyond repair. She could just imagine his face now and that amused her greatly to the peak of satisfaction. She snuggled in the pillows and sighed with that last thought in mind.

Sesshomaru was in his chambers after he made sure that Rin was taken care of for the night and was going through some last papers before he called it quits. He knew that his work would never be done and for that whole day he found it hard to concentrate. After that meeting with that Miko he has been for the most part disgruntled and inside furious. His face never showed what he was really feeling and he wondered why he was steaming all day. Maybe for the fact that his desk was in ruins and that woman was the cause of it. Sesshomaru couldn't fathom why he allowed her to keep talking to him the way she did. He didn't feel guilty or the need for the tongue lashing, as the one he got that day. He also had to contemplate for that moment on why he wasn't in a fury during the first few minutes she spoke. Sesshomaru knew he should of struck her down, but maybe there was something blocking the canine in him. He wondered if summoning her was the best choice, but now that he had a contract with her it could not be reversed. Not like she was anything to look at and he would have to make sure that the scamp was at least clean before she decided to take on her duties.
That Miko looked more like a dung heap and he wondered how he could control his overly sensitive nose from her horrendous stench. He even conceived the notion that she was a man, but her breasts told a different story. The woman was so vulgar and not at all like the leader type as he was himself. Sesshomaru grunted to himself as he stripped from his clothes for the day. He found nothing he could say would be a redeeming quality about her and he probably had more work to do now. Sesshomaru mused that he would have to keep and eye on her to make sure that she wouldn't screw up. He would come up with a special assignment for her to where she would be assigned a regiment, but one with young warriors that he felt wouldn't even be ready for battle, even after years of intense training. Sesshomaru would test her to see how she would fair and if she didn't meet with his expectations than he would release her from the contract she loathed so much.
Of course though he did hear from his generals that she did protect the village almost all by herself and he knew that for a human, against a demon, was great indeed. So maybe his assumptions and worries were nothing to be troubled about, but he would come to her room early in the morning to make sure that she at least made a good impression. She would be clean and not assault his sense of smell again. He laid in his bed and turned on his side as his mind was still racing with the days events.
An army known as the Gates of Hell have washed over Japan in a crimson rage and it's up to the lord of the western lands to vanquish them. He will recruit some help from a miko, but will she fight along side him willingly or go against him?

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Inuyasha cast (c) Rumiko Takahashi
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First off i would like to thank my amazing beta Munford91.

This story is RATED M for later chapters, but i will warn you before it gets there lol.



Heart once cold burns for you

chapter 16: a sister is needed

Kagome had been sitting in front of her vanity for about and hour now. She watched as a woman gently ran a comb through her hair, than looked down to her large stomach as she ran her hand down slowly. The feeling of her unborn baby pressing against her bringing a smile to her face.

"My lady."

Kagome looked up to the human woman through the mirror. She smiled as the servant backed away slowly her head tilted downward as she spoke. All of Kagome's personal servants were human. Sesshomaru did not trust the yaokai around her.

Kagome turned to face the woman as she spoke. "It is time to dress my lady."

Kagome smiled as she watched the servant pull out the large golden box from Kagome's personal wardrobe.

Kagome could feel the butterflies building in her. She stood walking to the small side table that was close to her bed. She lifted the picture frame up. The picture was of her grandfather, her mother, and her brother. Sesshomaru had gone and gotten her personal items from the hut after she moved in with him.

Kagome sat on the edge of the bed. Her fingers trailing over her mother's face. She hadn't even realized that she was crying until she felt a large hand on her face. She looked up into Sesshomaru's concerned face. They were alone.

Sesshomaru was just finishing getting dress when he smelt Kagome's sadness. He quickly sought her out. He watch her stare down at the odd painting of her family. He could see the tears running down her cheeks.

He turned dismissing the servant as he walked up to his miko. Gently touching her face as she looked up.

"My love why are you crying?"

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome lifted her hand to wipe her eyes as she spoke with a shaking voice.

"I am just missing my mother today. I know its silly but where I'm from your mother is supposed to help you get ready and prepare you."

Sesshomaru nodded as he took her hands.

"I wish there was some way I could ease your sadness my love. But maybe this will help."

Kagome watched as Sesshomaru released her hands and walk to the large door that led out into the hall. He opened it and spoke to someone before turning to him confused love. "I had planned this surprise a bit different but I think you might need it now."

Kagome tilted her head in confusion as a knock came to the door. Sesshomaru smirked as he opened the door watching Kagome's face light up as Sango walked through the door.

It was an almost instant change in his mikos feelings. Sango smiled as she embraced Kagome. The woman had been sending letters back band forth since Kagome had left with Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru smiled as he spoke.

"I will leave you now. The slayer will help you get ready my love."

Kagome smiled as she moved from Sango's grasp to the large arms of Sesshomaru. Sango watched the couple before her. Sesshomaru was double Kagome's size. He towered over her. But he was so gentle with the way he touched her. Sango was happy for Kagome.

She smiled as she watched Sesshomaru kiss Kagome gently before leaving the woman to prepare.

Kagome turned to Sango as she smiled. She was getting married in less then two hours. She slid her hand onto her large stomach as Sango began to pull out Kagome's wedding kimono.

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Can the cold hearted lord of the west learn to love? Is it possible that his cold heart as been set ablaze by a certain raven haired beauty? Can he truly love her? COMPLETE AS OF 06/07/2014
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First off i would like to thank my amazing beta Munford91.

This story is RATED M for later chapters, but i will warn you before it gets there lol.



Heart once cold burns for you

chapter 17: its time

Kagome was sitting in a large private sitting room. She was currently waiting for Sesshomaru. She took a small sip of her tea as she looked out the window. There were hundreds of people trying to get into the large party but Kagome knew only about 75 would be aloud in.

She placed her hand on top of her large stomach. A smile spread across her lips as she felt her baby push against her hand. She was so ready for this ceremony to be over with. She had spent the last month in a half making plans for it. Going to long and very boring meetings with Sesshomaru.

She was just ready to hold her little baby. She sat back against the chair, closing her eyes for a moment. She just wanted to rest. That was when she felt the tinge of pain run down her back. Her eyes shot open as dropped the tea cup.

One of the guards that was standing at the door turned to her. He quickly lifted the cup from the floor as he bowed to her. He quickly left with the cup. Kagome placed her hand on the chair as she slowly stood the pain subsiding a bit as she stood. Putting it off as just back pain. She stood standing up in front of the window.

Sesshomaru stood watching her from the doorway. She was dressed in a red kimono the white obi tied tightly around her waist, or as tightly as her large pregnant stomach would allow. He walked up to her wrapping his arms around her waste as she looked up to him.

"Is it time?"

Sesshomaru smirked as he kissed her neck gently running his hands along her large stomach as he spoke.

"Yes my love. It is time."

Kagome turned to him. She tightened her fingers into his shirt as smiled.

Sesshomaru had his long hair pulled up into a high pony tail, his markings stood out. He was also wearing a red kimono along with his armor and swords tied with a silver sash. He took her hand as they walked to the large hall where the elders waited.

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Please review! Oh and this stories cover photo is by the amazing Sugaro0! Link in my bio!
Can the cold hearted lord of the west learn to love? Is it possible that his cold heart as been set ablaze by a certain raven haired beauty? Can he truly love her? COMPLETE AS OF 06/07/2014
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First off I would like to thank my amazing beta Munford91.

This story is RATED M for later chapters, but I will warn you before it gets there lol.



Heart once cold burns for you

Chapter 15 : Marry me

"I am way too big to be dancing Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru smirked as he removed his armor, he turned to look at Kagome.

Kagome was sitting on the large bench in front of their bedroom window, she was currently looking down at the garden watching a servant place large bowls of oil down to light the party tomorrow.

Sesshomaru had been talking to her all day about the many things that will be occurring during their ceremony. One of which was sharing a dance together and then she would dance with each one of the Lords. Sesshomaru turned and placed his large chest armor piece on the hooks on the wall, then walked to sit next to her on the large bench. He brushed her hair out of her face as she looked up.

She was she was now 3 months along in her pregnancy, the pup would be here in a month. The mating ceremony was tomorrow. Sesshomaru knew she was nervous and to be honest so was he. But he knew she was meant to be his forever.

Sesshomaru watched as a smile spread across Kagome's lips as her hand slid to the top of her swollen stomach. The pup had only just began to kick recently. In fact it was an awkward situation the first time he did move. Sesshomaru and Kagome were actually having sex when it happen. Both of them were completely taken off guard by it, and of course they could not finish because they were both really excited to sit there and feel their pup move for the first time.

Sesshomaru reached out and placed his large hand underneath her as he felt pup moving against his hand.

Kagome smiled as she slid her hand onto his arm. "Are you sure it's a good idea for us to do the ceremony so soon? Don't you think maybe we should wait a bit, with the baby being able to come anytime now?"

Sesshomaru smiled as he stood pushing his hair behind his shoulder. "The pup is not ready yet, he will not be here for another month at the least."

Kagome nodded as she spoke. "So give me a run down on exactly what is going to happen tomorrow so I know what to expect." Sesshomaru nodded as he gently pulled Kagome into his arms. He slowly walked her to the bed, helping her lay on the pillows.

He continued to walk to his side of the bed as he spoke. "The first thing we will do is the court leaders will talk about This Sesshomaru taking you as my mate. Then from there will be the ceremony where we will return here and I will take you as my mate and I will mark you, at this time everyone will be taking food and wine outside in the garden. We will return to the party where everyone will be able to tell that we have conceived." Kagome giggled as she ran her hand over her very large stomach. Sesshomaru laid next to as he laughed. "The party will go into the night."

Kagome could already feel her feet hurting her from the thought of having stay up all that time tomorrow. She looked up at Sesshomaru as he spoke. "But do not worry I'll be there with you and at any part of the night you are tired or begin to feel uncomfortable let me know and we will return to our bedroom. It's not just about me this is about us."

Kagome smiled as she watch Sesshomaru lean down and plant a kiss on her face. She was nervous, and she had every right to be in all truth, she was getting married tomorrow.

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Please review! Oh and this stories cover photo is by the amazing Sugaro0! Link in my bio!
Can the cold hearted lord of the west learn to love? Is it possible that his cold heart as been set ablaze by a certain raven haired beauty? Can he truly love her? COMPLETE AS OF 06/07/2014
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