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well, since dA was down for a bit, I drew this~~ XD <33

Fahren encounters a dark mass in between the shadows of the pillars while walking down the corridor of the palace.

As she approaches, she notices it is's not an animal -- it's a woman!

She notices the food is also....human.. ; Q ; !!


so yeah, there's Mercy eating corpses at night again ; 7 ; ))
I don't know if she'll ever break the curse on herself~~
Or will Fahren and Celsus help her to do it?

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*Steamed-Bun's awesome OC! <33 ^Q^~~
wahhh thank you so much for commissioning me, byun! >//7///<!~~
livestream: [link]
*commissions are closed
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muah I missed sparkly chibies ^q ^~
now here's a better view of her arm tattoo! 8D
OCs -- yu lin by onisuu
ocs -- Yu Lin by onisuu

edit: forgot to colour the lines ^q^

Yu Lin
Age: appears in early 20s
Eyes: Yellow-green
Hair: Salmon pink (it's a bit more orangey than pink)
She has some grayish smoke that comes out of the bells on top of her head. They help her hide in the smokescreen which can spread over a large area. When it's not used as smokescreen, the smoke billows out in the shape of amorphous hair.
The bells are tied to a small bun of her real hair.

She is one of the Inkblots.
Originally, she was the main character of a story but was eventually replaced by Cio. Does she remember what story she came from?
She can recall some small bits.
As she continues to deteriorate in the Block, her memories of the story and her lost part in it return more and more. . .

Ah, I was thinking she is less of a cocky cock like Cio is, and is more reserved and serious -- and that's why the author scrapped her as the main character, because they wanted a story with a lead character who was more witty ~ XD
She would feel jealousy, anger, and sadness at being replaced by Cio.
(The characters know nothing about their author though! Only the bits of story or character development the author had done for them)

more art by me of Yu Lin

yu lin's photobucket

related character
OCs -- Cio by onisuu
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Featuring . . .

Click their names to see their art collections! =3
Poupourri, the Mime
Spider, the Magician
Riela, the Lion Tamer
Elise, the Tightrope Walker (newcomer!)
Anton, the Drummer
Ai and J'aime, the Twins

:new: So I have these Travelling Circus Troupe characters, and the ones you see here are the literal versions of their usual characteristics.

Poupourri is usually chatty when she's not acting as a mime. But here, her voice box has been removed so she really can't talk.
Age 15
Yellow-green hair
Pink eyes

Spider is a kind travelling magician who recruits the outcasts into his show. His name refers to his many "catches". However, he's simply looking out for others. Here, he's actually part-spider, with multiple pupils and long lower canines like spider mandibles.
Spider is a travelling magician.
He gets the nickname Spider because he is always "catching" stragglers --
adolescents who have troubles in their lives and are very unhappy. He lets to
let them escape from their real lives for a short time as they help him perform
in the travelling show. He hopes they will open up and accept that they have
the power to be in charge of the show that is their lives.

age ⁞ 27
eyes ⁞ red
hair ⁞ light blue)

Riela is a young lion-tamer whose father was killed during a circus performance, in an accident that involved stampeding animals. She tends to act tough and has a pet lion who accompanies her frequently. Here, she has uncontrollable outbursts of anger and is really hostile to anyone who approaches her.
(age 14
Amber yellow eyes
Pink hair)

Elise is a tight-rope walker. She suffered the tragic loss of her family due to illness, and is estranged from her parents. Here, she is obsessed with making things balanced, unlike how unbalanced her life is, with all the abundance of sadness. She teeters on sanity and madness, life and death, as she walks across the tight-rope.
Age: 25
Hair: lavender
Eyes: silver-grey

The twins, Ai and J'aime have always been bickering twin sisters. They had their hair stuck together in glue one day and it could not be washed out. So, a haircut needed to be done to separate the two. But since they each have a huge sense of pride and competition, neither will give in and initiate the haircut. So over the years, their hair grew longer and longer,while continuing to be stuck at the ends. Here, the twins are conjoined, so they are actually inseparable.
Age 19
Red-orange hair
Golden yellow eyes

Anton is a drummer. When he was young, he was lost in a marketplace. Already feeling fearful from not seeing his grandmother anywhere, he began running through the crowds and looked for her. He suddenly stumbled in front of a butcher, chopping up his meats, which severely frightened the young boy. And then Anton shut his eyes to the world, afraid of what he might see. Spider found Anton wandering the streets one day, with his eyes still closed. He had some mice following him, squeaking when Anton walked near an obstacle. Spider gave him a drum set so he could at least enjoy playing with something he could hear. In the troupe, Anton and his mice go through obstacles while playing the drum and with his eyes closed of course. Here, he actually has no eyes to see with.
(age 14
Light brown hair
Yellow-green eyes)
:iconpapcryplz: i need consistent styled examples

wow~ this took me a long time to finish but I'm really proud of it! *^ 7 ^*

texture: [link] (I couldn't find the original upload)
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Her name is Feng
ashfjkahs I will make her outfit make sense later ^q^;; <333

AND HOLY CANNOLI LOOKIT WHAT =teralilac drew! <333333:iconfinallyplz:
Feng is a dragon princess. She watches over the provinces that Santhe's father governs.
Lately, as fights between the lords of each municipality break out over who will take over the kingdom when the Old Emperor dies, Feng has been increasingly angered by the useless fighting. She tends to summon up winds to mess up the preparations of competing lords and their planned ambushes and raids.

she's in the same story as:


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,, you're goi n g d OW n ,,
pencil commission for ~CRiMSOnALLOY
Thank you so much dear! <3
Here is her OC, Alto.
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background stuff for Cio~ ^^

Now you can see how they might look! <3
The Inkblots are basically any character that you've imagined, but did not incorporate into a meaningful project.

About the deterioration..
When a character first gets sent to the Block, they have absolutely no memories about what their story/characteristics/abilities are. For example, a wizard character wouldn't know he's a wizard with the ability to summon fire from his fingertips at first.
But as time goes on, he becomes more aware of what he used to be. The most lucid moments, filled with emotion and clarity, is when the character is so far gone that their skin is flaking off as sheets of paper and ink is just spilling everywhere~~
Deterioration is faster the more active the denizen is. If they just sat and didn't move, then they could pretty much, never deteriorate.
Physical movement shifts the ink circulation in their bodies and wears away at the seals between the paper that makes up their body.

You can see more of their description in Cio's bio!
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育霖 <3

eheh it's my chinese name~ Q HQ )) <33
Here is my
OC designed based on the shidog [link] I adopted from ~uutan
I changed the colours and ahhh does it even resemble it anymore?! T uT <333
Please check out ~uutan's gallery sometime!! It's adorable! aifakfhkashk!
Livestream: [link]


Purplie art!!!*7*
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hehe~~ I'm supposed to sleep
but I can'tttt (` 3`)

have a unicorn seine!~ <33 :iconsparklesplz:

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