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Biweekly feature vol.1

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 8:17 PM
Otakuthon Aug 16-18

Hello everyone, I'm very happy to present the very first of the many
feature journal. I'll be doing this every 2 weeks so this will allow the
feature art work to get a decent amount of views.
The feature journal is where I'll be posting some art works from artist
on DA that you guys suggested that don't have many views or favorites
and that deserve more. For the feature journal I have picked suggestions
for different category to make it more diverse.
Again, thank you allfor posting suggestions in my previous journal, sadly space is limited
so I will not be able to feature all the suggestions.

For the next feature,
If you have a piece from an artist that you really like and feel like
that they need some exposure, wither its photography, Crafting,
Painting, Drawings,etc please post below. Please make sure that they are
legit (not stolen art) and has below 1,000 faves.

without any more delay Lets get started : )

End Of Day by Dani-Lefrancois  sad story about a girl who had to bring out... by laura-makabresku  The Burning Bush by ChickensAndDucks
She is dead but lately started to blossom. by laura-makabresku   fallen but pure by skipabeatphotography     Mountain Paradise by Dani-Lefrancois  Once upon a time by skipabeatphotography


    Autumn's Chalice by TrollGirl    ...:::XoAy:::... by RoUgEmIe   Deconstruction by Varethane  Under the maple trees by KarinaMacGill

kusutou gensou by musubunakaiSpring girl by Moonlilith91  .:Come back:. by ElfenCeres 


nepal by jOuey-  magician rats by dron111  Brothers by erebus-odora  bounder by sharandula  Perfect Now by Sangelus

Uriel by felixavenier  APC concept by Jett0  don't leave me by Masway Blood In The Snow by beccj Santa's Workshop 2012 - S-hui by DarlingMionette

Targaryen by aprilis420  time to fight by Masway  Forward Charge by LilouJay
3d rendering (renault concept) by MatiasMurad  WORLD OF WARCRAFT: The Fest of Winter Veil by nachomolina  Better Off Dead by beccj  Cargo ship by Jett0


Anime . cartoony . Stylized

Kagiyama by furupati  Safe Journey by lastlabyrinth  THE GANG by Sir-Erdgeist   
CROWN by kyan-dogNoodle by Faust-NebelILLUSION by kyan-dog 
Witchcraft by estelaa      001 by Fawnish    THE FINNISH AGENT by Sir-Erdgeist

Arts and Craft
Dragon Sculpture WIP by kimrhodes Blue Griffin by kimrhodes  3d origami by kumazaza

 ENHARTORH by LUNARIEEN        Yet Another Rarity Plush by GreenTeaCreations  3d origami Kirin by kumazaza


Majd ha fagy! -Comic pages- by KarinaMacGill  FINALS by hPolawBearConsole Cuddling by hPolawBear * I LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE *I love you for all the boys I never knew
I love you for all the times I spent with you
For the smell of the sea and warm bread
For the flowers that you put near my bed
For the pure animal that lies within a dove
I love you for all the boys I do not love

Without you I can only see the wide world
The mirror cannot produce the image that was destroyed
The moment between what was and is today
And by forgetting the road I was well on my way
But the hole in the wall did not reveal a lot
So I had to learn about life by the pieces I got

I love you for your wisdom that is not mine
I love you eventhough people consider this a crime
I love you though I know it is all  illusion
But my heart is beating in restless confusion
You think you are doubt, but you are reason
You are the sun that will be present every season <>

That's it for this week : ) Hope you guys enjoy.

codes by mynti

(open for contract, please e-mail me at for quotes)
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You should try to:
- Instantly listens to quick prompts / direction.
- Be open to any critique mid or after shoots!
- Have a decent understanding of what the photographer is looking at (light/framing)
- Pose naturally and (if in Cosplay) act in character .
- Be confident for the duration of the shoot.
- Avoid being self concious.
- Be aware of the direction of light (to avoid unflattering shadows, etc)
- Loosen up! Literally. Shake your limbs and relax your muscles from time to time.
- Avoid squinting. If the sun is too bright you will naturally squint. Close your eyes and ask the photographer to do a count down.
- Throw ideas at your photographer. Be creative.

So there you go.. If you want to make life incredibly easy for your photographer try and nail the above points.
While I'm shooting I need 100% trust from my subject. I also can't have anyone disagreeing with my requests however odd they are (unless I ask em to do something dangerous, lol).
This completely breaks my creative flow and mindset.. and can often take a while to get back.

I hope this helps somewhat. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here. I'll try my best to help.
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My Online Store, Grand Opening : )

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 7, 2013, 9:42 PM
My Online Store, Grand Opening : )

Visit my store on Storenvy

Visit my store on Storenvy

Visit my store on Storenvy

Visit my store on Storenvy

Hey guys Due to many Demand I'm now going to start selling some of my art online : ) Feel Free to check it out.

codes by mynti

(open for contract, please e-mail me at for quotes)
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:bulletgreen: Send me a note explaining what you want me to draw and how you want me to draw it (poses, expressions, mood, style, background if you want one). A short description/OC reference will do
:bulletgreen: I'll then send you my PayPal address. I'll be able to show you the sketch and the progress of your commission. Remember, you have to pay me before I start working on your commission
:bulletgreen: You'll receive a bigger version of your commission than the drawings I post here, without the watermark
:bulletgreen: I'll be posting the commissions on :iconzellie669-commishes:
:bulletgreen: The time I spend on your commission depends on how many people want commissions and how complex they are
:bulletred: I don't accept points

I will draw:
:bulletblue: fanart (games, movies, anime/manga etc)
:bulletblue: original characters
:bulletblue: yaoi, yuri

I won't draw:
:bulletred: animals/anthro/furry
:bulletred: nudity/hentai
:bulletred: sci-fi/cars/machines etc


Skyward Sword Zelda: wink by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess: Here kitty, kitty by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: love will find a way by Zelbunnii

Waist up/full body:
:bulletgreen: 15$
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for an additional character

Cel shaded style:
It's Link time :D by ZelbunniiRaxelle by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess: Midna by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 25$
:bulletgreen: + 10$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 35$
:bulletgreen: + 15$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Soft shaded style:
Ghirahim + Vaati: Dem fabulous villians by ZelbunniiTwilight Princess Link (collab part) by ZelbunniiArt trade: Remlit invasion by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 35$
:bulletgreen: + 15$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 45$
:bulletgreen: + 20$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Paper style:
Link and Link: Piggyback by ZelbunniiToon Zelda by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 30$
:bulletgreen: + 10$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 40$
:bulletgreen: + 15$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Skyward Sword style:
Skyward Sword: Wake me up, Sleepyhead by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: Link and Zelda by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword Giamiru by Zelbunnii

Waist up:
:bulletgreen: 40$
:bulletgreen: + 20$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Full body:
:bulletgreen: 50$
:bulletgreen: + 25$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Wind Waker style:
Skyward Waker: Link + Machi + Erla by ZelbunniiSkyward Waker by ZelbunniiZelda: The Minish Cap by Zelbunnii

Waist up/full body:
:bulletgreen: 35$
:bulletgreen: + 15$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 5$ for a simple background

Chibi Seasons by ZelbunniiSkyward Sword: Chibi Link and Zelda by ZelbunniiChibi Shabetto by Zelbunnii

:bulletgreen: 16$
:bulletgreen: + 8$ for an additional character
:bulletgreen: + 3$ for blinking animation

Pixel doll:
Pixel Shabetto by Zelbunnii

:bulletgreen: 20$
:bulletgreen: + 10$ for an additional character

Commissions list:

:iconemeraldsofsugar: Commission: Link and Verios by Zellie669-commishes
:iconhayzer7: Commission: Link x 4 at Milk Bar by Zelbunnii
:iconllanolyn: Commission: Queen of Fairies by Zellie669-commishes
:iconilora24:Commission: Link and Marin by Zellie669-commishes
:iconllanolyn: Commission: Twilight Princess Zelda at the beach by Zellie669-commishes
:iconchocoppyica: Commission: Link at the Bazaar by Zellie669-commishes
:iconpatrikah: Commission: Link and Abigailia by Zellie669-commishes
:iconlacrirosa: [1 full body cel shaded character + detailed background] Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl
:icondreamsofgorrum: Commission: Allenore, Jaximus, Xanathar by Zellie669-commishes
:iconcrestvyne: Commission: Nwa Lvene by Zellie669-commishes
:iconfury-161: Commission: Link's transformation by Zellie669-commishes
:iconblackbeta13: Commission: Akira and Hitoshi by Zellie669-commishes
:icongandptrixie: Commission: SS Zelda dressing up by Zellie669-commishes
:iconshuichiboy: Commission: Adell and Artemis by Zellie669-commishes
:iconmadiminlee: Commission: Friends by Zellie669-commishes
:iconbluehecate: Commission: TP Fanny by Zellie669-commishes
:iconmhinbron: Commission: Mhinbron by Zellie669-commishes
:iconmhinbron: Commission: Boryn by Zellie669-commishes
:iconemeraldsofsugar: Commission: Hylian Harvest Moon by Zellie669-commishes
:iconllanolyn: Commission: Irene by Zellie669-commishes
:iconbribble: Commission: Nemo and Ximena by Zellie669-commishes
:iconllanolyn: Commission: Samuro by Zellie669-commishes
:icontaishobee: Commission: Taisho Bee by Zellie669-commishes
:iconassassinofshadows: [2 full body soft shaded characters + background]

Got any questions? Just ask me~ ^^
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:: Commissions - closed ::

Journal Entry: Thu May 5, 2011, 9:32 AM


Commissions are closed, thank you!

Here is my commission info with examples and prices.
Please before commissioning me be sure to read all info here, thank you ^^

Target This are basic prices, because if there will be many details price will be higher.

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueCG paintingBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Portrait $60 || Halfbody $85-$100 || Knee-up/Full body - $120-$150 (simple bg included)
Commission: Eydenn by sionra Prisoner of love by sionra Purple witch by sionra
To add complex background + $35-$85

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueCG drawing Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Portrait $35 || Halfbody $45 + $35 additional character || Knee-up/Full body $60 + $50 additional character (plain background included).
Life is motion by sionra  In the forest by sionra Commission: In the garden by sionra
To add complex background + $35 - $65

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueMonochrome IllustrationBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Illustration with texture and simple monochrome gamma (only 2-3 shades of brown) no/or decorative background.
Halfbody - $25 + $20 additional character || Knee-up/Fullbody - $35 + $30 additional character.
Oro and Argento by sionra Commission: Grey and Rhye by sionra
To add complex background + $10 - $25

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BluePencil storypageBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Gray-scaled sketches of your characters. I will choose poses and scenes, without preliminary sketches and revisions. You can give me ideas for sketches, but not too specific. If you want specific scenes you can order regular commissions).
A5 pencil storypage for one character (1 fullbody, 1 dynamic pose, 1 close-up) -$40 + $10 for additional sketch ||
A5 pencil storypage for Couple (1 fullbody, 2 close-ups) - $60 + $15 for additional sketch
Commission: Khaaz by sionra
Bullet; Green A4 pencil storypage with one or few characters (5-7 drawings) with simple background - $80
Storypage: I choose you by sionra Storypage: New friend of mine by sionra Storypage: Best enemy by sionra

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BluePencil illustrationBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green A4 pencil illustration with one character (knee-up/fullbody) with decorative background - $80
:: Seven circles: Happiness :: by sionra :: Seven circles: Wisdom :: by sionra :: Seven Circles: Freedom :: by sionra  

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueMonochrome drawingBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green A5 illustration with simple background on tanned paper - $60
::A drop of water in the desert:: by sionra :: Dragon princess :: by sionra

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueWatercolorsBullet; BlueStar!Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Green A4 illustration with simple background - $75 + $40 for additional character.
:: Before a thunderstorm :: by sionra Gift: Elena by sionra :: Your best nightmare :: by sionra
To add complex background + $20 - 50

Bullet; Green A5 illustration with simple background - $55 + $20 for additional character.
:: Master of illusion :: by sionra  :: Owl forest :: by sionra :: Peakswoods :: by sionra
To add complex background + $10 - $25

Bullet; Green Speed-painting watercolor A5 (limited gamma) *without preliminary sketches and revisions* - $40
:: The Firebird :: by sionra :: Escape :: by sionra :: Caged heart :: by sionra

Bullet; Green A6 portrait with decorative background *without preliminary sketches and revisions* - $35
:: If ever we meet again :: by sionra Elsa by sionra For Mila by sionra
*for now shipping of traditional commissions is not available*

What I can do:
-Original characters
-Fan art
-Nudity and soft sensual themes
[max.3 characters per commission. if you want more, we can discuss it.]

What I can't do:
-Porn and hentai ^//^
*You may look at my gallery if you want to see what theme's I'm good at*

Bullet; BlueStar!Bullet; BlueTo order a commission just send me a Email SendNote or e-mail me to
COMMISSION FORM Note me with title 'Commission' with the following content:
• your name:
• your Paypal e-mail:
• commission type: *CG painting/ CG drawing/ Monochrome illustration, etc*  format *halfbody/fullbody*
• character's name and age:
• references/pictures: *with colors of eyes, hair, skin, clothes, scars, tattoo, etc.*
• character's personality: (10 words which can definite your character):
short description of picture you want: (5-10 sentences. Please be specific, English is not my native language!)
• background: *no background, forest, room, city, etc*
• extra info:

Bullet; Green I'll note you back to let you know whether I accept the commission. And sent you payment info. Please pay in 5 days. If you don't pay or contact me within this time, I will consider the commission being cancelled.

Bullet; Green Payment methods. All prices are in USD.
Paypal Accepted by NonabolcatWestern Union stamp by mukuro-sama
All showing prices haven't included wire fee.

Bullet; Green In case if you have no references/character sheets pictures (and want me to create character without references, from only description or from multiply photo/art references with character hairstyle, outfit, etc. ) I will charge extra price $10-25

Bullet; Green I'm working person, so commissions can take few weeks. If your commission is rush, I may ask +25% for high priority.

Bullet; Green After payment I'll follow your direction and draw a preliminary sketch of the picture you want in pencil and show it to you. You can tell me if you like it or if you want some changes done. You can ask edit some details. I won't fix anything after I start colouring.

Bullet; Green When I finish with your work I'll send you hight res. PNG file via e-mail/note.

Bullet; Green All commissions are for personal and non-commercial use only. Commercial use will be different price.

Bullet; Green I maintain the copyright for all my artworks. I have right to post them in my gallery/Facebook/Tumblr page. Customer can upload their commission into their personal gallery with credit me.
:star::star: COMMISSONS SLOTS:star::star:  *◕‿◕*
Amberparks - paid - finished
SeraphitaJibrille - paid
BlackPrussia - paid
dragonariaes - paid


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I thought now would be a good time to make the calendar available to the public since they were shipped out to me yesterday! After the successful trial run of last year's calendar, I wanted to make an even better cosplay calendar for 2014!

To summarize: The 2014 Limited Edition Yaya Han Calendar features 12 months of new cosplay images printed on glossy 11x17 paper, which flips open to a 11x24 calendar. Out of the 12 monthly images, only 2 have been released before, all others are brand new and shot exclusively for the calendar. None of the images will be available as a print or poster, you will only be able to see them in the calendar.

FREE shipping within USA and Canada, $10 shipping everywhere else! It is again $24.99, just like last year, and will be signed and personalized by me! I'll post some teaser pics soon but you get a great idea of the calendar's look from the cover and back cover already. I sincerely hope you will like this one even more than last year's calendar! I busted my little bum making this!!! So proud!! A huge shout-out to all my photographers and graphic designer as well (everyone is credited in the calendar or course!).

To order:…
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:star:Edit 30/12/2013: PRE ORDER IS OVER! Thankyou so much to everyone who pre ordered, we hope to sort out your orders very soon and get them to you asap~

Half the stock is almost gone! Make sure you get a copy !

:star:Edit 09/11/2013: SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Stephanie and i have been supaa busy lately so we've not had much time to finalize the book and send it to printing. Good news! we are currently working on it and tomorrow as well in the hopes that we will be able to send it to print. This means delays, unfortunately we do have lives and study so we have tried our very best to do this as quickly as possible. With luck everything with run smoothly although please note that with shipping to your country Ethereal may not arrive before Christmas. So if you have pre ordered in the hopes of it being a Christmas present please consider Express shipping and feel free to contact me (MiwaAkai) to organize that. So sorry for the delays guys!! we really are working hard!

:star:Edit 19/10/2013: There are actually a total of 98 artists, we are sorry for this minor miscalculation! Size of the book is also 19cm x 23cm
Also if you have Facebook, we've created an event on Facebook which you can find here:…
If you are planning to purchase, please click attend! Or please invite all your friends or share the Facebook event. Thank you!! :D


We are proud to say Ethereal is officially available for Pre Order!
Ethereal Artbook is a beautiful limited edition Charity Art Book featuring some of the most talented Australian and International artists. with 140+ pages of amazing Art by over 100 incredibly talented Artists, We invite you to come on a journey with us and experience Ethereal Charity Art Book in person.
This is the perfect gift for Christmas whether it be for yourself, a loved one or a friend! And a great opportunity to give back and donate to a great cause!

『I'd like to take a moment to say an absolutley HUGE thankyou to every single person involved! Steph, Redkite, the wonderful Artists, the amazing Donors, our Graphic Designer Jason Suhalim, Karen Wall, each and every one of you wonderful watchers!! and of course to my little sister, Kylie for being the inspiration of Ethereal. It brings me to tears but it's incredible to think we're at this point in the project. But it's also the most important stage now, so please purchase an Artbook and tell your friends!! We will be updating with many more photos in the days to come!!
> If you have any questions or querries please ask away! I will be answering all of them as i will handleing all posting and the books themselves. 』
♡ Miwa-chan

▽ Proceeds go to Cancer Charity Redkite.
[ ]



♦Over 140 pages a total of 98 artists participating from all over the world!
♦ 19cm x 23cm
♦ Only $40USD
♦ Pre Order Goodies
♦ Mini Tutorial/walkthrough on digital painting
♦ Softcase bound Book

We will be using Storenvy to process all purchases. Storenvy uses Paypal, but if you are unable to purchase via Paypal you can log in as a "Guest" and pay with a Credit or Debit card.



25th December 2013.

We will be using standard Australian post in padded post bags to send the Artbooks, please note that once it is posted, it is beyond our control and your Artbook could be delayed by customs and various shipping difficulties. Please note this form of shipping does not include a tracking number or any security if you would like to include that or express please contact us!

Ethereal Artbook Cover by GreyRadianPRE ORDER NOW OPEN! Ethereal Artbook Preview by CobraVenom Ethereal Charity Artbook - Preview by cherriuki Ethereal artbook preview by tokoco Artbook Preview by teralilac
✪ Preview photo shows draft copy. Actual Print will feature various added materials ✪


Mailing list

NestOfDreams Lady-woods ellegial sukibelle IvoryPeony JanainaArt Twinkstah BlackNoxStar BasketsofPeaches MooniesLove futurewon WandererAtHeart fallen914 kunaineck18 nakushitaichi13 Promisiue-Bear michellescribbles MooniesLove EchizensGirl c-jin actresspdx Kaigapen Jessicutie blarglefargle WashiChiisai AKRine Saruwatari-Mayu HLenaVchan5 GreenAngel5 azerton illustica deviant-confession ManiacSquirrel72 sweetredpeppers SheiaLyn lagoonie Miss-Blueglasses nightmaresky Azareea hollymix Sojubyeong Iiwi Chioyang Dioptasy hikariartista Aurora-Autumn TsukiTsu tutusara penguinonrocks Lunaoverthecow Alislinn Daetsni Grim-away enigmaticworld davvworlds mistresstrista codebamboo Timidemerald bellyjellyellie MysterGlasses Cataki Nozuki Gabbybites Emm924 kou-ichigo hexx36 emuchiya PaintOnFire UrbanPhoenix27 10decades Evimei ChibiChubbz Necro-Romancer Kitedge Clinkorz leinef bluefaie alexis-the-angel Roko-san ToryKasper shayDarcy hetje kirika-bunny MiLk-chai 0navyblue shizukahio4 Endorell-Taelos rainfreezer whiteappleartist rodaka Shaytah codebamboo jahaliel yumeruby LeiteDestiny NaiiBean starmz123 KyouKaraa lithelazure alicenpai EndArtica Dragonfly-666 twilley Smilexdraw Fachuchuu Stalfrost PastelPancake art-lunie Rainbowbutterflygal skydark oORedSkinnyJeansOo @ Knightmoon Fishing-for-Dreams nella-fantasiaa FizziBerry chronosIV burningrage8-13 kyu-mosaicera PastelPolkaDotSky mutch2manga Keeyko KathyTransformer Miso-Shi whysherunningdad Weiyua keep-on-goin Gwendolyn12 thepandoricacloses Oboeteimasuka  Shokoluna vacuum-chan AkaiAgeha Kurolaine reginaoscen Azalane Stalfrost MayonnaiseBottle Kuropple bayergal rengu Alislinn Sojubyeong blackgem203 Little-cuddly-bear
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and there is sunstone book 1

and i am going full productivity mode!
cause this month i have to finish all the pre print preparations
and make a new lengthy strip as well....and make  some fun stuff here  :)
so lots of news coming soon

but till then, 
with my thanx to :iconyaponez:

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A Foggy Feature - Best of August

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 3:00 PM

Another monthly selection of gorgeous foggy photographs of my group A-Foggy-Day. I hope you enjoy them and find some new favorites :)

And don't forget our current contest "Fog Fairy Tale". We need a lot more art for this contest so please submit if you can! Read the contest journal for all the information:

Forest of linden by LillianEvillWald #29 by HeikoGerlicher148 by Schnitzelynedusty evening by vulariaMorning in the Forest by ferrohancAwakening by markborbelyUntitled by kriakaoMorning Light by dragon-fly-to-meLast Autumn by WeissglutWithin the Depths of Solitude by thelandscapeSunny Pathway by third-onein memory of by rahmanioLightshower by erynlasgalenphotoartMorning Mist by Deanna64Golden Morning by mhmalaliKrakLove # 2 by TomaszPrzybyloBlue dream by erynlasgalenphotoartYarra Ranges by jkrabMisty Apparitions by spatarozliev*** by WeissglutShadows by Annabelle-ChabertMist-erious Castle by MirachRavaiaBastei 7 by MatthiasHaltenhofHope Valley by AlexiumzGodrays Over The Marshland by JestePhotographyDaybreak by CaveCanem42Mist on the lake by Rebekka85Addiction # 1 by TomaszPrzybylo

And remember, if you see a wonderful photograph or artwork on dA with fog in it: please click on.. "+ Add to a Group" and submit it to the "Member Submit Folder" on our group so we can all enjoy it and attract new members to join!

If you are a part of this feature but not a member of A-Foggy-Day, please join us!


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