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Abaddon~A Knight of Hell (Alaina Huffman) from TV series Supernatural :3


I claim no ownership of the character used in this piece.
All rights to Supernatural belong to the creator, Eric Kripke, as well as Warner Bros.
Television and Productions.


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well, this is actually a dream i had a while ago.
i was in this room, where nearly everything was crimson colored and splattered with paint, and in the center of one of the walls, on this littler elevated piece of the floor, was a bathtub that lookled like someone used it to clean their paint (you know how the sinks look in art studios and stuff) but had never bothered to ever clean it, ever.
so i went to turn on the tap, and try to drain some of the paint, but insted of being a smart person, and going over to the tap, i leaned across the tub and tried to reach it, but it was still out of my reach.
then i woke up ._.

i have a wierd brain.
anyways, it was a cool picture, so when i woke up, i decided to draw it. the image it actually pretty accurate. seriously, in the dream, i was actually wearing that identical sweater :3
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So, I am a huge cornball. Shiina Ringo, my favorite musical artist ever, has the same birthday as me which is today (November 25th). SO, I decided to make this corny drawing of corny-ness. Yes, I like her that much.

Basically, I drew a representation of Ringo from each of her music videos from her solo career only.

I don't feel like boring people with gushing about how much I love Ringo and how I did her no justice so here is the list of music videos.
Top: Koufukuron
Block 1: Koko de Kiss Shite, Kabuki-cho no Joou and Tsumiki Asobi
Block 2: Honnou , Tsumi to Batsu, and Identity
Block 3: Gibs, Yami ni Furu Ame, and Sigma
Block 4: Stem, Meisai, Mayonaka wa Junketsu
Block 5: Yattsuke Shigoto, Ichijiku no Hana, and La Salle de Bain
Not middle: Ringo no Uta
Block 6: Konoyo no Kagiri, Mellow, and Shun
Block 7: Tsugou no ii Karada, Irokoizata, and Ryuukou

END. ~Faultybox made the vector of that apple/lightning bolt (it was used for a compilation release of Ringo's b-sides)

The end!
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Mixed media.
Step 1: Charcoal on rough paper
Step 2: Print on canvas
Step 3: Paiting background with silver acrilyc
Step 4: Strass ang silver glitter

Et voilà !!
The complete procedure of creation is in my art - blog: [link]
I hope you like it!
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YOSH! I've been painting this in the last 3 days.. @O@ it sure took some time!
It's full title is "I will wait for you even though you might never come" I know it very long.. so I couldn't fit it into the deviation title! FAIL! however there is alot of symbolism in this pic, you figure out the meanings of everything yourself! XD
It's painted with Acrylic colours. (I managed the face quite well didn't I?)
I would like critique for this pic. but do't be too harsh cuz I worked hard on this and if you put it directly in the rubbish bin I'd be SAAAD! ;O;
Enough with my nagging
please: ENJOY! :D
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Picture of Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander from "mænd der hader kvinder" (the girl with the dragon tatoo)

about 15 hours of work, made with colored charcoal pencils. yellow and red color with pastel pencils.
Paper is dark grey pastel paper.
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I drew :iconcutenessoverloadplz: out of boredom. Yeah, it doesn't look exactly the same, but I think it's good enough.
And I love this rage face, it's amazing.
It even has its own Know Your Meme page: [link]
Here are some situations in which you might use this plz icon:
:iconrawr-plz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:iconkittensplz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:iconps1-plz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:icondogdanceplz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:iconunicornwalkplz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:iconpikachuplz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
:iconjapanluvsyouplz: :iconcutenessoverloadplz:

Cuteness Overload Rage Face (c) whoever created it
Artwork (c) *KiraofTheInternet
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Well, this the second one I got, May 28th of May at Anime Boston, once again from Vic Mignogna himself!!

And hey, guess what... I didnt have to wait in a [long] line for this one either xDD The story behind this one is...

On Saturday, I couldn't get a picture with Vic [no camera; no time anyways], but I heard that he was coming again Sunday at one. So, naturally I showed up. So, knowing how awesome he is and how long the line was yesterday, I got there at 12:30 so I wouldn't have to wait too long. Then the security guard there says that this was an 'overflow' from his Friday autograph session. THey had to cut the line TWICE, and trust me, fans get ticked when you do that. xD So those that got cut in the second part got a red ticket to come back and see him on Sunday. Of course, I couldn't go Friday, so I didn't have a red ticket, and that really pissed me off. So I went downstairs and watched the Human Chess game for awhile... [Edward Elric killed Tohru Honda!!] but at 1:10, I just wanted to see Vic through the doors, so I went back up to see. They were just letting people in, handing their tickets to get in line and such... there actually wasn't that long of a line, compaired to others. So I waited to the last person handed their ticket to get in line, then I innocently asked a security guard, "... You don't think he would take ONE more person, would he?" He kind of stared for a second before saying "Go aheaad..." I kinda squeed and said thanks and got in line. My dad joined me, realizing I got in, so I eventually go to see Vic! He recognised me and said "Oh, Hey there!!" and was like "Yeaa... Back again ^^" and so I got this autograph, and I would like to add, that this was ALL his doing!! I didn't ask him to write any of it!! But I also gave him a poster of appriciation that I did for him, and he loved it and inspired me to use copics more [works to come] then I got a pic with him [to be posted as an ID] and I had an awesome day!! And tomorrows my birthday!!

Sweet Weekend, huh? ^^
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Dahvie Vanity
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Shiina Ringo - Japanese singer

Kanji: Kanzen Hana ~ Complete/Perfect Flower

Ah.. I'm in love with kimonos at the moment.. no always XD Well I just got my own kimono yesterday TTuTT I'm so happy! Thanks to my lovely friends who bought it for me as me birthday present!

Anyways.. Thanks to :icontoshinoakaitako: who suggested I could draw Shiina Ringo :hug: I knew I wanted to draw this ref someday.. So I finally did it XD
I changed the pattern on her kimono a bit and some other things (like adding the flowers).
But I really enjoyed drawing this..! And I'm still practising on writing kanji, so sorry it's a bit.. ugly XD Some of the pencil strokes seem a bit rough, sorry for that..

Pencils: 3B, 7B, mechanical 0.5 (only a lil' bit for the hair)

EDIT: I somehow didn't think it was finished, so I made it a bit darker and added more shade and so on to the kimono and background.. It's a gift for a sempai so I thought I wanted it to look nicer ^^;
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