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"Rin wake up!"

I didn't move.

"Rin seriously!"

'Just ignore her, just ignore her.'

"We'll be late!"

'Leave me alone, I'm in my happy place.'

"Rin if you don't get up I'll fetch the water pistol and-"

"OK I'M UP!" I screamed, sitting up quickly.

I rubbed my eyes and glared at the green haired thing sitting at the end of my bed. I felt dreadful. My head was heavy and my eyelids were droopy. I was so tired. I had barley slept the night before, but...why was that again?

"Hello? Anyone home?" asked the green haired thing that was actually my older sister, Gumi. I was 19 and she was 21. We shared a flat and thank goodness we had separate bedroom. She's quite a handful.

"Nope, come back later," I groaned as my body slowly sank back down to the bed.

"Oh no you don't," she said pulling me back up.

I looked at my bedside table to locate my orange shaped clock. My jaw dropped when I saw the time. 7 freakin' am.

"Gumi, I'm off work till next week. Plus, it's Saturday!" I whined. I had got a Summer job working at the corner store. It wasn't much, but it was just to earn a little extra until I got the job I truly wanted. Although...I wasn't quite sure what that job was, yet.

Gumi sighed and said, "Listen here, stupid. How could you forget what today is? It's Len's big day!" She pointed to the calendar hanging on the wall by the side of by bed. The day was July 28th and it was marked with a big, red circle.

Damn! How could I forget?! Well, I think I know the answer. It's because I wanted to forget. I couldn't sleep the night before because of what would happen later that day. We had been awaiting the day for weeks but it still pained me every time I thought about it. Len was... Len was...

"Look airhead, stop spacing out or I really will get the water pistol," threatened Gumi. I pushed her off the bed and slowly stood up.

"So, breakfast first?" I asked.



I trudged into the bathroom. Sure, breakfast was good but I was still feeling down. I thought a shower might cheer me up so I undressed and climbed in. It was rather relaxing until I applied the shampoo. It was different from the normal one I used. Gumi bought the wrong one. It was mixed fruits. I sniffed and smelt peaches, apricots and...bananas.

"Len..." I whimpered.

I dried off and went back to my room. I sat on the edge of my bed and combed my short, blonde hair. I'd been trying to grow it for so long but it wasn't really getting anywhere. I placed the comb down on my bedside table and stopped. Next to where I placed the comb was a photo frame. I picked it up and looked at the two happy people. It was a picture of Len and I.

I met Len when we were eleven and had just entered the last year of elementary school. We were the only new people in our class and since everyone had already made friendship groups, we became friends. Best friends.

Most of the boys I'd known so far in my short life were horrible, disgusting pigs. But not Len. He came from a rich family but he wasn't snooty. He was very funny and friendly. He was slightly annoying but nowhere near as annoying as Gumi. He had big, blue eyes and messy blond hair tied back in a ponytail. I used to tease him about looking like a girl.

The picture was taken when we were fourteen. We were outside the house I used to live in till Gumi and I moved out. Len was stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my shoulders. I was looking at him and had my left arm up pushing away stray hair. We were both laughing. Len and I loved taking pictures of ourselves so the memories would live on. We both had an identical photo album full of memories since we became friends.

While I stared at the picture I noticed the frame was getting wet. I raised my hand and touched my left cheek. I realised I was crying and I knew why.

I loved Len.

The next thing I knew was that there were arms wrapped around me. I looked to the side and saw Gumi.

"I know it hurts, Rin," she said softly. "But Len really wants you to go today. It would mean a lot to him if you were there."

"It's alright, I'm going," I sniffed and snuggled into Gumi's neck. Even though she's annoying, Gumi is a really nice person who's always there for me.

After awhile, she stood up and took me with her. "Now," she said, smiling and holding my hands. "We're going to make you look stunning!"

She walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a gown we'd bought about a week before. It was a pastel yellow colour which was my second favourite colour with orange as my first. Gumi said yellow suited me better. It had straps, didn't stick out too much and came down just past my knees. I had a small white cardigan, white sandals and a white purse to go with it.

While I got changed, Gumi went to her room to put on her dress. When she came back we both squealed upon seeing each other. Her dress was green (of course) and was longer that mine, coming down just above her ankles. It had short, frilly sleeves and frills at the bottom. She had a light purple shawl and silver sandals. She'd already done her hair. It was tied in a bun with loose bits hanging by her ears.

She sat me in front of my mirror and combed my hair. (I didn't bother to mention I'd already combed it). I told her I didn't want it styled. I just held up a yellow rose clip that was the same shade as my dress. She took it and neatly placed it to the right side of my head. I didn't have my signature bow but I still wore my four little, black clips. Neither of us liked make up that much so we didn't bother.

"Oh, my! Look, it's nine already! Come on, hop in the car. I'll drive," said Gumi, pushing me to the kitchen and out the front door.

"Wait! I need to get the present!" I panicked. I ran and picked up a package off the kitchen table.

"Ok, ready!" I said and we rushed out of the door.


I was so nervous on the journey there. Gumi seemed to notice. When she had a free hand she kept reassuringly patting me on the shoulder. Eventually, I drifted off into my thoughts, completely unaware of my surroundings. My heart hurt and I knew the only one who could stop the aching was Len. But now, after what had happened, he would never be able to. I realised how selfish I was thinking he was only mine. My Len. But now he was-

"Rin? You ok? We're here."

I snapped out of my thoughts as the car stopped. We got out and walked across the car park until we came to a very grand building. A chapel. Yes, if you hadn't guessed already...

Len was getting married.

And obviously not to me. No, the girl he was marrying was called Miku Hatsune. I will tell you right now that I hated her! And it was not just from jealousy. She was a right diva who was very selfish and spoilt. Her ever present frown sickened me and what was worst of all, I didn't think she even loved Len.

She showed up when we were seventeen years old. I went over Len's apartment for tea and there she was, sitting on Len's couch. Len said he ran over her foot with his bicycle and felt sorry for her. Her foot looked perfectly fine to me. I guess you could say that Len got the Florence Nightingale effect. She started coming over a lot more often and they went out without me to the movies and restaurants. I really felt like the third wheel.

"Come on, let's go in," said Gumi.

As we walked in I began fussing with my dress and my hair. I really didn't want Len to think I looked stupid.

"You look fine! Stop worrying, fusspot," chuckled Gumi.

I stopped walking. "I know. I'm just really scared the teal twerp will make fun of me. But worse, what if Len laughs at me?" I sighed, looking down sadly.

Gumi put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye. "Rin, you look absolutely beautiful. I couldn't ask for a more pretty, little sister."

I gave her a weak smile and we went inside the chapel. Whoa, it was busy in there. There were people everywhere in dresses and suits. Someone with blue hair waved to us and walked over.

"Hey Rin, Gumi. Glad you made it," he said with a grin. It was Kaito, Len's best man. He'd been a good friend of ours for years as well. I guess I was quite touched that Len said that if he could have a best woman instead he would choose me.

Gumi returned the grin. "Glad to be here," she said. "Where's the groom, then?"

"Ah, he's over there," he said and pointed to the corner of the room.

There he was. He was wearing a smart, black tuxedo, with his usually messy ponytail neatly tied back. My face quickly heated up. He looked so handsome. He was laughing as he was talking to a couple we knew.

"Oh, Gakupo, that's a good one. By the way did you know-" Crap, he'd spotted me. There was no point trying to hide now.

"Luka, Gakupo, I'll talk later. I need to greet someone," he said, not taking his eyes off me. He started walking in my direction.

"Rin, I'm just going over there. Hey, Teto!" called Gumi and skipped off. I had to face Len alone. Well, damn.

"H-hey," I said and put on my best smile.

"Rin!" Len cried and hugged me tightly. "You made it! You made it!" he said rocking my side to side.

I was so happy. Everyone in the room had disappeared. It was just me in Len's arms. It was so warm, so comforting. But then he pulled away and the dream ended. He looked at me with his sparkling, blue eyes before gasping when he saw what I was wearing.

"Oh, do I look stupid?" I asked, hurt that Gumi was wrong after all.

"N-no, you look..." he said while turning slightly pink, "really, very pretty."

I returned the blush. "You look very, uh, handsome," I complimented back. I spoke the truth. Then I remembered the present.

"Here's your wedding present. Show Miku later. I'd rather give it to you now," I said while holding out a present wrapped in silver paper with a blue ribbon for decoration.

"Ok," he said taking it. He carefully pulled off the ribbon and gently unwrapped the paper, making sure not to destroy it. "Oh, my…"

I'd given him a photo album. It was yellow and blue with a border of semi precious stones. Len stared at the album for a moment then looked at me with confusion.

"It's for you and Miku to store pictures of your memories together just like..." I couldn't continue. There was a lump in my throat and I felt tears prickling in the corners of my eyes. I swallowed and whispered, "Just like we did."

"Rin," Len said. He sounded concerned.

"I...I need to go to the bathroom," I said quickly and ran off.


I sat on a toilet lid in the cubicle, silently crying my heart out. When buying the album, I thought it was such a great idea but now I wasn't so sure. I didn't think it would hurt so much to give it to him.

After a few minutes I could hear voices. I wiped away my tears and stood up, pressing my ear against the door. Oh, crap. It was Miku and one of her bridesmaids.

"You promised my flowers would be royal blue. These are sapphire!" screeched Miku.

"I tried my best and they seem perfectly fine to me," sighed the bridesmaid. I wasn't sure who it was.

"No, you don't understand," she whined, stamping her feet. "Today, I'm the princess, the queen! So I have to be treated like royalty. I must have royal blue!"

I couldn't help but chuckle…which was a mistake.

"Who's in there? Open up NOW!" Miku yelled. I didn't dare argue and slowly stepped out.

I couldn't believe what Miku was wearing. It was a traditional wedding dress. However, it was so poofy that I swear you could fit a rhinoceros under there if you tried. She had so much make up on she looked like a clown. She wore a long veil and her hair, well, a bird could happily make a home in it.

The unidentified bridemaid was a girl called Neru. I'd met her once or twice before but we hadn't spoken to each other much. Anyway, Neru looked a lot more simple with a long, tight, strapless dress. I must say her long, blonde hair was gorgeous. I was a little jealous. She also looked fed up and I didn't blame the poor girl. Miku was always busy bossing Neru around. But, she didn't care. Most of the time she ignored the noisy teal and paid far more attention to her phone.  

"Y-y-you," stuttered Miku. She stared at me wide eyes for a second then glared. "If it wasn't for Len, you wouldn't be here right now," she spat.

The brat had hated me since we met. It was probably cause I was Len's first kiss. NO! I DIDN'T SAY THAT! Ok,...maybe I did. It was an accident, though! It was at school when we were thirteen. Len and I were chatting on the yard, during lunch, when some wild boys chasing each other screamed, "Look out!" They crashed into Len who went flying into me and, well…smooch.

Even though I had a huge crush on Len it was so awkward when he quickly pulled away and stared at me. We both went as red as tomatoes and everyone who saw began crying with laughter. Afterwards, we promised we'd forget that day had ever happened and stayed being best friends.

I'm such an idiot. I should have told him the truth right after it happened. I should have told him how I really felt. But, I didn't. I left it too long and then Miku showed up. Damn me and my stupid fear of rejection.

I ignored what Miku said and started to walk away but she painfully grabbed my arm. "You've been crying." I looked at myself in the big mirror on the wall. It was quite obvious I had, for my eyes were all red and puffy.

"What's it to you?" I asked. Neru shivered.

"I know perfectly well about your feelings for Len but I hate to break to you honey, HE'S MINE!" she snapped, tightening the grip on my arm.

I winced in pain and Neru calmly said, "Miku, you're hurting her."

"That's the whole point! If she doesn't back off soon then I will make her sorry. Len and his money are mine!" she laughed.

Neru and I gasped in shock. Miku looked confused but then let go of me and put her hand over her mouth, realising what she had said. The rotten scum was only marrying Len for his money? I gave her a death glare and slapped her right across her pretty little face. Now it was her turn to gasp in shock as I ran out of the toilets.

When coming out, I crashed right in to Gumi who sighed with relief and said, "Rin, there you are! I've been looking everywhere. The ceremony is about to start. Come on!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me along after her.


Gumi and I had taken our seats next to each other and everyone was waiting for the bride to arrive. Gumi kept glancing towards me. I knew Len was watching me as well, but I didn't dare look at him. I just stared down at my hands which were resting on my lap. I really hoped he couldn't see that I'd been crying.

Gumi began fidgeting and looked rather uncomfortable, as if she really wanted to say something. Finally, she said, "You know, Rin, you might have one last chance."

"What to you mean?" I asked her, feeling confused.

"A last chance to tell Len how you really feel."


"Shhhhhhhh! Keep it down," she snapped, covering my mouth. What did she mean? How could I confess in the middle of a wedding? Oh, no. She couldn't really mean…

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace," whispered Gumi.

"No! I can't possibly-"

"Rin, listen! Do you really want Len to spend the rest of his life with...her?" She said 'her' with a hint of venom.


"Then, do it!"

Before I could reply, music began to play. I gulped. It was all starting.

First, the bridesmaids appeared. There were two, little girls, one with purple hair, one with red. I didn't have a clue who they were and just guessed they were Miku's relatives. Next came Neru and the other bridesmaid about her age. I think her name was Meiko. She had short, brown hair and was wearing the same dress as Neru. As they passed, Neru gave me a sympathetic look.

Then came Miku. She had linked arms with her father (who looked just as horrible as she did). They floated down aisle and I don't think anyone noticed, but she glared at me when they passed by. I didn't really care since I could see her cheek was still red from where I'd hit her.

They arrived at the end of the aisle and her father left to sit with his wife. Miku and Len smiled at each other and the preacher began to speak.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today…"

My knees began to shake as I waited for the one line that could change everything. I ignored most of what the preacher said until:

"If any person can show the cause why they may not be joined together-"

This was it. This was my last chance.

"Let them speak now, or forever hold their peace."

People around the room exchanged glances and no one spoke. Gumi patted my leg. I took in a deep breath and stood up. The room was full of horrified gasps and looks of disgust. Especially from Miku.

"Rin?!" cried a voice. It was Len.

"Oh, my. In all my time I've never experienced this," said the preacher. "Tell us all what you wish to say, young lady."

"Len..." I whimpered. I felt hot tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. "She doesn't love you!" I yelled.

"W-What?!" asked a flabbergasted Len. "Is she lying?"

"Of course she is lying!" screeched Miku.

"She only wants you for your money. Len, you have to believe me!" I pleaded, unable to stop my tears.

All the other guests started to whisper to each other. The preacher, who still looked baffled said, "Anything else you want to add to that?"

"Yes," I said and everyone in the room went quiet. I looked down to the floor for a moment to summon up my courage.

"Rin..." Len said softly.

I lifted my head up and clenched my fists. I looked Len in the eye and said loudly, "Len, I love you!"

The guests began to whisper again. Len looked stunned while Miku looked like she was about to lose it.

"For all you know this could be an act!" bellowed Miku. "Where's the proof?"

"Here," said a calm voice. I looked to my side to find Gumi had stood up next to me. She was holding out her mobile phone.

"G-Gumi? How?" I asked, confused.

"Remember when you bumped into me when coming out of the toilets? I followed Miku and Neru there and found them arguing. I knew it was worth something so I got out my phone and videoed the whole thing right up to where you left," she said proudly.

"Let me see!" cried Len. Gumi and I walked down the aisle up to Len, Miku and the preacher. Gumi turned the volume on her phone right up so the guests could listen and pressed play.

We were silent until the part where Miku painfully grabbed my arm. Len looked at Miku and growled, "How dare you hurt Rin." My heart skipped a beat. Then it got to the sentence everyone was waiting for.

"That's the whole point! If she doesn't back off soon then I will make her sorry. Len and his money are mine!" laughed the Miku on the video.

The tape ended and everyone was silent until Len pointed to Miku and calmly said, "Get out."

Miku's jaw dropped. "But, I-"

"GET OUT!" yelled Len. Miku jumped at his sudden anger and froze on the spot. In the end, Miku's parents carefully pulled her out of the room. Everyone remained quiet, unsure of what to do next. Len wasn't looking at anyone, just down to his feet.

Finally, he said, "Come on. We're going." He grabbed my hand and led me towards a small door. I looked back at Gumi and gave her a look that said, "Thank you." She nodded and smiled.

Len pushed the door open and we went through it. It appeared to be the church garden. There were flowers of all different colours blooming everywhere. It was very pretty. Len shut the door and led me away from it so no one could hear what we were saying. He stopped walking and the first think I said was, "I'm so sorry!" Fresh tears once again appeared in my eyes.

"No, I should be the one apologising," mumbled Len looking at the ground again. We stayed awkwardly quiet for a few minutes. Suddenly, he looked straight at me and asked, "Did you really mean what you said?"

"What did I say?" Although, I knew quite well what I'd said.

"You said…that you loved me."

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out so I just nodded. I covered my face with my hands so he couldn't see how embarrassed I was. I didn't stay in that position for long for I felt something wrap around me. Len was hugging me. I returned the hug and Len sighed into my ear.

After a moment, he pulled back a little so his arms were still around me but his face was in front of mine. "I never knew you felt so strongly about me. It's just…"

'Oh, joy. This was the part where I get rejected.'

"I love you too," he whispered.

'Wait, WHAT?'

Before I could respond, I felt something warm and soft on my lips. Len was kissing me. I instantly returned the kiss and let some more tears flow. But for the first time in weeks they were not sorrowful, but happy tears. Len pulled me as close to him as he could and squeezed me against him. Len...all I could feel....Len...

I felt rather stupid. Why'd I wait so long to tell him? The beautiful moment could of happened years ago! Ah, well. They say good things come to those who wait.

The kiss only lasted a few minutes but it felt so much longer. It was I who broke the kiss or I would have passed out from lack of oxygen. A smile crept across my face when I saw the disappointed look Len gave me and a small whine came from his lips.

Nonetheless, he hugged me tightly again and said, "Rin, I've loved you since we became best friends. You're smart, amazing and funny and...well, I guess I thought you would never like me in that way. I suppose that's why I turned to Miku. She seemed to have an interest in me but really she was only interested in my, or rather, my parents' money. Oh, Rin, I'm so sorry. Could you ever forgive me?"

He said it all so quickly that it took me a moment to take everything in. I buried my head into his neck, grinned and replied, "Of course I can."


It had been a year since Len and I had confessed our love for each other. Now today was our big day. Yes, Len and I were getting married!

We weren't getting married in a church, instead it was a cute, little hotel that was right next to a huge river. It was very scenic there with so much nature in every direction you looked. Len picked it, saying there was no way he was getting wed in a chapel again. It would just remind him of the witch he nearly married.

I waited patiently outside the room where the ceremony would take place. My father was with me, ready to give me away and so were my two bridesmaids. One of them, of course, was Gumi. The other one was Neru. She had completely fallen out with Miku after that day and surprisingly, the two of us became very close. They were both wearing long, royal blue (ha ha) dresses that flowed as smoothly as the river we were beside.

As for my dress, it was nothing like Miku's. For a start it wasn't even white. It was pastel yellow. It was very long, trailing at least a foot behind me. It had short sleeves and there was a white ribbon tied around my waist. Instead of a rose, I had a small tiara in my hair. And of course, no make up!

I heard the music play and Gumi and Neru disappeared through the doors. After about twenty seconds my father and I followed.

Len hadn't seen my dress yet and when he looked at me, he looked like he was about to cry. Oh, no. Did he not like my dress? We reached the end of the aisle and my father left me beside Len.

"Do I look stupid?" I whispered.

"N-No, you look," he said turning slightly pink. "Really, very pretty."

'Whoa, déjà vu.'

The same preacher who nearly wed Miku and Len began. "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today…"

My heart was beating rapidly. I was so scared that Miku would barge in any moment and stop the wedding, just like I did. Then I heard those words.

"If any person can show the cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now, or forever hold their peace."

Both Len and I held our breath. I think we shared the same fear. We waited five seconds, ten seconds, twenty seconds, but no Miku.

"Ok, then, let's carry on," said the preacher. Len and I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at each other.

We got to the vows and Len took my hands. He said I do and I did too. We placed rings on each other's fingers and finally the preacher said, "I announce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride."

Len put his left hand on my cheek and his other hand around my waist while mine rested on his shoulders. We kissed each other lovingly while our guests cheered. I heard wolf whistles and we pulled away. I looked to find Gumi and Kaito as the culprits. They looked at each other and blushed. Who would have thought?

Afterwards people congratulated us and by the time it was dinner time, Len and I were already exhausted. The meal was fabulous. The speeches followed and Kaito really embarrassed Len. But isn't that the best man's job? The last person to speak was Len and he made me cry when he said he couldn't ask for a better wife.

Next was the first dance. Len pulled me onto the dance floor and slow music started. It was a song we'd been listening to together since we were children, so it was very special to us. We glided across the floor and I felt like I was flying. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Gumi and Kaito holding hands and blushing. I winked at them as we twirled past and they went even redder.

Towards the end of the dance Len whispered in my ear, "Thank you for saving me. I can tell you now that even if I'd been in you're shoes I'd never of been able to what you did. I truly love you, Rin." And he pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss.

This was my second fanfiction. Really, I'd only written one before this. Whoa, it was done in August last year. That makes it nearly one year old... Time goes fast :O
But since it was one of my first, reading through this I found many mistakes and parts where I didn't make sense at all but that's all fixed now :D

I'm posting this one cause it was my dad's wedding the other day and I thought it'd suit the time well :)
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Rin sat staring in front of her laptop screen. The video she'd watched had just come to an end and her mind was racing. Was it truly possible? Could you really have control over someone like that?

"I've got to try this!" she squealed. Rubbing her hands together, she stood up and grinned deviously.

Before she left her bedroom she rummaged through her jewellery box and pulled out a necklace. The beads were sphere shaped and went in a black and white pattern. She shrugged her shoulders and muttered, "Ah, close enough." Holding the beads tightly she made her way downstairs.

Everyone was out of the Vocaloid household except Miku, Luka, Len and herself. Most of them had gone shopping, for the fridge was almost empty. It was fairly quiet apart from girly giggles coming from Luka's room. They were watching a funny chick flick. Rin refused when Miku offered for her to join them because she didn't do chick flicks much. And anyway, she had something far more entertaining to do.

As Rin approached the living room her eyes fell on just the sight she'd expected. Len was sat on the sofa watching TV while peacefully munching on a banana. Trying to hold in her giggles, Rin clutched the necklace tighter as she slowly walked up behind Len.

"Oh, hey Rin," smiled Len as he looked up. "Whatcha do- AH!" Before he could do anything else, Rin pulled out his small ponytail and put the necklace around his neck. Purposely, she'd tangled it in his now loose hair. "What on earth?!" Len gasped. He tugged at the necklace, trying to take it off but yelped in pain as it pulled his hair. It was stuck.

"Len?" asked Rin as she walked around the sofa to face him. She had a devilish grin on her face.

"Y-yes?" stuttered Len with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Make me orange muffins, NOW!" she yelled. Rin LOVED orange flavoured muffins and her brother was a rather good cook.

"What? W-why?" Len looked confused.

Rin bent over and grabbed his shirt collar, lifting him slightly off the sofa. "Because I say so!" she snapped at him. Len stared at her for a few seconds and then started laughing. "What's funny?" asked Rin.

"Why should I do what you say? You don't have control over me!" chuckled Len.

"Oh, but I do." Rin smirked. She let go of Len's shirt and he fell back onto the sofa. She then linked her three back fingers of her right and left hand together. She poked her index fingers up in the air and kept her thumbs down low. She then shut her eyes and mumbled what sounded like a chant. Len was speechless. What the heck was she doing?

Rin opened her eyes and said, "Now, I'll give you one more chance. Make me orange muffins."

Len smirked up at his sister and he leaned forward. "No," was his simple answer.

"Right," sniggered Rin. She grabbed Len's hands and yanked him off the sofa so he was stood up. "You've asked for it." She moved out of Len's way, pointed at him with one hand with the other on her hip and yelled, "SIT BOY!"



The look of shock upon Len's face slowly turned into a grin. "Honestly Rin, what are you like? Those are NOT enchanted beads and I am NOT Inu-"


This time an unsuspecting Len actually went flying and landed flat on his face. "Fwat u ell?" groaned Len who sounded slightly muffled.

"Told you. Now make me orange muffins! I'm going upstairs and if they're not baked in one hour, you're gonna get it! Ok? Good dog!" chirped Rin and she skipped off back to her bedroom.

"No! Rin! Don't just leave me here!" cried Len.

The first thing Rin did when she was back in her room was get her laptop back out and pressed play on the next episode. "Time to learn more tricks!"

Len was still lying face down. He was completely stunned how Rin had actually made those 'beads of subjugation' work. Rubbing his sore nose, he stood up and made his way towards the kitchen. While he began baking he whimpered, "Now how the hell am I gonna get this damn thing off without it hurting?"

Since Len was to focused on getting the muffins ready for his 'Kagome' he didn't notice a teal head and pink head giggling in the doorway. Their film had ended so they'd decided to assist a certain orange lover without them knowing.

"I've wanted to do that to Len for so long!" giggled the teal.

"That was such a great idea," replied the pink and they silently high-fived each other.
InuYasha is probably my most favourite anime EVER! So I just had to write this. XD

I know these oneshots are short, but my other ones are longer. :D
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The Vacuum Cleaner

Zelink <3


Zelda shut off the vacuum cleaner and looked at her husband in annoyance. "Take that stupid dog out."

He kept staring at the book he was reading like he hadn't heard her.



Zelda closed her eyes and exhaled slowly.

She took small steps toward the couch very quietly and picked up the remote for the TV.

She raised it up over her head and…




"What dog?!"





"You're deaf…"


Link looked over to Zelda and smirked.

"What did I tell you?"

"Shut the heck up."

Link rolled his eyes and looked back toward his book.

Zelda glared at him and yanked his glasses off from behind and he turned back around.

"Take the dog out."

"And if I don't?"


Link closed his eyes and exhaled.


Zelda smiled and handed him back his glasses. "Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah, Whatever…" Link sighed, grabbing them and getting up off the couch.

Zelda walked off to their room and pulled the crying baby out of the crib.

"Shhhhhhh…" She shushed her little baby while bouncing her up and down slowly and gently.

She walked out of their room and looked into the computer room where the dog's cage sat.

And the dog was in that cage.

Zelda tried to push her anger down and she looked into the den.

Link was still sitting there.

Reading that book.


He held up his pointer finger, saying 'Hold on…'

.' Zelda thought as she stood there, cradling her baby.

The baby stopped crying and Zelda put her back in the crib slowly.

She tried as hard as she could not to stomp out of the room and to the Den.

She got into the den without waking the little baby in the crib and she made it over to Link.

She ripped the book from his hands and glared at him.

He turned back around and glared at her. "I was at the best part!"

"To bad."



"But Zel-"

"Shut. It."

Link sighed and closed his eyes. "Gosh…"

"Link. I swear… TAKE THAT DOG OUT."

Link sighed again and got up. "Happy?"

"Not yet."

Zelda folded her arms cross her chest and waited for him to leave.

He looked at her, then to the floor and finally made his way toward the bedroom.

Zelda smiled as she heard the crate being opened and saw her husband lead the Labrador puppy outside.

She happily walked over to the vacuum cleaner and turned it on, resuming with cleaning the house for Link's family to come over for his Birthday.




"Did you bring the dog back inside?"

"Yeah, why?"

Zelda stared at him a long time and frowned.

"You… UGH."


"That animal keeps barking EVERY TIME I turn on the vacuum cleaner. Do you not hear her?"

"Yeah I do, but it's not gonna kill you Zel."

"She's driving me NUTS."

"How much more of the house are you vacuuming?"

"Our room, the bathrooms, and the dining room." She listed to her husband in annoyance.

He nodded and moved her over from the vacuum cleaner, and he grabbed it, switching it on.

"What are you-"

He switched it back off. "You take the her on a walk with Tayra and I'll finish cleaning the house so you don't have to hear her bark at the vacuum cleaner."

"But what about her barking at the dogs around-"

"She, for some odd reason, doesn't barks at dogs. I don't know why or have a clue on why, but just take her and the baby on a walk, okay?" Link spoke softly to his wife, wrapping his arms around her waist and placing his forehead to hers.

Zelda smiled and kissed his lips slowly, and then pulled away. "Thank you."

Link laughed and quick kissed her once more. "No problem."

Zelda stood there and gazed in his eyes lovingly until-

'Raaf! Raaf!'

Zelda and Link separated as Zelda glared towards her bedroom where the dog was.

"I'm gonna get going…" Zelda spoke through her teeth.

"I'll get Tayra ready." Link kissed Zelda's temple and walked off to the baby's room.

Zelda nodded and walked off to her room and got out the little Lab puppy.

"Alright," Zelda started speaking to her, "You don't need to bark, no. Mommy's got a headache already from you barking, so NO."

The puppy sniffed and wagged her tail.

"Good girl."



Zelda laid down next to her husband on the bed and moaned. "She ran me into a tree, and THEN Tayra began to cry, so Lai started to bark and then the people that lived al around where we were came out of their homes and began to yell at me."

Link wrapped his arms around Zelda and pulled her close to him. "I'm sorry, love. That's all over now."

Zelda nodded and sighed. "Wait…" she paused, "You're supposed to be sleeping on the couch tonight."

"Aww, Zellie, please-"

"Couch. NOW." she threatened, pointing to the door as he slid out of the bed.

"Fine…" Link mumbled to his wife and he began to leave the room.

Though, as he left, he closed the door a bit to loudly and thus started some little barks.

Zelda moaned and heard the door open again.

"I got it."

Zelda gave him and evil glare and the buried her face in her pillows.

After a few minutes passed, Link came back in and slid under the covers.

"What are you doing?" Zelda asked, and lifted her head out from under her pillows.

"Please Zel, can I stay?"




"Pwease?" He asked while pulling her closer to him by her waist and kissing her neck softly.

Zelda moaned in pleasure, but then tried to push him away, "No… Link…"

But Link kept his grip tight on her, "Why?"

"Stop…" She whispered, trying to get him away from her.

Link still refused and kissed her neck once more.

That time Zelda gave in.

What was the use?

He was gonna win anyway…

"Goodnight Zellie." Link whispered in her ear as she drifted off.


Link chuckled softly and kissed her lips softly one last time before going to bed.

'Raarf Raaaarrrrowwwww'

"Liiiiiinkkkk…" Zelda cried, wining into her pillow.

"I got it…" he sighed, getting out of bed to shut the dog up.

'Stupid vacuum cleaner.' Zelda said in her head, wishing she could throw the dog out the window.

I was inspired days ago to write this.


She barked the whole time I was vacuuming.


Zelda (c) :iconnintendoplz:
Story (c) :iconzelink4eva123:
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I sighed and looked over to Link who was paying for our lunch with his credit card.

"Soooooo, did you get your pancakes?" Link asked as the cashier lady handed him his credit card back.

"No." I grumbled. "I'm really hungry, and my stomach won't shut up."

Link laughed as he put his wallet in his back pocket. "Well, what happened?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Sheik locked his door and finished then off in two minutes."

Link smirked and laughed. "Yep, I knew it."

"Knew what?" I asked, irritated with him from not telling me Sheik was stealing my pancakes while he was annoying me.

"Me and Aryl made a bet on who would get the pancakes. I won."

My mouth dropped open. "Jerk!"

Link shrugged and our number was called from the loudspeaker. Link walked over to pick up our tray of food and I followed him, still giving him my famous dirty look.

"I swear if Sheik swoops in and steals my food this time, I'm taking my anger out on you." I spat at him, sitting down at the booth to my right.

"I thought you didn't even like the food here all that much."

"Wipe that stupid grin off your face." I spat instantly. "And McDonalds isn't the best, but it's still good."

Link nodded and set the tray down and he slid into the booth. "Okay, just making sure."

"Sheiks here, isn't he?" I asked, looking around carefully for my stupid sneaky brother.

Link pushed my meal to me as I sat down and shook his head. "Zelda, Zelda, Zelda…"

"Shush you."

"You don't have to be so bitter."

"I can be if I wanna be."

"Well do you really want to be?"






Link laughed and sat back. "Okay, fine. Just eat."

I narrowed my eyes and slid my tray closer to me and further from him.

Link rolled his eyes and continued to laugh.

"Men." I rolled my eyes.









Link laughed and retreated from me.

Thank you, he stopped poking me, that idiot…

"Thank you." I said bitterly, walking quickly to get further from him.

"Hey!" Link shouted. "Wait up!"

"You're so annoying."

"I know."

"Why won't you leave me alone?"

"Cause I have nothing else to do."

"Well I was gonna go clothes shopping, you're welcome to come." I turned back to him and smirked.

"Okay." He shrugged.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. "What?"

"I have nothing else to do."

"Well, go bug Sheik."

"He's doing College homework."


"She's off at a friends to have a slumber party."


"We broke up and she moved."

Something inside me jumped at the news and I felt a smile creep onto my face. As soon as I noticed I was smiling, I looked down and away from him trying to stop myself from smiling. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that… And… Pipit?"

"Off on a business trip."

"And you have nothing to do?"


"You'd rather go shopping then play video games?"

"Unless you play them with me."

I went silent.


"Ummmm, fine. Let's go home and play video games. I'll cancel shopping for today…"


I rolled my eyes.

Oh Link, he's SUCH a pain.

This part is really 2 parts...

Soooo yeah...

But sense those two parts were so short, I posted them together :meow:

I'm going to go write some more of ATP and My Life :faint:

Zelda (c) :iconnintendoplz:
Story (c) :iconzelink4eva123:
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       One day Tri Seme was off to work briskily. He cried such an amazing laugh at the bus driver, since he was beautiful. The bus driver then picked up Tri from his poncho and stared him in the face. "No" he cried back at Tri and yelled how amazing Tri's scent was.

       Afterwards, Miku was on the lefted and let out a huge sigh "why can't I be derpy like them?" but Tri would not answer or look at her hair. Nutella overheard Miku's loud sigh and told her to please calm her tits because Nutella was napping under a beautifully wonderful tree. Tri then left everyone and slid down stairs because he had nice gloves on. The gloves had nice powers but tri didn't know and he left them cooking in the stove.

       Jei stuttered with great cries, "Tri you left the toilet open again you derp!!!" but Tri could not hear her. Tri could never hear her. Sadly, Jei laughed to Tri and knew he could not hear her no matter the stages. There is never a laugh enough to get Tri's attention.

       Tri finaly listened to the laughs of Jei's throat and understood her feelings. He then quickly stood up from the couch and got a small stool. "Jei" Tri cried from on top of the stool with his handsome nose "take my derpy hand and leap to follow your dreams!". Jei stared a magnificent stare and rejected his cries. Tri was saddened and let out a sad laughter from deep within his abdominals.

       When Jei saw his laughters how sad they were she patted his tummy. "There there" she stated in such an insulting way, "there's no room for more jacks in this room". Tri shockingly looked into her eyes with his beautiful, muscular pupils and gave her a book.
"What's this piece of shit?" asked Jei in the most soothing, beautiful voice. Tri swooned and put his face to the book "this is a book"

       "Well" Jei said "I don't think I want that book if you have your grease on it". Tri nodded. Totino noticed Tri's pants and exclaimed "Pants!". Tri looked quickly to Totino and flipped him off with his tongue. Totino gasped, he never saw such a beautiful sight in his kawaii life. He went up to Tri to give him a nickel, but Tri stopped him and said "this penny. take it." totino stared in wonder, but Jei stared much better than him. Totino took the penny with great laughs and put it in his bandana.

"Thank you" he said "thank you for this penny"

       After Totino thanked him, Tri sat back down and nodded happy. "You're very welcome, little child". Jei felt very offended by what he said and left to the kitchen to stop the cows. "Totino..." Tri called "where have you been these past three hours?" Totino shockingly trembled loudly and shouted "I wasn't".

       Tri was confuse. Tri has never been confuse like this before ever again. There is no way to confuse him in such a way unless you're totino.

       "Wow." Tri yelled angrily in such a lovely tone, which made Totino creye with such embarrassment.

Tri Seme
Jei Crepene
Totino Aidikeine
Nutella Chokore

and special guests:

Hatsune Miku
Bus Driver-san


I wrote this so many months ago and it is still as beautiful as I remembered. This is the first fanfic I've written, so I hope you enjoy it with all your heart and try to understand the feelings I put into it.


Tri Seme & Nutella Chokore belong to *Dentotomy
Jei Crepene & Totino Aidikeine belong to me
Hatsune Miku belongs to Crypton/Yamaha
Bus Driver-san belongs to my heart
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"No I didn't!"

"YES YOU DID! I had more Force Gems then you! You cheated!"


"I don't know! You just did!"



Link sighed and scooted closer to me. "I think you're just being a sore loser."

My jaw dropped and my eyes narrowed at him and I playfully smacked him, letting go of my Gameboy SP. "You're so mean to me."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

Link sighed and dropped his Gameboy Advanced onto the couch.

I looked down then over at him. "Link?"

He just continued to just look at the Gamecube next to our Flat screen HD TV.

I just sat there in the silence, waiting for his reply.



"Link!" I cried to him, temped to shake him out of his thoughts.

I sighed and started to get up but something stopped me.

I looked over to Link who was now looking at me and pulled me back down to the couch.

"Sorry, I got lost in thought…" He laughed and shrugged it off like it was nothing.

Lost in thought about what?

Him being a jerk to me?


I'm so confused.

Why must he be SO CONFUSING?

"Lost in thought?" I finally asked, looking at him incredulously.


"About what exactly?"


I sighed.

Of course he'd give me that answer.

He always answers that why when I ask him questions like this.

Quite suspicious don't you think?

"Uh hu…" I nodded slowly, looking at him carefully.

"Let's just…" Link paused, looking to the ground, freezing again.



Link looked up instantly. "Sorry… again…" He laughed nervously.

If only I knew what went on inside that head of his…

"Rematch?" He asked, picking up his GBA, then looked over to me.

"Sure…" I said nodding.

I'll find out sooner or later about what's going on with him…


This is the next oneeeee

It'd a bit sloppy, but, w/e

and ATP might be posted tonight...
Cause I'm stuck at the end...
With writers block -_-'


Zelda (c) :iconnintendoplz:
Story (c) :iconzelink4eva123:
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The imitation of a memory

Act 1

Len smiled as the crowd cheered. He called out his love for the fans as the stage went dark and then Gakupo, Kaito, and himself walked off. Len spun around in his black dress, causing it to be puffed up by a gust of air. He smiled at the two other men. "The performance went great don't you think?" Len's smile quickly left seeing the aggressive stares between the men. Since they had begun to gain more fame and have spent more time around one another, it seems that their relationship had begun to deteriorate. Even worse, Len felt their arguments had been over him. He spoke again attempting to get their attention by grabbing their hands, the red roses tied with black ribbons all in center. "Hey tonight we should really party!" He offered another smile, "We've been going to one show to the next. Tonight it should just be us three." His eyes had a sparkle to them; the dim light of backstage was not enough to dampen them. Gakupo offered a warm smile to Len now. "I'd enjoy that." He patted Len's head. Kaito spoke up quickly now, "That'd be grand. What did you want to do first?"

Len thought for a moment. "We could get a hotel room and be like those rock stars. Just throw a big party with tons of people!" Len smiled giving a small laugh. Gakupo admired Len's slightly naive nature; as long as he had known him Len seemed to have always been trying to act tough, but it always just came off as cute. Kaito smirked liking the idea of their admirers buzzing about such a crazy party, not to mention with so many people he figured he might manage to get Len to himself for a bit. To Kaito and Gakupo, this was no gentle strain brought on by success but an ongoing battle of the heart waged since they both discovered their feelings for Len. Len sensed this tension again and he looked to Kaito asking "Can you get all the party things together?"

Kaito snapped himself out of his deep thoughts. "Huh, oh yes of course." Len then looked to Gakupo "Get a crowd together ok, I'll work on getting a room and we'll meet up there ok." Gakupo nodded as Len's hands slipped out of theirs and he hurried down the hall and into his dressing room. Gakupo turned to face Kaito, "Don't screw this up for him, focus." Kaito huffed. "Maybe you should try not to scare people off; you know everyone thinks you're the least attractive in the group." Gakupo tensed but held in his anger not wanting to show the insult got to him. He started off towards the lobby to find people. Kaito watched him go and shook his head, then went to his dressing room to call in a few favors.

*Hours later*

The party was going along well, men and women moved around the cramped room with drinks clutched in their hands. Kaito, Gakupo, and Len found themselves in different rooms' separated as fans surrounded them chatting away endlessly. Len was sitting on a backless chair with legs crossed. He had changed into his white dress featured in one of their music videos. He made sure to give equal attention to those around him, his sweet nature was how people knew him and he liked to keep up that appearance. Their CD played loudly from the stereo within the room Kaito resided in. He was bragging about different things, his charm focused on being a bit of a "bad boy" in the group. He manipulated the fans around him in obvious ways but that was his allure. Gakupo was standing against the wall of the other room with many women around him talking to him about some of his solo work. Gakupo was great at giving people what they wanted to see, he seemed to have a talent for reading desires and but also seemed to be the most mature of the group. Many people were drawn to him because of this.

As the night wore on there was a small hush in the music as the track changed. Gakupo heard his name coming from where Kaito was. Kaito was entertaining a small group of people saying things like "….yeah of course Gakupo isn't the main talent of our group, Len has the sweet voice and great guitar skills, I know how to play bass and have a very soothing voice. We could honestly get along fine without him…," Gakupo pushed away from the wall and flew across the hotel room, moving people out of his way and once close enough, grabbed Kaito by the shirt. Their eyes' met in a glare.

Gakupo's whole body was tense. "Why don't you say that to my face." Kaito laughed, sounding slightly mad. "You suck! You wouldn't have any fame if it wasn't for Len and I." Gakupo shoved him back onto the chair, smirking for now he felt no reason to hold back "Then why don't you tell everyone who didn't know how to carry a tune or even hold a guitar until I showed him how?" Some of the people gasped, unknowingly encouraging the exchange. They waited to see where the fight was going to go.

Len started to hear the shouting and hurried over. "Gakupo! Kaito! Please stop this!" He tried to call out over the music and the yelling. Kaito stood up getting into Gakupo's face. "You have been holding Len back from the start! You know I have to work twice as hard to keep you from shutting him in!" Gakupo got back into his face. "Len doesn't even care about you I can ask him right now he'd prefer you to be gone!" Kaito grabbed Gakupo but was pushed back. Gakupo drew his sword, which many believed it to be part of his stage clothes but it was in fact, actually real. Kaito produced his gun which was also real. Both had started carrying them since an incident with a deranged fan but now, in their mad hands, these weapons were ready to draw blood from each other. Len knocked over the stereo and screamed. "STOP IT!!!"

Everyone went silent, the morning light was breaking over the horizon but the clouded sky partially obscured it. Len had tears streaming down his face. "You both don't understand! You both don't remember ever being friends but you were!" he wiped some tears away and ran through the crowd, heading out of the room.

Gakupo and Kaito stayed frozen for a moment, soon relaxing their grip on their weapons and putting them away once more. Kaito and Gakupo exchanged glances of rage and then suddenly, a punch was thrown. In the crowded room it was hard to tell who actually did it, but soon the whole room was absorbed in a fight. Kaito broke away after some time and hurried to where he figured Len had gone; the roof. Gakupo managed to get out as well and pursued him. Kaito got into the elevator and made the doors start closing. He flipped off Gakupo by sticking out his tongue and pulling down on his blackened eyelid. Gakupo pounded the door as it closed.

"Damn him." he growled. He spotted the door for the stairs and ran through. His tattered clothes fluttering along as he raced upwards. He wanted to get to Len first in hopes of sharing his side of the story, in hopes of salvaging what was left of their relationship. Kaito leaned against the back of the elevator in thought, he was thinking over an apology. As much as he hated Gakupo now he never wanted to hurt Len.

Len sat on the roof's edge crying, he hated what they had become, but what he hated more was that it was over him. He was the root of their troubles, their anger, their sadness, their madness. He missed the times they spent together, playing music and enjoying themselves, their friendship was more than anything he could ever ask for, their combined love was once so meaningful but now was faded, obscured by hate. Len managed to clear some tears away, he looked out at the street miles away. A strange smile began to break across his face and soon he slowly began to laugh. A thought came to his head repeating, he could not ignore it. It was the solution to this all. His laughing went quiet and only a sad smile remained he stood up and removed his shoes.

The doors opened for both the elevator and the stairs, with Gakupo and Kaito gasping upon seeing Len standing on the edge of the building. They cried out "LEN!" in unison. Len looked back with the sad smile, "Remember…..I love you both." He jumped, quickly falling out of sight, and the grasp of both Kaito and Gakupo. The sounded of Len's words echoed through thier ears.

They heard a crash and felt their hearts break. Both quickly ran down the stairs, practically jumping down floors. There were screams and cries as Len lay peacefully on the ground, with only the slightest bit of crimson coming from him. Other than that, he appeared to be a fallen angel. The black ribbon laid out in a way around him seeming to bind him to the ground. Kaito and Gakupo hurried to him both taking a brief turn holding him and crying out.

Act 2

Gakupo and Kaito were alone in the church after the funeral service. Rain soaked the grounds outside; the rhythm of the drops could be heard within the silent building. Since the incident, they had felt like imitations of themselves. They had not spoken or seen each other since they were taken in for questioning. Gakupo sat in a pew on one side of the church, Kaito was on the opposite side. Gakupo felt a tear come as did Kaito, both unable to hold it back any longer and immediately broke down.

Kaito spoke up first. "If you had just let it go then none of this would have happened!" Gakupo stood up tears streaming down his face "If you hadn't opened your mouth then this wouldn't have happened!" Both began to approach each other ready to fight once more when a voice from outside seemed to call out. "Kaito! Gakupo!" They both fell silent for the voice was eerie, but unmistakable. They both just stared at each other wanting confirmation from the other about what they had just heard. "Kaito!" the voice went silent "Gakupo!" Gakupo and Kaito stepped away from each other quickly.

Kaito snarled "What…what kind of joke is this, you're sick!!"

Gakupo frowned. "I am not doing this, how dare you accuse me!"

The doors of the church flew open and despite the fact it was raining heavily, the sun was shining. The area outside seemed transformed into a field of yellow flowers with a path of red roses seemingly set specifically for the two of them. They both stared in completed shock. The voice called again now sounding further away "Gakupo, Kaito!" This time they responded by slowly making their way outside, covering their eyes as the brightness blinded them for a moment. The church seemed to vanish and at the end of the path of red roses, that lead up to a hill, was a figure. Kaito and Gakupo ran together, not racing each other but, in a way, working through the patches of stinging thorn roses together.

The flowers brushed against their clothes until they got to the base of the hill. The figure began to whisper "Remember." Gakupo and Kaito slowly ascended the hill. The figure began to become clearer, it was Len who was standing there! His eyes were closed and a smile was on his face, very much enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the area. One of his eyes appeared scarred though; it was the same eye that been a bit damaged from the fall. Gakupo and Kaito went to either side of him. Len smiled before taking their hands again. Tears came to Kaito and Gakupo again as Len squeezed their hands "I'm sorry, I didn't want you both to forget. The words I spoke, they were not fake."

Gakupo spoke now "If I could redo that night again I would. I would take it all back." Kaito nodded in agreement, causing Len's smile to grow. "I want you both to remember but I don't want you both to be sad. I love you both, I will not let you forget that, I will call it out even if my voice gets hoarse."

Kaito slowly reached over, undoing Len's hair and Gakupo reached down picking a yellow flower and giving it to Len. He smiled smelling it before placing it in his hair.

"Remember…please" He held their hands once again.

Everything around the both of them began to break away into yellow and red flower petals. Revealing the cemetery they now stood in. Len vanished as well but their hands were not empty because they were holding each others. Gakupo and Kaito looked out at the rain soaked grounds. After a long silence they both spoke "Falling into darkness…" The wind blew as a voice seemed to be carried on it "Remember."

This is a submission for the VanaNIce Fanclub contest.

My two favorite songs by VanaNIce are Imitation Black and The Immortal Memory. I wanted to do a story to tie the both of them together so this is what came of that lol.

A bit of explanation for the character's behaviors in the songs I always felt like Kaito was the bad boy of the band while Gakupo came off as a suave mature fellow and Len of course came off as the cute one he is lol.

As far as my feelings on the songs I always took them as a sort of tragic love triangle sort of thing, with imitation black being the first part of the story about a madding love forming and The Immortal Memory being something of the consequences from it.

Last bit I am not to big into the whole yaoi thing but I do support it for this band since it does make the stories in the songs interesting. I mean we are all use to crazy love songs between men and women so yeah. If you hate yaoi and all that that's fine to no need to be upset about it though just don't look at it that way.

Anyways ^_^ hope you readers like it feel free to comment I won't get mad or anything. Also I have terrible grammar and I welcome anyone willing to take this and clean it up for me I will totally credit you for that.


Edit: As a prize I got an amazing picture done by Fashionablylatems [link] Go comment, and fav and all that good stuff for them. ^_^
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Teto: Len dear, why can't you love me~?

Len: It's cause you're a Mary-Sue, I think--

Teto: No I'm not, you big silly~ <33


-music lol-

Teto: I've been here watching you sleep so peacefully~

Len: Okay, I'm serious, why can't you just back off?

Teto: Your voice is sweeter than 1000 angels~

Len: Oh jeez, you lying bitch, my voice is way off pitch.

Teto: My dearest little Lenny, why can't you see~ That you should be with me~?

Len: Because I already have the perfect girlfriend.

Teto: Tell that bitch to GGRKS~! GGRKS <33

Len: What the heck does that mean?

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: Stop being so Wapanese.

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: Why can't you speak English?

Teto: Because I'm so ka-wa-ii-desu~!

Len: Watch me say it fluently--

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: "Go Google My Feelings"

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: Why won't you try to speak?!

Teto: Because I'm just too sugoi~ And Japanese~ Girls are so kawa~ii~ <33

-music lol-

Teto: There's not a second that I don't think of you~

Len: Didn't I make myself clear; I'm dating MIKU!!

Teto: You can do so much better; I'm a REAL diva! <33

Len: Wow, that's so "sugoi", CAUSE MIKU'S A REAL ONE TOO.

Teto: My darling little shota, why can't you see~ That you were meant for me~ <3

Len: Because I'm clearly meant for another girl.

Teto: Maybe you should GGRKS~ GGRKS!

Len: What do I need to do...

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: To show you that I hate you?!

Teto: GGRKS!

Len: Really now, just go away.

Teto: First you should go GGRKS~

Len: I already know how you feel.

Teto: Ah! You do?

Len: I'm gonna have to turn you down.

Teto: Oh. But why?


Teto: That shouldn't matter, honey~ True love defies~ All sorts of lo~gic~ <3

-music lol-

Teto: Sometimes I can't help but wonder why you are~ In love with that stupid Miku~ Could it be that she was the first Vocaloid? Well guess what, I WAS THE FIRST UTAU! Everyone look! I was the first UTAU! Isn't that great? I was the first UTAU! I'm a real diva and in addition, look here, I was-the-first-U-TAU!

Len: Teto, no you weren't.

Teto: Yes I was! <3

Len: The first one was Defoko.

Teto: Well she sounds dumb.

Len: I swear I'm gonna kill myself.

Teto: I know you won't, because you have~ A reason to live~ And that reason is~ Me~ <33 Len, dear, why don't you love me~? <3

Len: You just can't get stupider, I think--

Teto: I'm not dumb, you big silly~ <3



(The End. CC: )
[link] Inspired by this glorious bit of win.

CCCCB Ooooh, you all had this coming so harrrrd. Because there is actually Teto x Len out there. Lol. I'm so sorry. -sob-

Teto credit to UTAU

Len and Miku credit to Crypton Media
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Sung to the (abrupt) tune of Spongebob Squarepants theme

Roy: Are you ready, troops?

Peoples: Yes, Lt. Colonel Mustang!

Roy : I can't hear you!

Peoples: Yes, Lt. Colonel Mustang!!!!

Roy : Oh! Who's a shorty shrimp bean sprout that you can't see with your eye?

Peoples: Edward Elric!

*music scratches, record is broken*


*sounds of an epic fight/surprise attack heard in the background while the Peoples run away in terror*
Sadly, this song was unable to be continued due to the destruction of all our equipment. That, and Mustang was beaten to a pulp.
I had to write this after reading :iconalchemist-wolf: 's Roy Mustang Spongebob Theme song. IT WAS SO FUNNY! And so, Ed needed a theme song, too~
Sadly, it was never finished


Spongebob (c) Nickelodeon
Edward Elric (c) Fullmetal Alchemist
Lyrics (c) Me
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Tokka: Finding Each Other

Toph's  thin lifeless puppet of a body slammed the hard floor with a sickening crunch sound. A raspy sigh escaped her lips just as the entire world went black.

In her mind, Toph was near her husband, the Water Tribe councilman Sokka and he was being bloodbent severely. She tried to cry out, but she could force no sound from her throat. She too was being bloodbent. She was forced to listen as his strong figure was being disturbingly twisted into unnatural poses and angles. The sound of the twisting made her want to vomit. His awful screams of pain reached her ears and caused her heart to race in fear. She couldn't protect him. She was completely helpless. Silent tears rolled down her pale cheeks. Her husband, her love, her true soul mate was being tortured right in front of her and she could do nothing to stop it. She tried everything she could possibly think of to break the bloodbending grip Yakone had on her, but her efforts were futile. Finally, with a disgusting snap, Sokka's neck was broken. He was dead before he hit the floor. Toph howled loudly in anger and horrific sadness. She felt as though her heart had been ripped from her chest and torn into a million pieces, only to have her soul scattered and lost within the universe. She was nothing but a breathing hallow empty body that had lost its purpose. She wished she had been the one to die instead…

Suddenly, her mind was snapped out of its heinous fantasies and she was abruptly shot back to reality. Her eyes sprung open and she sat up quickly. Immediately, a wave of dizziness came over her. She rubbed her temples and tried to stand up, but failed. She took a deep breath, prepared to attempt to stand again. She had to reach Sokka. She could feel his presence in the court room, but she was unsure whether he was dead or alive. Her earthbending had been weakened due to the severe bloodbending she had endured. She exhaled through her mouth and carefully pulled herself to her feet. Steadying herself, she walked as quickly as her body would allow her towards the direction of Sokka. As soon as the dizzy spell subsided, she ran to Sokka's side and dropped to her knees next to his form on the floor. She could feel a faint heartbeat, indicating that he was still alive, thank the spirits.

"Sokka! Sokka, can you hear me?" Toph cried placing her hands on his cheeks. With some effort, she managed to lift half his body into her lap"Oh Sokka, please just wake up!" She bent her head closer to his. She could feel his shallow breaths across her face. Suddenly, she heard a small moan.

"Toph? Toph is that you?" His hand reached up to touch her cheek. "Spirits, are you alright?!" His voice was quickly filled with panic as he recalled what had happened.

"I'm fine. I was more worried about you Snoozles." She started to calm down knowing that he was okay. "When I was passed out, I had this horrible dream that you were being tortured with bloodbending… I.. I was so scared that it was true and that you had…died." A few tears trickled down her cheeks. Sokka pulled her into an embrace, kissing her lips. She reciprocated the kiss, deepening it and letting all her emotions flow out of her. She felt so safe now. She would never let anything happen to Sokka. Nothing would ever separate them.

"I love you Toph Beifong," said Sokka quietly. His voice was filled with relief. He was so glad she was safe.

"I love you too Councilman Sokka." The pair hugged each other close, Sokka's arms tightly clutching her small waist and her jet black head. Toph gripped his neck, tears still falling down her cheeks. They broke apart briefly and Sokka wiped her tears away gently with his thumb.

"Come on Toph, you don't want to look like a lily liver in front of your officers, now do you?" Sokka joked playfully, giving her a devilish grin. She smiled weakly and punched him in the shoulder.

"Shut up Captain Boomerang!" She giggled and the pair kissed again.

Sokka still remains the only person Toph could ever truly open up to. And that will never change.
Lame title is lame...:facepalm:

This is my take on the events that occured after Yakone bloodbent the council and everyone in the courtroom in Korra's flashbacks while Aang was gone. I know there are probably already lots of people who have done something like this, but here is another one for you to read. :)

Of course I had to make it Tokka. How could I not? They are one of my OTPs after Kataang. ;) Besides, Tokka needs more love in this fandom.

In my mind, Toph was married to whoever Lin's father is for a short while before he was killed or died unexpectedly. He left Toph pregnant and he was not there to help her raise the child. Sokka was there for her, and she married him when Lin was very young. :aww:

If you don't like my theory, that's okay. You can imagine what you want.

Enjoy and feel free to comment! :D
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