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Slayers: Dungeon 2 DOUJINSHI

I've ordered a re-print of books of Dungeon 2. If you're interested to buy it, this is the moment! Few books in stock! (20) First to pay, first to get the book

Dungeon 1 is sold out, I'm not able to make another print by the moment, sorry :( 

(Click on download button to see the fullsize preview)


:bulletyellow:EDIT: If you're interested on Dungeon 1 doujinshi, let me know. Perhaps I can order a third print if we reach 25 interested people.:bulletyellow:


- Rating: +18 Only for adults. This book contains images not suitable for underage people.
- All characters are considered being over age, since the events may take place after the end of novel 15 of the original series.
- 60 pages (Black and white): Comic + Illustrations
- Couples: Gourry x Lina (Main story), Zelgadiss x Amelia (Extra story)
- Extra content: Illustrations from other artists

Final prices (Everything included: Book+shipping to your country):
- SPAIN / ESPAÑA: 15,50€
- EUROPE: 20,50€
- CANADA: 26€ (Including insurance*)

Prices can be checked in the spanish postal service webpage:…

:bulletgreen:PAYMENT METHODS:
- International customers: Paypal (recommended) or international bank transference.
- For Spain: Paypal, contrareembolso, ingreso o transferencia bancaria
Shipping: Worldwide, certified air mail. For Spain: Ordinario o certificado.
IMPORTANT: For Canada, shippings will need include an extra for insurance since packages usually get lost.
Information needed: If you want to make a pre-order, please send me a private note with the following information
- Number of books desired
- Nickname (DeviantArt, Pixiv...)
- Full name and address
- Country
- E-mail
You can also pre-order a book writing me at Pixiv, Tumblr, or sending me an e-mail to :emailsend:

- Customers must be legally over age
- Customers that sign into the pre-order MUST pay the book, if you're not going to be able to pay it, please cancel your order before the pre-order time finishes
- Only serious people, please.
- Rights of admission reserved. If I've had or I have in the future problems with you, probably I won't accept to sell you one of my books.
- I won't accept reservations to be paid after the payment period for more than 1 month. If you don't pay, your book will be sold to other person.
- In case that package gets lost I can send a new book or send a refund after I sign a claiming at the post office. This usually takes weeks to be investigated and refunded
- I need a minimun of people to sign in the pre-order so I can make the order to the printing company. In case we don't reach 26 people, I can't sell the book and pre-order will be cancelled.

- In case that something might happen (For example that DeviantArt explodes ¿?) you can contact me at: :emailsend: or in Twitter: :twitter: prettio_cgm // prettio_art
- When sending payment, be sure you send it in EUROS. Paypal will convert it automatically from your coin currency. Payments sent in other coin currency will be refund
- When sending payment make sure to include your nickname or e-mail so I can identify you.

:star:PRE-ORDER LIST (OPEN):star:
:bulletgreen: = PAID
:bulletblue: = SHIPPED

:bulletblue: 1. brensey (PAID)  SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 2. itsKareBear (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 3. Neryko (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletgreen: 4. Amaipetisu (PAID)
:bulletblue: 5. Raffy-chan (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 6. dog42a (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 7. ShiponsTails (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 8. NaoChan (PAID) SHIPPED
:bulletblue: 9. Bankaisu (PAID) SHIPPED
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I just found a new vocaloid t love: Akita Neru (even though I've only listened to 'stop nagging me!' lol xD).

List of my Favorite Vocaloids

1. Yowane Haku
2. Akito Neru
3. Miku Hatsune
4. Kagamine twins
5. Luka Megauraine

I found the picture here [link]

Stop nagging me! [link]

Picture (c) it's artist
Akita Neru (c) people that made the Vocaloids
Stop nagging me! (c) Akita Neru/ the song writer
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this is kocchi muite baby, costume designed by kei garou from this song[link]
i want to try his style.. shiny.. sparkly and free flowing but i end up in this too shiny and bright that other details can't even be seen! since i have to edit it..
next time.. i'll make it in a much more better and colorful piece..


XD i forgot to give her glasses!


i really want to encourage you guys to comment because the comment box will just be useless..
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*Please do not use this without my permission.*

Well, here it is. The project that has been occupying my spare time for the past month. I've spent a lot of time trying to perfect it, and I think this is the best I can do as of right now. It's far from perfect, and experienced artists probably see a lot of things wrong with it, but that's alright, because this is my first drawing EVER in this sort of style. And seeing as I drew this [link] only three months ago? (and I've only been doing digital art three months) I'm very happy with my improvement. Besides, if this drawing was completely perfect, there would be nothing for me to learn and improve on. So overall, I'm satisfied.

Link is one of my favorite characters, so I used him to practice on. My main purpose with this was to learn the basics of painting a face. I can't tell you how many different tutorials I used to learn how to do this, and I'm definitely going to keep practicing so I can get better at it. I'm looking forward to what I'll be able to do in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to view this; hope you like it! If you would leave a comment, that would really make my day, because I don't get very many comments at all. And to my friends and family who encouraged me on this, I can't thank you enough.


EDIT: Wow, so many faves and comments already! Thank you guys so much! :tighthug:
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...forever bound by fate. Destined to meet, and destined to shape the history of the world. Shall it be, as the legend tells, that Courage and Wisdom will seal away the darkness, or will the darkness consume them and all of Hyrule with it?


This one was a LOT of work, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It was really hard to get the shading on the faces right. ...I hate shading. :XD: Anyway, I really enjoyed experimenting with the dark themes, and I think I've found a drawing style that I like. :)

Here's the sketch I started with: [link]

9/5/12 EDIT: Made Link and Zelda a little brighter. Thought the picture looked a little too dim.

Hope you like it! Comments are really appriciated! :D :D :D
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by me!!
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"R-Rin…I want to ask you something…"
"Eh? Well what is it??"
"I…er…was wanting to know if you'd go on a date with me….um…if you'd like that is."

It's been exactly one year since Len had asked me that question. And here I am waiting for him to get his act together and meet me for our anniversary dinner.
I knew he would do this- he's always late for our normal dates- but for some reason I can't help but feel let down.
To think he would change for me… Of course I can't stay mad at him for too long.
Is it possible that this is why it hurts?
I should leave, I should let him go to my house and find me there, crying my eyes out…maybe then he'll change.
But was I going to do that?
I mean, I've been waiting out here for an hour already…another one won't hurt.
"AH! Kaito!! Quit it!!"
My head instantly turned towards the sound.
"Sorry Mei…I couldn't help myself…you just look too gorgeous right now."
"Awww….. Kaito…"
Tears welled up in my eyes and I tore myself away from the couple. They seemed so in love…. It was so sweet.
I'm getting my hopes up again.
Len would only do that if he were in one of his perverted moods.
Another sigh…
Only another 55 minutes to wait….
I was startled awake by a warm hand laying itself on my shoulder
"You're going to get kidnapped if you keep falling asleep in public places like that you know."
Instantly, the temptation to ask if he even cared popped into my head.
"And if that happened I might as well die." My boyfriend kissed my cheek, hugging me tight.
"You're late." Though it didn't out as bitter as I had hoped, Len noticed.
"I know, and I'm sorry. It won't happen again, I promise." He said this almost automatically, as if he'd rehearsed it so many times before.
It was just something to try and get me to be quiet and forget about it. Truly, I knew they were just untruthful words.
He was never truly sorry…he never will be. Somehow, that thought voiced itself before I could pull it back and lock it up in my head.
"You don't need to lie to me Len. I know you're not sorry, so just save your breath."
My boyfriend pulled back in surprise.
"Rin? Are you feeling alright?" he put his hand to my forehead.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Despite my efforts, I felt a wave of heat flush across my cheeks.
"Look at me," Len pushed my chin up, forcing me to look him dead in the eyes. "I honestly can say that I'm sorry. I made reservations and everything- just like we planned."
"I-I…I need to be somewhere…just call me when you actually want to care about us, okay Len."
"NO. You've done this since our first date, I KNOW you're not sorry. I-I…" my voice choked up and without another word I ran. I didn't care where I was going; I just had to leave….
I couldn't let him see my tears
----2 Days Later----

"I love you Rin…
I love you"
. He said that to me…he lied to me.
He said he cared…. But I can't find it in my heart to believe him.
It hurts to believe him…. I shut my apartment door behind me and allowed myself to slump against its chilled wood. Tears began to fall from my eyes just as they had yesterday. I still love Len. I don't want to. After all this shit he's put me through why should I…?
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard my cell phone ring. Instinctively, I reached for it and looked on the screen.
No missed calls, no new messages
Two days after our fight and he still hasn't called.
I knew he didn't love me.
Do you think I should call and apologize? I mean I was the one who left him…
I quickly dried my tears with my sleeve and typed up Len's number.
But what if he's already deleted my number…what if he asks who I am? Then that would make it seem like I'm desperate!
I exited the call screen and slipped my phone back into my pocket with a sigh. I guess this is it….I'm no longer the lover of Len Kagamine…
What made him change his mind? It's not like he never yelled at me before or after one of our dates…. he honestly had it coming to him.
Was it because I don't speak formally enough?
Or because I'm sometimes restless?
Maybe it's because sometimes….I…enjoy using *"sentence enhancers" when they're not needed?
Is it because I get too jealous and proud?
I looked to my full length mirror in the corner of the room, finding every little problem- picking myself apart strand by strand.
Is it because I look childish? Or because I'm shorter? No, it has to be that I don't have a sexy enough body! Right? Or maybe he just doesn't like my hair color….OH! It's because I can't control myself, isn't it?
I just wish he would tell me…I know now I can't live without Len…I'll let him change me- mold me however he wants…I promise I will!
*It's an inside joke…sorry. XD My GUMI friend and I use it as a generalization of curse words ^_^*
I just decided to repost the majority of it all together again :/

Rin: You're here~
Len: Coming Soon~~

If you fave, please leave a comment telling me what you liked or disliked about the story! I read EVERY comment, even if I don't always answer, and I always try to take those comments into consideration while writing.

Thank you, and enjoy!
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OMG!!! I LOVE DRAGON QUEST VIII!!!! Lolz, I went crazy with that game and my time on that game is 120+ hours. I got the special armor for the main character and I almost collected all of the monsters in game...I really went overboard on that game... ^^;

I gotta play the other Dragon Quests. Dragon Quest VIII is the first Dragon Quest I ever played and I really want to see how the other ones are...*sigh* there are so many games to get...the list doesn't end...OTL

Back to the drawing, this drawing took me awhile to do because I had to make many changes to the original drawing since there were so many mistakes, and also because of the coloring.

Hee hee, slime background. :dance:

Done Using: Open Canvas and Photoshop CS2
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Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) from "Supernatural"

I´ve decided to draw this because I´m a sucker for details so I totally love how is his skin scarred and kind of falling of...sounds weird, hm? :D
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This is another in my flurry of Sailor Moon nostalgia.

I did the sketch ([link]) for this picture several years ago, when everything I did was in the Sailor Moon style. It took me a while to remember how to shade it, too. :iconsadnessplz:

In the original, she was wearing the classic uniform. But for some reason I felt like upgrading her to the eternal uniform. Not sure why...

Name: Karen Ichimonji
Outfit: Eternal
Guardian: Earth
Transform: Earth Eternal Power (Make Up)
Attack: Earth Rolling Wind
Earth Rising Cyclone
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