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These are my Mustang shoes!

I bought the shoes from K-Mart and painted them when I got home! It's got the Geko from his glove on the top of my shoe, and "Roy Mustang" written on each side of the shoes!

And don't you just love my socks?!
They go all the way past my knees!
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"These Races are concepts way back from highschool...well some of them.
I'll be providing descriptions on them so no worries over what they are and blah blah.....

Anyways The Forgotten Races were once those who freely roamed the Continent of Firens Nu.
Til the arrival of the humans from the Great Divide which over the years forced them to fade into myth and legends due to these foreigner's vast numbers.

you could say that these were the natives of the Firens Nu. Mystic and Magic surrounds them and they live in different ways with different powers connecting with each other.

Starting Bid: 5$/500 pts.
Increments Increase As long as it ends with a "0"[e.g 100,210,350...]
Auto Buy: 30$/2500 points.
*AB will receive Swatches and a Full body Sketch.
*Winner gets the Adopt+Waist-Up Fully colored Art.

NOTE! I LEFT BOXES THIS TIME!PLS.LEAVE COMMENT ON THE RIGHT ROW. I will ignore outside comments. Thanks!

:new: Auction Ends when: ALL ADOPTS has SBs +5 more days for anyone to outbid the current HBs. ALL adopts have bids so auction end is on April 27th, 12:00 MN EST. [12:00 AM 28th in the Philippines]No whining after that....

Adoptables up for bid:

#01-Cream/White Long Ear:
"anthropomorphic rabbit like creatures. Their prominent features are their fluffy ears and tails as well as the gems embedded in their head,arms and feet.. Contrary to their seemingly cute appearances. their feet can crush boulders when they fight and their ears used as an extra pair of arms in battle. Usually they serve as scouts and messengers to various kingdoms but where do they reside? The human do not know...for after every job they just vanish."
"This Long Ear is a Fist, a Type who best lands hits without a weapon and doubles the damage upon hitting a weak spot.Even armed knights have troubles with Fist Long Ears."

Ability:Vanishing Act/Agility and Swiftness/Hard hitters.

#02-Carnelian Gemites:
"More often than not, these are the race that can best blend in with humans in their society. Gemites are human like in every appearances except for their translucent skin tone and the gem embedded on their chest and smaller gems on their heads and faces. These stones glow when another Gemite is within their reach or if their kind is in distress.Depending on their gems; Each can increase their ability tenfold with the help of their gems which consists of concentrated Mana."
"Carneilia's ability is Stabilizer and Blood Render, wherein he remains in control of his abilities for days of fighting which can destabilize a human in mere hours. The latter is an ability that he uses when he looses a lot of blood, his strength triples and he heals instantly when the one who injured him dies."

Ability:Special Ability Increase/Telepathic Resonance with a Gemite.
OWNER: :iconkai-haruru:

#03-Albino Grim Splitter:
"Splitters rarely mix with humans but they usually like observing them from afar. Their demon like appearance made the humans apprehensive due to their macabre humor and practice of the dark artes. By nature Splitters are just mischievous and they love a good laugh warned. Don't look at them when the darkness settled in. They usually fly about without their lower half which can scare a weak soul."
"This Splitter is an Albino which means he can combine Dark Magic with Elements like Ice and Lightning.They are also more of the purest kind of Splitters. "

Ability:Body Split/Inhuman Strength/Flight
OWNER:AB by :iconfenrirhound:


#04-Oak Wakan:
"Guardians of the Great Forests of Firens Nu. These hooved creatures are easily reconized by the crystals on their wooden horns and tails. They are always seen with a piece of wood or stone...anything connected to nature. For the Wakans are at their full power when in nature and is usually uncomfortable in metal dominant cities humans seem to favor.Wakans do not attack unless provoked so thread carefully, They are scarier than Monsters when riled."
"This Wakan is an Oak Tree Dominant.Known for strength and endurance; he can turn his slingshot staff into a spear or a bolo blade."

Ability:Mana Manipulation/Sniping/Speed

#05-Silver Enkan:
Silent but deadly warriors residing to the Cold regions of Firens Nu. This race of fox tailed beings are always seen in the Mountains. Often a rare number of them go into the cities to find mercenary jobs. Their strength and killing speed are among the best in the Five Kingdoms; Most Enkans who are the best hunters belong to an Special Order within their kind.Most often Enkans don't wear heavy armory for it slows them down but they do carry weapons that weights a ton.."
Ability: Stealth/100% Accuracy Hit/Heavy Armament."
"This female Enkan lost her eye during a mission. She has three tails symbolizing that she is more of the GunTak wielders, weapons combining a hug gatling gun and a curved blade."

#06-Seraphim Alto:
"One of the rarest race to come in contact with humans were the race of a mix between the Ancients Dragons and the Angels from the Gate Realm. This unique Drangels [Dragon Angels] have the power to heal even the most grievous of wounds and wield holy items with deadly accuracy. Powerful spells passed down by the Angels to their forefathers enabled them to seclude themselves and their hidden city from humans."
"This Alto is a Seraphim, a drangel belonging to the First Tier, the Highest level an Alto could achieve. He is the blade of his kind and when he goes to battle, his wings become a fiery shade of red."

Ability:Healer/Flight/Sacred Fire
OWNER:HB:AB by :iconfenrirhound:

This is not First come First served.

Other open Adopts:



Donut ADOPTS: [6 left!]

I also do custom adoptables! Chibi,Semi-chibi and Full adopts.

Click here if Interested. Commission via Paypal and PointsHi,I am Sera and welcome to my commission ID journal.[Updated Prices!]
How to Commission me:
Easy. Just note me. or message me on my DA page if you wanna ask questions or keep it unofficial if you are not sure of picking me for your commission.
How you pay when commissioning me or buying adopts from me:
OPTION 1: Paypal
Simple. We agree on what you want done (and I give the run-down of prices.) I'll note my email and once I get the money(full/half payment.) you will be on the list.
Note: One must have a Paypal account for this I think? I don't do Snail Mail.
OPTION 2: Point
There are two ways of paying here:
:damphyr:When I reply "Send the points over." One must send it the usual way.
For newbies using this option, Click on the "Points icon" when your cursor touches "Shop" icon on the upper right. Click "Give Points". Send to me *SeraphEnigma23. Done and done!
:damphyr:I now use the "Premium" Settings for the Points System. Meaning unless I say "s

Terms of Use:
:damphyr:If the design is to be changed please note me about it.
:damphyr:No reselling once bought,you may gift it but tell me to whom so that I may change the owner.
:damphyr:you may say it is your character once bought but artwork and design, please credit me.that is all I ask for.
:damphyr:When you buy from me. you bought the design not what I drew.
:damphyr:No refunds once bought so choose carefully.
:damphyr:Allow ME to reply whether I accept or not before sending me points or cash.
:damphyr:First come first served when buying adopts. As the rule implies except when I am doing Auctions/Make your Offer with a fixed price bracket.
:new::damphyr: I have 2 methods in "Name your Price/make an offer".
If you see this:
"Price:500-600 pts./5-6$" This is First come first served Make your Offer.It gives those with low offers to be accepted.
but the FCFS is void if you see this:
"Price:No fixed Price. Offer anything that isn't a below 100 points/1 $"It is an outbidding Make your Offer, so knock yourselves out.
:damphyr: When I am doing Auctions, I will place bid comments on the numbers, reply there so I can track who is the current highest bidder. Reply there also if you wanna outbid the highest bidder.I will give the adopt to whomever bids the highest till the end of Auction.
:damphyr: Bids of either regular or autobuying will be reminded to bid at the "Bid" Sections for me to keep track. I will remind those who reply outside of it but it helps to read right?
:damphyr: Holding/Reserving an adopt is now only for 24 hours.After that it will open like it or not. (Unless you are a good friend of mine <3.)
:damphyr: No adopt limit on this sheet(Does not count when in another sheet). Please give my babies a good home. (Seriously I am attached to my adopts.)
:damphyr:Due to some concerns. I will look at the buyer's DA Accounts before agreeing to any purchase just to make sure that they are indeed going to take care of my babies. Recent Adopt theft left me feeling anxious. No offense to you genuine adopt lovers.
I need to do this for security and to make sure my adopts gets good homes and nobody gets tricked.
:damphyr:Please treat me and my artwork with respect, do not resell and don't bash me if you don't like how I price them, remember if you buy my adoptables it means you buy also my hours of conceptualizing,coloring and shading of my work, In other words I spent time on my work.So please...think of that.
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Full view to see details. Okay so I am looking for demon girl/creepy adoptables, if you have any of those to offer.
I will likely not be interested in customs.

Offer below but first read the rules.
:bulletorange: Rules!
:bulletred: Do NOT resell or trade!
:bulletred: Do NOT claim the art, you are offering for the design, not the art.
:bulletred: Do not copy or trace this design.
:bulletgreen: Do change her however you like ^u^
:bulletgreen: Do link me to places where you have used the character ^u^
:bulletgreen: Read the what to offer and what not to offer, then in front of your offer write "orange explosion" so I know you did ^U^

What to offer;
:bulletgreen: Adopts in human forms, but some animals are okay, like cats, But I am really looking for demon girls
:bulletgreen: Adoptables [Demon girls or creepy ones prefered, if only adopts offered then likely offer more than one]
:bulletgreen: Adoptable + points [If the adopt is really great and should be valued equal or more than my own then points won't be needed]
:bulletgreen: Points 100+
:bulletgreen: Your soul ;)

What not to offer;
:bulletred: commissions or customs, some may be exceptable, but not all. (I do draw my own art, and if I can come up with a design for you to do, then likely I can draw it myself XDD)
:bulletred: cookie cutter, stencilled, or poorly done/designed adopts. I took time on mine and I expect to see effort in the ones offered.
:bulletred: Please no ponies >.< They are cute and all, but not what I want.

I'm sorry if I am not interested in your offer >.<

Sold to; :iconcristinamaggie: for Two demon girl adoptables
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Like the title says ^^

Remote Control

Len - :iconwi-ng:
Rin - :iconauroracelsius:
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Need a new dA ID. Been addicted to doing this lately xD They are cosplays I've worn, not necessarily made. The font is AR CENA.

In order.

:bulletwhite: Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Pichu, Pokemon || Costume made by my mom.
:bulletwhite: Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children || Costume made by my mom and me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid: Magnet || Costume made by my mom and me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho || Shirt borrowed from my brother
:bulletwhite: Yuna, Final Fantasy X || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Lady Shiva, DC Comics || Closet Cosplay
:bulletwhite: Assassin, Original Character || Closet Cosplay
:bulletwhite: Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2 || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi

:bulletwhite: Ranka Lee, Macross Frontier || Costume made by my mom and me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Garnet til Alexandros XVII, Final Fantasy IX || Costume made by Xelhestiel
:bulletwhite: Rikku, Final Fantasy X-2 || Costume made by Xelhestiel
:bulletwhite: Kneesocks Demon, Panty&Stocking || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Alisa Bosconovitch, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Umi Ryuuzaki, Magic Knight Rayearth || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Souma, RG Veda || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Irisviel von Einbern, Fate Zero || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Haruka Tenoh, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi

:bulletwhite: Rarity, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Princess Serenity, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon || Costume made by NsomniacArtist
:bulletwhite: Ayumi Hamasaki, Rock 'n' Roll Circus Tour: 7 Days Final || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Cop! Stocking Anarchy, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: RacingQueen! Rei Ayanami, Neon Genesis Evangelion || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Sheryl Nome, Macross Frontier || Closet Cosplay
:bulletwhite: Homura Akemi, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica || Costume made by, vickybunnyangel
:bulletwhite: FruitMaids! Minako Aino, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Bunny! Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi
:bulletwhite: Hitagi Senjougahara, Bakemonogatari || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Undine! Asuna Yuuki, Sword Art Online || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Ranka Lee, Macross Frontier || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Princess Luna, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Mulan, Mulan: Apocalypse Princess ver. || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Seohyun, Girls Generation: Cabi Song. || :new:
:bulletwhite: Sailor!Minako Aino, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Hakuei Ren, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Swimsuit ver.) || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Makoto Tachibana, Splash Free! || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Hatsune Miku, Colorful x Melody || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
:bulletwhite: Yui Hirasawa, K-ON! || Costume made by me, Mei-Hoshi :new:
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Style meme

i liked the chibi one best :] and the surreal one... idk wat surreal is so yea.. thats how it turned out. sorry about the last panel but i fail at trying to draw with other artists style.

Takeo (c) ~Yokai-Link
meme originaly made by ~Rubber-Soul

(gotta practice on drawing different faces.. otl..)
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AHAHAHAHAHA! me and my awesome BASS clarinet, which i have named Bassy (lol i have a clarinet i named clary XD) i was bored. so ya. and those are my not yet had, but soon to be awesometastic glasses. it's kinda boring looking, so if you have any ideas id luv to hear

lol im such a band nerd omg
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2. 220 :points:

Base (c) *miiyawn
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OKay this is the best i could do...i know its long and its confusing but this is the best way i know how to explain it

heres what it should look like if you did it right

i know theres a million other ways to do this, but this is how i went about explaining i wont be replying to comments saying " well you can do this or this or this or this" i know how to work GIMP so if your commenting for the benefit of others than thats fine...but i wont reply to those comments

ask as many questions as you want and ill do everything in my power to help!! i know this isnt the greatest tutorial but its the best i could come up with

dont ask me about making eyes blink or how i make my anime icons, i wont tell you.

GIMP works with stacking layers on top of each other...sooo to make it blink, stack different eye layers on top of each other, one open, one closed, one half open and back to full open

thats all im gonna tell you.

experiment with GIMP or any other animation program. thats what i did. so if i can figure it out, so can you!
and by messing with the program, youll find new things and youll get to know it even better!! so yeah

hope this helps a little bit
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sketchy outfit meme, starring Cane, as reference for myself and other people 8D

The last 3 are empty!!! you can suggest anything! I'll draw something nice (not a sketchy chibi lol)
May it be a better version of what I've drawn up until now or a maid outfit, you decide.

Main outfit: His school uniform, he wears this the most right now
Two new outfits: nothing much to say, personally love the second one
Pj's: comfy clothes, he always wears pj's.
Work out: Also comfy, he had this one for quite a while, but never grew out of it :iconming3plz:
Formal: for when he's with family, no skulls and stuff lol
Underwear: He doesn't like people seeing him in undies 8D
Swimwear: long boxers lol, shorter will make him uncomfortable
Lazy clothes: any (band) shirt and wide jeans.
Date clothes: first impressions are important (not that he ever goes on a date)
Clubing: He doesn't like clubing :I
Summer: too hot
Autumn: perfect, he loves this coat.
Winter: The hat was given by his best friend on his first convention. He always catches a cold in winter somehow.
Spring: He likes spring as much as autumn
School uniform: with added coat!
Lolita/dandy: He'd never wear this...maybe on conventions.
Oc's favourite animal: it's a chinchilla
Hero: Candy Cane man
Villain: I'm not sure what evil deeds he does :I
Pokemon trainer: lol what? I don't even...
Cosplay: His first ever cosplay was Yagami Light, his best friend cosplayed Amane Misa, she's a more experienced cosplayer. He still had his natural hair so it was semi-perfect.
Futuristic: Dunno, not much into sci-fy
Historic: Based on 'De nachtwacht' lol, Dutch fashion is perfect.
Halloween: werewolf. pretty much it.
Homeless: nothing much to do homeless people look like? /orz
Kinky: I don't even...

Main/School uniform outfit design (c) *Sakura-Pumpkin
Cane Martins (c) me

Meme: [link]
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