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My tablet's been out of commission lately, so I haven't been able to draw anything digitally. It started working again last night, so drew this.

I had a dream about a castle that was cut off from the rest of the world and time, where people were taught how to rewrite or create their own destinies. Because the people either were born without one or their old destinies suddenly changed (ex. meant to die at a specific time/place, but they survived). Everyone had their own books, where they wrote certain details that they want in their lives, like if they want to get fall in love/get married, what kind of career they want, where they'd end up living. And the rest of the book would fill in every part of their lives from start to finish (and of course, people can try and get a perfect life, but things that they want don't always work out).

This girl was born without a destiny and there was a guy also in the castle who she liked, so she was trying to get her new life to cross over with his, but no matter what she did she'd either end up someplace completely different or in really bad positions in his world. He was kind of jerk anyways and I don't see what she saw in him, but yeah. >>;

At some point things from her life-book started popping up in the castle, and anyone she knew in the castle that ended up in her new life started acting out their roles in her book. But then things went to shit because her new life made her a princess or something, and a lot of the people were after her, and the guy she liked ended up being one of the bad guys. And then she lost her book or it was stolen from her, so she couldn't fix anything.

It was an interesting dream.

Hopefully my tablet will stay working. This is the second time it's done this. ._. Sigh.

(Also I am hopelessly addicted to Final Fantasy XIII, so there is that.)
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I finished the lineart of my big last school assignment/art exhibition/"Metamorphosis" drawing today. My eyes were all blurry afterwards.
This is a part of it. This photo was taken yesterday when half of the drawing was still sketchy (as you might see).
You can see the brook horse, the cat, the leopard, the snake, the ermine and part of the husky along with the ego down there in the corner.

I'm thinking of naming it Release. But I've thought of a lot of titles. Guess I'll decide once it's finished.

I sure hope I'll get my new set of colored pencils soon. I'll need them.
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A 30 Days of Creativity Doodle.

Copic marker and Photoshop.
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Art dumpppppp.
I would have liked to include more art like the clothes meme, but I never finished that so nevermind XD Enjoy~ eue

First to the top left is Shirina, chibified >u< Something I doodled at school because I lost a bet? I forgot ROFL.

To the right is an Ayre x Mei fanart I did after Rueme posted a journal on draw Ayre x Mei win free sketches (HA, I did it just for the sake of it though LOL). I've always imagined couples drinking together in a cafe rofl <3 HNGG.

Below those two is a birthday gift (kinda PFFT) for Tato, aka Tooma the nekomata rofl. It's based on an RP we had (which I need to continue) and I wanted to make something like a movie or manga to show the story eue Finished it while watching Harry Potter ROFL HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL (I'm so happy I made it on time ahahah). I'll send the individual file to you later *u*
Sequence of events:
>Bored Tooma rests.
>Random Veni sees Tooma.
>Random Veni turbo pokes sleeping Tooma.
>Tooma is angry.
>Veni throws sandballs.
>Tooma tries to catch Veni but it is ineffective.
>Hyper Veni bearhugs unwilling Tooma.
>Irritated Tooma pushes Veni away.
>Tooma falls down to deeper part of the ocean.
>Tooma is drowning.
>Veni is waiting and staring (ROFL).

Under and to the left is an IF Veni was in a modern world setting with modern clothes and a haircut ROFL. Hmm I quite like his haircut..../SHOT

To the right are more IF's of Veni. The first one is if he was a moderator, if he did become a moderator or some land governor. One word: DISASTERR. He'd toy with his rights just for the fun of it ;n; POOR CITIZENS.
Then there's one based on the species change meme, if he was a griffin I'd imagine him singing I believe I can fly I got shot by the FBI, all I wanted was a chicken wing, but instead I got shot in the thing-a-ling~ I believe I can-- but then illegal poachers would come and shoot the huge singing bird down ;n; ENTER BULLET HELL.

Then finally, last but not least, his home if it was cut open. To enter: swim down to the bottom entrance, open the first door, close the first door, open the 2nd door (let the water in), pump the water out, close the door, wipe your feet, go upstairs, open the escape hatch/pet entrance and let Kaien in. LOL. The walls are pretty much plastered with shells and sea decorations but I didn't draw it. His parents home (I did say they lived nearby) are deeper down, and the air pipe goes is much much longer rofl.

And again, if you've got any questions, just ask. :la:
Download for full size~

Shirina (c) :iconchisuimi:
Ayre (c) :iconrueme:
Mei (c) :iconxkimikox:
Tooma (c) :iconhijackedpotato:
Veni (c) :iconfaluliai:


Faluliai 2011.6.25
Made with Painttool SAI (laugh)
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"Loki was condemned by Skadi, the goddess of winter, to be imprisoned deep within the earth. A venemous snake was put above him, dripping its venom on Loki's body as an eternal punishment. Sigyn, his wife, begged Skadi to let her catch the venom and Skadi agreed. Sigyn holds a bowl beneath the serpent's fangs, gathering the poison. But when the bowl fills, and Sigyn goes to empty it, the venom fron the snake's fangs drop on Loki's body. This causes him to writhe in pain so violently that it causes earchquakes. It is said that Loki will be freed from this torture on the day of Ragnarok."

Or something like that.

My other Loki and Sigyn fanarts are here: [link] [link]

This is where she's afraid to leave him because she knows he'll get hurt.

I know it's not quite the real story, but I like romanticising stuff.
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(Wip 1) Lineart-ish* of sherlock (BBC) =P
*Based upon sketch made by hand.

Wip 2: [link]
Wip 3: [link]
Wip 4: [link]

Tumblr post (all the WIPs in one): [link]

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Essa semana vou adicionar a versão colorida do desenho=)

This week I will add the color version of the drawing=)
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Loki child: random sketches
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...not really.

Some really old, some really new~
Some wips and all, though few~


I've still got quite a few more things I didn't post on dA in my folders HAHA. Maybe I'll save them for next time.


Respective characters (c) Owners
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