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In a crowded room,
But no one hears me screaming,
Hundreds of people surround me,
But I've never felt so alone.

I don't need just anyone,
But god, do I need someone,
Why can I long for people,
But never say a word.

I tell myself I'm stronger than that,
And hate to admit I'm weak,
That I may wake up one day,
To find it is true.

That maybe I do need someone to hear me scream,
And scream with me as loud as they can,
Till our eardrums burst from the sound,
And drown out all my lonliness.
Just a poem I wrote about lonliness... I'm not lonely or anything, it's just a song I was listening to got me in the mood to write this-- "Welcome to my Life" by Simple Plan.
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Hey-yo Daddy-o
I'm as fast as fast can go
Ginger slip and taunting air
Spicy bounding twirling dare
Hill and dale and in between
Tagging chasing vanilla cream
Foxy loxy's so darned clever
Thinks to eat me by the river
Upside down and inside out
Foaming pouting fuzzy snout
I'm as fast as fast can go
You can't catch me; don't you know?
My humorous little take on the old Gingerbread Man poem. I read this aloud in a very paced but quick rhythm. This is another old poem from 2003 (as I trudge through my old files) that I've edited and reworked a bit to share here.

I did an aloud reading of this one on YouTube as well.
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It's about a found poet, of course.
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Crystal spires weeping prism blades
Shock, shatter, coaxing flame
Unfettered feathered helix wings
Undulating, yowling, torrid dreams
One more ancient poem drug out of the mothballs, with a little reworking. I have to admit that after editing this oldie, I feel like it needs more now than I originally gave it. Perhaps I'll revisit it again sometime and lengthen it.
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By Romy Lara

I exit the studio, sighing at the sight of the sun quietly hiding behind the trees and buildings. Turn to the right and keep walking. Cars are passing by, people in black suits get out from the nearest buildings; none of them care about their surroundings. I lift up my head and notice in big steel-letters the name of the company that owns that peculiar orange building in the corner of the street. It's the first time I see it. The sky is painted blue with some dabs of gray, just as if somehow the color of the concrete street had been absorbed by the clouds.

Behind me there's a couple discussing something about a house. She doesn't sound happy. And he's just getting mad. She shouts and speeds up, him trying to catch up with her, but it's futile. She is a very good runner despite her heels. The man glances at me. I toy with the white cable of my earphones and pretend I didn't hear anything. I pass him. He just stands there. I wonder what would he do now. But I have no time to sit and stare.

When I arrive at the main avenue, dust and earth hurt my eyes, making it hard for me to see clearly. I almost miss the passageway that goes underground to cross the street, but I manage to get in and let all the smokes and smells of little restaurants hit me. Everyone has to be very careful with the statue that claims herself to be a part of the wall, grabbing it firmly with one hand. Her look is sad, always sad; not even the fresh flowers she got today could cheer her up.

I wait for the bus to come. The sound of the drills at the construction site next to me is annoying. They have been working for six months now. Did they find gold? Or is paving a sidewalk really that hard? I get in the bus, clenching the tube while the driver speeds and manages to give me my change. I stumble through the tiny hall until I drop my body at the farthest seat, near the back door. The bus is filled with awful music. But I think it must be a rule. Bus drivers must have a code or requisit concerning musical genres, because they all play the same distasteful music.

I get the window seat, so I comfort myself on watching life and cars pass by while we travel carelessly. Suddenly I become a spectator to the outer world, that life that happens on the sidewalk.
Two men in dusty jumpsuits and old caps are carrying a little wagon with rocks and shovels down the stairs of a bridge. An old lady in front of them is gazing at them nervously, afraid some accident might happen.
Next, three skinny women with TinkerBell style dresses are waiting on a corner. Their smiles are just as fake as the colour of their hair. I can only see one of them taking out a box of cigarrettes before we pass them.
Four guys running. Two cops behind.
A male biker with a pink helmet.
A lady dressed in black hugging someone, a tissue in her hand.
The man that is sitting next to me starts falling asleep. Ten minutes later he unconsciously drops his head on my shoulder and I freeze at the contact. His lotion is strong. He carries an orange backpack that looks pretty heavy. We go over an ugly hole in the street and he gets startled, unaware that he was sleeping on me.

Through the window I can see the buildings, all kinds of workshops, skinny trees, big columns of concrete that hold the second floor of the avenue. Wild plants defy the laws of nature and spring to life through the cracks on the walls of the tunnels.

One hour later, I get out of the bus, jumping from it to the pavement. It's a nice day. The wind is running through the leaves and messing with my hair. Clouds in shapes of ships and towers start menacing with rain. But I want rain, and all of a sudden I begin to see the tiny drops falling from the sky. I smile widely. The man that keeps the laundry shop stares at me, thinking I'm crazy for smiling at the rain that now wets my hair. It's not so heavy.

I manage to arrive at my house on time, before the real thunder falls. Inside is quiet. I'm the first one to arrive. My family won't be late. I put my bag and my jacket on the couch and stare at the blue and yellow wall, and I just realize how interesting my trip was on my way home.

"Details," my granny would say "it's all about catching those little details of life that makes it worthliving, even in the most boring routines." And I agree.
Like it's said, when I arrived at my house I realized today I had paid a lot of attention to details.
It's pretty interesting how many things happen outside when we are stuck in traffic.

:bulletred::bulletred: Do Not Use This Artwork Without My Permission. :bulletred::bulletred:

EDIT: OMG a DD!!! Wow! :la:
Thanks very much to all the people who read, commented and faved this work. I am so honored. :)
And a million thanks to :iconxlntwtch: and :iconbeccalicious: who made this possible. I love you!! ^^
I can't stop jumping and smiling! :D :iconllamajumpplz:
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Rings and rivulets of water
Rolling down the panes and roof
Running wildly through the gutters
Resting underneath the porch
Raking wet across the shutters
Remaining still for far too long
Restless children yearn to play
December Form Challenge, 2012 :iconkiwi-damnation::iconprojectdfc:

December 7th


A seven line, 1 stanza poem formed by Craig
Tigerman. The first words of each line have to
start with the same letter as the title.

The preview image is used with permission by the very talented artist, :iconfuzzybuzzy: Please view and fave the original here:

Wordsmiths Literature Site: [link]
Artsmith Magazine: [link]
This Disturbing Magic: [link]
Facebook [link]
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Warning: This chapter contains MINOR spoilers regarding the Rise of the Guardians movie!


You have no idea what to do.

Another Nightmare manifests from the dark, joining its companion at the window.

You can’t let the Nightmares make it back to Pitch and tell him of the Guardians’ compromised statuses.

But you can’t call out to Jack or Sandy, not wanting to alert them, either.

Plus, calling out would confuse the living daylights out of Jack, doing who-knows-what-kind of damage to him.

So you just stand there, completely immobile, staring at the Nightmares’ dark forms hovering by the window. They begin to clop their hooves on the air.

They’re getting ready to leave.

Come on, turn around, you think, hoping that somehow the Guardian or winter spirit will hear your projected thoughts.

It seems to work.

Jack takes notice of the being closest to him and whirls around. The Nightmares neigh and stand on their hind legs before shooting off down the street, with Jack in close pursuit.

“Sandy, come on! We can find Pitch!” you hear him cry back to the Sandman.

You see the small golden man hesitate, looking back at the sleeping forms of his friends.

But he leaps out of the window, his dreamsand cloud manifesting beneath him as he rushes to catch up with Jack, the two of them weaving between and over houses, soon disappearing from your field of vision as they chase after the Nightmares side-by-side.

Without a second thought, you run over to Jamie’s house.

You have to help, you have to wake up the Guardians. Jack and Sandy can’t take on Pitch all by themselves if he decides to show. And you feel compelled to check on Jamie, even though you know that the Guardians would never let anything bad happen to him.

Lucky for you, the front door is unlocked. Jamie’s mom must be preoccupied elsewhere in the house, because you don’t see her anywhere as you find your way up to the room.

You figure that she wouldn’t have heard all of the thumping around because those noises were associated with beings that she no longer believes in. She must think that Jamie is sound asleep, nothing out of place in his bedroom.

You fly up the stairs and face a narrow hallway. A flash of light that you know belongs to a magic portal comes from a slightly-opened door at the end of the hallway.

A million possibilities behind the opening of the portal running through your mind, you stumble over to the door just in time to see Jamie’s little sister, Sophie, through the crack as she steps into the swirling vortex, it closing behind her and taking her to a destination unbeknownst to you.

She must have somehow gotten her hands on North’s snowglobe, you think as you push open the door. North sits up suddenly, as if someone jolted him awake. A dreamy grin is spread across his face, his eyelids still half-shut. Perfect, didn’t have to wake him up myself so he could tell me how to go get Sophie so her mom won’t worry.

But he quickly plops back down to his place on Jamie’s bed, snoring happily, now laying on his side.

He just narrowly missed squishing Jamie, who is laying on the opposite side of him, closest to the window, his right side hanging over the edge because North takes up the most of the small twin bed. The dog—who is named Abbey, if memory serves you right—is sprawled out at the foot of the bed on the floor, tongue hanging out from the side of her mouth comically. Bunny is closest to the door, leaning on the wooden bedframe, his face tucked into his arms as he sleeps. His large foot twitches slightly with his dreams. You enter a bit further into the room, hearing Tooth’s sigh-snore but not seeing her. Standing slightly on your tiptoes and looking over North, you see her and Baby Tooth lying on the floor, the mini-fairy’s limbs resembling a star, Tooth resting comfortably on her side in a loose ball. Her folded wings shiver slightly with each exhale.

You find yourself chuckling at the entire scene.

Then you remember the task at hand.

Being careful as to not step on anyone, you make your way over to North. You shake his shoulder, calling his name.

He eventually stirs, propping himself up. “Haaaah?” he drowsily says, struggling to focus on you and stay awake.

Your heart racing, you inform him of the Nightmares and how Sandy and Jack left in pursuit of them, how they’re going to need help and so on, never pausing to take a breath.

He holds up a weary hand as he sits up a bit more, stopping you in your tracks. He then holds his fingers to his mouth and blows.

You can’t hear it, but you assume that he’s whistling, calling out to something.

A few moments and the soft ringing of sleigh bells later, his sleigh is hovering outside of Jamie’s window, the reindeer prancing on thin air, somewhat struggling at maintaining the still position.

“Help load onto sleigh,” North mumbles as he stands. He staggers a little and lets out a long yawn, then slings Bunny’s arm over his shoulder. You take the rabbit’s other arm. Together, the two of you manage to haul him outside of the window and into the seat of the sleigh. You do the same with Tooth, North falling back asleep standing up, forcing you to prod him with your foot to wake him back up. The entire time, North’s eyes never open more than halfway, his eyelids still heavy with sleep. You take up the task of scooping up Baby Tooth and gently laying her in the sleigh, out of the way of the others. Some more stumbling later, North topples into the sleigh, taking up the reigns.

With a tired whip of them, the sleigh darts off into the night.

You hope that North doesn’t fall asleep again while driving.

Turning back around, you face the calamity left behind by the Guardians’ mishap.

After a little tidying up, Jamie is tucked away in a more normal sleeping position on his bed, his posters realigned and trinkets put back into what you believe to be their proper places. His nightlight, you discover, is a robot with some modifications that no doubt Jamie made himself. It stands on the nearby bedside table, protecting its creator with its soft light.

Not wanting to risk another run through the house in case you run into Jamie’s mother, you figure you’d take common the exit of the night—the bedroom window.

You climb up onto the windowsill and look out at the leap before you.

It’s quite the jump, but you figure you can make it without maiming yourself too badly.

You don’t want to take too many risks, though.

Slowly, carefully, you turn around, your back now facing the outside world. You lower yourself down onto your knees, gripping onto the windowsill. You then brave slipping your legs out from  underneath you, the ledge lining your upper arms as you hook them over it, holding onto it for dear life. You steal a final glance around Jamie’s room, a last-minute check to make sure nothing is too out of place.

Besides the lack of Sophie, all seems well.

You know that the search for the small girl will have to wait until you can come into contact with North again. You hope that they’ll end up finding her and bringing her back soon, before too much panic is caused.

With that thought, you allow yourself to slide down to where you’re only holding onto the windowsill by your fingers.

You look over your shoulder. The distance between you and the ground has decreased significantly. It’s still a bit of a jump, but now you’re absolutely sure that you’ll walk away with nothing more than perhaps a bruise or two.

So, with a deep breath, you close your eyes.

And let go.
Woohoo, Chapter 56!
I'm so bad. I started writing this during my morning class. x3
Poor little Sophie. xD
Oohhhhh, so THAT'S how the Guardians somehow manage to get on the sleigh even though they're still all asleep!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 55: [link]
Chapter 57: [link]
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Warning: This chapter contains spoilers regarding the Rise of the Guardians movie!


You slam into cold, hard metal, sharp decorative points on the boxes painfully digging into multiple parts of your flesh.

You aren’t given any time to recover whatsoever.

You quickly begin to slide down the pile, the slick boxes unable to stay in place with the extra weight and force of your impact.

You struggle to stay as close to the top as possible, not wanting to sink into the dark depths below. You grab onto the moving boxes as if they were rocks on a climbing wall, your feet constantly giving out from underneath you in your effort.

Thinking quickly, you scoop a few boxes aside, forming a makeshift ledge for you to perch on. With something of an empowering grunt, you leap up to the step that you have created for yourself, jamming the tops of your feet into the pile and standing securely on the boxes, the very things that were once causing your fall now preventing it. You lean your hands on the side of the mound for further stability.

A few rogue boxes tumble down past you. Then, all is still.

You brave a look back up at Pitch.

He’s standing at the edge of the walkway, looking down upon you, a wide grin plastered on his long face. The Nightmare stands beside him, peering over his shoulder at the scene, ready to carry out a command at a moment’s notice.

You glare at him, making it quite apparent that you are not happy with being pushed off the walkway and into a heap of not-so-soft boxes of teeth.

He chuckles lightly in response.

He’s waiting.

You try not to think about it, about finding Jack’s teeth. You want to extinguish that wish that you’ve managed to push to the very back of your mind. You think about anything else in the world—ice cream, pencils, reciting poems from memory, the most random things from all corners of your brain—to prevent that subconscious desire from calling out to Jack’s box of teeth.

But, as is known all too well, the more you don’t want to think about something, the more you actually do.

So, needless to say, that subconscious want never successfully leaves you, often coming to the front of your mind despite your valiant efforts.

It calls out to the innumerable piles of golden boxes, searching for its target.

And you can’t stop it.

Because, no matter how hard you want to think and make yourself believe that you don’t, you still want to find Jack’s lost memories.

You hear someone giggle.

It wasn’t Pitch. Though his eyes begin to sparkle with delight.

Shortly following the light laugh comes a voice.

That of a small girl.

“Ja-ack!” she playfully calls from somewhere amongst the mountains of gold. Her voice echoes loudly throughout the entire cavern, bouncing off of the walls.

It makes it nearly impossible to find exactly where it is coming from.

Pitch’s confident smile turns into a frown.

This sparks a slight hope in you.

Even if you can’t stop your wish to find Jack’s teeth, maybe the volume of the voice will prevent Pitch from actually locating the box.

“Jaaack!” comes the musical voice again.

Pitch looks in every direction, trying to place the voice’s source.

“Where is it?” he asks no one, his own voice strained. “It needs to be found before he arrives!”

Your heart begins to beat even faster than it has been.

Pitch just basically told you that Jack can also hear this mysterious voice. Probably something to do with the deep connection between a person and their lost teeth. He is undoubtedly on his way, curious as to who is calling him.

You need to make an escape before he gets here. He can’t see you. Not without too many questions arising. It’s far too dangerous.

Pitch’s distraction is giving you the perfect opportunity for a getaway.

But…just how will you get away?

You figure that hiding is probably your best and only option. You can find a way out of here later. Pitch’s plan will fall apart, so long as he doesn’t find the teeth in time. Or Jack finds them first. Just so long as Jack doesn’t stay too long and returns to the Guardians in time to save Easter…

“Ja~ack!” calls out the distant voice from the past.

You look around for any possible hiding spots. Reluctantly, you look down.

Nothing but pitch black darkness lies below.

You’d never be seen down there.

With a final glance at Pitch, who is waving off the Nightmare to go begin the assault on Easter and the Guardians, you take a deep breath and release yourself from your perch.

You slowly slide down the hill, a bit more gracefully than you initially did, the darkness enveloping you like a cold blanket.

The boxes level out, creating a blanket on the cave floor.

As you stand up, the girl’s voice rings through the entire place once again.

“Jack?” she asks.

She sounds so young. You wonder who she was, what role she played in Jack’s past.

A childhood friend? One of the neighborhood kids whom he was close to? A sister, perhaps…?

You fumble your way through the darkness, eyes opened wider than usual as they seek out light. You should be safe from view here.

Then, a couple of feet from you, a faint golden beam of light breaks through the layer of boxes, stretching upwards and faintly illuminating a spot on the underbelly of the walkway above.

Your heart skips a beat.

It can’t be, you think, frozen where you are.

But, the moment you laid eyes on it, it seemed to shine even brighter, resonating with your proximity and the seeking radar wave given off by your unintentional desire to find that particular box.

“Jack?” the little girl says again. She sounds afraid this time.

The box glows brighter along with the voice.

There’s no doubt about it. You’ve found them.

Jack’s teeth.

His lost memories.

You have a feeling that, if you can get your hands on them before Pitch does, they’ll not only stop calling out, but you’ll also have taken a very vital tool away from him.

Trying not to make a lot of noise, you clamber over to the box, nearly tripping a few times as your feet get caught on the semicircular boxes.

Just as your fingertips reach into the golden light, the shadows before you thicken into a tall, slim shape, taking with them a single box.

“No!” you scream, reaching up to take the glowing container from Pitch.

His grey-golden eyes pierce through the darkness, locking on you. You can just see the smug look that must be on his face in them.

“Thank you for finding these,” he says smoothly, victoriously.

Frantic chirps of a single Baby Tooth become audible.

“Baby Too—Baby Tooth, come on! I have to find out what that is!” Jack's voice echoes from somewhere distant, someplace up above.

“Ah, he’s here,” Pitch comments, his gaze shifting upwards. He then returns to you. “You’re no longer needed.”

A large chorus of chirps begins to ring throughout the cave as the Baby Teeth notice the new guests.

“Happy Easter,” he says, chuckling slightly.

Jack’s teeth begin to stop glowing. You feel the dark begin to consume you, wrapping around you, pulling down into the earth. You continue to stretch out your hand, straining to somehow take the precious teeth from Pitch’s grasp.

“Jack? Jaaack!” the girl calls. Then, she too falls to darkness, becoming silent, the box losing its glow.

Pitch turns from you. He has more pressing matters to take care of than you.

The dark completely consumes you, your heart beating wildly, frantic in every sense of the word.

“JACK!” you shriek to the spirit of winter.

But the shadows steal away your voice, sending you hurling through a portal of nightmares.

Your body meets your porch.

Not even noticing the pain from the harsh landing, you sit back on your feet, your hands curled into tight fists, head bowed as tears stream down your face.

Pitch has Jack’s teeth. His entire plan will work out as-intended.

And there was nothing you could do to stop it.

You helped it, in fact. Not willingly, but you still hate yourself for doing such a thing.

Fatigue and soreness from multiple injuries beginning to take over and no more tears left to cry, you slowly get up and stumble over to your door, barely having the strength and will to open it.

You manage to, though, and shut it halfheartedly behind you.

The sun begins to peek over the horizon, casting a haunting red light that spans through the haze lurking in the sky, brushing the bottoms of the several dark, looming clouds that accompany the fog.

Easter has arrived.
Wowowow. 60 Chapters.
Ah, I love writing these dark chapters. x3

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 59: [link]
Chapter 61: [link]
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Love Heals

You took a deep breath and licked your lips. Your group of friends stared expectantly at you at the opening chords of your song choice rang through the air. Shakily, you held the mic to your lips, ready to start the song. A few of them giggled behind their hands at something one of them had said but you chose to ignore them in favor for staring at your closest friend, Elizabeta. Her green eyes glimmered as she put down her phone in favor for smiling at you.

Grinning back, your short rest to get adjusted ended and you opened your mouth to sing the first notes.

"Like a breath of midnight air
Like a lighthouse, like a prayer
Like the flicker and the flare
The sky reveals."

Everyone around you shut up and stared, wide-eyed at you. Nervously, you shifted your gaze away from the staring eyes to see Liz again. She was grinning excitedly, keeping her phone held out to you.

"Like a walk along the shore
That you've walked a thousand times before
Like the oceans roar
Love heals."

You were curious as to why Liz was being so weird about her phone, but it's not like you could ask her what she was doing at the time.

"There are those who shield their hearts
Those who quit before they start
Who frozen up the part of them that feels."

Closing your (e/c) eyes, you relaxed a bit listening to the music. It flowed freely around you and all you wanted was to listen to it all night. But you couldn't, you had to sing.

"In the dark they've lost their sight
Like a ship without a star
In the night
But hold on tight!"

The music picked up and you snapped your eyes open, smiling once more at the crowd, but only seeing your best friend with her mint green phone held up to you.

"Love heals
When you feel, like you can't go on
Love heals
Hold onto love, it'll keep you strong
Love heals
When you feel like, you can't go on
Love heals
Hold onto love and it'll bring you home!"

The chime of a little bell signalling the entrance of another person wanting to get drunk and embarrass themselves, or, in your case get a friend drunk to embarrass them instead. Though, you weren't really interested in seeing the new person.

"Love heals when pain's too much to bear
When you reach out your hand
And only wind is there
When life's unfair when things like us are not to be."

Glancing up, you saw the guy who just walked in. Silver hair, ruby eyes, and a phone pressed to his ear. You rolled your eyes and looked away as his own stunning orbs looked your way. They locked on your figure as you sang and the phone slipped from his ear.

"Love heals when you feel so small
Like a grain of sand, like nothing at all
When you look out at the sea, that's where love will be
That's where you'll find me, you'll find me!"

Just as the man put his phone away, Liz also slipped her phone off her lap and back into her bag. With a satisfied smirk, she leaned against the back of her plush chair.

"If you fear the storm ahead, as you lie awake, lie awake in bed
And there's no one, no one there to stroke your hand
And your mind, your mind reels
If your face is salty wet and you're drowning in regret, just-"

The man stood in the doorway, eyes fixed on you as you sang. And you couldn't help but steal a glance at him occasionally.

"Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget!"

You gradually got louder as more and more people joined you in the repeated two words.

"Love heals
When you feel, like you can't go on
Love heals
Love, love is gonna carry you home
Love heals
When you feel like, when you feel like you can't go on
Love heals
Hold onto love and it will lead you home!"

Pausing, you took a deep breath before belting out the final notes.

"Love heals!"

Liz was the first to applaud, followed by the man in the doorway a split second before everyone else cheered for you. Panting heavily, you stepped off the little platform of the karaoke bar and sat next to Liz. She still had that insane grin painted on her face.

After catching your breath, you whispered to her, "What did you do?"

She opened her mouth to respond, but remained silent when another person entered your line of vision. He held his hand out to you, looking down hopefully. You stared up at him, the man from the doorway, and hesitantly took his hand. Glancing back, you only paused long enough to see Liz mouthing two words to you.

"Love heals."

Cause I love you people.
I've actually had this typed up for a few weeks now, just haven't had the time to post it. :iconembarrassedblushplz: Sorry.
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