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:new: UPDATE: The art book is complete please check out the Indiegogo campaign here :new:

Game artists from around the world are uniting to create an art book to support Kevin Griffith's (CowAndCheese) battle with terminal lung cancer.

Kevin Griffith is a senior artist on the Diablo 3 team at Blizzard and has been fighting a rare and ruthless form of cancer known as Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS).  

malygos colorV01 kkgSharp by CowAndCheese

The art book will feature original fan art from Kevin's favourite games and everything about this project screams deviantART to me!  We have a ridiculously talented community of artists and I'm calling on YOU to put your skills to work for an amazing cause.

All proceeds from the
 campaign will be donated to cover medical costs for KKG and to iCureASPS.

Submissions are due by July 20, 2014 and should feature one of Kevin's favourite games:

    :bulletgreen: Chrono Tiger
    :bulletgreen: Altered Beast
    :bulletgreen: Diablo 2 & 3
    :bulletgreen: Super Mario RPG
    :bulletgreen: Minecraft
    :bulletgreen: Final Fantasy 4 & 6
    :bulletgreen: World of Warcraft
    :bulletgreen: Mortal Combat 2

You can submit your original fan art here and read more about the project and Kevin on the website.

You can also view the current submissions on their DA page @gamesforgood and the progress charts here

Now go prove, once again, that deviantART has a ton of heart :heart:

KKG MalthaelBlizzcon2013 Practice02 by CowAndCheese
 KKG LeahAndDad Final by CowAndCheese 

Game artists from around the world are uniting to create an art book to support Kevin Griffith's (CowAndCheese) battle with terminal lung cancer. Read more about how you can get involved!
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Favorite Brushes

Sun Nov 24, 2013, 11:24 AM
Brushes that I am using to learn how to paint from scratch. Recommend, this packages are perfect! :heart:

Photoshop Brushes by sakimichanSkin and Hair Texture Brushes by castrochew
Leaves Photoshop Brush by FrostBoWater Splash Brushes PS SET 1 by FrostBo
RYKY - all my Photoshop brushes by rykyDave's brushes v1 (PS) by DavesPineapple
Free PS Grass Brushes by s108823 Free PSD Brushes by Marcianek
brushes by Mar-kaHannes' Brushes by algenpfleger
TC - E P I C A - I by TreehouseCharmsFUR BRUSHES - PHOTOSHOP CS3 by KeepWaitingMy brushes by sandaraMateu7's Ink Brushes by mateuseven

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It's a Deviation Celebration!
DeviantART's 12 million members, the largest collective of artists anywhere in the world, have contributed nearly 100 million deviations! Let the countdown begin…

As a site that many different creatives call home – from photographers to game designers to culinary artists – what will the 100 millionth deviation be?! Will it be another Flash game to inspire Nintendo's game department? A Simpsons re-creation to compel a hire from Matt Groening? Something to inspire Shia Lebouf's next tattoo? It could be anything!

Bookmark this page now and check back frequently to see what will take home the honor of being named deviantART's 100 millionth deviation!

The Prize
The deviant who submits the 100 millionth deviation will be awarded the special prize of a lifetime Premium Membership. That's right! This lucky deviant will receive never-ending access to ad-free browsing, artist discounts, and whiz-bang site features for all eternity. This is not to be taken lightly, friends. It very well could be you!

Noteworthy Deviations
DeviantART would not be what it is today without all the wonderful contributions our artists have made, and continue to make, to our special community. Over the years, deviantART has had the pleasure of hosting many very special deviations. Here are a few we thought deserved a special mention:

(in no particular order)


Line Rider
One of the most popular deviations of all time. Since 2006, it has been downloaded over 2 millions times and went on to inspire the creation of a game that is now available on Nintendo DS, Wii and the iPhone.

The Simpsonzu
This deviation was such a viral hit that it compelled Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, to extend a job offer to the artist.

Prisoner of My Own
Shia Lebouf definitely +fav'd this deviation. How do we know? He tattooed it on his abdomen.

Xbox 360 plushie
kickass-peanut's deviation was picked up by XBOX magazine where it received a cult following. The artist went on to produce and sell the item by the plush-le.

Heart of a Lion
This beautiful photo won the Grand Prize in National Geographic's Ultimate Photo Contest. The win earned the artist a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Windows Seven December 07
xazac87's deviation became a viral hit as the official "first look" at the Windows 7 interface. After millions of pageviews, it was discovered that the image was incorrectly identified as a leak. The artist is still waiting for a job offer from Microsoft.

Animator vs Animation
alanbecker's stick figure animation became an Internet phenomena in 2008. It currently has over 7 million pageviews on deviantART and 5 million on YouTube.

Jaycee Lee Dugard
johnpaulthornton paints pictures of missing children soon after they go missing from their families. Eighteen years after painting this picture, Jaycee Lee Dugard was returned to her family.

Sprained Minds
suzi9mm submitted this community favorite in 2004. Maybe "favorite" isn't the right word.

Tetley Competition Winner
In 2003, gdphotography won a lifetime amount of Tetley Tea with this photo. Actually, we're not sure if he did, but he should have.

Who is deviantART?
Since August 7th, 2000, deviantART has given emerging and established artists a platform to showcase, promote, and share their work. Our 2,500 genres of art cover a vast array of styles, media and culture. From traditional art to digital art, fine art to anime, street art to fashion photography, film and animation to poetry and literature – incredible diversity and depth of creativity flourish on deviantART.

Please Note
All possible deviations from any possible category are eligible to hold the title as the 100 millionth deviation. To hold the title, the deviation must otherwise comply with the deviantART Terms of Service and Submission Policy; for example, it needs to be the work of the deviant who submits it. If the deviation falls out for non-compliance with the Terms of Service and Submission Policy, the next subsequent qualifying deviation will receive the honor of the title.
I thought deviantART had 100M deviations already?
DeviantART had surpassed 100 million image uploads to the site many months ago, but it has not yet reached its 100 millionth deviation. Many images that are uploaded to the site are not valid deviations, including those that are categorized as drafts or "scraps" and those that do not adhere to the Terms of Service. Please join us in celebrating the arrival of deviantART's 100 millionth deviation by bookmarking this page, watching the counter and adding comments.
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Bueno, mi amiga y yo que leemos fics de latin hetalia, en general pasa que la mayoria de los autores son chilenos y como a mi me dan consejitos para escribir mejor aca les dejo mi diccionario (? de argentilupis (Inventado por mi amiga (?) okk, ni tiene nombre pero ustedes entienden. Eso espero xD

-Che: en general, va al principio de la oracion, es como para llamarte la atencion. Ej: Che, pasame la mayonesa (?

-Boludo/a: Acompaña la mayoria de las frases, se puede decir a un amigo porque en general no cuenta como insulto. Hay variaciones como el verbo "Boludear" y acotaciones como "bolu" (pero se usa mas la palabra completa) Ejs: Como andas, boludo? / Porque estaba boludeando y justo encontre un alien (? / Que haces, bolu?

-Pelotudo: Sinonimo de boludo, muy usado pero no tanto como boludo.

-Boludez/Pelotudez: Algo que es facil. Ej: La prueba esa era una boludez (Y reprobe (?)

-Arre: (Se pronuncia A-Rre (?) Es una mezcla de "Ah!" y "Re". Es dificil de explicar, ponele que vos decis algo que es cualquiera y usas el "Arre" para demostrar que no lo decis en serio. Tambien se le puede agragar un no, como diciendo "Arre que no" o algo asi. Igual ahora no se usa mucho, pero en una epoca se usaba tanto como el boludo (El hit del verano (?), igual ahora se usa mas el "Re que no" que todo es basicamente lo mismo pero bueno xD Ejs: Y la flaca salio volando. Arre que no!

-Flaco/a: Persona.

-Chabon/a: Persona. Se usa mas para contar algo. Ej: Entonces el chabon se mato (cero creatividad para las oraciones xD)

-Tipo/a: Persona.

-Pibe/a: Persona.

-Loco/a: Persona.

-Pendejo/a: Se supone que significa algo asi como "pelo pubico" pero para nosotros es, bueno, persona.

-Se usan mucho los diminutivos y variaciones de las palabras anteriores que se refieren a las personas (Chaboncete, flaquito, tipito, pibita, loquito, etc)

-Virra: Cerveza.

-La cana: Policia.

-Posta: Algo es "posta" o "la posta" cuando es verdadero o mejor. Ej: Ese lugar es la posta / Pero es posta, chabon (Se usa como "En serio")

-Tuteamos a todo el mundo, casi nos faltaria tutear al presidente xD NO SOMOS FORMALES, si te acabamos de conocer te tuteamos igual.

-Constar: Se usa la expresion "Que conste" como para afimarmar y para que tengas en cuenta en algun momento que vos lo dijiste (lo que se transformaria en un "te lo dije"). Ej: Que conste que te dije que era un tarado.

-Los argentinos podemos inventar una mala palabra asi como del aire, con cualquier cosa: Ejs (inventado en el momento, como dije): Ataque de concha (Es para decir que estas tan cambiate como cuando estas indispuesta, para mujeres)

-Juntamos muchas puteadas cuando estamos enojados. Ejs: Hijo de la re mil puta que te re mil re pario y la concha tuya / Andate a la re calcada concha que te re mil re pario hijo de la gran puta / Pedazo de infeliz, mierdoso y la re concha de la lora trola (Mucha concha y muchos "re" xD)

-Calentar: Esta el verbo "calentar" -Tono sugestivo- y "calentar" -Mirada fija-. El primero se usa para decir que estas excirtado (Ej: No sabes como me calienta ese pibe) Y el segundo se usa para decir que estas enojado (Ej: Estoy re caliente, el hijo de puta me rallo el auto)

-Flashear: Es una palabra MUY usada hoy en dia ya que todos flasheamos. Es como ponerse a pensar cosas sin sentido saliendose del tema inicial, pasando de un tema a otro siempre sin sentido. Ej: El otro dia mi celular andaba como el orto y para mi que era porque hacia interferencia con la nave ovni que estaba bajando por ahi, no la vi, se que estaba, porque el primo de un amiga estaba comiendo helado y dijo que vio lucesitas asi como en los parque de diversiones como, fuiste a disney? no? bueno no importa, como en disney pero asi con mas vos sabes, y el tipo la empezaba a flashear y despues no le entendi ni mierda pero lo importante es que no salio el mensaje porque mi celu andaba mal. (Suelen agregarse efectos especiales con la boca como onomatopeyas mientras flasheamos, ademas de poner el mismo verbo "flashear" repetidas veces)

-Forro: Preservativo.

-Forro/a: Es como una persona muy hija de puta. Ej: El forro me cago la vida.

-Cagar: Ademas de ser el verbo donde expulsas materia fecal (? se utiliza tambien para decir que alguien te forreo. Tambien se usan frases como "Te cague" cuando uno demuestra lo contrario a lo que decia el otro. "Cagar a trompadas" es otra frase, magnifica que te van a matar a golpes o algo asi.

-Garca: (Gar-ca, ca-gar) Derivacion de forro. Persona que te traiciona, algo asi.

-Conchuda: Derivacion de forra.

-Sorete: Sinonimo de forro, tambien usado como para decir que la persona es una mierda.

-Derivaciones del "si" y "no": Sip, sipi, sipis, sep, seh, sah, nop, nope, naah, neh. xD

-Tipo que: Es complicado de explicar, pero tenemos frases que son, por ejemplo "Tipo que nada" o "tipo como que no" o no se, no tiene mucho sentido, pero se le puede agregar a las oraciones. Ej: Tipo como que vino y me dijo Aliens y yo no, tipo como que no daba y fue como Zombies (?

-Laburar: Trabajar.

-Laburo: Lugar de trabajo.

-Pedo: Ademas de ser gas metano (? lo decimos cuando estas borracho. Ej: Che, estas re en pedo. Tambien se usa la frase "Ni en pedo" que es como decir ni loco hago tal cosa. "Estar al pedo" es decir que no estamos haciendo nada (sinonimo de boludear)

-Joda: Fiesta, pero tambien puede usarse para decir "ni en joda", lo que es igual que decir "ni en pedo"

-Fumado: Drogado.

-Sorongo: Sinonimo de cosa, no muy usado, pero generalmente se le dice a cosas que son deformes. Creo que deriva de sorete (? Ej: Ese coso parece un sorongo (??

-Pirata: Hombre mujeriego.

-A muchas palabras las derivamos para hacerlas flasheras (Tambien lo hacemos con los nombres y adjetivos, no solo cosas) xD Ej: Remerucha, Acolchadito, Tinchis, Tinchitis, Boludazo, etceteras)

-Apapachable: Es algo abrazable, estrujable (como los peluches o cosas tiernas)

-NO HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA. No usamos NUNCA palabras como "vale" y esas cosas. Ademas, como hablamos muy informal, tampoco hablamos con los verbos de españa (los que se usan correctamente).

-Repetimos mucho las palabras cuando hablamos, como se habran dado cuenta repeti mucho las palabras xD

-Pajero/a: Tiene dos definiciones: La primera se usa como para decir que sos un pervertido y la segunda es para decir que sos un vago de mierda.

-Fiaca: Vagancia.

-Finoli: Se usa para burlarse de algo que es muy fino, delicado (Feel like a sir)

-Copar: Es como ponerle onda a algo, o que te sumes a algo. Ej: Vamos al cine con unos amigos, te copas? / Dale, copate, tenes una cara de orto.

-Concheto: Es una mezcla de concha y cheto. Es para burlarse de las personas finolis que tienen mucha plata y son re creidas por que "sus papis" tienen plata.

-Chori: Acotacion de la palabra choripan (Chorizo mas pan) (comida). Tambien se usa la frase "Te fuiste al chori" o "Te vas al chori" es como decir que te vas a la mierda con los comentarios (no es ofensivo).

-Vofi: Acotacion de "VOs FIjate"

-Yankis: Estadounidences.

-Gallegos: Españoles.

-Hablamos mucho utilizando frases de television (Por ejemplo, los simpsons) y de youtubers.

Bueno, omitimos el idioma wachiturro porque no me gustaria considerarlos como argentinos (argentilupis (?) Bueno, la cosa es que si no entendieron algo pueden preguntar y ojala que les sirva (A ver si hago una segunda parte xD)

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...I would like to know that, my children..

Slendy cares so much about his beloved children that he wants to know that and so do I..So I hope you´re ready for a little contest..
This time you´ll be the ones who leave notes to him or maybe a letter..You can choose..
All you have to do is taking a picture of the note telling him how do you feel about him (or write it digitally), submit it to your DA, then you send me the link through a note so I can add it to this journal..If you don´t want to do that, you can also write him a letter or maybe a poem..It´s up to you..

The one who writes the most expressive message will win a free request aaaaaaand will be the "scriptwriter" in one page of The Extremely Creepy Adventures..

So, let your emotions floooow :heart:

:icondead-kitchen-staff: dead-kitchen-staff.deviantart.…
:icongingaakam: Note to Slendy by GingaAkam
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Lets Talk About Designs

Thu Jan 23, 2014, 5:44 PM

Because it has been irking me a lot lately.

Some of you may or may not have seen various bits of drama floating around player created breeds these past few months. Now, that doesn't really interest me, however something that has been brought up time and time again during these spats of drama is an issue that I feel is important to address: designs (and points).

Now, I might share the slightly unpopular opinion that artists should be charging for their designs. Which sounds like a reasonable thing here I'm sure, but a lot of people have been expressing the view that owners of breeds should do free customs, or designs. Which in my opinion is lunacy.

A design, like any other type of artwork, takes time. And I classify them as artwork, because they are. Making a good design is hard, think I'm lying? Then have a look around at all the bad points designs floating around. It takes time, patience and practice to get good at designing, and I think that work should be paid for in however the artist chooses. I have breeds that I make designs for, most of which are not free. Because I spend hours making them and I want some sort of payback, thank you very much. By all means, open a closed breed for creation, offer other means of getting one without having to shell out cash, but do not think for a second that you have any right to demand freebies from the creator. They don't owe you a damn thing.

You wouldn't go up to an artist whose paintings you admire and say "I want one, gimme." just because they were selling them to other people and you wanted one. 

As a side note: design pricing. Most of you are underselling yourselves (though this is an issue that extends throughout the artistic community). Think about how long it takes you to complete a full design. Think about the minimum wage (In Australia, it is $15 an hour for someone my age, but let's call it $10). If it takes you 30-45 mins on a design, like it does me, you should be charging at least $6-$7 equivalent for that design if it is a custom. So at least 500-800 points. I'll remind people that 40 points is $0.50. 40 points for a design is not okay D8

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Surgery Update

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 23, 2015, 6:52 PM
Hello Rain Beaus, this is Jocelyn's wife, Kelly. Jocelyn has asked me to to give you all an update about her surgery earlier today.

It was long but successful. She will be in the hospital for about 4 days so you might be getting updates from her through me for a little while.

We both have been moved, humbled and blessed by the outpouring of love, well wishes, prayers and positivity that she has received during this trying time. We thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts.

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My Christmas Experience

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 27, 2014, 6:05 PM
Last year, when I came down to visit family for the holidays, I ended up seeing my extended family on my dad's side (it was the first time I'd see them while presenting en femme).  It went pretty sour.  There were a couple dozen people there; four of whom said "hi" to me and nothing else. Everyone else just avoided me like the plague. My grandmother wouldn't even look at me. That hit me really hard and left me depressed for months (I don't think I ever discussed it on DA though).  Thankfully, progress has happened since, and over the course of the year I got back into contact with two of my aunts.  That's still only a fraction of the people that were there, but progress is progress.  

On that same note, while I didn't see my grandmother herself this year, she dropped off Christmas cards at the house.  The envelope actually reads "Joshalyn" while it still says "Josh" inside the card.  I... really have to give her credit for trying. This is actually kind of a huge step up from last year (even if it's probably only that much because my dad probably gave her an earful).


And then it was time do it all again, but with the extended family on my mom's side.  At night on Christmas Eve, two aunts came over (not to be confusing, but two different aunts from the ones mentioned above), who had both been told that I was trans, but were only seeing me as Jocelyn for the first time that night.  One was fabulous.  Right through the door, she was saying "Jocelyn" and "she" and "her", and I was thoroughly impressed and delighted. She may have misgendered me like once, but immediately corrected herself. She didn't even ask any rude or invasive questions. And all of this, from an extremely Catholic 70-year old woman. If anything, I never ever want to hear age or religion as an excuse for close-mindedness again (not that either was EVER a valid excuse), because this has honestly been one of the better reactions I've gotten.

On the other hand, my other aunt was very different. The first thing she said to me was, "Who are you?" At first, I took a lot of offense to that, but tried to play it cool. As the night wore on though, she said a lot of strange things. She'd forget basic words. She'd tell random stories that seemed to go nowhere. She might not respond when spoken too. In short, there might be something wrong with her, but it isn't transphobia. It didn't take long for any frustration I felt with her initial reaction to me to fade as I realized what was going on. That hit me kinda hard...

On Christmas itself, I would see my cousins and their spouses and their kids.  For the most part, things went well.  A couple of the littler kids were a little afraid of me, but I think I'd sooner associate that with them being babies the last time I saw them (to where they really wouldn't know me), rather than anything to do with my being trans.  The adults meanwhile, were probably coached before seeing me because while they greeted me and talked to me, no one asked me anything.  It's possible some of them weren't entirely comfortable around me, but they were at least respectful enough to be civil and treat me like a human being and talk to me (a HUGE step from the previous year with the other side of my family).

There was one cousin, with his obnoxious wife, and their likewise obnoxious teenagers who more or less stayed away from me.  No words ever in my direction, and the mom implored her daughter not to go near me.  They were super disapproving and super obvious about it.  Whatever.  To my own surprise, I'm so completely not phased.  I was never close to them anyway, and frankly, I had a hunch they'd be worse than this.  So in a weird way, they exceeded my expectations.


Then there's my immediate family (whom I've been staying with this week).  My parents still misgender me a lot.  They still call me by my old name a lot.  But everyone once in a while, they get it right.  It's somehow not upsetting when they screw it up though, because I know they're trying.  How do I know?  Because on Christmas morning, every box I got had "to Jocelyn" written on it.  They hung up a brand new stocking with "Jocelyn" on it (seriously, damn near had me in tears).  They mostly gave me a lot of clothes, and it was all in my size and for the most part, in my style.  My mom took me clothes shopping with her the day after (and even offered to buy new bras for me).    

Heck, at dinner on Christmas Eve, there was even a morbid topic about my parents' will that came up where they said they wanted to rework it because it was written before this all happened.  They said don't want me to be denied any inheritance because of some stupid loophole like, "I'm not Josh anymore."  I'm not 100% sure that matters (I wouldn't even have thought of that), but the fact that they considered it feels really above and beyond to me.

And all of this, to me, equals acceptance and understanding.  They have come to terms with this; they just have trouble keeping everything straight conversationally and end up slipping up.  And I think when they're doing everything else so right, and I can see they're trying so hard for me, I just don't even care that they're slipping up.  Obviously, I'm not delighted to be called "he".  But unlike how I might have been in the past, I'm more happy about when they do get it right, then I am upset when they get it wrong.  (Does that make sense?)  The occasional obvious mistake is, to me, just a small price for them actively viewing and treating me as their daughter in every other way.


I'm so ready to go home so I can see my wife and my bunnies again, and get back to drawing, and play the plethora of new games I have... but I'm still down here until Monday.  It hasn't been all sugar and rainbows, but I think this has been a much needed experience for me.  It's resulted in a lot of closure for me.  Last year, I came back home from Christmas with my family and fell into depression for months.  This year, I feel like a new person.  And you know what?  After the whole cancer situation, I am SO ready to feel like a new person.  

Happy Holidays again, everyone.  And thank you for reading my novella here. XD

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Watching: Jingle Grumps
  • Playing: Tales of Hearts R
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke
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Any tree.

Go up to it.
Acknowledge its existence.
And thank it.

Just because.
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Devious Journal Entry

Mon Apr 15, 2013, 9:14 PM

In light of the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, I have decided I will be offering a charity item in my shop in order to contribute something to those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Starting tomorrow, I will have the item in my shop and will have it there for a month. The item will be a miniature Boston cream pie charm, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. At the end of the month I will make a lump sum donation to them.

I really hope this is not coming across as tacky or as a gimmick on my part to increase page views/sales/what have you. This is a very sad and horrible event that has happened and it has affected so many people. I would like to do my part in trying to help.

I will have the items up tomorrow morning-ish and will post when I do.

This Journal Skin was designed by

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