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After checking out all of the awesome Scouts, Warriors, and Sorcerers that you created, the final three winners of the Fantasy Earth Zero "Create a Character" contest have been chosen! We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to the judges from Gamepot, who had the tough job of selecting the winners from the great 25 Semi-Finalists.

Let's see whose getting their hands on a Wacom Intuos4, cash money, and more!

Read Official Rules

1st Place

FEZ- Flame Sorceress by ~Liol

~Liol will receive:
  • Wacom Intuos4 (Large)
  • $550 Cash
  • 16,000 deviantART Points
  • 1 year Premium Membership

Excellently rendered piece that captures both the conflict and teamwork of Fantasy Earth Zero."


2nd Place

FANTASY EARTH ZERO: Sorcerer by ~hirayagi-ellery

~hirayagi-ellery will receive:
  • Wacom Intuos4 (Medium)
  • $350 Cash
  • 12,000 deviantART Points
  • 1 year Premium Membership

Stunning. The overall expression and pose is delightful, while the faded out vision of the battlefiled gives the impression of more in the background. Strongly reminded of a traditional art book, well done."


3rd Place

Fantasy Earth Zero- Warrior by ~bramLeech

~bramLeech will receive:
  • Wacom Intuos4 (Small)
  • $200 Cash
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • 1 year Premium Membership

A very strong entry, captures the serenity of the warrior extremely well.  The armor set is also well-detailed, as a take on a Dark Lion."


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With 13,000 new deviants joining deviantART each day, we want to ensure everyone's user experience is seamless. A common question from new and old deviants alike is: "What do username symbols mean?" Over the years, as we’ve surveyed deviants, we’ve found that very few understand symbols.

As part of our ongoing process to make the user experience cleaner and more intuitive, we've launched a new set of username symbols designed to help easily identify deviant-types.

Easily Identifiable

At a glance, the new symbols are quickly recognizable. When hovering over a username symbol, a tooltip appears, providing a brief explanation of that user's deviant-type. If clicked, a modal appears, giving a brief explanation for each username symbol, with "Learn more" links that lead to more detailed explanations.

A word from Heidi:

Over the years, a few things have come to seem like deviantART mainstays. Deviant green, intricate art categorization, colorful avatars, symbols next to usernames. In our constant re-evaluation of what's best for longtime deviants and new users alike, we do sometimes need to stop and ask ourselves if a makeover for some aspect isn't overdue. Changing username symbols was one of the harder things we evaluated.

I've been testing the new symbols for a few months now, and while I love its sleekness, its clear message, I do occasionally find myself missing my old symbol. Symbols have permeated into deviants’ minds, made their way into works of art, and sometimes defined how deviants thought of their front-facing persona on the site. But I can honestly say in good faith, I think this new design will permeate the community just as the original system did. It beautifully aligns with the design direction we’ll be traveling moving forward, and, perhaps best of all, it doesn't require insider knowledge for understanding.

I invite you all to memorialize the old symbols and commemorate their meaning from ages past in any expression that inspires you. But I know these new symbols will usher in a new era with just as much meaning and visual attachment as ever.

Heidi, VP of Marketing

Looking Ahead

We appreciate that the previous username symbols have a long history and have become ingrained in the deviantART community, and we want to assure the community that this change was not one that was made lightly. Many factors were taken into consideration, most notably that removal of the old symbols allows us to implement more technological advancements in the future, including Mentions. Given time, it’s our hope that the new username symbols will become an emblem of deviantART culture.

As part of our ongoing process to make the user experience cleaner and more intuitive, we've launched a new set of username symbols designed to help easily identify deviant-types.
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On dA for 10 years

Wed Jul 10, 2013, 2:24 PM

I'm happy to have been here for this long.

It doesn't feel that long - but in a few more years I'll have been on this site for half my life.  Sheesh!

I've improved so much having an audience to show work to, even if the point of the work wasn't an audience - just having a platform from which I could do anything at all has been really amazing for me over the years.

And then... PMD-e... which has been a really tremendous learning experience for me (and others!), in so many ways. I don't want to turn this journal sappy or anything, but I've been lucky to have met so many people and have gotten the chance to help create a community with its ups and downs.

And... speaking of such...

I'll be making a journal later about the state of PMD-e right now - I know the updates have been sporadic, and this has been for a few reasons.  I've been thinking about how to word things for a few days now, and I don't think I've quite gotten it yet.

Anyway, for those of you who've been around since the beginning - thank you. And for those of you who maybe even only discovered my account in the past few days, thank you too! I hope you all can continue to enjoy my artwork for as long as I can make it engaging.

I have some new projects I want to discuss soon, but for now, if you're feeling a little down about your artwork, why not go to the very last page of my gallery? The one where I uploaded artwork 10 years ago? You can see that time, practice, and experience are what truly breed skill, which is why I strive to never purge my gallery of the old and embarrassing artwork. 

Thank you, everyone!

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Digitally Delicious: Dec. 17th

Mon Dec 17, 2012, 6:44 AM
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Básicamente es una idea aun en proceso, pero de la cual me gustaría comentarles por si acaso llegara a realizarse.
Segundo semestre que recién comienza...y una proposición, sucia proposición (XD broma, pero así lo mal pienso todo jajaja) se nos presenta: presentar, valga la redundancia,  ideas para la realización (con fondos y casting de actores) de hacer un cortometraje de 20 minutos como examen del segundo semestre, en el que invertiríamos bastante de nuestro tiempo. SHINE ON! la ampolleta se encendió de inmediato sacando a la luz una idea perversa de hace tiempos inmemorables XD ¡con una compañera nos hemos aliado y juntamos fuerzas para presentar el proyecto del corto de hetamerica! wiiiiuuuu Ahora claro todo dependerá de varios factores (¬¬ hijos de puta que no me quieren dejar hacer al mundo más placentero para mis hermanas fujoshis con facilidad )

1) Tiene que ser una historia entretenida

2) Tiene que ser viable

3) Nada de personajes planos

4) COSTOS ($)

5) Tiene que tener una buena recepción (esto cuenta tanto como para festivales universitarios, como para un publico en general...en este caso obviamente estaríamos hablando de amantes de shonen-ai (lo siento, ni cagando puedo poner lemon XD ) )  

*Bueno es aquí mismo donde me quiero detener ¿Qué les parece la idea de verlos en carne y hueso? ¿Tienen sugerencias para presentar algo que realmente quieran ver en 20 minutos? y por ultimo, y lo que me podría costar el proyecto ¿cuanto estarían dispuestas a pagar para poder ver este corto? (ya saben, en un evento para recaudar el dinero invertido en actores, etc.)

XD ah bueno! y que les parecería opinar sobre esto: ¿cual de estos dos actores creen que quedaría mejor para representar a Argentina?
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foreveer....and eeveeerrr

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 7, 2012, 5:07 AM
cause my name actually means stephen  in english! by nebezial

this is 25 layers of pun with a pun cherry on top

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Long-winded health update

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 9:19 AM
So it's been just over a week since I've had this surgery, and I've had a couple people asking why I mentioned having a big incision on my chest (I mentioned it in passing in my previous update).  I think I sorta forgot no one would know much about that.  I purposely didn't go into full details before the surgery in favor of not worrying people.  I didn't want people to be scared for me and express doom and gloom, because I needed to be optimistic myself.  But since it's after the fact, I suppose it's okay to be a bit more open.  

What you probably do know is that after having had testicular cancer taken out last October, this was a precautionary surgery where they would take the other testicle out (this one didn't have cancer, but due to the kind I had in October, it was at high risk of getting it).  This time around, they also removed all of the lymph nodes around my kidneys (although I misheard and thought they said around the heart at first, so it's probably even better that I didn't say anything too soon).  I guess if this cancer were to spread, those lymph nodes would be the next most likely place it'd spread to.  To achieve this removal, there is a line going from the top of my abdomen to the bottom of my belly.  It was a very intense and invasive surgery.  And no easy task either; I was in surgery for about eight hours.

I have a picture (link below), but click at your own risk.  The pic is from yesterday and it's already healed quite a bit, but it's still pretty scary-looking, and may be uncomfortable to see if you're faint of heart.  I know I was shocked.  But in case anyone wants a visual, I've got you covered.  (Also, it's a big wound, but otherwise, safe for work; no private areas are shown.)

Anyway, I'm no medical expert, but I assume the incision is the way it is in favor of making everything the surgeon needed accessible in one cut (the testicle was taken through the same incision).  So it's one big wound, but it actually hurts less than if several were made (it honestly hurts much less than my other surgery back in October), and I'm to understand it will heal faster.  

With that said, on the plus side it's only been a week since this surgery, but it's made a lot of progress and the pain is already much more manageable (I mean, there's still plenty of pain, but I can deal).  When I was discharged from the hospital this past Friday, many doctors and nurses were frankly impressed by how fast my condition's improved.  So am I!  A good attitude can make anything happen I guess. :D    


Despite my good fortune so far, it's too soon to say when I can get back to regular posting for Rain.  I will be doing doctor visits and tests for a while no matter how fast I recover, and of course, I don't want that to get in the way.  But I'll keep you posted as soon as I'm able.  

While it's a little hard for me to sit in my drawing chair for any length of time right now, typing this out has been pretty comfortable and easy.  Maybe we can expect some more written stuff from me during this time.  It's better than just sitting around, you know? ^_^

Anyway, take care for now, all.  I thank you all for your good vibes and attitudes and all that through this.  Please feel free to keep 'em coming; the power of positivity goes a long way.  I hear fanart and fanfics do wonders to expedite the healing process as well. ;P

Seriously though; thank you.  Much love, Rain Beaus~! <3

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A few days ago, when I was at open field work in another city 200km away from Warsaw, working as off-road/trail photographer as usually- I got a call about a husky dog in desperate need that is located in MY area. Fully starved dog (just bones), having severe skin issues, bleeding and leaking mold off from skin and fur is falling off found on streets laying down- and needs immediate health attention. I'm not anymore active volunteer in my animal rescue foundation due to life changes, but my instincts of rescuing animals came back. I've responded to the animal foundation and took responsibility of picking up and transporting a husky in need.

 I had to cut off from work, and ummm the issue was… I went there with my co-worker whith his car. Everything sounded perfect, that dog was in need to be transported to Warsaw by today which is good for me cause after work we are driving back to Warsaw.

Buuuut the problem was… A nice, shiny BMW car.

My co-workers beloved car, plus hes typical urban, clean type guy. 
Lacoste shoes, tommy shirt etc. lol.

That already screams in my head: NO, never! He will NEVER want to transport a dog, even an ILL dog. He used to transport Arnaq once, he enough hated that her fur wires were stuck in his car, even singliest one.

But to transport a dog that is infected, dirty, has rotting skin, bleeding under belly and yellowish whities leaking out from skin? Literally a zombie dog?

That was the hardest task for me to work out, persuade him otherwise I'd feel very guilty cause that dog had perfect chance to be saved… but after whole conversation, which I think was funny it worked! I persuaded him.

Once we got that dog... I was making probably thousand excuses to calm him dog since he was all the time freaking out and regretting for agreeing for this deal. But that girl was such angel! So friendly, cute and very, very calm despite of her condition. I feel like she on purpose sat in one position and didn't move at all - and I think it greatly helped my co-workers paranoia of "infecting" his car XD.

10477564 916687755024321 9057632630294300665 O by Exileden

Poor thing... My pants had blood spots after her bleeding skin under belly.

There was a moment where he had to stop suddenly and jumped out from the car, cause wanted to pee so badly and Auri (that's how I named that rescue husky dog) immediately stood, and almost jumped out of car to check if my co-worker is okay. I was all noooo you are risking my coworkers anger by moving sooo much! But I thought what she did, it was cute...

But at the end, a big bravo for my co-worker for doing this favor and overcoming this fear. Even he started feeling sympathy for her. :heart:

After arriving, I brought her to my home to take care until people from foundation take her to rehab. She was full of life and my Dingo accepted her with love. I really love rescuing dogs from darkness and observing how much of love they get, like giving them a chance for a good life. Honestly, on the other hand I don't like being part of dog rescues because I get attached too much or depressed... y' know, I'm really extremely sensetive human being...

Rela by Exileden

My Dingo invited her to play! She was very alive, but kept falling on the ground due to lacking of muscles and strenght. But she didn't give up and kept playing. I think Auri is a beautiful lady, right?

Auri has great chances for recovery to be a normal dog, though rehabilitation at foundation cost money- she has chances only through good will from kind hearted people who would be willing to donate a few bucks. She lives on donations until she will get a new home.

You can donate for Auri's recovery via Paypal (just any amount, we don't ask much, just 5$ is fine!)
Please put in title:  DAROWIZNA DLA AURI

For interested people, especially who donated, I can post updates about Auri's recovery!

Other than that, recent things in my life went drastically worse and also I lost my important chance for recovery and also I caught illness where who knows how long it will take to recover (do not ask about that, I don't like sharing less happy things about my life on public) so for the most time I'll be focused on dogs and animals since they are somewhat... therapeutic for me ?...
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My dear friends,

tomorrow I'll be celebrating christmas with my family and girlfriend (here in Germany, we're celebrating in the evening of the 24th) and before I take my leave, I want to wish all of you, your loved ones, your friends, your families and everyone dear to you the most wonderful christmas ever! Please enjoy your holidays, don't worry about a thing, be happy and be together!
I'll be telling you about my christmas and everything on my tumblr, as every year.
The world is a great place and I love christmas because it brings us all closer together. I'm thinking of everyone of you right now, I want to thank you for your support and kindness and I wish you a truly happy time from all my heart.

Be happy. You deserve it.

All the best and more to you,

NanjoKoji and Ravenic
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About SYAC
One of the reasons I focus so much attention on Marvel and DC is because they’re big companies who should know better. They are made up by hundreds of people all chipping in little bits here and there, and for that there is no excuse for bad artwork, bad writing, or bad material in general. They are, to an extent, a bit of a cheap shot, but everyone can learn from their mistakes and I can offer my opinions about them and what I personally would do differently. And if you’re paying money for their products, I think you deserve good content in return, no?

SYAC is, at it’s core, about how comic artists and the comic industry works and poking fun at the various things they get wrong... and sadly that includes a lot of really hot button topics like Women’s Rights, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, etc. Comics are no longer their own sheltered little thing... they’ve been THRUST into the mainstream audience and all of these problems we originally overlooked are now... well... PROBLEMS that need to be solved.

I understand some people getting annoyed that all I do is focus on the negative stuff but that’s pretty much what SYAC was designed to do from the start. It was never meant as an artistic teaching tool, and it’s been made very clearly to me by vocal contributors that I am not a person who should be teaching others how to draw.

But in the end I LOVE comics and I want to see them get better and I think we’re at a point now where we have the opportunity to expand, explore, grow, and challenge things... and it’s incredibly frustrating when people dig their feet in and refuse to budge, especially when it involves common sense things like “treat women as people not sex objects.”

Things I Won’t Do With SYAC
I am not going to harp on any specific web comic artists, especially when it comes to talent or artistic ability. Webcomics are, at least for most of us, a hobby and not a full time occupation. I do not want to discourage hobbyists for enjoying the things they do, nor do I want to insult any artist who’s skill isn’t “up to snuff” by some arbitrary standard. I believe webcomics should be allowed to have a wide range of styles, skill, and substance. That’s what makes them charming and worth reading.

I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me to pick on things web comic artists do wrong, such as how they draw or tell stories. And I’m sorry but I am not going to do that. I will address the various storytelling and artistic issues corporations and big-name comics from Marvel and DC do because they’re big and faceless and EVERYONE can learn from their mistakes... including webcomics.

One of the things I can’t stand about the web comic world right now is how VOLATILE and HATEFUL it is. 10 years ago it wasn’t like this, but today? Ugh... it’s almost disgusting how nasty people are to web comic artists. I sincerely wish people would apply that level of hate and professional standards to the ACTUAL professionals and not against some hobbyist on the internet. People expect UNREAL amounts of professionalism out of artists and writers who make web comics for FUN. For a laugh. In their spare time. Not as a job. 9 times out of 10 doing it FOR FREE.

The stigma and hateful community surrounding web comics is disgusting... and I want that to change.

Sadly, one of the best ways to influence change is by shining a light on the problem and showing it in all it’s disgusting detail. That’s what we (internet culture) have been doing with online bullying, and now people are becoming more aware of online bullying and are trying to find ways to prevent and change that. And the same goes for web comics. I find it absolutely disgusting that people would gang up on a newbie artist who isn’t even out of college yet still struggling to find their style and learn from their mistakes, and expect PERFECTION out of them.

If anything, I wish webcomic artists could make MORE mistakes, because it’s through making mistakes that we LEARN. If a 10 year old wants to make a web comic about his daily life at school, and sets up a comic on a site like, I don’t think it’s fair to try and silence his voice or art style for not being “professional.” There is a big difference between offering artistic advice and criticism in the hopes of them growing as an artist, and just being downright rude and nasty and expecting 100% perfection from someone who hasn’t even gone to college yet.

As it is right now... we’re so afraid to make mistakes and so terrified of possibly having something wrong, that we hinder our own creations and ideas. We suffocate ourselves out of the fear of the awful and terrible repercussions of being lambasted on the internet. It’s happened to MANY artists, myself included, and I want to see that end.

So no, I refuse to make fun of web comic artists. I’ll poke fun at the struggles we face, and the challenges we endure. But I will never pick a specific artist or writer just to point a finger at them and laugh. No matter how good or bad they are. And I sincerely hope that most of my fans and readers will be mature enough to do the same.
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