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England x Child!Reader

Ah, today Arthur has a guest. It's that Frenchman Francis again; he's one of the few who know about Arthur raising you. He would always entertain you, or he would be fawning over how cute you are, or going on about how it's been so long since he's seen such and unloved micro-nation.  


Those words twisted your heart, feeling as if somebody had finally decided to run you through with a knife, and with an extra little bit of courage twisted the knife. Your hand clutched the fabric over your heart, pulling your small cloak over your head in a failed attempt to hide your pain from Francis.

But the Frenchman had already taken notice, smiling he walked towards a small vase. Hearing his retreating footsteps caused you to panic.

'No!' you screamed, 'No! Please! Don't leave me here like Arthur! Please! Someone stay with m-'

"(Y_n), you can stop crying now. I'm still here…." Hearing the Frenchman's words caused you to look at the blond haired man, eyes full of unshed tears. Startling him for a moment, he's never seen you like this. Shaking his head he handed you a small red flower, staring at it in wonder you tried grabbing the flower, only for the thorns to stab into your flesh.

You reeled back a bit, startled a bit Francis could only smile as he said. "Ah, perhaps our dear little Britan has not told you about roses. While they may be beautiful they are very dangerous as well."  A rose? Oh, yeah…you'd seen these flowers before in Arthur's garden; he would pick a few every now and then.

"Now… (y_n) be careful, you can only admire the rose, if you hold it too close to you…then you'll have more than a few scratches." With that Francis handed you the rose, you were soon enveloped in the wonderful smell of the rose, to notice that Francis had left you.


Returning home from the world meeting, Arthur quickly rushed to see you, Francis having told him that he'd given you a gift when he stopped by to see the Englishman. Worried about your safety, not knowing what that stupid Frog had given you, slamming open the door to where you would be Arthur felt his heart stop.

Curled up in your small fish bowl, your arms wrapped around the stem of a red rose, your face buried in its delicate red petals. Upon walking closer Arthur could see that you were covered in scratches, your hands were bleeding, but…you have such a peaceful smile on your face.

Feeling the parent in him swell up, Arthur reached into the fish bowl, snatching the rose out of your hand. Causing you to wake up and to start screaming, it was only then that Arthur was able to see the full extent of the rose's thorns hurting you.

"Why would you hold this rose so close to you?! Do you not understand that these thorns can hurt you! What were you thinking when you fell asleep with this…. thing!" Arthur spat out, while you're small form was trembling, may it have been from sadness or from anger Arthur wasn't sure.

"It's just a simple rose so stop crying (y_n) there's a millions others out there like this one!"  

"It may be just a simple rose to you England…but it means a lot to me! It was the first gift ever given to me!"

The sound of your small voice yelling at him echoed in his mind, this was the first time you'd ever called him 'England' preferring his human name rather than his country name. The next few events are a blur to him, be he remembers leaving you crying your small fist hitting the glass bowl, screaming obstinacies at him.

While a single rose lay forgotten on the ground, its delicate petals crushed.

Arthur could only ask himself….what had he done?
Yeah~ I've managed an update after school again! Apparently one of the buses from town ran over a car, but the driver is okay from what I’ve heard. I would have posted this yesterday but...I was a bit sick, I still am sick, but I’m posting this because I want you all to read it!!!

Random Note: I was listening to Vicarious by Tool while writing this. xDDD I’m amazed that nothing tool related was thrown into this.

[link] < Chapter Two

Chapter Four > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself
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England x Child!Reader

A tiny you, in a tiny world, your eyes only able to see the world around you, outside the window you can see children playing, the birds flying around careless and free. Unaware of your suffering, while the cats and dogs play their usual game.

While tiny you…are left all alone. In your little fish bowl that you've now called your home, Arthur has also deemed this tiny bowl your home. Arthur….

The mere thought of the Englishman brought tears to your eyes, one day he would love you, and then the next day it was seemed that he despises you. Does he really hate you that much? Does he despise your existence that much? Does he hate how tiny you are?

Is he afraid to love?

Clutching the fabric of your cloak, crushing the material in your hands you felt tears falling out of your eyes, wait…why were you crying? You should hate Arthur! You have every right to hate the Englishman, for the way he's treated you, and how he speaks to you. How he neglects you when you need love, and comfort. How he always seems to leave the moment you need help, or the comfort of another the most.

You should hate him, you should hate Arthur. But…you just couldn't bring yourself to hate him.

Because…it looks like he's in pain as well.

You could fee water pooling around your feet, your tear glazed eyes looking down at your feet. You could see that your tears had began to fill the small fish bowl, panicking you started to cry more, trying to climb out of the fish bowl, screaming for someone to help you, to save you.


Nobody could hear you, for your voice is too small. Clawing at the glass you continued to scream, to cry. Filling the fish bowl up even more, scaring yourself, wanting someone to save you. To come to your rescue, to calm your nerves and tell you that everything was okay…but still not one person could hear your voice.

That's when you remembered something…Arthur had broken the first rule in showing you affection. Allowing you to be around him…you'd become dependent on him, missing him when he was gone.

Ah…floating in the water created by your own tears you stared at the ceiling, reaching out with your hand to touch the ceiling that is still too far out of reach. You smiled…your hand sinking back underneath your tears, you mumbled.

"Bye, bye England."

Hands, strong hands were wrapped around you. Holding you close, you could hear someone's frantic voice, screaming at you, pleading with you to open your eyes. You could feel something warm hitting your cheeks, something moist. Slowly, slowly you opened your eyes, to see the pleading, tear stained face of Arthur; he hadn't taken notice that you'd open your eyes yet.

Crushing your small form against his cheek, you could feel his warm tears, moving your hands, you touched his cheek, placing your cheek against causing the Englishman to stop freaking out, and looking down at you with his tearful peridot eyes, smiling at him you placed your nose to his as you said.

"Tears, tears go away, please let Arthur smile today."
Oh my Hetalia!!! ;~; Thank you for so many views and comments on part one! Sorry that this chapter is short, I hope that you like it anyways.

Continue maybe I guess? xDD

[link] < Chapter One

Chapter Three > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself
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Arthur x Child!Reader

[Arthur's P.O.V]

The meeting room of all of the countries was soon filled with the sounds of many different voices. Each ranging in pitches from high to low, to voices you would not expect one to be capable of having. Many different greetings were exchanged in the words of ones country, hugs, and more than a few tears were seen and or given that day.

A small smile started to form on my face, placing my hand against the small scar on the side of my temple where the woman had shot me twenty years ago. Leaving me unconscious for a year or two, I'm not sure.

I remember waking up to the sight of that stupid Frog, America, and Canada crying, my eyes immediately searching the room for the familiar face of (y_n) only for the Frog to place his hand on my shoulder.

Shaking his head while America and Canada averted their eyes from my gaze, looking at my family I remember asking where (y_n) was.

“Wh-where is (y_n)? Is she okay?” my voice soon trailed off into what most would consider hysteria but, alas my emotions were in check, completely under my control. Only for my heart to come to a complete halt at what stood before me a few moments later.

A young teenage girl with the same eye colored orbs as (y_n). Her long (h_c) reaching the middle of her back, raising her hand to place the back of it against her mouth, tears cascading down her face as she said.

“England…your okay….your okay.” Taking my hand into her’s, the girl held onto it as if it where her life line, looking at me with those tear filled (e_c) orbs similar to (y_n)’s she stood up, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and continued to cry.

Startled, a bit unsure of what to do, I looked to America for help. Only for the wheat haired boy to send me a lopsided grin as he walked towards the door to my hospital room along with Canada and the Frog.

“Well…I think we should leave the two of you to get reacquainted with one another…seems like the best thing to do.”

With that the door closed behind my family, leaving me alone with the crying girl, wiping away her tears with the white sheets on my hospital bed a nervosa chuckle pouring out of my mouth while I spoke.

“S-so who are you if I might ask?” looking at me a bit startled before flashing me a small smile the girl stood up away from me while saying. “Ah~ stupid England it’s me!! (Y_n)!!! I’ve grown up~”

I felt my lose hands turn into fist; this girl…this girl is (y_n)? Bu-but how?! How did she grow up in such little time?! Opening my mouth to ask (y_n) if she decided that she was going to leave me, a sad smile appeared on her features while she spoke.

“Yes, England….I’ve become independent. Now another human like that will not come along and hurt you. But please…do not be sad. I will come and see you ever single Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s the promise that I made to the Queen when I asked to be independent.”

The Queen…so she allowed (y_n) to become independent…to stand on her own two feet. I can only imagine how (y_n) looked while she was asking the Queen for her freedom. Though…I cannot imagine the Queen’s sadness at (y_n)’s request.

For the Queen love for (y_n) was boundless, having found (y_n) when she was young and what she thought to be a defenseless child. Averting my gaze from (y_n) my hands still two fist I mumbled.

“Get out…”

“W-what?” (y_n) mumbled a startled look on her face while she stood up looking at me eyes full of worry while I repeated the same two words. “Get out…”

“Why? Why do you want me to leave England?”

Looking at (y_n) hurt in my eyes I yelled, “Because you’re leaving me as well! Just like everyone else has! So just go before I do something….do something that I’ll regret!” stumbling over her own two feet, (y_n) opened the door and slammed it shut.

Laying my head back on my pillow, using my arm to hide my eyes from my family when the entered my room once more. I could hear the Frog sigh, scolding me while America stood there, with a sad smile on his face as he said.

“Why…why is it that you can only hurt (y_n) when she’s done everything in her powers to protect you?”

The sound of footsteps receding away from my room left me in silence, while I laid there
chuckling I mumbled to myself.

“I’m…not sure…I guess it’s my way of protecting myself.”

Slowly dragging myself out of my memories, my eyes landed on the familiar form of (y_n). Her beauty stunning me as usual, her soft (e_c) orbs landing on me. A small smile forming on her face while she sent me a small wave, saying a polite goodbye to Ukraine before she approached me.

Standing before me in all of her glory, holding her hand out for me to take into my own. Shaking her hand, (y_n) quickly pulled it away from mine, a soft smile appearing on her face once again as she asked.

" do I look this year? The flowers are blooming nicely again this year." chuckling I looked at the flowers that had started to bloom on the antlers that had formed atop of her head ten years ago.

The soft pink flowers looking down at me, smiling (y_n) plucked one off the antler, holding it out for me to take, only to pull the flower out of my reach and place it behind my ear,  smiling at her work (y_n)stepped back while she said.

"The pink suites you nicely England...I can only wonder how the Forget-Me-Not's would look in your hair~" (y_n) poorly hid the giggle that bubbled up in her throat, looking at (y_n) with a soft smile on my face I touched her fair skin with my hand stroking it with my thumb.

"I'm sure that it would not look good on a git like me, but I'm sure that the Forget-Me-Not's look magnificent on you (y_n)." placing a small kiss on her forehead, I pulled away to see (y_n) blushing, chuckling I said.

"Hahah, did I embarrass you again (y_n)?" shaking her head 'no' (y_n) took my hand into her's pulling me towards the room for the meeting to begin she smiled saying.

"No...but our fooling around will make us late~" I couldn't help but agree with her, walking along side (y_n) I remembered when her antlers first appeared, the former spirit of her country was a buck, a beautiful buck at that.

Flowers blooming on it's antlers with the change of the season, once (y_n) accepted her roll the buck became apart of her. Leaving her with the antlers, a sign of her being the physical representation of her country.

(Y_n) thought that we would think poorly of her because of her strange heritage from the buck, but there were a few cases in the past where animal spirits merged with a country and said country received some physical characteristic of the animal.

Tightening my grip on (y_n)'s hand, looking up at me with a small smile on her face we entered the world meeting room together. Hand in hand, unafraid to show the others that we are still close.

Taking our seats the meeting started, as usual nothing was decided and no problems were solved. (Y_n) sitting there with her eyes closed, absorbing all of the information before she stood up and left the meeting leaving a small piece of paper near my folded hands.

Watching (y_n) while she walked out of the door I read the small words on the piece of paper, feeling tears stinging my eyes while I read the words.


I remember I started out hating you.
Hating you for keeping me hidden away from the world, and not loving me.
But, as the years went past I understood why.
So, my hate for you slowly faded away.
Then, the day you were shot really showed me how far you were willing to go to protect me.
It's okay if you decided to keep on hating me.

I...I just want you to know that I asked for independence so nothing like that would happen again.
I was scared, and alone.
So, please even if you still hate me...I would like for you to come to my birthday.
It would make me very happy to see you on my big day.

PS: And England...I do not hate you, I understand the reason for everything you did in the past. So... even if you hate me, I do not hate you. I hold no ill will towards you, though as a child I did, but now...I do not.


England...I could never hate you now that I know all of the things you went through to keep me safe, and happy as a child.

Reading the words printed on the paper again, and again I stood up running towards the window throwing it open my eye's focused on (y_n) standing at her car. Taking a deep breath I yelled.


(Y_n)'s (e_c) orbs locked onto me, looking up at me a bit startled I yelled.

"I'll be there...I'll be there this year."

A smile started to form on (y_n)'s face, tears filling her eyes as she yelled back a quick 'See you there' before she stepped into her car, driving away.

Leaning against the wall I couldn't help but cry, I'm happy. I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm so happy...I'm so happy. I to understand what (y_n) was trying to do all of those years ago. Walking out to my own car, looking at the sky a smile forming on my lips I mumbled.

"I'm happy to know that you do not hate me (y_n)..." with that said, I stepped into my own car driving away, holding the note close to my chest smiling I decided on what to buy (y_n) for her birthday.

What would be the best thing to get for her?

Hate Me |Fin|
Well~ this is the final chapter for Hate Me! I do hope that you enjoyed reading this story, I know I enjoyed writing it! Sorry if this wasn't the ending you thought this story would have, but I made it this way because this is how I planned to end it when after the first chapter was posted.

Also....I'm a bit distracted by Earthbound atm. But, other than that I think if there was a character to look like reader-chan they would be very pretty! Antlers sitting on your head just chilling out with flowers blooming, sounds nice.

And kind of like :iconsawsbuckplz: .w.

[link] < Chapter Five

The Beginning > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or -----> :iconenglandplz:
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Arthur x Child!Reader

[ Arthur's P.O.V ]

This is the happiest I've seen (y_n) since she was put under my care. She's grown a good bit, from the love and affection I've given her, she's about the size of America when I found him all of those years ago. Three months, three months have passed since I started showing (y_n) kindness.

It was hard for me to believe that America played a small part in the joy and happiness (y_n) has been able to obtain. But, I had to do all of this carefully under the Queen's radar. For if she were to learn that I'm treating (y_n) with kindness, showing her affection and allowing her to grow up…then I would most defiantly be punished.

But, right now seeing the smile on (y_n)'s face while she ran around my rose garden full of energy. Hiding from the man mythical creatures that originated or live in England in this simple game of tag. The creatures enjoying it as well, mostly the fairies and Flying Mint Bunny.

Teaching (y_n) as many things as I could teach a young growing country before they would become bored and take a nap. Having moved (y_n) into her own room she proceeded to draw on the walls, pictures of flowers, Flying Mint Bunny, and after asking me so many times if I could paint the Great Eight's flags on her ceiling I gave in, letting (y_n) redraw the French flag after my 'accidentally' messing it up.

That damn frog would come over and watch (y_n) and entertain her while I did my work. Leaving after he made her a small snack, telling the young country that he would visit when ever the next chance arises. Which is one in a blue moon for him, but I've become more tolerant of the frog because of (y_n).

Canada and America visiting me as a pair when their countries did not need them for anything specific. (Y_n) taking a shine to the quite country, adoring his small Polar Bear whose name always slips my mind. She's okay around America, she was a bit shy at first because of his personality, but she's even warmed up to the rowdy country.

I loved watching how she acted around my family, though…were broken up and a bit unorganized around one another were still a family. Having hurt the other, but we've also protected one another when the time called for it.

Another smile forming on my lips while I allowed my mind to wander to the conversation a month ago.  Listening to (y_n) the young country talking about the waxing in the waning of the moon. Then, about a deer that's always appearing in her dreams, I was slightly startled when she said that it had come to her in a dream and took her away from my house.

Though, I was alarmed (y_n) eased my worry that the deer would always bring her back to visit me. The deer warning her that she had to leave, that she had to leave soon or something bad would happen. What (y_n) was not sure of, all she could really tell me is that she felt something really bad would happen soon.

The sound of someone ringing my door bell caught my attention, (y_n) stopped frozen paralyzed with fear. Patting her head and reassuring her that it was most likely the paper boy or the people of my land asking for charity. This seemed to give (y_n) minor comfort.

Leaving her in the garden, I entered my home only to come face to face with two of the Queen's most loyal guards, and one bitchy human woman who needed to learn her place.

Her perfume invading my senses, making it hard to breath. Showing no emotion whatsoever  so ever I talked in a low voice.  

"What are you doing in my home? You may be the dutiful human workers for my lands Queen, but you have no right to just barge into my home in any attempt to disrupt the peace I've created for (y_n)…now leave before your presence upsets her." my words turned into a snarl, the guards backing down while the woman stood there, hiding her eyes behind her glasses.

"(Y_n) is the reason that we are here, her people are standing up to England now. Showing resistant when we try to  use military force against them to make them bow down to us." upon hearing those words it felt as if someone's hand had wrapped tightly around my heart, squeezing whatever life was left in it.

"Military…? Why in the bloody hell are you using the military against (y_n)'s country!!! They are not a military powered country! There merely a peaceful island a few miles away from England!"

"The reason for their resistance England is because they want (y_n) back…her country has grown. Something the Queen had forbidden."

The Queen…yes, a kind woman found (y_n) when she visited the tiny island. Thinking that she was a cursed child of some sort, she brought (y_n) in hopes that I would be able to help her. Though the Queen asked me to help her, she also asked me if I could keep her this size forever. I could tell that the Queen wanted to protect (y_n)…but she went about it the wrong way an unintentionally hurt the young country.

Shaking my head I sighed as I said. "Yes, the Queen has forbidden that I allow (y_n) to grow up, but her growth not only comes from affection from other's, but from her people. You cannot stun a countries growth for long or it will hurt them, destroying their land and hurting their people."

The woman stood there, biting her lower lip. "How dare you talk down to me? You may be the physical representation of our country 'England' but you are merely a servant of the Queen. Know your place when you talk to her followers!"

Followers, upon hearing the word I couldn't help but laugh.

"Followers? What side of the followers do you fall on woman? Doing horrid things behind the Queen's back such as attacking  a small island whom cannot defend themselves? An island the Queen swore to protect until they would be able to take care of themselves?"

I could see the woman trembling in anger, biting her lip as her eyes were filled with rage. Stepping forward, far to fast for the guards to react she pulled a gun from behind her coat, pointing it directly at my head she screamed.

"Good bye England! Long live the Queen~"

The shot echoed in my home, the startled scream of (y_n) echoing as I fell to the ground. The guards restraining the woman who shot me in the head. (Y_n)'s tear stained face appeared in my quickly fading vision.

Reaching out to touch her face, running my hand down her face touching her eyes, nose, and lips I smiled as I said. "Everything will be alright (y_n)…" my voice trailing off (y_n) taking my hand shaking it as she tried to pull me back up onto my feet.

But to no avail, the guards having restrained the woman returned to my fallen form. One holding (y_n) in her arms while the other one helped me, calling in the attack and a dispatch unit to attend to my wound. (Y_n) squirmed in the female guards arms, crying and screaming.

A small smile on my face, I slowly closed my eyes. (Y_n)'s screams turning into some inhuman form of screaming/screeching. Reaching out with her small hand, trying to touch my face knowing full and well that she would not be able to. Tears cascading down her face at an even faster pace, the hazy form of a deer with magnificent antlers appearing behind (y_n) and the female guard.

It's deep brown eyes showing the intelligence that Canada's bear shows.  So…she's just like Canada? Soon my eyes were completely shut, I could hear the guard yelling into the phone for the dispatch unit to hurry up and get here, the woman who shot me laughing like a madman, while out of all of those voices, and the sound of my slow beating heart (y_n)'s voice was the only one I focused on.


Then, I couldn't feel or see anything, darkness had wrapped his loving and cold embrace around me. Pulling me into a deep slumber.
:iconcannotevenplz: Shit went down, that is all that I will say~

Sorry for the long wait for this update!! I suffered from a very bad writers block on how to end this chapter. I do hope that you liked it and a big thank you to :iconasuye: or this update would not have been posted today~ leave a comment about your thoughts on this chapter!

*Prepares for tears by giving everyone a tissue, and hiding behind a wall*

[link] < Chapter Five

Final Chapter > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself
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England x Child!Reader

Throwing the things he was carrying in his arms at the front door, Arthur walked towards his living room. Lying down on the couch, his eyes drifted over to a small little fish bowl, inside the fish bowl a small face stared back at him, sadness imitating from the small body, the beginning of a new country, which had been left alone for an entire week.

Picking himself up from the couch, Arthur made his way towards the small bowl. He could see that water had pooling up in the small fish bowl. So… (y_n) had been crying while he was gone? Once he'd stood right in front of your fish bowl, you threw your small hood over your head.

Hiding your brilliant (e_c) from him, the sharp stabbing pain of guilt stabbed at his heart. Leaning down to your level, Arthur gazed into the fish bowl; clear streaks of tears were falling from your eyes filling the bowl even more. Wanting to show you kindness, wanting to show you affection the English man had to stop himself from reaching inside the fish bowl to hold you close to his heart.

Hesitating mere inches away from the top of your hood; he removed his hand from your bowl. He has to remember what he was told about you, he was told to not show you any affection, not to randomly give you gifts, and not to let you grow up.

For the strange thing was…you needed love for your specific country to grow. Staring down at you, tears' glittering in his own eyes England tries to ignore what he was told, but his loyalty to the Queen is just as strong as his urge to comfort you, his orders on how to raise you resurfacing in his mind.

'Do not show (y_n) any form of kindness, for she needs love to grow. Now…we wouldn't want another America now would we England? You failed to keep him on a leash, so will you be able to keep (y_n) under your control?'

His peridot colored eyes glancing over the thin black notebook with instructions on how to raise you (if he were to suddenly for some reason forget), and his diary about his day to day life with you. Arthur felt his stomach do a disgusted flip, picking up the notebook he threw it across the room.

How could he be so willing to do this?! Does the Queen still have ill favor towards him because of what America did!? People could only be pushed so far before they would snap…and he'd pushed Alfred to the breaking point. Causing the young boy under his charge to revolt, and declare his freedom.

Turning away from you, Arthur leaned against the desk which your fish bowl was set upon. Would you hate him? An even better question, do you hate him? Do you already hate him for how poorly he's treated you?

Yes….yes you probably already hate him. You probably hate his guts and you want him to die. After all…for the way he's been trying to neglect you for the five months he's had you under his care you probably do hate him.

The sound of small hands hitting glass caught Arthur's attention. Turning to see your small worried expression glancing back at him, tears welling up in your eyes not for how he's treated you, neglected you…but your tears….

They were for him.

Pure and innocent tears of worry cascaded out of your (e_c) orbs, placing your forehead against the glass you tried to comfort him that way, a small simple and just as innocent smile graced your previously sad features. Wiping away the tears on his own face, standing up, holding you in the palm of his hand the English man walked towards the couch.

Curling up in a small ball, holding you close to his heart, forcing back the tears that threatened to escape from the carefully placed façade that he keeps around himself, the wall that he built up around his heart to raise you was slowly melting. It was being destroyed.

Placing your small nose against his, patting his forehead you mumbled. "Pain, pains go away. Please come back and torment England another day."

No matter how often he hurts you, you are able to read him, misunderstanding him at times, and crying. Trying to never let anyone into your heart, even if the two of you have to live like this…maybe some day the both of you will understand how to deal with the other.

In turn….

Allowing the other to grow.
Well...sorry if this is boring, I was reading doujin a few weeks back and this idea sprouted from one of them. Sorry if it's crappy....I know it's bad.

Not sure if I should continue this as a side project, or just leave it as is. Well, whatever~ I'll see how I feel or if you who are reading this likes this then maybe I will continue it. xD

Chapter Two >…

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself ----> or :iconenglandplz:

Lovelies who've made some amazing fan art for this insert!…
:iconanahisleepingitaly: anahisleepingitaly.deviantart.…

Edit 10/31/12: Wah! Thank you for so many favs and views on this! ;~;

Edit 2: 1/24/13: OMGWD!! Thank you so much for so many views, comments and favs again! Everyone whose faved this has made me smile. ;~;
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~Find The Cost of Freedom~

So there sat one stumped American and his daughter.  It seemed that this girl had made herself at home next to him, which in Alfred's mind was a good and bad thing.  

"Let me call England," he tenderly nudged the girl away from her comfortable spot.  

"England?"  She looked just as confused as him.  "Like the country?"

"Did your mom not tell you who I am?"  He pulled himself off the couch, feeling even more tired than when he had tried to sleep early.  Her mother knew who Alfred was, or at least he thought she did.  So he was going to have to explain the whole country thing to her?  That was just peachy.  

The little tike shrugged her shoulders and pulled her book bag onto the couch with her.  It seemed that she was more than contented with her new abode.  But he couldn't be concerned with that at the moment.  

Alfred grabbed his phone off the end table.  Quickly he dialed the number waiting impatiently for England to pick up his phone.  

He could never recall the last time he was actually thankful to hear the Brit's voice.  It was almost like music to his ears…almost.

"What?"  The snippy man on the other end bit the simple one word question off.

"Bro!  Are you still in town?  I gotta see ya!"  Alfred looked back down at the girl, wondering if he should try to explain it to Arthur over the phone or wait until he came over.  "I've got something really big and I need your help."

"Of course I'm still in the area!  I'm sitting at one of your bloody airports because my flight has been delayed.  And see each other?" He tsked into the receiver.  "Didn't we see each other enough over the last week at that charming meeting you threw?"  His voice wasn't laced with sarcasm.  It was coated so thick that could spread it on toast.  

"Dude," Alfred cleared his throat and turned from the girl.  He couldn't tell if it was embarrassment, bitterness, or contempt he felt at that second for the gentleman that was speaking to him.  

"Daddy!"  (f/n) proudly exclaimed and shook some papers at him.  "Look what…"

He turned quickly, cutting her off, "I'm on the phone (f/n)… hang on."  He didn't mean it to come off as rude or nasty, but it did.  "Please just give me a minute with Arthur and then we can talk."  His soften his tone to appeal to her.

She pouted a bit and crossed her arms with papers still clutched in them.  He could see himself in her eyes when he didn't get his way.  Is this what Arthur had meant by 'comeuppance'?   As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.

"I think it positively rude that you're talking to someone else too, Alfred." Arthur dropped down into the uncomfortable plastic seat in the lobby of the airport.  "And can't your stupid airports get chairs that…."

"Listen!"  Alfred was on a spree of interrupting people.  "Please come over.  I need your help and don't know who else to ask."

"The hero asking for help?"   Arthur smirked, but suddenly realized the desperation in the man's voice.  And for the loud pompous American to ask for help was rare indeed.  "This better be good."

"Thank you," Alfred gave a thankful sigh as he clicked the disconnect button on the phone and tossed it back on the table.  Dropping back onto the couch he knew he just had to wait.  But shoved into his hands where the important documentation that little girl had.  Or at least it was important to her.  

"Was that England?"  (f/n) smiled and held out a few crayon drawn pictures to her new daddy.  But she wasn't really concerned with the answer to her question. "This one is Mommy," she pointed at the first that Alfred had in his hands.  

The simple drawing done on computer paper was a girl with long brown hair and big green eyes.  It might have only been a child's drawing but it reminded him of that waitress.  

He flipped through the pages and looked at the little people that were on each page.  Even if she was explaining each and everyone Alfred couldn't get his mind to focus.  He didn't understand why this girl was having an easy time adjusting to her new surroundings.  

"Here," he grabbed the remote off the table and clicked on some cartoon.  The pressure was breaking him down.  "I'm going to go change before Arthur comes over."

"Who's that?!"  She looked panicked at the thought of someone invading her new safety net.  

"Arthur is my…older brother."  He didn't know how to explain Arthur or any of the other countries.  It wasn't going to be easy to explain why Arthur looked his age if he said that the Brit raised him.  

He dashed up the stairs to his bedroom.  Smacking his head into the wall as hard as he could caused the sudden rush of pain to course threw his body.  He was really regretting calling Arthur to help.  He wasn't sure at that moment what he was feeling for the wee little one sitting on his couch watching his TV at the moment.  

"Don't blame the kid Al," he scolded himself.  "It's not her fault.  It's not her mother's fault.  It's yours!"  He started on a spiel that no doubt would be coming his way again.  Grabbing the cleanest shirt off the floor he slipped it on.  "Don't I have any clean pants?"  He groaned and sniffed the few pairs he took off the floor.  "Now I'm going to have to do laundry all the time!  Girls don't like to wear dirty things."  Sniffing his nose to cleanest pair he put them on.  

"Alfred!"  The all too familiar limeys' voice called up the stairs.  Around him sat two large duffel bags.

"That was quick!"  Alfred flew down the stairs to meet him in the living room.    

"Your taxi drivers are crazy blokes over here," Arthur grumbled.  "Now what did you want to show me?"  

Alfred for once in his life was speechless.   He pointed over to the couch where (f/n) was sitting.  But the couch was empty.  The pit of Alfred's stomach started to turn.  

Arthur turned his head and sighed.  "My Little Ponies?  So sorry, but I've seen this episode already."  Arthur picked his bags up and swung them over his shoulder.  "I'll send you the bill for the two taxi rides I needed this afternoon.  Make sure you don't send any of that funny money of yours."  

"(f/n)!"  Alfred shirked.  "Where are you?"

"Who in the bloody hell is (f/n)?"  Arthur turned and dropped his bags.  "Do you have a lady friend over?"  

"Where is that stupid note?"  Alfred ran over to the coffee table, shifting the paperwork around.  Sending a blue streak of obscenities threw the air even put a blush on the British man's face.  

Arthur stood above him with arms crossed, his typical M.O.  "Isn't that cute!" Cue more sarcasm.  "You two were coloring."  

Knocking half the papers and magazines to the floor he finally found the note that seemed to weight a ton in the American's hand.  He handed it over without a word.  

The Englishman's eyes scanned over the note.  Pure awe would be the description of the look on his face.  He knew there was no way this was a joke.  Not only the air that the American gave off but the penmanship was impeccable.

"Where is (f/n)?"  Arthur looked from the note and carefully handed it back over.  

Alfred shoved it into his pocket and shrugged his shoulders.  "She was watching cartoons while I changed.  And…"

"I thought I heard something in here," Arthur couldn't help but frown.  He wondered if Alfred of all people could take care of a child.  "I must have startled the girl."

"(f/n)?" Alfred called again and dropped to his knees to look under the couch.  Nothing but a few wrappers, DVDs, and science/food experiment that went wrong.    "Hey!"  Alfred pulled a DVD case.  

"Did you find a family of opossums under there?"  Arthur chuckled at his joke.  "Don't you think we should try to find your daughter?"

Alfred was glad at the moment that Arthur couldn't see his face.  It felt kind of good to hear someone be called his daughter.  Not a state or ward.  

"Maybe the girl likes to hide like you used too." Arthur smiled.  "You used to like the kitchen cabinets.  Do you remember when you would try to scare me by jumping out of them?"  

Alfred started for the kitchen and pulled each of the bottom cabinets open.  There was no sight of her.  

"Dude!  Where could she be?"  Alfred groaned loudly.  "How the heck could I have lost her already?"

"Let's be real about this," Arthur raised a hand in the air to calm the sandy blonde's mind.  "She is still in the house.  The girl is just hiding from us.  So we just have to find her."  

Alfred knew that was easier said than done.  (f/n) could be anywhere!  Then started the two boy's great expedition to find the missing girl.  They both looked over the house top to bottom, but came up empty handed.  On the plus side Alfred did find a few things that were missing.  

"Did you hear that?"  Arthur pointed to a linen closet.  Pulling opened the door he spotted a set of big (e/c) eyes looking back at him.  A small peep escaped from under the pile of towels and blankets that covered the girl.  "Come here love."  Arthur kneed in front of the pile of fabric.  

Alfred too kneeled next to the Birt.  "It's okay (f/n)!  This is Arthur."

"Daddy!"  Out ran one petrified girl into her Dad's open arms.  Towels flew into the air and onto the floor as she jumped into his arms.   "You left me!"  

"I didn't leave you!"  Alfred stood still holding the girl.   "I told you I had to change."

(f/n) nuzzled her face into the fabric of his shirt.  "Don't do that again."  

Arthur had a great big grin on his face.  This was going to be fun indeed.
This is part two...kind short two....part three will be up sometime before next year! Since I only had one test today I could get this posted.

part one [link]
part three [link]

And I switched between countries and humans names! What a bad girl I am!

and as always...I don't own hetalia and sorry for spelling & grammar!

Time to work on more request, series, and bash my head into the wall! Hi-yo, Silver! Away!
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"Daddy! Daddy!"

The man turned around looking at the 7 year old boy running towards him. His (h/c) hair pushed all of his face as he ran. His Emerald eyes glowing with happiness. The boy stopped in front of his father with a massive grin.

"What's the matter Theodore?"

The boy looked up at his father grinning even more. The blonde man sighed before returning the smile and giving a questioning look.

"I met this girl daddy, and I really think I love her, she beautiful and really cool for a girl!"

The boy never stopped smiling for one minute. No matter what ever happened you could never get rid of his smile. The man gave a sad smile before turning to the grave behind him. He ran his hand across the grave gently before clearing his throat to speak.

"Well that good Theodore, but just remember to spend as much time with them as you can."

The younger boy could sense the sorrow in his voice, but it wasn't much of a surprise. It had been 6 years today since she died. The women he knew nothing about. The women who loved him more than anything.

He pulled out the locket from under his shirt, opening the little circle. His gaze fell to the women, she had (h/l) (h/c) tied back. Her (e/c) eyes gazed at one thing, her son. His father was next to her with the same gaze. They all had smiles on their face. How could he not remember his own mother?

"Did you not get to spend a lot of time with mummy?"

The boys smile fell when he could see the light tears in his father's eyes. The man broke out a small smile before returning to face the boy.

"No I didn't"

"Can you tell me more about mommy? Like how you fell in love?"

The boy's smile returned and the man was somewhat shocked but happy. He gestured for his son to sit down next to him before he remembered everything.

By the time I was your age I'd give anything to fall in love truly
was all I could think,
that's when I met your mother
the girl of my dreams,
the most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen.

~Flashback: 10 years ago~

"Captain Kirkland? What are we doing at (country)?"

"To pick up supplies"  

That was a lie, and even Arthur's crew knew that. He was here to see a girl. One he'd never spoken to before. He walked over to the market, cold emerald orbs searching for that one girl. He walked deeper into the market until he spotted her.

He watched as she sold fruit and vegetables to the villagers. The warm smile on her face after selling one piece. His gaze was on her and no one else. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair blowing in the wind, the way her (e/c) shined with happiness, she was truly beautiful.

He didn't realise he had walked right up to her, until her voice broke his thoughts. That
voice. It was beautiful. Like an angel singing a lullaby.

She said boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
"I can't help but notice you staring at me,
I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe,
I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."
Now son, I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things.

"Excuse me Captain, do you need something?"

"You know who I am?"

It wasn't a surprise that she would know he was a pirate, in fact all of the villagers knew. He had visited so much that they knew he wasn't a threat. He was just shocked that she knew..

"Obviously I know who you are, You're Captain Arthur Kirkland. You visit a lot, especially the market, but I couldn't help but wonder if you wanted something from my stall, you were staring for quite some time"  

Shit... she caught him staring, what was he to say now? He was confused for awhile until an idea popped into his head. He would go for it, and if it didn't work then he would never return here.

"Tell me love, what's your name?"

"_____. _____ ______ it's nice to meet you"

She smiled and held out her hand for him to shake, but instead he pulled her into a warm embrace. He moved his mouth towards her ear before gently asking her a question which could change his fate.

"Tell me ____, would you ever love a pirate?"

He pulled her out of the embrace holding her shoulder so he could see her face. She was bright red but still smiling like she hadn't noticed. Emerald orbs met bright (e/c) ones.

"Are you saying you love me?"

He nodded in reply. She smiled and nodded before pulling him into another hug.

~End of flashback~

"You were a pirate? That's so cool!"

Arthur chuckled before nodding, Theodore smile became bigger before he started to run around the grave stone.

"I am Captain Theodore Kirkland! Son of the most feared pirate ever!"

Arthur could help but laugh at his sons actions, he pulled he boy into his lap as they laughed together.

"So what happened next daddy?"


Now most of the time we'd have too much to drink
and we'd laugh at the stars and share everything.
Too young to notice and too dumb to care,
love was a story that couldn't compare.


It had been a year and a half since Arthur and ___ had been dating each other, every few months Arthur and his crew would sail to (country) and stay a couple of the night's. ___ would be waiting at the port for them to arrive and when they did, they would spend every moment with each other.

Arthur walked off his ship with one goal in his mind, to see ____. Not movements' after he was almost pushed to the ground by ____'s warm embrace.

"Arthur! I missed you so much"

"I missed you too love, now shall we go?"

She smiled before grabbing his hand a pulling him along down the village. After about 5 minutes both where trying to catch their breath while taking in the scene. They would always go to this one spot and lay in between the purple flowers, while watching the stars.

____ started running into the lavender field and Arthur soon followed trying to catch her. All the sounds that could be heard were their laughter and the slight breeze. Once Arthur finely caught up to ____ he grabbed her in his arms and span her around, gently giving her sweet little kisses.

Before they knew it the sun was already setting, ____ was sitting in Arthurs lap while he stroked her hair. Arthur rested his head in the crook of her neck inhaling the smell of her perfume. He gently smiled and moved his mouth close to her ear, whispering the three words he would always say when he saw her.

"I love you"

I said girl can I tell you a wonderful thing?
"I made you a present with paper and string,
open with care now, I'm asking you please
you know that I love you,
will you marry me?"
Now son I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things
you'll learn one day, and I hope and I pray that God shows you differently.


____ moved her body so she was still in his lap but facing him. Smiling sweetly at his question and giving him a slight nod to let Arthur know he had her attention.

"Well, the next time you see my ship come to (country) it will be the last..."

____ eyes went wide and her face in horror. Arthur could see that she was on the verge of tears. One single tear fell slowly down her cheek and Arthur wiped it away with his thumb giving her a sweet smile.

"Because the next time that happens, I will no longer be a pirate love. I was hoping maybe the next time I return to (country) that you would do the honour of being my bride, ____ will you marry me?"

Arthur pulled out a ring from his jacket, his hands shaking with fear of rejection. ____ eyes grew wide again but this time with joy. She pulled him into a hug before muttering the words 'yes'. Arthur smiled and placed the ring on her finger. A perfect fit.

~End of flashback~

"You gave up being a pirate for Mummy? Why?"

Theodor had a sad look on his face, but Arthur gave his a reassuring smile before pulling  him into his lap and ruffling his hair.

"Because I loved her, and I still do"

"Do you miss being a pirate?"

"I've never thought about it..."

She said boy can I tell you a terrible thing?
"It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.
Please don't be sad now, I really believe,
you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Slow, so slow, I fell to the ground on my knees.


It had been just over a year since ____ had given birth to Theodor. But ever since she had been getting weaker and weaker. Arthur had been concern so he made her go see a doctor, he heard the front door open and closed. A few minutes later ____ walked in with a weak smile on her face.

"How did it go love?"

She smiled weakly before moving her gaze to the floor, Arthur walked over to her a pulled her into a hug as she silently sobbed into his chest. She pulled away and looked into his emerald eyes. Sorrow filled in her (e/c) ones.

"Arthur... I-I have cancer, and only 3 weeks left until I die"

Arthur's hands dropped from her, he was shocked. He couldn't move, or talk or do anything. He started at ____ before pulling her into a tight embrace and crying into her shoulder. She would be gone in 3 weeks? Why didn't he make her go sooner! He could of stopped this from happening..


The 3 weeks passed and Arthur walked into the shared bedroom, only to find you laying there. You once (e/c) orbs where now grey and dull, you skin was pale and freezing cold. He sat on the bed next to you, not caring about if anyone herd him cry. He had lost the one he loved, and all he could do was blame his self.

~End of flashback~

Arthur could see the tears forming into his son's eyes. He pulled him close while stroking his hair again and smiled.

"But either way she is still with us"

The boy looked up at him confused and whipped away the tears on his face.

"Your mother is, and always will be watching down on us from heaven"

So don't fall in love there's just too much to lose
if you're given the choice, I'm begging you choose to walk away, walk away,
don't let it get you, I can't bare to see the same happen to you.

Now son, I'm only telling you this, because life can do terrible things.
So this is an Fanfiction trade with :iconsupereggbox: i wrote her an iggy one and she has written me a prussia one so go check that out! to see her prussia x reader click here! ----> [link]

the song is mayday parade terrible things and well yeh i think this is my longest fanfiction so far WOO! :D anyway hope you enjoy :3

I don not own Hetalia or you! :3
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As rays from the morning sun crept their way through uncovered windows, green eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Oh… my head…" Arthur grumbled. His head was probably the thing hurting the most, but really his whole body was in pain. Probably because he'd passed out on the floor.

He struggled to get up for a bit, and when he finally did he was rewarded with a spinning room. He tried closing his eyes but this only made it worse, so he simply sat down on the couch and held his head.

"I swear I'm never drinking again…" He said miserably.

"WELL GOOD MORNING, SLEEPYHEAD!!!!" An obnoxious cheery voice yelled, making Arthur feel like someone was putting a jackhammer to his head.

"Ahhh! You git; what's the big idea?!"

________ giggled. "Just getting a little revenge for yesterday."

"Revenge? What are you…" suddenly his face got very red. "Oh God, we didn't… did we?"

"Please, you think I'd let you do anything like that?" She scoffed. Though he did get pretty close…

Despite his condition, ________ probably had the rougher night of the two. At least Arthur got  some sleep; she barely slept a wink! For some reason, she couldn't get what happened out of her head.

"Ye think I don't know you lied when ya said ye didn't feel those
sparks? Of course, I can't get too mad... I lied too."

Okay, so maybe he felt something when they kissed. She didn't care much about that. But how dare he claim to know what she was feeling?! She didn't even know what she was feeling!

"Then what did happen?"  He asked, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"You were just annoying, that's all." She lied, walking over to him and handing him a glass of water. "Here. You need to rehydrate yourself."

He stared at her for a bit, taken back by this sudden act of kindness, before drinking the water. "Thanks…" He said.

"Don't drink it all just yet. I'll be back with your breakfast, save it for that." _____ replied. She left into the kitchen and returned with a chicken broth, a banana,  some toast, and an aspirin.

"H-here. All this stuff is supposed to be good for a hangover. When you're done, you should get some more rest."

He squinted his eyes at her. "You sure know a lot about hangovers… do you have a lot of experience with this stuff?"

"If you're asking if I've ever been drunk, no. I've had sips of beer here and there and personally, I find the stuff disgusting. I haven't tried wine though. I imagine I'd like it, but I'd rather not risk an addiction."

He cocked a furry brow. "So then… how do you know all this stuff?"

She blushed. "I um… well I looked it up, y'know, for you…"

There was an awkward silence as he stared at her, shocked and touched that she would do that for him.

"B-but don't go getting any ideas, alright? It's not as if I suddenly started liking your ass! I just didn't wanna hear you whine all day!"

And just like that, those feelings were out the door. "I-I don't whine! And what's your problem with me anyway?! Neither of us wanted to get married, but that doesn't mean you have to hate me!"

Her eyes went wide at this. He thought she hated him? For some reason, that made her heart hurt…

"I… I don't hate you, Arthur…" She said shyly, looking away blushing.

"Then why do you act like it?"

"It's… it's complicated, okay? But I promise I don't hate you. Hell, I don't even dislike you."

His eyes lit up and it was obvious he was trying to contain his joy. "R-really? You don't dislike me?"

"N-no… and I'm sorry I made you feel as if I did."

Another pause.

"Do you um… do you hate or dislike me?"

"No… I suppose not."

________'s lit up the same way his did a few moments ago. "Really? Even after all the crap I put you through?"

"Shocking right? But no, I don't hate or dislike you."

There was yet another pause, but this one was different… it was peaceful, happy even. Both of them somewhat enjoyed it.

"So um… does this mean you want to call a truce?" _______ offered. "For real this time, I mean."

"Eh… sure, I guess."


Arthur had finished his food by now, and was attempting to sit up. But once again he failed miserably.

"Oh here, let me help you." ______ said, putting his arm on her shoulder. The two made their way to the room and Arthur pulled back the blanket before crawling in.

"T-thanks for all this, ______."

"Y-yeah, no problem. I'll come get you in a little bit."

With that, Arthur closed his eyes. _______ made her way back to the living room to collect the dishes he had left on the table. Somehow, this whole interaction with Arthur made her more nervous than what happened the previous night.

She feared she was on her way to falling in love with him. And what was worse, she didn't really mind…

Arthur woke up a few hours later. He knew _______ said she'd wake him up, but he felt much better already so he figured there was no harm.

He decided to wash up for a little and then thank ________ for her help. When he got out of the shower though, he was surprised to hear music. When he got closer to the source of the sound, ______'s iPod plugged into an amplifier (or whatever the hell those things are called, if I'm wrong, tell me and I'll fix it), he realized; he knew this song!

He kept his distance as he heard ________ begin to sing:

"Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you."

He gazed at her admirably. She had a pretty voice… it was imperfect, but that made it realistic. He liked it. He decided at this point to join in.

"Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you."

___________'s head wept around, startled by his sudden appearance. But she relaxed and went with it, singing the next part.

"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be,"

"Take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you."

"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be,"

"Take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you."

"For I can't help falling in love with you…"

The two looked at each other, unsure what to do next.

"S-so, you're feeling better?" She asked.


"That's good. I'm uh… I'm gonna go for a walk. I'll be back okay?"

"Um, okay…"

She got her shoes on and went on said walk, leaving Arthur alone to ponder over what just happened. Was he falling for her? He wasn't sure…

Not too far from their house just yet ________ was pondering the same thing. She felt like there was another reason besides this being forced on her that she shouldn't be feeling this way for him, something very important, but she couldn't remember…

Then it hit her.


Instantly she bolted from the house, finding both a spot that with a good enough signal (unfortunately, the signal was strongest by the house, so she had to make do with what she can) and called him. Talking to him always worked before, right?


Her heart leaped. "Hi, Alfred!"

"Oh hey, ________! What's up?"

"Oh you know, nothing much… how about you?"

"Same. But I'm a little surprised that's your answer. Aren't you on your honeymoon?"

"That doesn't mean something interesting has to be happening, you know! I was forced into this, remember?"

"Oh right, sorry." He laughed.

"Is that _________? Let me talk to her!" An eager female voice said.

"One sec, babe." He said, clearly talking to the voice. "Hey _______,  my girlfriend wants to talk to you. Is that cool?"

_______ nearly dropped the phone. Girlfriend?! He… has a girlfriend?"

"______? You still there?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry. I was just uh… never mind. Sure, let me talk to her."

"Hey there, ______!  I'm Amelia, Alfred's girlfriend, obviously." She giggled. _______ could already see why he'd like her. 5 seconds into a conversation and she could tell he was like her twin. "I'm so glad to be talking to you! Alfred has told me so much about you! I'm sorry you got forced into an arranged marriage, that really sucks dude. But hey, now maybe when can go on double dates sometimes! Just because you're married doesn't mean you can't go out on dates, right?"

"Y-yeah… I'd like that."

"Huh? Are you okay? You sound sad…"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Look, I'm losing the signal, so I'll talk you to guys later, okay?"

With that, _________hung up the phone and sobbed, unaware that Arthur had been listening in on the conversation from a distance.
Part 5 is done! There's mostly fluff, a little sadness, and a cliffhanger >D

I feel like the song part was so cheesy XD originally, I was gonna use [link] using Kiku as the excuse for why Arthur knew it (they are friends after all). But then I thought that was too weird, so I looked up popular songs by British bands and songs that were popular with the British. It turns out a British band did a cover of the song "Can't help falling in love with you" and idk... it just seemed to fit.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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~Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go~

The sandy blond laid in the bed looking up at the ceiling with disgust.  The person at the door kept hitting that damn little doorbell button and would not leave!  It had been going on for at least ten minutes!  What kind of person would do this on a Saturday?  The day he finally had off from meetings or any other tedious trials in life.  

That person out there really laid on the doorbell now.  Tossing the plush red and blue covers off himself and onto the floor, he pulled himself out of the bed.  Adjusting himself in certain places he cursed the world and the person that disturbed him.  They better not bring him the good word or someone above better help them.  And screw them he wasn't about to put pants on.  His boxers with little hamburgers on them would be good enough!  Grabbing his glasses off the nightstand he started to the door.

"What!?" He yanked the door open to his home, surprised that no one was there.  Of course they would leave once he got up, that's how it always worked.  Saying a few blasphemous words he went to shut the door but something caught his eyes.  The small shine of (h/c) hair in the bright morning sun light.  He cocked his head to the side at the curious little sight in front of him.  It was a girl with big (e/c) eyes staring at him.   She hung on tight to a purple book bag in front of her.  

"Here," she whispered and held a folded note to the shocked American.  

Dear Alfred,
You probably don't remember me, after all it was almost five years ago.  I was one of the waitresses at the meeting in Toronto.  I won't go into detail on what is happening with me, but I'm sick.  And I won't be getting any better.  This is our daughter (f/n).  There isn't anyone else to take care of her.  Can you please watch her and make sure you give her the best life possible.

"Daughter?" He looked down at the little girl who now was staring at her pink sneakers.  He crinkled the note in his hand in frustration.  

Was this even possible?  He was in Toronto about five years ago.  And there was that one waitress.  She was pretty with long glossy brown hair going down her back and big green eyes.  But it was one night! Well, multiple times in that one night.  But how could this happen?  He was the United States of America!  The damn hero and all that jazz; he wasn't a father, daddy, or Papa.  

Sure he had 'raised' his states and such.  But then again he never raised them hands on!  And look at some of them.  A few of the states where shoot-'um-up and death penalty loons.  Then you had the peace loving and let's-hug-our-problems away freaks.  And let's not forget the ones that wanted to break away awhile back.  So maybe his fatherly influence wasn't in great supply with those ones.

He uncrumpled the note and read it again.  No name on the bottom.  That waitress probably thought he would at least have the decency to remember her name and he didn't.  

"Are you shy or something?"  His asked the mute girl that shot her head up.  On the rims of her eyes were tears that wanted to break through.  She shook her head and caused her hair to sway side to side.  

"I wanna go home!"  She started to cry and dropped to the grey stone steps.  "I miss my Mommy!"

"Oh crap!  Don't cry…" he scanned the paper for her name.  "(f/n)!  Don't cry (f/n)!"

"What's your name?"  She wiped the tears from her cheeks.  

"Alfred," he bit the inside of his cheek.  He wondered if he should tell her that he was in fact her father.  

"Alfred F. Jones?"  Her eyes lit up a little at his statement.  "You're my Daddy!"

Guess the cat was out of the bag.  "That's me."  

So enter the stupor that Mr. America was about to go into.  Walking to the couch, he dropped down into the soft cushions.  (f/n) let herself in and shut the door that Alfred had left opened.  He stared off into space as nothingness blew threw his mind.  What was he going to do with a child?  He had things to do!  Like video games, scary movies, and annoying England!  How in the wide world of hamburgers was he going to do that with a kid in toe?

"I'm glad I finally get to meet you," she smiled pulling herself onto the couch.  She snuggled into his side.   "Mommy said we can be a family."

He glanced down at the tiny figure that clung to his side.  He knew he had to do something.  And the first was going to be calling someone who had some prior knowledge on children. Granted he wasn't that great…okay he sucked.  But maybe a little help from that person wouldn't be that bad.  Just do the opposite of everything England said. That's a plan!

To be continued!
This is a request for :iconjessie1209:! Enjoy!!

Sorry if it had a Big Daddy feel to it....It's one of those stories I've got to make into a lil' series...wait for the fluff to kill ya! And yeah I didn't make her super shy...yet! Now on to the other requests!

And as always I don't own Hetalia and sorry for spelling/grammar! Find a typo? Misspelled words or something silly? Please, kindly, tell me. I try my best to improve my grammar and spelling on these things, but like anyone I miss somethings. part two
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"Stupid bloody frog." England muttered to what appeared to be himself, looking as his reflection.
All that time he spent growing his hair long, trying to improve his looks, trying to impress everyone, but mostly her…

And now nobody would know.

"Aww don't be sad, Arthur!" Flying mint bunny chirped, trying to cheer him up.

"Yeah, we still think you look handsome!" One of his many fairy friends tried.

"And I'm sure _____ does too, if she really cares about you!" Another added.

"S-shut up! I wasn't doing this to impress ______!" England stuttered.

"Yeah you were!" Flying mint bunny insisted, the way one half of those "Did not!" "Did too!" battles children have sometimes go.

"I was not!"

"Then who were you trying to impress?"

He couldn't come up with an answer, pretty much confirming what his magical friends already knew. They would've continued had they not noticed the little girl advancing quickly in the distance.

"Arthur!" ______ yelled in excitement, glomping the little boy.

"___-______? What are you doing here?" He stammered, a little embarrassed. He was crushing on her big time, and being close to her like this made his little heart race.

"I've been looking all over for you! I missed you so much!"

"I haven't been gone that long..."

"I haven't seen you in six months!" ______ looked about ready to cry. He hated seeing her cry, but he had to admit.... she looked pretty cute.

He blushed harder. "S-sorry."

She smiled, letting him up. "It's okay. Where have you been?"

"I've been running from the church leader, trying to keep him from cutting my hair."

"What? Why?"


*Le time skip*

"That's kind of a funny story."

"Yeah, a real rib tickler." He deadpanned.

"But hey, you know what? I'm glad he cut your hair like this."

An anime vein popped on his head. "What the bloody hell for?"

"Because..." she paused, feeling bold. "I like the way you look right now."

His heart skipped a beat. "R-really?"

"Yep! I like you just the way you are!" she chirped, placing a small kiss on his cheek before running away giggling.

England stood in place, putting his hand on his cheek. After a second, he snapped out of it and chased after her.

"________! Wait up!"
Just a little fluff :3

This is likely how I would've reacted in that episode (the one where france cuts his hair.)

I guess this is a drabble :/ I hate drabbles, but that's how this ended up
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