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Lovino Vargas was squirming in his seat.

"Jesus Christ, Grandpa, can't you drive any faster?!"

"Lovino, I'm already going 20 miles over the speed limit. Calm down."

"Ve~, fratello, I'm sure _______ isn't going anywhere. She's probably just as excited to see you!"

Lovino was growing even more impatient by the second. After being gone for two months in Italy, he wanted to see his best friend, _______! But, still a good forty minutes from his home, all he could do was wait. He could still remember when he first met _______, back in his freshman year of high school.


Lovino was storming through the halls of his high school, moving fast to get away from the constant torture he was put through from the jerks around him. He moved to (country other than Italy) only three months ago, and ever since he got here he has been the victim to constant insults and abuse. His brother of course didn't have to put up with that; just him!

"Hey Vargas! Think fast!" someone yelled as an eraser hit his head.

Lovino broke into a run, and he didn't stop until he was sure he was safe out of sight. He leaned against the lockers to catch his breath, doing his best to keep back tears. Just then he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He threw the hand off and prepared for a fight, only to see that the hand belonged to a girl.

She had (hair length), messy, unkempt (hair color) hair that was poorly put into two pig tails on either side of her head, large, wide rimmed glasses over her (eye color) eyes, bulky, dorky braces on her teeth,  and very bad acne that made her (skin tone) skin look almost completely red and bumpy. She was wearing a (favorite color) and (2nd favorite color) plaid dress that came down to her knees and high top sneakers and long socks that she had pulled up to her knees. In short; she was the text book example of a pathetic nerd. She had her hands on her knees and was panting heavily, out of breath.

"What do you want?" Lovino spat at her. She didn't say anything, still way to out of breath to speak.

"SPIT IT OUT, RAGAZZA!" He yelled. She quickly stood up with a scared look in her eyes. She quickly rummaged through her knapsack and pulled out a text book. HIS text book.

Lovino pulled off his back pack and realized that the zipper must have come unzipped while he was running, letting his text book and God knows what else fly out. She had chased after him for who knows how long; just to return his text book.

Lovino turned a bit red, embarrassed at how he acted when the girl was just trying to be kind to him. He took the book from her and replaced it in his bag. The girl began to fish through her bag again and pulled out a bunch of papers and notebooks, all of them with his name on them. Lovino wordlessly took those as well and put them away. He wanted to say something to her, but what? He had more to thank her for than just a book and a few papers. She was the first person he met here that showed him any sort of kindness.

"Um…T-thank-"he began to say, but then he realized that she had run off. He didn't even see her go.


Lunch break. Also Lovino's break from the assholes who constantly make his life a hell. He was walking towards his usual lunch spot, a spot that was well hidden by large oak trees where Lovino truly felt safe, he saw a group of three boys ahead of him crowding against the wall. He recognized them as the same group who would always try to pick a fight with him and send him to the infirmary. Only today they had a different victim to torture.

'Better him than me' Lovino thought. He began to walk past the group when he saw who they were beating; the girl from before! She had her eyes to the floor and looked close to tears and those bastards just kept going at it, shouting insults at her and calling her names and laughing at her. Lovino felt something boiling inside him, a violent mixture of hatred and fury.

"Stop it." He said suddenly.

The group turned to face him. "What was that?" one of them said.

"You heard me, you bastards! Stop it and let her go! Now!"

"Ha! And if we don't? What are you gonna do, Vargas?" the one in the middle said. He then slapped the girl with the back of his hand. Hard. The girl let out a whispered cry of pain as she fell to the floor. "What are you gonna do about THAT? Well Vargas?"

His answer was a sharp blow to the jaw courtesy of Lovino. The one boy fell to the floor. Then, before they knew what hit them, Lovino socked one of the boys in the gut, the other in the nose. The three were now on the ground squirming in pain. Lovino ran over to the girl, helped her up, and then led her to his secret spot.

Once there, Lovino sat her down against a tree and he sat beside her. She refused to look him in the eye, or to even look up from the ground at all. She had bruises and red marks from where those jerks had hit her. Lovino mentally swore he'd make them regret every moment of pain they gave her. He saw some silent tears fall from, her eyes. She kept opening her mouth slightly and then closing it again, like she was trying to say something but couldn't.

"T-t-thank y-you." She finally said, barely above a whisper.

"No problem, ragazza." He said with a small, sincere smile "Thanks for returning my book and stuff earlier."

"I-i-it was n-n-nothing."

The two sat in silence for a minute. Then Lovino began picking through his bag lunch. He noticed that the girl didn't seem to have anything to eat. "Do you have a lunch?" he asked.

She shook her head "T-those b-boys…t-they stepped on it."

He knew what that was like; it was the reason he went and found this hidden spot in the first place. He pulled out his sandwich and tore it in half as best he could.

"Here", he said, offering her a half "I-I hope salami's okay with you."

She gave a small smile "T-thanks."

"My name's Lovino, by the way. Lovino Vargas."

"I'm _______, _______ _______."


Lovino looked out the car window. The surroundings were growing more and more familiar, but from what he saw he was still a good 20 miles from home and from _______.

"Lovino, would you sit still? You're shaking the whole car!" his grandfather scolded.

"Just keep driving."

Lovino's mind wandered back to _______,  back to just before the summer started.


In the nearly two years that they'd known each other, Lovino and _______ were inseparable. Lovino's mood would always brighten around _______, and Lovino watched _______ open her shell and change from a timid, quiet, and scared little girl into a wild, crazy, happy-go-lucky spirit who would run around without a care in the world, even though her looks didn't change much at all. They got through tests, bullies, drama, tragedy, and struggles together, _______ always right by Lovino's side. Lovino felt like _______ was the only person in the world to really see him. And that's how he fell in love with her.

He of course didn't tell her how he felt; he was scared of how she'd react. He was happy to be friends with her, no matter how much he craved more. He did take comfort in the fact that no one else would take _______ away from him; she wasn't exactly every man's dream girl, at least appearance wise. But Lovino didn't love her looks; he loved her kind spirit, her cheery disposition, her sugary voice, her gentle touch, her genuine smile, and her contagious laugh. He'd never forgive anyone who took her away from him. He wanted to keep her for himself. Which was why he was so devastated to learn about his summer plans…

"YOU'RE WHAT?!" _______ shrieked.

"It's not my idea, ragazza!" Lovino explained "Grandpa Roma suddenly decided that we should go back to Italy for our summer vacation! I argued with him, but he refuses to let me stay here."

"This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!" _______ said, leaning her head against the lockers. "All the plans we made! The beach, the carnival, Disney, the movies, video games, sleepovers, all of it; gone!"

"Relax, ragazza, we'll only be gone two months. We can still spend all of August together."

"Yeah, I guess. But the carnival is only around in July."

"Next year, _______, I promise."

"Pinky swear?" she cocked an eye brow and lifted her pinky up.

"Pinky swear." Lovino chuckled, wrapping his finger around hers.

"So when do you leave?"

"Right after school. Grandpa Roma's coming to pick me up and we're going straight to the airport."

"AAWWWW MAN! You mean we don't even have time to destroy you at Mario Kart?!"

"Hey, I won last time!"

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Let me just tally the scores; Lovino: 1. _______: 83."

"Shut up!"

_______ gave him a big smile, filled with metal braces. She laughed her healthy laugh that Lovino loved so much, and she let he glasses slip down her nose a bit.Just then the bell rang. The last bell of the school year, signaling summer vacation. The bell that separated two best friends. _______  walked with Lovino to the pick-up lane, where Lovino's grandfather was waiting with a car loaded up with several suitcases.

"I can't believe we won't see or hear from each other for two whole months." _______ sighed

"Well, if you would get a God damned cell phone we wouldn't have this problem!" Lovino teased.

"Don't patronize me! I'm working on it!"


They stared at the ground a bit, trying to figure out the best way to say good-bye.

"Hug?" _______ asked, opening her arms.

Lovino pulled her close and the two hugged for several minutes. Lovino loved the fact that he was just tall enough to rest his head on top of hers, he loved how her hair smelled like a mixture of lavender and roses from her family's garden, and how she seemed to fit perfectly in his arms. He found more to love about her every day. He could have stood there for an eternity, holding _______ in his arms for as long as he may live. But then…


"Lovino!" Grandpa Roma called from the car "Come on! We're going to miss our flight!"

"Good!" Lovino called back.

________ giggled "You'd better go. I'll see you in August."


Lovino sluggishly made his way to the car where his grandfather and brother were waiting. He climbed in and watched _______ wave to him as they drove away.


Finally the car pulled in to their driveway. Lovino pushed his door open even before the car stopped moving. He stepped onto the pavement and slammed the car door behind him before going around and yanking the trunk open. Before he could grab his bags-

"LOVINO~!" Someone screamed. Suddenly Lovino was grabbed and pulled into a death grip hug. He struggled for a bit but he finally got the pair of arms off him. He turned to his ambusher and saw a girl he'd never seen before.

"Who the hell are you, ragazza?" he asked.

"Aw, you already forgot me?" she said with a fake pout on her face. "Don't worry; I thought you might not recognize me, so I brought this along." She pulled out a little picture from her pocket and held it next to her face, doing her best to imitate the pose from the picture.

"HOLY SHIT!" Lovino shouted. The girl was _______! But how? The girl in the picture was definitely _______, he knew that for a fact. But this girl…she shared some similarities, but she looked almost nothing like the girl he loved! _______'s squirrely, tangled, unkempt mop of (length), (hair color) hair was now straight, sleek, shimmering, and tied into a perfect pony tail on the back of her head. She no longer had glasses and her eyes shimmered much better without them. Her braces had been replaced with clean, straight, perfectly perfect teeth, white as freshly fallen snow and gleamed like diamonds in the sun. Her acne was gone and replaced with beautiful, smooth, and soft (skin tone) skin without a single flaw to be seen. She was the very picture of beauty! "_-_-_-_______?!?! That's you?!"

"The one and only!" she sang.

"What the hell happened to you?!"

"What, you don't like the way I look?"

"NO! No! I-I mean, you look…wow. I-I mean you're—you look so different!"

"I know right? Sometimes I can't even believe this is me!"

"What happened, ragazza?!"

"Well, to keep it brief, about a week after you left, I got my braces off. Then not long after that, I finally found a way to tame my hair and get it straight and presentable. Around the end of June, the doctor prescribed some kind of new acne product that cleared up my face in about a week. And then, around mid-July, I broke my glasses and my parents let me switch to contacts! And Ta-Da! It's me! OH! That reminds me!" she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a brand new iPhone with a (favorite color) case. "I finally got a cell phone! Give me your number quick, before I forget!"

She shoved her phone into Lovino's hands and he clumsily punched in his number, stealing glances at _______ every chance he got.

"Lovino!" His grandfather called. "Get your stuff already!"

"Yeah, get your stuff and unpack so we can hang out, we only have two and a half weeks left before we're Juniors!" _______ exclaimed.

"R-right" Lovino replied.


First day of Junior year. Lovino dreaded this day more than he ever could. It's not the fact that he had to go to school (even though he despised it with every fiber of his being). No, this went deeper than that. Over the summer, _______ had dragged him to the mall, the beach, the movies, and just about anywhere she could think of. And everywhere they went, Lovino saw guys staring at her, taking in her every feature. He didn't like it. At all. _______ was his, dammit! Well, not OFFICIALLY, but he loved her first. But it wasn't a problem at the mall or at the beach or at the movies or any of those places because he was with her. None of the guys would come near her as long as he was around. But at school, they'd have no choice but to separate, at least for part of the day.

"Lovino!" _______ said loudly.

"Huh, what?" Lovino stuttered, snapping out of his daze.

"I said let me see your schedule!" Lovino blushed as he handed it over. She looked his over and held hers next to it as a comparison.

"Cool!" she finally said "Looks like we have first, third, fifth and sixth period together! And we have the same lunch break and homeroom, too!" She handed him back his schedule. "Come on! Let's find lockers next to each other!"

The two wandered around the school looking for lockers. As they walked, Lovino saw how the guys stopped and stared. Fury began to grow in the pit of his stomach. It was one thing to have guys staring at the girl he loved, but these guys now were all the boys that had spent the better part of their lives making _______'s life a hell! If _______ ended up with one of them, he'd sooner kill himself than live with that! _______ of course, being her usual, oblivious, carefree self, didn't even notice how they looked at her. She probably assumed that the looks she got were the same looks of disgust she had gotten for years. Finally, the two found the perfect lockers; they sat at the halfway point between their first and third periods.

As they began to load up their lockers, Lovino saw a group of boys behind them. They were talking in hushed voices and kept looking over at _______. Lovino shuddered in disgust when he saw who they were: the Bad Touch Trio; Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis. The same boys who, according to _______, had tripped her and cause her to sprain her ankle in the sixth grade and who had constantly shoved her against the lockers for years after. Lovino moved himself as close as he could to _______ without crowding her at the same time. _______ didn't seem to notice the boys behind her, nor the way Lovino moved himself to stand just a few inches away from her.

Lovino suddenly got a call from his brother.

"Ve~ fratello? You have the keys for the car, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I forgot my school books in the trunk…"

"GOD DAMMIT FELICIANO! It's the first day of school, can't you just wait until tomorrow?!"

"Please, fratello? It will only take a second!"

'Yeah, and that's all the time the Bad Touch Trio needs.' He thought.

"Fine. But you'd better be quick about it!" he hung up "Hey, ragazza, Feliciano left his books in the car. I need to go unlock it for him."

"Alright. I'll wait here 'til you get back, then we can walk to homeroom together." She said, smiling.

Lovino exchanged the smile and nodded. He sent a quick glare to the Bad Touch Trio before he left, moving as quickly as possible.

Reader POV

'What's with Lovino?' you thought as he walked away. 'Ever since he got back he's been sending death glares to every guy we pass. Did something happen in Italy?' You shrugged it off and decided to ask him about it later. As you were organizing your locker (something Lovino never made an attempt to do), it was suddenly slammed shut and a rose was shoved in your face.

"Bonjour, mademoiselle." Said a strong French accent into your ear. You tried to back away only to bump into someone behind you.

"Hey frau. How vould you like to spend a little time vith ze awzome Gilbert?"

You pushed off him only to have another set of hands grab your waist.

"Hola chica. Are you new here?"

It suddenly dawned on you.

"You have no idea who I am, do you?" you asked.

"Non, but we'd certainly like to know." Francis purred, placing the rose in your hand.

"Yeah, tell us your name, frau."

"Okay" you said "Does the name _______ _______ mean anything to you?" The three were suddenly silent, a rather nice change from their obnoxious selves.

"_-_-_______?!" Antonio said, stunned "Y-you're really _______?!"

"Yeah" you snarled at them "And on that note-" You forced each of them against the lockers as hard as you could and gave each a sharp kick to the shin. "That's for the sixth grade, assholes!" You then proceeded to grind the rose in your hand into a fine powder which you blew in Francis's face. You flipped them off and gave a little wave before you left to find Lovino, leaving the trio stunned.

You speed walked to the student parking. Fortunately you knew where Lovino parked since you carpooled with him every morning. As you walked, a hand dropped on your shoulder. You stopped and turned to see Alfred Jones; captain of the football team who had shoved you inside a locker on one occasion and dumped a full can of red paint on you during art in the eighth grade. Not to mention that he made you do all his math homework during the ninth grade.

"H-hey." He said with a small blush. "I saw you walking around and wondered if…you know…you might need someone to help you find you classes and stuff."

"Yeah, thanks Alfred, but I know my way around." You snapped at him.

"Y-you know my name?" he said dumbfounded "You aren't new here?"

"No, I'm not. And because it's so obviously hard for a moron like you to tell, the name's _______ _______." You said, crossing you arms impatiently.

"No way!" He said, eyes wide "What happened to you dude?! You look, like, hot!"

"Yeah, and with that said, relay a message for me; just because my appearance changed, doesn't mean my memory changed with it." You began to move closer to him, forcing him to back away in fear. "And so help me, if you bother me or any of my friends, you will regret it. And this isn't a warning or a threat; it's a fact! Got that?!" he nodded quickly, shaking like a leaf. "Now get out of my sight!" And with that, he ran faster than you'd ever seen him run of a football field.

So you'd become that bitch; the one who was so short tempered with everyone. Big deal! You weren't taking their shit anymore. You always thought they bullied you because of how you acted or your personality, but no. It was purely based on looks! You wouldn't stand for anything they did anymore! They can do their own damn homework, they can buy their lunch with their own money, and if they have a problem with that, they can go fuck off and die!

You were about to go and find Lovino, but then someone spun you around forcefully. Lovino.


"Lovino, what are you talking about?!" you shouted back.

Lovino's POV

Lovino was tapping his foot impatiently while his brother was rummaging through the trunk looking for his books.

"Hurry up, fratello!" he said, temper growing short "I left _______ alone with the Bad Touch Trio!"

"Ve~, I'm trying Lovino, but I can't seem to find my Chemistry book!"

Lovino rolled his eyes. Just then, Mathias Kholer and some other guy Lovino didn't recognize walked behind him and were talking loudly.

"Hey, Gilbert texted me. He says _______ got, like, incredibly hot over the summer!"

"Really? Isn't she that girl with the braces and the acne and the big glasses and stuff?"

"Not any more. Apparently over the summer she got a whole new look! She looks nothing like she did before. Gilbert said he didn't even recognize her!"

"Dude, if she's really all that, I'll race you to her!"

"Yeah, well don't be too forward with it. Gilbert says she's being feisty. Playing hard-to-get, you know?"

"Sounds like my type of girl!"

Lovino felt something snap inside him. A lump formed in his throat. He was ready to explode with rage. He spent two years as her best friend in the whole world, and the second he leaves her alone she's flirting with every guy she passes! Completely forgetting about Feliciano, he stormed off to find _______ to give her a piece of his mind.

He found her talking to Alfred Jones, of all people. The same asshole who had shoved her inside a locker and he had to get her out! Had she really forgotten that so easily?! Alfred walked away, his face noticeably red. Lovino stormed over to her, grabbed her shoulder from behind and spun her around to face him.


"Lovino, what are you talking about?!" she shouted back.

"I'm talking about you going around and flirting with the same assholes who put you through hell all your life! What, a little makeover really made you forget what they did to you?!"

"Lovino, what's your problem?!"

"My problem?!" He shouted from the top of his lungs, tears beginning to stream from his eyes "My problem is that immediately go with the first guy that flirts with you! My problem is that you're letting a simple change in your looks change who you are! My problem is that I was expecting to come home to the same person I left behind! My problem is that I had to put up with every guy in town staring at you while you were totally air headed about it!" By this point his words were choked out between his tears. He finally decided to say it. He probably lost you as a friend already, what else did he have to lose?

"My problem is that I loved you BEFORE you were beautiful!"

He fell to his knees. _______ just stared at him wide-eyed. "W-what?"

"I love you, bella." He croaked between sobs, his face as red as one of his beloved tomatoes "I've loved you long before you looked the way you do now, long before I went to Italy. I fell in love with you, the real you. The girl with the messy hair and glasses and braces and acne, that's who I fell in love with. I love your laugh, I love your smile, I love your crazy personality, I love your annoyingly cheerful disposition, I love your smile, I love the way your hair smells like the roses and lilacs in your garden, I love everything about you, down to the smallest detail!"

His breaths were short and forced out, tears streaming down his eyes, his head turned to the ground, unable to find the strength to look at the girl he loved so much. He waited for her to laugh at him or to walk away and never talk to him again or for any one of the worst case scenarios he created in his mind to come true.

Instead, he felt a cool, gentle hand touch his blazingly hot cheek. Another hand made its way to the other cheek. His face was lifted until his amber eyes met _______ 's (eye color) ones. Her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned in to press her lips against his in a gentle, sweet kiss. She tasted like honey and coffee, a taste Lovino fell in love with instantly. She pulled away only to be pulled back in when Lovino wrapped his arms around her back pulled her as close as he could and gave her a deeper, more passionate kiss which she returned.  She weaved her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss further.

Unfortunately, as all good things must end, the bell rang, signaling the start of homeroom. Lovino and _______ reluctantly broke the kiss and walked hand in hand to their homeroom.

"Hey" Lovino began "You…you weren't really flirting with anyone at all, were you bella?"

"No, of course not." She replied "Where'd you get that idea anyway?"

"A couple of assholes were talking about you, saying how you were flirting with Gilbert and playing hard to get and stuff. I shouldn't have ever listened to them."

"It's okay. The trio did try to flirt with me, but I didn't return any feelings. I actually left them with bruised backs and limps."

"That's my girl." Lovino buried his face into her hair. "I love you."

_______ leaned her head into his chest."I love you too."
Yo! First fanfiction not related to chocolate! Mild language because hey it's Romano. I'm not sure if I should put a mild warning thingy on this or not. I dunno, someone else tell me.

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz. It is not mine, never has been mine, never will be mine.
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Romano x Reader

"You know…I've always liked your girl."

The words haunted him, dancing in his mind. Distorting (and if not destroying), all of his thoughts. Romano pushed past the huge crowd of people, reaching for your receding figure. Fear choking him stopping the Italia from screaming your name. Another huge wave of humans leaving to go to work or school caused Romano to lose sight of you in the sea of human flesh.

It was only then that he was able to scream your name. But to no avail were you able to hear him upon boarding the subway train to your collage and place of work. Your eyes focused on the other side of the train opposite of him. His cries and screams lost to the arrival of another train and the departure of yours.

His words lost in the void created by the 'wind' by the coming and going of the trains.


"You know…I've always liked your girl."

How could he say that?! How could Spain say that?! He knows full and well that Romano is going out with you so…how could he say something like that?

"And you know….I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

No, no, no! Those words….there all lies! (Y_n)….your in love with him right….right? What is he saying?! Of course your in love with him, you've kissed him and everything…well at least almost everything that is. After all, he wasn't ready to pound you into his bed yet; he wants to take things slowly with you.

Wandering around, Romano found himself in front of your collage. Meandering around in the empty hallways, Romano came to a complete halt at Spain's classroom, his eyes landing on the two of you alone, your face laced with a bright pink. Tinting your usual pale features a bright red, all the way to the tip of your ears.

"I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

The words, the hurt, and the pain all mixed into one, slamming the door open, caused for both you and Spain to jump. Grabbing your wrist the brunet dragged you away, earning a startled 'Romano what are you doing?' from you, and some kind of smug look from Spain. Dragging you out the collages front door, towards the park that the two of you often go to when you are both free.

Trying to catch his breath, to see past his red haze of anger, past the image of your face laced with such a bright blush, shaking his head he tried to clear his thoughts. Worried, you tightened your hand around his reassuringly giving it a few small squeezes before Romano looked back at you.

Smiling you asked. "Romano…what's wrong? Did…did something happen?" you asked, causing Romano to smile, all of his anger fading away at the sound of your kind voice and smile that quickly follows after you finish speaking.

"Hey…(y_n)…." Romano mumbled, trailing off worrying you a bit since he usually just comes out and says what's on his mind. "What is it Romano? Your acting strange…"

'Yeah….and you're not acting any different….what's going on with you and Spain?'  Romano's thoughts were a mixed up mess, unsure of what to say, Romano began to form the words on his tongue, only to see the smiling face of Spain as he said.

"You know…I've always liked your girl. And you know….I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

Losing the ability to think clearly, Romano pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face in the crown of your (h_c) breathing in your familiar, and comforting sent he yelled. "(Y_n) please don't leave me…please tell me that you only love me and not that stupid Spain." Once he was finished, Romano wished that he could take back his words, laugh it off and say it was a joke.

But you held onto him, your small hands full of the material on his shirt, your eyes wide with worry, but full of love you replied. "I'll stay with you Romano; I told you that I would….but…what made you think that I like Spain?"

Feeling a blush burning its way across his face, Romano wasn't sure how to answer you but nonetheless, he spoke what was on his mind. "W-well…you were blushing and Spain was smiling…the two of you were all alone and Spain said that you….that he thinks you might like him….more than you do me."

Staring at Romano, confused, but then a smile over took your kind features, laughing you managed to get one hand free, ruffling Romano's hair, you spoke. "Hahah, Romano of course I love you, why would you think any different?"

"B-because you were blushing in front of Spain…" Romano mumbled, trying to hide his blushing face from your view, you replied. "Hahah, Spain was telling me of a story about you when you were a child, and showed me some pictures of you. Romano…you were so cute as a child~" "Sh-shut up you stupid ragazza!" Romano yelled, the blush burning even brighter on his face. Giggling you asked. "And what made you think that I would like Spain while I'm with you?"

"B-because he said that he's always liked you….an-and he said that you've always liked him as well." Feeling the blush burn even brighter, you looked a bit shocked, then you started laughing, pulling Romano down to your level, placing your forehead against his as a sign of comfort you replied.

"Hahah, Spain was talking about your cute little curl Romano. I've always love it, and he's know that since we've know one another." Romano couldn't believe his ears, so he'd misheard what Spain was saying?! Crouching down, cuddling his knees close to his chest Romano tried to hide his embarrassment from you, smiling you took a seat in front of him on the ground as well.

Placing your forehead against the crown of his hair he mumbled. "No I feel stupid…you must think I'm an idiot (y_n)…" Romano trailed off when he felt your thin, nimble fingers wrap around his chin, forcing him to look at you, smiling you replied.

"No your not Romano, its okay to freak out like this ever once and a while…it lets me know that you care about me." A soft smile spread across your face, causing Romano's heart to swell, filling up with so much joy that he couldn't contain himself.

Pulling you close, his lips claiming yours he couldn't help but express how he was feeling by doing this. So…maybe mishearing words everyone and a while is good…if he's able to do this.

"You know Romano….I think (y_n) likes your curl. Then again…I think she always has."

I hope that you all like this one-shot! :) I had a good bit of fun coming up with the story itself, it was a nice change of pace and it was fun having a play on misheard words.

Also... feel free to pull Romano's curl~ the curl pulling tends to fill up my inbox pull thy Romano's curl with your minds!!!

Hetalia/ S. Italy (Romano) (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself

Edit 4/19/13: Wahh! Oh my god, thank you so much for all of the favs!!! Q^Q I didn't think this story would get so many likes! I'm happy to see that you all enjoy it though!
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You walk in the apartment, soaking wet from the pouring rain. You could hear gentle snoring from his room, which told you that your roommate, Romano, was asleep. You decided not to announce your arrival in that case, because the Italian was extremely grumpy when woken up. You were so tired, you didn't even change out of your wet clothes, and you just plopped on your bed and fell asleep. You woke up the next morning feeling incredibly weak, with a horrible headache and a fever. You tried to shrug it off, shuffling into the living room to see Romano (obviously) eating a tomato and some cereal at the kitchen table.

When he saw you, he scowled. 'Oh no, what has the girl done to herself now?' he thought to himself.

You coughed, smiling shakily as you look at your friend and said casually, "Good morning, Lovino! How was your sleep?"

He gave you a steely glare and grumbled, "Fine. What have you done to yourself, bella?" You shrug your shoulders weakly, coughing again. He shook his head, standing up and pulling you out of your own seat.

"Well, you need to go back to bed or you'll get even worse," he said with a hint of concern laced in with all that grouchiness.  

You cough-laughed, poking his cheek as you teased, "Why do you care, anyways? Do you loovee me Lovino?"

His face turned as red as a tomato as he shook his head roughly, lying. 'She can't know, she'll hate me if she finds out!' he thought to himself, frowning. You lay back onto your bed and he pulled the covers over you. You expected a more rough tuck in than you got, he was way more gentle than usual. It made you blush too.

"I'll go get you something to make you feel a little better…" he left the room, reappearing in ten minutes with a bowl of tomato soup. You smile warmly at him and you eat the delicious soup happily.

As you finish, he asked, "Feel any better?" You shrugged. You did feel a little better, but not much, and you loved him coddling you like that.

'Maybe I ought to get sick more often,' you thought to yourself, smiling.

He raised an eyebrow, mumbling, "What's with the silly smile, aren't you sick?"

You nodded, replying, "I am, but it's cute how you are being so sweet to me, seeing as you never have been so before."

His face turned red again and he stumbled over his words as he said, "W-well, I want you to get well, soon…" You smiled and sat up in your bed, hugging him as tightly as you can.

"Ti amo, Lovi~" you mumbled into his ear. He turned even redder, surprised at first, but it sank in eventually and he hugged you tightly in return, kissing your cheek and whispering, "Ti amo, (y/n)."

As you two pulled apart after a little while of just sitting and snuggling, you say, "Now I feel lots better. Thanks!"

He smiled and said sweetly, "I'm so glad, mi bella."
Just another fluffy one for fun! I got the idea for this when I was sitting in bed, just waking up. I just imagined how sweet it would be if someone really grouchy, such as Romano, showed their gentle side for someone that they cared for when they were sick. I appreciate comments and feedback!

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Romano X Reader 

    "Give a' me the keys already!" 

    "Catch me first!" You chuckled, looking around madly.

    You smirked as you jumped over the couch, and surged past the doorway onto the wooden floors of the dining room. 

    Romano stomped in after you, "Give a' me the keys ragazza!" He said sticking his hand out expectantly. 

    You just smirked in reply and swung the keys 'round your finger. 

    Oh how easily he was played. 

    "I'm going to a' tell you one a' last time idiota!" he said stomping his foot for emphasis and pointing at your cheek. 

    You giggled and made your way behind the table, Romano facing you on the other side. Lightly drumming your fingers on its glossy surface you turned to Romano and just smirked again. It was all really too much fun! He always got this mad, and he would always chase after you until you gave him what he wanted, it was too fun to get a reaction out of him like this! 

    Romano's gaze intensified as he set his hands on the table, slightly hunched over, eyebrows furrowed at you. 

    "Give a' me the keys ______," he said pronouncing each syllable darkly. 

    You shifted slightly. What was with the sudden seriousness in his tone? He never talked like that to you, never. 

    Was he maybe calling your bluff? Had he played this game long enough to figure out how to turn the tables? If so, you weren't gonna give in this easily. 

    You swung the keys around your pointing finger once again. This serious air was beginning to make you edgy. 

    "Catch me first!" You laughed as you broke for the left of the table. 

     Imagine your surprise when you almost ran into Romano's sleeved arm. 
    You looked up at him in alarm. 

    "Ragazza...." He started in a clearly annoyed tone. 

    You locked eyes for a moment before you flashed him a cheeky smile and ducked under his arm. Towards the kitchen it was then! 

    You smiled in success before looking off in all directions, where to next? 

    You flattened yourself against a wall right beside the walkway into the kitchen, prepared to pop out and scare him before you would run off just out of his reach. His face was always so priceless. 

     Just the thought made you have to bite your forefinger's knuckle to keep from laughing.  

    Sure enough you heard his footsteps growing along the hall; wearing his shoes inside the house again after so many times of you telling him not to. He was so thick headed sometimes! 

    You slightly frowned as you waited for him to round the corner and... 

     "Don't even a' try it ______," You heard him say as he leaned against the opposite of the walkway, glaring at you. 

    You pouted at him. 

    "Did you wanna straw Romano?" You asked bluntly. 

    His eyes narrowed a little in confusion, "Why a'-" 

    "It might make it easier for you to suck the fun!" you interrupted, laughing as you ran up the stairs. 

    " Oh god! His face! Priceless!" you chuckled to yourself as you nearly slipped on the eighth step.  

    Romano shook his head slightly laughing to himself as he leaned against the walkway. 

    He walked to the bottom of the steps, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

     "Ragazza, get a' down here already! I'm a' going to be late!" he shouted up the stairwell 

       No reply. 

     "OI! Ragazza!!" he shouted again after a moment or two.

    The creaking of floorboards reached his ears. 

     "GET A' DOWN HERE ALREADY!" he shouted, steaming.

    This time he could've sworn he heard her restrained laughter from upstairs. 

     Romano started mumbling to himself in Italian, where phrases like "Ragazza Idiota," and "Sprecando il mio tempo," or " Attendere fino a quando la trovo!" could be heard in the midst of it all. 

      He marched up the stairs and straight into his room, swinging the door open with agitation. 

      "Ragazza!" he shouted still at the door's frame. 

     He took a few tentative steps onto the plush carpet. He knew she'd try to pop out of nowhere and scare him, but where? There wasn't a thing to hide behind, besides the bed and a few dressers pushed up against the wall. 

     "I'm not a' playing around anymore!" He demanded. 

    His gaze lingered over the bed again before turning to the closet. She couldn't be anywhere else. 

    "BAAH!" You shouted jumping out at Romano. 

     He didn't even turn around. His shoulders were slightly hunched signaling you still surprised him even though he had been expecting it. But no reaction otherwise. 

     "Nice a' try Ragazza," He said before glancing over his shoulder at you. 

     What was with him today? How'd he figure out where you were so easily! How did  he block you at the table earlier! How! 

    "How'd you figure out where I was Romano?" you said crossing your arms. 

     He merely shrugged while eyeing the keys you held in your hand. 

     You caught his gaze with a small sigh, why was he so dang stubborn! 

     "Where are you going anyways?" You said leaning forward slightly. 

     He met your eyes and a frown began to dig its way into his cheek, "Out." 

     You laughed a little at his expression, "Out being? What? The store? To see Spain?" 

     His glare lingered a bit on your hand still clutching the keys, then to your face. Imagine your surprise when he began to smirk at you. 

    "Oh, I get it, " He smirked

     You began to shift a little. This game wasn't any fun anymore... 

     "You a' don't want me to a' leave," he said, it wasn't a question. He knew. 

      You looked down, suddenly embarrassed by its ringing truth. 

      He chuckled a bit before coming up to you and giving you a kiss on top of your head. 

      "Bella," he paused pushing some hair behind your ear, " Ti amo, okay?" 

Your bottom lip began to quiver, 

Don't cry, don't cry... 

     You suddenly pulled him into a tight hug, missing the attention he always gave you. You hated that familiar sting of tears filling your eyes. You Hated how he never had any time for you anymore. You hated how red your face hot when you started crying. You hated Romano when he would leave! 

That's why these games were so fun. 

He played them with you. 

     You felt the hot tears fall down your cheeks. You both sank to yor knees. You missed him so much, it hurt. Why was he always gone? You put your hand to your mouth so as not to make those horrid choking sounds you hate so much. God, Romano.... 

     Romano was a taken back at this, why were you crying? What had he done?He felt so stupid! He obviously did something and didn't even know it!  He hated it when you cried. 

Those eyes that were always so playful... 

Filled with the look of a girl who knew nothing but pain all her life. 

     Romano hugged you tighter into him. He was there, with you, he cooed silently into your ear

Please stop crying. 

      "I love you so much, so much Romano" you cried over and over again into his ear. 

     "_______, I know bella, I know. Stop crying a' already bella, you shouldn't a' be crying, your so beautiful..." he trailed as nuzzled into your neck.

     "I miss you," you whispered in a raspy voice. 

     "I'm right here," he mumbled kissing you along your neck and jaw.

     You felt your face get hot from all the tears sliding down your face. 

      "Promise Romano,"  you cried into his shirt, "Promise!" 

     You needed to hear it! Its been so long since you were in his arms like this. 

     He held you for a brief moment, tracing his fingers in circles around your back. 

     "I promise," he replied hugging you closer. 

     You felt so stupid needing to rely on someone like this, he probably had no idea why you were so upset, so angry. You just started crying out of nowhere! You cursed yourself as you tried to take deep breaths to calm down. 

     Dammit! Why couldn't you calm down! Crying was so stupid! You hated crying; Even though lately you found yourself doing it more and more. 

    You couldn't control the tears pouring over your cheeks. 

Just calm down. 

Non of this self pity.

     Yet he hugged you, not willing to let go. 

     And you cryed into him, succumbing to his warmth.

     You took a breath as you choked out, "I'm sorry Romano," 

He pulled your head closer into him.  

    "______," he breathed out. 

     He held you for what seemed like forever, feeling your hot tears though his thin shirt. 

He needed you just as much. 

He missed you too.

It was just a matter of dealing with it; he didn't know how to. 

      He placed one arm at your legs' bend as he began to lift you off the ground; he placed you onto the bed, and pulled you against his chest as he layed there with you. 

     "______," He said gently rubbing your back up and down. 

     You continued your muffled crying as he cried into his chest. 

     "I love you Romano." 

    "Ti amo così tanto," he replied 

Two lost souls looking for attention.
Uh hm....

Yeah, blame Romano for this!---> :iconromanowtfplz:

I don't own Romano.
And as pimp as I am, I don't own you either :iconheplz:
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    You quickly glanced around the room, seeing as no one was around you slowly walk towards the kitchen, no one was there either. Smirking to yourself you grabbed the small ladder, and place it in front of the huge cabinet wall you had. Climbing all the way to the top you opened the smallest door, and reach in to grab a golden box. Picking out on of the finely wrapped squares and shut the box closed, you softly close the cabinet's door then began climbing down the ladder. Once everything was set back to place you smiled widely and jump up to sit on the counter. Slowly you unwrap the nice treat and throw away the wrapper. Checking once again to make sure no one was around you were about to placed the chocolate into your mouth whole, when a loud, "NO!" came out of no where. You jumped and turned around to see your boyfriend, Romano, standing at the door way, pointing at you like you committed some sort of crime

    "(y/n) What the fuck do you think your doing!?" he screamed and your eyes widen, he stomped over to you. Quickly you closed your hand around the chocolate, hoping he didn't steal it form you, "Not even fucking asking me if I fucking want some! Don't you ever think about any else but your fucking selfish self?!" he screamed now standing in front of you with his hands placed on the counter top on either side of your thighs. 

    You pouted and nodded slowly, "True. I'm a selfish human being! You should leave me alone to think of what I've done." then you placed your back of your hand -the one that didn't have the chocolate in it- on your forehead dramatically, "Oh how will I ever live with myself again!" you cried out, hoping it would trick him into leaving. No such luck.

    "Fuck you." he said and tried to get the chocolate from your hands. 

    "That's a good idea! Go to the bedroom and I'll get ready!" you cried out, pulling your hand away from his. No way in hell where you doing to let him get your precious chocolate. Even if it was the last thing you did! 

    "Haha, very funny. Now fucking give me some chocolate!" he yelled reaching for it. You smirked and quickly put the chocolate in your mouth. You bite down into the chocolate and a explosion of creamiest invaded your mouth. Smirking you savored the taste of the dark chocolate in your mouth.

    "Mmmmhmmmm." you moaned and Romano looked at you in disbelief. 

    "CHIGI!" he screamed out and you smirked, thinking you one the battle, but you weren't prepared for what he did next. Romano quickly grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you down onto his mouth, instantly he bite your lip causing you to gasp. Romano's tongue went quickly into your mouth, and started running across your teeth. You moaned, but tried pushing him away, but his strong grip on you wouldn't let you. You moved your tongue towards his, trying to push that out of your mouth, but you couldn't even win that battle. You felt the asshole smirk, as he took a piece that was still in your mouth away and placed it in his mouth. You growled and tried getting it back, but he pushed away from you. You glared at him as he savored the chocolaty taste. 

    "Bastard!" you cried out causing him to laugh slightly  "I hope you fucking know that this is chocolate from Germany." you commented. Instantly his face changed from pure pleasure to complete horror. Quickly he was over the sink gagging. You slide off the counter, and patted his shoulder, smirking, "You will learn to never mess with me." And with that you walked out of the kitchen. 
Just a real quick something, that I wrote while eating an Italian chocolate. And no the chocolate wasn't really from Germany, Reader is just screwing with Romano's mind XD
Comments and Love is very welcomed and appreciated ~!
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Ah, dammit! W-Why must it be so c-cold...?"

"Do you want to borrow my scarf, Lovi?" you asked your grumpy friend. You cared for Lovino deeply, and didn't want him to get sick.

"R-Ragazza... T-That's a nice offer, but... no thanks."

"If you say so... Well, there's my apartment complex. See you on Monday!"

"C-Ciao...", and with that he left, still shivering from the cold.



"Thank you for shopping with us! Have a nice weekend!" the cashier of the sewing shop said, and put your purchased things into a white plastic bag.

"Thank you!"

As you stepped outside you were met with the cold autumn air. Fortunately, you wore a thick jacket and a wool scarf, so it wasn't that bad.

*But what about him, he's probably freezing to death right now...*

With that thought in mind, you went back to your flat.


"So... I got everything that I need", you said to yourself.

After you switched on the radio, you sat on the couch and began knitting. This wasn't the first time you knitted a scarf, so you knew what you had to do.


A few hours later...

"Mmhh.... Oh, it's already this late... Well, I am nearly done...", you mumbled to yourself and stood up. You stretched a bit and made yourself ready for bed. You could finish the scarf tomorrow.



After coming home from your weekly Sunday walk, you started to work on the scarf again. You could tell that it was nearly finished.

*I hope he accepts it...*, you thought to yourself.
Finishing the last bit up, you now looked at your finished work. A red, fluffy scarf, that would hopefully keep the person, that wore it, warm.

"Hmm... But something is missing... Ah, I got it!"

Taking out your sewing things, you searched for a sewing needle, and two different colors of yarn. Content with the things you found, you started sewing something on one of the corners of the scarf.

"First the outline in black..."

You sewed a circle-like form with a bush-like thing on top.

"And now green for the stem...", you filled upper part with the green yarn.

You could see now the finished tomato in the corner. You had to say, that this was the best scarf you ever knitted. You only hoped that Lovino would lik it too.



You, like every workday, were waiting at the bus stop. The present for your crush was safely in your handbag. Now you only had to hand it to him. But Lovino was late today. Normally he would also take the same bus like you.

*Maybe he'll take the later bus today...*


After work...

Even while on your way home, you haven't met up with him. Worried-sick you got out your cell phone.

"*cough*Ciao..." a hoarse voice answered.

"Hello Lovino... I was wondering where you were today...But it seems that you got sick...You should have told me! I'll just come over okay?"

"Ragazza...*cough* you don't need to take care *cough* of me..." he tried to change your plans.

"I will come over, you hear me?! No way in the world would I leave you alone, while you're sick like this."

"*cough* Do what you *cough* want..."


At Lovinos flat...

"You're burning up... You really should have told someone", you scolded him.

"*cough*Sorry, bella..." he said, shivering along the way.

"I'll get more blankets for you, and then make you some soup..." you stroke his head.


You walked into his kitchen. Fortunately you came prepared, and brought some tomato soup that you only needed to heat up. While the soup was cooking, you grabbed some blankets from the cabinet. After tugging Lovino under them, you got a wet washrag and laid it on his forehead.

"*cough*Ragazza... You don't need to baby me..."
"Shush... I want you to get better, so just let me do this, okay?" you said and kissed his cheek. He got even redder in the face than before.

"R-Ragazza?! *cough* W-Why did you do that?"

"Because it makes you better faster."

"Assurdo! And you *cough* could get sick too!"

"Just worry about yourself now. Ah, the soup should be ready now."

You then brought him a plate with soup. Hopefully he would eat some. You sat yourself at the corner of his bed.

"And now say 'Ahh'~!"

"What the--! No, you won't *cough* spoon feed me!" he blushed red just like the scarf you knitted.

*Oh... I totally forgot about the scarf!*

"Just do what I say, I have treat for you afterwards~!"

"Don't treat me like a bambino..."

"You're behaving like one. Okay, I'll give you the plate... If you're full, just leave the plate on the nightstand."


You waited until he was finished with eating, and after putting away the dirty dishes, you sat again by his side. He looked at you, face flushed from the fever, and began talking:

"*cough* Why are you still here...? You have work tomorrow, shouldn't you go now?"

"I've taken the day off tomorrow, so that I can take care of you."


"Well...I'm your idiot..." you blushed as you said this. Now standing up, Lovino watched you go out of his room. You grabbed the present you wanted to give him the whole time.

"What's this?"

"The 'treat' I was talking about. I wanted to give it to you before you got sick, but I was too late..." you said and handed him the present. He unpacked it, and it seemed like his face lit up. You hoped that this was a good sign.

"*cough* Ragazza... Grazie..." he thanked you quietly. You were happy that he liked the present, but wait... Was he crying?

"Lovi, why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" you were worried. Did something hurt?

"N-No *hic* B-but why *cough*...?"

"Why what? Does something hurt?"

"Why are *hic* y-you caring for me l-like this..."

"Because I... Because I really like you..." you confessed. He looked at you with puffy eyes, his expression unreadable.

*Good job, [F/N]... You destroyed everything...*

"Maybe you're right... I should go now..."

"*hic*[F/N], wait..."

You looked at Lovino.

"You haven't *cough* let me answer..." he said, looking straight at you.


"Ragazza *cough* I ... Dammit *cough* Ti amo..."

You were too shocked to say anything. The only thing you could do was to hurry to his side and hug him. He hugged you back and kissed the top of your head.


The next day...

You were feeling like a truck had run you over. Your head hurt, your nose was runny and you had coughing fit after coughing fit. But at least Lovino was feeling good again.

"I told you that you would get sick..."

"*cough* I'm sorry..."

"Well, you better get healthy soon, bella."

"*cough* Will try..."

"Sleep now. I'll wake you up, when the soup is ready", he said and kissed your forehead.

"*cough* you..."

"Ti amo troppo, mia amore..."
Wow, I'm on a roll today...

A request from :iconoracleblackrose:!

I hope I didn't write Romano too Ooc...

So... please tell me what you think of this story, and if you find any mistakes, please tell me!

Even so, I hope you like it~! :iconspanishromanoplz:

Hetalia --> :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story --> me
You --> :iconsexyromanoplz:
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*Warnings: Mild language and... fluff... //shot*

"DAMMIT!" you screamed in dismay as tomato sauce splattered all over you and the kitchen counter. Romano walked up behind you, clicking his tongue in disapproval.

"Now now, _____, a ragazza shouldn't be using that kind of language," he chided, his voice rising and falling melodically with his strong Italian accent. Your face began to burn, and you stuttered as you tried to explain yourself.

"W-well, that's what I get f-for hanging around you too much," you retorted weakly. He chuckled, his golden eyes leering at you. After holding your gaze silently for a few moments, he turned to survey the bright red mess you had made.

"And this is what I get when I decide to let you try and make pasta," he mused, his hands on his hips. You hid your tomato-ey hands behind your back and stared at your feet.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? I-I wasn't trying to waste all those tomatoes..." Your voice started out with a defiant tone but grew very soft and timid as you went on. Your cheeks were as red as the tomato sauce that was already splattered all over you.

He stepped in front of you and gently flicked your forehead.

"You're right, idiota," he replied. "You did waste them. But I think there's a way you can make it up to me."

"Huh?" you muttered as he locked eyes with you again. You hated it when he did that! He knew that his amazing golden-brown eyes left you frozen in place, unable to react to anything else thrown at you. He knew your weaknesses.

"Let me help you clean up," he said, his voice husky and seductive.


Placing his hands on your waist, he leaned forward closer to you. His tongue darted out, and he licked a spot of tomato sauce off of your cheek, causing a violent shudder to run down your spine. He winked at you and licked his lips.

"Mmm, delicious~" he murmured, moving close again. You gasped softly as he licked your face again and slowly began making his way down your neck, nibbling here and there teasingly. Gripping his shirt in your hands, you bit back a moan of pleasure as he nipped roughly at your collarbone.

"Romano..." you whispered.

He proceeded to feel along your jawline with his lips before moving back to your neck, pressing his mouth to it repeatedly. He drew his arms tighter around your waist as you threw back your head, exposing even more of your neck for him to "clean". Your pulse was racing, and wonderful shivers were rushing through your body. Everything was perfect, until the door slammed open.

"Romano~! _____~!" Italy bubbled, skipping into the kitchen. "I thought I smelled something cooking and I-" His eyes popped wide open at the sight of you in Romano's arms with bright red liquid staining your clothes and upper body, and Romano still poised at your neck, caught in mid-nibble. He nearly dropped the copper-colored kitty that he cradled in his arms.

"AAAAAAAUGH! ROMA'S A VAMPIRE!!" he bawled, dashing out of the room. "GERMANYYYYY!!!"

-Extended ending-

"Well, that was weird," you said, after the dust from Italy's speedy retreat settled. Romano backed a few steps away from you, muttering something about his "bastardo of a brother" under his breath.

"Romano, wait!" you said, your eyes shining brightly as if you had just noticed something. "You need to get cleaned up too!"

"Wha...?" he muttered as you placed your hands on his shoulders and leaned in, touching the tip of your tongue to his tomato-smeared mouth.

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to capture your tongue with his. Taking a few steps with you, soon he had you pinned up against the wall. Your hands tangled in his hair as your tongues meshed together.

...And that was how Germany found the two of you when he burst in with his stake and mallet.

plz forgive me im just gonna go crawl under my bed now kthxbai

Pretty much based off an Italy x Reader fic I read... I just felt like it would work better for Romano. ;D Here it is if you want to read it~ [link]

Romano belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconlustyromanoplz:
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    Romano never was a happy child. Throughout his childhood he saw his younger brother get appraised for his many talents. But when he tried to find something that he could do. The more the list of things Romano couldn't do became larger. Eventually he stopped trying, because he was afraid that if the list grew even larger. The farther the gap grew between him and his loved ones. 


       When he was taken in by Spain he was afraid of being rejected. So before he could feel the hurt of rejection he rejected Spain. But slowly Romano found himself looking up to the gleeful country of Spain. 


    When Romano left Spain's house he was saddened, but he was happy. He was happy because he would be spending time with his brother Feliciano. But this silver lining did not last long. His brother had gained new friends, and he spent a great amount of his time with them. Romano found himself alone, like the times in his childhood. When his grandpa Rome would spend most of his time with Feliciano, and just a little with Romano. When he was ignored, and he felt that he would never be good enough.


    Romano feeling alone and rejected once more, began to build up walls he forgot he had built. Every now and then Spain would visit Romano. But he would visit less and less, being swamped with work.


    One day Romano finally got fed up with his loneliness He tried to think of something to do. But he was unable to gain enough courage to interact with other people. He was afraid of interaction with people. Afraid of having too much love to give; But having to bottle it back up because he wasn't able to express it.


    Romano went to his and Feliaciano's private wine cellar. There, they stored vintage wines that would make any wine connoisseur's mouth water. Romano went to one of his favorite collections. There he got a bottle of wine.


    He went up the stairs, to the kitchen. He got a wine glass and the bottle opener. He then went to the balcony. It overlooked the beautiful Italian night. When he opened the bottle, he smelt the years that were stored in the bottle. He then poured himself a glass of wine. He stared at the night as he drank.


    At his fifth glass of wine, Romano started to feel a surge of courage. He did something he wouldn't have normally done. He took the bottle of wine, he was too annoyed with the amount of time he wasted pouring himself a glass. He felt it much easier to just drink it out of the bottle. He swaggered down the stairs to the house phone. He then dialed the number of the only woman who had ever caught Romano's eyes. This woman was you.








    You never expected a call in the middle of the night; especially at such a late hour. Who could it be you asked yourself? No one you knew would be crazy enough to call at such a late hour. You dragged yourself out of bed and went to your living room. You found your phone on the couch. *beep*




"Hello", you said groggily. You heard heavy breaths on the other side of the line.




"Hello...ragazza", he said with a slur.




This voice was familiar to you, it was Romano.




"Romano, why are you calling me at midnight?", you were confused. Why would Romano be calling you, you burly knew him.




"I jus wanted to call youuu."




You couldn't believe it, he was drunk. 




"Um, Romano are you drunk?"




"Why would you thiink that, ragazzaa?", you heard something clatter on the phone.




"Romano, where's Felicaino? Can I talk to him?", you decided to talk to Feliciano. You were getting very worried about Romano's well fare. 




"Why do you...want to tallk to myy brotherrr? Am I not good enough foorr youu?” you heard him voice break. Then you heard something shatter. You couldn't take it anymore, you were to worried. Romano and Feliciano lived in a two story house, and not only that. There were knives, stairs, and edges of furniture. Who knew what could happen. You slipped on your robe and slippers, and went to Romano's house. Guess it was a good thing you lived right next to him. That's how you knew Romano and Feliciano. The first time you met them was when you were out in your balcony watering your plants, and Feliciano and Romano were out having tea out on their balcony. Feliaciano greeted you cheerfully but Romano looked annoyed that they were interrupted. But Feliciano made Romano introduce himself. Let's just say you fell for Romano the first time you saw him. It wasn't there on the balcony. It was in the street, that's where you saw him for the first time. Then and there your heart belonged to him.




    You knocked on the door, yet there was no answer. Being too anxious you opened the door. You found Romano in his living room floor crying his eyes out. You were heart broken by the scene. You slowly went up to him and took hold of his hand. 




You softly said, "Romano, why are you crying?"




He raised his head and scoffed, "Because you would rather hang out with my brother than me. The woman I love would rather spend time with someone else rather than me."




You were surprised by what he said. You had spent nights without sleep, trying to figure out if he loved you or even noticed you. And here he just admitted to you that he loved you. Romano must have taken your silence as proof at what he said. He dug his head into his hands and started to cry even harder than before.




You hugged him closer and said to him, "Romano...I...I love you too." 




You started to console him and he started to calm down. Then Romano said very softly, "Do you really mean it?"




"Yes, Romano I really meant it."




Romano smiled brightly and hugged you with so much force you had trouble breathing. After he loosened the hug you yawned.




Next thing you knew Romano was apologizing. "I'm so sorry ragazza, I didn't mean to wake you up in the middle of the night. You must be tired."




He tried standing up but he lost his balance. You had to support him. He looked at you shyly and said with his hand on the back of his head, "Guess I went a little over board on the drinking." You laughed, "A little Romano, you’re walking like a sailor."




You went up the stairs still supporting him; you then took him to his bed. He then started to take off his pants and shirt, you blushed. "Romano, what are you doing?" Romano looked at himself and then at you. He then said, "What? I can't go to sleep in jeans. And this shirt is to stuffy." You let it go, at least he didn't take off his underwear or undershirt. It's not like you were going to sleep in the same bed or anything. Romano then got into his bed and you went up to him gave him a kiss on the cheek and then said good night. When you were going to walk away you felt yourself be pulled back. You turned around and saw Romano with puppy dog eyes on and he asked if you were leaving. You knew he was lonely and you couldn't leave him like that. And you were quite exhausted. It wouldn't hurt anybody you thought so you got on the other side of the bed and waited for sleep to come. When you were almost asleep you were awoken by the cold night. The blanket wasn't enough; you weren't the only one who was cold. Next thing you knew Romano had wrapped his arms around you and he was cuddling you. Finally your eyes closed and you fell asleep.






When Romano woke up he felt the unforgiving sensation of a hangover. He didn't want to wake up or open his eyes afraid of the banging headache he had. He was too consecrated on the pain going on in his head. He forgot to notice the light breaths of the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. Then the realization dawned on him. You were in his bed and he didn't remember what happened the night before. He lifted himself up then looked at his doorway; there he saw Spain smiling widely. 




Spain winked at Romano and said teasingly "I can hear the pitter-patter of little feet in the distance."




Romano turned red with embarrassment and then annoyance. He jumped out of bed and ran after Spain. Using the colorful language of his, he painted Spain every color in the rainbow.




With all the screaming and shouting going on around the house you woke up. You were happy and well rested. You put on your robe and went downstairs. There you found Felicaino humming happily making breakfast. And Spain and Romano were chasing each other. Feliciano then took notice of you and invited you to sit down. You did, and he served you some tea. You happily sipped at it. Then Feliciano turned around, wiped his hands on a cloth and said in his happy cheerful voice. "I can't wait to be an uncle. Spain told me that you and my brother, um, you know..." You almost choked on you tea, you completely spaced out the situation. They had found you both in bed together. Anyone would speculate. You turned so red you felt your ears heat up. Then you heard someone cough, you turned you head, and saw Romano with a deep scarlet painting his cheeks.




He then cleared his throat and said, “Um, ragazza can we speak privately know…about what...happened last night?"




You were going to have a long morning. 

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I could stay awake just to hear you breathing.
Watch you smile while you are sleeping.
While you're far away and dreaming

Romano's eyes gently slid open, his surroundings cleared when he blinked. The green orbs flickered over to view the clock, which was proudly displaying in vibrant red numbers and letters: 6:30 AM. 'Why the fuck did I just suddenly wake up? It's Saturday, I have no work! Maybe I should go get a tomato...' he thought as he was about to get up before he felt something wrapped around his left arm. He looked down and noticed his girlfriend, (Name), sleeping peacefully beside him, currently using his arm as a pillow. A beautiful smile on her lips as she breathed softly still in dreamland, Lovino listened to the even sound, smiling softly himself.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever

Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.

He watched his girlfriend with a loving look; Romano almost forgotten she had moved into his apartment a few days ago. Both of them spent the whole last night talking, laughing, watching shows, cuddling, and kissing. He felt like he had won the lottery when (Name) agreed to be his girl, never had the Italian seen such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Right now, as he stared at her peaceful face, he wished he could be here forever. Forever in 6:30 AM, watching the love of his life sleep soundly beside him.

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating,
and I'm wondering what you're dreaming.
Wondering if it's me you're seeing.
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together.

He untangled her (s/c) arms from his own to hug her small frame, cuddling into the warm of her body. (Name) gave a small whimper-like sound as she snuggled into Romano's neck, her chest to his. He could feel her heart beat, it sounded like a wonderful melody that Lovino would never get tired of. He wondered what she was dreaming of as he stroked her (h/c) hair, he hoped it was his face she was seeing. Romano leaned down a little and placed gentle kisses on her eyes lids; he longed to see the sparkling (e/c) eyes he loved. He thanked God that he met her in the store, thankful it was her he accidentally knocked down. Grateful that if was a (nationality) beauty that hadn't been fazed by his cursing and bad temper, whom helped him pick up all his fallen tomatoes. Thankful, it was (Name) who was his girlfriend.

I don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do.
I'd still miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

He couldn't bring his emerald eyes to close, he'd miss her so much. Romano didn't want to miss a single second of her happy, gorgeous face; all of his dreams were of her, even the sweetest dream couldn't come close to the real (Name). He didn't want to waste a moment that could be spent with his girl; maybe that sounded a little clingy, but he wasn't at all. They had a wonderful relationship where they were hardly seen apart, they loved each other that much. Romano could almost feel the diamond ring call to him from its hiding place in the drawer.

I don't want to miss one smile
I don't want to miss one kiss

(Name)'s smiles always made the Italian crack a slight smile, her laughs and giggles made him happy and give a goofy grin. Her soft lips against his was like a trip to Heaven. His hand twitched for the drawer, wanting to claim the woman not just a girlfriend, but a fiancee. Even though she always said she loved him, his insecure mind still have doubts. She was so amazing, he was scared he would scare her off.

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
And I don't want to miss a thing

He didn't want to fall asleep, but his eyes were drooping. A quick glance to the clock: 7:45 AM. Wow, he spent so much time thinking about watching her. Pink flushed his face as Romano thought how weird this situation was. 'Oh yeah, I watched you sleep for more than an hour!' Ignoring that, he tightened his grip around her as if somebody might take her away. Her even breaths slowly made him drift off into his own dreamland.


"Good morning, Lovi!~" A weight on his stomach woke him up. The face of his beloved was right in front of his, a quick kiss was planted on his lips before she pulled him up. (Name) was stronger than she looked as she managed to drag the sleepy Italian to the breakfast table where their food was set up.
He gave her a rare smile, "Grazie, (Name)! When did you wake up?" It was around 9 now, she couldn't have woke up long ago...
"Like 8:30! You were sleeping so cutely, I didn't want to wake up," she gave a giggle at the red that rose to his cheeks at her compliment.

"Shut up and eat your waffles, idiota," he grumbled as he bit into a bright red tomato. Romano's green eyes drifted over to his girlfriend, whom was munching on her food with an adorable expression.
He stood up and headed to their room, telling her that he was getting something and to wait for him and close her eyes. He opened the drawer, carefully pulling out a deep blue, velvet box; a beautiful diamond ring sparkled in the velvet. 2 (favorite gem) sat on either side of the diamond, (Name)'s favorite. Romano ran back to the kitchen, the box behind his back. He knelt on one knee, opening the box to display the ring, "Open your eyes, amore mio..."

(e/c) eyes blinked open, focusing on him; she gasped, covering her mouth, which formed an 'O' shape.

"(Name)... You were always there for me, picked me up when I was down. Supported me when I felt alone. I had the honor of spending 3 years as your boyfriend, but I ask to spend my whole life with you. The most bella ragazza I have ever known or seen, and most caring and kindest person. You put up with my attitude, never put me down or say my brother is better than me... And, most all of... You love me. So, marry me, dammit!" He looked up to see tears falling from her eyes as she nodded repeated before tackling him to the ground in a hug.

"OF COURSE, YOU SILLY ITALIAN." She yelled. He slipped the ring onto her finger then pulled her into a passionate kiss, happy to be able call her his fiancee.

"Ti amo, (Name)." "Ti amo troppo! Now, I need to go finish my waffles..." "You are such an idiota... But you are my idiota."
OKAY MY HANDS HURT. This was a spur of the moment "remember I entered in contest" thing. I LOVE ROMANO SO MUCH. I just want to hug him so I decided to use this song for him. This was about a few hours of work, so I hope it's good! :iconyayromanoplz:
Grazie- Thank you
Idiota- Idiot
Amor mio- My love
Bella ragazza- beautiful girl
Ti amo- I love you
Ti amo troppo- I love you too
Picture found here:… (artwork deleted but there's the artist)
Romano is from Hetalia
You is from you.
Song is "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith.
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Your eyes widened. Heart beating fast, you quickly reread the comment on the latest piece of yours. “—badly done—“

“—barely original—“

“—overall bad—“

“—hate this kind of half-arsed work—“

Trembling, you stared at your quivering fingertips, something heavy in your throat preventing you form gulping. Did they really mean that? Did they really hate your work?

Before you could stop yourself, tears started leaking from your blurry eyes. “Ah, wh-what?” You questioned yourself as you tried desperately to dry your tears with the heels of your hands, but it was useless; they were leaking from your face and creating puddles on the surface of your desk.

Cursing inwardly, you made sure none of them landed on your computer and you pushed away from your desk, your chair rolling to the side of your bed. You dropped yourself on the covers and cuddled up to your largest pillow, burying your face in it.

Why would anyone take the time to crush your hard work like that?! I mean yes, you knew you weren’t the best out there and not even close to being it, but still. You worked hard on that piece and were quite fond of it. Now you would just look at it with disappointment.

A knock sounded on your door; as you were living in the dorms of Hetalia Academy, you knew it was your neighbour, Italy. Feliciano tapped the door again, wondering what was taking you so long.

“Hey-a! C’mon out-a! I made-a some pasta just for you, bella!” Feliciano frowned as he heard something strange from the other side of the door and he placed his ear tentatively against the wood.

You coughed, trying to silence your sobs and compose yourself enough to answer the bubbly Italian. “I-It’s okay, I’m good. Thanks but I don’t want any Feli.” Your voice cracked despite your efforts to keep it stable and with that you buried your face in your pillow again.

Feliciano bit his lip, hearing you cry. He would’ve tried to comfort you, but he figured you sounded like you wanted to be left alone. His shoulders sagging, he trailed back to his room, where his brother stuck his head around the corner, a blush on his cheeks.

Lovino’d liked you for the longest time now, but due to his embarrassment he hadn’t told you yet. After all, he thought, that tomato bastard would never end teasing him!

“So-a what did she say?” Feliciano rubbed his arm uneasily. “I think she was...crying.” Lovino’s expression paled. “Wh-what?!” He grabbed his brother by his collar. “And you just-a fucking left her?!”

Feliciano was thrown roughly to the floor as Lovino brusquely pushed past him, quickly turning to your door. Knocking softly at first, he waited for you to answer. When you didn’t stir, he started pummelling the door with his fist.

“I know you’re in there, now open up or I’ll make Feliciano eat Marmite for a week!” He knew the threat would have no effect on you if you had to eat it; so he chose to threaten Feli instead in the hopes that there was no way you would allow your friend to sit through that kind of torture.

But still; nothing. Lovino took a step back, bracing himself for the kick he was going to make. Taking the pose to perform the kick, he inhaled once and launched his foot toward the door. Unfortunately, your guilt had taken over at that point; you couldn’t let your friend suffer through that after all.

In other words, you opened the door in time to see Lovino charge at you and fall straight onto his face.

Seeing his irritated and disgruntled expression made you snort with laughter and before you could help it you were rolling on your bed, laughing loudly. “Seriously...?” Lovino rubbed his forehead, hoping that there wasn’t going to be a huge red mark or bruise there.

Narrowing his eyes at you, he folded his arms and towered over you on the bed. Tears were rolling down your cheeks again, but with mirth this time and not due to sadness.

“At least you’re-a laughing.” He mumbled, sitting himself down in your chair and watching as your loud bout of giggles came to an end. His amber eyes slid across your computer screen and he flinched when he saw the comment.

“What-a the hell...” He cussed under his breath, rapidly reading what the person had said about your work. “I’m no good am I?” You said, sadly looking at your folded hands. Lovino swivelled his head around to look at you.

“So what if-a one screwhead said that! Look at the rest of the comments, they’re all-a really good!” Merely shaking your head, you shifted to lie on your side with your back to him. “But they said they hated my work-“

“You know there’s always going to-a be someone who doesn’t like you, right?” Lovino pinched the bridge of his nose. “You can’t try to go through life befriending everyone. There’s-a going to be people you-a simply can’t get along with!”

You slumped, taking your pillow and hugging it tightly. The sight of your state was enough to make the Italian’s heart thump painfully in his chest. “Geez....” he scooted out of his seat and lay down behind you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest.

“You know- I, I really, really like-a you?” He buried his face in the nape of your neck. You blushed at his confession, chewing your lip. “I didn’t.” As you shook your head slightly, you could feel the heat radiating from his ears. “I just want-a you to know that I’ll always be here for you. And also,” he twisted you so you were facing him,” I love-a your work. Always have done and I always-a will.”

You closed your eyes, ducking your head underneath his chin. Looking straight into his eyes was hard already, but when he was that close-!!

Your heart was pumping loudly and you could feel him breathe next to you. “So I mean-, well, would-a you go out with me?” Lovino hadn’t really prepared himself mentally for his confession, but hey he was just going with the flow.

You mumbled something incoherent and he blinked, leaning closer to you. “Sorry bella, say that-a again?” Your cheeks heated up again; did he just call you pretty? Even if Feliciano called you that all the time, you knew it was just a habit of his, but his brother hadn’t ever called you that.

“I said, that would be nice.” Lovino grinned widely, prying the pillow out of your arms and flinging it to the side so he could properly hug you.

“That’s-a so good!”

Your eyes fell again though and he noticed, tapping your nose gently but firmly. “Idiota, don’t-a let what they said get to you.”

You started to protest. “But-“ By placing a single digit to your lips he silenced you. “I’m not-a going to let you think those bad thoughts again, understand-a?” You gazed at him with wide eyes and your cute expression made Lovino want to pounce you!

“Now do you-a understand? You’re the best-a and most beautiful girl in the whole, wide-a world. I want you to know that, ‘kay bella?”

Nodding gently, you smiled radiantly at him. That was just what you had needed to hear.
“Ti amo bella.”
We all know the feeling of when someone completely trashes your newest piece of work, and trust me on this, it's severely depressing.

;.; If only I could have a Roma to cheer me up at times like that TT.TT
Also should I put a mature content on this? I mean he only swears once but still~

Is this angsty enough? Or not at all? ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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