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Lena of the light. Pencil drawing scanned and colored in Photoshop.
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Artwork for the contest Think Pink III :)
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Between your hands I'm small but in your heart I take the biggest part.
in your eyes I'm a friend that you can tell him all and in my heart I feel your inner storm.

I'm so small against this world but I know much more than I can show.

I live in A Minimalistic World but as long as I'm A part from your heart I don't
mind to be that small at all.
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Submission for "stage a male".

I didn't even know there was a contest. Luckily I stumbled over `Staged's news article. And well, even though I didn't shoot this picture with the contest in mind, I guess it was a pretty neat fit?


Damn...I won :D [link]
Many thanks to the judges `Staged ^Helewidis ^opioid ~inkshed and `igy
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Bring your Vision to Life Contest.

Please visit, comment, and if you like add to favorites!

design in vector, mouse terrified ..

Drawing made for the contest Wacom, Good vs Evil in Vector style.

Jeanfranco Fernandes.
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My entry for the Bring Your Vision to Life Contest

Line art: [link]
Side by side view: [link]

Though told to children to warn them of life's mysteries, the fairy tales of old honed in on the conflict between good and evil within all of us. This rings especially true in the story of Rapunzel.

Through her power The Witch's garden allows Rapunzel to be brought into the world. When the child comes of age, she hides her away in a Tower hoping to spare her from the corruptive forces of the outside world. She strips Rapunzel of her golden locks and banishes her from the Tower only out of a sense of betrayal at finding Rapunzel pregnant by an unworthy Prince.

Everything she ever did for the ungrateful child was out of love, and in the end, she was repaid with a parent's suffering for a child that has failed her.

Rapunzel is born into innocence, longing for an outside world she cannot touch, taste, or see. She loves The Witch, her Mother Gothel, and yet her curiosity and longing lead her to fall for the Prince's seductions. Did she really love this man she had only just met? Or was he simply a way out? She spends years in exile learning that ignorance is not bliss.

Together, they represent two sides of the same face, one overbearing and tired of the world, the other innocent, naive, and deceitful in the most innocent of ways. Each neither completely good nor completely evil.

8x13 Inches, Pen & Ink, Photoshop.
Many thanks to *kidchan's for her digital watercolor tutorial

See my Copyrights and Terms of Usage before using this image anywhere!
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This is the Trimonosaur! Its long, slender body and cone shaped head enables it to tunnel through the heaps of debris and its long, extending arms can remove or claw through anything that it can't. Its arms usually support most of its weight while its four insect-like legs provide the forward movement. Its arms can extend an extra 6 inches to reach for its prey. Its eye is on a long, flexible stalk hidden inside its three-part mouth, which is lined with short, but very sharp, teeth.

Okay, there's the bio. Now here's what I need to say:

This thing is absolutely the largest thing I have ever made! It's over 43 inches long! Why so big? I wanted to make a REAL creature from "9." Life-size. And it is fully articulated! Fingers, arms, legs, mouth, everything moves! This was REALLY hard to do, everything was so sharp. I found everything I needed around my house. And it's all held together with wire or screws and bolts. The only tape I used was on the eye, because wire just didn't want to cut it. The burlap is all sewed on with embroidery thread and some copper wire.

This guy is made of:
stainless steel wire mesh
an old pair of scissors
a stainless steel pipe
'Erector" parts
Popsicle sticks painted silver
a spark plug
red wire
rubber washers
aluminum sheeting
copper plating
"Exacto" knives
2 inspection tools
embroidery thread
copper wire
stainless wire
3 hinges
steel diamond grating
ball-and-socket joints from a hands-free tool
1 rubber band
1 wire tie
1 red LED
1 flashlight head
1 goose-neck lamp
plastic tubes painted silver

And several things that I have no clue as to what they are.
You would not believe how hard those ball-and-socket joints are to find! Apparently they're made exclusively for inspection tools and those hands-free things.

Download for giant size.
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I'll try this one to the contest too =)

It's a mater painting studu
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Once you've lost it you can never get it back
Don't Waste Your Self

we are the time that we live =>if we waste the time we lose ourselves
that mean
wasting time = losing your self
so.. don't waste your self !!

download it if you want to see it high resolution
i hope you like it :)

Please, Click The "I'd Wear This!" Button to vote for this design!

my other design [link] [link]

Edit :wow, i actually made it to the semi finalist (top 50) Check the other great designs [link]
Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who commented and voted for my design...I greatly appreciate it. Cheers
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I have never participated in any art contests, but this time I thought I could. In 1997 I was 11 years old and the original Tomb Raider was one of the first - if not the very first - games I played through all by my own. It's about time to make a homage, even if it's for the new Lara.

Inspiration for this image is pretty much based to this [link] trailer, because I haven't played the new game yet and I'd like to stay unspoiled. :) I tried to make this image nice to look at even if the viewer wasn't familiar with the subject - so I hope you like it!
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