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well, I'm not sure that this swf file works properly here. so it's just test. ( and maybe I will erase or change this because of some reason.. you know )
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(Please let it fully load before playing with it)

Monarch Dragonfly design custom. Turn around view. I increased the frame rate and made it slower. :)

:star:Get hatchlings at my website here.:star:


Please check out my books that I'm selling.

:star:Order books now! They are available! :star:

If you are going to Anthrocon 2012, you will also be able to purchase books directly from me there.

:bulletblue:Metallic Dragons:bulletblue:
How to draw and paint dragons and scales digitally(Photoshop)

The Art Of Christina Yen

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Full Color Bleed on White paper
100 pages (English)


Follow me at FaceBook: [link]
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Happy Helloween for every body !

Esp. for HP fans ^_- There is my frist animation with HP... and the frist animation on the world with this strange pairing, I think so...

For :iconVampire-nataliee: with love :kiss:. It had to be gift for you b-day, but... many days ago, in galaxy far far away... ^^;

Lord Voldemort and Remus Lupin and others (c) J.K.Rowling
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Wish these thoughts would go away
And here alone I sit and pray
Washing the visions out of my mind
By this lake
Asking The Dancer to be kind
So I don't break


I knew I would be in trouble for doing it, for dirtying, maybe even ruining the kimono I was wearing by sitting there on the bridge, in the pouring rain, but I couldn't help it. Nothing but the unending, unyielding beat of the cold water over me could cleanse my thoughts... my soul. 

Thunder and lightning used to frighten me when I was a child, but that night... that night, it made me feel closer to the Dancer and to the Lonely and Only, that they might hear my plea, notice my plight, and banish the demons that plagued me.

I had looked into the water when I arrived, before I sat on the bridge. Before I got out of the okiya, I had foolishly thought that I could look upon my reflection and remember who I was... who I used to be. I remember imagining moonlight helping me to see myself in the surface of the water. But all I saw was a distorted image, rippling from raindrops, illuminated in jagged flashes of light from the storm. I could only see things I didn't want to... things I wanted to forget.

Things I wished I could forget.


A BIG thank you to my collaborators and dear ones: :iconmarcotonio-desu:, my Blade Under Mask co-writer and amethystine, my boss and partner in crime! <3

Enjoy some rain, thunder, and Nae! I missed doing this! 


Nae, Blade Under Mask me
Sounds are public domain, downloaded from

Blade Under Mask: Silent Winter Child by White-Mantis Blade Under Mask: A Moment for the Stars by White-Mantis Purification by White-Mantis Blade Under Mask: You Have My Word (Animated) by White-Mantis
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Challenge accepted...Challenge accomplished...

Hover over the students on the replay page for extra sounds.

If you enjoyed this, please do your Slinkers a big favour and vote 5 on newgrounds: [link]

Huge thanks to Alice Alaizabel and Bearded James for their fantastical voice efforts. They are first class - where have you two been hidingggggg from meee?

You can see Alice's LiveJournal account here where she posts podfics and puts that voice to good use: [link]

You can see the hilarious Bearded James's DA account here: :iconkaza-dum:

Enjoy my friends
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"I'd be happy if you read the description before criticizing - Thanks"

This game will not be finished, It was just a quick test i did over a few days to get some experience with ActionScript.

Yes Limbo inspired, I did't make this to be any final project, it was prue experimenting with Actionscript, and how how Flash works, Back when I made this I had absolut no game making experience so it have a lot of flaws, like the controles is something I wish i could go back and change hehe. but I'm still proud as one of my first flash test games.
and I appreciate that I got DD thanks a lot :)

"I know it says full version coming out, but I don't have the main file anymore, so Can't finish it and wont remake it sorry (:"

Easter Egg 1
when you come to the 3ed level, press D till a something apeares and you can controle what with the keys A,S,D & W.

Easter Egg 2
3ed level, when you start falling slowly try keep going into the wall to the left till magic happens

Download here:…

:heart: I'm asking for your support :heart:…
Your help will support my work and projects


Feel Free to Comment, Watch and Favourite.

Artwork mnrart 2006-2012

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Please please please read the FAQ below before you ask any questions, I really don't have time to answer everyone. Comments have now been disabled sorry guys :/

edit; Guys, the braid IS there. It's on the hair page, at the bottom. Please please stop mentioning it, it is most certainly there. It's just shorter than it should be because this is a chibi version of a na'vi.

First off- Yes I SUCK at humanoid bodies and clothing. I never draw them.. ever.. but I love this movie so much I found myself compelled to make it. Also I wanted to make something original since there have been about 5 billion create a wolf games since I created my first one a few years ago xP

Yes the interface is very messy, and the clothing buttons are confusing. But I got lazy after spending hours colouring and shading all this stuff x_x But other than that I'm pleased I finally finished it.

Also yeah I'm biased towards females, I drew the base and I was too lazy to change it too much. But I think it's at a nice medium that if you leave off the little shirts then and put on some straps, the right eyes, and whatever then it will look male. I've done it, it works, don't stress boys xP


Can I post a screenshot in my dA gallery/facebook/etc..?
Yes as long as credit is given in a description somewhere. So a link back to my account or this deviation. Or saying "This was made by khalypso's Create a Na'vi game" Something along those lines, as long as credit is given all is good :) And yes you may use this as your I.D on this website, just give credit.

Where is the long braid?
It is there, just not majorly obvious (cos I'm a very lazy person). It's on the hair page at the bottom. It's short, I don't care, my excuse is this thing is chibi, let's just leave it at that haha

Can you add different expressions/clothing/colours/etc..? and can you make another game?
I will not be updating this game anymore. I'll make a new flash creator game some time in the future when I'm not busy - (27 - August - 2010)

How do I save?
Instructions for Mac and PC users are in the flash game itself.

For PC laptop users: [fn]+insert[prt sc]


Na'vi (c) James Cameron
Comments disabled by owner.
Pin up maker 2 DELUXE is finally here!!
This time a differnt pose with more outfits, hair styles, eyes, colours, tattoos, backgrounds and everything. Plus an option to save the image to your own computer.
ENJOY!!! Hope you guys like. :heart:

for more games like this visit [link]

PERSONAL USE ONLY (for fun character creation and inspiration!)
This is not STOCK art!
No selling or using the creations made from this game for adoptables or any other type of tube or tag.
Art kei phillips, all rights reserved.
Do NOT use my artwork without my permission!
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Music used - Dreammaker - Thomas Bergersen

well that was an effort. The % on the loadbar kinda derped out but hey, the preloader works, so I win a cookie.

Commission for :icongoldhedgehog: for his character, Echono Lithe the hedgehog. He wanted some motion. So not only did we make him a sandstorm, but we made a freaking ancient beacon machine tower thing too. Took about 4 days, and while the art itself wasn't too hard, the freaking animating was nasty because my comp was straining over the compositions (there were 50 nested compositions inside this, so yes it was a TON of work). I'm getting better with actionscripting so that's also a plus. There's also alot of journey theme in this and I love that game, so the sound FX are even derived from the game. o/

Hope you like this man. I have still of him if you want it :D

Art and animation *DanSyron
music thomas bergersen (my hero)
character *goldhedgehog
preloader template $devart
Photoshop cs3, to afterreffects cs6, to flash cs6.
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Saftey not guaranteed.

So yeah, after roughly five or so months of work here is the finished fruits of my labour, WTFuture!
It's crashed once or twice, corrupted fla's, annoying actionscript... but it's finally here for you to enjoy!

All audio was made specifically for this production so i have the rights to use all these sounds and films etc.

Also if you enjoy it, please come and vote 5!
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