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You narrowed you eyes at the soft-spoken Canadian.

He had absolutely had no idea what was about to happen.

You grinned deviously as you began to slowly walk towards the unaware man, who was to busy flipping pancakes on the stove.




You launched yourself onto his back, causing him to let out a quiet yelp ((that you hardly even heard if it wasn't for the fact that you were on his back)).

"_-_____!! W-what are you d-doing?!" He ((softly)) shouted out at you, clutching your hands to his chest.

"Hehe," You giggled softly. "Mattie~ I want a piggyback ride!!" You shouted out excitedly, scaring poor Matthew.

"B-but _____-!" He began but was interrupted by your's truly.

"M-mattie! Pweez!!" You gave him your specialty.  

Your cute and absolutely adorable:

Puppy Dog Eyes

And you know that he can't resist your puppy dog eyes.

He tried to resist but like every other got to him. He slowly nodded and cringed when you squealed.

You let go of him and waited for him to crouch down in front of you.  He did ((not before setting the pancake down))  and you quickly climbed onto his back. He picked you up with ease. ((After all he IS the representation of Canada))

You giggled like a little girl, causing Canada to sigh but smiled at the fact that you were having fun.

But it sure wasn't funny when he came back to a burnt pancake.

R.I.P Pancake
Veee~~ DDX Sorry that I've been inactive lately guys!! But I'm BACCCKKKKKKKKK~!!!!!! XDDDD

Here's a Canada X Reader Insert requested by :iconjazluvztrixie:

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 AS you were walking out of the World meeting, you saw Ivan running to a door and Natalia pounding on it.
 "C'mon brother bruther, let me become one with you! Please." Natalia, you were pissed about this. You hated to see him quiver in fear because of a stupid girl, you had enough because you cared for Ivan. You ran up to Natalia and grabbed her arm and gave her a death glare.
 "Leave Ivan alone, ya hear?" You said ina tough-masculene voice, you tightened the grip of Natalia's wrist, she was shaking in fear and you let go of her. She fell to the ground, crawling away in fear of you.
 "If I see you bothering Ivan again with "Let me be one with you brother", I best see you prepared for payback. Now...quiver in fear like the little girl you are." You said in a tough voice scaring off Natalia, you calmed down a bit and knocked lightly on the door.
 "Ivan...its me, __________. Is there a key around some-" You cut yourself off when you saw the key on top of the door. You jumped for it and unlocked the door. You heard whimpers behind a chair in the darl room. You looked to see Ivan shivering in fear, you looked at him with a loving arua. You toucheed his shoulder and he jerked a little not knowing it was you.
 "C'mon Ivan, I scared Natalia off. You don't have to worry about her for a while." You said grabbing both of his hands and pulling him gently up towards the door.
 "Lets go out a while, shall we?" You said to him with a warm smile, he gave you a hug. You blushed but hugged him back because you actually loved the man after the first time he protected you from people trying to rape you. You loved him, he wanted to protect you and he doesn't get scared from your maniac side when your being protective or when your mad. He understood you like no one else could, everyone, including Felicano, was scared of you. You went into a depression state for a while from loneiness but I van carried you out of it with his sweet-innocent side. You guys went to dinner and had a great time, you started to get a little tired and your eye started to droop alittle.
 "Are you ok, __________? You seem tired." Ivan said touching you gently, you didn;t hear him and you fell asleep. You fell over one Ivan and he caught you.
 "Ok, I'm taking you home." Ivan said as you nodded tired-like, you felt like you were light as a feather. You snuggled into Ivan's chest, he blushed and smiled and carried you to his home instead and settled you onto his bed and he gave you a kiss on the forehead.
 "I'll see you tomorrow morning, my sunflower." He said as he changed and went into bed and held you close.

----The Next Morning----

 You woke up to the bright sun, you looked around and saw this wasn't your house. You were still too tired to panic. You smelled bacon, eggs and pancakes, you ran downstairs to see who was here or better thought...WHO was this house. As you ran down the stairs, you saw that it was Ivan cooking you both breakfast and he was...SHIRTLESS?! You crashed into the wall and you yelped. Ivan quickly looked and you rubbing your forehead, he went over right after he finished cooking the bacon.
 "__________! Are you ok?!" Ivan said checking your forehead for any bleeding,  you were ok but it hurt a lot. He kissed your forehead and you started to blush like crazy, you walked over to the dinning table and sat silently eating your breakfast. You didn't want Ivan to see your face, it was red from what Ivan did a couple of minutes earlier. You looked up and saw he was staring at you, you quickly looked back down at your plate which was empty.
 "Ivan...I'm still a little tired, I'm going to sleep some more. I'll be up in a while, I'm sorry for being rude and all." You said in a tired/sadden voice, Ivan went over to you and hugged you from behind. You started to freak out, this has never happened to you in a life time. You tried to get out of his grip but he hugged only tighter, you were wondering what was going to happen.
 "Ivan...?" You said in a nervous voice, he turned you around and and kissed you gently on the lips.
 "________, I love you, I wanted to tell you ever since you saved me from Natalia the first time. I know you go manic and scare people, you don;t scare me, your beautiful to m and always will be." Ivan said hugging you, tears rolled down your face.
 "I love you too Ivan." You said kissing your Russian man, you didn't want to go further because you were too damn tired to do anything.
 "Ivan..." You whimpered like a child as he saw you were too tired to go any further, he swooped you into his big arms and brought you to his room and put you down on the bed. AS he got up with tugged on his pants, you looked up with tire yet cute eyes.
 "Don't go..." You whispered, Ivan came under the covers and watched over you like a garuidan angel. Your Russian man was there for you all the time and you found the man who loved you for you.
 "I don't want the world to see me
 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
 When everything's meant to be broken
 I just want you to know who I am"
I got the idea to make a Russia x reader one, this is my frist time doing this. I hope you guys enjoy ^_^
I thought of this when I was listening to Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. I hope you enjoy this~

Link to picture: [link]
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Gilbert Beilschmidt was your most favorite teacher in the entire school. Though, you enjoyed going to all of your classes, you enjoyed his class the most. You never lead on that you actually feelings for your teacher nor were you going to do that; everyone would probably laugh at you. Hey, everyone had a crush on their teacher at one time or another.

"(Name), I heard Mr. Beilschmidt has a surprise test for us today." Your friend said, walking up to you at your locker.

You shut your locker, shaking your head. "You think? How do you know it's not someone playing some sort of prank?"

Your friend shrugged her shoulders, snaking her arm underneath yours. "Never know~! Not that it matters to you, you'll pass it anyways."

You began walking with your friend to your classroom, your favorite one, since it was Gilbert's class. "You act like I know everything, I don't." you said as the two of you entered the room.

"You're lying, you do." Your friend replied as she let go of your arm, taking her seat, which was on the opposite end of the classroom from where you sat.

You just shook your head, closing you (eye color) eyes for a moment before opening them again. You took your seat just as Gilbert walked into the room. You pushed your (hair color & length) behind your ear as you got out your materials for class.

"Today, ve're going to learn about zee Kingdom of Prussia," Gilbert started, turning to face the black board, writing down important facts about Prussia. He turned to face to class room again. "Let's begin. Until 1618, part of Prussia vas ruled by the Polish crown until zee day zee Hohenzollern line died out."

You listened silently to him speak, but after a while you felt like you could no longer hear him speaking about the Kingdom of Prussia. You weren't really one to daydream in the middle of class, but somehow you had caught yourself in one. All you could think about was you and Gilbert. However, the ringing of the school bell has snapped you out of your trance. You jumped slightly, letting out small gasp.

Gilbert looked at you before making his way towards you, placing his hand on your desk. "(Name), I need you to stay behind. Zhere's something we need to talk about."

You only nodded your head and swallowed hard. You were in trouble now. The whole situation had caused the other students to look at you, mumbling and making gasping sounds before laughing a bit as they left the room.

"W-what is it, Mr. Beilschmidt?" you inquired after everyone had left the room.

Gilbert was silent for a moment before talking away from you. "I noticed you veren't paying attention today. It's unlike you to no pay attention to zee awesome me vhen I teach."

You stood up from your desk, fiddling around with the hem of your skirt. You couldn't very well tell him that you were actually daydreaming about the two of you being together. If you had done that, then he'd know that you were in love with him even though he was your teacher and several years your senior. "It wasn't like I didn't want to pay attention to you! I really enjoy listening to when you talk, just for some reason I had gotten myself caught up in something else. I'm sorry."

The German turned to face, leaning against his desk, a smile crossed his face at that moment. "Ah, I zhink I've got it. You ist in love vith me, ja? You've always looked so tentative in my class zhat I've noticed."

You felt your cheeks heat up at that moment, you never once thought that he would figure it.  You looked away from him for a moment; you bit your lower lip, trying to figure out exactly what to say to him. "What? Why would you even think such a thing? You're my teacher."

Gilbert shrugged his shoulders, it didn't matter to him if he was you teacher, because in truth age wasn't much of a matter to me. "Vhat are you trying to say? Ist not true? You're not in love vith zee awesome me?"

You wanted so desperately to shake your head no at his question. You were lying to yourself. You never wanted to admit that you were in love with Gilbert, not him, not anyone. You wanted to keep those feelings locked up in side of you forever. "Truth is…I lied about that. I do love you, Mr. Beilschmidt."

You said it. You finally got it off of your chest.

"Zhat's vhat I thought. Zhere ist nothing wrong vith it. Ich liebe dich auch, (Name). I'm completely fine keeping a relationship a secret until you graduate." He replied, walking over to you. He took a hold of your hand as he got closer to you.

You looked at him for a moment before giving him a smile. "I'm fine with it too, Mr. Beilschmidt."

"Call me Gilbert, bitte." Gilbert said, kissing you on the forehead.

"Alright, Gilbert…it'll be our little secret." You replied, giving him a smile before leaning up and giving him a quick kiss.
Requested by ~saskue-kun231, who wanted a Teacher!PrussiaxSmart!Student!Reader.

I'm telling you these female readers are a killer. DX Eh, well I hope you enjoy it.

You: :iconsexyprussiaplz:
Prussia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: =YukinaKou
I don't own the image.
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You took a step back to admire your finished restaurant. It certainly stood out in your new American home town, especially when consider all the IHOPs that were everywhere. You grinned proudly. You’d show these Americans what true pancakes were like! Not to mention some pretty darn awesome maple syrup!

You went inside and locked the door, taking your time in admiring the inside. It was set up simply, with some Canadian flag decorations and some American ones. There were plain wooden tables with checkered tablecloths and booths, to add to the American-ness of your new business.

You missed living in Canada, despite your excitement. You had told your friends that it would be a great new opportunity! After all, America was supposed to be the place for new beginnings, right? Despite his obnoxiousness, America’s home was your home for a while, and despite the current bad economy, it would be interesting to go back to your childhood home.

You shut off the lights with a smile as the dark hastily covered your eyes. Tomorrow would be your opening day, and you were excitedly looking forward to it.

You went through the back room, upstairs to the flat you owned above the building. When you opened the door, you weren’t at all surprised to see America sprawled out on your couch, which he must have moved, as well as the T.V., which he must have set up. However, you did not recall having a Wii.

“Yo, _______!” America grinned. “I saw your new shop! I’m gonna come eat here tomorrow!”

“I better go order a truckload of ingredients, then,” You laughed, recalling his voracious appetite.

He jumped to his feet (after pausing his game) and tackle hugged you. “It’s been forever! I’m glad you came back!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

“Yeah, I missed the U.S. of A,” You smiled, “Though I do miss Canada already.” You admitted, abashed.

“Canada, Canada…” America tapped his chin for a second. “Oh yeah! He was totally England’s favorite kid when we were little!”

“Weren’t you?” You questioned, an eyebrow raised. “Aren’t you still?”

America opened his mouth, turning a little red, which you inwardly laughed at. “Whatever, dude! Anyway, I’ll be sure to tell him that you miss him already!”

“America, don’t you dare!” You reached out to grab him, but he skipped out of the way, grinning.

“See ya later, _____! I got you a Wii!” He dove out the window, and when you went to look, he was already gone.

You heaved a sigh, glancing at the Wii. Had he even gotten any games? Huffing again, you went over to the dog crate in your room and undid the clip. “Sorry, boy!” You murmured, rubbing the big dog’s ears. He was a Duck Tolling Retriever, who you had aptly named Maple due to his dark gold fur. The dog snuffled at you and licked your face, before curling up on his bed.

You smiled, and stood up, going to change into your pajamas and go to bed. After all, tomorrow was a big day…


The next morning at six o’clock sharp, you were already down in the restaurant, doing last minute checks on everything. By seven, the first people were showing up, and soon, there was a line of people showing up to try your “genuine Canadian pancakes”.

Panicking, you found yourself struggling to keep up with demands. You hadn’t expected this many people, so you hadn’t hired much help. You were exhausted, and the heat, so familiar and comfortable before, was starting to make you dizzy.

“Boss! You should take a break!” One of your employees, a friend of yours, called out in concern.

“No…then we’ll never be able to keep up,” You replied with a smile towards her.

“Um…______?” A voice said softly behind you.

You whipped around. You recognized that voice! That was…that was…
…who was that? He had somewhat long dark blonde hair, violet eyes, and glasses, as well as a pair of goggles on his head. There was a miniature polar bear sitting on the ground next to him. You were sure you had seen him somewhere…

Just kidding! It was Canada, who you had never been happier to see. “Canada!” You exclaimed, hugging him tightly. “I missed you!”

“You…haven’t even been gone forty eight hours,” He replied with a smile, though he was blushing now. You were the only one who seemed to notice him. The rest of your coworkers had gone back to work, as if even you were invisible now.

“I know, but-“ You were cut off as another order came in. “Ah! I’m sorry, Canada, looks like we’ll have to talk later-“

“You look exhausted,” Canada said in concern. “Let me take over for a little while, eh?”

You looked ready to argue, but Canada, being decisive out of concern, insisted. He turned to his polar bear.

“Komataro, make sure ______ is resting and not secretly working. At least for an hour, anyway.”

“Who are you?” Kumajiro demanded.

Canada sighed, looking defeated. He’d had this argument many times. “I’m Canada, your owner…”

“Let’s go, ______,” The polar bear turned to you, recognizing you immediately. Canada sighed.

You looked hesitantly at the polar bear, then quickly kissed Canada on the cheek, making him turn scarlet. “Thanks, Canada.”

Canada grinned shakily at you. “N-no problem, ______. After all, I’m the one who taught you how to make pancakes, eh?”

You laughed. “That you did.” You turned to your coworkers. “Hey guys! This is Canada, he’s gonna take over for me for a while!”

“Whoa, when’d you get there, dude?” One of your coworkers stared at him in shock.

Your friend looked relieved. “That means you’re taking a break? Thank God for that.” She turned to Canada. “And thank you too, Canadia.”

Canada looked a little peeved. “It’s Canada,” he protested weakly.

“Whatever,” She went back to doing her job.

You giggled in amusement. “See you in a bit, eh?”

Canada couldn’t help but smile. “Alright, ______.” He replied softly.

You and Kumajiro went out back, sitting comfortably in the cool outside. To your surprise, Maple bounded down the stairs and flew into your lap, knocking you over. Not surprisingly, he was followed by America.

“Here, puppy! Here-“ He broke off. “Ah…hi, _____! Nice weather, huh?”

You raised your eyebrows. “America. What were you doing in my home?”

“Uh, well, I was…”

To your surprise, England came out of your house too. “Bloody hell, America,” he cursed. “Did you have to make it so we wound up directly in her house? And you let her dog out too-“ He suddenly noticed you. “Hullo, _____!” He greeted you, covering up his ungentlemanly-ness quickly. “We came to try your pancakes!”

“Really?” You were thrilled.

“Ah…shouldn’t you be making them, or…?” England trailed off.

“No, Canada took over for a bit,” You explained.

Both of them looked blank for a moment.

“Canada? Canadia? England, he was your commonwealth till, like, mid 20th century!” You groaned, exasperated for Canada.

England lit up. “Oh yes! I remember! I took him from France, the poor child…come to think of it…” He looked at you with one bushy eyebrow raised. “I seem to recall you were quite taken with him.”

You slowly turned red. “I, um…”

“Hey, feed me!” Kumajiro batted your face with one paw.

America laughed obnoxiously. “I could totally tell him, you know!” He taunted.

“Well, I could tell England that you love him!” You shot back, instantly covering your mouth when you remembered England was there.

For a moment, there was an awkward silence, for more than one reason, though you didn’t know the other just then.

You stood up and walked slowly into the kitchen, avoiding the awkward scene…when you walked right into Canada.

“Ah! Canada, I’m sorry, I’m just…um…” You turned red and stopped talking when you noticed him looking at you, a little flushed as well.

“Um, I just heard…back there…”

You hoped he had only heard the second part. “You mean about America and England?”

“______, everyone’s known that since World War I.” Canada’s mouth twitched. “I meant…about…um, well…do you really like me?”

His question took you by surprise. You never thought he would be able to straight out ask like that. “No! I mean, yes! I mean…uh…” You hung your head, face heating up. “Yeah…”

To your surprise, when you looked up, he was smiling at you. “I’m happy, ______,” He reached out and hugged you.

“I was lying,” You whispered. Canada looked up, hurt. “I love you, Canada.” You corrected yourself with a smile.

He smiled back. “Je t’aime.” He whispered, and kissed you. Nobody noticed. Both of you were invisible to the world, and the kiss was as sweet as maple syrup.
So, this is a gift for my 100th watcher, :icontonda-kemono:
100 watchers...!
Thank you guys, so much! <3 I love you all!

You belong to :iconchibicanadaplz:
and in turn, :iconchibicanadaplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
So, in short, you belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:!
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You woke up on something soft and warm, a thing you never been on but always wanted; a bed. That was when you realized you weren’t in your dog form. Quickly, you looked around for clothes; but, to your great astonishment, you had a large shirt draped over your small frame. The shirt covered you down to almost your knees. You continued to look for clothes for a better covering. (You were looking for panties, a bra, and better fitting clothes.) While on your search, you found yourself staring back at yourself in a mirror.
In your opinion, it looked like someone had washed you.
Your soft features weren’t caked in dried mud and dust. Those tangled (h/c) locks of yours were brushed and shined with cleanness. Even under your long finger nails were clean and they were also cut. You were amazed by the difference, you had only seen yourself as a dirty half human half dog thing. Seeing yourself this way made you feel like a person not a thing. For the first time in a long time you didn’t smell gross, actually you smelled nicely of (favorite flower here). A gentle knock on the door made you jump higher than the moon.
“Excuse-a me bella, may I-a come in?” a sweet man’s voice thick with an Italian accent asked.
“Umm..... o-okay,” you replied hesitantly. The door was open quickly by a tall brunette man. He had a similar curl to the man in your dreams, but it was the other side. His eyes seemed to be closed and he wore a goofy, clueless smile. Wavy locks fall in his face based on how his hair was parted. He had a rather round face, he was sort of adorable like you just wanted to embrace and cuddle him to death. But you didn’t, because he had food.
“I wanted to-a see if you were-a up to-a give you food, my fratello-a made it,” the man told you as he set a bowl of pasta on the night stand with a fork next to the bowl.
“Umm... gratzie for the food Mr....” you trailed off.
“I’m-a  Feliciano Vargas, you can-a call me Feli,” Feli told you.
“I’m (your name), it’s nice to meet you,” you said smiling softly, which caused your very chapped lips to bleed a bit. He seemed to get a bit freaked out by the sight of blood.
“Oh no you are-a bleeding!” he cried out and started running around in circles. This frightened you, so you changed your form to your puppy form and ran under the bed. You felt ashamed for scaring the nice man who is giving you a place to stay and even feeding you. You heard someone coming down the hallway to the room you were in.
“Fartello, you idoita why are-a you crying!” a deeper voice thick with an accent yelled as he entered the room.
So this is the second part of my romano story. I'm so happy people like it. :iconlustyromanoplz: I love you all so much.

I own nothing but the story line, kay.

Part Three~: [link]
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________________ was bored out of her mind. Her big house felt so empty without her wonderful Italian boyfriend in it… Or maybe just saying her Italian boyfriend in it would be more accurate.

_________ had feelings for her boyfriend, Lovino, for a very long time. He didn't return her feelings at first and as a matter of fact, he found her kind of annoying. But when it seemed like she had given up and was leaving him alone, he realized he had fallen for her too and asked her out in the most tsundere way possible…

"H-hey… " Lovino stated, face red and refusing to look at her.

"Hey," she said dully, too sad to pay him much attention.

"So, I've noticed you haven't been uh… stalking me as much lately."

"Yeah, and? It's not like you liked it or anything…"

"Well, that's the thing… I've been thinking about you a lot, and I realized… I kind of did."

_______'s eyes widened. "Y-you what?"

"I miss you, idiota!" He yelled. "I miss you stalking me, you hugging me, your stupid adorable voice…" he shook his head. "I think I might like you, and stuff. S-so do you wanna go out or something?"

____________ stared at him with tears in her eyes. Just as he was about to ask what was wrong, she glomped him and screamed "Sì! Sì! Certo che sì!"

He blushed at her accent using his language. He hated to admit it, but it was adorable…

That was about a year ago, but very little has changed between their relationship. He never said he loved her, he rarely kissed her, and for the most part, he still treated her like his stalker.
And now he was gone on another business trip or something of the sort, in his home country, leaving her alone to miss him, and to wonder if their relationship was worth it.

She sighed. I wonder if he's thinking of me too… probably not.

__________ was actually wrong. Lovino was thinking about her, in fact, he had been thinking about her a lot. Contrary to what the potato eater thought, he wasn't an idiot. He was more than aware that ________ was probably on the verge of leaving him, but instead of trying to fix it, he was ruder to her than usual, more distant. And he left her alone a lot, claiming it was for business. This wasn't always a lie but it was more often than not.

He didn't mean to be so mean to her. He actually loved her with all his heart! In fact, he was thinking about proposing to her… but there was no way she'd yes. Not with the way he treated her. There wasn't that much love in the world.

"Hey big brother!!!!" His younger brother Feliciano yelled, jerking him out of his thoughts.

"What?" He responded grumpily.

"You know how you told me you were having trouble with _________?"

"Y-yeah, what of it?!" He growled.

"Well I saw this commercial and I thought maybe you could do the same thing! I bet _____________ would love it!"

He sighed at his brother's stupidity. "Feli, you idiot! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life!"

"But you haven't even seen it yet! It's so sweet ~! Come on Lovi, give it a shot, please?"

Lovino rolled his eyes but agreed. I guess if there's any chance that it'll help me with _________, it's at least worth a shot, he thought.

Back home, _________ was sitting by the window watching the rain fall. Normally she liked the rain, but it seemed to mock her today. If she didn't know any better, she'd think mother nature enjoyed trolling her.

She had done a lot of soul searching and decided this relationship wasn't worth it. She loved Lovino, but he clearly didn't love her, and there was no point in trying to force it.

Almost as if on cue, she got a picture message from Romano. Instantly another came in. Then another. Then one more. That's really weird… she thought.

She opened up the first message. It was a picture of him, big uncharacteristic goofy smile on his face, hands pressed together like he was praying, next to a sign with the word "Will" written on it.

Um… okay? She thought, moving on to the next picture.

This one was a picture of the top half of his head looking up to the word above him, "You".

Oh god… he's not… he can't be…

Heart pounding a little, she moved to the next picture. It was a picture of the side of his face pointing to the word "Mary". Yeah it was the wrong spelling but she really didn't give a fuck right now as her heart leaped with joy.

He… he is!

Even though she didn't need to, she moved on to the next picture. And as she predicted, the final word was "Me", which actually "men" –As in men's restroom, which the sign was for- but Lovino had covered up the n with his hand. What a dork.

But he was her dork. Now and forever, it seemed.

____________ stood in a daze for a moment, a big goofy smile on her face, before wiping the tears from her eyes so she could dial his number. Eventually, she was able to choke out a request to be asked in person.  This made Lovino nervous, but when he ended the conversation by saying "I love you" and she returned it, he simply became eager.

Of course as soon as he got home, he couldn't even finish his proposal before she glomped him, tears in her eyes, and said "Sì! Sì! Certo che sì!"
Okay, this isn't the RomanoxReader story I promised my viewers. This is a request for :iconmuggle13: it's my first time writing for Romano so I'm really sorry if I didn't do well or if he's OOC. If he is please tell me now because I got two more Romano stories I gotta do T-T

The commercial this is based off of this [link] I think it's fucking adorable.
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P.S. left the lyrics alone but I changed the story a little to fit Romano.


I don't think that passenger seat
Has ever looked this good to me
He tells me about his night
And I count the colors in his eyes

"Hey (Name). Grazie for agreeing to drive me home." thanked Lovino, sitting himself in the passenger's seat while you were, of course, in the driver's seat.

"No problem." you replied. 'Dang when did that seat start looking so ho- wait wait…what the heck?!' you thought, quickly pushing that awkward thought aside and you started driving.

However, you got stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Knowing that it would take a while to get to his home, you decided to try starting a conversation. "So…what did you do yesterday?"

"Ugh….yesterday was the worst! The potato bastard came over and my fratellino was all over him! And the tomato bastard came with his two pervert friends and…" he continued to rant, while you stared into his eyes, counting the different shades there were.

He'll never fall in love he swears
As he runs his fingers through his hair
I'm laughing 'cause I hope he's wrong
And I don't think it ever crossed his mind
He tells a joke I fake a smile
That I know all his favorite songs and

"…and he keeps teasing me about falling in love. Ha! As if that would ever happen! Right ragazza?" he said, pushing some of his hair away from his head.

"Right, Lovi." you laughed, inwardly hoping he's wrong.

"But I have this great joke." he said and told you the joke. You smiled, a very obviously fake smile, but he either didn't notice or didn't care.

Just then, the tomato song came on the radio and he started humming along to it.

"This is your favourite song, right?" you asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason, just…curious…"

I could tell you his favorite colors green
He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie

"Hey Lovi?"


"Why is your favourite colour green and not red?"

"…Because even though red is the colour of a tomato, it's the tomato bastard's favourite colour, so I settle for the green colour of a stem of a tomato."

After you heard that, you started to laugh.

"What ragazza?!"

Finally catching your breathe back, you replied. "Sorry Lovi, but that was just about…the dumbest reasoning I've ever heard."

"…s-shut up."

"You just love to argue don't you?"


"Your birthdays really far away too... March 17 right?"


"Hey, your little brother Feli is really cute."

"Mmh- wait what?!"

"And your eyes looks like your grandpa's…"

"Ok, what's with the randomness ragazza? And ew you like my nonno?!"

"Ok, firstly I'm just trying to keep the conversation going so there won't be an awkward silence here! And no, I don't like him that way. I was just thinking about how your gorgeous eyes-" and with that, you clamped your mouth shut, face flushing.

"Wait, did you just call my eyes…gorgeous? Do you…like me ragazza?" he asked, blushing.

"…What?! No way! Hahaha…" you laughed, accidentally causing the awkward silence you've been trying to prevent.

He looks around the room
Innocently overlooks the truth
Shouldn't a light go on?
Doesn't he know I've had him memorized for so long?

"Come on in Lovi, I know I left your stuff around somewhere." you said letting him into your house.

'Oh sh*t!' you thought in horror as you had random pictures of Lovino all over the place. 'I must seem like a freakin' stalker.'

"Oi, ragazza you ok? I thought you said you were gonna find my stuff?" questioned Lovino.

"Huh? What? Oh! Oh yes, I'll start finding it now." you mumbled, walking into the next room to start the search there.

'Wow, he sure can be as dense as Feli sometimes…'

He sees everything black and white
Never let nobody see him cry
I don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine

And just then, a blackout came.

"H-hey ragazza?"


"I can't see! I can't see!" he started panicking, amusing you. "Ahh! Something white's in front of me!"

"Calm down Lovi. It's just my flashlight." you said, aiming it away from his face.

"Oh…o-of course I knew that." he stuttered.

"Right…" you then noticed the tear streaks on his face. "Lovi, were you…crying?"

"What? No I wasn't ragazza…" he pouted stubbornly.

'He looks so cute.' you thought, secretly wishing he was yours.

I could tell you his favorite colors green
He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie

After the lights came back on, the two of you sat on the couch.

"So…your favourite colour's green…" you half asked, already knowing the answer.

"I already told you just a while ago ragazza!!"

"…You argue to much. …And your birthdays still not here yet…"

"You're not gonna call my fratellino cute and compare my eyes to my nonno's again are you?"

"But Feli is cute!!! And your eyes do look like his…"

"This is the kind of thing that makes me convinced that you have a crush on me."

"I-I don't!" you yelled, pouting a little.

He stands there then walks away
My God, if I could only say
I'm holding every breathe for you

After that incident was over and you finally found his stuff, he gave you a quick goodbye and walked out the door, closing it.

Sighing, you thought to yourself, 'Damn you Lovi, making me fall so dang hard.'

He'd never tell you but he can play guitar
I think he can see through everything but my heart
First thought when I wake up is, "My god, he's beautiful"
So I put on my make up and pray for a miracle

When you went to sleep that night, you thought of Lovino. About how he can play the guitar so well but will never admit it, his pouts, his rare smiles and the way he can instantly tell what you're thinking and feeling…

'Yeah, everything except how I feel about him…' you thought, before finally drifting off to sleep.

~~~Short time skip~~~

As the sun rays shined through your window and hit your eyes, you grumbled, before groggily getting up.

Once you were fully concious, you got up and the first thing you saw was a picture of Lovino right in front of you and thought, 'Gosh, he's hot…wait, what? (Name), snap out of it!' you sighed, 'Oh who am I kidding. I have a major crush on him…'

But you knew that you would never dare to confess to him directly…so you decided to do the next best thing.

Smiling a little, you quickly got out of bed and started getting ready, even adding a little makeup this time.

~~~Another short time skip~~~

"Fratello! Could you answer the door please? I'm cooking pasta right now!!" yelled Feliciano.

"…Fine…" grumbled Lovino, dragging himself to the door and opening it with a, "What the hell do you wa-" and stopping, realizing it was you.

"Hi Lovi…" you said.

"Um, hey (Name). What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came to um…give you this…" you said slowly, turning your head away a little and reaching the gift out to him.

"But it's not my birthday or-"

"Please just…open it!!!" you yelled embarassed, and pushing the gift onto him.

Hesitantly grabbing it from you, he opened it and saw a plush tomato and a note next to it.

Yes, I could tell you his favorite colors green
He loves to argue oh and it kills me
His sisters beautiful he has his father's eyes
And if you asked me if I love him

It read:

Dear Lovi,

Well, I'll got you this present, hehe. I know that your favourite colour is green, but I couldn't think of anything else you'd like besides a tomato, so… here.

And I'd also like to tell you something. Lovi, the way you argue with me hurts a lot sometimes, but that makes you…you, so I'm grateful for it.

You're unique. Feli may be cute and I don't know why I keep comparing you and your grandpa's eyes but I think you have the most charming eyes and that you can be even cuter than Feli whether you're smiling or pouting.

Do I like you? Well, no, I don't like you…

After reading your entire letter, he smiled up at you and said, "You know what? I think…that tomato bastard may be right…I have fallen for someone," before lifting your head up and giving you a kiss.

If you ask me if I love him, I'd lie

…but I do love you.
Omg, I haven't posted something for almost 2 weeks!!!

Well, I just haven't been in a writing mood...but I'm back!! :D
I hope.... ^^"

And for those of you wondering, yes I will be working on my requests, comissions and other story ideas I have. But I write at my own pace. I have new ideas all the time and I can't keep working on the same story cuz' I will get boreed of it if I do. So don't worry, they will all be finished....eventually XD

P.S. By the way, plz look at my journal here: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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 You were looking outside on a summer night while your close friend, and crush, Ivan watched TV. You waited and kept looking for a long time, you always wanted to look at fireflies though it was tough for you when you always forget to look but this time you wanted to see them for yourself.

You didn't realize that you butt was in the air shaking a little from excitment and Ivan blushed crazy, he didn't know how cute you butt was until now.

 "________, what are you looking for out there? Fireflies?" Ivan asked you as he turned to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. You blushed a little but you didn't mind at all.

"Da" You said, you looked at the navy bluse sky then, you felt your eyes getting droopy, you would nod off but you would force yourself to stay up. You gave in and you fell into Ivans body and you snuggled close, you felt yourself go into a deep slumber.

 Ivan only looked at you and saw you sleep.
 "Why do you always look cute while your sleeping" Ivan thought as he rubbed your cheek, he looked out the window and saw the fireflies. He smiled as he looked at you, he picked you up and opened the front door and made his way to the rocking bench that he had at his house and let you feel the moon's light on your face.

 You opened your eyes to see the fireflies, you jumped off Ivan because you ran into the feild where the fireflies were. Ivan could smile at the look to see you happy, he went inside and grabbed a jar for you.

He ran over to you and picked you up in the air and spun you around a little, you started to laugh a lot.

"Here...take this jar and you can catch a firefly and we can keep him here for and hour, alright?" Ivan said, he would do anything to make you happy but he can only control himself for a time until he will break and go into his mad state. You weren't scared of him, you practically saved his life when Natalia was harrassing him.

 Nothing phased you and thats why Ivan likes you, he never told you anything about that because he would be scared that you would leave him alone. When you finally caught one, went ran over to Ivan and tackled him.

 "Look Ivan!!!! I caught one!!!!" you said and accidentally kissed him, you realized and pulled back jumped off and scooted away.
  "I-I-I...I'm sorry..." You said hiding yyour frace from Ivan, he looked over at you and he got up and picked you up.
 "Theres an issue, I really like you, will you become one with me?" Ivan said as he put you the bed, you blushed and then giggled.
 "Da!" you said and kissed him once more before going into a pleasureable state

----The Next Morning----

 You woke up to the sun kissing your face, you wrinkled your nose from the warmth and you rolled over to feel something. You opened your eyes to see Ivan staring at you as you slept. You blushed a little and smiled up at him, you snuggled closer to him.

 "Good Morning Ivan..." You said as you kissed his nose, he kisseed you and hugged you tightly, you loved this feeling that was coming was love. Ivan put you on top of him and you snuggled into his neck, and wanted to sleep but Ivan started to groped your butt and you gave a squeek and you pinched his nose.

 You both started to laugh and you kissed eachother passionately. You ran to Ivan's dresser and put on one of his boxers and tank top, you ran around the house for 5 minutes and Ivan grabbed you and both of you fell on the bed laughing.

 "Ivan...I really love you." You said as you kissed him passionately, you held on to him because you cared so much about this man you couldn't bare it.
 "I love you too, ________" Ivan said to you as you ploped you onto the bed, he pulled downthe boxers and looked up at you again.
 "Wanna become one wiht me again?" Ivan asked sweetly
 "Da" You said in reply to your Russian lover.

This is a request for :iconreniakitty: and I got the inpriation from the song Fireflies by Owlcity (one of my fav bands in the world) and I don't do much of Russia readers and so I want to try doing this since people like my last one I did so...yeah.
I hope you guys enjoy, if theres some incorrect spelling, grammer, etc. tell me and i'll fix it immedately, thank you.

Link to the cute Russia: [link]
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~Stupid in love
Stupid in love~

[name] was coming home from work. Your day sucked today, Your boss francis tried to hit on you, and asked you to have sexy time with him, Kindly you refused. The drive home wasn't bad, you had a convo over the phone with your best friend Kristina.

" I donno. I dont like how he's been lately." She stated, "He is being extremely needy lately and I dont like him taking advantage of you like that."

"I know Kristina. I know you nor any of my other friends like him. Its not my fault I still love him.." you sighed looking ahead slightly, gazing over the road, watching the day turn to night. "And besides," You smirked " Your Ivan isnt all to better, He's just as needy with you and possessive, plus, Ive seen those bruises."

"SHUT UP." she hissed over the phone, "That does not concern you. Anyway dont change the subject. We were talking about you. So-"

Before she could finish that you hung up, Turning into your drive way.

Let me tell you something
Never, have I ever
Been a size 10
In my whole life
I left the engine running
I just came to see
What you would do if I
Gave you a chance
To make things right~

You decided to leave the car on, since you had a few more things before you could actually rest. When you entered your home the music was blaring. Alfred, your boyfriend, must be somewhere eating or something. You made your way to where the music was loudest, in your room.

The room was darkened when you went in, turning on the lights you were horrified to find your boyfriend and some chick with brown hair and green eyes glistening in sweat and naked, Alfred had just stopped pounding into her when he heard the door opened and lights flicked on.

"What the hell..?" The woman panted, and glared at you.

"How dare you?!" you screamed before stepping lightly back, turning totally around and running out of the house.

Alfred had already covered the woman up and had advanced towards you, "[Name..]... No, It isnt.. No please-"

you hadn't heard the rest of what he was going to say, You ran out the door, Now the night had already taken over, The crickets chirping and small yawls filled the air.

"Wait [name]!!" Alfred dashed out of the house, Hopping into his pants. "Let me explain!"

"Explain what!" You hissed. "Am I not enough? Am I not skinny enough? Pretty enough? What? What Am I not good enough for? Huh? Why do you need to cheat?.."

"Oh, [name] I dont know. I dont know... Dont leave.. Please. I... Need you.. Your perfect. I love *hic* you." He started to sob, Grabbing a hold of you and crying into your shoulder, "Please...I will never hurt you.."

So I made it
Even though Katy
Told me that this would be nothing
But a waste of time
And she was right, mm
Don't understand it
Blood on your hands
And still you insist
On repeatedly trying
To tell me lies
And I just don't know why


"[NAME!]" Alfred yelled running out of the bar, Where you had just seen him making out with a petite blonde, "Wait. WAIT!"

You stopped and turned towards him, "W*hic*hat?.." You snarled as tears pored down your face.

"It was nothing!"

"WHAT WAS? YOU SUCKING FACES WITH THAT WHORE?" You screamed rather loudly at him.

"Hush, [name], Im just a little drunk.. I thought it was you.." He coughed out.

"I have (h/c) hair Alfred, Not blonde." you sneared, your sobbing increasing.

"I-its dark in there. I couldnt tell the color... Please, dont leave me.. I need you.. I will never hurt you.. Please..."

I will never hurt you
I will never hurt you

I will NEVER hurt you

~End of flashback~

This is stupid
I'm not stupid
Don't talk to me
Like I'm stupid
I still love you
But I just can't do this
I may be dumb but
I'm not stupid

"Alfi.." You used his nickname, but pushed him a way. He looked at you with his watery blue eyes.

"[Nickname]...?" He whimpered stepping closer. Grabbing your hand.

"Alfred. No. This is stupid. I am not stupid." you whispered.

"NO! [Name]! Please dont leave me. dont... dont leave me..." he yanked you towards him, crushing you in a hug.

"Alfred. I love you.. But I cannot go on like this. I am not stupid." you pushed out of his grip.

He whimpered again, inching closer to you.

"No. I may be dumb, But im not stupid in love."~

Story~ me

Alfred~ Hetalia

You~ no one :iconmmhmplz:

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"Ve~ fratello, stop being so mean!" You were currently sitting in Ludwig's living room with the Axis Powers…and Lovino. You were supposed to be making pasta with Feli for dinner tonight, but Ludwig had other plans. Though, you didn't know what that plan was.

Secretly, this was all just a hoax. Yep, Feli and Ludwig teamed up to get you and Lovino together. Why? Because, everybody is tired of you two being so ugh and they figured that you two liked each other. This, by the way, was actually a very true assumption, obviously.

"I'll be mean if I wanna…don't tell me what to do, you idiota." Glaring at the Italian, you jumped up from your spot on the sofa. "[Name], where are you going?" You glanced back and saw Ludwig with his arms crossed.

"Away from you people…" You subconsciously looked at Lovino with a light blush on your cheeks. Sure, you liked him and all, but there was no way you would tell anyone. Like, ever.

Soon, you heard Ludwig make a noise that shouldn't be let out casually. Of course, you know he did it only from annoyance, but still – he needs to watch how he…pronounces things. Someone could get the wrong idea, yeah? Okay, anyway…

Just as you were about to leave, you realised you forgot your jacket. Growling at the stupid fact you won't leave without it, you turned around and ran into Lovino, himself. Both of you just stared at each other for a few moments, and then turned away bitterly with apparent blushes painted on your cheeks.

As if on a silent cue of perfectness, you felt your body be pushed forwards. Lacking the want to pay attention, you dismissed the detail that Lovino was being pushed, as well. Sooner or later, you ended up actually kissing him! Yeah, that's right…full blown kissing.

You both were clearly in shock, but neither of you moved away from this 'uncomfortable' situation. You know you both honestly would never admit this, but this wasn't so bad. After a while, you two split from one another. Presumably to get air back into your lungs, right? Nope.

There behind Lovino, you saw Feli smiling like a derp. Behind you, Lovino saw Ludwig, who muttered the word 'finally' and had the expression of relief. They just tricked you both into kissing, technically. Well, let's just say you two had the best time yelling at them.

…but you guys awkwardly thanked them later on because you both mutually agreed to go out afterwards…but, a few hours later, you found out that Kiku wrote a doujinshi about you and Lovino.

And he didn't get it taken away or anything, he just made copies and gave them to some of the others who wanted them to embarrass you both.
Neeh, enjoy my lovely sister ~

:iconthat-crazy-fangirl: I WROTE THIS WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING. be happy :I

this is shit. I am so ashamed of this fuckery. ;A;

let me go crai about it in my emo corner

*has a walk of shame over to the emo corner, sulks, and cries*
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