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FINISHED!!!!! See here!…

I discovered Worbla's finest art recently.

Here is my current project, I plan to do the Nightingale armor from Skyrim. The side parts will be vegi leather.
Thanks a lot to Kamui for her Armor tutorial(s)

This will be a scale armor kind of outfit and the scales will be attached flexibly.

Next: Smooth, primer and base color
Long term: Sewing! I will need a cape, and the leather parts of my armor.
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My skirt for my Midna true form Cosplay.

[1] Half of the white is painted.

[2] All of the white and the blue is painted, though the blue is really difficult to see.
[3] I've started on the roan red, but that's gonna take a while to finish..

[4] Doing a test-run of wearing what has been made of the cosplay so far. I like the skirt, but I'll have to get used to having practically that whole side of my body showing XDD

[5] I actually finished this quite a while ago, but I kept forgetting to take a picture of it.
I'll upload another picture when we get the belt attached.





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Gallus Desidenius, Mercer Frey and Karliah.

Something I've painted between painting commissions and painting for work. I've actually wanted to paint Mercer Frey alone (yeah, I liked him...) but it somehow turned out like this. hope you like :]

The Elder Scrolls and characters belong to Bethesda.

Cheers :]

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Ulfric Stormcloak is NOW your High King ;) All hail to Ulfric! You are the High King! :heart:

I have to say zat ze Embroidered Garments look rather well made, perfect for our new High King, yes? I wouldn't mind making something a little different for him to try out :giggle:

Okay, I guess I'll tell some of you in case some of you grow to ze point where you're all curious, how I did this is I got a mod called Companion Ulfric Stormcloak, which makes him a Hireling, so afterwards I went to ze Blue Palace of Solitude 'n I got a copy of Torygg's clothes 'n stuck them on Ulfric (With a matching Circlet of course :D) 'n unequipping his DragonPlate armour pieces, put him on command mode, got him to sit in this throne, spoke to him again 'n he just stayed there for me to take a picture :D All Hail Ulfric! True High King of Skyrim! :worship:

Ulfric & everything else Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios
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Usually I don't submit screenshots but I like colours in this one after I edited it, so... here it is.

Skyrim (c) Bethesda
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Upper picture: Vambrace 2.0, it's bigger than the last one and therefor fits the refs a lot better. Still having the unfinished hidden blade as mock up (I'll probably keep the tip, ditching the handle.

Lower left: Early hood construction. Later I got rid of some fabric on the inside and cut some corners off to make the points pointier and the inside blue lining go back again (it sticks out at the front).

Lower right: some gear put on, the cuff is now attached to the sleeves.

Btw, allthough I needed to heavily modify this (switch some stitching lines and adding 5 cm underneath) I still think I'm ought to credit ~Franky-bizarro for his amazing hood pattern, located at:

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This has been sitting on my Tumblr for AGES and I didn't think to post it here in my scraps. :I

Bad Tys.

Anyway, my very first "try" at drawing Addy, or Aedica - my lovely Argonian thief lady who lives in Riften with her bitchy little husband Marcurio. xD

I've since changed her headgear design since this drawing, so you'll notice her be-feathered head in future draws. c:

And yes, she's in the Thieves Guild. My badass little Nightingale.

....There's a story behind this picture but it'd take too long to explain. SO~ Just go here if you wanna know: [link]

Addy is Mine
'Curio belongs to Bethesda... Skyrim. Whatever.
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This is my favorite screenshot of Ulfric Stormcloak from Skyrim I was able to do with Steam. Up cloase and personal, this was taken when he was talking to Stone-Fist.

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks
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Er, let's get something straight here and now: This is just a screenshot, I DID NOT MAKE THIS PICTURE. I'm posting it here in attempt to keep it safe from my bitch of a computer who's decided to start deleting the most random files for no apparent reason. I'll be referencing it in an attempt to draw my Khajiit. ....I suppose another reason I'm posting this is so I can still be in the habit of posting things on this account. I hate not posting art here because of my self-consciousness, but I'm going to change that really soon. And of course, I suppose I kinda want to show my semi-badass Khajiit to someone, even if it is to random strangers or friends whose faces I've never seen, and might possibly ridicule me on the character.

Name: Sanguine [Pronounced 'Sahn-jhoo-een'] ......And no, I didn't know that there was a Daedric Prince named Sanguine when I made Sanguine, so I didn't name her after him. I do have his staff though. >w<
Primary Race: Khajiit
Secondary Race: Vampire
Level: 58
Positions [in chronological order]: Listener and Assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, Thane of Whiterun, Thane of Markarth, Dovahkiin, member of the Coven of Namira, Arch-mage of the College of Winterhold, Harbinger of the Companions [Or as Vilkas puts it, 'The new Kodlak'], a Soldier of the Stormcloak Rebellion [Fondly named Ice-veins], next in line to be the Guild Master of the Thieves Guild, fellow Nightingale, and reluctant member of the Blades.
Specialties: One-handed, Archery, Sneak, Destruction alteration and conjuration [heh, that happened when I decided to exploit the Ogfinium glitch on PC. That's the only time I've ever really 'cheated in the game, other than to bring Cicero back to be a follower and to unlock all of my smithing perks except for Dawrven.], Light Armor, and Lockpicking.
Weaknesses: Restoration, Alchemy, Heavy Armor, and Speechcraft.

Set Personality [The personality and mindset I use when playing her character]: Usually quiet, but is a bit snarky whenever she has the option to be. She tends to eat whatever she stumbles across in her journeys [ingredients and food, anyway. She saves potions], beneficial or detrimental to her health, it doesn't matter. She hates children, guards, and Heimskr [damn loony preacher; we know that we're maggots writhing in the filth of the Thalmor and Empire's corruption, you don't have to remind us!]. She has an affinity for killing, her favorite target being unsuspecting farmers, imperial soldiers, other Khajiits, and horses. She has cannibalistic tendencies and is often seen eating human hearts or flesh she picks up, and gorging herself on her kills. She prefers walking to horse-riding and has almost killed Shadowmere on multiple occasions. She likes having a follower to guard her back but doesn't carry one often. Her preferred choice is Cicero due to his erratic antics and somewhat amusing side-comments.

Choice of armor: In the photo, she's wearing Regal Assassins armor that I got from a mod on SkyrimNexus, but she usually either wears her Ebony Mail[Exquisite], the Savior's Hide[Exquisite] with a pair of fur boots and the shrouded cowl, or in full Warchief Armor, also from another mod called Immersive Armor or something that I got on SkyrimNexus. She always wears a pair of Ebony Gauntlets that have a one-handed bonus.
Choice of Textiles and other wears [I hate committing violent murders on the unsuspecting while wearing armor, believe it or not.]: Hammerfell Garb and some sort of hood or Arch-Mage's robes, Ring of Namira or Ring of Hircine, depending on what we're killing, and some necklace from Savos-Aren.
Choice of Weaponry: Mehrunes's Razor, an Ebony Sword[Exquisite] with a health-sapping enchantment, Chillrend[Superior], and/or the Nightingale Bow[Superior] if it's a serious situation [before you ask, yes we can craft Daedric equipment, I even dressed Cicero in it and gave him a couple daggers, and yes, I can afford to make daedric equipment, I just choose not to. I'll stick to my ebony swords, thanks. x3]; We use the Ebony Blade or the Wabbajack if we're causing chaos in friendly NPC camps or Whiterun or slaughtering unsuspecting civilians or followers.

...So yeah, if you read this far, I guess you did care enough to stick around. Um, I'll end up posting stuff from my sketchbook really soon, even if it's just a bunch of sketches. I really have to start posting more often. Anyhoot, I suppose it's time to do the disclaimers.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a product of Bethesda; I do not own it. The Screenshot also belongs to them essentially, since it DID come from the game.

The Mods viewable in the screenshot belong to their respected owners [essentially, I'm talking about the Regal Assassins armor set], do not credit me.

Basically, the only thing I really own is Sanguine herself; I have spent 175+ hours developing her character and personality, and I didn't use default settings when designing her appearance, so I like to think I own her. Please don't replicate her personality, I like to think that I kinda worked a little to make it, as petty or unimportant as it may seem.

I would also appreciate it if you didn't yell at me for posting a screenshot; I need to store it somewhere and I'm not going to put it on photobucket since I always end up losing my password for it. x3 Ciao dears.
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Some concept sketches of a "humanized" GLaDOS from Portal 2. It's for a possible future cosplay Luna and I had in mind. I think I just want an excuse to try making a cosplay with lots of heavy armor making. Plus Portal is just an awesome game~

Portal/GLaDOS Valve
Artwork Myself
Eclipse Cosplay Blog: [link]
Facebook: [link]
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