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This is - an anthropomorphic birch trunk weeping in the swamps of Russian forests, drawn with graphite pencils on colored paper.

Technique: Pencil

The real dimensions of 21 x 30 cm

Date: August 2012

About the picture:

I liked these verses here (the author - pagan metal band "Bastion"):

The past is hidden from us with a shroud,
Slowly melts in the mist.
Once the gods leaded after themselves,
Today not all follow!
Faded memory of Slavic Rod
About the martial exploits of Fathers.
Pack of treacherous enemies
Enslaved the soul of a nation!!

We could not bury
Those who fought for our freedom.
Sons of Russia forgotten
The oath to Svarog given by Ancestors!

And the past is slowly melting in the heat,
Calls us to follow him,
And no white light is visible in the darkness,
Darkness is over the Russian land!!

Get up, the same great Slavic tribe!
For your land, for the Gods!
In Russia, it is a terrible time -
Forgotten the wisdom of the wise men.
Heroes of bloody troops ignite lights,
Rising from the ashes
So Bravely fight for that the enemies would fallen
And know that your path - is Right!

These songs inspired me to create the drawing. I also started it in the woods, like birch. Its shape seemed interesting to me. I understand what it's like to face the strange creatures and gave it a metaphysical sense. Anthropomorphic Birch came out. Lighting emphasizes the mood in the picture. This twilight - when changing time of day - it symbolizes the transition from one era to another.

Svarog and Rod are russian pagan gods.
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Some more Skyrim stuff! Finished up Dragonborn and did this lil' piece :la:

Commissions = Open
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I drew this a while ago actually. There was absolutely nothing to do at some place, luckily I brought my tablet and laptop along. Though I'd do a small painting thing of ol' Hoge. He used to be one of my story characters. Might place him again somewhere. HMMMMM.

Hit Download for HQ because everyone knows DeviantBlur.

//Edit// It's not Hogger. It's  Hoge :' )) (Pronounced as "Hodge") s-sorry for the confusion. 

:bulletred: Art (c) SpyxedDemon
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Well I finally got a Halloween Picture down.  Wasn't too shabby with the effects as you can see. Better put them sunglasses on.
Here's the speedpaint which is rendered and stuff in program called Premiere Pro, for the first time. Have fun watching disaster:…

I will never break the halloween tradition of skulls everywhere. Never.
Besides..Some person liked last years picture I did and wanted an 'updated' version of that with more stuff in it, and use it for some Halloween Party invite whatever. Sooo yeah, hence the..Look-a-likes from last year's.
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This is a scene that shows up in my book Dragons of Ketoniza.  And I thought this would be a good first pic of the year :D
These three adventurous rule breaking Dragons have climbed up the mountains to get to ruins of a human city. What will they find as they explore these ancient buildings?  Who knows.

Well I think I did an okay job with makeing a rather detailed pic. I seen so many people do one, and I finally took a little time to make one.  Also :iconbond2602: helped me with the fog effect among other little effects :D
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Is it wrong to find him completely and utterly attractive?

If it is... I don't care. ^^

Anyway, I got a request from :iconfindinginsanity: to draw her OC, Regigigas ([link]) and I was immediately inspired!

Thanks so much for requesting me, FindingInsanity! I love your character's design and had a blast drawing him up~~ I was especially careful when inking him because it took me so long to get the sketch, I was terrified of ruining him too...

I hope I did alright, thanks again~~ :happybounce:


His design belongs to: :iconfindinginsanity:

Regigigas the pokemon belongs to... pokemon.

Art belongs to me: :iconprushia:


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Y otra vez le cambio la historia ¬¬

Es un zorro negro y blah blah blah....

Es un poco pervertido en muchas ocasiones, Sabe técnicas de muay thai y un poco de karate...
Sus movimientos especiales mas bien son plageo de Sagat y Liu kang -w- ( si, amigo no tengo mucha imaginación total todo hacen eso de plagear ¬¬).
Es el zorro mas débil del habita que vive, pertenece a la raza de los ShiFoxes , la cual cuando esta en estado enojado o de peligro se puede transformar en algo con apariencia demoníaca aunque no lo es. Por ahora es el único que le cuesta convertirse.
Tiene 17 años, es un poco timido y terco, varias de las veces se preocupa en ayudar a alguien pero le da flojera si este esta cansado o en estado enfermo, su bebida favorita es el mate cocido, y su fruta favorita son las manzanas, A diferencia de los demas zorros este no le gusta la carne de pollo o de conejo, es tierno aunque el piense lo contrario. Su gran deceo es que su muerte sirva de algo (por ejemplo salvando una vida ajena importante)

Fan char by :iconjisthefox:
Art by :iconjisthefox:
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Since it has been so long since I uploaded some art, I figured I should at least up load this. Normally I don't upload anything from my books, but there are a few of you that seem to be interested in my dragons.

Anyway here is Toe`ku, Getting his infant apprentice used to eating solid food, as he watches the smelting furnace during the night. But I think the little guy much prefers to play. I like this concept that a large old dragon is interacting with a young tiny dragon. Such strong and powerful arms, but instead of labor or destruction, provides care and protection. This apprentice will always be safe as long as his master is around.

Hope you all enjoy and appreciate the meaning of this piece. And hopefully one day the book can be published.
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