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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Evil Spirit/Sword

Game Series: Soul Series

First Appearance: Soul Edge (1995)

Health: 1,050,000 HP Points

Voice Actor: Patrick Ryan

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 7
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Energy Projection: 5
Fighting Ability: 7

Assist Alpha: Soul Edge Guillotine (Direct, Tilt Down)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion
Assist Beta: Soul Edge Spear (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion
Assist Gamma: Soul Wave (Direct, Instant)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion


There was a time when a man named Siegfried Schtauffen took control of the Soul Edge, becoming powerless under the power of the blade. He eventually was able to retrieve his mentality and used the power of the holy blade Soul Calibur in order to save his body. He was separated from his Nightmare form and became the new wielder of Soul Calibur, while Inferno made a pact with Zasalmel, who made him a new body of his own. Thus…Nightmare was born.

Entrance: Nightmare will have his back turned to his opponent. Then, swinging Soul Edge over his head, he'll turn around and get into his fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: Give in to the Dark Abyss of Despair!

#2: Taste Fear!!~

#3: Tremble within my Darkness!!

#4: Your soul will soon become mine!

#5: My Power is absolute!

Against Ryu: Warrior of Legend…your soul shall be mine!

Against Akuma: Your soul is like that of my own…

Against Sentinel/Zero: Soulless being, be gone from my Sight!


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Sword Handle (51,000)

Standing Medium: High Kick (64,000)

Standing Light: Nightmare Gauntlet (80,000)

Standing Special: Soul Edge Upper Swing (90,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (49,000)

Crouching Medium: Low Gauntlet (65,000)

Crouching Hard: Low Soul Edge Sweep (78,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Straight Kick (57,000)

Air Medium: Soul Edge Slash (70,000)

Air Hard: Soul Edge Slash #2 (80,000)

Air Special: Soul Edge Axe (90,000)

Unique Moves

Straight Stab (F + H) (85,000)

Nightmare Smash (F + M) (70,000)

Special Moves

NightMare Punch (Qcf + L) (90,000)

Charged with the powers of Soul Edge, Nightmare will do a straight punch charged with dark energy. The attack can stop fireballs if timed properly.

Soul Edge Guillotine (Qcf + M) (100,000)

Nightmare will bring down his Soul Edge on the opponent, the attack causing an OTG bounce and can stop projectiles.

Soul Edge Spear (Qcf + H) (110,000)

Nightmare's reach at its best. Nightmare will stick out his sword straight at the opponent. This attack can smash through any projectile in the game and takes up 2/3 of the screen in distance.

Knight Crusher (Dp + A) (140,000)

His standing Mashing Y/Triangle combo from SC4, Nightmare will smash down his sword a total of three times, the first two times causing a possible hit decay while the third strike causes a ground bounce.

Soul Crusher Side Slash (Qcb + L) (95,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will swing his sword sideways, sending the opponent flying back. The attack can cancel out fireballs.

Soul Crusher Uppercut Slash (Qcb + M) (115,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will uppercut his sword and the opponent with it. This attack can be air comboed into if the attack is timed right.

Soul Crusher Drop Kick (Qcb + H) (120,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will do a double leg drop kick at the opponent, causing a wall bounce upon connecting with them.

Soul Wave (Down + Down + A) (100,000)

Nightmare will build up a large amount of energy within his body, then expelling it outward in a barrier-like burst. This attack causes an instant Wall bounce upon contact, even from the other side of the screen.

Hyper Combos

Flaming Souls (Qcf + AA) (300,000)

A quick one-hit armored Hyper combo, Nightmare will take Soul Edge in both hands and the blade will alight on fire. Nightmare will then lunge forward and uppercut it into the air, This attack has 2 hits of hyper armor and the flame lengthens the amount of distance on the hyper combo. This attack cancels out all projectile attacks and can even cancel out high priority hyper combos like C.Viper's Emergency Combination.

Soul Explosion (Dp + AA) (285,000)

Nightmare will charge Soul Edge with negative energy and do a lance stab with the sword, large amounts of dark energy flying around the sword as he does so, causing a large amount of combo damage.

Soul Destroyer (Down + Down + AA) (280,000)

A counter hyper combo, Nightmare will charge up a very large amount of energy within his body. If the opponent attacks him as he does so, he'll expel the energy outward in a shockwave, sending the opponent flying and causing a wall bounce.

Level 3: Critical Finish (Qcb + AA) (450,000)

Nightmare's Critical Finish from  is now his level 3 Hyper combo. The attack begins with an uppercut sword slash. If the attack connects with the opponent, Nightmare will throw his sword up into the air, which will air combo the opponent before bringing them back down into the ground. Soul Edge will then cause a giant area of dark energy to appear around the opponent as it combos them and explodes, ending the hyper combo.

Victory Pose:

Nightmare will take the Soul Edge in both hands, then raising it above his head, the sword shooting off Red Lightning from its tip into the air.

Victory Quotes:

#1: The Nightmare…will NEVER END!!

#2: Blood…Darkness…Come Unto Me!!

#3: Your souls…were rather good!

#4: Your Meager Souls are WORTHLESS!!!

#5: The Darkness is everlasting!!

#6: The near!

Against Ryu/Akuma/Wolverine: Warrior…your soul shall surely satisfy me!

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:



"Tremble in Fear!"

Last Person Switch Out:

"The Darkness is coming for you!!"

Color Scheme:

#1: Dark Blue

#2: Black

#3: Dark Red

#4: Dark Green

#5: Dark Brown

#6: Dark Purple

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.

*Ahem* Well...I've been playing alot of Soul Calibur 4 lately and...well...I was tempted to make a moveset for possibly one of the best and coolest game villains ever, Nightmare from the Soul Calibur . This guy is one of the reasons I hope they expand to Namco vs. Capcom after Street Fighter X Tekken is done, for I'd use a team of Felicia and Nightmare (And Wesker if it's 3 vs 3) and be completely unstoppable! >8D

Anyways...enjoy everyone. :3
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As the young blond traced small details onto her map, she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow. For early fall, it sure was hot... Or perhaps that was just the heat of the furnace getting to her? Sighing, Fleet dropped her quill and stood up, dragging her hand through her short, fluffy hair. The day had been long, and the evidence of this was all over her body- Dirty clothes, a small smudge of coal dust on her left cheek... Not to mention the fact that her hands were stained with ink. But all the dirt, all of that dust had been worth it. It was always worth it. Sitting back down again, she didn't even notice the sun setting as she her mind floated in the lala land that most refer to as reverie. Nor did she notice the tall shadow striding towards her house, a diamond block in hand.

No, Fleet was far too lost in her thoughts to even realize that she'd left the door open. Too busy thinking about how she dove down into that cave everyday, and always hauled back such a huge load. Today was the day she'd actually done something a little different. Fleet had traveled far in order to find a new cave, and add to her map. The thought of fresh air just seemed great, really. And it was- Until she'd seen that tall ass stilty creature running around with a sand block in it's hand. She didn't even know how lucky she was that it hadn't noticed that she'd seen it... Or so she thought. She'd taken off too soon to even pay attention to what it was, dropping the diamond block she'd just crafted in the process. That had absolutely sucked. There were so many things she could've done with that diamond...

Fleet leaned back in her chair, letting out a yawn that turned into a startled yelp as the door slammed, jumping up a little. The jump caused her chair to scoot back a little and then fall over. Her eyes widened as the shadow creature from before stared down at her, just... Staring back. Both were frozen. The Enderman because it was being stared at, and the human because she was scared as NETHER. This fear spiked as Fleet's eyes drifted to the diamond block it was holding. She recognized that block. Did this thing follow her? She looked back at the Enderman, letting out yet another yelp as it seemed to have gotten closer, leaned in closer. Why in the Nether had it followed her all that way? And more importantly, it seemed hostile. Kinda. So if it was following her that whole way, it would've had a chance to kill her any time it wanted.

So, why didn't it? As she continued staring at the creature, she shuddered. That whispering... It was terrifying. Like listening to a ghost or something. Maybe it was a ghost? Gulping, she struggled not to blink. And failed. The Enderman took this chance to kneel down and lean in closer, it's long, gangly limbs dragging on the floor for quite a length. When Fleet opened her eyes again, she wasn't surprised that it was closer... But she still whimpered anyway. Was she going to die today? So, lying there upside down with her feet in the air, she was going to die. Sitting in a chair upside down. Whatever happened to creepers just exploding and sending your limbs flying? Or being arrowed to death? Since when did monsters act so personal when they killed you? Questions like these flooded the teen's mind as her heart pounded...

It was an interesting thing, being terrified. It was almost like being in love. Your heart felt like it was gonna explode in your chest, your emotions ran rampant, you felt like you were about to cry, and you're afraid to speak. They both sent adrenaline pumping through your veins. Was there really even a difference? The Enderman stared down at her, vaguely wondering when the girl was gonna give him a chance to move again. He didn't have long to wait- She shut her eyes to squeeze the tears away. He moved in closer, closer... Until his face was an inch from hers. Her eyes popped open, and the tears began to flow. Why keep from crying? She was going to die anyway... Maybe it was best to let her tear ducts have their way?

Unable to move, the Enderman merely stared at her with his glowing green eyes. The air felt tight. Fleet knew that if she closed her eyes one more time, she would die immediately. It would eat her, or something. The Enderman, of course, had other plans. Not that Fleet knew anything about them. In her pocket, her clock ticked. Her heart beat erratically when compared to the ticking. Ticking, thumping, inaudible whispers. Each second of it seemed to last an hour. Her eyes began to feel dry, and the tears made her eyelids feel a little crusty.

Just one blink, it would make it better... Wouldn't it? But just one blink... And she'd die, wouldn't she? But it didn't matter. No matter what, she'd die. It wasn't like she could attack... If she moved her gaze from this strange, tall shadow for even a second to pull out her sword, she'd still die. Fleet's eyelids began to droop, and the Enderman's eyes brightened a little. Suddenly, the girl was just... So... Tired. She just wanted to shut her eyes. There was nothing she could do now. No matter what, if she moved her eyes from the gangly beast at all, she'd die. Quietly, one last tear slipped from her left eye as they both closed for what she thought was forever.
Inspired by Minecraft's Enderman, obviously. xD
There will be two alternate endings to this. One is based on how a Herobrine and a creeper are made. :3
However, I'll take requests for endings... So I'll upload all ending requests. :3
God, I'm so uncreative with names. This Fleet is in no way related to my Ribbon Eel Girl Fleet. xD
Ending- Gone Forever [link]
Alternate Ending- Pity the Taken [link]
Romance Ending- Didn't mean to scare you, oops [link]

I love R&R~ It brings improvement, I think. :3
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Games > Elder Scroll Series > Pre Skyrim
Pairings: Cicero / Future Dragonborn - Listener
Location:  Bravil 188 4E (well before events at Helgen in 4E 201)

Story Status: Complete!
(All Chapters 1 - 6 posted)

Summary:  Tasked with delivering an important message to the Listener Alisanne Dupre in Bravil, a young and cocky Cicero let's curiosity get the best of him.  The Listener's stammering and seemingly meek apprentice Beatriz, he soon learns is but a year his junior.  She is also an "innocent" and not apart of the Dark Brotherhood.  At least not yet according to Alisanne and even though Cicero is ordered, during his short stay to help protect yet keep his distance from her apprentice, he cannot help but bend the rules.  To not just find out why Beatriz holds the Night Mother's interest but his as well.


Warning:  I choked up a little during writing this chapter.  So you may need a tissue too.

His hand upon her cheek told him what was coming more so than his at the moment useless eyes or her stammering word.  Cicero felt then heard her knife drop from his throat to clatter upon the wooden floor.  With it his fear and concerns fell away too.  All that remained was desire and a burning curiosity.  He never thought his first kiss would come to him like this.  But it was welcomed all the same, even though he knew only of her name, the sound of her sweet struggling voice and so very little of her face.  Yet he was content for now to learn the feel and taste of those slender lips.  

Teasing them back his left hand opened and closed.  Unsure where to go till he decided to cautiously rest it upon Beatriz’s hip.  Squeezing gently, silently telling her not to stop.  Encouraged she did not and he felt her stretch to tip toes to wrap her arms over his shoulders.  Dropping his hand from her face, he slipped both of them next to the small of her back.  Pulling her into a tight hug as a new urgency grew within him.  

A small part of it was to wiggle free and make a run for it.  Since if the Listener caught them like this, Cicero was pretty sure he would face serious consequences.  Breaking at least one of the tenets although as of yet technically he was not disobeying his superior.  Or so he reasoned as he gave into the denied and forbidden that was the Listener's, not so innocent after all apprentice.  Beatriz still could not see him, at least not clearly as he could only see so much of her as well.  And when she asked who he was he gave the lie the Listener provided easily.

Regardless the other and larger part of him wanted more.  Not just kissing but to simply get to know her better.  Seemingly meek but full of surprises, he wondered what others she had in store.  Cicero could only hope to deliver more messages to their Mistress or even a contract to bring him back at least once more to Bravil.  To Beatriz but for now Cicero tried to push all worries and daydreams of such things aside.  To focus upon the here and now, Beatriz's lips and the clean and somehow cooling taste of them.  As if she had just munched upon a few carrots for a snack.

When her tongue at last shyly sought and met his Cicero trembled.  It took all his self-control to not rush in like a brute and taste her deeper.  Instead he wanted to feel what she was going to do next.  The slow, careful yet intense kiss alone was more than he ever expected.  At the most he hoped to just share a few words, get her to laugh and leave her with a smile.  

But a hard life taught him the value of keeping the bar low.  Or better still to not expect much from anyone.  Before becoming an assassin and since the bloody moment of his baby sister’s birth Cicero still tried.  He had tried so very hard to be good by hunting to provide coin from pelts and meat upon his family’s table.  All for his baby sister while helping his older brother keep their drunken abusive father in check.  

Also Cicero knew from such an experience that surprises unlike the ones from Beatriz were for the most part unpleasant.  Everything took work and failure could certainly result in despair and death.  Just like how things did not work out for his father but at least now Cicero was here and alive.  He was for the moment happy with just kissing Beatriz and being a part of a new family.  His older brother, Ramiro was better suited to be a father to their baby sister anyways.  

Cicero tried not to think about them or his life before the Dark Brotherhood.  However in moments of calm such as now his older brother’s painful last words haunted him.

“You… he’s dead Cicero.  First Mother and now Father?  As if what you did to her wasn’t-”

“He struck her for laughing!  Not me, HER!  And he was going to hit her again!“  

“Still how could you!”

“I promised!  I promised Mother to keep her safe from harm!”

“Tell him to leave Ramiro!  I told you he is unfit to be around Tullia.  I told you!” Peronella his brother's new wife snipped and looked upon him with utter discust.

Ramiro signed wearily, "You are right Nelly, of course."

Cicero tried to protest, “But brother-“

“I'm sorry Cicero but you must go and never come back.”

When he moved to give his wailing sister one last hug, Peronella snatched her up shrieking, "Leave!  Leave now or I'll summon the guards you filthy murderer!"

"Please just go brother.  We'll take care of her now," Ramiro pleaded as his wife tried to calm Tullia.

"Cic-Cic want Cic," the two year old girl hiccuped between sobs.

Cicero let out a small whimper against Beatriz's lips.  The wails from his baby sister rang in his mind now as they did in his ears then.  The stinging blush which had started upon his pale cheeks spread over his entire face.  Mortified at the loss of control over his emotions the urge to flee from the room rose up swiftly in him again.  


The moment Beatriz felt the Messenger’s lips still, worry bubbled in her stomach.  It felt as if he was fading away as the fire inside of him was dying down.  When he started shaking, gave a small sad sound and tried to pull back she tightened her grip upon the front of his robes.  

“Forgive me Beatriz, I should-“

“Stay,” she whispered and heard him suck in a ragged breath.  She listened as he kept taking one more after another.  Each one seemed to give him some strength.  Yet between upon exhales he still gave a small sound of pain.  As she tried to think of a way to comfort him Beatriz insisted, “P-p-p-please stay.  Don’t la-leave just yet.”

“Really?  You really want me to stay?  To not go?  But if only you-”

“Yes,” she interrupted and pulled him closer.  Resting her cheek and hand upon his chest the hammering of his heart boomed in her ear.

Hugging her about the shoulders he struggled with something and confessed, “But I ruin everything.  I’m a terrible-”

“Sta-stop it!  D-d-don’t even sssay that!” Beatriz winced at the hardness in her tone.  Yet she could not stand him to continue, his self-loathing was so terribly clear.  Shyly she reached to stroke his face and ask him why he would even think that but at his throat she felt the cut.  

“Oh n-no! I … I hur-hurt you!”  She moved to fetch him a healing potion.  He clung tightly to her hand as she pulled him along.  “S-sorry um…”  

“It’s just a scratch.  I’ve been cut worse before,” he sniffed but took the vial offered.  “Still, I thank you.”  

After a time and hearing him set it down empty Beatriz wrapped her arms about his waist.  Pulling him close again, she smiled.  When he snuggled his face into her neck with a sigh it grew.  At the hot tears she felt next it faded.  Leaving her to hold onto him only tighter and worry over what was bothering him.

“You must think I’m a fool.”  He pulled back just enough to press his forehead against hers and sniff wetly.

“F-f-fools d-don’t cry.  They laugh sssilly,” she weakly joked.  

He snorted and did that funny humming chuckle again then teased, “Oh I’ll make you pay for that.”  

“Wa-why?  Whe-when la-laughter tastes better than pa-potion.  It's all-always there to help ease pa-pain, d-don't you know?”  

"I can think of at least one thing that tastes and feels far-far better."

"Oh? Wah-what?"

His lips coaxing hers to part but this time more was his answer.  She felt a deep rumbling groan as her fingers checked then teased over the healed cut at his throat.  Squirming in his arms she felt him slip deeper and demand more.  Sucking back just as hard and eager she pressed closer as he moaned happily back.  He felt and even tasted so very good.   Trembling, Beatriz savored the sweet and spiciness to his kisses.  At least until the apprehension of their Mistress possibly finding them finally set in.

"W-what if-"

"I don't care.  Mistress said I should only try not to be seen by you.  It’s dark now is it not?"  His muffled yet playful words had caused something low and deep in her stomach to flip-flop about.  His hands sliding to hips to cup her bottom set it wild.  At her shocked gasp into his mouth he jerked them back to her hips.  He even went so far to break the kiss to squeak, "Um Sorry! I-oh!  Oh my!  You’re just as bad!"

Letting him know what he had done was more than welcome, she had settled for action rather than struggle with words.  Quickly she ran her hands down his chest, sides and promptly squeezed his ass right back.  “Shhh or sh-she wa-will hear us,” Beatriz giggled, grasped her hands about his waist to pull him close and kissed him again before he could get any louder.  

"You're so... unexpected... but... I like that!  I really do," he mumbled out between soft and slow pecks.  Pulling her down to sit in his lap on the closest chair they could find.  He tucked an arm under her primly closed knees as his other hugged along her back to keep her upon it.  

Beatriz relaxed when he kept his hands where they were at.  Besides what happened earlier this boy seemed respectful and in no rush to take things too far.  Instead he worked a trail of small light kisses along her jaw to her ear.  When he started to nibble upon it Beatriz whimpered at finding out how very sensitive they were.  How good it felt till she remembered he had yet to get to and puzzle over the tiny point to it.  

"Mmm like that eh?"

She did but nervously started to squirm and when that did not work she spoke up. "Kah-kiss me, again."

She would have asked but always struggled over pronouncing the word please or any word that started with that particular letter the most.  His soft chuckle tickled her ear and she swore she could feel him grinning as he whispered, "If that is your wish... then I'll oblige."

His voice.  His taste.  Sweet divines, help me.  I want him forever and always.

Or so she naively thought and let loose another nervous yet happy laugh.  One he joined in on until he did as he was told.  His gasps echoing hers as their hands once again started to wander.  Mostly to dive in one another's hair or stroke tenderly a cheek, chin or ear.


The more time passed, the more Cicero's fingers tingled the very thought slipping lower.  For now his right hand had moved from her knees to massage her left shoulder as his other teasing up and down her back.  Holding his breath he debated over whether or not to dare brush his palm lightly over the rise of her modest breast.  When she broke the kiss only to moan and catch her breath, Cicero with a sigh settled for keeping it where it was.  His greater wish was to see her face, to watch carefully and know the moment he was taking it too far so he could stop.  

The opening of the room's door suddenly made the wish moot.  In their Mistress’s eyes, he had indeed taken it too far.  The dally with the Listener's Apprentice was coming to an end.  And the Listener for the Dark Brotherhood was not in the least bit amused from the sounds of things.  

Actually it was the lack thereof for she made none, at least at first.  Probably in utter shock over how Cicero did not bother to flinch but instead stubbornly refused to stop what he was doing to her apprentice.  Reasoning he was going to probably be killed for this, Cicero just simply closed his eyes tighter, stole one more kiss from Beatriz and awaited hopefully a swift death.

His dearest Beatriz however had other plans.  She sprang up and out of his lap moments later as if he just cast a flame cloak spell.  Shielding her face too from the bright light that spilled in from the hallway she scrambled to get between them and promptly spilled her guts.  Surprisingly and fortunately she did not stammer much.  

"M-mistress!  I made him do it!  I swear!  P-p-please don't pun-punish him!  I blew out the candles, sa-pa-prised him, p-put a knife to his throat.  Told him to-to explain himself, he said he was your m-messenger and-"

"That is enough Beatriz.   Yet from the look of things he did not appear upon my arrival terribly put out by your demand."  The Listener's voice was utterly calm and collected as Cicero jumped to stand.  Her hands folded behind her back as she slowly made her way around the two of them.

Cicero felt terrible as he heard Beatriz start to cry but dared not to look up.  He only risked taking her hand as it bumped his.  And he wanted to smile in bittersweet joy when she squeezed it back and struggled to collect herself.

"D-don't pun-pun-p-punish him!  M-mis-misss-tress p-please."  

She kept on speaking as the Listener just remained silent as the Night Mother to the rest of her children.  Every word she uttered next was choked out.  Cicero thought it must have only brought Beatriz more pain and embarrassment.  Yet she would not stop.  

And it was all done for him, the lowliest of assassins, brought into the fold for killing his drunken father.  Who raged and understandably went mad at what his middle son had done.  But Cicero had to do it.  He always did what he was told and for mother always.  He had to save his dearest sister, especially since his mother told him that everything would be all right.  So as told he cut her out.  

“Good boy Cicero.  My good boy.  You did the right thing.  I’m so proud of you.  So very-very proud of… my brave boy!  She’s so…”

“Mother?  Mother no!  No!  You said-you said everything would be... Oh Mother!  No please!  NO! Don't go!”

Pushing the painful memories of his mother’s last words and the anguish came next; Cicero finally dared to meet the Listeners eyes.  Scowling and tightening his grip upon her apprentice’s hand he whispered, "Please no more, sweetest Beatriz.  Wipe away those tears for I think our Mistress has listened enough and understands perfectly.  I thank you but trouble yourself no further upon me, for I do not deserve it."

But Beatriz would not listen.  She only tried again and sobbed harder as her Mistress slowly pried her fingers loose from his.  All the while she shushed softly and gently then pulled her apprentice away to the kitchen.

Cicero could not even bear to look now and see the pain which probably contorted Beatriz’s flushed wet face.  Instead he kept his head low.  Did not even need to be told to remain and stood right there not moving one inch as the door closed behind them.  The darkness enfolded around him once again.  Only this time it gave no comfort.  For this time he was now alone.… <--Chapter Two 

Chapter Four -->…

Please let me know via note of any unclear points, transitions problems from flash backs, run-on sentences (yes like this one) and typos in general.

Who is Beatriz? 
Beth future Listener to the Dark Brotherhood and Dovahkiin who's story will continue on in 
Death and Madness -->…

Huh? What! 
As she crossed the border into Skyrim with her father, he suggested out of caution she change her name. 

I'm confused...
This story takes place well before Helgen when Beth and Cicero were teenagers.

I must profess my deepest thanks to Heiwako :iconheiwako: for feedback on this chapter but also suggesting the name of Beatriz to help further support why Beth and Cicero unknowingly reunite in Skyrim. :)

Cover art by my dearest friend :iconmakiloomis: Makiloomis!… Be sure to check out her other artwork and give her lots and lots of love! <3

Cicero and other related Elder Scrolls stories, characters and games is Bethsesda's
Beth aka Beatriz and Story is mine. ;)
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150 000 BCE .- The Protheans are the sole space-faring (Tier 1 but they can't create worlds) species on the Milky Way and they begin to establish a galaxy-wide civilization using technology left behind by those who came before them. Their technology was entirely based on Element Zero and the mass effect phenomenon.

120 000 BCE .- The Protheans have colonized a great part of the Milky way galaxy, using the Mass Relays and placing the leaders and the heart of their civilization on the gigantic, mysterious artifact known as The Citadel. The reapers invade the milky way, making a surprise attack on the citadel, thus fracturing the whole Prothean system.

119 500 BCE .- Most of the Prothean presence on the galaxy has been either destroyed or indoctrinated by the Reapers. Prothean scientist on planet Ilos work secretly on a way to prevent the reapers from ever coming back. A single colony ship escaped to the outer rims of the galaxy in hopes of finding a suitable planet to colonize after the reapers left the galaxy, with the protheans on board on stasis. The Prothean A.I. in charge of the colony ship, having found no suitable planet to colonize and running low on energy, has deactivated all prothean stasis chambers, except for one, making the ship float derelict through space, headed for the outer rims.

119 273 BCE .- The A.I. scans detects a nearby planet with suitable atmosphere, currently colonized by unknown sentient life forms (Tier 6 Forerunners). The ship crash-lands and the A.I. and the lone surviving prothean are interviewed by the leaders of the forerunner civilization. The forerunners then learn about the reapers, and their destruction cycle every 50 000 years. The forerunner technology quickly advances as the mysteries of the Prothean technology are gifted to them. They adopt the "mantle" philosophy and then create the story of the Tier 0 Precursors, and how in the past they came from outer-space gifting the forerunners with their technology and placing them in charge of the protection of all life in the galaxy.

110 000 BCE .- Forerunner achieve Tier 3 technology but are unable to move forward since there is little to none Element Zero present in their solar system and without it or a Mass Relay, they cannot colonize other systems. They then focus their efforts on improving their technology without the use of Element Zero.

113 000 BCE .- Element Zero technology is long forgotten with the discovery of slipspace drives for faster-than-light travels. This makes the forerunners Tier 2. The forerunners move to the inner galaxy carefully and begin colonizing it. When they come across their first Mass Relays, they make the civilian population make use of these relays and the Slipspace drives are retired from the general public, slipspace is just secretly placed on Military ships. This with the intention of hiding the secret of slipspace from the vanguard the reapers may have left behind.

110 231 BCE .- Forerunners achieve Tier 1. They have deliberately placed a puppet government on the citadel, most of their population believes its the real one, while in fact the real leaders behind the Forerunner government reside in their now isolated and heavily fortified home system. Secretly, shield worlds are built and an arms race focusing on supra-luminal ships and dreadnoughts begins. The forerunners were bracing themselves for war against the reapers. With the prothean database they had in possession, they already knew the reapers were coming from the Citadel, they would try and indoctrinate them, and they expected the forerunners to rely heavily on the relays, they were ships with no ground forces to worry about, and they did not know the secret of Slipspace, giving the forerunners a tactical advantage over the enemy. Massive energy stationary cannons were placed far from the citadel, but pointing at it.

109 989 BCE .- The keepers are signaled by the vanguard and the citadel relay activates. The Forerunner-Reaper war begins.

The Forerunner-Reaper war (109 989 BCE -109 895 BCE) .-

The sheer numbers of the Reapers were immeasurable, but as they destroyed the population of the citadel and its poor defense fleet (decoy ships), the secret forerunner Energy Canons begun decimating their fleet. Forerunner populations begun to be evacuated to the Shield Worlds. The forerunners place a large fleet of Super-Dreadnoughts on Citadel space. The fleet arrives through the mass relay, and the Reapers fight and destroy it. The reapers emerge victorious from the battle of the Citadel, but they suffered heavy casualties.

The reapers now firmly believed they had destroyed an important part of the forerunner

military, they believed that they had beheaded the forerunner civilization when they killed the puppet government and locked the mass relays so only they could use them, and more importantly, they did not know the secret of slipspace drives and communications, the forerunners' plan was going smoothly. Now the forerunners started the second phase of their plan.

Not expecting any kind of serious threat from the forerunners, the reapers divided their fleet to destroy the remaining forerunners as soon as possible. Using their slipspace drives to their advantage, the forerunner navy systematically made surprise attacks on the reapers and destroyed them. On 139 895 BCE approx., the war ended, with the Forerunners emerging victorious.

109 700 BCE .- The forerunners fully recuperate from the war, but still fearing any kind of Reaper threat, they still make slipspace technology classified military only technology. Civilians use element zero ships. They create specialized facilities to study reaper technology and to crack the secret behind the Mass Relays.

100 000 BCE .- A forerunner explore team assigned on the planet G617 g1, encounter the parasitic organism they later came to call "The Flood." The Forerunner-Flood war begins.

The Forerunner-Flood war (100 000-99 723 BCE) .-

Initially, the Forerunners severely underestimated the potential threat this new life form posed, and used tactics more suited to disease outbreak than actual warfare. By the time the infection had begun to spread, the Flood had become a much deadlier and more intelligent foe. The Flood used unarmed civilian assets to penetrate planetary defense groups, first striking at the Forerunner-held planet of LP 656-38 e, bypassing the Forerunner Orbital Fleet, and infesting the planet below. They soon moved to similarly infest the planet DM-3-1123b. The sheer numbers of Flood forms on the planets overcame Forerunner ground forces. As the forerunner systems connected through the Mass Relay network succumbed to the parasite the Forerunner's armada was ordered to immediately commence full planetary bombardment on infested worlds, although at a great cost - many Forerunners were unable to be evacuated before bombardment commenced, leaving the Forerunner military with shallow victories against the Flood. In events where the naval garrisons were unable to commence bombardment, major Forerunner population centers appeared to activate localized weapons of mass destruction, effectively committing mass suicide, but stopping the growing infestation. Also, several Mass Relays were destroyed by the forerunners to prevent further infection but the flood kept spreading when they infested military ships with Slipspace drives.

The Forerunners realized that ordinary naval tactics were unable to stem the growing tide of the Flood, and decided to pin their hopes of defeating the Flood on super-weaponry. While the Forerunners initially deployed the Sentinel robotic drones to fight against and contain the Flood, almost immediately afterward, the Forerunner Fleet Command contemplated "Premature stellar collapse": using naval battle groups to destroy planetary star systems' primary stars in supernova that would engulf the planetary systems and prevent any possibility of Flood infection.

As the Relay Network systems fell, the forerunners built the Maginot Sphere, a giant energy shield that protected the forerunner's home system, and they established the imaginary Maginot Line, that marked the space that could be protected from the flood.

Hundreds of other unsuccessful methods were attempted by the Forerunners to overcome the Flood, and all possibilities were exhausted as a final countermeasure came into mind for the Forerunners: the creation and activation of the Halo Project, destroying all sentient life in the galaxy, depriving the Flood of all biomass that they could consume, thus halting them. However, Didact, a high-ranking military leader, adamantly refused to activate the Halos, saying that it would overturn the Forerunners' pledge to preserve all life in the galaxy.

The Flood were growing in number, and were forming a centralized sentient intelligence to coordinate their efforts; Gravemind, and their "raw computing power" began to overrun the last Forerunner naval countermeasures; a Contender-class artificial intelligence, Mendicant Bias, was crafted by the Forerunners to directly attack the Gravemind forms and any surrounding Flood biomass in an effort to decapitate Flood consciousness.

The ark was finally constructed just outside the milky way galaxy, and the construction of the seven Halos begun on it, all while the forerunner known as The Librarian, ventured beyond the Maginot Line to index and document sentient species across the galaxy, and send them to the ark, where they would be safe of flood infection and of the pulse of the Halo array once it was finished.

The Gravemind convinced Mendicant Bias to join the flood cause, and the flood launched a full scale attack on the Maginot Sphere. With no time to evacuate to the ark o the Shield Worlds built as refuges from the Array, Didact activated the Halos on 99 723 BCE, destroying the flood along with along with all sentient life on the galaxy, no forerunners survived. Except for a few exception and due to its secrecy, the war left the galaxy quite devoid of any slipspace ships any other species could come across.

99 700 BCE .- With the threat of the flood eradicated, automated forerunner ships begun transporting the species saved in the ark to their homeworlds, with humans left as the direct descendants and only possible reclaimers of the forerunner technology.

Among the species saved by the Librarian are: Sangheili, San 'Syuum, Yanme'e, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Jiralhanae, Turians, Krogans, Salarians, Rachni, Vorcha, Quarians, Asari, Drell, Elcor and Humans.

2200-2100 BCE.- The San 'Syuum enter a World-Wide civil war because two San 'Syuum factions, could not decide wether to enter a long abandoned Forerunner Dreadnought on their planet or leave it alone due to their religion. The conflict ended when the Reformist left the planet on the Dreadnought around 2100 BCE.

1900 BCE.- Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld, enters the nuclear age. In a global conflict, weapons of mass destruction are released, triggering a nuclear winter. In the resulting devastation, krogan society devolves into a collection of warring clans.

1800 BCE.- A supernova propels the Mu Relay, the only point of access to the remote Pangaea Expanse, out of position. Concealed somewhere in the dense nebula formed by the supernova, the relay's position is effectively lost for centuries. Later, the rachni rediscover the relay.

938 BCE.- The San 'Syuum enter the Sangheili system searching for forerunner relics to study, and the Sangheili believe that tampering with forerunner tech was heresy, so the Sangheili - San 'Syuum war begins. The Sangheili won easily on ground encounters but the San 'Syuum had an extreme advantage in space battles due to their dreadnought.

852 BCE.- The Sangheili-San 'Syuum war ends when the two races signed a treaty known as the Writ of Union to form the early Covenant, which defined the two races positions: the San 'Shyuum would act as the head religious leaders, studying the Forerunners' technology and seek out the Halos, while the Sangheili would serve as their protectors, using weapons and technology developed by the San 'Shyuum. The Dreadnought was decommissioned and made the center point and power source of High Charity, a mobile planetoid which would serve as the capital of the Covenant.

784 BCE.- The lekgolo join the Covenant.

580 BCE.- The Asari (Tier 2 Element Zero based technology) discover the mass relays and the citadel.

520 BCE .- The Salarians make contact with the Asari

500 BCE .- The Asari and the Salarians form the Citadel Council at the Citadel construct and establish it as the center of the galactic community.

200 Bce .- The Council grants the volus the honor of being the first non-Council species with an embassy at the Citadel, rather than a Council seat.

First contact is made with the batarians. They are granted an embassy a century later. The asari discover the elcor home system and help the elcor locate and activate their nearest mass relay. "Within one elcor lifetime" they establish a regular trade route to the Citadel and are granted an embassy.

First contact is made with the hanar and the quarians. Both races are later granted embassies.

The Rachni Wars (1 - 300 CE) .-

The rachni, a species of highly intelligent hive-minded insects, are discovered when a Citadel expedition opens a dormant mass relay leading to their star systems. The rachni prove to be hostile and begin a war with the rest of the galaxy. Negotiation with the rachni queens is impossible because they cannot be contacted in their underground nests on the toxic rachni worlds.

On 80 CE The salarians make first contact with and uplift the primitive krogan, manipulating them into acting as soldiers for the Citadel Council. The krogan prove able to survive the harsh environments of the rachni worlds and pursue the rachni into their nests, systematically eradicating queens and eggs.

On 300 CE The rachni are declared extinct. In gratitude for their aid during the Rachni Wars, the Council rewards the krogan a new homeworld. Free of the harsh environment of Tuchanka, the krogan population explodes.

The Krogan Rebellions (700 - 800 CE) .-

Krogan warlords leverage veterans of the Rachni Wars to annex territory from other races in Citadel space. Eventually the Council demands withdrawal from the asari colony of Lusia, but the krogan refuse. A preemptive strike is made on krogan infrastructures by the Spectres. The Krogan Rebellions begin. The Citadel Council makes first contact with the turians. In response to the threat posed by the krogan, they declare war. After the krogan devastate turian colonies with weapons of mass destruction, the turians respond with a salarian-engineered bio-weapon known as the genophage. The krogan population starts its decline.

The turians accept the volus as a client race within the Turian Hierarchy.

900 CE.- The turians are granted a seat on the Citadel Council in recognition for their service in the Krogan Rebellions.

The Geth War (1895 CE).-

The geth, machines created by the quarians as a source of cheap labor, become self-aware. Fearing a geth uprising, the quarians begin dismantling them. The geth revolt against their quarian masters and, in the resulting war, systematically drive the quarians from their own worlds. The surviving quarians are reduced to living as spacefaring nomads aboard the Migrant Fleet. Contrary to expectations, the geth do not venture outside the former quarian systems into wider Citadel space, instead isolating themselves from the rest of the galaxy behind the Perseus Veil. As punishment for creating the geth, the Citadel Council closes the quarian embassy on the Citadel.

2000 CE .- The drell make first contact with the hanar around this time. With their homeworld Rakhana severely depleted and no spaceflight capability, the drell were poised for a massive population crash by 2025 CE. Agreeing to help, the hanar mount a large-scale rescue operation and evacuate approximately 375,000 drell to their own homeworld, Kahje, over the following decade. The remaining 11 billion drell on Rakhana gradually perish, warring over the last reserves of food and water.

From this point on, Humanity could either take the Mass Effect story path and find Long forgotten Element Zero technology on Mars, but I think it would be a little complicated to make humanity first contact the citadel rather than the covenant, besides how would yo place your awesome Spartan IIs on your story? or you can choose to make humanity follow the Halo story like I did next, but in order to make it fit with the rest of the Mass effect timeline, I would recommend to add 400+ years to the time when the Mass effect story happens (from 2183 to 2583 for example ), and perhaps try what I suggest next at year 2360.

2160-2200 .- This period in human history was marked by a series of brutal conflicts between various governments and factions in our Solar System. Conflicts of particular historical importance included the Jovian Moons Campaign, The Rain Forest Wars, and a series of clashes on Mars.

As overpopulation and political unrest on Earth increased, a number of new political movements formed. The most noteworthy dissident movements of the period were the "Koslovics" and the "Frieden" movement. The Koslovics—supporters of neo-Communist hardliner Vladimir Koslov—sought a return to the glory days of Communism and the elimination of corporate and capitalist influence, particularly in orbital facilities and offworld colonies.

The Frieden movement was a resurgence of fascism, springing from anti-Koslovic sentiment that had taken root in the Jovian colonies (largely backed by Unified German Republic corporations, frequent targets of Koslovic "workers' crusades"). "Frieden" literally means "peace." In this case, they believed that peace could be achieved only once the "oppressors on Terra Firma" were eliminated.

The Jovian Moons Campaing (March-June 2160).-

The Jovian Moons Campaign began. Jovian secessionist attacks on United Nations Colonial Advisors on the moon Io led to three months of fighting between the Earth military and Jovian "Frieden" forces. Though this was not the first armed conflict in our Solar System, it was easily one of the bloodiest, and is generally considered to be the spark of increased friction and militarization that followed.

The Jovian Moons Campaign escalated tensions, as Earth's national governments-many of which sponsored colonies within the system-began fighting proxy wars off-planet. As these proxy wars continued, tensions on Earth mounted, leading to a number of armed conflicts on Earth itself.

2162.- The Rain Forest Wars: Armed conflict ripped through South America, as Koslovic, Frieden, and UN forces all clashed over ideological differences, sparking additional conflicts off-planet.

2164.- UN-sponsored military forces begin a pattern of massive buildups, culminating in the first real interplanetary war. After the successful Marine deployment on Mars, recruitment drives and propaganda tactics strongly bolster UNSC (UN Space Command) forces. UN forces defeat Koslovic (supporters of rabid Communist hard-liner Vladimir Koslov) and Frieden (a resurgence of fascism) forces on Earth, then begin a systematic and dedicated drive to crush their remnants on the various planets they hold throughout the system. At the conclusion, Frieden and Koslovic forces are defeated, in the face of a massive, unified and very powerful UN military.

2170.- A unified Earth government was formed in the wake of the conflicts of 216. Now, the victors were forced to deal with a less obvious but equally serious threat: overpopulation and a massive military that had no enemy to fight.

In the postwar period there were massive population surges and the overpopulation, coupled with the destruction and famine bred by the Rain Forest Wars, threatened to destabilize the economy.

2291.- A team of researchers, physicists, and mathematicians working in secret developed the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, a practical means of propelling spacecraft across vast interstellar distances. This new engine allowed ships to tunnel into "the Slipstream" (also called "Slipspace"). Slipspace is a domain with alternate physical laws, allowing faster-than-light travel without relativistic side-effects. Faster-than-light travel is not instantaneous; "short" jumps routinely take up to two months, and "long" jumps can last six months or more.

2310.- The Earth government unveils the first in a line of colony ships; given conditions on Earth are deteriorating in the face of overpopulation, hitching a ride out to a colony becomes a highly attractive option. Additionally, the Earth government plans to attach military personnel to each colony, to help better utilize the massive (and expensive) standing fleets. Because FTL travel is still fairly new and expensive, colonists and military personnel face a stringent regimen of physical and mental testing. In theory, only the best-qualified citizens and soldiers are allowed to colonize "nearby" worlds. This is the birth of the Inner Colonies; typically Inner Colonials are—later in the timeline—considered the elite, the best and brightest.

In 2360 nothing happened in the actual halo story, I just had the idea that either you could make the UNSC the ones who come in contact with the Citadel races first, or it would be interesting (or lame depending on your point of view) to make a lost Slipspace-free colonial ship to arrive and terraform a planet (Eden Prime?), then with element zero technology found there or/and maybe the aid of Citadel races a new Human faction (Systems Alliance) rises, then after the end of the Human-Covenant war, UNSC-Covie Separatist encounter with the Citadel races (including the Alliance.). You can make another colony ship land and planet Sera (Gears of War) and now you can have 3 of the most awesome games on XBOX 360 ON YOUR FANFIC! ...or not

2360 .- The UNSC Normandy colony ship is launched onto space and due to a malfunction on its designs, its Shaw-Fujiawa engines fails and contact is lost with the ship. This incident was hidden from the public view.

2362 .- The Odyssey is launched. The lead ship in the colony vessels, the Odyssey—laden with troops and terra forming gear—spearheads the colonization of a new world. This sparked the first wave of human expansion beyond the confines of the Solar System.

2390 .- The colonization of the Inner Colonies was fully underway. There were 210 human-occupied worlds in various stages of terraforming, and the population burden across human-controlled space was largely stabilized.

Then the actual Halo canon stories (from the games, books, comics) takes place, and if you don't want to change Halo canon, you can use the now floating in space Master Chief, or the Spartans at the Onyx Shield world as you Halo protagonists aiding Shepard in his quest to stop the reapers that survived the war with the forerunners and with the aid of the collectors, have decided to start once again their Extinction Cycle! OMG!
I've been looking for good Halo-Mass Effect crossovers, and I have only found two I have really, REALLY liked. Sadly one of them, , seems to have been abandoned. The other one is still work in progress and it is pure win too: .

Most of the rest I have read are not that good. I suck at writing fanfiction, not to mention I prefer to draw. Still I like to read fanfictions, specially good crossovers. Here I humbly present to you what I think could be a potential idea to Merge the Halo and the Mass Effect universes without using some sort of alternate reality plot device (which a good writer could make work, but every noobish attempt at Halo-ME crossovers use this and very poorly).

I took in consideration both the Halo and Mass Effect timelines, and believe me, it was not easy to merge Protheans, Forerunners, Flood and Reapers into a single timeline and at the same time dont make it suck ( if my idea sucks for you and you have any suggestions, please, TELL ME!).

If you feel inspired by this and actually decide to try and make a crossover out of this timeline o at least you are taking part of my idea, don't forget to give me credit, even if it is a tiny 0.02 arial sentence at the end. :)

* The Ilos prothean scientist do modify the keepers like on game canon, but the forerunners reverse this, so that when the reapers invade... well you'll see!

Too lazy to use HTML formatting, if you want my text to look petty then go here: [link]
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"It was a violation of the treaty and this requires action!" Elthibar exclaimed. "Anna was captured by Hans, a member of the European Hapsburg League and a co-leader of the League-Of-Shadows!"

"This can really wait till tomorrow," Kristoff declared. "We have the reception tonight and I don't want you to miss it."

"I'll be there in plenty of time for the reception but while the Irish ambassador is here, I need to negotiate," Elthibar replied. "It was a few months ago that an Irish man dare to suggest that my wife was having her life threatened by my daughter Maria while she was still pregnant and he dared to suggest that I kill my daughter while she was unborn, and so I suspect that there is treachery coming from Ireland and wondering if Ireland is working with any of our foes."

"I would say it was a traitor from Ireland or a member of the League-Of-Shadows," Kristoff declared. "I don't think you should accuse the entire realm of Ireland or the ruler of Ireland for such a crime."

"I can't afford to take any chances," Elthibar replied. "This was not only a threat to my family but also a threat to Dunbroch and now Anna was captured just before her wedding which is shy one month of the treaty expiration and Princess Anna was captured."

"She was rescued and she is safe," Kristoff declared. "I'm just upset whenever an entire nation is accused of a crime against royals or another people. My people, the Sami, were accused time and again by royalty of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even Arendelle at times."

"You enjoy your afternoon with Anna, Kristoff," Elthibar declared. "Some of us have work to do."

Kristoff left and he felt ashamed that Elthibar had become so suspicious of the neighboring kingdoms. He knew that either new conflicts with more villains would arrive due to the violation, or more wars in which some local villages on the mainland of Europe have not even recovered from the war during Halloween. On the up-side, he was at the happiest day of his life, especially since he was married that very day. He headed over to greet Anna outside the church.

"How are things with Elthibar?" Anna questioned.

"He I suspicious," Kristoff replied. "He is planning to take the forces of Dunbroch and invade Ireland if the Irish ambassador does not apologize on behalf of Ireland because an Irishman attempted to persuade Merida to kill her unborn child, while Merida was pregnant with Maria."

"Well that is a thing unheard of," Anna declared. "Who would dare that one would find a method to kill a baby in the womb of its mother? But why does he not set up a reward for this Irishman as a criminal?"

"Because Ireland is a Catholic kingdom and an ally of the Hapsburg League and he suspects that it was an assassination attempt," Kristoff replied. "Plus since you were captured before our wedding, he suspects that these events were linked and that the violation of the treaty would bring up another conflict or war."

"I'm truly sorry about Elthibar," Anna declared. "I wish there was something that I could do about it."

"There is nothing to be done now but enjoy our honeymoon at the moment," Kristoff replied. "There are many places we could go. We could head to Dunbroch, Stockholm, Corona, Copenhagen, London, and even Stuttgart with the small fortune that I made with the factory."

"It does not matter as long as I am with you," Anna declared. "In the mean time we have a few hours before the wedding reception. We could do whatever we wanted."

Kristoff smiled since there were some new friends he wanted to introduce Anna too.
Kristoff and Anna are on their honeymoon and they are having a good time. Elthibar on the other hand is making preparations to return to work is demanding an apology from the kingdom of Ireland since an Irishman demanded to Elthibar that he and Merida kill their own child before its birth. Also, Hans has violated the treaty in which Elthibar's vacation is cut half a day short.
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Dear Halo - A Collection of Previously Unread Letters from Various Characters in the Halo Universe

Dear Readers,





Dear Warthog,

Om Nom Nom!


The Brute Chopper.


Dear Noble Six,

For a brick, you flew pretty good!




Dear Jorge,

Hands off the merchandise.


Female Noble Six.


Dear Kat,



A whole lotta people.


Dear Skirmisher,

BOOM! HEAD- No, wait.

BOOM! HE- Seriously, hold frickin' still!




Dear Spartan 117,

CC: Arbiter.



343 Guilty Spark.


Dear Sergeant Johnson,

Send me out with a bang huh?

That's the last time I listen to you.


Stranded in deep space.


Dear Flood,

Screw You!


The entire human race.


Dear Jun,

What part of "do it quiet" involves firing a high caliber sniper rifle!?


Stealth, look it up.


Dear Covenant Battlecruiser,

Imma firin' mah...I don't even know what this thing is called.


But it makes pretty explosions!


Dear Marty O'Donnel,





Dear Cone,

Protect me!




Dear Jackals,

I preferred it when I could still give you handjobs...with my pistol.


Where did your mind go?


Dear Sergeant Major Avery Johnson,

Bip-Bap-Bam this!


The Ark.


Dear MLG,

In a playlist of supposed skill, there is a rocket launcher.




Dear Brute Chieftan,



Peed myself the first time.


Dear Decoy,

Run Forrest, Run!


A tired cliche.


Dear Recently Slain Foe,

Teabag, Teabag, Tea-
Don't be a n00b.


LOL U SUCK! Righteous Justice.


Dear Scorpion,

So, do the ladies like you?


That is what he was referring to, right?


Dear Emile,

Is the magnetic butt clamp standard issue?


How are you not falling off?


Dear Prophet of Regret,

You're working too hard.




Dear ONI Sword Base Communications Officer,

I get it.


William Shatner.


Dear Emile,

Really?! NOW you decide to go all heroic death on me?


Fine, I'll fire the damn gun.


Dear Noble Six,

He was a lousy shot anyways.


Captain Keyes.
A collection of previously unread and unseen letters to and from various characters in the Halo Universe. For the first time, gain true insight into the collective minds of these legendary heroes and vile enemies...

A tad bit shorter, but here's part 2, enjoy! :) Judging by the positive response, updates will likely show up eventually but I have no solid idea when; Pilgrimage is currently my main focus I'm afraid.

(Extra points if you can see the smile in the preview image!)

Part 1: [link]

Part 3: [link]

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Second installment of the Shepard Files. The background option I'm doing is sole survivor. Since bioware provides an idea of what happens, I worked on filling in the gaps but still taking some creative license.

The Shepard Files
*the first link would be the fanfic, the second the image that goes with it

[ONE] Colonist [link] [link]
[TWO] Colonist/Sole Survivor [link]

[THREE] Spacer
[FOUR] Spacer/Ruthless

[FIVE] Earthborn
[SIX] Earthborn/War Hero

* For those who would rather read/follow through, you can find the story here: [link]

Shepard Series

[link] Commander Shepard -- Doubt
Commander Shepard -- Resolution
[link] Commander Shepard --Synthesis
[link] Commander Shepard --Destroy
[link] Commander Shepard --Control
Commander Shepard --Peace
[link] Commander Shepard --Regrets
Commander Shepard -- Refusal

Wallpaper (coming soon)
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Josie was digging holes out behind the kitchen when Matt found her. She held up something small and wriggly in greeting. “Look, I found an earthworm!”

Matt crouched down beside the hole and leaned forward, balancing himself with one hand. “Nah, I don't think that's an earthworm, Josie. It looks like some kind of larval beetle.”

“No, it should be -” she broke off and her face fell. “Glass says it's a rhinoceros beetle larva.” She dropped the creature and sighed loudly.

“And you're just going to believe it?”

“Well, it's Glass.” She shrugged.

“And what does Glass have to say about this?” Matt frowned and moved his fingers in a flickering pattern that was too complicated for Josie to follow.

“That can't be right.” Josie giggled. “Glass says you're a lesser spotted palewing butterfly. Have you filed a bug report?”

Matt looked at her seriously. “Josie, you can see right now that Glass has generated its own bug report.”

“What? That can't . . . ” she trailed of into silence before standing up and brushing off her hands. “You're just being silly.”

“ 'Course I am.” Matt grinned. “But see, Glass isn't always right. Come on, I'll show you another way of looking at it.” He stood up and reached forward to press on her temples.

She started back and stared at him. “What have you done?”

“Don't panic. I've just turned Glass off for a bit. I'll put it back as soon as you like, but why don't you come look at your worm for yourself first?” He crouched down and scooped at the larva. “What can your own eyes tell you?”

Josie shrugged, but she stepped around the hole and crouched down beside Matt.

“Look at the colour of this thing. What colour would you say that is?”

There was a silence before Josie answered. “Sort of see-through and greyish, I guess.”

“Exactly. Now I happen to know that earthworms are a pinky brown colour, so this can't be an earthworm, can it?”

“We already knew that. It's a rhinoceros beetle larva.”

“And I'm a lesser spotted palewing butterfly.” He carefully laid the larva on the earth between them. “How do we know it's a rhinoceros beetle larva?”

Josie shrugged again, but she peered at the bug. “It has legs?”

Matt nodded. “That's good. We know it isn't a worm, since it has legs. So it's pretty likely that it's some kind of larva. Do you want to give me some more details on the colour of it?”

“It's pretty much all squishy and grey.” Josie tilted her head, considering. “Well, I guess the one end is a bit browner. It doesn't exactly look like that's just dirt.”

“Very good. In fact, that's how we can tell it's a rhinoceros beetle larva. Other creatures wouldn't have that colouration.” He grinned and stood up.

“Okay, I guess that was kind of interesting, but you can turn Glass back on now.” Josie presented herself to Matt and looked up expectantly. He reached out to her temples and applied a gentle pressure.

“That's better.” Josie shook her head slightly to reorient herself. “How did you know all that about rhinoceros beetles anyway?”

This time Matt shrugged. “I asked Glass.”
For Memnalar's Seven Days of Sci Fi (Day One). The prompt was "nonessential prosthesis" and the word to include in the story was "larval".

Glass is named for Google Glass, but more in an inspired-by than based-on kind of way. Most of the research here went into rhinoceros beetles. (Yeah, I googled them.)
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Garrus ran into the hospital, quick on his feet. He had to get to Jane, regardless of who tried to stop him. He darted around several people, ignoring the medical staff and others that were shouting at him. He had to see Shepard, even if she was already gone, he needed to be able to see her, to hold her, just one last time. That was all he needed. The turian had heard the news of her survival, but her unlikely odds of recovery.

Her words rang like a bell in his mind;

'There's only so much fight in a person...only so much death you can take before...' No, he couldn't think about that. Garrus knew that Shepard was strong and he knew that she would at least try to fight against it. She was the owner of her life and her death. However, from what he had heard, this time it was different. 

He wasn't ready to accept that she wasn't going to make. Jane was a fighter, it's what she lived for. She laughed at death; the Sole Survivor of Akuze, destroyer of the Collectors. She already died once and all that did was piss her off. Garrus stepped into her room and his mandibles twitched as his heart sank to a painfully rock bottom. 

Her breathing was shallow and her pulse was slower than it should have been. He never thought that he would see Jane as she was now; bloodied and broken. She didn't look alive, she didn't seem alive, but there was a heartbeat and he would take what he could get. He rushed to her bedside and sat on the edge of the small white mattress. He studied her face and placed his hand on hers, his talons stroking her smooth skin gently. Her heart rate increased only by a few beats and her eyes slowly opened. They were watery and bloodshot. Garrus let out a sigh and moved closer to her. Jane's body twitched and she swallowed. Her exhausted forest gaze rested on Garrus' wild ice blue. He was worried for her now more than he had been in the past, but he would try to act normal. He would try to be strong for her.

"Hey, Shepard," he murmured, his voice voice thick as he tried to keep his emotions at bay. Her hand moved feebly under his, placing her's on top and held it in a powerless grip. Garrus gave a sympathetic grin and leaned down to kiss her forehead. She didn't speak, at least not for the time being, but she moved her body over some, giving room for the turian to move further onto the bed. He did as she obliged and moved further onto the hospital bed, folding his leg underneath his body. His hand moved to Jane's leg and stroked it with a whisper of a touch. Her breathing faltered and she swallowed again. 

"Garrus," she whispered, her words raspy and weak. "We've had a hell of a run, haven't we?" she tried to keep her composure as she spoke. She didn't want him to see her like this. Jane couldn't let him see how much pain that she was truly in. Her body ached to the point of numbness. Every heartbeat made her chest feel like exploding, every breath made her lungs feel like failing, every movement made her want to scream for it all to be over. There was no way that she was going to let him see that. 

"Who said that the race was over, Jane?" he retorted softly. She shivered again and a pain stricken groan left her mouth. It was a nerve racking sound and Shepard's hand removed itself from Garrus' and held her side. She breathing labored and her pulse soared. Garrus moved off of the bed and she glanced at him with wild eyes. He took off his armor and sighed before sitting down again. He sat so that he was facing the direction that she was and gently pulled her to his unarmored chest. She gasped at his touch. It was both soothing and terribly painful.

"I love you, Jane," he whispered into his hair, choking on his words due to the lump that had formed in his throat. It hindered his ability to speak further. Even if he could talk, he didn't know what he could say that would comfort her. He was never the comforting type and even this felt foreign to him. He was doing the best that he could.

The two sat in silence for sometime after that. Garrus smoothed out her hair, stroked her arm, shifted whenever she gave a whimper of pain so as to make her more comfortable. He thought of her final words to him before she headed for the Crucible and sighed. He knew how she felt and he could only pray that she knew just exactly how much that he loved her in return. 

Shepard was his best friend, his only true friend, his lover, without her, he was nothing. His mind wandered then to the six months that he had spent without her after taking out the Collectors. She was on his mind constantly and had it not been for the Reapers and all of the red tape, he would have been on Earth with her. She was his singular place of solace in all of the Milky Way galaxy, probably in all of the universe. Yes, he had had lovers before Shepard, but none were as unique as she was. None of them had the spark that truly lit him up. Jane had that spark.

Slowly, her heartbeat decreased, returning back to the way that it had been when he entered. Her breathing was rugged and short and she  took comfort with the knowledge that Garrus was with her. The pain had ebbed some, it was still to the point of numbing her every nerve, but it was bearable enough for her to think. Her mind wandered to the nights that they had spend together. Whether it had been making love or just laying there talking about what they were going to do after the war was over. She could have laughed at that had it not been for the predetermined knowledge that her body would go stiff from the agonizing pain. 

Jane opened her mouth and gave a weak sigh. She could feel Garrus' eyes on her and she looked up at him, meeting his gaze. She blinked and found herself wanting to keep them shut as though opening them again would be a chore, but she had to open them again. She had to keep him in her mind, in her sight. "I love you too," she muttered raggedly. She could feel herself going, it wasn't something that she wanted to feel, not yet. She couldn't just give up. 

The commander tried to fight with what little energy she had left. She attempted to sit up but her shaking, broken body fell back to the bed and she let out a pained yelp, blackness clouded her vision and she felt her mind numbing. 

Garrus caught Shepard and held her in his arms. He wasn't going to pretend that he was oblivious to what was happening, but he was going to give a few words for her to listen to. "Listen to me Jane," his raspy voice held a pleading tone. "You have to fight, you have to make it. Spirits be damned, I will not let you go, do you hear me?" He found himself choking on his words and felt water breaching the corners of his eyes. He kissed her temple and held her closer to him. "I love you, Jane Shepard. I always will," his breathing faltered and he heard the heart monitor slowly decelerate. 

Once he heard the machine flat-line, Garrus' talon reached out and flipped the switch located on the back of the monitor. He didn't want to have an annoying interminable beep in his head as he held the only thing that ever gave him purpose. "Dammit, Shepard," he grit his teeth and his mandibles twitched. A group of medical staff came rushing in and Garrus moved from the bed, giving them space. They brought in the defibrillator and prepped her. 

The turian didn't know exactly what they were doing. When a turian died, they generally stayed dead unless they came back on their own. They weren't a culture for reviving people and playing with Fate. This was all strange to him, but he wasn't going to object. Whatever they were doing, if it could bring her back, he would permit it. 

One of the nurses looked to him and told him to turn the pulse monitor back on. It was their only way of knowing if she was going to come back. A male nurse scanned Shepard's body and determined that her brain was still sending some very minute electrical pulses. A nurse pulled down the blanket and exposed her wrapped, extremely bruised torso. In the few days that it had taken to get to the Sol System, most of Shepard's injuries had scabbed over, the rest had been stitched shut.

"Does that mean she can be brought back?" Garrus demanded sharply. Being in a confusing situation wasn't aiding his patience. The nurse turned to him and sighed. 

"Maybe, we can't tell for certain. But we have to try," he replied and placed the pads on her chest. "Clear," he stated and Shepard's body jolted, the heart monitor spiked once and Garrus found himself staring at Shepard's face. Once more the nurse gave the call for another dose of electricity and her heartbeat kicked back up again. It was slow, but stable. 

Garrus's jaw dropped a bit and his eyes lit up. The nurse turned to the turian and grinned. "She's going to make it, but she needs to rest," the nurse paused and rested his eyes on Shepard's broken form. "The Commander is one hell of a soldier, I'll give her that." 


"Would it be alright if I stayed the night? Just to make sure that she doesn't-uh-fall under again?" The words that were coming from him felt awkward and strange. Of course he was going to stay, it didn't matter what any of the medical team said. He just watched Shepard die and come back to life for the second time in his life. 

"The shock might have messed with her cybernetic implants, which we are scheduled to replace the moment that she can stay awake and make the conscious decision to give us the go ahead," one of the female nurses, a short brunette with hazel eyes, informed the others. Garrus sighed. At least he had asked. Besides, no answer was better than a 'No.' It gave him room to move around, he appreciated that. The nurse continued, "We'll be needing a twenty milligram IV of Diamorphine, stat." 

 The turian sighed and moved out of everyone's way, moving to the window and looking out at the ruined city of London. A lot of good people had died throughout this war, he was just grateful that the best of them had somehow managed to make it out.

One Year Later

Shepard woke up to the sound of the beach outside her window. The seagulls squawked and the sun was high. Her green eyes rested on the form beside her and a grin spread across her lips. His icy blue eyes were staring back at her and there was a smile in them. His gaze traveled to her swollen belly and his hand gently stroked the bump. Jane never thought it to be possible, but then again, that was the story of her life. Doing the impossible was something that came naturally to her, even if it meant carrying a child that was both dextro and amino DNA. 

"Good morning Mrs. Vakarian," Garrus purred and kissed her. Shepard felt a warmth spread across her face as redness appeared on her freckled cheeks. It had been four months since they had gotten married, six since Shepard had gotten pregnant. They had a lot of things to sort out and Shepard had to explain everything that happened. Most people, including Garrus, didn't completely understand the entirety of the tale, but he knew enough to know that the other synthetics had to be destroyed in order for the Reapers to no longer be a threat. Joker and Tali didn't take too kindly to Shepard's sacrifice, but they understood her reasoning. 

Garrus got out of bed and walked over to their terminal. "We've got a message from Liara," he looked behind him as Shepard sat up. "She says that we aren't the first to have a dextro-amino baby. The first turian-human couple, yes, but there was a quarian woman who was impregnated by a human and they worked out the diet for once the baby was born," his face unfolded into a wide grin and Shepard rested her hands on his shoulders, reading over him. 

"Looks like the baby can eat both dextro and amino foods," Shepard rested a hand on her womb and she smiled warmly. 

"So," Garrus said and turned around in the chair, "..who's going to teach Junior how to shoot?"
Mass Effect 3 Destroy Ending Extended Cut DLC Spoilers

What if the storm ends and I don't see you
As you are now ever again?
The perfect halo of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against the planet's last dance

Just for a minute the silver-forked sky
Lifts you up like a star that I will follow
But now it's found us like I have a found you
I don't wanna run, just overwhelm me

What if the storm ends? At least that's nothing
Except the memory, a distant echo I won't pin down
I've walked unsettled rattle cage after cage
Until my blood boils

I wanna see you as you are now
Every single day that I am living
Painted in flames, a peeling thunder
Be the lightning in me that strikes relentless

What if the storm ends and I don't see you
As you are now ever again?
The perfect halo of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against the planet's last dance

Just for a minute the silver-forked sky
Lifts you up like a star that I will follow
But now it's found us like I have a found you
I don't wanna run, just overwhelm me

--What if This Storm Ends {Snow Patrol}

I've been having a lot of sad Shakarian feels today and I've stumbled into a block when it comes to Fix You & Heal My Wounds, so I decided to do a oneshot sort of thing.

I'm sorry if it's not long enough/missing some things/ etc;. I wrote it because I needed to get some of this emotional junk off of my chest and fanfiction seems like a reasonable way to vent. Yes, I just word vented. Spirits, I need a life.

But yes, Shakarian is my Heart and Shepard is pregnant. All is wonderful. I was sobbing something intense when I was writing. Stupid I know.

BioWare owns the Characters
I own the writing
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Dear Halo - A Collection of Previously Unread Letters from Various Characters in the Halo Universe

Dear Jorge,

We can't afford the high powered ammo for your chaingun, you'll have to make do with 9mm's.




Dear Rabid Kat Fans,

Get real, she's way out of your league. Also, I am just as impressive.

And I'm not made out of pixels.




Dear Cortana,

Please don't seizure me.


Noble Six.


Dear AI Allies,

WE'RE meant to be the Spartans, Legendary means YOU get hosed first, not the other way around.


The Gamers.


Dear Dr. Halsey,

OPEN THE @"#!&$'% DOOR!


Noble Team.


Dear Kat,

You've made quite a name for yourself haven't you?


Disapproving Moa.


Dear Covenant Corvette,

Tag! You're it!


Shortsword Pilot #1


Dear Frigate Grafton,

Flying within ten yards of something you plan to shoot with a Mac gun probably wasn't the smartest idea you've ever had.


So that's why our hull is breached.


Dear Auntie Dot AKA Slipspace Rupture Detected,

And we thought Kat talked too much.


The UNSC Fleet.


Dear Covenant Suicide Squads,

Bet you can't frickin' do it again!


In Great Pain. Also Dead.


Dear Focus Rifle,

CC: Plasma Launcher

You suck more than a grunt on the teat.


The Covenant Infantry.


Dear Other Zombie Invasion Survivors,



Completely Screwed.


Dear Credit Cap,

Prepare for weeping.


The H-165 FOM Target Designator


Dear Carter,

That was pretty. Do it again.

Oh, wait.


All I'm Allowed to Do Is Run From Scarabs


Dear Noble Six,

You're an A$$.


Pinned Down by Four Hunters.


Dear Noble Six,

They're saving the Scarabs for John.




Dear Legendary Hunters,



Noble Six & Co.


Dear DMR,

It's not you, it's me.


Can't get the hang of reticule bloom.


Dear Fuel Rod Gun,

When did you get so shmexy?!


Love at First Sight.


Dear Spartan Laser,





Dear Hemorrhage,

I'll give Bungie credit for one thing…


Accurately Named.


Dear Bungie,

Nope, double beat down still works.




Dear Ghost,

That look painful.


Armour Lock.


Dear Noble Six

Do a barrel roll!


Sabre Pilot #2


Dear Jorge,

Remember how destroying that super carrier meant saving the planet?

Yeah, about that...


UNSC High Command


Dear Everything on the Battlefield

Shoom Shoom Kaboom!


Rocket 'Hog (AKA Rolling Carriage of Oblivion)


Dear Emile

So, does the race to the Autumn count anymore?


Noble Six.


Dear Shotgun,

You're obsolete.


The Sniper Rifle.


Dear Simmons,

Make me a sammich.




Dear Gravity,

You account for nothing.


Just Fell From Orbit
A collection of previously unread and unseen letters to and from various characters in the Halo Universe. For the first time, gain true insight into the collective minds of these legendary heroes and vile enemies...

Part 2 is coming tomorrow, any future updates depend upon reception.

Part 2: [link]

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