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Whoo, it's a double post day. :dummy: I've been mainly working on commissions past couple of weeks so I haven't had much time for personal artwork, but I couldn't resist doing this meme when I had some spare time. Frankly, all this was just an excuse to draw Bron wearing my Nightwish shirt (not to mention a monocle and a tophat). :XD:

Thanks to ~solfieri for the original template! :pointr: [link]

Bron Martes me
Taarie Bethesda
from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Tumblr: [link]
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A commission points done fore :iconvano-vaemone:. Ouf, it took me at last tree day, or two.. but here it is. THE CHALLENGE IS COMPLETE! :iconfuckyeaplz:!!! Now, i need to rest...................... And yes, I put Oscar XD. And I luved the number 4...

(C) Original blank meme: [link]
Naamu, Kyn Nathaire and other= Vano :hug:
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finally did one of these! Thanks to everyone who has been with me along the journey and all your likes and favorites and comments. I really appreciate it. 
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*expires noisily*

Ahem. Anyway...
1) This is my jaded Dunmer character, the third I've made. My others are a female Breton (who was my first one), a male Altmer mage, a 10,000% Nord two-handed hero type (who's my real Dovahkiin character), and most recently a tiny sissy pansy Bosmer archer for the lols. My Dunmer, however, is one of my faves. He is around Level 30 and he still hasn't been to see the Greybeards. Too busy doing questionable Daedric quests and murderising people

2) He also got style.

3) I've got him dual-wielding two ebony daggers now which helps things nicely.

4) GELEBORGELEBORGELEBOR <3 I found some of his combat dialogue in a .BSA archive and it was epic. His battle cries are lovely.

5) Losath prefers to go solo. That is all. though evil altmer phwooaaar

6) DAT VOICE. MOTHER OF GUSTA :iconmotherofgustaplz:

7) The Companions were always my bros, and the first faction I ever joined. But they weren't evil or shady enough for Losath so he went for the Dark Brotherhood. Also Cicero is adorable. But the Night Mother less so.

8) Morrowind 5ever. That's my lanky Nerevarine. They have to have long legs because fast travelling wasn't invented then so you gotta walk everywhere bro. But at least your character looks at people when they talk to you, and everyone walks around shielding their eyes during ash storms.

9) And dragons. And everything, really.

10) It's a miracle I can even play it. Framerate isnt the best - especially in large dungeons (the Ratway Cistern and the Ragged Flagon were the laggiest) - but it's definitely playable. After a couple of hours the graphics thing runs out of memory and the Draugr start wearing purple plastic but that's just stuff I can put on my tumblr :D

11) I regret nothing :icondesireyouplz:

Blank meme: [link]
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my first meme! weeeee :iconiloveitplz:
skyrim is my new obsession, hehehehe................
sorry for the random switch between b&w and color...also i got hella lazy towards the end, sorry bout that....
and as for the second panel, vorstag always fucks up my life lol. he just attacks random people..he's not even sneaky about it :iconimseriousplz:
enjoy ~
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In preparation of Skyrim I decided to do one of these Oblivion character memes. (going to do a Morrowind one next :D) Hope you guys enjoy! Elderscrolls FTW!!
Original meme by, Vampirisa [link]
Oh, and I tagged my friend GoldenVoldan [link] check her stuff out, it's pretty good.
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fffff.... I obviously have nothing better to do 

panel 4: surposed to be the Blades burned by Paarthunax. have Meilen going through their dovah-puberty instead... 

meme template by :iconvampirisa:

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Hi guys! Some of you will know that I'm one of the contributers/mods for #Darling-Desserts a group in which previously I played one of my favorite personal character, Vanille Daceae.

Well, the group has been very inactive for a while and the admins have decided that it is time we give the group a new start.


and with that new start I would like to introduce the newest addition to my sweets cast. Frié!

Please consider checking out the group!! (And totally join Frixum! ;D)

Name: Frié Anily Farī "Fri" (Pronounced "Free-ae An-neh-Lee Fah-ri"
Gender: female
Age: 24

Dessert: Fried Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Animal: Himalayan Serow
Division: Frixum
Occupation: Mechanic

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165lbs
Skin: Deep Golden Brown
Hair: Cream
Eyes: Light Brown

Background: Frié is the middle child of a large distinguished family. Being one of nine siblings, it would have been easy to become lost in a sea of expectations. That was never once a problem Frié, with her determination and lively attitude, she excelled in more hands-on things, even more so than her brothers who it was expected of. Her father allowed her to be the apprentice of the towns "machine man" whom taught her everything from how to tinker with electricity to steam engines.

When she was age twenty, an acquaintance of her father passed on news of a job. Frixum needed a leader, and the whole familty felt that it was destiny for Frié, though she'd much rather tinker with things rather than deal with civil business.

Personality: Diligent, Brash and Flirty. Frié is an extremely hard worker that would sooner sleep one less hour rather than leave a task undone. She can be a bit harsh at times.

Strengths and Weakness: She can sometimes be a bit unforgiving and unintentionally oblivious to peoples problems because of her high expectations, even if she means well.
She can also be a bit forgetful of personal promises to people, tending to put work ahead of intimate things. On the flip side she is very hard working and makes sure that everything is in order at personal expense. She is a fast learner and loves learning new things.

Relationships: Mother, Father and Eight siblings; Two brothers, Six sisters.

Fun facts: She loves frilly things, specially clothes, but sometimes is afraid she looks silly in them. She also loves music, but keeps that private.
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Name: Shylock Rush
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"

Occupation: Manager to A.D.O., Intergalactic popstar android.
Employer: SpitShine Records


*Shylock is the son of the CEO of SpitShine Records, a company famous for producing some of the best musical superstars in the galaxy. He enjoys collecting musical antiques such as Ipods, headphones, etc.

*His personality is rather straightforward - in the public eye he remains a charming professional. In private he seems more quiet and focused. His workaholic lifestyle has left little in terms of a real social life outside of his coworkers, but he doesn't seem to mind it either.

*He really likes money. (True OTP Shylock x Money)

*He has a fake eye.

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