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Name: Bunny Blue 
Nickname: Blue, BB, Kid
Age: Seems to be 8 or 10 years old?
Height and Weight: 3 feet and 5 inches
Species: He's actually a stufftoy bunny who appears as a little boy.

Personality: There are three keywords that manifests in Blue's character, and those are cheerful, playful and likes to have fun. He has been locked inside the door for a very long time, so he longs for sunlight, grass and playing games. He's also concerned about the creator's state and will do his best to help the creator bring back her memories as an artist. Perhaps, when she remembers him, they could play again just like old times. Other than that, he's childish and a tad bit attention-seeker towards the creator. 

Powers and Abilities: The only thing he can do is pull out a blue blanket from his hat. The blue blanket can be manipulated into a shield, a house, anything really. However, its role is mostly on the defensive side. Other than that, he's a normal kid. If injured, blood does not come out, but cotton. The wounded area will have his skin look like a ragged cloth. The title, "The Magician", is actually true, but his powers relies heavily on their creator's creativity power level; And since the creator has lost her artist memory, he will have to stick with his blue blanket defense magic.

Strength: The only asset he has is his blue blanket that acts as a defense. It is indestructible as long as the creativity within the creator is active. However, the creator has currently lost her memories as an artist. The blanket can still hold its ground, but it won't be too long until it reverts back into a normal soft blanket.

Weakness: Considering that his blanket's durability relies on the creator's creativity power level, then assume that he is screwed. He does not know how to fight efficiently like Cortez and Pionne, but he's good at hiding and escaping with his stature.

Relationship with:

> Gail - "It's been really a long time since I played with her! :'D But it seems like she does not remember me or being an artist. :c I really hope her memories goes back. For now, I am trying to help her remember who I am....c:"

There's nothing that makes a childhood toy happier than being able to do his role to his Master, make them happy and keep them company from the bogeyman. When Gail was young, she always have Blue in her hand, but now it seem like Gail has forgotten her small cotton best friend! This saddens the toy very much, because the years of isolation and not being able to be played pains him very much. Now that there's an opportunity to play with her once again, her memory as an artist and anything that is related to [Creativity] is gone. (Or are they?) Blue's mission is to bring back her memories. Surely, there's a reason why he was summoned, right?

> Cortez - "He's really taaaaaaaaaalllllllllll! O8 A bit quiet though. :/ I really don't trust him...I mean he's okay. He protects our creator really good, but I don't like him."

In other words, he's jealous. Blue felt replaced when Cortez appeared in one of Gail's childhood moments. He remembers him very well, but apparently, it seems like the tall creature does not! If there's an opportunity to prove that he's so much better than the creature, he will do it. Sadly, Corey just plucks him out of the battlefield and hisses him to stay out. Blue pouts at this and begrudgingly do his job on doing the defensive field. However, Blue is a kid, he will need some shooshpapping first before doing the job. Gail does that job, in which she twitches her eyes and prays that she has more patience to reason with the kid.

> Pionne - "He looks cool! o: And! And! He plays with me! :'D I think he's a little kid like me inside his robot body! <D"

Best friends instantly. Probably, because Pionne, as a circus entertainer, loves to entertain kids with his puppetry skills. Considering that they both have a child-like mindset, they stick together mostly. If anything, he prefers his company than the "mature" and "conservative" Cortez. If Gail is not within their presence, he sticks with the robot mostly and pretty much clings to him (or rides behind his back.)

Miscellaneous Facts:
> Oh, he would like to go in front of the creator and fight, but actually, the situation gets reversed. Gail goes in front of the kid and fights, which upsets Blue greatly. Probably, because Gail's big sister side takes over when she sees a kid. It does not help that she works with the kids at her church. Often times, he would be carried around by everyone if he attempts to fight back.

:star: Character Profile: The Fool/Artist. [Error. Missing ArtistMemory.exe. Still Upload?]

:iconnbsp:==> :bulletblue:[You are here.]

:bulletred: Character Profile: The Scarf. [Upload?]
:bulletgreen: Character Profile: The Puppeteer. [Upload?]

:iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp::iconnbsp:[Start Game?]

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For :iconautanimuscaput:

Name: Idalynn (or Ida) Rosalind
Age: 23
Alignment: Heart :(
Abilities: Extreme housewife-ing! Does that count? Her emotions also tend to manifest around her head.
Personality: She's pretty much a people pleasing pushover.
Profession: Etiquette teacher for Prince Capulet.
Theme: [link]

*She idolizes Heads and resents being born as a Heart - mainly because she comes from a pure line Head family that dumped her in the street. They wanted nothing to do with a Heart.
*Teaches the Prince etiquette and manners.
*Pretty uneducated, she can barely read. Leaves one to wonder how she got a position that teaches -anything-.
*Rather admires Prince Capulet. SWOOON
*Prude prude prude prudey prude pants. She's like a super modest 1950s waifu.
*Seeks approval, specifically from Heads.
*Mad cooking and sewing skills bro.
*She likes to dress in Head colors, like a poser.
*Fornax knocked her tooth out.
*Terribly homophobic.
*She has a twin brother, Neil.
*Blue blood
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Name: Precieuse
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Pink

+ Bubbly
+ Optimistic
+ Supportive
- Lazy
- Careless
- Questionable morals

His older brother: [Ref] Joyeuse by resake
Weapon: Twin bladed boomerangs
Tends to speak with a singsong voice~
Eyes usually have a "sparkle" in them

More information can be found here!

[Emofuri] Precieuse by resake
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Name: Fierro Nutcracker

Title: Nutcracker

Fairytale: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

Origin: Fabula

Home: Lives in town

Age: 32 yrs

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 180 lbs

Species: Wooden Nutcracker (enchanted) 


Job: A humble wood carver, makes things from furniture to decorations.

Skills: Really good with a sword, hard to really hurt since he can feel nothing. 

Weaknesses: Fire or an axe.

Weapon: A sharpened wooden sword. (don't be fooled, it cuts like a real one)



Likes: Peace and quiet, pretty ladies, dry an normal weather, people who don't make wood jokes.

Dislikes: Fire, rain, loud noises, woodlen creatures, axes, lumberjacks. 

Personality: Despite his terrible past and upsetting turn of events, the Nutcracker doesn't really mope around too often. He's somewhat upbeat in his own twisted way. He doesn't take himself too seriously because he's just wood. His limbs will often fall off of him (in places that the red arrow indicate) which makes him laugh. He's sort of a ladies man in his own way. He loves to charm women off of their feet, but lately hasn't been doing very well since the incident. 

Background: He was given to Marie as a nutcracker for her to take care of. He swore that he would in turn protect her from the Mouse King and his army of mice. He kept appearing and taking Marie on little journeys to the land of dolls. He eventually fell completely in love with Marie, and knew that if she swore her love to him, that he would turn into a human, which he really is all along. However, before Marie was told this information, the Nutcracker was stolen by the mouse king, and the mouse king threatened to chew the nutcracker to pieces. Before Marie could get him back, the nutcracker was torn into many different pieces by the mouse king. 

Marie's mother told her the story of how if she pledged her love to the Nutcracker, he would turn into a human. Thinking that this could save him, she did so. However, because he was in pieces before he turned human, the transformation back into his human form never completely happened. He grew to the size of a normal man, but was still completely made out of wood. Yet the worst part was that he was still in many pieces. Upset by his disfigurement, he was able to escape the mouse king's clutches and assemble himself back together. But unable to show Marie his new hideous form, he fled, sayin no goodbye to Marie, letting her believe he left her once he was turned human. He just kept on running until he stumbled into Fabula. He has no idea what to expect, or if he could even manage to survive in the state he's in. But he decided, that to rewrite the sadness of the past, and make his own happy ending. 

Relationship status: Single

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Name: Vasper
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Cat-Medius
Hair Colour: Dark blue
Eye Colour: Golden
Distinguishing trait: Scar running down one eye
Weapon: Ornamented twin blades
Description: Working for Lumience since he was just a child, he has become the top assassin. Most of his jobs were completed with Strife as his partner and they never didn’t complete a task they were given. His views on working for Luimence are strained, but he is forced to work for her due to a deal they had made when he had began his employment with her, now unable to stray. Vasper chooses not to discuss the deal he made, and the only people who know of it are Luimence herself and Strife. He takes his work very seriously and can come off in general as very sullen and dark, except to his friends he knows well who know how to lighten him up. His face hangs on wanted posters across the lands for his crimes. Wanted dead or alive, Vasper holds a notorious reputation.
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For :iconmiss-oc-pageant:

Next page:
Miss OC Round 1 - Wynne Paula Cleaves by Oly-RRR

There was one thing I didn't mention in the audition - Jordon's partner Guy Hoyle was also shot, only if the bullet intended for Jordon ended up in her head Guy's went through his spine. Surprisingly it didn't shatter his cheerful attitude.

Decided to go with something simple and 70s-looking for Jordon and she still thinks it's too impractical and posh.

Jordon's audition:
Miss OC Audition - DI Sinclair by Oly-RRR

Characters in order of appearance:
DI Jordon Sinclair and DS Guy Hoyle belongs to me
Harlowe belongs to Sephiramy
Queen Gwenevere belongs to QueenGwenevere
Kevin the postman, PC Alan Fisher, PC Wynne Paula Cleaves and PC Justin Case belong to me.
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Ches Hire (real name Negasi Ethra)
14 yrs

Prone to tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way

member (and somewhat of a leader) of the Wonderland Bandits, his role often requires making "friends" with their victims

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Hiya! :wave:

I don't very often post a single sketch, but I figured why not. I drew this a few days ago without reference and was proud of her arms, which I normally have a very difficult time with. I'm still working on not drawing massive heads, though. But a lot of what makes it look so big is her poofy hair :P.

The character is Nola Gillotti, a character from my current book which you have no doubt seen around my gallery.

Nola (c) me
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I was scribbling :iconristo-licious:'s Risto's head and it got out of hand. xD She likes it though, and that's the most important thing!
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