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Finally! my application for the Academy! Yeah  

He is Iaran .... he come from a very very cold place...  
He don't like to smile and when he gets very angry is scary ( although he looks angry always...)
well he is only a lonely person that want to roleplay ( don't say him I said that ) Kokonose Haruka (Shy) [V2] 

Character Sheet : ^^
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I was carryin the Ragnarock of a friend who was cosplaying Chrona of Soul Eater at Lucca Comics and Games, and a friends took this photo...I really like it! <3

The only thing that I've photoshopped is the color of my eyes >w<"""
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But really, these two constantly judge each other and everybody else :U. They think they higher than the rest.
Made this yesterday while working on a commission =v=
I wasn't going to post it but today I changed my mind so I added some stuff and BAM.

Will scrap later.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jajajajskjdanda no tengo mucho que decir sobre esto.
Una excusa de dibujo random para por fin dibujar a Benedict y hacerle otra ropa a Arcamedis uvu

Benedict :devquicllampi
Arcamedis me
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Name: Kladenets
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Green
Eyes: Metallic chrome (they reflect colors/things really well basically mirror eyes lol wails)

+ Passionate
+ Playful
- Escapist
- Impulsive
- Self-loathing

"Breakdancing" type fighting style, using magic blades attached to her heels
Hairstyle more like the headshots to the right (also very thick and curly/wavy/unmanageable)
Naturally rosy cheeks
Apples are a common theme for her (stemming from wanting to find Idun's Apples and become immortal so she can see everything in the worlds). Stars are also common!

A tall pole weapon a bit taller than herself, it has the ability to change length to her will. While she primarily uses it to assist her breakdancing fighting style, concealed inside are two blades. When using the blades she has a tendency to use one as a sword and the other for helping her maneuver around, rather than using them as twin daggers/swords.
Birthday resake gift by Forged-Artifacts

the red string by resake

(this outfit is more up to date!)

More information (and alternate outfit) can be found here!
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doodle *u*~

Spider is a travelling magician.
He gets the nickname Spider because he is always "catching" stragglers --
adolescents who have troubles in their lives and are very unhappy. He lets them escape from their real lives for a short time as they help him perform
in the travelling show. He hopes they will open up and accept that they have
the power to be in charge of the show that is their lives.

age ⁞ 27
eyes ⁞ red
hair ⁞ light blue

more art by me of Spider


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Name: Strife
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Tiger-Medius
Hair Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Ice blue
Distinguishing trait: Dark purple stripes on face/body
Weapon: Curved blade attached to a long chain
Description: Lumience’s younger brother (though they never quite got along). He never liked her and she treated him more as a servant than a sibling. He did as she beckoned his entire life, but his moral compass weighed on him, knowing in his heart that her methods were wrong and cruel. He merely stayed in her service to be with Vasper, whom he grew up with and looked up to like the older sibling he wish he had. He occasionally finds himself thinking that he likes Vasper more than just a friend. Like Vasper, he is wanted in most kingdoms for the offences they’ve committed while working under Lumience.
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Name: Liona
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Elf
Hair Colour: Soft Pink
Eye Colour: Blue
Description: An intelligent girl with a past that haunts her and she vows not to speak of. She wandered into Hue’s Inn one day and they eventually fell in love and got married. She works side-by-side with him at the Inn. Liona has a very motherly and nurturing personality, easily feeling responsible for others. Guests were more popular at the Inn when she began working there, adoring her warm character and beauty. Though beautiful and kind, she knows some powerful protection magic and wouldn’t let anyone she cares about come in harms way.
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Username: Aludra
Class: Warrior - Gladiator
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8"

Personality: Aludra is on the outside cold, uncaring and rude. You would need really a lot of time to get on her kind and caring side. She almost never shows that side to other people. She has a sharp tongue and can be blunt while still maintaining a straight face when speaking to others. And she's always sincere in everything that she says. So yeah, if she says that you're *insert potential insult here*, then she means that. She will often criticize the bad behavior and/or habits of other people, if they like it or not. She's fantastic at hiding her emotions, and can seem perfectly kind and sweet to you, when in all reality she does not care for you at all. She has a manipulative streak, and in multiple instances will use this ability to her advantage.

Simply said, she's kind of a bitch. And sometimes sassy as fuck :U

Her player (who for now remains unnamed), on the other hand, is basically the complete opposite of Aludra - she is a kind, sweet and caring person. Kind of a socially awkward person and tries to avoid big masses of people. She the kind of person who would spend her Saturday night at home watching movies, rather then going outside with her friends. Needs a bit to open up, but when she does, she's a good friend to have.

All in all, socially awkward penguin that's actually really nice. :U

<3 warm weather | swords | meat | clothes | the color purple | gems
</3 cold weather | being/getting wet | the colors yellow and green | impolite people | sour food

Weapon: L'Aquila - a rapier, based off the ones that were used in the first half of the 17th century, really often for dueling. It allows fast reactions and has a long reach. The swept hilt works as a guard for her left hand. The blade is rather flexible, but therefore can be somewhat easily broken.
Fighting style: her fighting style is best compared to modern fencing. She is a close-range fighter and is useless when it comes to long-rage fighting. She relies on her speed a lot, since she has no real way of defending herself other then using her sword for parrying (no real armor :U ). Uses her tail and feet for attacking as well.

Attack - a basic fencing technique, also called a thrust, consisting of extending the sword arm to attack and attempt to land a hit on the opponent.
Feint - an attack with the purpose of provoking an reaction from the opponent. Deals no damage.
Lunge - a thrust while extending the front leg by using a slight kicking motion and propelling the body forward with the back leg. It can be used in combination with different blade work to deliver an offensive action such as an attack.
Parry - basic defense technique. She hits her opponent's weapon while she's preparing or executing an attack to deflect it away from her and to give herself the right of way. Only useful against blade or staff like weapons. Useless against magic and guns.
"On My Mark!" - a shout. Calls out target foe to make them vulnerable.
Kick - pushes her foe back with a kick.

water and ice based attacks
guns and magic, since she has no way of defending against them, other then evading
as graceful and elegant as she looks, she has her moments of complete clumsiness, and yes, that includes falling over her own tail or thin air
long range battles
her eyes are sensitive to bright lights and get easily tired from constant blinking lights

Additional info:
is left handed.
her weakness against water and ice based attacks may imply an affinity towards fire based attacks.
Feint and "On My Mark!" may seem like they are one and the same thing, but they aren't. :U
yep, those toes are sharp. You don't won't to be kicked by them. She has claws on her hands as well, I was jst a really lazy butt and didn't draw them.
the rapier is about 1 meter (39 inch) long, maybe a bit more.
with higher levels she'll probably acquire a off-hand weapon used for defense, probably a parrying dagger. And she might learn fire based attacks. Bitches will be burning, just you wait.
her name is derived from Arabic العذرا (al-'adhra) meaning "the maiden".
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Council Cato
16 yrs


(does better info later gomen)
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My latest ebay purchase all the way from Malaysia!


Although i haven't been drawing much lately, i've been keeping busy with other artistic endeavors.

Here we have 3 bootlegged street fighter resin kits recast as resin statues.
the statues came with pretty average paint jobs and i tried to bring them back to life as best i could.

the kairi statue needed a lot of work.
as you can see from the pics, his face and especially his eyes were really badly painted.
i repainted his face and eyes, giving him the golden pupil and scar.
also got rid of that terrible lipstick and gave him a bad-ass street fighter mouth.
next, i got rid of his very 3D nipples.
and lastly i had to cut off his hands and totally rebuild them.
the statue has been cast n recast so many times, the hands were pretty much blobs of resin with just the finger tips showing.

the yang statue was surprisingly detailed and in good shape.
he's a tad beefy for yang but a good sculpt overall.
all it needed was some color corrections and i repainted the face to give him that more street fighter look.

i didn't think much of the akuma at first but after a fresh fresh coat of paint, it really brought the sculpt to life.
adding detail to the eyes and mouth really helped.

What do you guy's think?
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