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SHY ROXAS IS SHY TEEHEE OTP day coming in 2 days! Special time for the special two with the special ice-cream. :iconureshiiplz: How do you draw hands people I cannot--

Roxas and Xion © Square Enix
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for :iconshinhwa-high:

other outfits:: Nino Outfits [WIPasusual] by Aka-Ai

:star: I'm available for rping in notes or skype! (though I'm not on much for skype ! !) but yeah!! feel free to rp with me anytime ! ! //////// I usually rp lit but script is okay too ! !! 

♕ Name : Monet, Nino
♕ Nicknames : Nemo (nickname her dad gave her), feel free to give her one lol-- spoiledfrenchtrash
♕ Age / Year :  17
♕ Birthday : January 19th
♕ Regular or Scholarship Student : regular
♕ Nationality :  Half French\Half Japanese 
♕ Weight / Height : 123lb || 5'3
♕ Club : Cooking 
♕ Class : [ will be given out later ]

♕ Personality :  expressive || Straight-forward || spoiled || a tease || prideful || stubborn ||strong-willed

Nino is very expressive on how she presents herself. It's easy to read her expressions, and most people don't need to think about what she's feeling because her face gives it away very easily.  She also enjoys bringing attention to herself, good or bad, it doesn't matter as long as you're looking at her. To her, that's a good thing because she doesn't like to explain herself much, often just saying whatever and caring little about if you understood or not. Though despite being like that, she wouldn't dare to offend someone, she keeps true to her manners and lets it stay that way. Of course she slips up now and then and might anger someone, but it's very little that it happens. She believes to get what you want, you need to show the person the same respect. That being said, some people she believes doesn't deserve her respect and she won't mind throwing you down if she has to. Other times she can't help but tease a couple of people here and there for her own amusement, she likes to see reactions as if they give her life. Seeing how different people react to anything makes her amused. She lives for excitement and is easily bored by things that take too long or have complicated processes. She can easily be entertained by things too, like seeing a cat chase a light (that gets the kick out of her). Though, She'd rather get straight to the point and move on to it with events. Because of the way she was brought up, she's quite spoiled, and does expect things to go her way. When something doesn't come out as expected she gets irritated and often would just not talk to anyone for a week or so. She is usually very helpless when it comes to things that aren't in her forte. She has the habit of wanting to take on different things and occasionally fails. She can easily find something else to entertain her though.

Though when it comes to her hobbies or the things she likes and succeeds at, you see a whole different side of her. She's more serious about the things she does and takes great effort in it, even if the process is long. She takes pride in her work, even if she he might cry or get angry at everything going wrong, she picks herself up easily and won't let anything take her down. She typically does not like to be bothered when she's at work but is lenient towards people who have the same interests as her. She's very gluttonous and the best way to win her over is with food  ! !  ! especially fast food XD.

♕ Quotes : 
"If love was that easy, shouldn't we all be in love and happy right now?"
"What's the point of buying food if you don't eat it all ! !" 
"P-Please don't look at my hair it's a mess-- // " 

♕ Bio : 
As a child, Nino was blessed with having two successful parents who loved each other very much. Her mother was an amazing pastry chef in France and her father was a successful restaurant owner, his restaurants branching out in Japan and Korea.  The two could of been known as foolish young lovebirds.  She would often recall the days when they took her out everywhere with them, and the feeling of getting an icecream whenever she wanted. She had a very lively childhood that she can remember vividly till this day. She never really stayed in one place because her parents enjoyed travelling back and forth between different locations. As a child this is what made her want to be her parents, they traveled the world sharing their food and the expressions and glee in their customers faces sparkled to her. She was happy and content with being an only child, since she didn't need to fight for their love, more like they fought for her love. Though It wasn't until the year before middle school started that they had another child, this time a boy. 

At this point, her parents decided to settle in Japan. Her mother combined her pastries with her fathers foods and they had a lovely business going on.  Though it grew in popularity and rarely did she ever see her parents. Most of the time they spent time with their grandmother that took care of them very well. And whenever they did come, they often payed more attention to their son. Which they did a lot since they always brought him with them. Though that didn't mean they didn't take care of Nino. She was still blessed with everything and attended a wonderful middle school, she just lacked parent love during her middles school years. She didn't grow to hate her brother, but she did become distant. Much to her parents delight, she took on sharing her parents interests in food. Mostly because of her childhood and how fascinated she was about wanting to cook for others and seeing their expressions. It didn't bother her until her parents decided to call it quits with each other. They realized within time that they should be business partners, because of their work, being together was not wise. For the rest of her middle school she moved back to France with her mother and stayed there. Having her lastname changed to Monet in honer of her mother.

She wasn't sure what to make of the situation because it all happened so fast, so she sort of went with the flow. Her relationship with her parents didn't change and they way she was being treated was still the same. So to her, it didn't really make a difference. But it did make her think that falling in love seemed like a pain. She was close to her mom, in a way where they can chat about things happily without fighting. It wad peaceful and she had many friends in France. When she hit high school, her mother allowed her to go stay with her father while the son stayed with her. It seemed odd to just..switch like that. But her parents gave her what was best and she went with it. She never talked much to her brother, and all attempts for him to get her attention failed so they just stopped. They acted as if one another existed because they simply just didn't talk, and Nino only can blame herself. Even when they parted ways to live with their other parent, they didn't give even a glance to each other. Her father spoiled her much more then the mother, often making her go to meetings with him, or buying unneeded items for her even going as far as to find engagements for her. He wanted her to be the best for when she was to ever get married. Which was why he choose Shinhwa High. He had a business booming in Korea, and had decided to move their without her say in it. If she wasn't going to accept any arranged marriages she might was well be in a place where they're were successful people. That's what her rather thought, Even enrolling her into the school with her having little to no knowledge of the school, but her fathers word was law to her. So without complaints and a pretty smile she went to Shinhwa.

♕ Likes / Dislikes : 
+ Dressing up
+ Making sweets
+ Animals
+ music 
+ the company of others
+ food ! ! (especially fast food bless u)
+ video games (roleplaying games that involve romance mostly)

- exercising (though she still does it)
- her hair 
- kdramas (in a good/bad way because everytime she watches them she gets too into it and cries a lot )
- tall people
- when people don't cherish food
- perfumes that are too intense
- when people don't answer her
- sold out items 

♕ How they got into Shinhwa : Because she moved back with her Father, he wanted her to go to the best school to make her more presentable to others whether she wanted to or not. He has connections and the money, but her grades helped a lot in the connections.

♕ Additional Info : 
- She likes making mini paper stars when she's stressed
- has a massive shoe collection and hoards shoes a lot.
- She doesn't like her hair because it's a 'mangy' mess. But she styles it the way it is because her mother always did that for her
- Her forte is in doing pastries, but she's rather good at making regular dishes too. 
- She pigs out a lot on food
- has a bad habit of staring at attractive people
- sometimes she fucks up and mixes french and japanese and english in a single sentence

♕ Relationships : 

Guo,Wenjing:: heinous villain 
Met him on accident when she was just checking to see if there was anyone in the school. Shut the door before he could see her, only to have him come in!!! Despite the fact she easily gets bored, they ended up talking for long time, shared confectionery biscuits and he drove her home. Somehow she isn't phased by his 'rude remarks' he gives her.  Nino isn't really sure what to make of Wenjing, other then the fact that the two tease and joke at each other endlessly. Though it's harmless of course. She somehow cant put up with him and willingly agreed to be his 'partner in crime'/'accomplice' to the ball, even though they just had met. She jokingly calls him prince or overly handsome face in her head. That being said, she keeps doing things she normally wouldn't do or act like when she's with him, and it's frustrating her. Has a slight grudge against him because he called her hair silly. 

Seo, Sung Jae:: 
Another person she didn't mean to meet. She was anticipating someone elses arrival only to meet Jae. Who was also looking for someone. They shared a small talk and enjoyed some croissants together. She was quite surprised to hear him tell her they were 'not bad'. Who would ever say something like that to her! Her opinion of him changing once he changed his answer towards the end of their conversation to 'pretty good.' It was a start.

Jeong, Eun-Mi::
Finds her surprisingly easy to talk to. Even though Nino isn't one for ranting out how she feels, she was perfectly fine with accidentally venting out on her despite having just met. Made delicious omurice for her. Food always helps with bonding! and girl talk of course.

Viera, Bryce::
Watched him fall to his death from his skateboard. Thankfully he was okay! Nino took up his offer on going to eat burgers and fries. What a way to meet someone. And of course, the best way to  make her happy is with food. Found him surprisingly easy to talk to. She just found it nice to meet another foreigner. So he's definitely on her good side

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for :icone-m-l-y-n: HNNNG RUNE FACTORY GROUP BLESSS /////////////
but omg--thiswillhopefullybethelastgroupItrytojoininawhilebutsdfghj


I got in thank you!!! /////////////

:star: For roleplaying: as of right now, Notes/Comments are best! ;u;  You are more then welcomed to ask for my skype though~ with summer coming up and all. Feel free to rp with her~~! no need to ask. just send me a note ;7;/
other ref
name:: Saya Meeri
age:: twenty-two years old
gender:: female
height:: 5'1"
race:: human
job:: Artist 
orientation::  Heterosexual

personality:: reckless :: talkative nervous-wreck :: hard-worker :: oblivious :: passionate :: idealistic 

Saya is the type of girl who can run her mouth for a long time if she's nervous. Which happens a lot to her actually. Especially when she meets people for the first time, she isn't exactly sure how to act or what to say. Often doing things on impulse rather then thinking ahead. Some may call it being 'bold' but it's just her being so nervous she just does what her heart tells her to do. This proves to be good and bad for her. Some stuff she doesn't mean to say or do. Though most of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is just nonsense and once she's done- or so- realized she ranted she'll apologize right away. Though typically she'll apologize a million times for her mistakes and takes any mistake really hard. She sometimes won't even notice mistakes until they are mentioned to her which is probably why she apologizes so much. It's frustrating for her when she has to have someone tell her to realize what she did wrong. She'll hide her face behind her veil and probably cry or run, sometimes both. Emotionally, she doesn't do too well with hiding her emotions. She's easy to read like a book, so most people don't have a hard time figuring out how she feels. She will literally throw her emotions at you whether you asked her or not because she can't hold it in. 

She doesn't believe she really amounts to anything beside her job. Then again she even has doubts about her job as well. It's not because she doesn't believe in herself or anything, but because of the pressure she gets from her family, she's afraid of disappointing someone. So she always tries hard to make up to what she can do. It's not exactly a problem because she's passionate about being an Artist. She loves taking the beauty of something and being able to take a memory of it through art. Whenever she's working on her job, she invest so much time into it that she forgets to eat sometime. She's the type that wants to finish something with all the passion she has without any distractions. Bothering her while she's at work isn't recommended. She is rather observant and takes note of small things that people do. She isn't one to look at the big picture as a whole but the little things that people do interest her. If you get past her nervous-stage you'll find someone who sets grand ideals for herself and works hard to achieve them. 

- drawing 
- jewels
- Apples (has an extreme obsession with them)
- foreign foods
- Animals (but despite her undying love for animals they don't seem to like her)
- Summer breezes
- Clothing-- oh how much she loves clothes
- The cold
- rude people
- being teased
- spices
- sudden changes
- cooking (because she can't cook for life so omg I'm sorry if she kills you with her cooking)

history::  Saya was born in a rather wealthy family that had the highest expectations for their children. Her mother was an amazing jeweler, as her dad was a tailor. She lived in a rather large family with 4 other brothers. All of them older then her, her being the youngest. Her oldest brother was the one that spoiled her the most, always looking out for her, being by her side, and always making sure she had a smile on her face. He was most known for having a sister complex due to the fact he always had to keep an eye on her. The other three depending on their moods, would effortlessly tease her about every single thing and would often make fun of her eldest brother for spoiling her. She wasn't close to her parents because they were always busy, always traveling. Whenever she did see them, she'd only get scolded and ridiculed because she didn't live to their expectations. Other then the fact that she was 'pretty', Saya didn't really do too well in the things her parents taught her to do. She wasn't bad, but it wasn't what they wanted. She was use to her parents telling her that they were glad she would never take over either of their family business. It was like this until she turned 16.

She didn't care as much because she didn't see her parents as family. The only people who'd take her out, play with her, eat dinner with her, were her brothers. That was all she needed. Her brother was a traveler and would often tell her stories or show her pictures of all the things he experienced and did. He'd read her books, bring gifts for her, anything he could to make up for how long he was gone. It helped her cope with everything, and that was how she decided to be an artist. She wanted to tell stories with her art, and show her emotions through it since at the house, she wasn't able to.  She was happy in her situation, learning different things from her older brothers. 

Though everything suddenly changed when there was an argument at the table when they were all together. It was rare for all of them to be eating together since anyways, everyone was always so busy. Most of her brothers already were setting up families or had great careers. They only met up this one day due to her parents. Apparently, Her parents had set up an arranged marriage for Saya, due to the fact that they thought it'd be better for her to be useful somewhere else. It was a heated argument between her older brother and her parents. She didn't say anything during the argument though, because she didn't see the point since it was true. Her brother was angered about the fact that she wasn't saying anything and left the house out of anger. She had tried to stop him, but he was gone. That was the last time they saw him.

It wasn't until years later when he never returned, that her parents realized their mistake with Saya. They cancelled the engagement and tried to rekindle their relationship with their kids. By then, her family was already torn apart, everyone else had already left and had a family. It was just her staring into the familiar eyes of her parents. She never hated them, she didn't think anything of the sort. But she didn't want to stay with them either. She had hopes her brother would come back, but she wanted to lived her own life as an artist. So she left, and moved somewhere else. Even so, that didn't stop her parents from visiting often or sending her gifts. Maybe they were sincerely trying to make it up to her, it's just, she didn't have the heart to believe it. Nowadays she spends most of her time listlessly drawing away, you'll often see her in various places of Emlyn wondering about the people of the world and how she can incorporate them into her story book. Although she truly just wants to search for her brother, she wants to experiance all she can during that. She's happy, but a little bit lonely.
- Her voice is soft and rarely does it become loud
- Her dream is to have a drawing book of all her adventures, get married and have a loving family. her missing brother btw::…
- As i mentioned before, Saya's cooking is really horrible. She could probably food poison someone with it. The sad part is that she's rather unaware of it because she never tried her own food. Her brothers would fake it and tell her it was good but it really isn't
- She enjoys the taste of alcohol but due to a certain 'incident' she banned herself from drinking it
- bribe her with apples when you want something from her
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Pixel Practice with Marielle by Aka-Aianother loser ahah [wip] by Atelier-Aka

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Marielle Lancotte
Nickname: Elle, Mari, Magic Mirror/ Mirror Mirror On the Wall (it was a joke when she was younger, she'll beat u up don't call her that lmao)
Date of Birth: May 1st
Age: 17
Gender:  Female
Height: 5ft 4inches (she wears heels to seem taller
Weight: 115lbs

[ Magical Information ]

Status: Witch
Occupation: Student
Dorm: B5
Rank: Rank 1

Magical Ability: Catoptromancy- Divination using Mirrors:: User is able to look into mirrors or other reflective surfaces and see other people or places through them ::
[Concentration]:: It requires her to use a lot of concentration. Thus it's not wise for her to use it an area where it's absolute chaos. She needs to focus in order to see something.  
[Materials]:: She MUST have a mirror and something shiny in order for her to actually use her magical ability. Needing to shine something at the mirror while looking at it; triggers it. She can't just look at some random mirror and see something. 
[Control]:: There's no way for her to control what she sees. Her divination is limited often just showing a persons location, finding objects, giving 'useful' advice. Things like fortunes and what will be good or bad luck. Even then it's not super clear.  She hasn't been able to predict anything that would happen in the future. She has tried though. IF she uses her trinket though, it enhances her visions it to be better. 
:: for some reason, she can't seem to do a divination on herself. Probably because of her past
:: it's a VISUAL thing, she cannot HEAR what the vision is showing her.

Magical Aid: Trinket:: Mirror Compact she wears around her with a dangling jewel when opened.

[ Personal Information ]
+Courteous ::
    No matter who you are, Marielle will give you respect. She could hate your guts and tell you that if you asked, but she'd still help you with anything you ask her to help with. She gives respect to everyone no matter who you are. She's polite, and well mannered, not the type to scream across the room.
+ Honest::
    If you ask her to be honest with you, she'd be honest. Especially when people come to her looking for fortunes and search. If it's going to be bad, she'd tell you because you asked. She does believe that some things are better left unsaid, but won't fight back if you want the honest truth.
+Idealistic ::
    She sets high goals for herself. Even if they seem impossible, she often makes it work out in the end. She works off her goals, and typically not having a goal brings her down. 
+Hard Worker:: 
    Since she always requires concentration, she is a hard worker. She always works to her best and typically is the type to not stop and smell the flowers. Everything she does she has to finish. Nothing is ever half done.
+ Soft-spoken:: She speaks softly enough for people to at least hear her and rarely raise her voice at anyone. 
+/-Humble ::
    Typically she doesn't set herself in high regards despite setting high goals. It helps because she expects less from herself and isn't too bothered if she fails. She wants to be seen as an equal but typically downgrades herself more.
-Clumsy ::
    She's the person that would trip UP the stairs. Mostly because she's sort of reckless. She believes it's because she had set a good amount of badluck in her life due to breaking a lot of mirrors. 
    She's the type that doesn't think before she does something. If someone was in need of saving, she'd go first, even if she lacks the ability to do so. She regrets a lot of things she's done, and tries really hard to avoid being impulsive. Though it's hard to control your instincts.
-Messy ::
    Not the type of person who keeps a clean desk. Most of the time everything she does involves a mess. She doesn't mean for that, but sometimes she gets carried away and things end up messier then are suppose to be.
-Superstitious ::
    She easily believes in things like ghosts or scary stories. Especially ones about Mirrors! (don't mention bloody mary to her she'd cry) She's the type that searches for four leaf clovers, and carries 'lucky items'. If you ever need someone who easily believes in the stories, she's your person.
-unhealthy ::
    She doesn't take good care of herself. Often times you need to remind her to eat or to sleep. She gets caught up in her divination or work that she forgets easily about herself.

+ She doesn't get distracted easily, which helps when using her powers. 
+ Willing to help anyone, she's pretty friendly and typically gets along with most people
+ Easily adapts to situations that change fast
- easily cries whether it's good or bad
- Physically weak :: Don't expect her to be able to pick up a crate of boxes. Since her powers don't do much for battle, she doesn't focus much on things like that. (but she knows basic self defense)
-cares about people more then herself
- unorganized :: She loses things. EASILY

+ Old Vintage looking stuff
+ doodling !!
+ Quiet
+ anything shiny
+ Donuts
+ the schools uniform
+ reading
- Organization
- Mirrors (other then her trinket she tries to avoid them-)
- Battles
- Blood
- Her eyes
- Surprises
- nosy people

Marielle was raised in a loving happy family. She was adopted into a family when she was younger. Her 'parents' weren't able to have a child so they were happy to take in Marielle. She doesn't ask about her real parents because to her the people who took her in were her real parents. She loves them very much, being an only daughter, she was spoiled endlessly by her parents. She didn't exactly know much about her powers before, she did find it strange that whenever she looked into a mirror for a long time, she'd see a vision. It scared her at first because of those stories she'd hear. 'Bloody Mary' or anything horror related involving mirrors. Her powers were much better and clear as a child. But it put a lot of stress on her, and she avoided mirrors a lot. She wouldn't look at a mirror for more then 30 seconds. She didn't tell her parents about it till later. Due to the fear of being thrown away again. But she had to explain why she hated mirrors.  When she did, they didn't believe her. As a child most people wouldn't believe that. Same thing with imaginary friends right? She probably was making it up, was what they thought.  It's not like she explained it any good either. 'I can see things' Would scare anyone really. 

It scared her the most.

Thus, she decided not to mention it to her parents anymore. She became known at school for it though. She showed her friends, who went on to blabber to other people. It didn't help when she was able to prove it to them. People making the joke that she was like the Mirror in Snow White. Hell, they even made her play the character in a school play. Whenever they spoke to her they started with 'mirror mirror on the wall'. It didn't bother her as much, because at least they seemed to appreciate her powers. Back then it was easier for her to tell fortunes to people, because she sort of enjoyed it. It was nice to hear people say it was cool and such.  It was like that until a certain event happened, that her powers stopped becoming clear. There was a boy that had a silly crush on, he was kind and treated her with respect. He never asked her to use his powers and told her it was because 'that's not all she is.' One day, she was curious, she had already set a rule to not pear into peoples lives thinking that just one time was okay. That's when she saw the true side of the boy. She decided to confront him about it, and he was furious. Pushing her away and calling her a freak. That was the last time she looked into the mirror for anybody. Because she was scared to use her powers, it started to become limited to her having to concentrate hard to get a visual. It was also when she made it a permanent rule to not look into the lives of people unless they asked.

Her parents found out about the ordeal, when she stopped wanting to go to school, or even and sleep. That was when they learned she was being serious back then.  They told her that she shouldn't be afraid of her powers and that it was more of a 'gift' if anything. This took her a while to believe anything. This was probably when she developed the idea of not really amounting to anything. She didn't believe it was a gift. She started hating mirrors a lot more then she already did. Often breaking them on sight (so much bad luck after that haha). After a while and some counselling from her parents, she did learn to accept it though. Mostly because they took her to some fortune teller who gave her loads of advice. The fortune teller was kind and told her that Marielle's powers were like her own, just stronger and better. IT helped ease the pain.  But school was hard, mostly because people insisted on getting things told from her. Except now they got angry when she rejected them because she couldn't use her powers as strongly. When she thought she was going to lose it at one point, the letter appeared. It definitely was strange because apparently only she was able to see.  Reading it, it made her cry, because something seemed so unbelievable. A place with other people with strange powers? That was only in her dreams. She was hesitant, but decided it was what she wanted to do. She didn't tell her parents, because she knew they would try to stop her. So leaving a letter telling them she loved them, and that one day she'll come back a better person. Mostly packing things like special mementos to remind her of home.  She said the words "open my heart" and left to the academy. 

Hopefully when she was there, she could realize who she was.

[ Relationship Information ] (Optional)
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Significant Other: None
Current Attraction[s]: None at the moment
She isn't too picky just wanting someone who is understanding and would make her happy.
+ Kind
+ understanding
+ Strong
Dorian Lancotte [Father]
Vivienee Lancotte [Mother]
none at the moment

[ Additional Information ]
+ She hates her eyes because they resemble a mirror. Clear and boring, nothing much to look at.
+ give her donuts and she'd gladly give you a fortune for free lmao
+ Despite hating the phrase 'mirror mirror on the wall', she actually does say that for fun when she's using her magic
+ She tries to think up 'wise phrases' to say when she gets her visions. 
+ Her trinket is a compact because she finds it ridiculous to be carrying a huge mirror around with her
+ Don't laugh if she trips up the stair, she'll probably joking give you a fortune of bad luck pfft
+ She has a slight phobia towards mirrors, her trinket is the only thing that she's okay with.
+literally has every color in the world of her ribbons
+ voice !! ::… ||…

RP Style: I mostly use Notes! Skype is OK but I'm not on much. I prefer Lit but I can do Script if you want! =7= !!
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because a friend asked me to draw more Nino ahahhaa
Nino looks really different if she leaves her hair down like that !! ahha. That's how she gets the hearts of many at dinners her father makes her go to lmao. But she'll reject you hard ahah don't try ! the only thing on her mind and interests is waffles right now okay winkwONK

Nino's closet is endless *Q* ! ! ! was gonna post this on my doodle blog but eh I liked it ahha. I'm finally on Nino's turn for rp replies so I'll get to that tonight *Q* !!
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Kairi was watching the bright moon again when she got a surprise visit from Roxas. He reveals a secret that he has been holding and she admits she was holding one too.

RoxasXKairi :iconroxaskissplz::iconkairikiss2plz: RoxasXKairi

Kairi: "Huh..Roxas? What are you doing here?"
Roxas: "......."
*Roxas kisses Kairi surprisingly*
Kairi: "....!!!"
Roxas lifts his head*
Kairi: "Roxas...I...---"
Roxas: "Kairi... I love you."
Kairi: "Oh Roxas, I love you too..."

Kairi - Heleannor
Roxas - Heleannor
Island - Pac-Mau

Do not own poses.

For those who favorite my work please leave a comment or Watch me for a lot more!
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Adeline Elizabeth Redford [born Adeline Elizabeth Forenwy]



March 1


Physical appearance:
Wavy golden/honey blond hair with slightly darker ringlets, medium green eyes with dark moss colored pupils, pale white skin with peach complexion

Tattooes, scars, birthmarks:

168 cm

47 kg

Early Victorian style high-necked dresses with puffed sleeves, slightly pointed waist, and bell-shaped floor-length skirt; usually in variations of blue color with slight other color accent, unless for certain dresses (ex. The Red Dress). She would also wear a pair of silk gloves for the shorter-length sleeves of her dresses; and a pair of ornate Victorian shoes, usually also in blue, or black.

Feelings toward people in general:
She thinks that everyone might have some hidden side on them, the side that they won't let anybody see, and to her it would be normal to want to release that side to the world once in a while though the said person might feel very burdened to even think of that. She took it upon her to try and help people she cared about to be able to release their hidden side, to let go of their pent up emotions, so happiness can go through them as is, not twisted or thwarted by the anger and sadness they carried. Basically she just really wanted people to be content and happy.

Economic class:
Upper class

Where does this character get their money?
From the noble line of her father's family, where she and her sister were the only heiresses. Not that his father was a famous nobleman or a close relative of the Emperor himself, but the wealth was enough for the two women to spend their lives not worrying about money in the least.

How willing is this character to part with their pennies?
She would be pretty easy going when it comes to money, often thinking that she wouldn't mind spending any amounts as long as she know it will be put to good use to help someone.

Does this character ever give to charities?
Every Sunday, every end of the month, and every year.

Does this character live in a nice house, have a nice car, etc.?
She lived in a decently spacious Tudor-styled castle built near a creek, surrounded by a small forest. As for her vehicle, she would get around in what was once her father's sleek black carriage.

Did they have to work hard to get their money, or was it inherited?
Inherited. She was amazed at the common people's ability to gain money from nothing, since she never had to work for even a minute in her life.

Sexual orientation:
Exclusively heterosexual

Has this character ever had a romantic interest?

Who is it?
Henry Charles Redford

For how long?
Since she was 20

Has this character ever been married?

Has this character ever been divorced?
It was the death of her husband after only 2 years of marriage.

Does this character love to be in love or love to hate it?
She loved it so much to be in love that she was severely heartbroken to have her marriage ended in such a way so abruptly.

How does this character feel about commitment?
She still felt commitment towards her late husband that she never remarried.

What does this character feel towards death?
She felt that death was something that is inescapable and ultimate, the end of every story of one's life. It made her sad in a thoughtful way to think about death, and in some ways it made her anxious, knowing that if she dies, she will have to leave everyone she loved that's still alive. But she knew that all the living things would have to reach that point eventually. She would still be heartbroken and she knew that, but for the reasons above, it wouldn't be really hard for her to let go, to let the deceased rest in peace.

She is quiet, softhearted, and easily touched when she felt that someone was in need of help. To her, no living being deserves suffering because even the most wretched of creature was entitled to at least a tiny bit of happiness in their live. She is caring and motherly, especially towards people close to her, and she would be gently protective over her loved ones. She is also soft-spoken and polite, keeping her manners in check since she felt that the best lesson one can give to one's children would be something one can give an example of. Once in a while she might be melancholic, thinking of the stories of her children's past, feeling both saddened and amazed at how they have faced their lives so far. She would often thought of other people's live stories, and that made her want to give as much care as she could towards the said person to comfort them.

Favorite color:
Blue, especially deep sea-blue

Favorite animal:

Favorite genre of music:
Classical (nothing much was available at that era in her hometown)

Favorite book/genre:

Favorite food:
Vanilla pudding that was eaten accompanied by a cup of warm camomile tea

Is this character easy to read, or do they have poker face?
It would mostly be easy to read her emotions and feelings, even though she was trained to keep her calm at all time due to the culture dictating so. But as she was mostly ruled by emotions, she wouldn't be the best at hiding her emotions.

Are they usually optimistic or pessimistic?:

Adeline was the first daughter of a wealthy landlord that was also a descendant of a noble line, making her practically a lady since birth. Her mother never survived giving birth to her, so she was raised by her father and two nanies whom she was very close to until the age of 21 when he father passed away. She was married at 24 to a war commander who was also the son of her father's close friend, and was enjoying the peak of happiness in her first two years of marriage when her husband was summoned by his general to go back to the battlefield. Her husband was killed in action, leaving her a widow after only two years married. The sadness and loneliness engulfing her made her grew fond of strolling along the countryside, where she met and adopted her first son, Jonathan; going to a church a little bit farther on the city border, where she met and adopted her second son, Benedict; visiting another upper class neighborhood, where she met and adopted her daughter, Mary-Jane; even went on a little adventure with her aged nannies who still stayed with her, walking up the hills, going in and out of the small forests surrounding the land, and once landed in a tiny village almost hidden from the world, where she met and adopted her last son, Lucio. She also met other beings and let them stay in her house with the only condition was that they will always do good to one another and never harm anyone; giving them a kind of sanctuary in times of need. It served to ease her loneliness too, for she now have a lot of family members she could share love with, a lot of loved ones she could care for.

Lucio's Bio:…
Leonard's Bio:…
Anneliese's Bio:…
Jonathan's Bio:…
Benedict's Bio:…
Mary-Jane's Bio:…

Character template (c) ~Hazy-b
Original character template:…

Adeline (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
Looking for the Butterfly (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
All rights reserved.

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I love drawing Marielle even though her hair is such a hassle. I thought Nino's hair was annoying to do, Marielle's wins it ahha
Drew her in her magical girl outfit ahaah. I haven't drawn something takes a lot of time because I'm always doing something, but I'm glad I took the time today to draw this. This was actually suppose to be a speed paint but then I forgot to hit record so I'm sorry ???? XD I'll have a speedpaint up nextime maybe! ! !  hopefully eheh. I still need to fix up her app huFF

::E-A:: Marielle by Aka-Ai::Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:: by Aka-Ai
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Mary-Jane Redford [born Mary-Jane Louise Galeton]



January 4


Physical appearance:
Wavy, mid-back length red hair that's slightly darker at the ends, moss green eyes, pale pink skin with rosy complexion.

Tattooes, scars, birthmarks:

120 cm

32 kg

Early Victorian style dresses for girls, usually ankle-length, in bright colors with sashes, frills, and ribbons. Sometimes she's dressed like a miniature Adeline (or a miniature of her mother before she was adopted). Her hair would almost always be in twin braids and would be tied with ribbons or jeweled hair clip.

Economic class:
Upper class

Where does this character get their money?
Currently from Adeline. Before she was adopted, her parents made sure that she could purchase anything she would like.

How willing is this character to part with their pennies?
She buy everything that catches her eyes.

Does this character ever give to charities?
She would most likely follow Adeline's examples, since her original parents never actually talked about the poor, not to mention charities.

Does this character live in a nice house, have a nice car, etc.?
The castle that his father inherited was larger and grander in design, but currently she lives in a mansion nonetheless, along with Adeline.

Did they have to work hard to get their money, or was it inherited?
She never worked even for a second in her live, and actually confused why people work so hard ( her mind, everyone could always ask their parents to buy them things).

Sexual orientation:

Has this character ever had a romantic interest?

Who is it?

For how long?

Has this character ever been married?

Has this character ever been divorced?

Does this character love to be in love or love to hate it?
She would really like to experience love, and would most likely enjoy every moments of it.

How does this character feel about commitment?
She knows almost nothing about commitment.

What does this character feel towards death?
She thinks that people should be able to talk to the dead (as in ghosts and all) because she basically likes ghost stories. She also wants to know what happens when someone died, couldn't decide whether there would be an afterlife or not.

She is cheerful, fussy, talkative, and sometimes slightly bossy because of her upbringing, which would sometimes annoy or irritate others around her, though not on purpose. Towards authority figures, she would be very sweet, slightly clingy, loving it whenever someone praised her for good behavior. Young as she is, she aspired to be completely ladylike, trying to act proper and polite, even telling her adoptive siblings what they did wrong in their manners, speech, and so on. But she couldn't hold her focus on one thing for very long, forgetting that she planned to be ladylike at first, then she would most likely be embarrassed and annoyed when someone points that out to her. Usually she would forget those 'incidents' pretty quickly, though, and spend the rest of the day being her cheerful, fussy self again. Despite of her being a girl, she has little concern or fear for ghosts and other supernatural beings, and at times even the boys would admit that she's the bravest of the four kids. She loves to be read ghosts stories before bedtime, much to others' dislike, and she would think it's endlessly funny how the boys are easier to scare. Her spending habit makes one of his brothers cringe every time Adeline took them to some stores, but Mary-Jane cares nothing about it. She doesn't mind spending a lot on things that she likes.

Favorite color:
Grassy green and lotus pink.

Favorite animal:

Favorite genre of music:
Classical (nothing much was available at that era in her hometown)

Favorite book/genre:
Illustrated storybooks about ghosts.

Favorite food:
Vanilla tart and honey lemon tea.

Is this character easy to read, or do they have poker face?
She has a hard time surpressing her emotions, not that she ever really wanted to. She knows that it's no good for proper women to show so much, as women were expected to look gentle and quiet at all time. But she couldn't help it.

Are they usually optimistic or pessimistic?:

Mary-Jane was the only daughter of her original parents, and since her parents were both an only child, she was the only descendant of both her mother's and her father's lineage of nobility. She was brought up being lavished in luxury, with her parents giving her anything she wanted...with one condition. She may never step out of the castle. Her parents were exceedingly protective of her, placing hordes of servants ready to do anything she needs to do, and she wasn't even allowed to open the door by herself. Her parents also educate her at home, with the best teachers on the kingdom teaching her everything she would like to know about everything. Her favorite subject would be the lessons about geography, plants, animals, and all about the outside world. She had thousands of books to read when she feels lonely, with ghost stories and horror books being her favorites. One evening, an accident in the kitchen set the whole castle on fire, burning practically everything on the first and second floor of the castle. The fire already reached the third floor, where Mary-Jane's room were, when the townsfolk managed to extinguish it. Both of her parents, who slept in the main room in the second floor, didn't survive the fire, just like much of the servants on the first floor. Mary-Jane was trapped inside her room that was locked from the outside by her parents for safety. A couple of days passed before Adeline came to the castle, planning to talk to Lord Galeton, Mary-Jane's father, who was also a friend of Adeline's late husband. She heard sobs and cries for help from the upper floor, and found the little girl inside. Considering none of her parents survived, Adeline spared no time to ask things, and brought her to the mansion where she brought the two boys before.

Mary-Jane is the only one of the four kids who was perfectly at ease calling Adeline as 'mother', since Jonathan is too self-conscious of his lowly upbringing, Benedict is too proper to think himself as no more than a guest at her house, and Lucio almost never spoke anyway. She was very much excited to have siblings, much to Jonathan's amused confusion, and she cold chat with any of the boys for hours. Initially they thought of her as somewhat pompous, but it quickly revealed to them that she simply knows very little of the world, and they became comfortable with her around them as soon as they realized the effect of her bright, cheerful personality that lighten up the mood of the whole family every time.

Adeline's Bio:…
Lucio's Bio:…
Leonard's Bio:…
Anneliese's Bio:…
Jonathan's Bio:…
Benedict's Bio:…

Mary-Jane (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
Looking for the Butterfly (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
All rights reserved.

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Rae and Akatsuki convinced me to make her a mage. lol. So yeah. Mage she is~

For :iconinnatus-lex:


Username : Liliane
Class: Mage - Aura
Gender: Femae

Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: *insert crossed out letters here*

Personality: Liliane has the up most confident attitude one should ever have. She always says “Of course!” in a silly tone and face. She’s haughty, upbeat, overly dramatic, expressive and is always one of the loud one. Which often gets her into all sorts of trouble. Often time’s she’d admit that she’s normally the quiet one and that her online friends are far much more closer to her. To the point that she thinks she can be ‘herself’. She hides her feelings being a witty smile. Never getting mad or sad in front of the public eye or even online. She enjoys hunting for items more than she does scavenging for foes. Loving to dress up her avatar whenever she can. She tries to get along with most people, and even when she’s insulted she’d still pull off a forced smile.

Her player has electronic problems so often times she always gets pulled out of the game out of nowhere. Which results in her coming back and complaining. She doesn't complain to everyone, only because it's rude. Instead she finds that one or two sole- people that she cans trust with her personal information. But usually the people she becomes personal friends with often have to deal with her slight weirdness in the things she like. She's a bit of a busy body which results in accidents happening. Her attempts in trying to do more then one thing she messes up. Which usually hurts herself or someone around her. Often times putting herself down a lot and apologizing like crazy, even so she tries to be positive.

When in battle she gets really riled up and really cocky beforehand. (hence her being haughty) She has high hopes that she'll win and always mentioned something about luck and loves to ramble before a battle. Then once it starts, she's very concentrated and is always in focus. Not caring to bother with anything else, BUT when something that she doesn't expect happens she gets completely thrown off and loses her focus. Thus resulting in a lost. She likes to give a VERY dramatic 'NOOOOOO.' in response to a lost. Often times being pretty sad about it for a bit before reverting back to a big smile and congratulating the winner and attempting to be friends with them.

+her hair (She will never want to make it short)
+her physical game avatar appearance in general
+Clothing items
+beautiful scenery
+getting things she’s always wanted
+fresh cool air
+Fancy stuff

-humid/stuffy air
-her hair getting stuck in something
-getting hurt
-being alone
-getting distracted
-getting hurt by the most stupidest thing
-being rushed

Weapon: Euphoric Melody
A silver staff that has a key on the bottom. There isn't a reason why it is there, it's just there for show. The wings along the edges help her build up wind. They move in unison up and down. The tassel looking things attached to it, help her know when there is a wind coming. The orb inside gathers up some air just in case she gets in some sticky situations that make her need a quick breeze of air, as for the sparkles ...they just for show again.. LOL.

It's really light and easy for her to carry despite the way it looks. But because of that, she often times forgets she has it. It's slightly taller then her. The edge at the bottoms is used for 'up-close' combat if she HAS to. Sort of like a spear like thing.It is also used for Liliane to plant the sharp point into the ground to used her wind base moves. (like as a shield or surrounding area.

Fight style: She mostly uses her magic above all else. She is not made for up-close combat. But when she does move around she tries to be very precise and correct in movement and posing. Her agility is better then anything else. She is mostly on defense more then offense.

Most of her moves are wind based. Since she likes to avoid any up close combat. Any moves that involve having to be close to the opponent. She does not use.

[Zephyros]-creates a light breeze for her to use. Sort of a started move she needs to use. She needs to use this before she uses anything that involves wind.

[Pampero]- A strong cold wind. Often used to buffet her opponents to get them out of concentration. Good for helping the user jump, dodge and other physical abilities.

[Mistral-Leste] - surrounds the user and the opponent with a circle of hot dry air. Sort of thing 50/50 thing because it can cause the user or the opponent to get knocked out due to the low amount of air. This move isn't used much by Liliane because of that. Can be used as a shield if she ups it up to a Mistral-Leste-Pampero.

-When her player gets tired (because of playing WAAAY too long) her movements get slower and less active. Often times being still for a very long time
-HUMID air. It makes her breathing clog up and she can't concentrate.
-her confidence gets the better of her
-very stressful situations

Additional info:
-Her cape and hair have the tendency to get STUCK on a lot of things. Mostly because she's always flying around like no tomorrow and playing with air so much something happens
-Voice: [link]
-She loves talking about food
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