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My Orc cosplay from Anime Boston 2012!
Four hours of make-up application.... but so worth it.

Hand made costume.
Makeup and Bald cap from Mehron.
Hand sculpted nose bridge with wax/putty from Mehron.
Staff borrowed from =Pyek

This was the third day using the same bald cap. I'm actually really impressed with how it held up. :)

Photographer: ~dmcfoto

See the rest of the photo shoot with me and my kahjiit sisters!:
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New ID :)

Here's a little preview from my Stormcloak photoshoot which I'll be uploading in segments soon
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Just my deviantart ID
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(c) disney & square enix
~Roxas: maskrosen
~Namine: Dramakid99, niladtherogue
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well,how should I start. 
erm....from what you all just saw. I can draw normally like...this
so I think my hand is normal now. thanks you all for worry about me.

about this meme... I accidentally overwrite my draw in ant-size file
(I try to recover it, so I redraw it) thanks, Flipsy for waiting me to finish this

Hina (c) Flipsy529 
Tavi (c) piyoaaa 

Tavi is Tiya's brother and my OC. 
at Shura island, power judge everything so he can do whatever he want.
he killed many human from capital and monsters that's too noisy. 
he sound scary but if you stay silent around him, he can be quite a nice guy.
he is strong and huge (like other Oni) and know many magic spells 

:D I like to draw his fabulous hair

my comment about my side meme
1. ohoho~ finally I have my own fabulous hair OC
2. Hina, she can shoot beam from her third eye....
3. Tavi is the reason why night is so silent. I think he can't make good first impression.
4. Hina look cute here but Tavi make me stunt. o_o;
5. I'm 170cm tall and don't touch my head, just want to say
6. this is kinda cute :3
7. maybe it's me who hungry but isn't that fire is kinda cute?
8. ok, it's clear. I'm hungry and thinking about hotdog. (that's sunglasses is kinda cool)
9. I don't know who will win because I don't know much about Hina. everything can make Tavi feels annoying but he won't get angry that easily. BTW, this pic was fun to draw.
10. I think big bro Tavi will take care of everything. maybe he plan to stay in this island forever....drink turtle's blood instead of water 

this meme was fun. thanks Filpsy for doing meme with me 
This is blank meme if you want
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Vaye isn't a sona of any kind.  However, I feel like he out of all of my characters has seen the most drastic changes in both appearance and personality.

I'm not sure if any of you remember old Vaye.  I drew him as he would have been in mid-late 2009, when I first decided to make him anthro.  Most of my drawings of him during this time period were never scanned or uploaded.

Look how far he's come.

original here
 Meme : Old Meets New! by Kiboku
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Photographer - Eva
Yorokonde 2012
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Hi guys! Some of you will know that I'm one of the contributers/mods for #Darling-Desserts a group in which previously I played one of my favorite personal character, Vanille Daceae.

Well, the group has been very inactive for a while and the admins have decided that it is time we give the group a new start.


and with that new start I would like to introduce the newest addition to my sweets cast. Frié!

Please consider checking out the group!! (And totally join Frixum! ;D)

Name: Frié Anily Farī "Fri" (Pronounced "Free-ae An-neh-Lee Fah-ri"
Gender: female
Age: 24

Dessert: Fried Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Animal: Himalayan Serow
Division: Frixum
Occupation: Mechanic

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165lbs
Skin: Deep Golden Brown
Hair: Cream
Eyes: Light Brown

Background: Frié is the middle child of a large distinguished family. Being one of nine siblings, it would have been easy to become lost in a sea of expectations. That was never once a problem Frié, with her determination and lively attitude, she excelled in more hands-on things, even more so than her brothers who it was expected of. Her father allowed her to be the apprentice of the towns "machine man" whom taught her everything from how to tinker with electricity to steam engines.

When she was age twenty, an acquaintance of her father passed on news of a job. Frixum needed a leader, and the whole familty felt that it was destiny for Frié, though she'd much rather tinker with things rather than deal with civil business.

Personality: Diligent, Brash and Flirty. Frié is an extremely hard worker that would sooner sleep one less hour rather than leave a task undone. She can be a bit harsh at times.

Strengths and Weakness: She can sometimes be a bit unforgiving and unintentionally oblivious to peoples problems because of her high expectations, even if she means well.
She can also be a bit forgetful of personal promises to people, tending to put work ahead of intimate things. On the flip side she is very hard working and makes sure that everything is in order at personal expense. She is a fast learner and loves learning new things.

Relationships: Mother, Father and Eight siblings; Two brothers, Six sisters.

Fun facts: She loves frilly things, specially clothes, but sometimes is afraid she looks silly in them. She also loves music, but keeps that private.
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Name: Shylock Rush
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"

Occupation: Manager to A.D.O., Intergalactic popstar android.
Employer: SpitShine Records


*Shylock is the son of the CEO of SpitShine Records, a company famous for producing some of the best musical superstars in the galaxy. He enjoys collecting musical antiques such as Ipods, headphones, etc.

*His personality is rather straightforward - in the public eye he remains a charming professional. In private he seems more quiet and focused. His workaholic lifestyle has left little in terms of a real social life outside of his coworkers, but he doesn't seem to mind it either.

*He really likes money. (True OTP Shylock x Money)

*He has a fake eye.

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I've been so busy this month slay me!!! I can't wait for the new year so I can get a hold of my life for a moment =7= ;;
but yeah!! I guess it's time for this sort of stuff huh?

This year has been strange. I can't quite explain it, but in the first half I was suffering from issues that I can't seem to understand how I got through it. The second half of the year felt like bliss after all the drama. But I'm grateful for all the friends who supported me this year. Thank you.

Art wise- haha I don't think I drew as much as I wanted to this year? I did a lot of doodles mostly, because I was lost in myself for a long time. And got lost in terms of art. But I think I've come to a resolution. I like my art, I remember when I use to hate it so much at one point but I would only draw because I thought i needed to get over that. I've overcame that and I just, I'm in a happy place right now. I still am trying my best to improve though! haha. I'M HAPPY AND EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR EVERY COMMENT, FAVORITE OR WATCH. Like I can't even begin to describe the smile on my face. 

There's so much I could really say, but I get cheesy really fast hahahah.

Thank you everyone for the support this year! Here's to next year right? :iconrainbowsparkleplz:
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