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"You gotta figure, everything starts someplace. The closest thing for me is when I was just seven days old, and I met her." - Roxas

"Hey, what's wrong? You worried about the new kid?" - Axel

"Xion." - Roxas
"Got it memorized, Roxas?" - Axel
"... Yeah." - Roxas

"R... Roxas..." - Xion
"Huh? What did you say?" - Roxas
"Your name... it's... Roxas, isn't it?" - Xion
"Yeah, Xion. ... That's right." - Roxas

"My name... Was that the first thing Xion's ever said?" - Roxas

"Roxas. Good luck today." - Roxas
"Th-Thanks. You too, Xion." - Xion

"You did great. In fact, you deserve a little something extra." - Roxas
"Something extra?" - Xion
"Yeah, the icing on the cake. C'mon. There's this place..." - Roxas

"Roxas, do you think I could be a friend?" - Xion

"Wonder what today's mission is. I hope it's with Xion." - Roxas

"If you want to impress Poppet, you'll have to work harder." - Xigbar

"I went to a new world today. Roxas, you should've seen it. It was so beautiful. Well, I'll visit you tomorrow, okay? Bye, Roxas..." - Xion

"Me and her are friends now." - Roxas

"I hope Xion's okay..." - Roxas

"Somehow... it feels kind of warm. It's almost like I'm holding your hand." - Xion

"Y-You can't do it alone!" - Roxas
'But I'm not alone. I can feel power surging through me... Roxas is right here fighting with me!' - Xion

"Roxas, would you... give me your hand?" - Xion
"... Like this?" - Roxas
"Yeah." - Xion

"You did it!" - Roxas
"I don't believe it! Roxas, it worked! Thank you so much!" - Xion

"Hey, Xion... Why don't we work together today?" - Roxas

"Oh, by the way, did you hear about what happened to Xion?" - Luxord
"No, what!?" - Roxas
"She bungled her last mission and has been in a deep sleep ever since. Can't win them all, I suppose." - Luxord
"Xion!" - Roxas

"And where do you think you're going, Roxas? - Saïx
"To see Xion." - Roxas

"You cannot help your comrade. Xion will not wake up." - Saïx
"That's not the point! I should still be with her." - Roxas

"What do you care? The creature is broken. Defective." - Saïx
"Don't call her that!" - Roxas

"I'll call that thing whatever I want. How we deal with Xion is no concern of yours." - Saïx
"I didn't ask you if it was!" - Roxas
"Look at you, Roxas. Up in arms over a nobody." - Saïx

"Settle down. Xion's failings won't affect your standing with us. You've nothing to worry about." - Saïx
"Won't affect my— What is WRONG with you? Look, I'll do my mission—later." - Roxas

"I mean, sometimes you sound like you really are heartsick or something." - Axel
"When I saw her lying there... I couldn't stop thinking that she'll never wake up." - Roxas

"I just hope she wakes up soon." - Roxas

"Flying felt so natural--like I'd done it before. Weird, huh? I wish Xion would wake up so I could tell her all about it." - Roxas

"Hey, don't you have work?" - Xion
"Huh? Oh, I'm about to head out." - Roxas
"Can I come, too?" - Xion
"But... don't you need more rest?" - Roxas
"After sleeping for three weeks? I'll be fine. C'mon, take me with you." - Xion
"All right... Sure." - Roxas

"Hey, easy man! C'mon, let's retreat for now and—" - Axel
"No... We have to... find Xion..." - Roxas

"I don't care what he said to you. I'll be there." - Roxas

"You really, really okay?" - Xion
"Okay, you're starting to weird me out." - Roxas
"Why?" - Xion
"Since when do you ever worry about me?" - Roxas
"Well, excuse me!" - Xion
"Just feels strange, that's all. Usually, I do all the worrying over you. I don't think it's ever been the other way around before." - Roxas
"Well, for your information... I worry about you all the time, Roxas." - Xion

"I'm glad you're back, Xion." - Roxas

"I can't believe that jerk would actually attack you." - Roxas
"So he's a jerk now?" - Xion
"......" - Roxas
"Roxas, I wouldn't be sitting here with you if Axel hadn't done that." - Xion

"He's your best friend." - Xion
"So are you." - Roxas

"I'll have these moments memorized for a long time. Forever, I hope." - Xion
"Me too. Forever..." - Roxas

"Please, Axel. You have to take care of Roxas. Please!" - Xion

"Xion's gone! How is that nothing?" - Roxas

"Have you gone nuts? Xion's a person, not a puppet." - Roxas

"I don't know what you're talking about, but Xion is Xion." - Roxas

"Naminé, will you watch over Roxas once I'm gone?" - Xion

"It's just... there isn't anything else I can do for him." - Xion

"You have poured so many memories into me... given me so much... that I feel like I'm about to overflow. Look at me, Roxas." - Xion

"You're next, Roxas. I have to make you a part of me, too." - Xion

"Who are you... again? It's weird. I feel like I'm forgetting something really important." - Roxas
"You'll be... better off now... Roxas." - Xion

"Roxas... I need you... to do me a favor." - Xion

"It's too late... for me to undo my mistakes... But you can't let Xemnas... have Kingdom Hearts. You can't." - Xion

"Good-bye, Roxas. See you again. I'm glad... I got to meet you." - Xion

"You're both my best friends. Never forget. That's the truth." - Xion

"No! Xion... Who else will I have ice cream with?" - Roxas

"Me, and Axel, and... and her can go on having ice cream together..." - Roxas

"I want Xion back." - Roxas

"Roxas, don't be sad." - Xion

"You'll forget me, but the memories themselves will never go away." - Xion

"Memories of you and me will always be together... forever, inside him." - Xion

"The girl I treasure. Xion." - Roxas

"And Xion is— a girl special to Roxas." - Riku

"You aren’t Sora or Roxas. You’re Kairi from Sora’s memories." - Naminé

"I think the meaning of my words reached her… Certainly, Xion’s memories belong to Sora, but Xion herself reflects Kairi. And because there were memories of the girl Sora treasures, Kairi, inside Roxas, Xion became… the girl treasured by Roxas." - Naminé

'The girl looks like she’ll fade away at any moment now,' thought Roxas. 'Why… why is this painful, somehow? I hate it.'

"I remember. I remember Xion. I wouldn’t forget. The sunset, the ice cream, there’s no way I’d forget." - Roxas

"Xion told me to free Kingdom Hearts. That was Xion’s wish. Then I want to grant Xion’s wish. Because maybe, if I do, I might be able to see Xion again. My treasured best friend that I destroyed with this hand of mine." - Roxas

"I’ll free the hearts from that Kingdom Hearts. And then Xion—I’ll take Xion back. We’ll eat ice cream together again." - Roxas

"The same bond between Sora and Kairi has probably become the bond between Roxas and Xion. That’s why Roxas was drawn to Xion like that, not even knowing what she looked like." - Axel

"There are only two things I want before I leave the Organization. My memories with Xion. A thalassa shell—the shell for the keepsake charm." - Roxas

"Xion definitely did say “I’ll talk to you later” this morning. I thought that meant if I waited here she’d come, which is why I came." - Roxas

"It makes me uneasy. I’m thinking about how maybe I’ll never see Xion again." - Roxas

"When I saw this castle, I felt it too. That my important friend… was here. My important friend—Xion." - Roxas

"Why has it been so painful for me since Xion left? I think I’m sad. It’s like every day is vague, shrouded in an ash-coloured haze, and it’s like time is just passing, it’s no fun.'" - Roxas

“No matter what that guy says, I’ll protect you.”- Roxas

"Memories may disappear, but feelings don't." - Roxas

"The sadness of knowing you forgot someone who matters—that'll gnaw at you forever." - Roxas

Remake of .

Wow my pixeling is changing so much after one year LOL. I'M GLAD ASDHEUHGRU :icontearplz:

Anyway, rokushi day is coming up! :iconbigheplz: I wanted to post this before the day though before I start seeing the old disgusting version of it around :icontearplz:. I unfortunately won't be around rokushi day since I'll be in Philippines BUT THANK GOD DEVIANTART HEARD MY PRAYERS FOR A QUEUE so you'll see my rokushi day contributions on that date, as if I never even left. XD

I can't wait to have internet again. ;v; But when that day comes, I already have to start attending my uni's program ugh. My uni life is starting too soon nooooo.


The command for this is still the same. I just updated it.

Happy advanced RokuShi Day ;v;


: iconrokushikiss1plz :

: iconrokushikiss2plz :


Remove the spaces.

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I did a series of wallpapers based on what the login screens for various groups in Mass Effect might look like.

Look for my other wallpapers in this series:
- Cerberus
- Normandy SR3
- Spectre
- Systems Alliance
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Re-do of

Naminé: Hello, Roxas.
Roxas: Uh, hi... And you are?
Naminé: I wanted to meet you, at least once.
Roxas: Me?
Naminé: Yes, you.

"Roxas! We will meet again. And then we can talk about everything. I may not know it's you, and you may not know it's me. But we will meet again. Someday soon. I promise!"
— Naminé to Roxas

"Let her go! Naminé!" — Roxas to DiZ

Naminé: "See we meet again, like we promised."
Roxas: "You said we'd meet again, but when we did, we might not recognize each other."
Naminé: I did, didn't I?
Roxas: But I knew you.

"I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you." — Roxas to Naminé

"I always thought Nobodies were doomed to fade back into darkness." — Naminé to Roxas

"Yeah, but you and I didn't." — Roxas to Naminé

"We can be together again!" — Naminé to Roxas

"Right!" —Roxas to Naminé

Yeyy a re-do of my rokunami kiss plz LOL. See the difference~ :iconrokunamikiss1plz::iconrokunamikiss2plz:

Thank God I got better at pixeling LOLOL. Namine looks less fat now and her dress looks more form fitting. ;v;' And both Roxas and Namine's faces look less fat LMAO.

I felt an obligation to re-do my kiss plz for them since I see it half the time in some rokunami day contributions and I am like lol no that ugliness I must re-do. So here it is LOL. I hope it looks better. Q_Q It looks bigger here so you can see all the little details/shadings/crud I did better~

The command for this is still the same. I just updated it.

Now excuse me as I have important things to do like draw for my waifu's (Sakura Haruno's) birthday which also happens to be today LOL. Hope you like my little rokunami contribution. XD

Happy RokuNami Day ;v;'


: iconrokunamikiss1plz :

: iconrokunamikiss2plz :

Remove the spaces.

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An Image for the Upcoming Game "Crysis 3".
It shows a Nano-Soldier with an Hi-Tech Compound Bow, who observes the surrounding Environment, while preparing his Weapon from the top of some ruins.
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requested by a commenter: a larger resolution, another hour or so of rendering...
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Machinarium ;
my favourite game...

1920*1080 wallpaper

Photo Manipulate: Sajad Roudbari
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It's just a screenshot with a mix of many different rainmeter configs... so many that i can't say all the names. So no download. But you can get the wallpaper here: [link] Or here: [link] Or here: [link] Or here: [link] Or here: [link]
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Cool clouds I photographed this afternoon.

Modified in Neat Image, Photo Brush, and Photo Filtre.
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And the last part of the meeting between Sora and Namine !

I enjoyed making this scene. There are full of scenes that I loved to do. Those for which I put times are the part who aren't fun but sometimes necessary for the rest of the story. I don't always turn may be the scenes as I want or as I should ... But I do as I can.

Oh and that's MY story ! Sorry for my bad english, this is the fault of the traductor google !! >_<


Informations :

Characters : Sora & Namine
Edits : Sorasprincess [link]
Stage : Bridge
Story : By me.


Dialogue - Part 2/2

On the bridge...

Sora : So... You're new in town ? I never seen you before. I would have remembered.
Strange girl : Well, yeah... I just moved here. I needed a change of scenery. This town is beautifull...
Sora : Seen from above, everythings sems more beautifull.
Strange girl : Yes... Ehm... About you ? Does anyone don't expect you anywhere ?
Sora : Of course there are people waiting for me ! You talk to a celebrity, you know ? But i don't let a lost sheep in the wild when she need compagny.
Strange girl : Haha, what are you talking about ? You're strange. *giggle*
Sora : I'm Sora, and you ?
Namine : My name is Namine. Nice to meet you.

Namine : His name is Sora... So it is...

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This is part of an avatar pack I've done about Portal
Feel free to use it: It's FREE!
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