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Second of three stickers. There might be even more..?

I didn't draw Amelia's feather because she doesn't start off with it ingame.


Rebecca “Amelia” Rose was a super heroine who constantly battled the world around her, starting early at age 13. When she was young, she was prone to eating everything she could, including bugs, paint chips, and dirt. After a while she developed childhood obesity, and had to be rushed to the hospital because of lead poisoning. Her early life wasn’t easy; her mother was a well renowned Wind Surfer, who, after suffering humiliation at the hands of a rival, stepped down for the support, and occasionally took out her aggression on Amelia, while her meek father watched on. She suffered from bullying in school because of her weight, and developed an separate, aggressive personality, where she would constantly get into fights with bullies. At age 10, after finding her mother’s secret trophy collection, Amelia told her parents that she wanted to become a Wind Surfer. Her mother of course lashed out at her. However, due to Amelia’s developed strength, she was able to break her mothers nose. She was sent to a detention facility, where she secretly honed her skills. Upon release, she developed an alternate persona, Amelia, who was a Wind Surfer by day and a vigilante whenever the occasion popped up. After her stalker tried to kill her, she took to keeping Emmett around for protection and entered White's Academy. Though tough as nails, Amelia suffers through phases of self doubt, hindering her ability to use her gift.

I plan on having Amelia develop ingame as a tough girl with a meek side who fights with her self confidence issues and eating habits.

Uh. note me if you want this as as sticker..?
I don't know..

TwistedFates and all related characters (unless otherwise stated) (c) *OlivesOranges//More of my original characters!
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This is a comic of only one page.

And yes, it's also very sketchy lD; My time management is pretty bad sorry.
I will see what I can do to improve it later, but for now here's this.

In case you're wondering, here's a few minor details I couldn't include:
-Before the battle, Dom took Vim's scarf so it wouldn't get in the way.
-Arcadie was in the hospital to visit his last round opponent Lucelle…
-Dom didn't want to make use of Valetta's machete unless they got permission from her, because for all they know it could have been stolen. So they looked for her.

What can I say? Arcadie was quite a surprising opponent for me, but working with him in the plot and drawing him was great : D 
I wish I didn't have to make this round so short but, at least I could put in the important things I wanted to include so, yay.

Arcadie Chimera (c) pklcha
Valetta Blacksky (c) The-Robot-Cat
Dom and Vim (c) 1STW
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OH BOY OH BOY WE GETTING STARTED (featuring actual text instead of hand-writing to avoid any possible judge conflictions)

wait is that really his name
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For :iconmiss-oc-pageant:

Next page:
Miss OC Round 1 - Wynne Paula Cleaves by Oly-RRR

There was one thing I didn't mention in the audition - Jordon's partner Guy Hoyle was also shot, only if the bullet intended for Jordon ended up in her head Guy's went through his spine. Surprisingly it didn't shatter his cheerful attitude.

Decided to go with something simple and 70s-looking for Jordon and she still thinks it's too impractical and posh.

Jordon's audition:
Miss OC Audition - DI Sinclair by Oly-RRR

Characters in order of appearance:
DI Jordon Sinclair and DS Guy Hoyle belongs to me
Harlowe belongs to Sephiramy
Queen Gwenevere belongs to QueenGwenevere
Kevin the postman, PC Alan Fisher, PC Wynne Paula Cleaves and PC Justin Case belong to me.
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XD uh ohz....

(H:CD) - [link]
(33) - [link]
(35) - [link]
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Second part of Arcamedis and Benedict first meeting. Look at all that text, these guys talk a lot :U ksajndskanjdkanda and they have no sense of humor OTL. It is the finished version of this (… ), which is also the closest thing to a translation I have :'D


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Esto tiene demasiado texto kasjndakdnsakjnda OTL y eso que he resumido varias partes ; ; pero estos dos hablan demasiado y son muy formales :U
Es difícil rolear personajes supuestamente inteligentes cuando tu no eres tan inteligente (?) </strike>. En fin, creo que se entiende? En el cuadrito negro (el antepenúltimo) iba a poner lo que pensaba Arcamedis pero no sabía cómo resumirlo ni redactarlo :I
Y por fiiiin terminé esta cosa, woohooo

Arcamedis © me
Benedict © ~Quicllampi
This thing © me
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Name: "Miguel", Just Miguel
 Height: 6'5
 Weight: 200lbs. (Mostly from his metal limbs)
Age: 23

 History:  A former Arnarcho-Terrorist from a planet named Earth. Most of his history was erased by the mafia, but there are hints that he's mentally unstable and extremely dangerous.  Somehow he ended up with the mafia, smuggling illegal substances for them in his space ship.
  Surprisingly calm. Never really gets angry or demonstrates any sort of emotion. And when he does, it sounds incredibly fake and acted out.
Bad stuff happens to people right after they do something to 'upset' him. He's really unsettling too, since he's able to stare at you for hours.
Despite appearing so calm, he's actually really violent. Really, really violent.

Abilities: Boxing with him hurts. A lot. He also likes to tinker.

 Fighting Style/ Weapons: Guns, guns and more guns. Simple as that. He also loves bombs. He carries a bag of neverending bombs.
He uses cheat codes with that shit.
He's human, after all. Any sort of lethal blow to his body will kill him.
Whenever he is slightly hungry, he'll collapse and make long, drawn out whale noises. Making him easy to spot AND immobile.
-He lost all four limbs in a ship crash. He made his own limbs from scratch.
-He INVENTS STUFF! He also really loves clocks.
-Smokes tons.
-He's walking collateral damage that manages to blow everything up.

 Relationship with Partner: Cornelius is HIS STEP BRO AND BEST FRAN. His sassy gay friend. 6A6

PARTNER: [link]
for :iconroulettecityoct:
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Oh that Dev and his crazy brother and their crazy antics *lafftrack*

Dev + BRO DEMON :iconmindless-corporation:
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Hiya! :wave:

So, perhaps I really ought to stop painting...But it's such a nice and stress-relieving activity Mm Happy . Don't judge me.

I've been trying to work on a new story. I haven't really moved past the brainstorming phase yet, but I'm already trying to design some of the characters. This is my current idea for Penny, the heroine. Her hair isn't quite the shade I want it...not sure whether to go more red or more brown. Or I could do an all-out orange :B. I've always wanted to do that. Thoughts...?

Let me know what y'all think of her design! It would be great to have some feedback :la:!
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