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Did this at 1:00 AM because I'm stupid.  I'll probably wake up in the morning and be, this is the crappiest shit I have ever seen.

Anyhow, this is the oldest and probably the most important generation of Malignant Remedy, since all the events unfold here.  The characters in this pic are depicted younger by at least 29 years before the events of the book. 

On the top is Wilhelm's mother - Young, beautiful, rich, dignified...yet a little naive.  Opposite to Wilhelm.  But don't worry.  She smartens up eventually...Unfortunately, she learns the hard way.

On the right is Charles Heintzman before he became the scary-looking, sociopathic nut he is today.  In his thirties, he took a position in parliament and manipulated his way to chancellorship.  Nevertheless, he has very little concern for political affairs and he isn't power hungry, either. His reason for it is much more personal, and much more dark.

Older pics of Chaz:……

And on the bottom is Johnston when he was about 70 or 80 pounds lighter.  He was a simpleton back then who just came back from war, with only one ambition: to find a wife and settle down.

Older pic of Johnston:…

Malignant Remedy & Characters © AymsterSilver
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Thus begins VIVA/MUERTE (im sorry not a lot happens)

However, expect regular updates every Tuesday and Saturday!! AHHHHHH
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 For :iconordo-fabula:

Prince Aloysius
Title: Prince from Snow White
Fairy Tale: Snow white
Origin: Fabula
Home:  He lives in a cabin just outside the main city (with the hunstman of course)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs.
Species: Human for the most part


Job: Hunting assistant and a waitrorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
 ♦ Good at putting on a front (Fooling people into thinking he's one thing when he is nothing like that.)  Acting basically~!
 ♦Talking to people

special powers / fighting abilities:
 He's a bit of a wimp (a lot of a wimp) But he's very clever.
 You could say his fighting abilities are average.
 ♦ When his name or reputation is on the line, Aloysius will do anything and everything to prevent himself from being embarrassed or becoming an embarrassment.

 ♦gets scared easily
  is very frail, he has little ability to fight
  and isn't interested in fighting (avoids it as much as he can) 
  He has health issues, and is prone to getting sick. 

Weapon:  A Dagger! To protect himself with.  It remains hidden and he has it on him at all times. (who knows where he hides it)



Likes:GIRLS. Being complimented, when things are calm, STRONG FIGURES HE CAN LOOK UP TO, Birds

Dislikes: CHAOS, rabbits, mice, little fuzzy animals (rodents mainly) germs, violence, scary things, having to work for it 

Personality: Aloysius is a nervous wreck, and is very insecure and a very jealous person. He's pathetically sad about all of his flaws and often slips into a PITY PARTY about it all. He wishes he was STRONG and not AFRAID OF ALMOST EVERYTHING. But alas, he's incredibly frail and weak in spirit. Although not brave, he has one super power! Which is... hes afraid of being embarrassed more than anything, and if it's preventable, he will do everything in his way to prevent this embarrassment.  


He'd been brought up to be such a perfect Prince, and do what exactly he was meant to do. Which was ... be a Prince. 
It never bothered him much growing up, nor did he take notice of what he was made for. He was made to be a Prince, do valiant things, be the hero of every girls dream , get married to the most beautiful girl, be king, and then make another Prince to complete the cycle.  But after awhile, the more he thought about it, the more it didn't sit well with him. Yes! Young Alyosius didn't want to be a Prince because it was EXPECTED of him.  But sadly, he did what he was told. Because lets face it... he was already born with a purpose, and most people had to work for their purpose.  So he decided to play it safe and be the Prince he was written to be.
Ah but rumor had it a fair young maiden was trapped in an eternal slumber! And who was put up to the challenge of saving her? None other than our Prince Aloysius. 
And off he rode! going to find snow and awaken her! Perhaps even fall in love and get married.  But there was that feeling of doubt again. What was he doing? Why was he out here? What was the point of all of this. He stopped in the middle of his mission to think about this.  
Why would he want to do this? Because it was expected? It was his purpose. After all, he was written to come in and save the girl. But did he want to do that? He didn't even KNOW this girl! Goodness! This was all too overwhelming. 
But he eventually made up his mind... No. He did NOT want to do this. He wanted a purpose crafted by his own choices.  
So he stopped riding towards Miss Snow, and rode off into a different direction. Unsure of where he was going or what he was even doing.
Eventually he'd end up in front of a town. And decided that Fabula was the place he wanted to start living at. He'd make a purpose for himself here. 

Relationship status:  Single                                                                  
Orientation: ladies. 
Relationships: none yet 8,c
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Looks like Mona ends up in Sanctum safe and sound!

...Sans the fact she just decked the FUCK outta Breech...

...that won't have too much of an effect on her stay, I'm sure...

And also food for thought here, how can Krevor know Sanctum by name if that mysterious voice never said it?

AND ALSO MALWARE! Only on-screen Malware...'cause that's how he rolls...

Next: [idontknowmaybeihope]

Mona Fel, Krevor Regicide, and Malware *Devicon
Nonima *Fluna
Breech ~TacosaurusRex
Sanctum OCT ~FastAndDelicious

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he is so dear to me. check it

i hate this new tagging
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Hiya! :wave:

So, perhaps I really ought to stop painting...But it's such a nice and stress-relieving activity Mm Happy . Don't judge me.

I've been trying to work on a new story. I haven't really moved past the brainstorming phase yet, but I'm already trying to design some of the characters. This is my current idea for Penny, the heroine. Her hair isn't quite the shade I want it...not sure whether to go more red or more brown. Or I could do an all-out orange :B. I've always wanted to do that. Thoughts...?

Let me know what y'all think of her design! It would be great to have some feedback :la:!
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<-Cover: Galactic Smackdown: Round 2 'Guardian' by AndrewMartinD
->Part 1: Galactic Smackdown: Round 2 Part 1 by AndrewMartinD


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Sorry it's a slow week, but occasionally I do these splash pages when I think it would look, RADICAL ~u~

call it suspense making
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Aw yeah, the first finished picture of 2014. And it had to be OC ball stuff (yeah, I'm still doing that) and it had to be them. I'm using the term "crazies" lovingly obviously.

It's going to be a while before they appear in Cop Story but I figured it won't hurt to remind you who they are (left to right).

Theodore Lancaster – nobody knows what exactly he is doing here. Job-related? Not that it changes anything, he’ll just stand quietly in a corner all in his thoughts.
Stu Battle - looking after his twin brother Steve. Will fail at this when/if he gets drunk enough.
Steve Battle - hasn't realised it's a perfect opportunity for abusing substances yet.
Carl Rhels – didn’t want to go which is precisely why he was taken along because the only way to help with social awkwardness is to talk to people more.
Dylan Benton – will probably just stare at everyone but also might pull his pants off and piss on the table.
Doctor Ellie Murray – knows that whatever happens next she’ll be the one responsible. She always is.
Peter Cook – disapproves of this because he thinks WWII is on and it’s wasteful to throw parties like that when food is rationed.
Quinton Rhoades – doesn’t enjoy anything except perhaps seeing Murray in an awkward situation and an opportunity to get pissed. Will have some snarky remarks for everyone unless he’s too drunk to talk.
Philip Troutdale – is trouble.
Troy Sergeant – likes biting human ears and fingers. Doesn’t actually mean any harm.
Nevan Penrith – needs a paperbag.
Devon Penrith – is going to party! Probably. Nevan permitting.

I am never drawing so many people in one picture again! Except... the next time I do it and the time after that and so on. :dummy:

Cop Story site!
Cop Story tumblr!

Cop Story © Oly R.
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(one of) My characters for an upcoming steampunk RP group 

NAME: Layla Lucas
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'5''

Layla is the youngest of 5 siblings (all brothers) and it shows. The least girly girl possible (not to mention the lack of booty) She's a tomboy by nature, and loves being lieutenant of the guard on the airship. 

She's not stupid, but she is a ditz, a clutz, and is basically a bad luck brian personified. She understands the hierarchy of social order though and respects all superiors while thinking herself in charge of the commoners

She absolutely adores captain Etienne Barrel too bad he shows 0 interest in her the way she does >u<

AE (c) :iconb-marble:
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