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Did this at 1:00 AM because I'm stupid.  I'll probably wake up in the morning and be, this is the crappiest shit I have ever seen.

Anyhow, this is the oldest and probably the most important generation of Malignant Remedy, since all the events unfold here.  The characters in this pic are depicted younger by at least 29 years before the events of the book. 

On the top is Wilhelm's mother - Young, beautiful, rich, dignified...yet a little naive.  Opposite to Wilhelm.  But don't worry.  She smartens up eventually...Unfortunately, she learns the hard way.

On the right is Charles Heintzman before he became the scary-looking, sociopathic nut he is today.  In his thirties, he took a position in parliament and manipulated his way to chancellorship.  Nevertheless, he has very little concern for political affairs and he isn't power hungry, either. His reason for it is much more personal, and much more dark.

Older pics of Chaz:……

And on the bottom is Johnston when he was about 70 or 80 pounds lighter.  He was a simpleton back then who just came back from war, with only one ambition: to find a wife and settle down.

Older pic of Johnston:…

Malignant Remedy & Characters © AymsterSilver
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Thus begins VIVA/MUERTE (im sorry not a lot happens)

However, expect regular updates every Tuesday and Saturday!! AHHHHHH
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Looks like Mona ends up in Sanctum safe and sound!

...Sans the fact she just decked the FUCK outta Breech...

...that won't have too much of an effect on her stay, I'm sure...

And also food for thought here, how can Krevor know Sanctum by name if that mysterious voice never said it?

AND ALSO MALWARE! Only on-screen Malware...'cause that's how he rolls...

Next: [idontknowmaybeihope]

Mona Fel, Krevor Regicide, and Malware © *Devicon
Nonima © *Fluna
Breech © ~TacosaurusRex
Sanctum OCT © ~FastAndDelicious

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<-Cover: Galactic Smackdown: Round 2 'Guardian' by AndrewMartinD
->Part 1: Galactic Smackdown: Round 2 Part 1 by AndrewMartinD


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Sorry it's a slow week, but occasionally I do these splash pages when I think it would look, RADICAL ~u~

call it suspense making
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Aw yeah, the first finished picture of 2014. And it had to be OC ball stuff (yeah, I'm still doing that) and it had to be them. I'm using the term "crazies" lovingly obviously.

It's going to be a while before they appear in Cop Story but I figured it won't hurt to remind you who they are (left to right).

Theodore Lancaster – nobody knows what exactly he is doing here. Job-related? Not that it changes anything, he’ll just stand quietly in a corner all in his thoughts.
Stu Battle - looking after his twin brother Steve. Will fail at this when/if he gets drunk enough.
Steve Battle - hasn't realised it's a perfect opportunity for abusing substances yet.
Carl Rhels – didn’t want to go which is precisely why he was taken along because the only way to help with social awkwardness is to talk to people more.
Dylan Benton – will probably just stare at everyone but also might pull his pants off and piss on the table.
Doctor Ellie Murray – knows that whatever happens next she’ll be the one responsible. She always is.
Peter Cook – disapproves of this because he thinks WWII is on and it’s wasteful to throw parties like that when food is rationed.
Quinton Rhoades – doesn’t enjoy anything except perhaps seeing Murray in an awkward situation and an opportunity to get pissed. Will have some snarky remarks for everyone unless he’s too drunk to talk.
Philip Troutdale – is trouble.
Troy Sergeant – likes biting human ears and fingers. Doesn’t actually mean any harm.
Nevan Penrith – needs a paperbag.
Devon Penrith – is going to party! Probably. Nevan permitting.

I am never drawing so many people in one picture again! Except... the next time I do it and the time after that and so on. :dummy:

Cop Story site!
Cop Story tumblr!

Cop Story © Oly R.
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(one of) My characters for an upcoming steampunk RP group 

NAME: Layla Lucas
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'5''

Layla is the youngest of 5 siblings (all brothers) and it shows. The least girly girl possible (not to mention the lack of booty) She's a tomboy by nature, and loves being lieutenant of the guard on the airship. 

She's not stupid, but she is a ditz, a clutz, and is basically a bad luck brian personified. She understands the hierarchy of social order though and respects all superiors while thinking herself in charge of the commoners

She absolutely adores captain Etienne Barrel too bad he shows 0 interest in her the way she does >u<

AE (c) :iconb-marble:
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Name: "Miguel", Just Miguel
 Height: 6'5
 Weight: 200lbs. (Mostly from his metal limbs)
Age: 23

 History:  A former Arnarcho-Terrorist from a planet named Earth. Most of his history was erased by the mafia, but there are hints that he's mentally unstable and extremely dangerous.  Somehow he ended up with the mafia, smuggling illegal substances for them in his space ship.
  Surprisingly calm. Never really gets angry or demonstrates any sort of emotion. And when he does, it sounds incredibly fake and acted out.
Bad stuff happens to people right after they do something to 'upset' him. He's really unsettling too, since he's able to stare at you for hours.
Despite appearing so calm, he's actually really violent. Really, really violent.

Abilities: Boxing with him hurts. A lot. He also likes to tinker.

 Fighting Style/ Weapons: Guns, guns and more guns. Simple as that. He also loves bombs. He carries a bag of neverending bombs.
He uses cheat codes with that shit.
He's human, after all. Any sort of lethal blow to his body will kill him.
Whenever he is slightly hungry, he'll collapse and make long, drawn out whale noises. Making him easy to spot AND immobile.
-He lost all four limbs in a ship crash. He made his own limbs from scratch.
-He INVENTS STUFF! He also really loves clocks.
-Smokes tons.
-He's walking collateral damage that manages to blow everything up.

 Relationship with Partner: Cornelius is HIS STEP BRO AND BEST FRAN. His sassy gay friend. 6A6

PARTNER: [link]
for :iconroulettecityoct:
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Various character color sketches.
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Still a long time though.

 Chara Outfit Design by SironaBennet Chara Outfit Design by Raenyras Chara for competition by universegirl97 MistyTang's Chara by BobsCookie Chara Contest Entry by OverlordPrince CE: Outfit for Chara by HoursUponHours

Star! PREV
Star! NEXT

Available on SmackJeeves

Pencil and CG.
A Woman of Dust, it characters, artwork, and story (c) Me, Jaclyn Weber
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