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FINISHED!!!!! See here!…

I discovered Worbla's finest art recently.

Here is my current project, I plan to do the Nightingale armor from Skyrim. The side parts will be vegi leather.
Thanks a lot to Kamui for her Armor tutorial(s)

This will be a scale armor kind of outfit and the scales will be attached flexibly.

Next: Smooth, primer and base color
Long term: Sewing! I will need a cape, and the leather parts of my armor.
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My skirt for my Midna true form Cosplay.

[1] Half of the white is painted.

[2] All of the white and the blue is painted, though the blue is really difficult to see.
[3] I've started on the roan red, but that's gonna take a while to finish..

[4] Doing a test-run of wearing what has been made of the cosplay so far. I like the skirt, but I'll have to get used to having practically that whole side of my body showing XDD

[5] I actually finished this quite a while ago, but I kept forgetting to take a picture of it.
I'll upload another picture when we get the belt attached.





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UPDATE: Some changes were made, some details were tightened. It's getting there :D

A creative excercise in designing a new Iron Man suit. It is a daunting task since Adi Granov did a very good job with the current EXTREMIS armor. This is a kinda homage to most of the modern Iron Man armor from the 90s onward. It has a few touches from the Modular Armor, the Heroes Reborn armor, the Retro armor and the Tin Can and EXTREMIS armor. I added a smidge of Hulkbuster for good measures, since World War Hulk is about to start. I figure ol' Shell head is going to need all the help he can get.

Hopefully I will finished this, lots of potential in this piece I think.
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SO I was thinking it would be really cool to cosplay as a Nightingale. And then I started drawing the armor.

Well, I think it might be possible. It would just be very hard.
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The One that Closed the Oblivion Gates! Because everyone else is a helpless retard! XD She just walks up with a confident smile and the eagerness to punch, crunch, smash, and crush the daedra in many different ways.

Can you imagine how pissed off Malkhai was once she learned that the Thalmor have been taking credit for it? I can see them trying to hunt her down too when they discover she's still alive- she can tell everyone that Talos (who seems to be comparable to Jesus, like Mara is to Mary) is a divine because she had to retrieve the artifact that had his blood on it- if he wasn't divine it wouldn't have worked.

She does not get involved in the civil war directly, but she does kill every Thalmor she comes across.

So anyway... lol... I'm talking about a time 200 years after the setting of this and my tendency to ramble.

I started playing Oblivion again for nostalgic reasons. I feel ashamed though- I never finished Morrowind!

This is before she joins the Dark Brotherhood, other random quests, and the arena.

Oblivion stuffs Bethesda
Malkhai Ale'Zandre (LaChance) KABren

Original sketch: [link]
Start to Finish: [link]
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Upper picture: Vambrace 2.0, it's bigger than the last one and therefor fits the refs a lot better. Still having the unfinished hidden blade as mock up (I'll probably keep the tip, ditching the handle.

Lower left: Early hood construction. Later I got rid of some fabric on the inside and cut some corners off to make the points pointier and the inside blue lining go back again (it sticks out at the front).

Lower right: some gear put on, the cuff is now attached to the sleeves.

Btw, allthough I needed to heavily modify this (switch some stitching lines and adding 5 cm underneath) I still think I'm ought to credit ~Franky-bizarro for his amazing hood pattern, located at:

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Some concept sketches of a "humanized" GLaDOS from Portal 2. It's for a possible future cosplay Luna and I had in mind. I think I just want an excuse to try making a cosplay with lots of heavy armor making. Plus Portal is just an awesome game~

Portal/GLaDOS Valve
Artwork Myself
Eclipse Cosplay Blog: [link]
Facebook: [link]
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So I though i would post what my latest project is. TA DA!:3

It is no where near done but this costume has been quite a learning experience thus far. I have found what I can do with what I know and new techniques to do other things.
My first time doing my own pattern and I am proud. It is all made out of bed sheets(the colors of my bedroom were the same so of course I had to <3 her) Kept the price down. Uh yeah. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. You will see more in the future.

Character (c) Nintendo
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I haven't upload anything for som time, so here is another work in progress. This time it is a design.
Honestly it's only a very speed sketch. The Dragoness is going to look like my Aryena WIP: ARYENA: reference sheet + general anatomy by Aniusia483.

The deviation will be being updated in the future till it'll be finished.

Aryena's scale given by her to Billie as a Dragon 'proposal' gift, put into a special made metal bezel, formed in a shape of her body.
The chain is kinda stiff.

According to Dragons' tradition, the first from the couple who gives their own scale to their partner, makes a kind of proposal. When, in return, the partner gives them their one in exchange for, it means an acceptance and preparedness. Both scales fuse into the gifted ones' amulet, and stay there for the rest of their lives as a kind of sighn they are bonded and given over to each other. This kind of speechless Dragon ritual leads the lovers directly to the Coalescence.

Design and idea of Dragon ritual belong to me,:iconaniusia483:.
(I know, the design isn't unique;) Just a dragoness coiled around sth round^^)

Don't use.
Exception; if you draw a fanart of Draffectill (Billie and Aryena), you can draw it aroud Billie's neck, but you must credit me (as a characters&pairing&story author as well as the designer of this necklet) together with the link to this Deviation's page(not to the image only!).
Give proper credit by glomdi
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Usually I don't submit screenshots but I like colours in this one after I edited it, so... here it is.

Skyrim (c) Bethesda
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