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Because DeviantArt refuses to be convenient. :|


AND FIGURED OUT THE SCALE, TOO! The default size of this template is best suited to cosplayers who are 5ft 7in tall. However, though, I've also added a 'key' to help accurately re-size it yourself if you need to. :D

Thrown together via request. So far only the helmet is properly organized on the print layout, but the entire suit of armor IS there. You'll just have to arrange everything yourself if you want the rest of it before I can get around to polishing this off all spiffy. Ven's armor was actually 6th down my 'To-Papercraft' list, but whatever. Quick and half-hat often actually IS better than a-year-later-and-perfect. ;)

This is Ventus' gameplay model from "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep". Default size is 6ft 3in (190cm) tall from shoe bottoms to horn tips. I have not yet calculated what that translates to in terms of wearer-height, but I'm sure you'll manage.

INTERESTED IN TURNING YOUR PAPERCRAFT ARMORS INTO MIND-BLOWING-LY REALISTIC COSPLAYS? Click here, if thou braveth to slip from the edge of thine chair: :la::la::la::la::la::la::la::la:

See also: Wayward Wind Keyblade & Lost Memory Keyblade
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Heya I got a complete set of Terra's armor from kingdom hearts birth by sleep pep files here.... it was a real pain getting this all done... but hey its done and its here!!!
give my buddy Azurial from the site therpf some thanks!.. without Azurial's assistance this would have taken a whole lot longer then it did... so give Azurial some props!...
these files contain more than 1 file for several parts such as helm, torso, and legs.... it does NOT have "left and right" because you can simply click "mirror invertion (both 3D and 2D)" to get the other side.....
so good luck and have fun with makeing it... I'll post my own progress soon....
also it contains "Ends Of The Earth" keyblade made by EuTytoAlba [link] HERES TO YOU EuTytoAlba! FOR DOING A EXCELENT JOB ON THE KEYBLADE!!!!!
Next up Aqua & Ventus!!!
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My first Daedric Helmet was my first attempt at using Pepakura Designer, and while I made it accomplish what I needed it to do I decided to unfold it again. I'm pretty proud of it, especially since it's an obvious indication of how much I've learned.

To download this and the rest of the Daedric armor please visit this page:…
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Here's my pep file for the daedric sword from Skyrim. I haven't built it (yet, maybe...), but I think the scale should be right on with everything else I've been building.

If you'd like to download this and the rest of the daedric items go here:…
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Well it's about time! I was unfolding the armor as I went so now that I've almost got everything built I thought I'd post a visual representation of a lot of different files that I've unfolded on my way to making a full set of Daedric armor.

Download old cuirass file that includes skirt portion:…
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craft foam armor Tutorial part 1
by ~okageo

since i been getting a lot of questions on how i make my armors. i'll be writing a 3 part tutorial using various methods. method 1:craft foam, method 2: craft foam + vinyl, pvc + apoxie sculpt, and method 3:mold/cast. the first method can be found here

any other questions on this one leave it on the comments
you guys can also follow my work in progress on [link]
chest pattern can be found here: [link]
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Larger Preview

APOLOGIES, but I can't afford to "unlock" Pepakura Designer on my computer at this time. So, that means I cannot save .pdo files, at least for the time being. I figured a PDF would be better than nothing. First and foremost I made this for myself, as much as I do enjoy sharing, and the inconvenience doesn't actually bother me that much. :p

THIS WAS MADE FROM A MODEL RIPPED FROM KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX. I have the Birth By Sleep model, but the KHII version just looked more sleek, badmuffin, and mysterious. I think the "ears" are a tad longer. In all, I just liked it better. The difference could in fact just be my imagination. At the end of the day, this is still right out of the games! (The Japan-only editions, mind you.)
:iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz: :iconheartlesslaplz::iconheartlesslaplz::iconheartlesslaplz:

Version WITHOUT texture: [link]


Known Quirks:

0. What in the unhealthy name of deep fried french fries?!!!! Wha happen to the texture?!! Sorry, it seems to have become cell-shaded in the process of uploading the PDF to DeviantArt. IT'S DEVIANTART'S FAULT! I'll try again, but if it still doesn't work, you'll just have be happy with the best I can do. :|

1. This is not to scale, but it is large, so take some measurements to estimate proportionately weather it will be too small or too big for you.

2. None of the glue tabs are labeled yet. :noes::noes::noes::noes: *Jaws music plays*

3. The polygon faces on the .obj file were inside out, so if you know which dotted lines mean "valley fold" and "mountain fold"-----I actually don't-----then just imagine they mean the other way around.

In a total undeniable Noobus ignoramus on the subject of 3D happen to be looking at the result of nearly a week of solid sleepless study and tinkering with code that might as well be in written Iclandinc for all I know. Would have gone much faster and less painfully if any of the experts I write to for help ever write back. Ever.

But I would not be denied. :icongamefaceplz: Just lucky for me that my uncle, who happened to stop in the other day to fix our AC, happened to know his way around .mdx -> .obj file conversion. Yes, we here in AZ are still running our AC at this time of year. To us, October means that it's finally not hot outside after 10pm. :noes:

And, sorry, but I still can't spare the $40 to get the ability to save .pdo files unlocked by the Pepakura peeps. It's on my Christmas wishlist though. :)
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A tutorial!! Gasp!! I haven't done one in years!!

But I thought I'd just make a quick simple one showing how to obtain that 'worn look' when painting pepakura armor.

I think all the info you need is on there. Enjoy! Hope it helps!
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EDIT: Updated with a newer picture.

Ever heard of this before? A duct tape mannequin is a cheap and easy alternative to buying a dress form. It's incredibly useful for patterns, making a stand to showcase your work, and it is perfect for custom-fit clothing/costumes. Plus, it's easy and only take a day to make.

I learned a bit about this technique from my friend Havenaims, as well as a popular dA artist's YouTube, Hyokenseisou-Cosplay. There are also other tutorials all over the web. So, if you need a tutorial with a better description (and pictures), feel free to search for it on the web.

What you'll need:
- plastic wrap
- duct tape
- depending on how tight you want it, either no shirt (for a man), a sports bra, or a t-shirt
- if doing bottom half: underwear or loose pants (not jeans)

- Use restroom before you begin.
- DO NOT DO THIS ALONE. You will need a friend - possibly two.
- If you feel uncomfortable while doing this, then stop immediately. This is not recommended for those who are not comfortable being restricted or bound. You will not be able to move while being wrapped. If you start to panic, or get uncomfortable, the duct tape will not be easy to get out of and could cause harm. Be careful and remain calm.
- Constantly make sure the person being wrapped can breathe comfortably. Keep them cool, calm, and don't wrap tightly.

Please use this tutorial and your own risk. I am not responsible for any injuries, discomfort, or inaccurate tapping.

If you want to make a full body mannequin, then please make the first half first (cut yourself out) and then do the bottom half after a nice rest. If it helps, or if you're nervous, then do a limb at a time and save the big areas (like your chest) for last. Kind of like a test to make sure you can handle it.


1. Put on a t-shirt that you no longer care about, or some cheap one that you bought at Goodwill. Or, you could wear a sports bra, or go bare chested if you're a dude.

2. Wrap the areas not covered by fabric with plastic wrap. If you're bare chested, or in a sports bra, then cover your body in plastic wrap. DO NOT MAKE IT TIGHT FOR EITHER SCENARIO. You don't want to make yourself faint, or cause damage to yourself by making your limbs go numb. Just a nice, loose wrap should do fine. Do not wrap your entire body. Do the upper, then the lower, or vice versa.

2. Start covering the plastic wrapped areas, and fabric covered areas in duct tape. Again, NOT TOO TIGHT. Work fast. Do one limb at a time. Save the chest for last.

3. Once all of the plastic wrapped areas are covered, just cut down the sides carefully, and viola! You're almost done.

4. Carefully match up the ends that you just cut. Do not overlap them. Otherwise your mannequin will be too small and your patterns wont match up. Match them as evenly as you can and duct tape them together.

5. After that, stuff it with stuffing, newspaper, expanding foam, whatever! If you need a sturdy mannequin, expanding foam is good. If you just need something to drape your costumes over, whether to display them or check your work, then the latter is fine. You can also skip this step and cut the mannequin apart for an instant pattern of your body to use for costume making.

And there you go! If you have any questions, just ask.
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