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Currently, the hashtag “Women Against Feminism” has been trending on social media, and it has created quite the on-line feminist backlash. Feminists have been left scratching their heads, wondering why women of all people would have a problem with feminism. Why would women be against people who claim to be “advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men”?

If I had a dollar for every feminist who rebutted the phrase “I don’t like feminism” with “what do you have against equal rights for women?”, my wealth would rival that of Steve Jobs!

No, feminists, we do not have a problem with women wanting equal rights to men. Our problem is not with what feminists claim to stand for. Our problem is not with their positions. Our problem is with their words and actions.

You see, feminists, I don’t judge people based upon what they claim to stand for. If that were the case, I would take the word of Republicans that they support “limited government” or Democrats that they support “civil liberties”—and that would make me a very gullible person, indeed!

No, I simply do not trust feminists who try to define their feminism by mindlessly regurgitating the dictionary definition. I assume they are either liars or hypocrites. This is because their actions do not match their words. They claim to support gender equality, but their actions prove they do not.

I cannot claim to know why women oppose feminism (because I, as a man, do not feel I should speak on behalf of women, as I think that they, as grown adults, can speak for themselves), but as to why I oppose feminism (or at least feminists), here are a few of my own reasons:
#1: They claim to care about "gender equality" yet only focus on the "privileges" of men and "inequalities" of women while ignoring the privileges of women and inequalities of men.

#2: They blame the "gender wage gap" on "institutional sexism" while ignoring all other contributing factors.

#3: They claim that women should be free to do what they want with their own lives, yet often demean women who choose traditional roles such as being stay-at-home mothers.

#4: They claim that they don't think "all men are rapists," and yet argue that the most effective method of preventing rape is to "teach men not to rape."

#5: Some of the more radical ones insist that "all men are rapists" by claiming that all PIV (Penis-In-Vagina) sex is rape, even if it's consensual.

#6: They claim that America is a “rape culture,” when even the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), one of the most trusted sources of sexual violence information in the nation, has dismissed the concept.

#7: They promote mixed messages such as "no means no, but sometimes, yes doesn't mean yes."

#8: They claim to support "female empowerment," and yet when someone like Miss Nevada suggests that women empower themselves by taking self-defense training, they accuse her of supporting "rape culture."

#9: They claim rapists should bear full responsibility for rape, and yet when a human rights activist was raped in Haiti, the blame was placed, not on the man who raped her, but rather on the "oppression of white men."

#10: They fudge data in order to lie about how domestic violence against women increases on Super Bowl Sunday.

#11: They deny that men can be victims of domestic violence, going so far as to make death threats against activists who argue on behalf of male domestic violence victims.

#12: They want men to respect women, and yet claim that men showing respect towards women is "benevolent sexism."

#13: They want to "ban bossy" because they claim not enough women are in positions of power because little girls are called "bossy." (Not helping their credibility: one of the female "role models" is Condoleezza Rice--the female politician whose lies forced America into a needless war!)

#14: They create dishonest propaganda regarding "sexual objectification" within video games.

#15: They demand more empowered female characters in the media, but claim many female characters do not count because they are simply "assuming the role of a man."

#16: They oppose how the media presents an "unrealistic body image" for women, but say nothing about the "unrealistic body images" facing men.

#17: They accuse a little girl's cartoon of being homophobic, racist, and smart-shaming.

#18: They oppose science on the grounds of "male privilege," even going so far as arguing that Newton's Principia is a "rape manual," E=mc2 is a "sexed equation," and that male genitalia aids in "the privileging of solid over fluid mechanics."

#19: They resort to illegal tactics such as pulling fire alarms to silence dissenting opinion.
This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are far too many more reasons as to why I dislike modern feminism and their acolytes. But these are a few of the more notable and apparent ones. If you have any additional reasons why you do not care for feminists, please provide them in the comments below.

And to any feminists who wish to rebut any of my points, before you leave a comment, please follow the links I have provided and either read the source or watch the video in its entirety. This way, you have a firm understanding of my points.
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The silence was maddening.
I can remember curling up into a tight ball, my knees to my chest with my forehead up against them, my hands covering my ears in a desperate attempt to keep the silence out. The silence pressed in on me from all sides, like a giant hand keeping me locked in it's grasp.
Pontius and Garnag wouldn't speak to me. They just left me alone, in the room with the Night Mother. They are not the Keeper, so they felt unworthy to go near our unholy matron. They only came near me to give me food. But not to talk. Never to talk. I was alone. No one to talk to.
After a while, I grew so desperate to hear a voice, any voice, that I began to speak to myself, and Mother's remains. I would scream, sing, cry, and talk, to ward off the silence, because my dagger was useless in this battle. Only my voice could fight. It wasn't long after that, that I began to talk in third person, just to hear someone, anyone, say my name. I prayed to Mother that someone would come soon, to help me ward off the silence.
It wasn't long before my voice grew tired, and I was plunged into silence once more, before I heard it. The laughter. The laughter of the jester. The jester's laughter came from the Void, to help me fight against the silence. It swirled all around me, filling my soul with it, carrying through the halls of the Sanctuary. The laughter was every where, and soon it became me.
After a while, I couldn't hear the laughter anymore, but I was the laughter. I couldn't stop laughing, even when Garnag told me that Pontius was killed, by a common bandit, no less. Even when Garnag left, and never came back, I laughed.
I laughed and laughed and laughed. The Cicero I was before had died, and he will not come back. I am now the Fool of Hearts, the Laughter Incarnate. I found the jester's old clothes and put them on, throwing my shrouded armor away. I didn't need it any more.
Eventually, I knew that we had to leave, Mother and I. I could remember Alissane Dupre speaking to Rasha about a sanctuary in Skyrim. I knew I needed to go there to find the Listener, so that that the Dark Brotherhood may rise again.
Updated version of Cicero's Silence.

Want more TES art by me? Go here:…
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As the young blond traced small details onto her map, she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow. For early fall, it sure was hot... Or perhaps that was just the heat of the furnace getting to her? Sighing, Fleet dropped her quill and stood up, dragging her hand through her short, fluffy hair. The day had been long, and the evidence of this was all over her body- Dirty clothes, a small smudge of coal dust on her left cheek... Not to mention the fact that her hands were stained with ink. But all the dirt, all of that dust had been worth it. It was always worth it. Sitting back down again, she didn't even notice the sun setting as she her mind floated in the lala land that most refer to as reverie. Nor did she notice the tall shadow striding towards her house, a diamond block in hand.

No, Fleet was far too lost in her thoughts to even realize that she'd left the door open. Too busy thinking about how she dove down into that cave everyday, and always hauled back such a huge load. Today was the day she'd actually done something a little different. Fleet had traveled far in order to find a new cave, and add to her map. The thought of fresh air just seemed great, really. And it was- Until she'd seen that tall ass stilty creature running around with a sand block in it's hand. She didn't even know how lucky she was that it hadn't noticed that she'd seen it... Or so she thought. She'd taken off too soon to even pay attention to what it was, dropping the diamond block she'd just crafted in the process. That had absolutely sucked. There were so many things she could've done with that diamond...

Fleet leaned back in her chair, letting out a yawn that turned into a startled yelp as the door slammed, jumping up a little. The jump caused her chair to scoot back a little and then fall over. Her eyes widened as the shadow creature from before stared down at her, just... Staring back. Both were frozen. The Enderman because it was being stared at, and the human because she was scared as NETHER. This fear spiked as Fleet's eyes drifted to the diamond block it was holding. She recognized that block. Did this thing follow her? She looked back at the Enderman, letting out yet another yelp as it seemed to have gotten closer, leaned in closer. Why in the Nether had it followed her all that way? And more importantly, it seemed hostile. Kinda. So if it was following her that whole way, it would've had a chance to kill her any time it wanted.

So, why didn't it? As she continued staring at the creature, she shuddered. That whispering... It was terrifying. Like listening to a ghost or something. Maybe it was a ghost? Gulping, she struggled not to blink. And failed. The Enderman took this chance to kneel down and lean in closer, it's long, gangly limbs dragging on the floor for quite a length. When Fleet opened her eyes again, she wasn't surprised that it was closer... But she still whimpered anyway. Was she going to die today? So, lying there upside down with her feet in the air, she was going to die. Sitting in a chair upside down. Whatever happened to creepers just exploding and sending your limbs flying? Or being arrowed to death? Since when did monsters act so personal when they killed you? Questions like these flooded the teen's mind as her heart pounded...

It was an interesting thing, being terrified. It was almost like being in love. Your heart felt like it was gonna explode in your chest, your emotions ran rampant, you felt like you were about to cry, and you're afraid to speak. They both sent adrenaline pumping through your veins. Was there really even a difference? The Enderman stared down at her, vaguely wondering when the girl was gonna give him a chance to move again. He didn't have long to wait- She shut her eyes to squeeze the tears away. He moved in closer, closer... Until his face was an inch from hers. Her eyes popped open, and the tears began to flow. Why keep from crying? She was going to die anyway... Maybe it was best to let her tear ducts have their way?

Unable to move, the Enderman merely stared at her with his glowing green eyes. The air felt tight. Fleet knew that if she closed her eyes one more time, she would die immediately. It would eat her, or something. The Enderman, of course, had other plans. Not that Fleet knew anything about them. In her pocket, her clock ticked. Her heart beat erratically when compared to the ticking. Ticking, thumping, inaudible whispers. Each second of it seemed to last an hour. Her eyes began to feel dry, and the tears made her eyelids feel a little crusty.

Just one blink, it would make it better... Wouldn't it? But just one blink... And she'd die, wouldn't she? But it didn't matter. No matter what, she'd die. It wasn't like she could attack... If she moved her gaze from this strange, tall shadow for even a second to pull out her sword, she'd still die. Fleet's eyelids began to droop, and the Enderman's eyes brightened a little. Suddenly, the girl was just... So... Tired. She just wanted to shut her eyes. There was nothing she could do now. No matter what, if she moved her eyes from the gangly beast at all, she'd die. Quietly, one last tear slipped from her left eye as they both closed for what she thought was forever.
Inspired by Minecraft's Enderman, obviously. xD
There will be two alternate endings to this. One is based on how a Herobrine and a creeper are made. :3
However, I'll take requests for endings... So I'll upload all ending requests. :3
God, I'm so uncreative with names. This Fleet is in no way related to my Ribbon Eel Girl Fleet. xD
Ending- Gone Forever [link]
Alternate Ending- Pity the Taken [link]
Romance Ending- Didn't mean to scare you, oops [link]

I love R&R~ It brings improvement, I think. :3
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Evil Spirit/Sword

Game Series: Soul Series

First Appearance: Soul Edge (1995)

Health: 1,050,000 HP Points

Voice Actor: Patrick Ryan

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 7
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Energy Projection: 5
Fighting Ability: 7

Assist Alpha: Soul Edge Guillotine (Direct, Tilt Down)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion
Assist Beta: Soul Edge Spear (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion
Assist Gamma: Soul Wave (Direct, Instant)
Assist HC: Soul Explosion


There was a time when a man named Siegfried Schtauffen took control of the Soul Edge, becoming powerless under the power of the blade. He eventually was able to retrieve his mentality and used the power of the holy blade Soul Calibur in order to save his body. He was separated from his Nightmare form and became the new wielder of Soul Calibur, while Inferno made a pact with Zasalmel, who made him a new body of his own. Thus…Nightmare was born.

Entrance: Nightmare will have his back turned to his opponent. Then, swinging Soul Edge over his head, he'll turn around and get into his fighting stance.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: Give in to the Dark Abyss of Despair!

#2: Taste Fear!!~

#3: Tremble within my Darkness!!

#4: Your soul will soon become mine!

#5: My Power is absolute!

Against Ryu: Warrior of Legend…your soul shall be mine!

Against Akuma: Your soul is like that of my own…

Against Sentinel/Zero: Soulless being, be gone from my Sight!


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Sword Handle (51,000)

Standing Medium: High Kick (64,000)

Standing Light: Nightmare Gauntlet (80,000)

Standing Special: Soul Edge Upper Swing (90,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (49,000)

Crouching Medium: Low Gauntlet (65,000)

Crouching Hard: Low Soul Edge Sweep (78,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Straight Kick (57,000)

Air Medium: Soul Edge Slash (70,000)

Air Hard: Soul Edge Slash #2 (80,000)

Air Special: Soul Edge Axe (90,000)

Unique Moves

Straight Stab (F + H) (85,000)

Nightmare Smash (F + M) (70,000)

Special Moves

NightMare Punch (Qcf + L) (90,000)

Charged with the powers of Soul Edge, Nightmare will do a straight punch charged with dark energy. The attack can stop fireballs if timed properly.

Soul Edge Guillotine (Qcf + M) (100,000)

Nightmare will bring down his Soul Edge on the opponent, the attack causing an OTG bounce and can stop projectiles.

Soul Edge Spear (Qcf + H) (110,000)

Nightmare's reach at its best. Nightmare will stick out his sword straight at the opponent. This attack can smash through any projectile in the game and takes up 2/3 of the screen in distance.

Knight Crusher (Dp + A) (140,000)

His standing Mashing Y/Triangle combo from SC4, Nightmare will smash down his sword a total of three times, the first two times causing a possible hit decay while the third strike causes a ground bounce.

Soul Crusher Side Slash (Qcb + L) (95,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will swing his sword sideways, sending the opponent flying back. The attack can cancel out fireballs.

Soul Crusher Uppercut Slash (Qcb + M) (115,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will uppercut his sword and the opponent with it. This attack can be air comboed into if the attack is timed right.

Soul Crusher Drop Kick (Qcb + H) (120,000)

Charged with electric blue soul power, Nightmare will do a double leg drop kick at the opponent, causing a wall bounce upon connecting with them.

Soul Wave (Down + Down + A) (100,000)

Nightmare will build up a large amount of energy within his body, then expelling it outward in a barrier-like burst. This attack causes an instant Wall bounce upon contact, even from the other side of the screen.

Hyper Combos

Flaming Souls (Qcf + AA) (300,000)

A quick one-hit armored Hyper combo, Nightmare will take Soul Edge in both hands and the blade will alight on fire. Nightmare will then lunge forward and uppercut it into the air, This attack has 2 hits of hyper armor and the flame lengthens the amount of distance on the hyper combo. This attack cancels out all projectile attacks and can even cancel out high priority hyper combos like C.Viper's Emergency Combination.

Soul Explosion (Dp + AA) (285,000)

Nightmare will charge Soul Edge with negative energy and do a lance stab with the sword, large amounts of dark energy flying around the sword as he does so, causing a large amount of combo damage.

Soul Destroyer (Down + Down + AA) (280,000)

A counter hyper combo, Nightmare will charge up a very large amount of energy within his body. If the opponent attacks him as he does so, he'll expel the energy outward in a shockwave, sending the opponent flying and causing a wall bounce.

Level 3: Critical Finish (Qcb + AA) (450,000)

Nightmare's Critical Finish from  is now his level 3 Hyper combo. The attack begins with an uppercut sword slash. If the attack connects with the opponent, Nightmare will throw his sword up into the air, which will air combo the opponent before bringing them back down into the ground. Soul Edge will then cause a giant area of dark energy to appear around the opponent as it combos them and explodes, ending the hyper combo.

Victory Pose:

Nightmare will take the Soul Edge in both hands, then raising it above his head, the sword shooting off Red Lightning from its tip into the air.

Victory Quotes:

#1: The Nightmare…will NEVER END!!

#2: Blood…Darkness…Come Unto Me!!

#3: Your souls…were rather good!

#4: Your Meager Souls are WORTHLESS!!!

#5: The Darkness is everlasting!!

#6: The near!

Against Ryu/Akuma/Wolverine: Warrior…your soul shall surely satisfy me!

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:



"Tremble in Fear!"

Last Person Switch Out:

"The Darkness is coming for you!!"

Color Scheme:

#1: Dark Blue

#2: Black

#3: Dark Red

#4: Dark Green

#5: Dark Brown

#6: Dark Purple

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.

*Ahem* Well...I've been playing alot of Soul Calibur 4 lately and...well...I was tempted to make a moveset for possibly one of the best and coolest game villains ever, Nightmare from the Soul Calibur . This guy is one of the reasons I hope they expand to Namco vs. Capcom after Street Fighter X Tekken is done, for I'd use a team of Felicia and Nightmare (And Wesker if it's 3 vs 3) and be completely unstoppable! >8D

Anyways...enjoy everyone. :3
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I was a boy
When I was born
Right away I knew
Even though the doctor
Told my mother
“It’s a girl!”
I knew he was wrong

I was a boy
When I was one
My mom could never get me
To wear pink clothes
Or dresses with frills
So she never tried that hard

I was a boy
When I was two
Proudly proclaiming to my mom
“I’m a boy today!”
Everyday before preschool
Even though she tried to explain
That I could pretend to be a boy
But I wasn’t

I was a boy
When I was three
Everyday at school
With my friends in the mudbox
Building forts
Having mud fights
Not caring how much dirt I got in my hair

I was a boy
When I was four
Playing with my friends
Who were all boys too
Seeing how many raisins
I could shoot out of my nose
Or how much sand
Could fit in my overalls

I was a boy
When I was five
Still formidable in my pigtails
Still able to beat up any other boy
With a broken arm
Always on the boys team
During “Cootie Tag”
Wondering why the girls would never chase me

I was a boy
When I was six
When I started to write
When I started to draw
Heroic adventures
With characters who saved the world
And were always boys
Like me

I was a boy
When I was seven
When I planted trees
And hiked
And jumped in the mud
‘Til my shoes got stuck
And all my friends
Had to pull me out

I was a boy
When I was eight
When we made my yard a jungle
Or a secret spy fortress
And I would always save
The damsel in distress
Who was my brother

I was a boy
When I was nine
And we first started learning
About “how our bodies worked”
And I sat with my friends
Who giggled and laughed
While the teachers glared at us

I was a boy
When I was ten
When I’d play manhunt
With my friends
And we’d walk the grounds
Making up conspiracy theories
About ghosts and aliens
Giving me ideas
For my next story

I was a boy
When I was eleven
When I spent all my time
Reading vampire novels
When I learned I hated dances
And that I’d rather stay home
And play video games

I was a boy
When I was twelve
When me and my friends
Hiked together through the snow
Or played football in the backyard
No thanks

I was a boy
When I was thirteen
Still buying my jeans
From the boys department
Wearing my heavy sweatshirt
Even when my mom tried to hide it

But now I’m fourteen
Going on fifteen
I’m a freshman
And it’s hard to be a boy

The same boys
Who were my best friends
I now look at in a slightly different way
I’d never wear overalls
And the woman’s jeans fit better

My characters are girls and boys
I hike and shop
I read and dance
Life has a bit more variety

And though I speat my whole life
Trying to deny it
Being a girl isn’t so bad
Inspired by this AMAZING song, "When I Was A Boy" by Dar Williams...which is like, MY LIFE 0.o
EVERYTHING in this poem is true. I was such a tomboy when I was little, and though my feminie side showed through occasionally, I was really a guy underneath.
...things have changed a bit since then ^^;
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(Requested by Dekler :3)
Fleet waited.
And waited.
And waited.


She opened her eyes, and saw that the Enderman had backed away slightly, and was now holding out a hand to help her up. The blond stared. What... Why on earth? In utter confusion, she grabbed it's hand and let out a yelp as it hoisted her to her feet with ease and held out the diamond block she'd abandoned when she'd run away. But why? Fleet tilted her head and took the block, looking into the Enderman's eyes. It stared back and seemed to quiver a little, but it could still move. Why? Just... Why?

The answer was because it liked those big bright blue eyes, and the shiny hair. The Enderman wondered whether or not the hair was soft. Fleet didn't understand why it was staring at her hair... Did it want to pet her or someth- Her question was answered as it raised it's hand to her head and ran it through her short hair. It sent a small shock through her, jolting her body. It was indeed soft, and the Enderman could detect a faint sugary scent wafting from the pretty locks. Fleet on the other hand just felt sort of awkward. This was sorta weird... A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, because she was so confused and embarrassed. Did this tall gangly thing just follow her to her house to pet her, or what?

She looked at the floor, down at the Enderman's feet. The second she did, she saw him take a step forward and looked up in surprise- SURPRISE! Much to her absolute confusion, she'd looked up and locked lips with the Enderman. Almost immediately, she took a step away. However, the Enderman just wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close again. He liked her. He liked her a lot. He liked the feelings his tummy had when he looked into her eyes, and he especially liked the feeling that he'd had just now. Fleet's face was bright red... This was so awkward. Did this beast.. No, this person have no idea what was coursing through her mind right now? In all honesty, it was like it had a crush on her or something... Oh god. Oh god. Her eye's widened, and she looked up at the tall, dark shadow she was being hugged by. Despite being rather naive when it came to love, she knew what she saw in those eyes. Infatuation. Curiosity. But no lust. That was interesting. But still awkward. Here she was being apparently courted by him, even though he'd just been terrifying the hell out of her a few minutes ago. What. The. Heck? She thought, unconsciously leaning her head onto his chest.

The Enderman let out a gleeful whisper and hugged her tighter, wishing it could speak to her. But it couldn't, not in this realm. In this realm, he was paralyzed by the stares of everyone until they looked away. And for some reason, after they stopped looking at him, he would attack most of them. He didn't understand why, though. Nor did he understand how this girl was any different, other than the fact that he liked her a lot. But he didn't know if she knew. What if... he took her to his realm, to The End? After all, he couldn't court her correctly, otherwise. When Endermen found mates, they went to the Great and wise Enderdragon and asked for a scale with which to propose to their mate. The dragon would give them the scale, and they in turn would give the scale to the lucky Enderman/woman. Or, in this case, Human. The idea in his head felt great, so the Enderman went with it. He let go of Fleet, who'd been sort of comfortable for a while there and tore one of her heavy curtains from the window, draping it over himself. It was daytime now, so they needed to make a break towards the portal.

Fleet stared, not really happy with him for ripping her curtains off of their hinges, even if it was probably to protect him from the light. However, she had no time to say anything about it, because the Enderman grabbed her by the hand after wrapping himself tight with the curtain and threw one of his Enderpearls to the ground. Fleet let out a yelp of surprise- Not the first one today- as they were instantly warped to the inside of a Stronghold, in front of a large glowing square with lava below it. Fleet had no idea what it was, she only knew that the seemingly suicidal Enderman was pulling her along with him into the portal, straight towards the lava. "Are you crazy?!" She screamed in total horror, not wanting to die today. However, they didn't die. The bright portal blocks caught them instead, and they fazed away instantly. Fleet blinked.

Then unblinked. Suddenly, the two of them were in a strange world, where there were Ender people everywhere. They looked up with interest, seeing one of their brethren covered in a strange cloth, and him holding hands with a pale skinned girl. One of the female Enderman came up to him and asked, "What is this?" In a whispery voice. She wasn't mean about it, just inquisitive. Another one came up. "A ghost?" He suggested, tilting his head. Fleet's Enderman shook his head. "No... Human." He stated, smiling. Within the actual realm of The End, one could actually see an Enderman's features quite well. Fleet was confused. "Umm.." She murmured, tilting her head. The Enderwoman looked up in surprise. "You can... Speak?" She asked innocently, so much so that Fleet had to crack a smile. "Well, yeah. But... Um... Where are we?" She asked, tilting her head. The Enderwoman smiled back and giggled. "In The End, of course. Ec'e Has brought you here, for reasons we don't know..." She explained, reaching up suddenly to run a hand through Fleet's golden hair. It shone brightly within the dim light of The End, making her truly seem like a ghost. Fleet blushed a little, not used to so much attention. However, she turned to Ec'e, the Enderman who had brought her here, and whom she'd seemed to develop a small attachment to. "Why did you bring me here... Ec'e?" The young woman asked, tilting her head. Ec'e Looked away slightly, and a tinge of purple came to his cheeks. "I can't ask you until I go get something." He explained, then turned to the Enderwoman who was busy petting Fleet. "Eun'e, can you maybe show her around while I go do something?" He asked, and Eun'e nodded. She knew exactly what was going on. But first, she looked at Fleet, who had a look of confusion plastered onto her pretty face. "What's your name?" She asked, smiling as she led her off towards god knows where. "I'm Fleet. Nice to meet you." She said happily. Eun'e's smile widened. "I am Eun'e, as you know. Nice to meet you as well, Fleet. I'm Ec'e's sister, by the way." The two walked off, with a few other Enderpeople following along to question the Human about her world. In the meantime, it was up to Ec'e to get a scale from the Almighty Enderdragon.

It wasn't all that hard to scale the islands of Whitestone to get to the Enderdragon. What was hard was getting him to give him permission to become lifemates with the human girl, Fleet. The dragon simply did not understand. "You..." It rumbled in it's deep voice, which still had an echoey tone to it, "Wish to take a human. Not from this realm, not even your own species... That's interesting. But why do you wish to do so?  Is it because she's a shiny new toy, to show off to all the others?" It asked, tilting it's head as it inspected it's huge claws. Ec'e shook his head, but had trouble finding the words to speak. The dragon smirking and leaned in close, until his large snout was a mere inch away from Ec'e's face. "So. You don't want to show the human off. I can see into your mind, why you like this human. No Enderperson has ever caught your eye, but when you saw the human today, you felt a flipping in your stomach, didn't you? Something new, special, pretty, full of wonder and life. Something you could fall in love with." It murmured, making Ec'e's face go dark purple. That was exactly how he felt. But the way the Great Enderdragon had put it, it sounded like it was shallow and not even real love.

Suddenly, the dragon turned away and let out a great, laughing, roar. He plucked a scale from his hide and turned around, handing it to Ec'e. "Go now, little Enderman. Just go." He ordered, still chuckling. Ec'e booked it off the mountain, grinning like a madman. He was going to get Fleet, and take her. They would be each others. As long as she accepted the scale.

And you now what?

She did.
xD Ending requested by :icondekler:
I fail at cute endings, so it's really super duper uber sappy. xD
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tell me white lies-
allow me to trace the labyrinth
of your veins with my fingertips
and imagine your blood
is truly liquid

when we kiss, let me be
the first to pull away-
let me imagine that
if you had the time
you'd want to spend
the rest of your life
with your lips
embracing mine.

if i cry, do not hold me-
let me get through my tears
on my own, so i can pretend
i do not need you to wipe them
away for me to survive;
i promise you i will always
come for you after i'm done,
like a child aching to be

should i grow up too fast
remind me of my dreams-
read me stories about Peter Pan,
and let me pretend that
we are the lost children.
let me soak my feet in
imagination, and come with me
to Never Never Land.

and when i tell you i hate you,
which with my temper, i know i
shall one day-
whisper to me gently,
"no you don't, love. you hate
spiders and ants
and sleeping on the left
side of the bed,
but you do not hate me."
because i could not hate you,
not for a year, or a month, or a moment.

because i am
a silly creature
that needs hugs
and cuddles to
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Sweet Strawberry ch. 5

"What?! Why not?"
"Because school is boring and it would take away my free time."
"Please just think about it."
"…ok, I will think about it later. Now are you done with your work so we can go shopping or do you still have work to do?"
"I'm done. Anyway can you walk? It's been a few hours since you wake up."
"Yes, I can."
"Ok, then let's go shopping." Good thing he can walk. It would be kind of hard to carry him around the shops.

We went in many different shops. In game shops we bought many videogames. Then there were many shops that have a lot of nice clothes. Amaimon got angry with me, because I always told him to try some clothes I found. I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to see how cute he was in those clothes on. We went to shop for food too.

Somewhere between our shopping I slipped away and went to a cosplay-costume shop. There I bought a really nice maid costume, a school girl costume and a really nice jacket with a hood that has cat ears on it. It will look really good on Amaimon.

Then I hurried to the shop that I left Amaimon. It seems he didn't notice that I was gone for some time. After that shop we went to a pet shop where Amaimon wanted to buy every animal that they sell. It was funny looking at how Behemoth was jealous of all the animals that Amaimon had in his arms. In the end I convinced him that Behemoth was enough for him so we left empty handed. He was kind of sad because of that, so I bought him a nice and expensive silver ring. He looked really happy when he saw it. After that we went beck home.

"So, how about you tell me your answer now?"
"Hmm? What answer?"
"About the school."
"Oh…hmm…ok I will go."
Yey I will be able to stay with Amaimon longer and I will see him with his school uniform on.
"You will be in the 1. class of the 3. year. I will tell the school about the things you will need for school. You will start in three days. With you will start some other three new students, so you don't have to be nervous that you will be the only one new there. Is everything clear?"
"Yes, but I have a question."
"What is it?"
"Can we eat? I'm hungry."
Now that I think about it I'm hungry too. We have been running all day around the shops that I have totally forgotten about lunch. Now it was 18:30 so it's too late for lunch. I guess I will be starting dinner then.
"Amaimon what would you like for dinner?"
"I want pancakes."
"Ok, pancakes it is then."

After dinner we went to take a shower. Separately. To my displeasure. Then we went to the living room to watch some TV. The movie we watched was about some people who were trapped on an island and were trying to survive some crazy dogs, who were more aggressive and physically stronger. When the movie ended I turned around to tell Amaimon to go to sleep but before I opened my mouth I stopped. Amaimon has fallen asleep during the movie.  His sleeping face is so adorable.

Gently I picked him up and carried him to my bedroom. I put him down on my bed but then a ting occurred to me. He can't sleep like that. I have to change him into something more comfortable. I went to my dressing room to get me and him some more cosy clothes. I change myself first and then went to my bed to change Amaimon.

But when I was about to, I realize something. I have to undress him first. So now I didn't know what to do. If I undress him I will probably have a nosebleed. I decided to undress him with my eyes closed, because I didn't want to die from blood loss. It was hard changing him without looking at him. Bu it was even harder NOT to look at him. Without looking the only other orientation device I could use was by touching him. His skin is so soft and warm. So inviting for a hug and something more intimate.

It took me all my willpower not to rape him (again). Somehow I did it. Tired of all the emotional drama that I went through today I decided to call it a day and went to bed. When I almost fall asleep I felt something worm on my back. I turned around and was that Amaimon was hugging me. I smiled, turned around and hug him back. Before I fall asleep I kissed his forehead and nuzzled my nose in his hair. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was how his hair smelled the sweet scent of strawberries.
Title: Sweet Strawberry
Pairing: MephistoxAmaimon
Rated: T

hmm...i was thinking if i should continue this or made a sequal
with a different title...
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