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This is a close up of what I already uploaded lol

Looks pretty good, added some sharpening just because it looks a bit more fierce with it.

See the Nightingale armor here.
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Random Skyrim fan piece. That daedric set is such a nicely designed piece of work.
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When you have to do homework, it's always better if you include your fandoms, right?

Qiav the wannabe khajiit thief is travelling to very, very frozen lands to fight dragons c:
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Books: 4x3cm
Mehrunes' Razor: 7,5cm
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TES5: Skyrim Bethesda Softworks
Photo and manipulation Vicki73

Nexus Link: [link]
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My part of art trade with :iconmar-er:
This is her Skyrim character in her beloved dragonbone crown and with Goldenbrand (it was my favourite sword in Oblivion and Morrowind, not sure that we can have it in Skyrim, but who cares).

Лицо как-то не очень удалось :/ Зато остальное на уровне))
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Game where she was made:

Name: Jazz Tate

Nickname/Alias: Shift
Reason: She changes appearance.

Age: It is believed she is 16-17 D.O.B: 13/5
Current status: Alive.

Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual.

Race/Species: Human, Mutant.
Ethnicity: French, Britain, Australian.

Skin colour: Pale white.
Freckles? None.
Moles? None.
Birthmarks? A small black birthmark on her chest near her right breast.
Scars? A thick scar along both arms traveling down the wrist. A scar at the back of her neck.

Tattoos? None.
Special markings? None.

Eye colour: blue.
Eye shape: Big, oval.

Lip colour: Pink.
Lip shape: Big.

Hair colour: White and grey.
Hair style/length: Her hair is to her shoulders and wavy.

Height: 176cm.
Weight: 60kg.

Hands: Small
Feet: Small.
Nose: Button, gentle.

Glasses/contacts? None.
Left or right handed? Right.

Summer Clothing: Grey singlet with black faded jeans. Black converse shoes.

Winter clothing: Black jeans and black converse, a big baggy black jumper with hood, a grey t-shirt underneath.

Battle clothing: Black tight sleeveless body suit made from leather with a grey vest and matching grey skirt, with blue trim. Fingerless blue gloves that reach her upper arm.

Sleepwear: She wears a pink shirt and matching pink shorts.

Formal clothing: A floor length, tight, black halter dress with a slit along the left side.

Special clothing: None.



Parents/guardians: Her mother, Hayley, aged 34. And step father, Harry, aged 36.

Siblings: Two brothers, Jack and Dylan aged 15 and 11.

Relatives: None.

Children: None.

Current Marital status: Single.
Husband/boyfriend: None.
Crush: Unknown.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual.
Virgin? Yes.
Fetishes: Short hair and intelligence.
Sexual desires: None.
Turn on: Bondage, tattoos.
Turn off: Feet, stink, very long hair.


Any pets? None.


Best friend: Dusty (Kyle), Purple (Luke), Search (Heath).
Friends: Lisa, peter.

Role model? Professor X
Hero: None.

Enemy’s: Magneto, Denise.
Mortal enemy: (Inc. why) –Unknown--
Personal and Psychological:

Known languages: English.
Intelligence level: She has an estimated IQ of around 160.
Patience level: Low, she gets annoyed easily.

Short term goals: Complete her schooling.
Long term goals: Own a restaurant.

Confidence level: Low.
What does the character like about his/herself? She likes her hair.

Fears: The dark, spiders.
Hates: Spiders,
Dislikes: Spiders, annoying people.
Loves: Animals, cooking, plants, music.
Likes: Music, dancing, sleeping.

How does she/he believe she/he is perceived by others: As just another person they are yet to meet.
How is she/he perceived by others: As a quiet and gentle. This is until they get to know her.

Introvert/extrovert? Introvert.
Dominant/Submissive? Submissive.
Spontaneous or logical? Spontaneous.

Secrets: That’s a secret!!

Is the character mentally stable? Yes and no.
Mental conditions: None.

What does the character like about him/herself? Her hair, her pale skin.
What does the character hate about him/herself? Some of her powers, her hands.

Is the character happy with his/her appearance? Yes.
What would they change about their appearance? She would be slimmer with gentler hands.

Does he/she love him or herself? Yes.

What do they class as taboo? Walking underneath a ladder.

Religion: None.
Spiritual beliefs: There is some sort of an afterlife.

Have they ever experienced the death of a loved one? Yes.
Was it there fault? Yes.
Do they blame themselves? Yes.
Who and how did they die? Her baby sister, Jane. She was killed when Lisa’s powers spun out of control.
The person/thing that killed them: Lisa killed her.

Criminal record: None.

(I recommend 2 major powers and 2 minor)

Can he/she fight well?
Has he/she had training?


1: Name of power: Advanced reflexes.
When did he/she get this power? At age 15.
How: Evolution
What this power does: She can move, hear, react, see and even smell 10 times better than a human.
Does he/she like having this power? Yes
What problem does this power cause? She sometimes gets headaches from her enhanced hearing.
Bad smells are made worse than what they are although she has become immune to most stink.

2: Name of power: Element transformation.
When did he/she get this power? At age 15.
How: Evolution
What this power does: She shape shifts into 5 types of creatures. Each of these creatures gives her a wide range of different abilities to do with the creature she has turned into. Each of these creatures is based off an element. Wind, water, fire and earth. She also has an emergency multi form.
Earth: She becomes made entirely of brown rock and her eyes turn brown. When she is in this form she can control dirt, rock, sand and plants, enabling her to do things such as; swallow people into the ground, make volcano’s erupt and entangle people with vines. She can also create small earthquakes in a certain area.
Fire: Her body becomes a dull grey colour and she gets red eyes with a black background. Her hair goes spiky and red; she gets a black lined pattern along her body. Her body temperature is 195 degrees. She can control fire as well as create it, her body is fire resistant.
Water: She grows a tail and her fingers and feet become green and webbed. Her hair goes strait and dark green. She also has a pale white pattern along her body that travels up in a spiral motion. She can breathe under water and swim incredibly fast.
Wind: In this form she becomes a pale white. Her hair grows in length and small bells grow into the end. Her eyes become white as well. When in this form she is said to become amazingly beautiful. When in this form she can control the wind, create typhoons and tornado's, filter air and clean it or make it toxic. In this form she can also control gravity in small areas. She cannot fly, only levitate. She also has a pale white pattern along her body.
Defence form: In this form she comes across as a normal human. Her hair is shoulder length and black, her eyes blue. Her skin is a light pink. She can use Telepathy in this form and her enhanced reflexes.

Multi form/ death form: Her body becomes black and she grows demonic like features, such as elongated fingers with claws and eyes that are entirely white. Her hair going black short and spiky. She has spikes along her arm as the top. In this form she can use all of her powers that occur in her evolution forms as well as her telepathy.

Does he/she like having this power? Sometimes, dislike more than like.
What problems does this power cause?
In her water form if she remains out of water even for a short time her skin beings to dry and crack causing pain.
People fear her in her Wind, multi and Earth form.
She cannot control her powers at times.
She cannot use any of these abilities when in human form!

3: Name of power: Telepathy.
When did he/she get this power? At age 14.
How: Evolution.
What this power does: Ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others, she can also control a number of people for minor task's but is only able to manipulate one person’s mind completely at a time within close range, she is also able to erase and create memories. She can stop people reading her mind. She has a strictly limited range of 2km, and she CANNOT use cerebro.
She can very, very rarely predict the future or see the past; doing so causes immense crippling pain. When she predicts the future, it is quite possible for the future to be different. What she see's is simply one of many possibilities.
Does he/she like having this power? No.
What problems does this power cause? She knows peoples secrets, she can sometimes control people without thinking.
She cannot use her Telepathy when in any of her elemental form's except multi form.

Talents: She can cook and is a powerful mutant, she is kind.

Stats: (1-5, 5 being strongest)

Physical Attack: 1
Physical Defence: 2
Ranged Attack: 2
Ranged Defence: 2
Magic Attack: 4
Magic Defence: 4
Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Dexterity: 3
Courage: 5
Intelligence: 5
Cunning: 4

What if:

Which of the 7 deadly sins would they be? Greed.
Which of the 7 heavenly virtues would they be: Chastity

What animal would they be? A rabbit because she is gentle.

Role in the story? (Hero, villain) Hero.
Base profile by xXcandy333Xx
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Lord Harkon from Skyrim Dawnguard
Please tell me i'm not the only one who actually liked him T.T
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