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Similar Deviations is done :D

hope you like it

could someone please tell me the difference between daedra and dremora? Idont get it :(
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These are my two Skyrim dovahkiins that I finally decided to draw since I play skyrim for a week and then dont play it for months... thats how I roll.

First is Akira, my main Imperial Battlemage, that is kinda cowardly for a hero, and perhaps a little bit of a racist. But on the end of the story (the quests in skyrim) she becomes brave and saves the world... and well all of skyrim players know the feeling. I have the full Daedric set on her, enchanted so my destruction spells cost nothing, but I drew her in the Ancient Nord Armor because I like it a lot and I like drawing it :3 Also like most characters she is married to Farkas, because she wants to feel smart once in a while :3 (im a horrible person) And she is sided with the Imperials obviously

Second is Lilith (original name strikes again)my Dark elf, a character i started playing recently and the best armor I have on her is the Nightingale Armor (which is one of my favourite armors in game) so she is a Nightingale now. Her class is a Night Blade (an assassin and thief that uses magic ) since in every game i prefer mages. Im still building her as a character so not much about her. She doesnt have a husband yet nor a side but my Brynjolf senses are tingling.

This drawing took me longer than It should but Im glad im done. However I have 4 more Skyrim characters (that i'll prooly never play) so Ill draw two at a time to complete my collection :D
Hope you like it :)

Everything on the drawing (c) Bethesda Softworks
Art (c) me
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I was asked to design a wearable feminine version of Malthael from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for Kamui Cosplay
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original without details here---->[link]

hope u like it ;)
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Welp, I figured you guys deserved something

1. Tumblr sketch of Jaria and her husband Farkas aw yiss
2. Jaria looking dramatic as a dramatic thing
3. Reaction/emotion sketches for Tumblr. Both are fairly self-explanatory heh
4. Ottsel cuddles! My and =MysteryPuppys sonas c:
5. Another painting of Jaria and Farkas. Puppy demanded massages, massages she got
6. Reaction images for Jaria's tumblr that I dont have time to update anymore sobs
7. Two underveloped Lombax characters of mine that you guys have seen very little of heh. And by little, I do of course mean none
8. Pregnant!Mena, a gift for the Puppers
9. Sketches of myself and *ITman496 respectively from an ongoing RP we have c:
10. ... This is pretty self explanatory
11. See above
12. Drawn in the middle of a style crisis, a sketch of a baby ~CrissyKatt
13. ... Yeah, most of these were drawn in the middle of a style crisis. Dan and his dragon, Spectral ~
14. More RP things! Angry!Éimear and Jess the drama queen
15. I started a Lombax lineup to plan out their stripes. This is as far as I got. But it doest matter because //butt scars//
16. Bust of a character of Crissy's, I also coloured it, but badly
17. OCT!Jess and sleepy Scrap heh. This was a vent
18. Style crisis Puppy and :jakefh:
19. Moar reaction images I was too lazy to inset above
20. Icon for Jaria!
21. Angry Scrap that ended up looking a little too anime for my liking
22. Some SassyButt
23. *BlueLemonLight's birthday present! Now y'all are properly wondering how old this stuff is. My answer is //before summer//
24. If I told you I would have to kill you
25. Jaria being a BAMF in a disappointing pose eh
26. Valkyrie and Skulduggery, a drawing I had been planning to give to Derek at a signing and forgot to bring... :I
27. Baby Scrap, being Scrap
28. Early Train and Rii designs
29. Something to cheer Nick up
30. A :barbieburnanator:

The //really// funny thing is there's still another dump to come. Enjoy, dears!

Skyrim things (c) Bethesda
Lombax things (c) Insomniac
Ottsel things (c) Naughty Dog
Skulduggery things (c) Derek Landy
Characters that aren't mine (c) their respective owners
Everyone else (c) me ~jamdreamer
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Just a random sketch of my very first Skyrim character :U
I didn't get very far with this guy since I then created my breton but ffff I still luff this guy :iconicameplz:

Named him after some old rp character I had.
It means "young wolf" if internet can be trusted :D
Would probably fit a werewolf instead.. WHO KNOWS, maybe he'll join the companions and so on >__>

Yeah I'm done talkin'
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SAI painting.
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Melisandre from "A Song of Ice and Fire".


Alias: The Red Priestess, The Red Woman, The King's Red Shadow, Lady Red
Allegiance: Faith of R'hllor
Culture: Asshai
Born: , at Asshai

The portrait is made by Roman Papsuev also known as "Amok".
He generously allowed me to upload his awesome portraits here and represent him on deviantART (the statement of permission is attached).
You can find more portraits of him in my gallery --> [link]

Melisandre & "A Song of Ice and Fire" © George R. R. Martin
The portrait © Roman Papsuev alias "Amok" [link]
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This is for the group :icongates-of-marr:

Sadrith is the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood in that group


Name: Sadrith
Race: Dunmer (dark elf)
Age: 31
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 190 pounds
Job: Listener of the Dark Brotherhood
Class: Assassin
Affiliation: Dark Brotherhood
History: Sadrith was born in Cyrodiil and moved to Skyrim with his family at around the age of 6, where he lived in Riften until he was age 20. Due to some unfortunate events Sadrith lost his family and was left with the large burn scar on the left side of his face. He then joined the Dark Brotherhood and has been with them for about 11 years, 3 of those years have been spent as the current Listener and married to his wife Olivia.
Personality: Sadrith is a very sly and religious man. Break any of the tenets and he will not show mercy. While cold and unapproachable at time he is a very caring man when it comes to his "family". Sadrith loves to read and despite having trouble moving the left half of his face he enjoys conversation.
Stats: 1h: 45
2h: 10
Archery: 10
Armour: 40
Magic: 45
Stealth: 75
(I think... need to double check this)
Equipment: Standard DB armor, Listener's robes, the Blade of Woe, 1 cheese wheel, a random book

Sadrith belongs to me
The Dark Brotherhood and Dunmer belong to Bethesda
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Skyrim - Dawnguard - Outside Castle Volkihar

Added a chain rein so the Dragonborn would have something to hold onto while riding :)

Dragonborn - My Skyrim Character
Horse - Avrak
Companion - Serana
Equipment - Shrouded Hood - Ebony Mail
Weapon - Dawnbreaker
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