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Because I can’t stop laughing at the first sketch of this tag. It looks like, idk, it doesn’t even look like a blob. Lol

Anyway, this is my six simple steps of creating a tag. And the finished product is a base for another collab with Kye. Please do look forward for the sale on fp! :D

Scrap later. x3
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My arm hurts.
don't steal the sketch please. c:

Steps: (in case you can't read my writing)
NOTE: these are not all the steps, these are JUST the words on the image.
1) Sketch.
TIP: Don't settle guys! Work 'till its perfect!
4) After cropping so that your sketch fills the screen, I resize so that the larger dimension is 234 px. It's just how I like to do things.
5) Begin lining (on a new layer). Lower your sketch opacity and create a new layer for your lines. When working at a 234px canvas I like to use a 3px brush.
6) After it's lined should look something like that.
7) Line the eye. I like to do this on a separate layer than the normal lines.
8) Fill in your lines! I do this by using the magic wand tool and selecting the outer bits of the lines, then going to Select > Modify > Expand > by 1px. Then I go Select > Inverse. Make a new layer and fill it with colour. (You can always just colour it in by hand)
9) Colour in nose, pawpads, eye colour, etc. on separate layers. Then resize it down to 150px.
10) Start (on a new layer!) shading. Above is a colour I like to use but experiment. Some people like purple, blue, whatever you like!
11) Then set the layer to "multiply" and lower the opacity (to around 50-60%)
12) Add your second shading layer (on a new layer!), I usually only do two )for tags and lower this again to around 60-70%)
13) Do highlights on a new layer, set it to "overlay" and lower the opacity wayyy down, to like 16% or so.
14) With a lowered opacity
15) Add small details like shading the eye and and voila! You're done! Slap a signature on your masterpiece and call it a day.
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I figured a New Year meant a new tutorial. The other one is old. D:

Old Tutorial: [link]

First off, this isn't the "correct" way to make tags. This is just how I do it. There are multiple ways out there on how to make pixels, you'll just have to explore them all and find one that fits you best!

I made this using the Gimp 2.6 but it should work with other programs too as long as you know your program. I tried to be as descriptive as possible and use a lot of screen shots so I'm sorry if you don't understand something. If you have any questions about the tutorial, just ask! :D

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a bunch of people have been asking how i do it, and i can't livestream without my computer freezing up..

anyway, here's how i shade!

i hope it's easy to understand for the most part. i wish i could've gone in to more detail but i need to get back to doing my commissions!

show me what you've done if you used this! :heart:

character (c) *Chevysaur
art and tutorial (c) *fruitKait

do not steal/alter/trace anything from this tutorial!
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Here's a quick  tutorial on how I do what I do! Hopefully this is helpful to you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)


Texture I used:…
Website I used for filter and text:
Character "Ko" belongs to :iconfoxyko:

--just for future reference; this is old! i no longer use this method or these brushes--
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Hey Dolls!
So this is my icon tutorial for 2013! took me 3 hrs to do holllly!

I hope it is helpful to some of you at least!

Practice makes perfect! Yay


Final icon:

ps. someone make me a penis icon <333
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there is really no secret to icons any more!!!

finished product!

feel free to ask any questions :) I hope this is helpful at least!! xo

excuse any spelling mistakes :)
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On tumblr [link]

EDIT :heart: Whaa I can't believe this was at the bottom of the first page!! Thank you so much, guys! I'm glad you found it useful!! ; u ; :heart:

Since I've been terribly artblocked I decided to try and make myself useful...Somewhat. So heres a fluffiness tutorial, some peeps liked the idea so here it is haha.;;; Its nothing special really but it was good practice in trying to explain myself 'n' such.

Anyway, a lot of people seemed to like it on Tumblr so I hope it helps a little over here too. u v u;;

If you need help with anything then please say so~!

Btw, this is just my own way getting around this and I'm not a professional or anything. 8D;
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THIS FILE IS EXTREMELY LARGE- Download for largest
IT ALSO TOOK ME ALL AFTERNOON so I hope it helps someone!

Before you begin, please keep in mind this is not a drawing tutorial, or how to correctly shade, how to paint.. this is more a "how I use this program"
I have had many question how I use SAI, or be confused about the program. I love SAI and hope that many others can as well.

I am not the best at explaining and couldnít really do a breaking SAI down to basics so I did it in a way that.. I showed my progress while explaining common tools?

When it comes to programs most of it comes from trial and error, and getting used to it. Iíve been using SAI for 4 years now so I am very familiar.

Anyway I hope this helps someone out there who is confused/intimidated by SAI =] plus this took me all afternoon so someone better appreciate it haha
Commonly used terms
Clipping group/clipping mask layer: Masks artwork on one layer using an image from another layer. In a clipping group, the bottom most layer(base layer), masks or controls the shape of any successive layers.

Preserve opacity/preserve transparency/lock transparency: Locks the transparency in the layer, allowing you to only paint on the pixels that already exist in the layer and not the transparent pixels.

Layer mode eg Multiply, overlay: The mode in which the layer is set at, these change how the layers look while above other layers
I do not claim to know the "right way" of using SAI, nor is this how you have to use it. This is a guide, take what you like from it. This is merely for learning and sharing my knowledge. I am still learning myself!

ANY QUESTIONS?? please ask! I will do my best to help you
Also apologies for the typos, I'll go back and fix them another day heh

Thank you
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