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My entry for the Wedding contest at the :iconoc-x-canon: group.

Yet again Severus Snape and Evelyn Black.

Yep, Evelyn chose lilies for her bouquet and hair. It was her way of making sure Lily Potter was, somehow, present at their wedding. After all, if not for Lily Snape wouldnīt be the man he is, and Evelyn wouldnīt have fallen for him :D

I donīt really imagine Snape having a big wedding, so I tried to keep this as simple as possible. Evelyn is wearing an vintage dress that belonged to her grandmother, and Snape decided on his usual black, only with an open nehru jacket and tie, instead of the buttoned up nehru jacket he usually wears(this was probably the only outfit Evelyn could get him into, I just know he would never agree to a normal suit or tuxedo ;P)...

Evelynīs dress inspired by [link]
Severus suit inspired by:[link]

Evelyn background sheet: [link]

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling
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EDIT: Many thanks to :iconpreseli: for the corrections!

Iīm a liar, I know! I keep saying Iīm not going to use Evelyn in a fic and here it is...Evelyn in a fic :blush:

I just had this idea floating on my mind for days now, and I had to write...

So there it is, Severus and Evelynīs first meeting.

And no, donīt expect love at first sight or sugary romance...Thatīs not how Snape rolls (neither does Evelyn btw)

Still not sure if I continue or not... opinions, please? (My first ever Harry Potter fic, be gentle, ok? =P)

Severus Snape and Harry Potter Đ J.K.Rowling

Evelyn is all mine. ;P

EDIT: Decided to continue!!!! :dummy: Chapter II is here: [link]
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Not a fic character or anything, but merely an exercise in creativity and Snape-shiping (couldnīt help myself...damn you Harry Potter and the deathly hallows for making me ship Snape even more:shakefist::XD:)

In other words, done for the lulz :D

So there you have it

Name: Evelyn Snape (née Black)
Birthday: September 10, 1963
Nationality: Irish
Age: 35 (as of 1998)
Blood status: Squib
Marital Status: Married
Also known as: Lyn
Ocupation: Professor of Medieval Studies and writer.

Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown

Family members:
Marius Black (grandfather-deceased)
Elizabeth Black (grandmother-deceased)
Marius Black II (father-deceased)
Sophia Black (mother)
Paul Black (brother-deceased)
Caitlin Sullivan (sister)
Sirius Black(cousin-deceased)
Regulus Black (cousin-deceased)
Bellatrix Lestrange (cousin-deceased)
Narcissa Malfoy (cousin)
Andromeda Tonks (cousin)
Nymphadora Tonks (cousin-deceased)
Teddy Lupin (cousin)
Draco Malfoy (cousin)

Severus Snape (husband)
Soren Prince Snape (son)

Quick bio: Evelyn is the granddaughter of Marius Black, a squib born into the pure-blood Black family. After being disowned by his family, the young Marius took refuge in the human world (Ireland, specifically) and, eventualy married a muggle woman, Elizabeth. He never told his family of his wizard origins, and it went unoticed until the birth of Evelyn. Even not being a witch herself, Evelyn had every characteristic of a squib, which meant that even though she had no magical powers she could perceive magic and magical events around her. She developed a strong fascination with magic and the history of witchcraft and went on to become a medieval historian, dedicating her career to the study of european religious beliefs concerning wichcraft and alchemy.

After the death of her father, Evelyn found out that, among other inheritances, she had come into possesion of an abandoned house at Spinnerīs End. This house belonged to the Black family, who (she soon discovered) were related to the Prince family (another pure-blood wizarding family). The house inherited by Evelyn was right next to a similar house once owned by Eileen Prince, where she lived with her husband, Tobias Snape (a muggle). Hoping to discover more about her grandfatherīs mysterious origins, Evelyn moved to Spinnerīs End and, upon discovering the conection between her family and the Prince family (but still unaware of the fact that both families were pure-blood wizards), went looking for the only living member of the Prince family: Severus Snape, Eileenīs only child.

Evelyn and Snape soon struck up a sort-of friendship, mostly based on intelectual affinities. Since Evelyn could sense magic, she was naturaly drawn to Snape, on the other hand, the wizard was quite admirative of her inteligence and interest for the magical arts. With time, he found himself quite admirative of many other of her qualities as well...

A I said before, Iīm not a big Harry Potter fan...I am, however, a huge Snape fan. And as many other people I kind of wished Snape would have a diferent ending. In my opinion all of those years of angst and regret, pining over Lily, working undercover for Dumbledore and being looked at by everyone as untrustworthy, traitor and murderer were more than enough penance for his past actions as a Death Eater. He deserved better. So I imagined...what would have happened if Snape, somehow, survived Naginiīs attack?

Considering how severe his injuries were, I doubt he would have had the physical conditions to fight against Voldermort. And once the war was over I also donīt believe he would have the psychological conditions to continue working as a professor at Hogwarts. After everything he went through, and specially with Harry knowing everything about his love for Lily, I doubt Snape would want to stick around and be hailed as some sort of hero by the whole school. As a matter of fact I imagine him quite weary and desilusioned from the wizarding world at large. Once his "mission" was complete, he might simply resign from his position and return to his childhood house at Spinnerīs End, in hopes to live a quiet life, away from all his past demons. At which point he could meet someone, someone who didnīt know him, and didnīt have any prejudices or bias against him and with whom he could start from scracth.

Enters Evelyn.

This was a fun character to create, actually. Snape is a dificult guy(sometimes downright unpleasant, I admit), and pretty much a misanthrope, not to mention totally obssessed with Harryīs mom, so it was challenging to try to imagine what kind of woman could draw his attention. I figured she should be very inteligent (at the very least to his level) and have a a very no-nonsense attitude about life. But above everything she should be calm (Snape has enough turmoil in his life as it is), sweet (but not too much) and mature, so a man like Snape could actually admire her (I donīt imagine him falling for anyone he didnīt have admiration for). And she should be around around the same age as him. Also she would have to be pretty, but in a grown-up and elegant way. But most importantly she shouldnīt look like green eyes, no red hair, no ethereal, "lovely-lily" aspect... Instead I decided to make her a very earthy brunette, with strong features and a very serious air.

And she wears white for a contrast with Snapeīs usual black, figured it would be interesting ;P.

I guess my favorite part is the fact that sheīs a squib. Snape is a very proud and powerful wizard, and squibs are generally seen as inferior creatures by most wizards, so the idea of having him become friends and eventualy fall in love with a squib seemed an interesting character development, especially in light of having him abandoning the wizarding world. I couldnīt imagine him falling for a muggle though (he spend his whole life in the Wizarding world, there would be no connection with a muggle), so a squib seemed a good compromise. And itīs fun that sheīs a squib who doesnīt know sheīs a squib, so the whole wizard-squib prejudice woulnīt really mean a lot to her. Also Iīve always wanted to know what the heck happened to Marius Black after he was disowned, so there: he got married and the kid of his kid married Snape :XD: (as if wizards arenīt inbred enough as it is =P)

Still havenīt decided if Iīll keep the idea of them having a son. Is dificult to imagine Snape as a father, but not impossible.


(Snape: [link]
Snape and Evelyn [link])
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Another pic of my oc Soren Prince Snape (see the first one here [link]), because apparently he is a sucess ;P. Soren is the only son of Severus Snape and Evelyn (Black) Snape, my other oc (and from this picture you can really tell who his dad is. Just look at this profile. The nose really gives it away ;P). Yeah I created a whole oc family for Snape, it seems I have too much iddle time in my hands lately :blush: :XD:

Sorenīs info:

Name: Soren Prince Snape
Alias: Slytherin Prince (mockingly given to him by James Sirius Potter, latter adopted)
Parents: Severus Snape and Evelyn Snape (née Black)[link]

Blood status: Half-bood
Date of birth: October, 31st, 2005
Place of birth: Hogsmeade, Scotland


Snape family
Black family
Malfoy family
Potter family
Weasley family
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry

Physical information

Hair: black
Eyes: black
Skin: pale
Built: tall and lean, somewhat lanky

Magical information

House: Slytherin (though the Sorting hat briefly considered Ravenclaw)
Wand: Cedar wood, dragon heartstring core
Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
Boggart: Unknown
Animagus: Hippogryph (registered)

Dark arts/ Defense against the dark arts
Spell creation

As I said before I donīt have much of a backstory for him. But there are some things I sketched.

Soren was born quite "by accident", both Snape and Evelyn were over 40 and not thinking about having children(Snape particularly was nowhere near interested). After quite a bit of uncertainty and discomfort, Soren was welcomed and adored by his parents. Being an only child he was heaped with affection and high expectations. However his father made sure he had very strict limits and gave him lots of responsibilities from an early age (chores, studies etc). His stern upbringing steemed not only from Snapeīs rigid and quite authoritarian personality, but also from the fear that, if he gave his son too much liberty, he might wind up raising a James Potter-type of brat.

As a result Soren is a very self-suficient and independent kid, with an intense (and almost crippling) need to prove himself worthy of his fatherīs pride and name. He is a talented potioneer and duelist but has a fascination with the dark arts that Snape desperatly tries to keep in check. Heīs also rather talented at creating spells and charms.

Soren is in Slytherin (although the sorting hat almost placed him in Ravenclaw), where he is a precfet (later house boy) and quite popular with his house-mates (and with many from other houses) due to his assertive personality and charisma. He does have problems with others students, particularly Gryffindors. A lot of Gryffindor students (and some from other houses) still view Slytherin as "the house that spawned Voldermort and the death eaters", and Soren being Snapeīs son and a talented student doesnīt sit well with many. Thatīs especially true for James Sirius Potter who often competes with Soren for the same awards and honors, and believes that Soren is always given free-rides for being Snapeīs son. On the other hand Soren himself feels like the Gryffindor "get away with everything" while other houses (Slytherin in particluar) are held to more strict standards.

Sorenīs eagerness to prove the rumors about his house and father are not true, and to show everyone Slytherins can be as worthy as any of the other students often causes him to go out of line with his competitiveness and to behave in a reckless or boastful manner(behaviours that his father frequently tries to repress, not always with sucess). He can also be quite spiteful when provoked (or when he thinks heīs being provoked), a personality trait Snape is rather dismayed to realize his son was inherited from him. But as for all the flaws, Soren is known to be fiercely protective of his friends and of younger students (particularly Slytherins). In addition to this generous disposition, he also has a great sense of humour and a very matter-of-factly manner of dealing with problems.

So there, this is Soren for those of you who wanted to know more :D

EDIT: Once again a huge "thank you!" to everyone who :+fav:ed!! :w00t:
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Iīm enjoying the Snape shipping way more than I should... :blush:

Snape belongs to JK Rowling

Evelyn belong to me :D
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Complete piece featuring both my Mucha-esque portraits of Evelyn and Severus.

Originals and information

"Evelyn Black- Irish Rose":[link]

"Severus Snape - The Snake":[link]

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling. Evelyn Black belongs to me

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" "Wait a minute, Miss...Iīsorry, you said your name was..?"

"Black. Evelyn Black." As she relaxed and her accent came through more clearly... Irish...she was definitely Irish, Severus thought to himself "Mr... Snape, I assume?"

"Severus Snape..." He opened the door all the way and cocked his head back gesturing for her to come in. "

Illustration for the first chapter of my Harry Potter fic "The Visit", which you can find here:[link]

Itīs almost 3 in the freaking morninī...Off to bed :sleepy:
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"Look, Sev! A ______________!" (fill in the blank ;P)

Anyways, another thing I owed myself for the longest time... A Severus x Lily fanart. Iīm not a big fan of Lily to be honest (she never got enough character development for me to have a solid opinion on her), but as a Snape fangirl I simply have to aknowledge that sheīs the reason my favorite character is everything he is...therefore sheīs a big part of the reasons that make me I love him, so I need to show some respect from time to time :P

So, there it is, Sev, Lily in a random summer afternon playing by the river (assuming that stinky river that crosses Cokeworth was clean when they were children :P)

This is dedicated to :iconameraucanablues: and :iconca-cha: both of whom urged me to draw some Sev x Lily

(Grass brushes by :iconiceytina: [link])
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Severus and Evelyn, enjoying a little down time. (Those who read my fics shall recognise the pink couch ;))

Started as a doodle, and evolved more rapidly than I imagined, Many thanks to :iconameraucanablues: for the pointers ;)

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling. Evelyn Black belongs to me!

To know more about Evelyn click here ---------> [link]
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