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My entry for the Wedding contest at the :iconoc-x-canon: group.

Yet again Severus Snape and Evelyn Black.

Yep, Evelyn chose lilies for her bouquet and hair. It was her way of making sure Lily Potter was, somehow, present at their wedding. After all, if not for Lily Snape wouldn´t be the man he is, and Evelyn wouldn´t have fallen for him :D

I don´t really imagine Snape having a big wedding, so I tried to keep this as simple as possible. Evelyn is wearing an vintage dress that belonged to her grandmother, and Snape decided on his usual black, only with an open nehru jacket and tie, instead of the buttoned up nehru jacket he usually wears(this was probably the only outfit Evelyn could get him into, I just know he would never agree to a normal suit or tuxedo ;P)...

Evelyn´s dress inspired by [link]
Severus suit inspired by:[link]

Evelyn background sheet: [link]

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling
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Another pic of my oc Soren Prince Snape (see the first one here [link]), because apparently he is a sucess ;P. Soren is the only son of Severus Snape and Evelyn (Black) Snape, my other oc (and from this picture you can really tell who his dad is. Just look at this profile. The nose really gives it away ;P). Yeah I created a whole oc family for Snape, it seems I have too much iddle time in my hands lately :blush: :XD:

Soren´s info:

Name: Soren Prince Snape
Alias: Slytherin Prince (mockingly given to him by James Sirius Potter, latter adopted)
Parents: Severus Snape and Evelyn Snape (née Black)[link]

Blood status: Half-bood
Date of birth: October, 31st, 2005
Place of birth: Hogsmeade, Scotland


Snape family
Black family
Malfoy family
Potter family
Weasley family
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry

Physical information

Hair: black
Eyes: black
Skin: pale
Built: tall and lean, somewhat lanky

Magical information

House: Slytherin (though the Sorting hat briefly considered Ravenclaw)
Wand: Cedar wood, dragon heartstring core
Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
Boggart: Unknown
Animagus: Hippogryph (registered)

Dark arts/ Defense against the dark arts
Spell creation

As I said before I don´t have much of a backstory for him. But there are some things I sketched.

Soren was born quite "by accident", both Snape and Evelyn were over 40 and not thinking about having children(Snape particularly was nowhere near interested). After quite a bit of uncertainty and discomfort, Soren was welcomed and adored by his parents. Being an only child he was heaped with affection and high expectations. However his father made sure he had very strict limits and gave him lots of responsibilities from an early age (chores, studies etc). His stern upbringing steemed not only from Snape´s rigid and quite authoritarian personality, but also from the fear that, if he gave his son too much liberty, he might wind up raising a James Potter-type of brat.

As a result Soren is a very self-suficient and independent kid, with an intense (and almost crippling) need to prove himself worthy of his father´s pride and name. He is a talented potioneer and duelist but has a fascination with the dark arts that Snape desperatly tries to keep in check. He´s also rather talented at creating spells and charms.

Soren is in Slytherin (although the sorting hat almost placed him in Ravenclaw), where he is a precfet (later house boy) and quite popular with his house-mates (and with many from other houses) due to his assertive personality and charisma. He does have problems with others students, particularly Gryffindors. A lot of Gryffindor students (and some from other houses) still view Slytherin as "the house that spawned Voldermort and the death eaters", and Soren being Snape´s son and a talented student doesn´t sit well with many. That´s especially true for James Sirius Potter who often competes with Soren for the same awards and honors, and believes that Soren is always given free-rides for being Snape´s son. On the other hand Soren himself feels like the Gryffindor "get away with everything" while other houses (Slytherin in particluar) are held to more strict standards.

Soren´s eagerness to prove the rumors about his house and father are not true, and to show everyone Slytherins can be as worthy as any of the other students often causes him to go out of line with his competitiveness and to behave in a reckless or boastful manner(behaviours that his father frequently tries to repress, not always with sucess). He can also be quite spiteful when provoked (or when he thinks he´s being provoked), a personality trait Snape is rather dismayed to realize his son was inherited from him. But as for all the flaws, Soren is known to be fiercely protective of his friends and of younger students (particularly Slytherins). In addition to this generous disposition, he also has a great sense of humour and a very matter-of-factly manner of dealing with problems.

So there, this is Soren for those of you who wanted to know more :D

EDIT: Once again a huge "thank you!" to everyone who :+fav:ed!! :w00t:
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"'But this is touching, Severeus,' Dumbledore said seriously. 'Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?'

'For him?' shouted Snape. 'Expecto Patronum!'

From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe...and his eyes were full of tears.

'After all this time?'

'Always,' said Snape."

Yep, more Harry Potter fanart with Snape... Good ol´canon Snape this time :D

Just wanted to do something with silhouettes....

(Ps. the doe was vectorised from a deer stock image)

EDIT: Whoa!!! 125 favorites under 24 hours!!!! This has never happened to me :wow: Anyways I always leave a thank you message to each deviant who faves my stuff, but this time I guess it won´t be possible ^^;

So, just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone who faved this, I really appreciate it :huggle:s to everyone :D

Other Snape related fanart(please take a look, will ya? ;P):
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My entry to the :iconirelandart: ´s St Patrick´s Day contest [link]

Evelyn Black (information here [link]) and Severus Snape celebrating their first St. Patrick´s day together, at a pub in Cokeworth.

Like I could create an character as wonderfully Irish as Evelyn and NOT make a St Patrick day picture. :D

Inspired by Robert Doisneau´s famous photograph, "Le Baiser de l´Hôtel de ville" aka "The Kiss": [link]

The bottles and blackboard on the back are stock images from Istock

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling. Evelyn Black belongs to me.
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Complete piece featuring both my Mucha-esque portraits of Evelyn and Severus.

Originals and information

"Evelyn Black- Irish Rose":[link]

"Severus Snape - The Snake":[link]

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling. Evelyn Black belongs to me

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Aaaargh... I can´t draw anything that isn´t Snape related!!!! :shakefist:

So there... Severus and Evelyn...again :roll: (I guess I´m just too smitten with Evelyn, ever since I´ve created her :XD:).

Sitting by the fireplace, enjoying some quiet time together ...and yes, that´s a Slytherin scarf Evelyn is wearing. Actualy is the same scarf Snape wore as a student in Hogwarts...he just gave it to her (he´s letting go of his teenage years´angst, I guess)

Yay for Snape conquering his fear of intimacy (cuddling by the fireplace is probably a HUUUGE step for him, way to go Snapey! :dance:)

Snape belongs to JK Rowling
Evelyn is mine :D (check out her info here: [link])
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My entry for the "Masquerade" contest on :iconpairinglove: [link]

So here are Severus and Evelyn, masquerade style. Those who know me would certainly know that whenever I hear the word "masquerade" all I can think of is the brilliant Venice Carnival and XVIII century inspirations...I just can´t help myself :giggle:

Actually the Venice-Settecento theme is always a blast to work with, but I loved using it on this piece all the more. It just fits Sev and Lyn like a glove. Not to mention I got to play with ruffles, textures and shadows. And I have to admit...I had entirely too much fun with Evelyn´s make definitely something she wouldn´t normally wear, but it suits her all the same.

And of course I get to have a little fun at Sev´s expense...he simply had to wear a Nasone Mask ;P :giggle:

There, I hope you all like it, and wish me luck with the contest ;P (Btwis Severus Snape in Venice Carnival full costume out of character? :giggle:)

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling. Evelyn Black is my original character :D

Evelyn´s file: [link]

Lace brushes by :iconproject-gimpbc: and :iconsurfing-ant:
Evelyn´s mask based of a stock picture from shutterstock
Severus nasone mask inspired by [link]
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"She returned to him, and they moved on. For months he watched as the child grew inside her womb. He would be lying if he said he felt nothing. It wasn´t joy per se, nor was it anticipation... But rather.. something akin to tenderness. Evelyn was happy...more than that she was anxious. Severus couldn´t say that didn´t affect him...That her constant smile, her joy at the slightest movement of the child, her glowing cheeks and softer forms didn´t affect him. He was sure there was something purely instinctive about the way he felt about her during those months."

My entry for :iconeuphoriane:´s contest (Information can be found here: [link])

Since the theme of the contest was "draw you oc pregnant" there was no doubt as to who I was going to draw, since Evelyn the only mommy among my ocs :D

So for this contest I decided to illustrate my own fic "Acceptance" which Severus contemplates Evelyn´s pregnancy and fatherhood, following the birth fo their son, Soren.

You can find the story here: [link]

Severus Snape belongs to JK Rowling, Evelyn Snape (née Black) and Soren Prince Snape belong to me
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"Look, Sev! A ______________!" (fill in the blank ;P)

Anyways, another thing I owed myself for the longest time... A Severus x Lily fanart. I´m not a big fan of Lily to be honest (she never got enough character development for me to have a solid opinion on her), but as a Snape fangirl I simply have to aknowledge that she´s the reason my favorite character is everything he is...therefore she´s a big part of the reasons that make me I love him, so I need to show some respect from time to time :P

So, there it is, Sev, Lily in a random summer afternon playing by the river (assuming that stinky river that crosses Cokeworth was clean when they were children :P)

This is dedicated to :iconameraucanablues: and :iconca-cha: both of whom urged me to draw some Sev x Lily

(Grass brushes by :iconiceytina: [link])
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I´m enjoying the Snape shipping way more than I should... :blush:

Snape belongs to JK Rowling

Evelyn belong to me :D
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