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I gave up waiting on Deviantart's response so I have to figure out a way to upload the file differently. Turned out it also accepts SWF files, yippie.

So, after about 50+ days after my birthday, I finally uploaded this. As I had planned to upload it on the 19th of June when my birthday was, oh well...Better late than never I suppose.

What you're seeing here are 3 characters of my story; Lycan, Spyx and Hogger. All three from a hidden clan that are known to be the rebels against their own races and clans.
Their demonic transformation, however, is something just these three have in common, which is the reason why these three pair up together a lot.

Specific information about the demonic transformation and the clans will be uploaded soon some other time. For now, enjoy this first test effort in After effects. : '' ) I hope you guys like it despite some errors in it.

Meanwhile in those days, I made a lot more things in AE which look more improved, but I didn't want to let this go to waste. I was and still am p-pretty proud of it.
I've got something bigger planned I which I will upload soon. Rawr.

[warning, it's looped. hue.]

:bulletblack: Characters and Art - SpyxedDemon
:bulletred: Music: New Era, Against the Tide
The music belongs to their rightful owners.

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YAY I won :D All the hard work paid off. :)

please and
Thank you :D

Contest entry for [link]

sorry for the large file size. hope the pre-loader helps. btw first time using flash ever really :P i did it this way cos DA is picky it seems about who can upload videos so this was the best way to do it.

I decided to make it an animation because i felt showing a still of a flying book would have been far less interesting than an animation also it was to try and make a rig that will make animating and posing a book and its pages easier for future projects.

Programs used

Autodesk Maya
After Effects
Mudbox(though i skipped this part cos i was spending too much time on it and when with a simple texture)

Alll Modeling,Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rigging, Rendering, Comping was done by me :)

Most of the texture i use were from random 3d mags and 3D total but all edited and i generated normals and spec using Xnormal

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Only available 6 days !

with love

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Added player and foe animations.

Also added equip, skill and item translations, so you can have a look at those.
Menus are not translated though, so a lot of text will be invisible. Also, you should only change the language on the loading screen.

DA is a load of shit and won't let me submit the Flashplayer 11 version, which works better than this one.

Next up: Battles, hopefully!
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I made this a while ago. I'm still proud of it. It's not quite accurate, but it's accurate enough to the real thing.

See it soon at 's new flash coming soon.
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Happy New Year!

I had something else I wanted to finish for the New Years, but that didn't exactly turn out as expected.

So, until that's finished, enjoy this lovable little waste of time.

The Gif
Where to get the song
Based on this video

Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
Animation by Me
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A major LSS + a Monkey Island marathon= My first "serious" attempt on flash. XDD

To understand this, you must:

1. At least know what the Monkey Island series is about. (...pirates)
2. Go to Google, look up "lol limewire" and click "I'm feeling lucky."

The Curse of Monkey Island version of Guybrush is my favorite. His dorkiness is just adorable. :> Hence why he stars in this flash. XD

I finished the Tales of Monkey Island, btw. Its ending turned out to be way better than I expected. o_o

Made with Flash CS3. Anyway, enjoy? xD;

PS. There is no pause/play because I was lazy, and this was meant to loop and be annoying. >u>

Guybrush Threepwood and Murray, and the three-headed monkey(c) Lucas Arts
Song(c) Lazy Town
Font from Dafont
Animation (c) ~TheSketcher~WithSkechers (Ask before reposting elsewhere, please. >_<)
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Not much to say this time, you can check it on newgrounds as well: [link]
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O...M...G...what is this THING I created!?! O.O;;;:jawdrop:

I tried to make a pre-loader thingy...but I was like "eh...fuck that" Stare at the blankness....O.O

Yeah...on a random Wednesday night I came back a bit drunk/hyper/and most likely high. I went on the computer and decided to record myself on Kingdom Hearts I. In return I created this.....this....MASTERPIECE!!!!!

I also created the KH COM voice recording on the same if I get enough feedback on this one then I'll make the COM into a me...the COM is even more random and messed up. :laughing:

All pictures I found on the internet.

Comments make me happy! :D
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FMA, I hope u enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

(c) MirokuSan
(c) fma creator
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