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Here is a 1080p video of it in action.

Inspired by the Iron man HUD layout, I went and designed this layout for my Windows 7. WATCH IN 1080p Full screen for best preview.
Fully functioning clocks/cpu info/weather/etc WITHOUT lag. Every thing is interactive and efficient. I will soon be releasing a full on tutorial on how to set this up. You guys will be provided with the files and instructions.

Sorry about the shaky video, and small unfocused parts, I had to record with one hand and move around. The design looks much better, than seen in this video. I will make a whole new video, this time, actually recording the screen via software and providing more detailed info. I just don't have time at the moment.

Please like/favorite so I can get a sense of how many people wish to have this layout.
~Extra info:
1. THESE ARE NOT STANDARD WIDGETS. These are not something you can on windows, these are smart apps which are capable of much more, without using much system resources.
2. Everything is locked into place so they will not be moving around with accidental clicks and what not.
3. Everything starts up when windows starts, so no need to manually restart every time.
4. The bottom left, indicates the ram/memory usage, and allows me to click the start button to access info from the top.
5. Bottom right, are 2 USB drive memory usage indicators. Working just fine.
6. Middle left is the audio controller, up/down, fairly obvious.
7. Next to Data/music/video tabs, there is a real time file/memory indicator.
8. The music controls above the tabs, has iTunes hooked up, so clicking the red start buttons allows me to not only open itunes, but control the music as well. (Other comparable ones are not capable of this).
9. At the very bottom middle, I have a full fledged mac dock (this is not a object dock), which is capable of everything the real mac dock is able to do. I can shut down/sleep etc my comp/minimize and maximize/have same effects and much more.
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The cosmology of the Elder Scrolls universe. The map includes Aetherius (realm of the gods), Mundus (the mortal realm), and Oblivion (realms of the Daedra).

The map does NOT include all the Daedric planes, only the Deadlands, Apocrypha, Soul Cairn, the Shivering Isles, Quagmire, and Coldharbour.

Click "Download" on the right side of your screen to download the wallpaper.

Clean 1920x1080 wallpaper version:…

(The map is NOT in scale)

Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Dragonborn, Oblivion, Tamriel, Universe, Cosmology, Cosmos, Space, Constellations, Thief, Mage, Warrior, Planet, Planets, Sun, Star, Stars, Solar System, Plane, Realm, Void, God, Mortal, Anu, Padomay, Sithis, Aurbis, Magnus, Aetherius, Sovngarde, Mundus, Nirn, Akatosh, Auri-El, Julianos, Mara, Arkay, Dibella, Zenithar, Stendarr, Kynareth, Kyne, Khenarthi, Aedra, Daedra, Daedric Princes, Coldharbour, Deadlands, Shivering Isles, Apocrypha, Soul Cairn, Quagmire, Ideal Masters, Vaermina, Hermaeus Mora, Molag Bal, Sheogorath, Jyggalag, Mehrunes Dagon, Skyrim, Morrowind
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My 2nd AIMP skin.
White version and project files are included in the download.
Works well with Penumbra 8 ( )

Needs AIMP 3.6 in order to work properly!

V1.8 (30/12/2014)
- Added option to hide album art (Album Art)*
- Added album background (Album BG)
- Revamped tray mode
- Added on hover volume bar in album art mode
- Added shortcut arrows on album art
- Changed Album Placeholder
- Changed Dropwheel
- Changed Spectrum
- Changed font size on a bunch of elements
- Changed color of a bunch of elements including main theme color
- Bunch of other small changes and fixes

* ! - Right click playerstate (Playing, Paused, Stopped) to access Ladient Options

V1.7 (27/05/2014)
- Included project files in the download
- Added some flat drop shadows
- Fixed title text cut off
- Other small changes

V1.6 (09/04/2014)
- Added big album art mode
- Minimal width is now 350px instead of 400px
- Made overall skin a tad lighter colored
- Increased font size
- Bunch of other small changes

V1.5.1 (06/02/2014)
- Reverted back to floating Skin Options
- Fixed disappearing Skin Options
- Small changes

V1.5 (24/01/2014)
- Alignment changes
- Moved volume bar to the right edge
- Skinned docking arrow
- Colors changes
- Other small fixes and changes

V1.4 (09/12/2013)
- Main is now resizable by width
- Added vertical tabs
- Changed volumebar to be more visible
- Made Skin Options window cleaner
- Small color changes
- Small placement changes
- Other small fixes and changes

V1.3 (28/09/2013)
- Redone QFI
- Removed album name from main
- Added menu bar toggle
- Added scrollbar toggle
- Added volumebar when hovering over main
- Added album name when hovering over album art
- Small color changes
- UI changes.
- Other small fixes

V1.2 (04/08/2013)
- Added white version (W)
- Added bitrate toggle
- Renewed shuffle and repeat button
- Made line gradient react to the music
- Replaced runstring with playerstate
- Skinned switches
- Made and tray size fixed
- Made main width size fixed
- Fixed playlist toggle
- Small color and alignment fixes

V1.1 (19/07/2013)
- Added Skin options
- Skinned Tray icons
- Changed Preview image
- Small UI changes

AIMP skin editor:…
Some elements are accessible when you right click a button/text.
Volume can be changed by using the scroll wheel when hovering over the main window.
You can open skin options by right clicking 'Menu' or the album art (in case you hide controls).
The big album art makes your player 400px wide.

The name Ladient comes from combining the words Line and Gradient.
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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Wallpaper Enjoy
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Envy Signature

Envy @ Fullmetal Alchemist Hiromu Arakawa
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I saw the Mood Matrix from the trailer for the new Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies game, and instantly knew I needed a Rainmeter skin for it. This is my second Rainmeter skin, and it's only for Windows 7! I tried to make it as close to the game's Mood Matrix as much as possible.

It shows the date, the time, how much space you've used, and how much space you have left. Plus, it tells you if you need a jacket! Dandy!

What does what:
Space ship thing: Control Panel
Star: Favorites
Center Smiley: User Libraries
Mail: Default mail application
Saturn: Internet (opens up Google in default browser)

I used DINAJ's Do I Need a Jacket? Rainmeter and implemented it into the meter. As such, you'll need to edit the settings.txt file found in the Window folder of the skin for your location, etc.

Skin by :icontomcat94:
Mood Matrix copyright :iconcapcomplz:

100 downloads and only 10 faves / 2 comments? Look, if you like this skin, add it to your favorites! And if you tried it out an don't like it for whatever reason, leave a comment telling me what can be improved!
... I mean, only if you want to. I'd just like at least *some* feedback, 'ya know?
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Had to complete the music pony duo, so here, have an Octavia wallpaper., yeah...Octavia cutie mark vector here [link] Octavia vector here [link]

MLP Hasbro, Hub Network, Lauren Faust
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I swear I did not plan this while I was taking the ss XD I saw the funny dialogue unfold as I looked through them later.

I know this isn't real art and I need to actually do more of that but damnit this was too hard to resist XD;
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Ive created this icon set since I dont liked the one that came with the Skyrim for Mac.

This icon is based on the cover of the game and inspired by the iOS icons (from iPad and iPhone).

You can use this icon in Mac OS X and Windows (XP, Vista and Seven).

Instructions are included.

If you download move the mouse a little below and click "add to favorites" ;)
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