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My Orc cosplay from Anime Boston 2012!
Four hours of make-up application.... but so worth it.

Hand made costume.
Makeup and Bald cap from Mehron.
Hand sculpted nose bridge with wax/putty from Mehron.
Staff borrowed from =Pyek

This was the third day using the same bald cap. I'm actually really impressed with how it held up. :)

Photographer: ~dmcfoto

See the rest of the photo shoot with me and my kahjiit sisters!:
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World of Warcraft - Draenei Tamuura cosplay
photo by :iconakami777:
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lol More stamps!!:woohoo:

I was reffing with a friend of mine and he had...something like this on his shirt.:XD: I don't know, I just had to do a stamp on it. Or, I just wanted to create a stamp.:XD:

Oh, and, if possible, please find your own reasons to use this stamp, but I think you should use REASON or else people are going to think YOU'RE the idiot. I don't even know what I'm talking about, just go for a better explanation here.:) And you don't really need to look at the description to figure it out.

Stamp design is © Fuzzyfinx

Programs used: Pixlr
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I had been planning on making this ever since my outrage but I couldn't be assed.

But here it is.

I don't support #christians.

Now, I have nothing against Christians in general, but I do have something against this group.

They are homophobic fundies.

For one, they don't allow LGBT Christians to join. If that were the only thing, that'd be fine, whatever, it's their group.

But that's not the only thing, oh no.
Instead, they feel the need to advertise on their page anti-gay organizations and links.
One link leads to Exodus International, which is an organization aimed at "curing" homosexuality through "corrective therapy" - which has been condemned by psychological institutes and organizations as being psychologically harmful and damaging, and such bullying and nonacceptance is a cause of LGBT suicide. Not only that, but this organization, like others like it, have been known for their tactics of sexual shaming and "corrective molestation" to try and change someone's sexual orientation. The organization has even been discredited by its own founders.
Information about "corrective" therapy and what it is here

And then #christians's links also lead to other anti-gay sentiments about restricting the rights of LGBT people, because they are "not to be accepted by society", peeling back the great strides the LGBT community has made in equality (such as making it illegal again for you to have a job if you are homosexual). They also spread lies about how "science has proven homosexuality as unnatural and wrong" and "nobody in the world thinks homosexuality is okay" and "gay parents severely harm/abuse their children".

When confronted about this vehement homophobia, they ignore, hide, and block anyone who tries.

On top of that, as further proof of #christians being stupid fundies, they feel the need to make ridiculous blogs, including a blog about how handing candy out on Halloween will send you to Hell. Isn't this the kind of thinking and the kind of image modern Christians are trying to get away from?

These people aren't loving and accepting. They are intolerant, ignorant, and hateful. And I don't support them, and neither should you.

Try #LGBT-Christians instead or #Jesus-loves-You.
(Sorry I can't think of any other good Christian groups)

[edit] [link] You can comment here if you like. [edit] AL was banned, but you can read the comments.

[edit2] [link]
Nice, let's compare LGBT individuals to fucking terrorists so our members have no idea what's actually going on and people just think it's radicals bashing Christianity.
Instead of, you know, people protesting the disgusting homophobia that seeks to hurt people. For a group saying they "respect and love" others who don't believe the same, they sure don't show it!
Again, these are nasty fundies you should not support. Please think of another group instead.
How and why people are getting blocked and hidden.

[edit3] [link]
And now the fire is finally underway. Here is their statement that addresses none of the problems, pussyfootedly tells us no, LGBT Christians are not allowed (even intersex/hermaphroditic individuals, if you look at the comments, because they can totally help that), and gently and condescendingly pats everyone on the head assuring them it's nothing more than silly atheists having a row at Christians.
Not only have they once again painted everyone who complains as a bunch of spammers and trolls, as I said they failed to address the problem, which was their hateful links espousing harm of LGBT individuals, both socially and personally. And of course that they are psycho fundies in other ways (don't watch TV or listen to music, kids; it might make you lustful!).

So now, as much as it PAINS ME to have to actually DIG FOR THIS SHIT I will SHOW YOU what the problem is.
There are links on their pages. The Lust one I already linked just above. But the main problem are two others.

[edit] To start: READ THIS.

The first: "Thinking of Leaving Homosexuality?" [link]
This is Exodus International, a famed anti-gay organization that works to eradicate the gay menace by "curing" them (and also using its donations to lobby against equality). This organization and others like it, their practices, have been condemned by psychological associations around the world as FUCKING HARMFUL to a person. It is BAD to try and change someone's sexual orientation, especially since they are doing it with verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. This organization, just like others like it, have always come under fire because of the abuse their "patients" suffer, their "patients" being people coerced into it by being brainwashed into thinking they are unhealthy and scum and in danger and need to change, or children whose parents refuse to accept (even if they're straight; "I fear Jimmy might be gay can you make him manly?"). Read more about this kind of shit and how effective it is here. The Human Rights Campaign has also compiled a list of research excerpts and statements from medical institutions and associations in America. And read here. And also read about Exodus International's crap here. [edit] And now Truth Wins Out has released a new report on Exodus International which includes Chambers saying that his "program" is 99.9% ineffective. You can find video testimonials about people who've been abused by these organizations directly, but these sorts of organizations often try to play it safe by not abusing on our soil but instead advocating abuse elsewhere (read the third paragraph, where Exodus International itself had a hand in the "Kill the Gays" bill).
Read what "gay therapy" REALLY is here: [link]

The second link and the one I hate to peruse through: "The Bible and Homosexuality" [link]
While Exodus International's anti-LGBT and their rights is more subtle, this is more blatant. So I'll just quote this lovely bit of literature.
Okay first off the blockquote they have there cites Leviticus as the reason God hates homosexuality, conveniently leaving out the part where the punishment is stoning gays to death.
Nonetheless, true Christian love does not ignore immorality and the lives ruined by it
Homosexuality ruins your life. Unlike, you know, abusing people to make them straight.
even from a secular perspective the unbiased reader is forced to admit that homosexuality is neither a healthy nor a natural lifestyle
Here's the first lie they come up with. Actually, homosexuality is quite healthy and quite natural. It's been scientifically proven. Don't believe me? Look it fucking up. Most animals practice homosexuality, all legitimate psych organizations say homosexuality is fine.
This movement has been militantly demanding [...] that society fully accept their lifestyle as both healthy and normal, even demanding special rights and legislation as an "oppressed minority."
Apparently being savagely beaten and killed for what you are doesn't make you an oppressed minority. Also again the lies about what is healthy and normal. Also you're militant if you want to be openly gay.
today there is legislation pending in the United States Congress which proposes to do just what the gay rights movement has demanded: fully legitimize homosexuality as an acceptable and sanctioned alternative lifestyle.
Talking about it being legal to be openly gay and not be persecuted and beaten and jailed and executed for it. This apparently bad, to demand basic human decency!
Also calling it an "alternative lifestyle" - I really hate this term because really your sexual orientation doesn't give you a special perspective and way of doing things. It's just what you are and aren't attracted to. Wow, possibly dating a girl makes such a huge impact on my middle class life.
If passed this bill would make it illegal for any organization, including Christian businesses and churches, to refuse employment to practicing homosexuals.
Gays shouldn't be allowed to work. (Although personally I disagree with the churches part and don't know the validity of their claim because churches are not businesses and as such are not subject to legislation of employment, if I remember correctly, and of course you know it's also against the separation of church and state).
It would legalize same-sex "marriages," something not now recognized in any U.S. jurisdiction.
[link] But I can understand this viewpoint and it's still under debate about this even being a right or not so you know.
Homosexual "couples" would have the right to adopt children.
Same-sex couples aren't real couples and also even though no unbiased institute in the world says that same-sex parents harms children I don't want to give kids to loving homes because ew gays.
And every school system would have to include homosexuality as a positive alternative lifestyle in any sex education course offered.
Okay now I know they're lying because Congress wouldn't dare pass any legislation that told people to actually give comprehensive sex education!
I think that gay-rights legislation would harm children at an impressionable, malleable, and gullible age.
Oh lawd.
There is plenty of evidence for the position that homosexual propaganda can sway young people into homosexual activity and, perhaps, permanent orientation in that direction.
Oh LAWD. Gays being out will turn everyone gay quick hide!
Included in the curriculum materials are four pro-homosexual books aimed at very young children.
And then they go on to rant about a few books that are "gay propaganda" by saying there's nothing wrong with people being gay and they should be treated well.
The traditional civic virtue of tolerance (if gays want to live together, it's their own business) has been replaced with a new ethic requiring approval and endorsement (if gays want to live together, we must 'acknowledge the positive aspects' of their way of life).
Am I the only one not seeing the difference? No? Okay.
Are new laws really essential to protect those in the gay community?
Considering you want to make it illegal to be publicly gay....
There are many questions, however, about their attempt to codify their behavior as acceptable and good, to force their lifestyle on the rest of society, and to influence those too young to understand the moral implications of this issue.
Oh lawd.
But God's Word does say it is a sin to engage in homosexual behavior, as we shall see below.
Actually that's debatable! Many theologists question it. Regardless, whatever you believe, there is a separation of church and state. Seems they wanted it before (complaining about employment) but they don't want it here.
Then there's a big rant about abomination churches who dare disagree and they are just furthering the evil agenda of teh gez. They even go on to attack churches who try to rationalize homosexuality in the Bible.
Parts of Scripture cannot be accepted while other parts are rejected.
Hey, #christians are you listening? You need to stone gays to death. You can't reject this mandate. Also the author of this article can't either, LOL. Then they go and relate homosexuality to incest (which happened and was condoned by God on a few occasions), adultery (which also happened and was condoned by God on a few occasions), fornication, and bestiality.
Blah blah some crap about sex being for procreation. Some misquoting of Matthew and convenient ignoring of nasty things the books they are quoting also said... but this is all interpretation let's get on with the anti-gay rhetoric.
One does not need a Ph.D. to realize that homosexuality is anatomically aberrant; that is, there is a created biological order intended in our sexuality.
No, one doesn't need a Ph.D. to observe what actually happens in nature which would be homosexual and other nonreproductive sexual acts, nor to research the fact that sex has various biological implications that serve more social function than reproductive function, nor to see that what you just said inherently dismissed all sterile, intersex, and such individuals from ever having sex or being married.
How can (homosexual) people be happy when they're persistently deceiving themselves, believing that it is just as natural for sperm to swim into feces as it is to swim into eggs?
Because clearly for happiness you need to breed breed breed breed breed. It's not like sex does anything else for a person and it's not like not everyone wants kids and certainly it's not like love has anything to do with anything...
Oh wow! My mistake, they directly quoted the killing gays verse... oh but they conveniently ignored that part. Nevermind.
Oh fuck haha there we go the "well such and such doesn't have to be applied today because I said so but no gays are always bad" spiel. What happened to "you have to follow all teachings of the Bible"? And then conveniently ignoring the "natural function of women is sex object" quip... But regardless here we go again with interpretation bullshit.
Blah blah "everyone else is wrong because I said so and I can use the same arguments you used but if you do it's wrong" crap...
And here's our conclusion:
Is homosexuality natural and healthy, as the gay rights movement wants us to believe? The answer from Scripture is no, and as Christians we must not be involved in homosexuality nor be among those who, as Paul warns, "approve of those" who are engaged in it (Rom. 1:32). The Roman Catholic church is correct in stating that homosexuality is "an intrinsic moral evil."
Gays are evil and also we should not associate with them. Also apparently book written by man about morality as warped and interpreted by people in power > scientific studies. Oh yep gay's not natural and healthy! Oh wait I don't recall any part about its healthiness in the Bible what.
Oh wait I skipped a part up top I'm sorry:
It is this goal of full acceptance, which no known society past or present has granted to homosexuals, that makes many Americans apprehensive
Really? Never ever ever? Jeez well that's a surprise to me.

So there we have it folks. That's where it comes from. LGBT is unnatural, unhealthy, and not to be accepted by society, they have no right to work, to be openly gay, to have children, to be our friends, and they are most certainly not an oppressed minority, they will hurt children and turn them gay, so they must be stopped and cured, as history has always wanted them to be.

They have every right in the world to not accept LGBT Christians into their group. They have no right to espouse such hateful and damaging things, though, and since they support such opinions they most certainly should not be supported.
Comments disabled by owner.
...when you hate?

Seriously. I am so SICK of going to people's pages and seeing their art ripped to pieces by others who think it's their damn JOB in life to insult the tastes of others. Really. Do you type "slash, yaoi, shounen AI" in the search box and then click on the pictures just to leave a nasty mesage? Do you peruse the popular artists' page and tell them their art sucks just because "they get so many hits and compliments my comment won't matter"?


Do you really type "u suck as an artist i hate you that piar wud never get together go die in a fiar" and then sit back and feel you "did your part"?

I have felt hate a few times in my life, but never, NEVER has it made me feel better, or feel good about myself.


/end rant
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One of my many Yoshimitsu Drawings. im not obsessed lol
here's a picture i sketched and then coloured using photoshop. It's of tekken 6 yoshimitsu customized the way i like it lol

ps: [i]Slash! is the card name used when i play tekken at the arcades, where [i] is the clan name
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This is my new ID and how I image myself into the world of Skyrim. An altmer vampire lord with and an unhealthy obsession with fire. Uncle Sheogorath is proud.

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Photo by *adelhaid

me as Malk =))

Ivery love VtM, an this is my favorite clan =))
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Whoo, it's a double post day. :dummy: I've been mainly working on commissions past couple of weeks so I haven't had much time for personal artwork, but I couldn't resist doing this meme when I had some spare time. Frankly, all this was just an excuse to draw Bron wearing my Nightwish shirt (not to mention a monocle and a tophat). :XD:

Thanks to ~solfieri for the original template! :pointr: [link]

Bron Martes me
Taarie Bethesda
from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Tumblr: [link]
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