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A lot of people asked me how I did the thimble/pinky trick this last weekend at Anime Boston, so I figured I'd share the method!

It's super easy, simple, and very fast to do. If you have any questions let me know!

Photos by Autumnribbons and IndieNate respectively!
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If you would rather not grab the RAR then no worries because I have other options in place, a two piece download for the images and text to be exact.

12 Tutorial Images - [link]

The Tutorial Text (RTF for Word or WordPad preferably) - [link]


From the RTF - My goal here is to create a simple, straightforward way of teaching Photoshop's Pen tool. It is really really easy once you learn the basics and you will probably never need another tutorial again if this one is good enough at explaining it.


Which I hope it will be.

As you can see the preview is also of a sketch I've never had on the net before so I guess that adds a bit to it. ^^;

To help make this tutorial better, present any questions/ inadequacies you may have to me via note or MSN (as provided on my homepage and in the text) and if this works I may move onto other quick-ish tutorials on effective coloring e.t.c.
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This is one of my favorite actions already created, dark edges and bright Center, with a vintage touch soft, this also included the option of additional red Flare.

•100% adjustable layers to work well on any image.

» include:

• Dramatic Action
• Flare Red
• Sharp

» Stock:
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv {More Artistic Actions}vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Sweet Sunshine Action by Welton-Arruda Winter Mist Photoshop Action by Welton-Arruda Sunkissed Light Photoshop Action by Welton-Arruda Flare Lights Photoshop Actions by Welton-Arruda Flare Lights Photoshop Action Pack II by Welton-Arruda Caffeine Photoshop Action by Welton-Arruda

If you have any questions, suggestions, praise or criticism, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below or send a NOTE to my DeviantART account, I will try to respond as soon as possible.
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Finally the new package Soft Tones Lightroom Pack II has just been released, a lot has been improved and now the brightness and contrast options are for your account. Is perfect in any image, and will bring a soft touch and subtle for your images.

15 Lightroom Presets

- Clean Light
- Clean Light: Brighten
- Clean Light: Darken
- Dreamy
- Dreamy: Brighten
- Dreamy: Darken
- Essence
- Essence: Brighten
- Essence: Darken
- Pink Glare
- Pink Glare: Brighten
- Pink Glare: Darken
- Vintage
- Vintage: Brighten
- Vintage Darken

Photography | Lightroom Presets | Photoshop Actions| Facebook Page
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This is the "Snow Texture Pack by Moosplauze" with six photos of snow falling down. All files are in original size of 5184 x 3456 Pixels each (18 Megapixels). This way you do not need to enlarge this if using on big photos.

Here you can download all of these textures in a single pack for the donation of 100 credits (1US$) or you can chose any individual texture from the links below to download them for free (I want to keep them available to everyone for free).

Please :+fav: this so it gets exposed to more people :)

:thumb274565304: :thumb274565307: :thumb274565314:

:thumb274565321: :thumb274565329: Snow Texture VI 5184 x 3456 Pixels (Only 5 Thumbs allowed...)

If you used my textures please put a link to this Texture or to this Texture Pack into your images description and post me a link of your work in my comments, so that I can in return :+fav: your work!

If you are unsure how to use this in Photoshop, follow this guideline:
:snowflake: Create a new layer and paste this texture onto that layer
:snowflake: You can then set the layer blending mode to any desired setting like screen or soft light
:snowflake: Set the opacity to the desired level
:snowflake: If you want the snowfall only to be visible in the sky use a layer mask with gradual fill.
:snowflake: Of course you can crop this texture if you don't want certain parts of it to show in your image

I hope that these textures are of good use to some people here! :)
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I have so many boy ocs... the next group I join will be a girl :'n (maybe)

✿ NAME: Christopher Calla
✿ AGE: 28
✿ GENDER: Male
✿ FLOWER: Calla Lily

✿ PERSONALITY: Christopher is an absolute prude and has a tendency to be rather rude towards others. He keeps his head held high above the rest as he secretly (or openly) looks down upon everyone. He's selfish and arrogant and likes to force his personality onto people. He absolutely enjoys sticking his nose into other people's business and making it his own. If you're trying to have a private conversation, you can bet that he'll jump into it or be listening intensely from afar. All of his "over the top" attitude comes from the fact that he has trouble making friends, so he's jealous of everyone else with good relationships with people. In a way, he's trying to observe others and take note, but he has a very obnoxious way of doing it.

To add onto his jealousy, Christopher has a bit of an possessiveness issue. If he's not working, he spends a great deal of his time collecting items that he randomly finds. He'll even pester other people if he sees something that he likes that they happen to own. He enjoys trading things, but if he has to he'll end up buying it instead.

-Making things all about him
-Peace & Quite
-Tranquil music
-Collecting junk precious items

-Being interrupted
-Rude people
-Loud noises
-People happier than him
-Things not going his way

✿ BIOGRAPHY: Christopher had a common start on life where he was born in the nurseries and waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Fortunately for him, he was barely out of infancy before being picked up and entering into a wealthy family. Well, he never really knew if his family was actually wealthy, but as a child he was spoiled and got anything he asked for. Clearly if his parents had so much to buy him all these things, then he was higher above the other children. This train of thought unfortunately stuck with him all the way to adulthood. Because of his blunt arrogance and his lack of empathy, he had lot of trouble making friends. He was never really teased, but no one wanted to play with him because they all knew how he acted if he didn't get his way. But now that he's an adult, he seems to act a little less childish, but he still isn't well liked by others. Now he spends his days as a librarian, enjoying the solitude.

✿ JOB: Librarian
✿ OTHER: None yet
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This is the Terms of Service and Image Release form which I use for paid photoshoots with models. There are many other TOS and release forms out there. This is just mine.

It is in Resources & Stock Images > Tutorials > Photography because the Miscellaneous section doesn't allow text submissions.

The model in the preview image is Sara Miller and you can see the photograph in my dA gallery here.

Further reading
The other parts of the Working With Models tutorial series can be found here:
:bulletblack: Part 1: Finding and meeting models online and offline
:bulletblack: Part 2: Communication and preparation before the shoot
:bulletblack: Part 3: Communication and direction during the shoot
:bulletblack: Part 4: Follow-up, payment etiquette and work experience

You can also find my model release, image release and terms of service documents here:
:bulletblack: Model Release for unpaid/TFP shoots
:bulletblack: Terms of Service and Image Release for paid shoots

The small print
This resource is presented for informational purposes only and the author accepts no responsibility for the actions of any individual or group carried out during or after observation of the resource. While anyone may read or make use of this material in the course of their individual or personal research, it is still copyrighted material. If you would like to display or reproduce it in any form, digitally or otherwise, online or offline, or use it in a tutorial capacity or as a reference stated in an educational context, publicly or privately, you MUST seek and obtain my permission to do so and credit the author fully: Copyright 2009, Tanya Simpson (RockstarVanity Photography)

:camera: :heart: :star:
Google+ . Twitter . Facebook . Tumblr
Resources . . Blog
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action is by me. If you download it, please add me to fav or sth, ok? I hope u like it =)
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"click on download button"

How can I use the photoshop action : [link]

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After releasing two bundles of Flare Lights collection for Photoshop, now was also created the first version of Lightroom.
Vibrant colors, smooth and amazing gradients toning.

{Vibrant, Colourful, Dazzling gradients}

Include 4 Presets + 17 basic ajustments.

- Flare Lights I, II, III and IV.

- Exposure| +20
- Exposure| +35
- Exposure| +50
- Exposure| +80
- Exposure| +100
- Temp. (Warm)
- Temp. (Warm + Pink)
- Temp. (Winter)
- Temp. (Winter + Green)
Highlight| 40%
Highlight| 70%
Shadows| Darken
Shadows| Lighten
Shadow & Contrast
Soft Contrast

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