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If you would rather not grab the RAR then no worries because I have other options in place, a two piece download for the images and text to be exact.

12 Tutorial Images - [link]

The Tutorial Text (RTF for Word or WordPad preferably) - [link]


From the RTF - My goal here is to create a simple, straightforward way of teaching Photoshop's Pen tool. It is really really easy once you learn the basics and you will probably never need another tutorial again if this one is good enough at explaining it.


Which I hope it will be.

As you can see the preview is also of a sketch I've never had on the net before so I guess that adds a bit to it. ^^;

To help make this tutorial better, present any questions/ inadequacies you may have to me via note or MSN (as provided on my homepage and in the text) and if this works I may move onto other quick-ish tutorials on effective coloring e.t.c.
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Name: Haruno, Hideko
Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female
Grade: First year.
Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Cooking

-Food in general
-Scary stories
-Video games, movies, anime and manga in these genres: psychological, horror, cute, and shonen
-Playing sports
-Playing her instruments
-Lame jokes
-Large Beetles
-All reptiles

-Hot, humid weather
-Small dogs
-Being alone for long periods of time
-Most birds with long necks
-Having her cheeks pinched

Personality: Hideko is very perky, upbeat, and outgoing. Her parents even refer to her as their own personal sunshine because she lights of their life (also because they're old and cheesy). For the most part, Hideko is very nice and polite to everyone she meets. There are times when she likes to poke fun at people, but she does it in a joking manner and doesn't mean to offend anyone. If anyone asks her to stop, or if she's felt she's gone too far, then she won't continue (unless she starts to know you better).

Hideko loves to laugh at lame jokes and puns, and she even tries to come up with her own sometimes. Although, she's not very quick witted when it comes to that sort of skill, so it doesn't always work out for her. She's keeps her head held high in the midst of defeat and enjoys learning how to do new things most of all.

Bio: Ever since Hideko was born, she could not stand being left alone. She would cry at night and follow her parents all around the house throughout the day. Her parents could not figure out why in the world their child was so clingy. It was only natural that she would demand attention, but it seemed to be getting a bit out of hand. It wasn't even her parent's attention that she required, she just wanted someone to be there. At first they considered hiring a nanny for Hideko, but they thought of better ways to occupy her time. Starting at the age of 4, Hideko was enrolled into just about every after school lessen they saw fit.

For the past couple of years, Hideko has developed skills in learning how to play the piano, the cello, and the oboe. She has practiced many forms of dance from ballet, to jazz, to tap. Hideko has also found a love of sports along the way. During Hideko's downtime, she has found other hobbies to preoccupy her time. She has found just as much comfort in watching television, reading, and playing videogames as she had in being around people. Her two favorite hobbies include cooking and collecting dead bugs, body parts (mainly figurines), and teeth.

With all of Hideko's hobbies and free time, it was becoming hard for her to completely concentrate on her school work. Her grades didn't suffer tremendously, but it was getting hard for her to get by on decent. She had to put her extras aside and really focus on her schoolwork. Her parents wanted her to have fun with her hobbies, but they were also very serious about schoolwork. Hideko ended up having to drop out of some her lessons. On the other hand, Hideko's parent's work schedule was becoming more and more taxing, and they couldn't spend as much time as they wanted to with their daughter. Without them and her clubs and lessons, her parents feared that she would start to head back down her previous path. This is when Hideko's parents made the decision to enroll her in the Tachikawa boarding school. This way she could make new friends to keep her busy, join clubs, and even have a better environment to focus on her studies.

Additional Info:
-Hideko's favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion and it was also her first anime
-Her shirt in the chibi picture says "GET IN THE ROBOT"
-She wants to own a hercules beetle
-Her favorite color is pink
-She likes giving presents to people

Quote: "Come on, it'll be fun!"


writing bios is always brutal :'n
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Another Photoshop action, free for use. (:
This action includes a portrait retouch, and some vibrance and contrast actions to use if needed (I found the portrait action can make some images too bright, so those should be able to fix it).
This action was made in Photoshop C26, but will work with later versions as well. (:
You'll need WinRar to open the file. (:

please read before using:
:bulletgreen:Hit the 'download' button to get this action
:bulletgreen:Please credit me if you use it, so others can find it too! (:
:bulletgreen:I'd love to see if you used this, so feel free to show me your work! :hug:

stocks used:[link] [link] [link]
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My first PS action :la: Therefore, if there are issues, let me know, I made it on CS4 so I'm going to say anything in the CS range should probably be able to work with it, it doesn't use especially advanced tools so it shouldn't be too hard to get going. Once you download the ATN file, double click it and it should start installing into Photoshop.

This is designed to put as much colour back into a photo as possible, without getting crazy noise and stuff happening, although a disclaimer, it's not able to pick out skin tones well, so for some portraits it's good for some they will turn a bit pink/orange, usually skin tones are best edited separately or you could mask out the effects. The effect is up as strong as it goes, you can always paste over the original image you started with and change the opacity to blend varying amounts of the effect in.

Do not redistribute this action, especially for profit, without my express, written permission. The images in the preview are only that, a preview of the effect, you do not get them in the download ;)

Stock Images in Preview: Borealis II by ^Dan-Heffer, Sleeping Beauty by *lieveheersbeestje, Transition 2nd by *Burtn
Tools: PS CS4

Please check out my gallery;

:bulletred: Photomanipulations :bulletorange: Traditional :bulletyellow: Digital :bulletgreen: Photography :bulletblue: Stamps :bulletpurple: Pixel :bulletwhite:

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For this I used my "Golden Grass" and "Wake Up" actions. Both can be found here!

Model: Sam Casey
Photography: Savannah Daras

Like me on Facebook for actions, before/afters and more =) click here!

© Savannah Daras 2012 -

- - - - - -

Website | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Blog

instagram: @savannahdaras
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This is a quick but very useful way to enhance your photos!

i'll edit this

More Photoshop Curves


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Cannot be downloaded

1.To PURCHASE send $10 to my paypal:
2. Send an email to: telling me the action you want
3. I'll send you the actions ASAP!

This action pack contains two actions:
1. First is designed to be used only in very bright images.
2. Second is the "main" action, which should be used in all the photos.

Readmy journal for special pack prices: [link]
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send me a note and 5 points :)
PSD that goes nicely with it

don't know how too use an action:[link]

(made in CS5)

TIPS : group at 100% opacity can be really strong
Tweak the levels.
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Cannot be downloaded

1.To PURCHASE send $10 to my paypal:
2. Send an email to: telling me the action you want
3. I'll send you the actions ASAP!

Read my journal for special pack prices: [link]

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This is the year of the character sheets...

She's Mira, a half-salamid summoner, not really an important character, but hard and fun to draw~ Also she got a new haircut again, shorter than before. (And maybe she looks better than in my head)
At last I draw her staff too, she have it since I first drawn her :'D

She belongs to my world, Eden too, living her life beneath the earth as a salamid. "Salamid" is another word for the salamanders, althought she's only a half-blood.
She's got a talent for magic, as a young adult became a fearful summoner and mage. The golden colored talon is the symbol of the 3rdh Lieutenant of the Salamid what she became later.

Her companion is a wyrm, called "Jószág" (can translate to "Critter" x'))

Personality: bitter and cynical

Good to know about her:
*hates everyone
*fire resistance 
*minion, Jószág > // // (basically a big ass snake with sharp teeth :'I)
*huge scar on left hand
*staff and headdress is optional

art and character me

:star: Custom designs and commissions are OPEN, check them out:

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