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EDIT: 11/18/2014

So, as I said of tumblr, I want to thank everyone for their support! We collected almost 10000 through Indiegogo donation! I know it's far from what the goal is but don't worry! We are planing phase two of the campaign! We will not stop just because we didn't reach our goal out of a first try! :D We will fight until we finally get there!

To everyone who donated and shared the campaign: Thank you! Your support is what helped us get even this far, we really couldn't have done without you! ;u; As I said above, we will continue to fight until our goal is reached so we aren't stopping just yet!

I will update everyone once phase two starts and I will most likely reopen Special Order (and add new ideas for it). If I still owe you those, don't worry! I quite busy with the School Festival (which was a total success! The photo's are here! ) and now that it's over, I'm going to work on them during this and next week! :D Thank you for your patience!


NEW VIDEO!!! We finally reached over 5000, let's try to get as far as we can!! BIG THANKS TO EVERY SUPPORTERS WHO HELPED SO FAR!!


If still unable to donate, consider sharing this link, we will much appreciate it!



Fly-Sky-High's special offer!- CLOSED by Fly-Sky-High

  • Contribute to our INDGIEGOGO page
  • The given amount of contribution you donate allows you get a piece of work from me under the price I will set bellow.
  • All you have to do is show me proof of your contribution, like a screenshot of it being sent and such and you will get a price from me
  • Your screenshot and award you want to be drawn should be sent via notes.


  • Send 1$ and I will make you a sketch, same style (lines) as posted on this deviation and up to 3 characters in the pic (or you can offer more and get a sketch for each extra 1$ you send)
  • Send 10$ and you will get a lineart of up to 2 characters you order 
  • Send 20$ and I will lineart, color and cellshade a single character you order.



Let's talk about this briefly now-IMPORTANT

I was going post everything of what is going on but I figured I should make a video of it or at least a recording, it would be easier for your to understand (at least as far as my english goes lol)

To put it simply of what is going, the organization Sakurabana and it's club (counting in many activities that is happening there, as well as Mugen manga school which I attend to) is in big trouble. 
Sakurabana logo by Fly-Sky-High
They are the organizers of biggest Japanese pop culture convention on Balkans, Japanizam, as well as many mini events relating to same subject (Chibicon, Death Note or Berserk Day etc.), not to mention events with friendly games and gaming (video game tournaments, Fantasy Role Play days, card game tournaments etc.).

Japanese embassy and few others who support us still has their doors open to help but this is something beyond their power...

Current issue is manly spacing. I haven't talked about it here, but we moved couple of times for a past year and it seems like both cases will end on a bad note. The renting we pay for the space located in the center of the city (which is a necessity so everyone has a decent approach to the club, despite the higher prices on rent) is BEYOND EXPENSIVE, not to mention that neighbors keep blaming us for issues the old building has and pretty much has nothing to do with us, we are just easiest to blame because of "kids" and for being newbies there.

We've come to the point where paying for high rents and constantly being kicked out or yelled at by owners is no longer tolerable.

Luckily, the founders of the club (where I'm a member who helps as much as one can) are rather focused on solving the problem rather than confronting people who wouldn't even care as long as they get loads of money from us.

Our current goal is to collect enough money to buy our own space (apartment or a montage house or anything that is more available to us). One would think that's not a hard task but as much as support we get with Japanese embassy, according to law, they can't help us found a space where Sakurabana can be, only things relating to culture even if our club represents just that. NO ONE ELSE founds our club, the people that work there are all volunteered workers and they don't earn to keep this club alive. The money that club DOES earn all goes to anime merch, mangas for manga library and mini events I mentioned above. All for good fun to say it simply.

We can't even ask our country for help because when we did they could just say this to us: "To which political party do you belong to?" which is a real shame and I am ashamed everything in Serbia functions based on which party we are in (and there are plenty that hold big companies in their grasp and don't give a shit about those that they can't benefit from). They don't care about culture any more and am I not saying this because we are with this big problem but also looking on how other cultural programs are barely holding up, especially since my father is a teacher of folk dance so I understand the struggle.

I would mention a lot more things here but I said I will keep it short so I will mention all the details in the video.


Now, before you run off thinking "I'm sorry, I can't help, I'm as poor as you are *poofs a moth out of a wallet*" there is something you CAN DO to help us and doesn't involve just donating.


I am sure this is a subject anyone can relate to. I am sure many of you live in places where something as japanese pop culture (from anime and manga to music and culture aline) is not as well accepted and understand how rare it is to find someone who finds it interesting in local places and not just on the internet. We want to protect this place as it is a type of sanctuary, a place where we can gather and be tolerable toward one another, play games and learn together, discuss about things we love... we choose to come to this place instead of staying isolated at home feeling unaccepted by people around us (as personally and speaking for many friends, we were teased, bullied and mocked for our own interests we love). We want to keep Sakurabna and Japanizam alive as much as we can, even if it means giving our own effort and money to make it so because we love our "second home".

In the video, I will explain what Sakurabana means to me and how much it saved me, not even joking here.


  • If you wish to donate, so far we have this current working paypal e-mail:

    (please keep in mind this is an e-mail I used to get my commissions payment but it is no longer used for that, it belongs to the founder of the Sakurabana, Vortodox, who earlier kindly offered to help me earn something using his paypal. THIS E-MAIL IS NO LONGER USED FOR COMMISSIONS. It is now primary e-mail used ONLY FOR DONATION TO SAKURABANA CLUB FOR THE MENTIONED GOAL). Yes, this means I no longer have an e-mail for personal commissions but that is fine because Paypal will be in full function in our country (meaning we will be able to get and not just send money through it) starting October 8th. I will be getting my own paypal next month but this is not what is important now.
  • Despite mentioned above, I WILL BE DOING COMMISSIONS ONLY TO DONATE TO THE CLUB FROM NOW ON. Yes, it means cutting off my only way of earning something and giving it all to Sakurabana. THAT is how much this means to me! If you want, you can always commission me under current prices OR you can wait for a bit until I make a special event where I could make art giveaways for given amount of money you donate to Sakurabana. If you can suggest anything that can work for us both do comment and leave that suggest, I'm happy to consider anything that can help.
  • Donate on INDIEGOGO site!

  • For the locals, there will be a bank or a drawing account where you can donate money via deposit slip.
  • And finally, as mentioned above, SPREAD THE WORD! I will be honest, our country is a deep shit with economy as it is, all our hope is poured mostly from international incomes we can get as a donation. If you spread awareness (by copying or linking this journal, reblogining, posting on fb, your art pages, anything what works for you) then you can help us gain some more interest of other people who are willing to help even just a bit. Anything goes. I know this is hard as barely anyone reads about things that probably has nothing to do with them but at least keep this in mind: WE ARE DOING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING SOMETHING THAT IS BARELY NOTABLE HERE ON BALKAN. WE WANT TO MAKE IT BIG SO ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COULD COME VISIT OUR CONVENTION AND HAVE FUN INSTEAD OF KEEPING THE SPACE LIMITED AND SMALL DURING JAPANIZAM. WE ALREADY KNOW PEOPLE FROM VARIOUS EUROPIAN COUNTRIES COME HERE EVERY YEAR TO ENJOY A CONVENTION THEY PROBABLY DON'T HAVE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. THIS IS WHERE WE GATHER TO ENJOY SOMETHING WE ALL LOVE. PLEASE SUPPORT IT!
If you have anything you can suggest that can help us feel free to do so. You can also comment and suggest what I personally can do through art that can benefit both of us, instead of just giveaway I mentioned above. 

Thanks for reading! I will work on making a video which may help you guys understand more about this situation (and mostly from personal perspective).

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Glowey by K7G5

Test render
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Glitch Hop
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Create and search for art using your mind

Introducing thoughtART Technology

A few years ago, deviantART teamed up with several university laboratories across the United States, and we are proud to finally announce the fruits of our efforts. Thanks to recent advancements in neurological science, we're unveiling a revolutionary new platform in artistic creation. Our device uses touch-sensitive pads built into your existing keyboard and mouse to monitor your brainwaves and transmit them directly to our site. Excited? Welcome to the new age of thoughtART Technology!

What is thoughtART?

It may sound like something from science fiction, but the technology behind thoughtART is actually quite simple. Each person has unique patterns mapped into their brains correlating with the cadence of the firing of their synapses. Our new platform taps into how the brain processes these synapses and translates them digitally. In the same way that you can "see" an image in your mind when starting on an artistic endeavor, this feature strives to create that right on the digital page without the artist lifting a finger!

The Browser-Brain Interface

When you connect to thoughtART, the technology syncs with your nervous system to discover your artistic style, preferred palette, and ideas that have been floating in your head that you just haven't had time to put to paper. Once connected, the system measures the pulses generated by your temporal lobe and your levels of acetylcholine to read the exact thoughts you're experiencing. The process is 100% harmless, and you will experience no discomfort while your brainmap is being generated.



Create with thoughtART
Happy April Fools' Day 2014!

Put aside your brushes, pencils, and tablets, because thanks to the round-the-clock efforts of deviantART's partnering science labs, you only need one tool to create the masterpiece you've always dreamed of: your mind. You'll never have to lift a brush again.



Search with thoughtART
Happy April Fools' Day 2014!

Take a break from creation and spend a few minutes getting inspired. Using the same state-of-the-art technology, deviantART has also calibrated the system to help discover the art of your dreams. Sit back with thoughtART Search, and let your brain tell you what it wants to see. (Although the process is completely safe, we recommend resting the creative brain at 30-minute intervals.)

Your Observations

Since this is a brand-new product, we'd love to hear your feedback! What type of art are you generating with thoughtART Create? What does your brain like to browse in thoughtART Search? Let us know!

Publishing Your Findings

Share your creations and findings in the comments on this article, and let the world see what the power of your mind can do.

DeviantART is proud to unveil a revolutionary new platform in artistic creation — thoughtART! Using touch-sensitive pads built into your existing keyboard and mouse, thoughtART technology monitors your brainwaves, transmitting them directly to our site to create and discover art like never before.

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Hey all! Just a reminder that you have two weeks left for Round 1. If you are in need of an extension please send us a note to let us know.

Also, for those interested here's another OCT for you to check into :iconfarewill:

That's all for now. Good luck!

Hello all! Just wanted you all to know that you should be able to submit artwork to the gallery now. If you have any little doodles that you've drawn, go ahead and send them in or send us a note. We love fanart!

Note: We still would you like you to note your Round 1 to us once you have finished.

~Mousie :bulletyellow:

The Friday Chat is now Closed.

Just a heads up: The Monday Chat is now being moved to Friday~

Also, for those who requested critiques, our judges are currently working on them, and you can expect to receive a response within the next two weeks.

Alright guys we're getting down to the wire.  You have approximately 2 1/2 days left to finish your audition by the deadline.

And for those who are wondering, yes, there will be a grace, but only by these rules.

:bulletgreen: All  FIRST pages of your auditions must be turned by Friday 22nd, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Edit: REFERENCES must be completed by the first deadline. No grace time allowed.

:bulletpurple: Those who have turned in their first pages on time, will be allowed the grace time.  The Grace will be to have your ENTIRE audition turned in by Saturday 23rd 12:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

This is your last chance guys, we aren't extending any more after this.  So if you aren't close to finishing you better get it in gear!


The Monday Chat is now Closed.

Five more days, peeps!

Just a reminder that you only have a little over a month to finish your auditions by the deadline! Remember we aren't giving anymore extensions! A month can pass by very quickly so please use your time wisely!  

Artic here, with the latest updates!

We wanted to let you all know that we are very aware of the busy holiday season that can take up a lot of our free time with final exams, holiday shopping and spending time with your families.  

So we decided to give you one last final extension(and we are serious, this is final one) that ends at February 22nd.

We will have a grace, but that will be unannounced until the final due date draws near.

We also wanted to let you know that soon, we will have someone modding the chat to answer your questions and to converse every Monday. The range of days that we are able to attend the chat will be expanded in the future.

And this OCT will have something added every couple weeks to make sure we remain active, so keep your eyes open!

Lastly, the 2nd Intro Comic is aimed to be up by Saturday unless something comes up.

Please use your time wisely, we're looking to start promptly in February. :)

:bulletblue: ~Artic

Hey, y'all! Hope everyone's been managing to keep high and dry lately (or warm if you're experiencing the freeze). In either case, the other judges and myself have decided to push the deadline back one last time.

The final deadline is now December 13

Just before the holidays! (So you won't have to work through vacation time. c: ) We will begin Round 1 some time in January, giving us about two or three weeks to judge and see who makes the final cut.

Stay safe and sound until then!

~Christy :bulletyellow:


The last Judge ref is up as promised! And the 2nd half of the Intro comic will appear sometime later. Thank you for being patient!

-Artic :bulletblue:

Hello again! Many apologies, and I'm sure the delays on my side are unacceptable but I'm happy to note that the final judge ref will guaranteed be done by the end of THIS MONTH. You can count on it, I set aside my other responsibilities to finish it in a timely manner and the 2nd half of the intro comic will shortly follow.  

We've heard your complaints and we're trying to fix them so that this OCT will work more smoothly from here on out.

Thank you so very much for your patience.

-Artic :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:ALRIGHTY THEN, long time no chat lovely people, so now's the time for me to add the new updates. First, the last judge ref will be posted soon, and the rest of the intro comic should be posted about a week afterwards. Life has been a bit unkind recently, so we apologize for the delay, and thank you for your understanding.

:bulletpurple:The deadline for auditions has been pushed back by 2 months. The new deadline is November 1st, 2012

:bulletgreen: We now have a chatroom! ----->…


Edit: Hello! Artic here! Sorry in the delay of the last judge ref.  I've had several schedule complications that made my work load backed up, so many apologies! It'll be on it's way. I'm currently away from my usual work computer so I cannot work on it as much as I would like, but I'll resume on Monday and I'll try to get it posted sometime next week. Mae is still working on the intro comic as well, so please be patient!

:bulletgreen: As you may have seen, almost all of the refs have been posted. There is still one judge ref that has yet to make an appearance, but don't worry! It'll be up by the end of the week~ I also want to let you all know that there is indeed an intro comic on it's way, and will also be posted at the end of the week.

:bulletpurple: Just a reminder, when sending in your auditions, please note the group, and be sure to include a link to your references and the 1st page of your audition.

And with that being said, I would like to declare:

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletpurple::bulletblack:Auditions are now open:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:


Hello everyone! We have a few new updates for you!

:bulletgreen: Auditions will now be open on June 20th

:bulletpurple: Both Race Ref sheets have been posted.

:bulletgreen: the remaining ref sheets are on their way, and will be posted before auditions open.

We are still accepting prizes, if anyone is interested in donating. Other then that, look forward to more refs on the way, and the oncoming opening of the tournament!

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Img-got-og by techgnotic

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history.

The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Then the British import The Tudors (2007–10), brought us an updated lusty beautiful/horrifying portrayal of King Henry VIII, this time focusing on the athleticism of his youth—before he was gravely injured (crushed under a horse while jousting) and became the iconic morbidly obese figure we’re more familiar with.

The Tudors casting of the svelte and smolderingly sexual Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as well as the alluring Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn) marks one of those important departures from the collective story we all carry in our heads, created from childhood on through college and beyond. We call this general narrative “history.” We become incensed over what we feel are profane depictions of our heroes and their beliefs and intentions—as if we could ever know what roiled the mind of a monarch in 1532. Protestants are understandably upset when the Reformation is de-emphasized as “back story,” the better to focus on a King maneuvering wickedly and recklessly in order to secure a divorce both secularly legal and religiously Hell-free, the better to pursue the super hot girl of his dreams.

There is Jeremy Irons in The Borgias as Pope Alexander VI in the late 15th Century committing every possible sin and debauchery that moderns minds could project or imagine for any man of power, much less a Pope surrounded by a family and College of Cardinals just as ruthless with privilege and wealth. Watching this re-casting of the past you need to pinch yourself to remember that the action is set within the Roman Catholic Church which was then and apparently still may be a political and social quagmire. The critics favor a modern French production of this story, Borgias, where they cavort and garrote in the same fashion. This version’s episodes are still in production.

The Nixon Presidency (1969-74) has long been held in the collective American consciousness as the high-level mark in Presidential criminality. But only fringe conspiracy theorists believe that the Nixon ninjas actually murdered political opponents and witnesses. Yet that’s currently accepted as “believable” plotting in popular dramas like Scandal and especially the American remake of House of Cards, in which Kevin Spacey’s deranged politician, Frank Underwood, has no problem with assassination as a method to attain his vengeance and promote his personal advance.

And that’s what it is all about on these current shows: politics as a means to personal revenge, enrichment, and power for sheer power’s sake. The good ol’ days of Henry’s romancing of Anne, let the world burn, seem naïve now.

Do viewers really accept this current storytelling as credible, that this stuff is really going on in the White House, in the royal court of the Tudors or at the Vatican or is this just “political science fiction” grounded in reality but played out into another world altogether?

Game of Thrones, adapted from a series of novels still being completed by fantasy writer George R.R. Martin, might just be the craziest-ever mash-up of wildly divergent time periods, some actual historical events, dragons, mysticism, warring Kingdoms of tangled bloodlines, political marriages, incest among the nobles all soaked in the blood of a thousand traitorous sword-thrusts and festooned with heaving bosoms in (and often out of) designer silks and satins. The interior and architectural decoration of the times of this tale seems to have been informed equally by combinations of ancient Babylon, Egyptian archeology, Conan the Barbarian and Victoria’s Secret. Ruminations by grizzled older warriors trudging toward the next battle touch upon the great themes of crime & punishment, political corruption, religion, loyalty and true brotherhood—but never rise above standard wooly maxims. Never has so much superlative acting and massive production value been expended on comic book level human drama.

“Thrones” is a new extension of Hollywood storytelling nonsense with every scene crafted to push my buttons in some pleasurably cathartic manner.

Worries over what conservative or liberal or sexist or pro—or anti-gay messaging is going on here must be laid aside as there is no algorithm detailed enough to explain what any of this story really “means.” It really is just a “game” to be won or lost by its ever-shifting rules. Being naked in its intent to be no more than sheer entertainment makes the series immune from serious academic, philosophic, historical or literary criticism. Game of Thrones frees us to enjoy it for what it is: a feast for the senses on the way to the next big lunatic lunge on the narrative rollercoaster. A sampling of tributes to the show as imagined by its many deviant fans is a testament to what will go down as one of the most marvelous box of chocolates one could ever hope to have opened. It’s undoubtedly not good for us—but it’s just oh, so good.

I wait every Sunday here in Los Angeles, attending screening parties when I can, for this glorious, masterfully crafted, and richly creative tour de force which acts as a deliciously sweet nightcap after another in an endless series of 80 hour work weeks.

How about you?

withWilliam Simpson


What is the most important information that needs to be expressed on storyboards at this point in production? This information usually flows from who (director/editor) to whom (set designer, etc)?

William Simpson:

In prep, the storyboards are full of the essential camera movements and green screen CGI elements. As always, Storytelling is the essential element, something that will be understood by the various departments, from Director of Photography and the camera dept, through the VFX green screen CGI dept for visual composites through to producers, determining what can be afforded to be shot.

I work directly with the director, interpreting his/her ideas, and sometimes with the line producer, working out the logic of the storytelling to give us a 'heads up' as to what may cause problems for the actual shoot.

The information flow, is usually from Director, to me, then on to production, before they distribute the sequences to all others who may need them.


Is there much "pre-editing" being done in the sequencing and layout of scenes? And if so, what is usually being emphasized by directors, editors and others in their input?

William Simpson:

There's quite a bit of pre-editing being achieved in the sequences, the process enabling a ' nailing down' of shots, especially for the cost constraints. Part of what we determine in prep, is what is logical and artistic to film, and then combine it with the shot list allowance of what we feasibly can actually have, What can be practical live filming, and what has to be an VFX shot.


William Simpson is an international artist, whose career began in comicstrip art, working on a range of character icons: Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Batman, Transformers, Hellblazer, Tyranny Rex, Aliens, and Vamps. Now he's primarily in movies.

In recent years he has developed his work in the film industry providing conceptual art and storyboards for a variety of feature films, such as: Reign of Fire, directed by Rob Bowman, Freeze Frame, directed by John Simpson, Neil Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto, and most recently, Game of Thrones for HBO, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Your Highness for Universal, Lord Richard Attenborough's 2006 production, Closing The Ring and the Tom Hanks produced, City Of Ember. Currently on Game of Thrones for HBO.


Is there a tremendous amount of detail on storyboards on a big production like Game of Thrones that wouldn't exist with a more modest production—or is the functionality of deciding how a narrative is going to be told the key consideration always in any production?

William Simpson:

I think functionality of narrative is pretty essential, but, there's a lot of storytelling, good directors know, and don't need to be visualised in a board first, but on a show like Game of Thrones, the details in what will have to have CGI elements, a primary concern for compositing real with unreal. We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first. It must be considered worthwhile as I've been there for 5 years already.


Is there a special feeling you get from being so deeply involved in the internal "DNA" of what is obviously going to be an important landmark series?

William Simpson:

I think the delight is in watching so much of what you've done, realised on screen. Game of Thrones is a vast production and requires quite a lot of prep over the ten episodes in a season, and so many drawn sequences turned into film footage is always a buzz. It's definitely great to be an essential part of fandom's fav series.

We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first.


How did you come to get your job doing storyboards for Game of Thrones? Is this the usual pathway to being considered for such jobs, or are there others for interested deviants to pursue? What can you tell artists who want to do storyboarding as a dream job? What should they be doing?

William Simpson:

This is a really big question and there is a massively convoluted answer to it. You see, there's a lot of being in the right place at the right time, and having 20 years of comic strip experience doesn't hurt!

I was brought in to do some concepts, while I was working on Your Highness. I wasn't told what the project was, just given a few key pages of script, and asked could I come up with some castle images and knights and a few interesting location shots, one being the beheading scene at the beginning of the story. These images were then sent in a package to HBO, and they seemed to help them decide on coming to N.Ireland to film with their production base. When I was told we had the series, while still on Your Highness I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, " do I have a job then" haha, to which he said "of course".

I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, “do I have a job then” haha, to which he said “of course.”

William Simpson:

After I finished my concept art on "Your Highness" ad did a day of 2nd unit directing for it, I then moved on into Game of Thrones and started conceptualising weaponry. I created the designs for all the hero weapons, at that time, 'Ice', 'Needle', 'long claw', etc, were mine, as well as developing the very first set of images of the "White Walkers", "The Godswood Tree", "Cersei's" carriage, and "The Three Eyed Ravens". I helped on some of the armour and helmet elements for Costume. I did a pretty neat version of the 'Hound', pretty close to what was made. After that, I went on to Storyboarding.

The comic side of me has generated a diverse artist, so having been recognised as such, I was used properly to generate ideas in the beginning. I've since storyboarded all four seasons, and will be getting into the fifth, coming this year.

It's not been the usual pathway, but then I don't think there actually is a 'usual'. Sometimes, I pitch myself at films, if I know in advance they're happening, though now, most of my time, I'm called up and asked, when am I available. It's nice when you get a call, which has a value on what you do as an artist with experience.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art, including storyboarding, you have to be in love with drawing, and storytelling. You have to have a perverse nature that allows you to work long hours drawing as a job, and then finding yourself also drawing for fun. You have to love this pursuit. No half measures. I try to bring all the sensitivity I had in comic strips, into what I do in storyboarding, though some may do it as a job, I tend to come at it as a solver of problems in storytelling and somebody who says, 'great, I'm going to be drawing all day!' No fear! It's another great mode of self expression.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art... You have to love this pursuit. No half measures.

For The Reader


Would you assign world class literary and philosophical value to Game of Thrones? If so, why?


Is there an unspoken “agreement” between film producer and film consumer as to the intended “pure entertainment” vs. “think” purpose of a film experience?


Are you annoyed when historical figures are portrayed in ways that greatly diverge from the picture of them you have always had in your head? Or do you find this refreshing and creative, even if involving massive “poetic license?”


Do you think moviemakers have a duty to portray historical figures as they were, or is it enough that their life events are accurately recorded, as well as their beliefs and words. Is it OK to cast Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia when the real Lawrence was only 5 feet tall? Is it OK to give the young Henry VIII six-pack abs?


Do you think fantasy and science fiction stories should steer clear of politics generally and stick to common human questions of love, loyalty, valor as motivators for characters? Does the feeling that the author is subtly pushing his or her political or social beliefs on the reader, no matter how delicately, a turn-off for you? Or is this something writers should never hide in their art?


Do you think all the elements of Game of Thrones that could be found by individual viewers to be offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, pro-violence, are “forgiven” by the utter outrageousness of the story in general? Should there always be a place for politically incorrect fun?

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history. The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Writers: techgnotic 
Designers: marioluevanos 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS
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Welp, Pottermania (AKA Potterday) is over, the sales went pretty well and despite me sitting, drawing and missing out on the event, it was hella fun! Local Harry Potter fans are really nice and they were so happy about this event~ Not to mention a number kids (which are sort of are on our anime related events) that were early looking for Snitches hidden all over the building, they worked really hard for their house~

Oddly enough, Slytherin was the only house that didn't try cheat lol! Also they won the house cup! I'm so proud. (I'm a Huffepuff tho~)


What I've been up to since Sunday? NOTHING. I honestly needed a bit of a break, especially since I don't have much time for it. Next event is in couple of months and it's gonna be hella big, if not, I will be busier than ever.

I still want to do commissions tho! I finally got my own paypal, soon to be fully working. I know some rules have changed but it's alright, I'm quite informed (thanks tumblr lol).

I need to also focus on some fanart.

Would you guys like to see Sonic and the gang drawn in the same style I draw Sky (Crystal Core)? :D


Commission Prices by Fly-Sky-High by Fly-Sky-High



-WHAT I DRAW: Honestly, my gallery speaks best for me so you can always check it out for my skill range! Manga styled humans, anthropomorphic characters (more human or animal, your pick~), creatures (such as DRAGONS, or GRIFFINS~ or some you designed? :D (Big Grin)), your own OC's... it's quite a range! I drew quite some stuff in the style of familiar franchise like Sonic, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Digimon, some anime related characters... heck, I even drew armor, weapons and tech few times~ If something else comes to your mind, please don't hasitate to send me a note and ask!

-WHAT I WILL NOT DRAW: My artstyle is very simple and cartoonish, I don't do paintings or realistic art styles (eg: Doctor Who, Sherlock etc. unless you ask me to do those in cartoonish style). NSFW gore to extreme and sex is no go at the moment. As far as I will go with it is typical battle wounds and such and nudity.



Mikey avie christmas by Fly-Sky-HighNew Isa icon by Fly-Sky-High

None animated, simple or detailed: 3-5$ per icon


:5$ per chibi figure

Sky chibi poki by Fly-Sky-High


Payment is accepted only AFTER I finish drawing. I will note you back, inform you and let you see the preview that I'm done before I request for the payment.


EVERYONE needs to start using Invoices. This is very important.

Paypal has recently updated their TOS and it’s something that everyone should pay attention to. 

“10.3h If you violate the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, … you will be liable to PayPal for the amount of PayPal’s damages caused by your violation … You acknowledge and agree that $2,500.00 USD per violation … is presently a reasonable minimum estimate of PayPal’s actual damages … PayPal may deduct such damages directly from any existing Balance in the offending Account or any other Account you control.”

DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS AS “GIFTS” You will be risking your commissioners account and that is really really bad.

Artists, REQUEST PAYMENT THROUGH INVOICES. It lets YOU control how money is sent.

Commissioners, DO NOT SEND PAYMENT unless you send it through “for goods and services.” If your artist requests ‘send as gifts’ BEFORE you send payment, tell them about the $2,500 fine per violation, as they probably do not know about it.

Yes, paypal fees suck, but it’s better to have a few dollars missing than to get fined $2,500 for a $20 purchase. 


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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 28, 2012, 4:43 PM

hi eveyone! I have a new contest!! >w< and now is for points but this is no just my contest is :iconxkynthiax:'s contest too XD and now here is everything you need to know about our contest :3 please read everything :3

Random Style!



1- :iconxkynthiax:' OC
her outfits
(naruto style) AIDA fullbody by xkynthiax
(casual style) .:commission 3:. by mariazinha-san Happy B'Day Aida x3 by SakuraKiel
(lolita style) :thumb340403709:
(halloween style) point commissions 12-7-1 by rika-dono

2- :iconsakurakiel: OC
her outfis
(naruto style) Nari Kiel by SakuraKiel (RTN style TDA Nari DL by SakuraKiel)
(casual style) outfit XD by SakuraKiel Prom Gown by SakuraKiel
(lolita style) kuroshitsuki cosplay by SakuraKiel :thumb340403215:
(halloween style) point commissions 12-7-2 by rika-dono
(other style) point commissions 10-4 by rika-dono


1-you must draw nari and aida in all the pics you want to do, we don't care about the pose, style or anything
2- no edits, bases or sketchs please
3- every pic must to have a background, a simple bg like this Request for SakuraKiel by Lapia or something like this Comish sakurakiel by Hishousophy but it must to have a bg
4- no yuri or hentai XD nari and aida are friends no lovers ok XD and no content mature ok? XD
5- you can draw they in every way you want, they can be like in naruto style, inthe middle of a fight, or in lolita style like nari being the maid and aida her lady, or like valentine's day, whatever XD


1st place- 1000 points and 3 icons by :iconsakurakiel:
1 fullbody colored, 1 halfbody and 1 chibi by :iconxkynthiax:

2nd place-800 points and 2 icons by :iconsakurakiel:
1 halfbody colored and 1 chibi by :iconxkynthiax:

3rd place- 400 points and 1 icon by :iconsakurakiel:
1 chibi colored and 1 lineart by :iconxkynthiax:


Some examples of the draws that you can win
:iconxkynthiax:'s draws Kumo comission by xkynthiaxkyuuka and hanabira by xkynthiax pcm: hana by xkynthiax
:iconsakurakiel:'s icons Aiki and Naya Icon gift by SakuraKiel


informacion en espa;ol aqui Esp/Eng Contest Info(after everything in spanish I'm going to give some more information in english ok?)
hola a todos esta es la entrada en espa;ol de mi ultimo journal   uwu perdonen mi tardanza por el espa;ol esque no havia tenido tiempo uwu pero bueno aqui hay buenas explicasiones, la verdad aqui no tengo (tenemos) un tema en especial es random osea aleatorio XD que quiere decir nada en especifico XD
perdonen no soy buena explicando, el caso es que como bieron en el anterior journal eh habierto un concurso
el pimer premio ganara 1000 puntos + 3 iconos de mi asi como el que tengo y unos cuatos dibujos de mi amiga :iconcynthia-elizabeth: (tooodoos los ejemplos estan en el anterior journal, claro el primer premio y segundo tienen la opcion de pedir 3 meses de premium membership + los puntos de sobra que tiene el premio pero igual el 3 lugar tambien ganara 400 o 500 si llego a tener suerte de conseguir mas puntos XD asi que almenos para mi seria tentadora la oferta XD

Graphics by luzhikaru
CSS by Anysayuri
Mini thumb code by thespook
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Mentorship Project - Assignment #2 Silhouettes

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 19, 2013, 12:58 AM

So remember the time I said I'd post the assignment up really quick like? I'm a horrible liar and I am sorry.

SO anyway let's get this thing officially rolling! YEAH! Before work pulls me into the abyss again.

We're going to be working on silhouettes!

ex:… ,…

A silhouette is the image of a person, an object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, its edges matching the outline of the subject.

"When an object's silhouette is difficult to make out, we have a tough time keeping track of what we're seeing.  It's why so many comics and drawings use the visual shorthand out outlining figures and objects.  The shades and values of an object are secondary to the basic shape when it comes to recognition.  As such, effectively managing silhouettes is a vital tool for visual narratives." - Aaron Diaz

Notice how you can probably easily identify all those characters. Thats because they have solid, clear silhouettes!

Believe it or not, when a character's silhouette is ambiguous or unclear, it makes the visual storytelling difficult to follow. When drawing your comics, or animating (keyframes specifically), you always want your characters to be -readable-. If you have a strong character silhouette, you should be able to tell exactly what your character(s) are doing even when you fill in the image entirely in black. So that's what we're going to work on!

I am assigning you three each a brief character description to work on, and using ONLY silhouettes, I want you to explore every possibility with this character. Different shapes, sizes, weights, heights - you name it.  And I want to be able to infer what the character is doing clearly too!

Raxion - A 1920s hyperactive/exciteable mafia croney.
spiffychicken - A paranoid 1950s pinup girl.
NightShadered - A dopey futuristic/sci fi detective.

I would like:
A. 1 thin, 1 average, and 1 heavyset silhouette for your character.
B. 3 different shape explorations of one of the above (thin, average, heavy)
C. 3 pose: Tired, Surprised, and Angry

If you have any questions please ask!

Extension per request! Due April 4th

further reading:…

Turned in:
spiffychicken -
NightShadered - Mentorship Project #2 by NightShadered
Raxion - Marionette Assignment 2 by Raxion

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So this dA account is supposed to be my fanart account (Although for the most part it's just been my Despicable Me fanart account) but I always meant to do some fanart for other things I like too, so I'm creating this meme. It's basically for anyone who wants to do it, but I'm going to be doing it too.


* Draw one piece of fanart every day. Can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

*Fanart can be of anything in books, movies, video games, manga, anime, television and comic books but each day has to be dedicated to something different, not the same book, movie, video game etc.

*Have fun!!

That's it, it's pretty open.
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Dante Alighieri
by anakalivas

Oct 17, 2012 by techgnotic

Sometimes in youth we play crazy mind games. One gruesome game was trying to think of the worst way to die. Or even better, the "which would you choose" version of the same conceit. Another was what would be the worst torture to endure. If there is one international touchstone that best captures youthful fears and wonders in speculation of what lies beyond the veil of death and awaits as possible punishment for our sins, it must be - to the few who have actually read it to the millions who "know" it – "Dante's Inferno." Who does not shiver at the thought of being lost somewhere in the "Nine Rings of Hell?"

Who does not shiver at the thought of being lost somewhere in the "Nine Rings of Hell?"

True nastiness reigns on every single one of the nine levels.

Actually, the nine circles of Hell ("Inferno") are detailed only as the first third of Dante's first great masterpiece of Italian literature, "The Divine Comedy," which leads the reader on through Purgatory and then eventually into Heaven ("Paradiso"). This epic poem was like the first self-help manual, describing the how and why one falls into Hell and how to live a God-fearing life guaranteed to get you into Heaven. But over the centuries, as the fearsome images illustrating this piece mightily attest to, it is the horrors of the Inferno that have remained burned into the fearful collective consciousness of a segment of our society.

There are so many amazing fantastic images described in The Comedy for artists to bring to life:

The three-headed hell-hound Cerberus; the river Styx with its surface a roiling morass of damned souls fighting with each other; the dragon wyvern Geryon with human face, lion paws and stinger in tail. The center of Hell, usually depicted as a place of eternal fire, is in Dante's vision a place of perpetual ice. Satan himself with three his faces (red, black and yellow) and three pairs of wings, remains forever frozen waist deep in the ice.

There are many misconceptions about Dante's epic prescription for salvation.

One needn't be the ultimate sinner to go to Hell, nor be a saint to go to Heaven.

One needn't be the ultimate sinner to go to Hell, nor be a saint to go to Heaven. Hell, I think according to Dante if you just remember to pray for forgiveness as you lay dying, you start your post-life existence in Purgatory, getting to skip all the tortures of all Hell's nine circles. In Dante's theology, the anchoring basis for all "sin" is disbelief. So if the saintliest of human beings alive on the planet chooses atheism, eternal damnation and hideous torture awaits. If a hitman sincerely prays to God, confessing his sins and swearing his belief in God, Paradise will be his eternal home after a brief detention in Purgatory.

So maybe this is why this is the one narrative, the deliriously frightening epic fairy tale, that remains lurking in the mind's shadows well into adulthood. Dante has proposed to us a cradle to grave gamble. If the Inferno is only a fairy tale, an allegorical warning against disconnection from the divine in life - then the stakes are not so high. But if Dante's vision is somehow "true" and demands belief – well, that's a whole other adult mind game with stakes that could not be higher.

I did as much research as possible with the time allowed. Do we have any scholars out there who might shed an even more educative light on the subject? Has anyone read the Divine Comedy recently? Would love to hear opinions, analysis and corrections from those of you even more familiar with the history of this material than I.

Questionsfor the reader

  1. Does the artistic exploration of theological subjects make you in any way nervous, especially in a time when the very act of depicting one religion's god and messenger can have such great impact?
  2. Does Dante's attempt to match appropriate crimes with appropriate punishments make sense – or does the concept eternal damnation in torment ruin his otherwise equitable distribution of justice?
  3. What are an artist's responsibilities when depicting subjects sacred to some who will be seeing the resulting artwork? Is caring for even a moment about possible repercussions a form of censorship and repression against art and the artist?
  4. Do you think it's fair that remembering to pray at the last moment gets you a Get Out of Hell Free pass?
  5. Are you currently living in one of the nine rings of hell right now? What is happening there?

Sometimes in youth we play crazy mind games. One gruesome game was trying to think of the worst way to die. Or even better, the “which would you choose” version of the same conceit. Another was what would be the worst torture to endure. If there is one international touchstone that best captures youthful fears and wonders in speculation of what lies beyond the veil of death and awaits as possible punishment for our sins, it must be – to the few who have actually read it to the millions who “know” it – “Dante’s Inferno.” Who does not shiver at the thought of being lost somewhere in the “Nine Rings of Hell?”

Writers: $techgnotic
Designers: $marioluevanos
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