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Random request #1 ♥ for ~xXSeishin-AngelXx
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RD Commission for :iconcobaltth:

His character Cobalt~! Haha, hopefully I made him look awesome! c: lol I fail at that..
Anyways, I really hope you like it and thank you for commissioning me♥~! ^o^ I appreciate it.
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EDIT If you're interested in one of these, I'll be selling them the whole month of October: [link]
As you can see, I altered slightly the usual ribbon dancers in this one~! Somewhat more detailed c:

This is an example of what all the Ribbon Dancers commissions will look like~! If you want more specifications, I'll put up shortly a journal pointing out what'll make these unique and special~! :heart:

Hope you like, it's been ages since I drew Taiga~! :heart: LOL she gave me a headache xD
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LALAA~! ^o^ <3 It's finaally done! Little Rubin joins the parade yay!

Ribbon Dancer commission for *RubintheHorse <3 I'm sorry for taking a while ;A; I usually get these done during weekends but this one took longer because I was a bit busy with school *o* BUT anyway, hope you like it~! These are alwaus soo fun to make ^o^

If you're interested in having you character join the ribbon dancers parade go here: meow:
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Ribbon Dancer commission for *Ai-Notsura <33 ^o^~!

I'm so sorry for the slight delay, my computer was acting weird
> v < but it finally worked today~! <3 Yay!
Heh, hope you like it, thank you so much for commissioning me my dear~!♥♥
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FINALLY~! OH god ; o ; it was such a busy week~!

Shaded sketch commission for :iconcrimson-charm: of the lovely Darla~! <333

Hope you like it > v <~! <3 Thanks for commissioning me~!♥~!
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Oh dear, it's been ages since I drew a Sonic styled character aslsaldf hopefully I didn't fail at it ;__; they're weirdly proportioned LOL

Anyways, XSC (interesting name btw) Has officially joined the ribbon dancers parade <33 Hope you like it :iconsakkyun: and as always.. Thanks for commissioning me :heart:
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Edit Tiana now belongs to *LilShock
Thanks for bidding everyone~!


Tiana the Rabbit is a Sonic inspired OC I created back in 2011, she was later redesigned in May 2012 with a more Happy go lucky and innocent look~!

Sadly, I was never able to get attached to her.. and today my need of money has pushed me to give her away.

:star: Rules :star:


*Paypal ONLY
*USD please
*You may rename her.. although.. I prefer you didn't but once she's yours you may alter her all you want
*DO NOT NOTE ME, if you want to bid comment below~!

:star: Starting Bid: 5 USD (No Points!)
:star: Min Increment: 1 USD
:star: Current highest bid: $11 *LilShock
:star: Autobuy: $20 HAHA that's not gonna happen yeah right ;U; but if you do~! You get her own addition to the Ribbon series
Auction ends Friday OCT 19 12:00 AM NST

and yeah let me go cry in a corner becasue earlier I was trying to draw her and I was failing horribly OTL
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This is a gift for :iconlolihime-sama: <33

EEEP~! I know you don't know me and I don't know you ; 3; since I just found about you today~! <33
But I still hope you like this doodle ^o^ Loved your cute cute art * o *

I shall make more of these for all my favorite anime artists :iconmahfeelzplz:
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Random Request #2 ♥ for ~sugareclair

Oh~! Your OCs are adorable ; U; couldn't resist drawing your little strawberry ; o ; wonder what her name is though.
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