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A Mituna shimeji I made while I was bored. I looked around and couldn't seem to find one so I made my own. If you want to use this, just make sure you have Shimeji-EE or similar, and put the Mituna folder from inside the .rar file into the img folder of your shimeji directory.

1,121 downloads and 73 favourites. *Flails wildly*
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this is the first shimeji i've made in the history of EVER. i did not expect it to take so long. buuuttt here it is. half a century later.

how to install:
- download the Shimeji program here. unzip the file and copy the enclosed folder to wherever you want it.
- open up the folder and you'll instantly notice a few more folders, the program itself, and maybe some text files. go to the folder that's labelled IMG.
- there are two template Shimeji characters available with the download. they each have folders. unzip/copy Meenah's folder and add it beside theirs.
- go into Meenah's folder and look for -yet another- folder called IMG. this has all her image files.
- move the image files to the main section of Meenah's folder.
- go back to the beginning (in that section with all the text files and three folders) and load the program.
- the rest you can handle from there.

Meenah :: Homestuck
Artwork :: =calmasys

ENJOY! <333
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Uh, okay, this is my first work in this. So, I just took some random shimeji and replaced images. I don't touched the code - I just opened file, watched at it and - OH MY GOG WTH IS THIS? - closed it. That means that his actions is only standart. With some modifications.
Actually, this thing I made, has some rude mistakes - like mirrored signs, or wrong frame sequence. And... dammit, those white dots in some places. D :{
So I'm not pretend on anything, except images...
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Here he is, my very first Shimeji! It's Mituna Captor! He does lots of cute things (Hint: Right Click-->Behaviors-->SitAndSpinHead. DO IT.) and crawls on the screen and whatnot. Unfortunately dA wouldn't let me send the whole thing, so I have the img file. Download the program from here and then open up the img file and paste the file marked Mituna Captor into it. The art isn't perfect, but I did the best I could. Let me know if there are issues, but hopefully it's pretty straightforward.

Take him. Download him. LOVE HIM.

Art (c) me
Shimeji program (c)
Mituna Captor (c) Andrew Hussie


EDIT HUGE EDIT: captain-Eridan stuck the program with the art files and made it super easy to use.… Just click, download, open, and click shimeji.exe and there he goes!! Thank you so so SO much, captain-Eridan

ANOTHER EDIT: I don't know how to troubleshoot Shimeji, ok? I'm sorry, but I just don't know how. It's been a long time since I made this thing, if you have questions, look it up on google. This is JUST THE IMAGE FILE. When you open it up it is ONLY THE IMAGES. you have to paste the file into the img file in the shimeji program. A five second google search will show you how to do this.
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Click over on the side where it says "Download" ---->
It's in .RAR.

Ive been working on this for far too long.

But yeah! Eridan Shimeji.
Because I wanted one. And there weren't any really cool ones. So I made one. Even though my art is far from 'really cool' xD
Oh well. Whatever.
I referenced a Karkat shimeji from here on dA (that my internet is being too slow for me to find you a link right now) But its a really amazing shimeji, the Karkat one, it has a lot more pictures than most and it looks really
This one has extras because of the files I used.
My favourite one that looks really good is that he can actually run instead of just walk and walk fast. There's walk and run.
And a lot more too. :'D

There are some problems with it.
I'm not going to pretend there's not. xD
Like, for the BLUH (which you can really only see if you right click on the icon and select the 2nd one down, and then wait) It like... Its int he wrong place. But whatever. You can still tell what it is and all that. If you find any more really big problems or anything, tell me :'D
Ill fix it if I can xD

Hope you guys like it.

Eridan-Homestuck- Belongs to Hussie.
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finally! there aren't enough dave shimejis out there so i came up with this. it took me literally months to finish O_o. i hope you like it, and if there's any "weird stuff" going on (like stray pixels while he's climbing, walking, etc..) feel free to tell me :D

- done in PS CS6/5
- he belongs to Andrew Hussie
- don't know what a shimeji is, or have some questions? look them up here [link]

*new* for those who have problems with zip files, or with the shimeji in general, try the rar file: [link]
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Okay this this isn't your average Feferi, no, this is derpy Feferi and she be crawlin all over yo screen.

Just download the file and she can roam free.

[ Also I would like, adore if you posted and or sent me a screenshot of her on your desktop<3 ]
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If you're seeing a bunch of </span>  I have NO idea what's up with that. Everything still works, however.
PLEASE READ: I WILL NOT REPLY TO ANY COMMENTS ASKING WHY SOMETHING ISN'T WORKING. Unless your question is not in the help section, please refer to the help section for said help, which can be found in the help section, labelled specifically for the purpose of helping someone.

Eeeeeeeediiiiiiiiitttttt: Okay I have updated the help section yey
Another Edit: fuck dA it changed the link thing and the list has gone to shit. Thanks, dA.
EDITY EDIT: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-- I still haven't added more to this!! I shall do that because of 225 FREAKIN' FAVES OFJDSIGAH;OJKLAHDLKJFA
EDIT: ALHLKAHGLKJHLDAHSGLKHDSAH 70 FAVES!?! Wow! I'll have to add more to this!!


Here is Nepeta.mozai! This is the GOLD MINE~! (also I really love nepeta.mozai, you should go read RubyQuest!! rn i swear...)
All the individual ones are here(DOWN SILLIES) and the NEPETA ONE I CANT FIND. (Though I'm pretty sure it's by TheChibiSphinx, who made like half of these!!) anyways, I think that's the only place you can download her. Also, IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE, I spent ALL FREAKING DAY figuring out how to make certain ones work. Look in the help section! Good luck gais!

Beta Trolls
Karkat and Sollux - TheChibiSphinx (Mediafire)
Kanaya - TheChibiSphinx (Direct)
Equius - TheChibiSphinx (Direct)
Vriska - TheChibiSphinx (Direct)
Aradia - Unknown.

Beta Kids
Dave - Karkalicous
Jade- D:
John - Stormgale

Alpha Trolls
Kankri - Sesshisuna
Kurloz - TimidFish

Alpha Kids
Jane- :c
Jake- :CCCC
Roxy - ChocoSrawloid
Solgrub - q-doromir (Tumblr)
Erigrub - q-doromir (Tumblr)

Have a nice time with your new shimeji, and, to the creators, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If they don't work, there may be multiple fixes! Open the shimeji folder, and go over these:
You could:
:bulletorange:Try updating your java, perhaps?
:bulletred:Click the shimeji.JAR file, not the shimeji.EXE. (or the other way around) That's what i had to do a while ago.
:bulletpink:This may not be it, but make sure you have the files renamed correctly! there are actions and behaviours, in the "conf" folder.
:bulletpurple:If you need to rename them, click them (but don't open!) name the BIG file, it's around 60, 40, or 20, and rename it "Actions.xml". BE sure to capitalize it or it WON'T work! name the other one "Behaviors.xml".
:bulletblue:If the purple bullet does not work, rename the big file "動作", and the little file "行動"
:bulletgreen:Did you download one and it's just the img file? Copy+paste the rest of the files from another Shimeji.
:bulletyellow:If the link is broken, go to the 'gold mine' list under the edit log.
:bulletwhite:If these don't work, I don't know what to do! I will do some research and experiment!

yes hello friendo are you having problem?????
there is problem section just for you
It's right up there ^^^^

If a shimeji missing or no longer up? Check the nepeta.mozai link at the top!!
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i made a shimeji wowowow

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Kankri shimeji

Here's the link!


Im thinking about making more, if you have a commission, message me!
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