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:star:Please credit :iconeyefeather-stock:

:star:Send me a note or comment with a link to your work so I may :+fav: it!

:star:Feel free to use in DA prints.

:star:Note me before any commercial use.

:star:Do not claim my stock as your own.

:star:Send a copy of your work to

:star:No lewd or political statements please.

Note me if you have any questions or concerns. :)
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My first Daedric Helmet was my first attempt at using Pepakura Designer, and while I made it accomplish what I needed it to do I decided to unfold it again. I'm pretty proud of it, especially since it's an obvious indication of how much I've learned.

To download this and the rest of the Daedric armor please visit this page:…
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PLEASE NOTE THAT SIMPLE COLOUR CHANGES ARE NOT CONSIDERED PHOTOMANIPULATIONS - If you only plan on changing the colours please DO NOT use my stock. A Photomanipulation should be instantly distinguishable from the original by the addition of other photo elements, digital drawing, use of brushes filters etc.

Photographer- Blue Angel
Model- Me
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Step by step picture guide on how to make a simple leather cuff bracelet.

Materials used:

Gold tone cone studs from etsy shop Beach Heya: [link]

Black suede leather from old boots.

Old leather cords from broken (I broke them because seriously, they were from the 90's and they SUCKED) jewelry.

Hole punch. Best tool EVER. Who knew punching holes in things could be so much fun??!! You'll find it in hard ware stores.

Visit my DIY blog for more tutorials: [link]
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If you'd like to build this file just hit the download link. I'll warn you though, this isn't a "build in a day" kind of project ;)

Edit: I made this file before I started adding flaps to all my pep files, but due to the overwhelming interest in this particular file I've gone back and added them.

If you'd like to download this and the other daedric items go here:…
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model: me
photo: my mom :heart:

Rules are in my journal [link]
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:bulletblack:Premade Background 33

Mix from: morgueFile

:bulletblack:Link back to me if you use.
:bulletblack:Give full credit my name or avatar.
:bulletblack:DA Prints are okay.
:bulletblack:No off site use.
:bulletblack:No commercial.
:bulletblack:Do not claim my stock as your own
:bulletblack:Don't use my stock for anything offensive
:bulletblack:Have fun!
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Bullet; Blue If used please fav
Bullet; Blue Prints are allowed, no need to ask.
Bullet; Blue Commercial use are allowed but i like to see it first. Your finished work can be sell, NOT my raw stock.  15$ for PNG,PSD, brushes. 25$ for premades.
Bullet; Red Don't just change the colors and add birds or so, must be a big change or used with models and objects. 
I will ask to deleted if its not. 
Bullet; Red Do not use my stock to make another stock.
Bullet; Red Do not upload the stock raw anywhere else, do not redistribute and do not use it as wallpaper in another site.
Bullet; Red Credit me in the page of your work, outside or in DA.
Bullet; Red Credit the owners of the resources i use to make the premade backgrounds. 
Bullet; Red Leave a comment on the brush or stock used with the link of your work

3D Horns III by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 3D Horns I by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 3D Horns VIII by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 3D Horns II by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 3D Horns III by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 3D Horns V by starscoldnight by StarsColdNight <da:thumb id="334627866">
© copyright 2014 - All Rights Reserved. You may not modify, re upload, copy, tube, or claim as your own. Respect the artist.   
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********* UPDATE **********

New FREE Style as well as a 2560x1440 Wallpaper!

I plan on doing multiple layer styles as well as wallpapers for many different things to do with the Elder Scrolls series, this one for example is Daedric which represents the Daedra or Dremora of the Elder Scrolls world.

Please note that I in no way own the Elder Scrolls logo or name, nor am I making profit off of their name. In the full pack (Which will most likely be sold on Graphic River) their will be no mention of the Elder Scrolls and the title names will be changed slightly for copyright reasons.

Yes I know I've been making a lot of "Coming Soon" things and haven't finished any of them yet, thats because once I finish one large portion of the project, I like to take a break and work on something else to keep my creativity running and then will eventually get back to work on it, that way I go back into it with new ideas... if that makes sense.

Anyway, this has been quite a long description so I'll end it here. I hope you enjoy these 2 items that you receive :)
Both the Wallpaper and Layer Style are in the one download.
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