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I was asked to design a wearable feminine version of Malthael from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for Kamui Cosplay
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This is a recruitment poster for The Resistance led by John Conner.
I attempted to make it look a little bit worn, as if it had been posted by the Resistance for a long time.

All characters,logos, and trademarks are property of their respective holders.

Created with:
Microsoft Picture It! Photo 7.0 software
re-edited at
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...Should I describe it as "fail" or "win"? xD or maybe it was just a lack of ideas? xD Ppl never fail to amuse me XD

Dedicated to all Death Note fans 8D
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Prototype Dead Space Suit
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:iconzephyrpenumbraplz: Zephyr: "GUESS WHOS BACK BITCH!"

Zephs coming back for burbia~

:bulletred: Name: Zephyr Penumbra
:bulletblack: Pokemon: Zoroark
:bulletred: Gender: Male
:bulletblack: Age: 19
:bulletred: Birthday: Febuary 14th
:bulletblack: Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
:bulletred: District: Carousal Quartz
:bulletblack: Job: Bartender (Originally a DJ)
:bulletred: Ability: Illusion
:bulletblack: Moves:
:icondarktypeplz: Night Daze: Zephyrs's eyes glow light blue and his body becomes surrounded by a crimson aura. He then raises his arms above his head. When he does, the aura around his forearms gets thicker. He then slams his arms down into the ground. A pink and crimson glowing forcefield of energy appears from the aura around Zephyr's arms and grows larger, spreading all around it. The more angry Zephyr is, the more powerful the attack becomes.
:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower: Zephyr opens his mouth and releases a stream of red-orange fire from it at the opponent.
:icondarktypeplz: Dark Pulse: Zephyr puts its hands together in front of his chest and fires a beam of black and purple or dark blue circles from in between them at the opponent, or Zephyr crosses his arms in front of his face and an orb of black and dark blue circles appears in front of them. Zephyr then separates its arms and the orb moves in front of Zephyr's chest. He then fires a beam of black and dark blue circles from the orb at the opponent.
:iconpsychictypeplz: Agility: Zephyr becomes outlined in blue and he is able to move very fast. Also Zephyr can disappears as soon as he's about to get hit by an attack, then reappears seconds later.

:bulletred: History: Zephyr was born to a Cinccino father and a Zoroark mother. His parents were always busy so he only spent time with his fraternal twin brother Loki. The two were really close and were always seen with each other. One day when Zephyr 7 his home was broken into by a Leavanny and a Scolipede. The two bandits robbed the house and kidnapped Zephyr because they wanted to teach the wealthy family what its like to have absolutely nothing like they have. Loki wasn't kidnapped because he was sleeping over at a friends house. When his parents awoke and his brother came home they were devastated at what happened. When they saw that their son was kidnapped all 3 of them were sent into a spiraling depression.

When Zephyr awoke he found himself caught in the child slave trade. He tried to escape but failed and ended up getting whipped and beaten by the guards. That night because of his disobedience they left him out in a thunderstorm tied to a tree in a forest. He almost didn't make it through the night because he was almost struck by lightning. The next morning the guards came to check on the fox to see how he was doing. When the saw that he lived they asked if he learned his lesson and he nodded. For the next 7 years he spent his life as a child slave doing what his masters ordered. Over these years he has accumulated over 20 scars on his back and a brand mark on the bottom of his foot. A few weeks before his 13th birthday he made his escape and found his was to his cousin Zane Penumbra's house.

When he entered the house he was covered in blood, scars, cuts and bruises. Also around this time he evolved into a Zoroark. His family was staying at the cousins house for the time being. When Zephyr saw his family again he was filled with joy as well as his family. To his surprise there were 2 new siblings. A shiny Minccino sister and another Zorua for a brother. For a year he stayed at the mansion with Zane and his family. After 6 months Zane came to live with Zephyr's family.

When Zephyr turned 17 he asked his mother if he could move out and start his life all over again. His whole family was against the idea and refused. After much arguing and bickering he was allowed to live his life. The Zoroark moved to a place called Pokecity. Over there he found new friends, activities and even his first love. He lived in the city for about a year before they shut down. When it did he had to leave his life behind and moved back in with his family. They were happy to see Zephyr come back home but sad because he had to leave his new life behind. When his mother heard of a new city opening she urged him to go out and live his life again. He refused and stayed in his home for a few months. His mind changed out about moving to the city when his brother convinced him to move there with him. He agreed and set out with Loki on a new journey in his life.

:bulletblack: Personality: Zephyr is a very flirtatious person who doesn't not give a shit about anything. He lives a very carefree life and is always seen with a smile on the face yet on the inside he is a scared little boy who is afraid of the world. He doesn't like showing his true self because he hates to worry people so he keeps things very secret and refuses to talk about his past. Zephyr also is not afraid to tell the truth or speak his mind to anyone and give his honest opinions. Zeph is also a loyal friend who sticks by you until the end.

:bulletred: Likes:
:bulletblack: Sweet food
:bulletblack: Men
:bulletblack: Alcohol
:bulletblack: Women
:bulletblack: Animals
:bulletblack: His friends
:bulletblack: His family
:bulletblack: Anything that is soft and fluffy
:bulletblack: The night

:bulletblack: Dislikes:
:bulletred: Bitter stuff
:bulletred: His past
:bulletred: Losing his friends/family
:bulletred: Thunderstorms
:bulletred: Electric and Bug types
:bulletred: Bright light
:bulletred: The mornings
:bulletred: Being alone

:bulletred: Additional Info:
:bulletblack: He is about 5'11" tall now
:bulletblack: He weighs at least 190 lbs
:bulletblack: He has Astraphobia (Fear of thunderstorms) and Entomophobia (Fear of bugs)
:bulletblack: He's bisexual but prefers men
:bulletblack: He has a pet Delcatty named Luna (It was originally a Skitty in Pokecity but he evolved it before coming to Pokeburbia)
:bulletblack: He has a tongue piercing
:bulletblack: Piercings and tattoos are his biggest turn ons
:bulletblack: He has a small tail coming out of his pants on the back
:bulletblack: He has sensitive ears so loud noises bother him
:bulletblack: Due to his ability he can pretend to switch genders but it's not real, just an illusion so if you hit him it wears off and such
:bulletblack: He likes to pull pranks on his friends

:bulletblack: RP Style: Note, Paragraph, Sentence, Sentence Chat, AIM, MSN, or Skype
Some Links:
:bulletred: Zephyrs old app [link]
:bulletred: His pet application from Pokecity [link]
:bulletred: Full Body ref [link]
:bulletred: My NPC Loki [link]

The return of Zephyr for :iconpokeburbua
If you wanna rp with Zeph just note me or send me a message on AIM. My AIM is Nekosama12.
My MSN or Windows Live Messenger is My skype is ryan.harinski

Zeph belongs to me :iconbeavercop:
:iconpokeburbia: belongs to :iconkarra-chan:
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guy in suit: "HOLY $#!T"
guy in pred costume: "Ha! April fools!"

Anyway, started as a digital sketch, then I kept adding and adding and adding until this happened.

It's all Photoshop.
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It's been a while since I've posted any work and the Destiny Beta just wrapped up, so I decided to do some cute fan art of my favorite guardian type: the Titan.
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Little companion piece for

Now available to download as a custom cover for the PS3;

And as a custom cover for the Xbox 360;
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