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Whellcome Home
A short horror story...

    Long time ago, there was a heart-warming home of a modest family of three. Before that, it was nothing more than an old abandoned house. When they moved in, the young couple restored it and planned to raise a family there. Soon enough, their son was born and the old house lit up with joy.
    Their life, however, wasn't easy. Work demanded long trips for the couple. On such occasions, their son would stay under the care of his grandmother, who lived nearby. She wasn't always in best terms with the couple. Still, the boy would often stay for several days and, among many things, he loved grandma's stories of local folklore, witches, bat wing recipes and magic cauldrons. He liked it there. Nevertheless, nothing compared to mom and dad arriving to pick him up and going back home.
    Unfortunately, home vanished from the boy’s life too soon when his parents died in a tragic car accident. His stay at gr
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I'm Pregnant Aru! Ch.3 A RussiaxNyo!China Fanfic
A/N: Hey fellow readers! Back with another chapter! Also there's a little surprise at the end! Hope you guys enjoy!
Russia has just arrived into the store to get a pregnancy test for his wife China. He looks around and he doesn't really know where to go and it frustrated him. So he did what China told him and went to the female employee for help.
"Um hello" says Russia with his famous Yandere smile "I need some help"
"W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What can I do for you sir?!" asks the scared female employee
"Well I was wondering where I can find a pregnancy test" says Russia
"Oh well I'll show you" says the scared female employee *I feel sorry the potential mother of his kid*
Back at the house China who is in bed all of a sudden sneezes. Now back to the store. The employee shows Russia the pregnancy tests. Russia was looking at them and he was feeling a little discouraged.
Russia then says to
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Master of puppets
(French version below)
He has his dolls wrapped around his finger
Willing to besmirch their honor, soil their souls
Do degrading things, human things.
Just to survive in this fouled world 
Survive one more day
And struggle against the fear of being still alive.
But these poor little creatures of silk have little choice
The master is pulling all the strings.
Master, your dolls aren't mere puppets: 
Behind their frozen appearance, drugs as an only friend
Nobody to release them from this putrid hold.
Only used to entertain your guests
They know they're dirty, they feel dirty. They know
The experience of violence, ashamed to exist.
Missing a heart like a real marionette,
The master knew how to handle his puppets as no one 
And make them enticing to the eye of his audience,
Closing on them his grip of terror.
On a beautiful sunny morning, the master,
Strutting in front of his collection, noticed with pleasure that
His brothel never had such succ
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I'm Pregnant Aru! Ch.5 A Rochu Fanfic
A/N: Hey everyone! Back with another chapter! Sorry about the delay I had a little writers block with this. But thas hopefully out the window. But honestly I might redo this chapter though. But other than that enjoy!
"Yeah Lithuania I'm having your baby" says Belarus
Lithuania started to have tears fall from his face
"Huh this can't be right?" says a teary-eyed Lithuania
"Huh?" says Belarus
"This can't be?!" says a shocked Lithuania
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" says a now mad Korea who rushes at Lithuania and pulls him by the collar of his shirt while Lithuania was still saying "This can't be?!"
"Korea calm down!" says America
"Why should I?!" says Korea
"Please….." says Belarus "Stop Korea!"
"Why should I Belarus?!" asks a pissed Korea "This man doesn't look like he's gonna take responsibility!"
Belarus then just gets up and rushes out of the house.
"Belarus!" says Lithuania who pushes Korea off of him and c
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Sept By Step - Passo a Passo
Step by step
Time passes by
with tiny little feet
lightless and timeless
soundless and immortal
With each step
It goes naming things
in the final step
Time is nothing more
than Death
Original: * Passo a Passo *
Passo a passo
O Tempo passa
com pequenos pés
leves e intemporais
insonoros e imortais
A cada passo
nomeia as coisas
no último passo
O Tempo nada mais é
que a Morte
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
© copyright de KAY MARCH - Todos os Direitos Reservados.
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The Crowning
The Crowning
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the property of R.A. Salvatore/Wizards of the Coast ©. I don’t own them; I’m just examining all their possibilities.
Baenre males did not go rogue.
It was a long held source of pride in the First House. Despite their lower station and all the usual scheming and intrigues of Menzoberranzan, the males of House Baenre were all faithful servants to Matron Baenre and the Spider Queen; doing their duties faithfully and preferring death over dishonor.
Baenre males did not go rogue, no questions asked. Any who ran from their House would be hunted down in short order, executed, and their names forgotten because there were no rogue males from House Baenre.
Such was a common fact from Gromph Baenre to the lowliest page that was whispered loud enough to be perfectly understood.
Jarlaxle Baenre, however, still lived.
The statement went though Jarlaxle’s head a thousand times as he stared into the ornate obsidian mir
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Kingdom Hearts III, Part 4
In the Gummi Ship, the Gaang fly through space and discuss their recent run-in with the law. Sora is the first to voice his opinion.
"Okay. Not to be a prude, but that adventure in Agrabah was not was I was expecting. That Sultan was such a prick! Is it just me or do all figures of authority live to make our lives a living hell?
"Yeah, seriously." Donald agrees "What the flock's with that?" This irritates Sora.
"Could you stop saying 'flock' already?! It stopped being funny a chapter ago!"
"That's getting old too! Say! I've got an idea! Let's play the Quiet Game! The rules are that I choose one of you at random to be quiet for as long as possible while I fly this thing to Hawaii and get myself some fresh saketinis. Donald, since your voice is the most annoying, you go first, startiiing..."
Donald tries to talk some sense into Sora (if one can call grating quacks talking). "But Sora! You're under-"
Donald, not the kind to lose a game (even if it's being held against his wil
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The Ninth 1.0
Chapter 1- The Challenging Child
Kyuubi was restless.
So restless, in fact, that it’d given him insomnia. Which was precisely why he was now awake and wandering the thick forests of the territory he’d claimed so many years ago, rather then sleeping somewhere and waiting until nighttime to begin his nocturnal hunt. This inability to sleep was a generally rare occurrence that was becoming more and more common lately, due to the diminishing number of demons willing to step forth and challenge the fox, thus giving him an outlet to work off access energy. Not that the nine tailed Bijuu needed the sleep – he was fully capable of acting on very little rest when compared to the amount that humans and other lesser species needed – but it was still annoying that he had to go without sleep unwillingly, and it left the fox tense and snappish.
Irritated, the demon brought his muzzle down to the creek in front of him to drink, the lapping noises breaking the silence that s
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The Ring
by JMD
"Show me."
Cassidy smiled. Of all her friends, she had been sure that Janet would be the most likely to believe her story. From the table at the café where she sat, she scanned the street looking for a likely victim. "See that couple standing on the corner over there?" she said, pointing with her chin.
Janet turned to see the young lovers standing arm in arm, waiting for the light to change. "Yeah," she nodded.
"Well," she said, massaging the ring on her finger, "he's a fireplug." She smiled as she watched the man disappear with a "pop", replaced a second later by a little red hydrant. The girl with him shouted out his name as she looked down at her former boyfriend.
"Holy crap!" Janet exclaimed, turning back to look at Cassidy with a look of wonder.
"And she's a garbage can," Cassidy added.
Her friend turned back just in time to watch the girl's transformation into a wire basket full of discarded paper. The crowd of people on the corner quickly moved away, afrai
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Avatar: Sumo Village Part 3
Part 3
The group walked through Choaca Village, trying to keep a low profile as they looked for food and supplies.  But it was nearly impossible for them not to stare.  All around them were Fire Nation soldiers, which was nerve wracking enough.  But at the same time, every soldier they came across was grotesquely fat.  Every single one looked a double of the soldiers at the gate; though their weights varied, not a one looked below 250 lbs, and everything was fat   A few soldiers stood at attention, but most just sat with some kind of food in their hand, stuffing their faces.
“OK, this is not what I expected when you told us about this place.” Katara whispered to Sokka.
“How was I supposed to know?” Sokka whispered back.  “But this is horrible.  I mean, look at the villagers.”
Indeed, everyone around them who wasn’t Fire Nation was far from the best of shape.  All of t
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Avatar Sumo Part 5
Part 5
“Sokka!” Katara yelled, glaring at her brother.  “Can’t you knock that off for five minutes?  It’s disgusting!”
“But I’m winning.” Sokka moaned.
“Not anymore.” Toph said gleefully, as she rubbed her stomach.
“Yeah?  Well pass the candied yams, and we’ll see.” Sokka yelled.
“I was wrong.  You’re both disgusting.” Katara said, as Toph threw Sokka another piece of food while she grabbed one for herself.  Deciding not to resign herself to another round of the endless burp contest, Katara got up and began to head for a different section of the cave.
But before she did, she turned and took a look at the two of them.  The group had been down here for about four days, staying hidden while the patrol moved outside.  Kinu had stopped by every day to gi
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Avatar Sumo Part 15
Part 15
The next day, the four fattened children met at the food pile for breakfast.  All four of them had gained weight during the night, but not wanting to comment on it for fear of questions, they ignored and ate their breakfast, keeping the conversation safe.
“So when do you think we’ll be ready to take on Fa-Zu?” Sokka said, as he chewed on a pastry.  “I’m really starting to get tired of this cave.”
“Yeah.  I wouldn’t mind some fresh air myself.” Aang said.
“Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” Toph asked.
“I’d just like to see the sun.” Katara added.
“Well, it looks like you’ll be getting your wish.” A voice said.  The foursome turned to see Kinu standing before them.
“We’ve got a problem.” Kinu said.  “The spies inside Fa-Zu’s camp are reporting that he’ll be announcing new demands today.”
“What sort of
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You Were
You were
My reason to breathe
You were
What I needed
To live
You were every love song
And most of Shakespeare
To me, doubled
I thought that
If you left
My heart would fail
Torn from my heart
And set on fire
And the space inside
Would be filled
With glass shards
Now I know
I need no one's permission
To live
I can stand
On my own
And no one can
Tear your heart out
Unless you let them
My spine is straight
My head is high
My heart is ice
My pride is bruised
But you
No longer
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Because I Love You
“Because I Love You”
"Because I Love You / Fourside" from Earthbound / Mother 2
lyrics by Joseph Blanchette
We met at the birth of the night
Under the sun’s dying light
Although I cannot understand
If  there is some greater plan
I know it’s what I want because I love you.
One thing I cannot see
Why are you so good me?
So you place your hand in mine,
And stare into my eyes,
And whisper in my ear because I love you.
Forever is  but a moment,
A second that can last eternity.
But all to fast it flies by,
That moment taken away from me
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Cosplay Boxing
Cosplay Boxing
An original boxing fanfic
By MasterSaruwatari
Light becomes darkness. Darkness becomes light. In a world where both light and darkness were perfectly in balance there was never more than the other. This world was called the Twilight. It got this name because of how well balanced it was. It was wonderful. On the light side of the world there were a lot of malls, cafes, and pretty much anything that was pure. On the dark side of the world there were many bars, strip clubs, and pretty much anything that was tainted.
Inhabitants of this world all had dark skin of a different skin tone. Some were very dark, while some were light. There were no wars in this world. It was the perfect balance of light and darkness. There was no death. There was no murder. There was nothing, but peace.
Inhabits of the Twilight, not only had dark skin, but were fairy-hybrids. They were half human and half fairy. They were also masters of both light and dark magic, but people born into this world c
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Preserving Decay
What would you do if I told you that what's best of me is holding together what's rotting my core?
How would you feel knowing that what you love the most about me is what's keeping me from getting better?
Would you kill what's best of me to stop my demons and my bitter pride?
I would like you to know that it wouldn't change the way I feel about you.
Those - three - little - words
(that sometimes get pushed through airtight lips.)
But someone forgot to let out the moths.
(Lets just say that they had their way with a cotton tongue.)
Now the worn cloth doesn't flow like it use to.
A hollow structure, bends in the lightest breeze.
Is it possible to wander without stumbling blind?
Actually it's become a myth,
Just like the truth slipping from a moth eaten cloth.
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Densetsu no PPGZ Season 1 - 8
Cast the Darkest Shadow
Deus Ex Procella

A red glow illuminated the corner of Professor Utonium’s emergency ward; a clock blinking 2 a.m. The good doctor himself stood hunched over an operating table, where the once proud leader of Powerpuff Girls Z lay thrashing and writhing under the particle separator beam. Professor Utonium released a deep, shaky breath trying to hold the beam steady. Blight screamed, her voice was horrible and demonic with only hints of Momoko’s voice hiding in the back. Kakiko stood on the other side of the table, holding Blight’s hand and watching with a heartbroken expression at the suffering her oldest daughter was clearly going through.
“Kakiko, please for the last time leave the room! I’d rather you don’t see what may happen…I have a bad feeling about all of this,” Kakiko shook her head, never taking her eyes off Momoko’s screaming face. She comfortingly smoothed her daughter’s hair, softly cooin
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Your haunting eyes
captures my breath.
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To say I am sorry
Is never enough
I have severely failed
I am not that tough.
I beg for forgiveness
That you will not grant
Haunting memories
In my brain echo and rant.
I seek redemption
I did not pass your test
I make mistakes
I am not the best.
I cannot go back
And make a change
The past is permanent
And cannot be rearranged.
So I think it over
Every day and night
Trying to fix it
And make things right.
I am so sorry
That I have failed you
I meant no harm
Now there's nothing I can do.
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The Beatles: Recording and Sleeping
"John, don't! Please! Hahahaha.... Stop!" screamed Ringo.
"Just cheer up then, lad," John teased. He was tickling Ringo. According to John, Ringo had woken up grumpy and wasn't fun to be around. So, this was John's way of cheering him up.
"Guys, really? We have to get to the studio. This is no time for horsing around," Paul said, after brushing his teeth and taking a shower. He came out of the bathroom to see John and Ringo involved in a tickle fight.
"Well, you're a sour puss today, aren't you, Paulie?" joked John. Paul stuck his tongue out at him. John stopped torturing Ringo to please Paul. He started getting ready for the day ahead of them. John was digging through his suitcase to find his toothbrush, comb, and other things to take with him in the bathroom. Ringo had the same plan. Fortunately for him, he raced to the bathroom and locked the door before John.
"Ah! You little prick," John banged on the door. George, who was fully dressed, started giggling.
"Shut up," John mumbled.
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My Snake My Mate 9
Chapter 8: Wonderworld, Naga City
Mahado and Isis brought the dead body of Atemu home. They never told anyone about what happened, where the murder had happened or why the golden box must never be opened. They buried the soulless body of the once Pharaoh, mourned over the loss they felt, before the council assigned a new king.
A new Pharaoh, the former one's cousin, ascended the throne. He was, to his surprise, the next in line and so he ruled Egypt with his Japanese Prince, Seto.
The puzzle remained with the buried corpse of the deceased Atemu, where it was safe.
As they lived under the ground, far away from human eyes and ears, Yami, nor Yugi, had an idea of what was happening above the ground. Yami showed Yugi his favourite places in the Naga City, trying to make sure that Yugi was happy. That he would forget about the former brother and that he would stop being sad.
Yami was happy that Yugi was safe now, although he sometimes did catch a glimpse of sadness, which he tried to fo
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Cheesecake Gets Her Revenge
Cheesecake’s Revenge
“Happy birthday dear Ellen! Happy birthday too you!” The four friends sang.
“Aw, you guys are so sweet!” The brown, haired beauty grinned.
“Where are we going next?” Asked Rachel.
“There’s this new cheesecake bakery on Fives Street.  I’ve been wanting to check it out!” Ellen said.
The bell of the door dinged.  The women behind the counter looked up, seeing five young ladies entering.  She grinned and placed her company’s apron on.  She positioned her little chef’s hat on her head before she headed over to the group with a menu.
“Hello Ladies and wecome to Little Slice of Heaven,” The woman greeted.  “What’s the special occasion?”
“Its my birthday. I’m twenty five,” Ellen replied.  “Got anything special?”
“Well, you’re in a luck!  We have a special today! Five cheese slices
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The Greatest Fic Ever
One day, the Roarschack was walking randomly down the street when this random stranger jumped out in front of him and said, "Walter, i am a mysterious girl from your past who has now grown up into a beautiful young woman and i am secretly a vigilante and we need to be together because we're both vigilantes and we're both liek rlly messed up and we complete each other in our mutual messed-uppedness."
"Rrrraaaarlllll," said the Roarschack.
Hideously rejected, the mysterious and bootiful young woman then went to hogwhutz.
"Pruffesser Snope," she said, "I am Voldermort's secret daughter that no one knew about and also Harry Potter's dark twin cousin. I can speak parsell tung and potions is my favorite class, we are compatible so won't you love me because I had an abused childhood where Voldemort killed my mom and because I'm technically not a legal adult and long flowing hair and green eyes which is mysteriously like someone else you knew and oh hey this is hogwhutz, a magical place
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52. Deep In Thought
She hardly speaks. When she does, it's with a few tense words that she seems afraid to utter. She sits on her throne high above the battle area and watches the battles with such an intensity that startles even the Valet. Her lovely green eyes spark with joy when two trainers enter and begin their battle. Her delicate chin rests in her hand and her mouth curves upward as she smiles thoughtfully.
Darach knows all of this by heart. He has been by Lady Caitlin's side since she was only eleven and he was thirteen. They had gone on their own journey together and returned when Caitlin's mother and father wanted their little princess to take over their battling facility. However, Caitlin's spark for battling had disappeared and she no longer wanted to battle. Darach was the only one who knew why...she was afraid of failure. If she lost, this meant she wasn't up to par with her opponent and she would feel she wasn't worthy to even be the lady of the Battle Castle. Such a reason only happened wh
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