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Cast from molds off of sculpts that were 100% hand sculpted (even the teeth!). Solid plastic so very durable, yet not too heavy. Comes in 3 different styles; Unpainted, base colored, and fully finished.

Size: (The width of the jawsets is the widest point shown)

Top - 3.5" wide by 2.45" long

Bottom: 3" wide by 2.5" long

Fully finished is what is shown here; base colored bone teeth and pink gums, with added black airbrushing. Can come in most any colors of your choosing.

Can be found in our webstore
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New style of bull hoof! Cast out of solid plastic resin, it is 8 1/4 inches wide, 8 1/4 inches long, and 3 1/2 tall, texture to match our large cloppers.

Can come in almost any color, and easily fits over your whole foot. :)

Can be found in our webstore (on our website)
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These are all the color options available for colored resin eyes. Top picture is without flash, bottom picture is with flash.

The 3D eyes on the left have blue resin the ones on the right are plain clear so you can see the difference.

Whichever color you pick will compliment your iridescent back color and make them really shine.

Just showing these because very few people want colored resin for their eyes, and it really makes them look good. I thought by maybe SHOWING you what they look like would help when you order blanks from me. Or for whenever I'm accepted painted eye commissions.

There is no extra charge for colored resin eyes, just so you know.

3cm $10
3cm 3D (follow-me): $20
4cm $12
4cm 3D (follow-me) $24
Shipping = $3 in US, international varies.

Will paint pupil on for free. Not accepting painted commissions right now though.
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This refference I drew up has actually even assisted me foaming my shoulders and armstilts.

This shows a quick refference of basic "canid" proportions and human proportions, then does an overlay of them including the arm stilts to show the foaming necessary.
And then I go on for abit about armstilts.

The thing that always makes me sad about quadsuits I see has always been the upperbody. I can let them get away with bad digilegs this time, but not the shoulders.. atleast the lowerbody HAS foaming. However, when many foam their lowerbody, they leave their upperbody (shoulders/arms) nearly completely untouched, which throws the entire suit out of proportion. To keep the suit alltogether balanced, you need to add more padding to your shoulders and arms. I understand it's hot and perhaps uncomfortable.. but I'm throwing away most of my comfort in this suit for what will look really good.

Thanks, Kira^ :)
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This is the mask just before I put the fur on it.
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The sketch is a week old, but I went over it yesterday and turned it into something.

His vessels are obviously all classically named Olivers (lol) and his Ark self is kind of useless.
Technically, he's considered as demon, or a mutt, because his mother belongs to the traitors of Eden, or thieves of halos so to speak.

Hamel was insecure and vain, in fact even mortally he's a hysterical spaz over it (1940 Oliver Taus). In the dark ages, where Arks still roamed the world, Hamel envied the guardians and their people who all had pretty tails. There were lesser people however, halfbreds that belonged to no proper realm. They were still beautiful, and Hamel fancied them, lured them to him, became their guardian, but as a price he took their tails to decorate himself with them. So, that's why some are born tailless...
So after all this, he was mockingly called the prince of bastards. Even in modern days all halfbreds are usually lumped together with Hamel as their deity, but mostly jokingly, because nobody would want to acknowledge him. Obviously all beliefs into Arks were lost in modern days, replaced by different views and religions based on the cryptic past, because all Arks were away sealed away for good. What remains of them are mortal incarnations that sort of subconsciously struggle to break the seal and bring another dark age. But the chances of this happening are slim, though there are some reborn Arks that are more aware of their being than others. Hamel is more of an oblivious and insignificant retard. He's the son of high traitor Jezebel and one of the eastern guardians, Hollo.
Hamel is also about the size of a doe deer and pretty fragile. He also can't fly... obviously. His wings are ragged, small and useless.
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Argonian Writer from TESIV: Oblivion and Prequel Adventure.

A friend saw my shark drawings while pondering how a reptilian creature would look in my style, and suggested Quill-Weave as an example.

I decided to entertain the thought.
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here are the other 6 I designed! just little one-off images for these guys versus sheets.

I hate tagging things now that tags are publicly visible, who decided that thatd be cool
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Chars (c) :iconnadolgo::iconnataliedecorsair:
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I took a movie to bed last night
the hero journeyed to set things right
his smile was familiar to see

He fought off the world and never failed
Got the girl cause he held tough and prevailed
Just like a better - the way I remember - me

Tell me it’s not too late
To be the man I used to be
Tell me (Tell me)
You’ll help me see
There’s a way
To reverse my fate
Help me find the way
Back to where I
Can remember me

Once I was the star and life was fine
Then I got scarred and began to decline
I watched other movies and forgot about mine
If I had a job I’d send flowers to you
If I had a life you could share in it too
If I had the strength I’d need nothing but you

(Chorus x2)

Second collaboration with the amazing Foxamoore, Colson and Kyell
His part of the collaboration:…
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