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Slender Mane... Nuff said.

{Created using the Pony Creator made by GeneralZoi}
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Deep within the Everfree forest, a place of much danger and frighting beasts, home to deadly chimeras and the vicious cocktrace these monsters are cunning no doubt, but even deeper past the darkest dark and the blackest black far beyond the watchful eyes of the princess Celestia where no pony should ever find herself alone, or even in a group for that matter.
In the abyss of a forgotten part of Everfree this pony waits, ever patient and ever watchful, spoken in whisper if at all "Slender Colt" is the only name it is known by it waits in the blackness to snatch up the lost, and lead them to where only he knows, should you ever be so unfortunate to find yourself in his eyeless gaze then I have only one small bit of advice...RUN.
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For :icons-l-l-v-3-r:

thanks for commissioning me ;o; 

1/2 of the things I need to draw for you.. yeyye
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For :iconsi1v3r-th3-dr4g0n: and only for her to use!

bleh working on the pixel art

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:bulletgreen:Basic Info::bulletgreen:

Name: Lucky Wish
Nick-Name: Lucky
Age: Young Adult
Date of Birth: March 14th
Species/Race Earth Pony
Gender: Mare
Alignment: Follower of Luna
Sexuality: Bisexual (But she is with Soul Spark who is a stallion.)
Marital Status: Happily Taken
Love Interest: Soul Spark


Physical Appearance: Light Hunter green, slender body with red/auburn mane and tail. She is a tad bit shorter than the average pony. Honey yellow eyes with thick eyelashes.
Cutie Mark: A stemless four-leaf clover with a gold horseshoe around the clover.


Favorite Food: Clovers
Favorite Color(s): Green, Yellow, and Pink.
Favorite Movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven
Favorite T.V. Show: The News.
Lucky likes to keep up with all the "going-ons" of the world. She likes to compare her visions of the future with how everything works out. Which everything always works exactly how she sees it. But she always thinks that she will be wrong one day.
Favorite Video Game: World of Warcraft.
She never gets off it when Soul Spark isn't home. If he is, he never lets her on. But the moment he leaves, straight to the computer, spending all their hard-earned money.
Favorite Book: Eragon

:bulletgreen:Special Abilities::bulletgreen:

Special Talent: Being Lucky
Lucky Wish has always gotten whatever she wished for but never knew that could be her special talent. It wasn't until one special day when she was walking with her best friend First Strike back in Canterlot, that the two fillies stumbled upon a very horrible stallion with something more than peace and harmony on his mind. Lucky just knew nothing was going to happen to them because she was lucky. And she was right. First Strike kicked him in the head the moment he made a move towards them with that dreadful look in his eyes. It was then that the two fillies got their Cutie Marks.
Ability: Seeing the future.
This is what Lucky does for a living. She has people from all over the world come and visit her cabin and she tells them their future. But you see, the future can always change, so she has some that come almost weekly to make sure they are doing everything in their ability to stop horrible things from happening. She has a Crystal Ball that she uses to the future more clearly, though she doesn't need it. Really all she has to do is meditate on it and she can see it. But with the Ball, she sees little details that she couldn't see by herself.


Lucky has her own garden in her backyard that she tends to with love everyday. She grows her own lettuce, flowers, and has a special patch of delicious clovers.
She has a wonderful memory even though she may seem like a ditz at times.
Though her house may not always show it, she extremely organized. She always knows where everything is and where everything goes. She is also good at organizing events and outgoings as well.


-Future Telling:
Because she can see the future, it's always on her shoulders if something bad happens that she could have prevented.
Even before the temperate tells you it's cold, she starts shivering. She hates being cold. It terrifies her and she can't comprehend half of what is going on.


~Quality Time:
whether it's just sitting watching a movie, or going outside and playing a game, she loves being with the ones she loves.
the subject thrills her. she just loves the thousands of different stories and beliefs that come from all the different cultures.
~World of Warcraft:
WoW. just wow. she is obsessed with this game. She has customers come over and receive visions from her so that she has money to play this game. She can Raid for hours on end.
When she was a filly she wished she was born a seapony so that she could live under water. it makes her feel so at ease and peaceful to be in water. She goes swimming whenever she has the chance.
~Roller Coasters:
oh the adrenalin. she loves the ways roller coasters make her tummy and her heart feel. it makes her heart feel like its about to pop out of her chest and makes her belly feel all light and airy.
~Dressing Up:
Whether it be cosplaying or just dressing up for Halloween, she adores wearing costumes. She thinks she could be a cute cosplay pony model since there aren't many green ponies anymore.
~Princess Luna:
Lucky will always support Luna over Celestia any day. Luna knows how to run things better than Celestia, and can spend quality time with her subjects and treat them like friends as well.


>Princess Celestia:
She does a horrible job ruling and makes her subjects do all the work because she is too lazy or incompetent to do it herself. She is self-centered and cruel and will never compare to Luna.
Because of a campfire her and her class had when she was just a little filly, she hates fire. She accidentally tripped over a rock and landed face first in the fire. Luckily she popped out before anything could catch on fire, but she still is very weary of the element.
Not all Mares are stupid and helpless. not all Unicorns like to have magic. not all Pegasus are really fast. And not all Earth Ponies aren't talented. She hates when ponies judge before they get to know the pony.
The stuff is absolutely foul. It stings and burns and is horrible for you. It makes you tired and you get addicted to it. In her mind, it is a stupid, horrible thing to drink.
too crunchy and hard. She like soft, chewy food.


Fortune Teller
As stated above, she tells people their fortunes. She has them come to her cabin in Greenbroke and pay a certain number of bits for a certain amount of information.

Cabin in Greenbroke. 4 bed, 3 bath.
Lucky Wish and Soul Spark own a little comfy cabin, tucked in the edge of the forests that surround Greenbroke. Her childhood best friend, First Strike just moved here from Canterlot and is now renting out a room.

Spending Money:
she works on"commission" per-say. and she spends her money mostly on WoW to get all sorts of new things. But also loves to buy Soul Spark random presents to show him that she loves him.


Character&Coloring/Vectoring: me
Sketch: *KuddlyKitsune
MLP;FIM: Hasbro
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Hi Silverwolfeh! I just wanted to draw your character. Sorry it sucks. :c
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This was a commission for S-l-L-V-3-R:icons-l-l-v-3-r: This was really fun to make and sorry it took a little bit longer to do.

Hope you guys like it :D
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Who would win?

MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Slenderman and Slender game (c) Parsec Productions
Enderman and MineCraft (c) Mojang
Star brush (c) :iconfrostbo:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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27 November 2014
:party: :cake: !!!!!HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TEAM FROZENPAWS!!!!! :cake: :party:

Team FrozenPaws

Star Coin count: 7 (DIRT POOR)

Species: Pyroar
Age: Adult 
Gender: Male
Type: Fire/Normal
Items: Bottle of Muddy Water
Nature: Calm (Takes plenty of Siestas)
Ability: Rivalry-Sesal will gain strength when faced with competition of the same gender


Work Up: Sesal thinks or sings along native songs and raises his fighting spirit
Noble Roar: Sesal lets out a Noble Roar that lowers the target's will to fight
Fire Fang: Sesal attacks his target with flame covered fangs
Take Down: Sesal tackles the target with his whole body

Taking care of an adopted polar bear can get stressful


Species: Cubchoo
Age: Teenager 
Gender: Female
Type: Ice
Items: Template Gloves, Hand-made Kunai
Nature: Adamant (Somewhat Stubborn) 
Ability: Snow Cloak- when it hails, CC will be able to maneuver around better than other pokemon


Growl: CC will growl (through others just find it cute) and will lower the targets will to attack
Fury Swipes: CC will swipe at the target multiple times in succession
Icy Wind: CC summons a gust of freezing air to attack her target
Encore: CC encourages the target to use its last move again

It's hard being a teenaged bear

Season 1


Mission 1


Errand 3  
Errand 6
Errand 9
Errand 12

Main Task 3 Find the Riolu!
Follow Up of Main Task 3 Ninjas Erywhere
Explorers Task 3

Personal Stories:

CC's Gloves
Wei moves in
The big oran tree CC hangs out
GHOUUUL Halloweeny Special!


Gijinka meme
Species Swap


-Completed Mission 1 late! (+ 2 star coins)
-Completed Errand 3! (+ 1 star coin)
-CC received Template Gloves! 
-Team FrozenPaws registered in the Andalusst Atlas (+1 star coin)
-Completed Main Tasks! (+ 1 handmade kunai)
-Completed 3rd June Explorers Task! (+ 1 bottle of muddy water) (+ 1 strike for blowing stuff up)
-Completed Errand 6! (+ 1 star coin)
-Completed Errand 9! (+ 1 star coin)
-Completed Errand 12! (+ 1 star coin)
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