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We can't wait to know why! What's your favorite Sherlock deviation? Share your suggested Sherlock fan art pieces in the comments and I will add more to this feature!

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DeviantART Compliments #74

Wed Jan 8, 2014, 4:48 AM by Kezzi-Rose:iconkezzi-rose:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

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Cloudpups is a very nice person and a very talented artist! May her artistic skill flourish and grow for years to come! uvu

I wanted to say I love your art so much! You're doing so awesome with it! :D You just keep getting better and better! cx
Please, keep it up my friend! :3

Neon-Frost - I wanted you to know that you are one talented girl! Your art is fantastic my friend! Please, keep up the nice work!! :D

midnatiwli - Please keep up the wonderful work! You're doing great! cx

Aerode- you are wonderful. Your writing is absolutely phenomenal, you're so friendly, and you're such a strong person. You're lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and personality (: <333

chromeantennae- You are marvellous! I adore your writing and your positive spirit; thank you for everything you do! <3

AyeAye12- you're a fantastic writer and a passionate artist. I love reading your work and talking with you. Keep creating! <3

Eevee1999 is a lovely person to talk to and a great writer. I admire how he's so involved in the community and how kind he is <3

Entitaria is a fantastic writer, artist, and person! She's so inspiring and lovely <3

SereneCyrene is one of the most cheerful and encouraging people I've ever met. Her writing has a special feeling to it that just makes it feel so lovely. She's wonderfully optimistic and she's a beautiful, marvellous person. <3

Nullibicity- There are a million things I could say about you; you're wonderful, amazing, kind, lovely, extraordinary, and more. Your positivity is inspiring and makes me feel so happy. Your writing is elegant and simply incredible. You are fantastic, dear :love:

ssensory- you're one of the strongest people I've met. You're inspiring in both writing and spirit, and I only hope you can see that for yourself. ;) You're a fantastic singer as well; I really hope your dream comes true one day. <3 You are absolutely wonderful. I wish I had your amazing talent <3 You are simply lovely. :love:

To everyone that reads this: You are UNIQUE no matter WHAT people say! You are you, and that is so beautiful already. /heartheart
So SMILE and live your life to the fullest.

HeartANGELfied and ciao-7 have been amazing friends here on dA and though there are a lot of other amazing people I've met, you are the ones who have really helped and supported me the most during my time here on deviantART. :) Thanks so much!

From Clovis-thecutestcat

LadyLincoln is an insanely talented writer who happens to also be an amazing person with an honestly beautiful heart.
Thank you for all the times you've been there, you really have become an important part of who I've become and inspire me in so many ways artistically, but in the larger picture you have in life. :heart:
There aren't enough words or thanks yous to express any of that.

KittyKun1999 is awesome, beautiful, and funny. She deserves so many more watchers and is funny and amazing. :3

TyepiandSamuel Ah, what can I say about this person. They are amazing. I've known you since June and everything you do is just...OMG, it's too much. You are amazing and your writing has so much potential and I love reading it. I love you as a friend and would go to the ends of the earth to protect you. I adore you, stay awesome.

From, the girl who can't keep her mouth shut, otherwise known as Enemom ;)

C1d1cy Your art is so amazing and I'm honestly really jealous. You're an amazing friend, and honestly, we've grown close, we went from being strangers, to friends, to best friends, to brother and sister. We do need to talk more tho, we haven't talked much this week, besides on your join.mes pft. cx. I know your break is ending Monday, so I hope everything goes good in School, and if you need to talk about anything, I'm here, okay?
Don't let people bring you down, no matter what you say. All that truly matters is what you think.

Man, there are so many people I want to compliment, and I've been wanting to do this for a long time! But I guess for now I'll compliment the three people who I think I may be the closest to on DA. czaria, PitchBlackEspresso, and honrupi Ok, I want to start out by saying (and this goes for all of you ^^) If your art was any better they'd be hanging it in art museums all over the world, and if you were any nicer, well, I don't think that's possible!
Cz, seriously, every time I see your art I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY! I can't believe that you were my second watcher, you've been right here with me all along! X3 I always enjoy talking to you, and I feel like we've been there to perk each other up when we're feeling down. You rock!
Pitch, I feel like I've already rambled enough to you, you don't deserve any more torture XD I've said it a million times, but your art is stunning and adorable, and you're INCREDIBLY INCREDIBLY NICE!!!!
Honey, Your art- jajijauihucajbhukhIAHIJBAU It's so amazing - you deserve more than 500+ watchers, though that's a start! I still can't believe that even though you have all those watchers you still take time to talk to me! I know we've discussed this, but I still find it hard to take in, I mean, I was totally forgotten  by someone else who I thought was a good friend of mine... and they don't even have half the watchers you do XD You are really so so nice though!
I can never say it enough, you guys rock! Thanks for being there for me!

littaly is a great friend and someone I love spending time with.  She is someone that I talk to pretty much everything about.  I am glad I became friends with her.

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Skin by SimplySilent
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Img-og by techgnotic


Alicia (aka IreneAdler76) is DeviantArt’s resident Sherlockian. She is also “Mrs. Hudson” to the DeviantArt staff as part of the H.R. team. A lover of all things literary, her a wealth of knowledge about novels, spanning Cervantes to J.K. Rowling is quite breathtaking and more than a little intimidating. She can often be found in a hidden corner of the DA offices, quiet as a cat, curled up in a chair with her latest find in the rarefied world of the written word.

As Sherlockians around the world wrapped up celebrations for the detective’s birthday in January, it might have dawned upon some that Watson never actually mentions Holmes’ birthday.

Deductive reasoning then kicks in and makes one wonder about all of the things most people accept as Sherlockian facts, when in fact they aren’t. As Holmes says in The Bascombe Valley Mystery, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” So here are 7 ‘obvious facts’ that are in reality misconceptions and myths about the Great Detective.

  1. The Deerstalker — Watson never describes Holmes as wearing a deerstalker. He talks about top hats, cloth hats, and caps with ear–flaps, but never does he use the word deerstalker. You can thank illustrator Sidney Paget for that iconic Holmesian symbol and actors like Basil Rathbone for solidifying the image into our collective memory.
  2. The Calabash Pipe — The moment you see a Calabash pipe, you immediately get an image of Sherlock Holmes puffing away as he stands at a crime scene or sits in his favorite chair. While Watson does talk about three of Holmes’ pipes — briar, clay and cherry — the Calabash variety is never mentioned. You can thank stage actor William Gillette (one of the first to portray the detective) for this prop. Evidently it was easier to balance and more visually striking from a stage.
  3. “Elementary, My Dear Watson” — One of the most quoted non–quotes ever. Yes, Holmes says “elementary” or “my dear Waston” but never does he utter the two as a single phrase.
  4. Moriarty is Holmes’ Arch–Nemesis — Well… that depends on your definition of arch–nemesis. Moriarty only appears in one story, The Adventure of the Final Problem, in which he and Holmes go over the Reichenbach Falls. He’s mentioned in the story immediately preceding Final Problem in order to set up his character and in 5 more after Doyle brought Sherlock back from the grave, which means there are at least 50 stories and 4 novels where he is never discussed. Essentially, it appears that Moriarty simply came into existence so Doyle could kill off his popular character. Yes, Holmes calls him the “Napoleon of Crime” (which I still find odd wording and have my own theories around) and says that he’s like a spider that sits in the middle of a large web, so you could speculate that everyone Holmes comes up against is an agent of Moriarty’s but that would be mere speculation. I’m not arguing either way, I’m just saying…
  5. Sherrinford Holmes — This alleged brother appears in Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street by William S. Baring–Gould. There are many things Baring–Gould alleges in this ‘biography’ but my favorite is inventing a brother Holmes never mentions in the stories. Holmes mentions his parents, older brother Mycroft, and even a grandmother, so it’s a mystery why Baring–Gould felt the need to invent another brother, though some speculate it was to free Mycroft and Sherlock from having to take over managing the family’s house, freeing them to move to London and run a shadow government and create the art of deduction.
  6. Sherlock’s birthday is January 6th — Based solely on the fact that he mentions Twelfth Night twice in the stories and that The Valley of Fear starts on January 7th with him appearing to be especially cranky, which proponents of the date argue to mean he was hung over from celebrating his birthday.
  7. Sherlock’s birth year is 1854 — There are many reasons for this date, but one that most point to is the fact that Watson mentions Holmes looking like a man of 60 years in His Last Bow. Counting backwards from the date when that story takes place, 1854 seems to be the logical choice. However, some argue that Watson says he ‘appeared’ to be, not ‘he was,’ so this date is still a topic for some debate.

This could go on and on with all the fun theories that have developed over the years (e.g., Holmes and Moriarty are brothers, Moriarty was Holmes’ math professor, Holmes is Jack the Ripper, etc.) but it’s a rabbit hole we might never crawl out of.

What about you other Holmes fans? What are some of your favorite myths and speculations about the Great Detective? I’m always eager to discover another item of Sherlock apocrypha I haven’t yet been clued into! Amaze me with the special knowledge only true fans possess!

Your Thoughts

  1. What is your favorite Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story?
  2. Are you aware Sherlock Holmes was originally a character set in the 19th century?

As Sherlockians around the world celebrate the detective’s birthday this month, it might dawn upon some that Watson never actually mentioned Holmes’ birthday. Deductive reasoning then kicks in and makes one wonder about all of the things most people accept as Sherlockian facts, when in fact they aren’t. As Holmes says in The Bascombe Valley Mystery, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” So here are 7 ‘obvious facts’ that are in reality misconceptions and myths about the Great Detective.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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So I just watched Sherlock

Sun May 20, 2012, 7:34 PM
  • Mood: Neutral
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So I caught the last episode of series two again on WHYY

Of course I cried

I was watching for clues, what could it be that we've missed? What is Moffat trying to say to us, where is it?

And then I think I heard it… I haven't had time to formulate a complete theory but I believe that it has something to do with what Sherlock said to John while they were talking on their mobile's while Sherlock was atop St Barts.

"It's what people do." Now, we've heard this phrase recounted numerous times through the series… I can clearly remember it being said when Sherlock is showing off in series two, episode two, when talking to Russell Tovey's character, about being 'show offs'. Is this time about saying goodbye, or is it about leaving notes?

I'm not sure where I'm going with this yet, but when I get the chance to sit down and think it all through I'm sure I'll get back to all of you…

What do you think?

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Sherlock Holmes

The Ever Evolving Icon

What is it about a fictional character first introduced to the public in Great Britain in 1887 that has kept him being reincarnated, with generationally-correct upgrades, over and over again in film and on television? Who is this literary hero whose portrayal over the past century by such past masters as Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett to today’s vanguard talents Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch has inspired such a continuing outpouring of fan appreciation?

Every generation will forever have their “true” Sherlock Holmes. Basil Rathbone in the 1940s will no doubt remain in heavy rotation on TCM as the “final word” in the Holmes persona. More objective film scholars consider Jeremy Brett’s interpretation of Holmes on British TV from 1984-94 to be truest to the Conan Doyle stories and definitive. The Holmes brought to BBC TV in 2010 and still enthralling fans today in the USA as well as Britain is a modern-day version of the detective played by Benedict Cumberbatch as a sort of brilliant eccentric yet very cool outsider. And then we have Robert Downey’s fan-pleasing Holmes whose adventures are left in the Victorian era but are anachronistically supercharged with 2012 high-tech Hollywood effects, not to mention Holmes’ acquisition of a flippant tongue and cynical sensibility seemingly borrowed from James Bond.

So many different Sherlock Holmeses!

Yet they all work so well with their respective fans.

What’s the common thread?

When Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes back in 1887, he equipped his detective “super-hero” with all of what were the cutting-edge “powers” just then coming into vogue: Holmes is as an early forensic scientist, pre-dating the CSI shows by a hundred years; he is a master decipherer of trace evidence, fingerprints, ballistics and handwriting; he plays violin, but is also adept in the martial arts. He outwits his opponents with “deductive reasoning,” usually summing up his amazingly inerrant analyses with, “You see, it’s elemental, my dear Watson.” (Watson was his ever-present sidekick and witness to his genius, thus establishing the “superhero sidekick” well before Batman’s “Alfred.”)

Sherlock Holmes was, in 1887, the closest thing to a Superman, Batman, or X-Men. In fact, those later heroes and many more all cribbed pieces of his cool persona for their own identities.

I think the reason Sherlock has remained so iconically popular with audiences for over a hundred years is that his character speaks to a deep desire in so many of us: the dream of being able to not only make practical use of, but to actually be a master of all the latest resources, all the newest information, all the most current science and technology – not to mention being engaged at the same time in the fine arts at a scholarly level.

Sherlock Holmes won his battles against evil because he was able to possess and utilize all the newest, breaking science and technique available. So of course, in our times of overwhelming informational overload and finding ourselves in a neverending state of tech device and data catch-up, the Holmes character attracts and engages us. He is truly our Renaissance-Futurist role model. From Rathbone to Downey, he is the ultimate evolving icon, the Forever Master of our ever-accelerating ever-evolving high-tech and super-science society.

Questions for the Reader


Does it bother you when the depiction of a favorite fictional literary character is radically altered in film or on TV over and over again? Or does it all depend on the quality of the depiction and the story?


Most of the muscle-bound comics superheroes beginning in the 1930s-40s also seemed to possess great intellects along with their dominating physiques. Do you think this was because of being influenced by the Holmes character of 30 years before? Or just a coincidence – since if as character has a super-strength body, why not a matching super-strength brain?


Which Sherlock Holmes novels or short stories have you read?


In which way do you prefer your adventure story hero to achieve his/her final victory:

  1. His/her superior intellect; puzzle-solving skills.
  2. Physical strength and fighting skills, and a little good luck.
  3. A mix of both brains and brawn.
  4. Through lone wolf personal action; breaking of rules & protocol.
  5. Through leadership of a team of relative equals.
  6. Other -  Please Elaborate. I would love to know which story ending achievement tropes I might have left off of this list.


Who was/is your favorite Sherlock Holmes -- and why?

  • Basil Rathbone
  • Jeremy Brett
  • Peter Cushing
  • Christopher Lee

  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Vasiliy Livanov
  • Other


If Sherlock Holmes and Liara T'Soni are the District 3 Tributes in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Who survives and why?

What is it about a fictional character first introduced to the public in Great Britain in 1887 that has kept him being reincarnated, with generationally-correct upgrades, over and over again in film and on television?
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Derpy hooves:



Pinkie Pie:

Rainbow Dash:




By :iconkankuro876:
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Created by: :iconkankuro876:
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Has it really been one year on here already?? Holy crap..... where did the time go?

Anyways... my time on deviantART has been amazing so far... saw a ton of awesome art and writings, met a lot of people, and made a bunch of friends. I'd like to give a shout out to some of my closest friends :love: You guys are the best! :huggle:








And of course all the wonderful guys on the FB roleplay ^_^



















You all are like a second family to me and I'm so glad I joined the RP group :tighthug:

And of course a shout out goes to my real family on here :glomp:



I think that about does it... I guess to celebrate in a way you could ask questions or something :shrug: I dunno... I could bring Arizona over for you to bother again XD

See you around everyone!

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(I figured you guys could handle more than one rp at a time, and a lot of people requested post-Reichenbach, so here you are!!)

"Goodbye John." His voice cracked.
Then he jumped.
And was gone.

Days have passed since then. Article after article came out all about two things. One, Sherlock Holmes is a fraud. Two, Sherlock Holmes is dead.

Faith has been lost in the majority of London, but some still remains in the hearts of his friends, his co-workers, and yes, even his enemies. But how long they can believe has yet to be questioned...And also to be questioned, the fate of London without the great detective....

"You used to captivate me by your resonating mind, and now I'm bound by the life you left behind..."

(And begin)
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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 5:06 PM
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Hobbyist General Artist

Comment Skin


how to break this to you.....





good day

~fly on~

I use "book curses" :dummy:

❑ Taken
❑ Single
✔ taken by my bird boys <333

~best derp friends~

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