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  The serpents of the North came down. Picking up soldiers, eating them alive, even burning them alive. Nothing was all they could do, but one of them did. He fought with every being in his body, not wanting to quit. Though he knew if he kept going he would die, but what they did to his people, was unforgiveable.

   Good dreams must come to an end.

    A dragon came down, breathing fire on top of the soldiers. It so happens that he was caught in the flame as well. Burning fire spread on his face, making him fall to his knees in pain. Screaming for them to stop, but it never did.

     Burning flames came down upon the earth once more, anything it touched burned down to a crisp. Nothing could stop it. You could run or you could fight. Most people ran, ran from the flames of the North.  Those who stayed didn’t get to see next day light.

   A soldier saw his king down “N-No…how could this happen?” he questioned. The elf shook his head. He kneeled down in front of him “My king are you-“His eyes widen, seeing his burned face. He quickly ripped a part of his clothes to cover his burn. After he rapped it carefully, the soldier picked him up, putting him on his back.

    “We have to get him to Lord Elrond!” a soldier yelled. He held the elf king on his back. The soldier could feel his struggle to keep calm. Thranduil clenched the other’s shoulders. The king felt the pain grow; it was getting too much for him “We must quickly!”

   The Mirkwood elves traveled to Rivendell. They fought Orcs who tried to ruin their plan, they destroyed them. Hearing the waterfalls rumble, they began to run. Hearts pounding, feet never leaving the ground. The king was the important thing at this point “Quickly now! I don’t think the King will make it!” Thranduil’s heart began to beat a slow pattern, gasping for breath.

   When they thought they would never make it, there it was. Rivendell stood before them. Water splashing down upon the Earth, stones makes a path towards the main palace. Lushes grass swayed in the wind, flowers sprung from the ground reaching for sunlight. Trees grew tall here, but not as tall as the ones in Mirkwood. It was a peaceful place, a very beautiful peaceful place.

   The Mirkwood elves made their way to Lord Elrond “Where is the king? Please we need his help right away!” They shouted for answers.

   “I’m here…” Elrond paused looking at the soldiers “You come from war, so why come here? I would think you would go back to your own kingdom?” he questioned out loud, narrowing his eyes.

   “Please sir our king…he’s injured badly.” The soldier paused, putting down Thranduil. His eyes were shut, his chest rose and fell slowly “We don’t know any one better to come too” he bowed respectfully and so do the rest.

   Elrond looked down at Thranduil. He took in everything “Bring him in” he turned on his heal going back inside.

   The rest of the Mirkwood elves did what they were told. They brought Thranduil inside “Where would you want me to put him?”

   Elrond pointed at mat placed on the middle of the room “Over there please, and once you put him down please exit the room”

   The soldier nodded and walked towards the mat. He gently placed him down, not wanting to hurt him any more than he is.  After placing him down he bowed leaving the room.

   The king of Rivendell made his way over to him “Now what could have done this to you” he slowly removed the wrap around the one side of his face. He gasped at the horror “My goodness…” he placed a hand over his mouth.

    Thranduil’s burn as gotten worse. The whole one side of his face was burned down to the core. You could see the muscle and bone, it was gone. “Thranduil?” Elrond spoke softly. The king of Mirkwood slowly opened his eyes. Elrond gasped once more. He saw one of his beautiful icy blue eyes staring up at him, but the other was destroyed so badly. It was all white. It was frightening “My…what happened to you?”

   Thranduil closed his eyes and began to talk “D-dragons…dragon fire” a tear ran down his cheek “Please…help me”

   “Don’t worry my friend, I will” he stroked his cheek “just calm down alright?” Elrond watched as Thranduil relaxed. He smiled weakly “I’m going to begin.” He placed a hand over the burn and simply spoke in elvish. A blue light began to shine over the burn, making every inch on flesh and muscles connect once more.

    Thranduil clenched the blanket; his head fell backwards, screaming in pain. He shut his eyes tightly, tears rolled down his face as he kept screaming bloody murder. Elrond tried to calm his friend down, but nothing was working. He felt bad seeing him suffer like this, but it was the only way to help him.

   The soldiers outside the room became nervous. They heard there kings cries, they could hear his pain. The Mirkwood elves could feel there kings pain as well. It was horrible to hear his screams echo through your ears “W-what is he doing in there?” one spoke to another Rivendell elf. The other only shrugged, pouring him some more water.

    Flesh connected with flesh, making its way up to his eye. As they connected the pain grew, and as the pain grew so did his screams “Shhhh” Elrond pulled his hand away once his eye went back to normal color “You see were done.” he talked to him in a childish tone. He ran his hand though his hair slowly and gently.

    Thranduil’s eyes fluttered opened. He sat up quickly, looking around “Elrond?” his eyes widen as he placed a hand over his burned face, but it was normal “How did you-“

   “Don’t worry about it?” he looked into the others kings eyes “The burn is still there, I just covered it with…” he paused thinking of a word “Magic if you will” he knew that was a stupid word to use, but that’s all that could fit. Elrond quickly changed the subject “Here” he handed him some water “Drink something”

   Thranduil was still in shock, but he took the glass “T-thank you” After he took a sip, Thranduil slowly tried to stand. He was feeling dizzy “I have to go back to my kingdom, but I will came back now and then to get checked up on” he smiled weakly and began for the door.

   Elrond watched him leave and sighed deeply “Be careful…”


Alright I wrote what I thought he got that burn. Don't hate me for it. If you don't like the way

I thought, then please don't take it out on the comments below. Be a big kid and not do that.


So please don't read it again and don't fav it...

Anyway I hope you enjoy it...maybe??

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Pretty, shiny things are hazardous to your health.

This is because the Law of Attraction is multiplied 100x once you look at them

Hobbits state the overly obvious

Chocolate is nonexistent in Middle-Earth.

Arwen stole Glorfindel's horse.

Beer and Tobacco seem to have a beneficial effect on hobbits

Never make fires in questionable caves

Kick a troll, and your foot will break

Elvish accents are low and whispery

Never sleep in a boat if your Dad is a Pyromaniac

Don't give twins the exact same name

Imitating voices can come in handy

Running at your brother with a sword and shouting at him in old-fashioned language will get you a big time-out

Really, really big dogs are very useful

Being good at riddles can save your life

Giant spiders freak out elves big-time

Elrond should have pushed Isildur into the crack of doom

Sauron once got pwned by a girl

If you insult any of Tùrin's female relatives, you will find yourself impaled on a rock at the bottom of a raging river.

Speaking of which, do not marry blonde women with amnesia. You never know how closely related you might be.

Law of physics: If you kill a Balrog, you will be killed too.

Ëarendil was the first astronaut

Never look dragons in the eye

Legolas is NOT blonde

Elves have the amazing ability to make up songs spontaneously

Don't ask Gandalf questions when he's grumpy

You do not want to make Gandalf mad.

Watching a Maia spirit dance will cost you about 100 years of your life.

The Elessar looks like an American Airforce badge

There are surprising similarities between the movie-version Elrond and Spock.

The eagles always did provide a convenient Deus ex machina

Never laugh at live dragons

Beware of hospital workers who talk way too much

The favorite color of most elves is grey.

There is such thing as a red-headed elf (YAY!)

Locking up your daughter in a tree house and expecting her to stay there is just simply naïve.

Make sure your master is mentally healthy before you swear fealty to him

Saruman does not need a microphone

Nargothrond snipers can (apparently) see an insignia on a tiny ring from ten yards away.

According to Fëanor, the war of the Silmarils was Galadriel's fault.

Female Noldorin elves with shiny gold hair are most likely telepaths.

Smiths. Are. Insane. (ex. Fëanor, Eöl, Sauron, Maeglin )

Cìrdan is the only elf with a beard.

Bilbo has the best sense of humor ever

Elves can count reeaaaaally fast.

Having seven sons in a row is not necessarily good luck.

A white cat is even worse luck than a black one.

A shiny object about an inch in diameter caused the destruction of the kindom of Doriath.

Hùrin got jynxed. his "aurë entuluvas" only ended up with his family being cursed

Don't speak Quenya in King Thingol's presence.

If you ever meet Miriel Serindë, make sure you pronounce the 's' like a 'p'. If you don't , you will get a five hour lecture on the values of archaic consonant forms.

Dwarves hoard secret recipes

There are more parallels between Gandalf and The Doctor than you think.

Before you discuss confidential information, check to make sure no one is trimming grass under the windowsill.

The word "holiday" means something else to Bilbo.

Singing wildly while dancing on top of a table is not exactly a good idea.

If you see big green mounds with bits of stone sticking out of them like teeth...get as FAR AWAY from them as possible before nightfall.

Try not to separate from your friends, especially in heavy fog.

Knowing how to write songs makes you beloved amongst the elves.

Fëanor and his sons are possibly the cleverest (yet dumbest) elves in Arda.

Do not stare at the flickering lights in the dead marshes.... or else you will become like THEM.

Gender bias cost Sauron his most trusted servant. (a.k.a. the Witch-King of Angmar)

IF guys  in black hoods riding black horses start sniffing around your neighborhood... take that as a sign that it's time to move.

Even Fat dragons gan pack a punch.

It is a good skill to distinguish between numbers 30 and 31.

Everyone in Middle-Earth writes their 'a' s with three dots above it.

The orc sergeant in Mordor has a very limited insult vocabulary

Shiny glass balls can drive you crazy

Gollum has severe vitamin D deficiency

and 500 years in a cave didn't improve his grammar either

If you happen to see an elf, a dwarf, and a man in the Riddermark, try to take it as a maybe/ maybe not situation.

Never trust young men who simply cannot take constructive criticism.

Be very, very suspicious if 13 dwarves suddenly invite themselves to your house and seem to know exactly what is in your pantry.

There are several meanings hidden in "good morning!"

Be sure to compliment a forest whenever you enter it.

The more tragic your death, the more it will be sung about.

Elves sleep with their eyes open.

In The Silmarillion, Eru gave the Men "strange gifts". I am positive that facial hair is one of them.

Keep Fëanor away from flammable substances.

to Mandos, it's pretty obvious where Gil-Galad dwelleth now.
I saw the "71 things learned from dr. who" one, and I just had to do one for tolkien. Some of these even made me laugh. Hopefully they make sense, and hopefully you enjoy.

EDIT: Vote for your favorite one!!!!! i :heart: messages. The top ten will be put in bold!

Edit again: Okay okay, I've gotten about three comments now on the "Pronounce Serindė like Perindė" about how it should be pronounced "Therindė" because it was a thorn letter instead of a P, This deviation was submitted a long time ago and now I know from reading PoME. Please do not comment again on it.
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Hikaru Path

It didn't matter which twin you chose right? As long as one went to help with Tamaki...right?

You knew the difference between the twins, you knew they were individuals as much as you and Haruhi were as well as twins. You could tell them apart with ease, and never failed at the 'which one is Hikaru game'. Maybe that's why the three of you were so close... But anyway, even though you knew they were different, that didn't impact on your choice. Why would it, it's not like you had a preference for one of them... right...?
Shaking your head to get rid of the thoughts that were clouding your mind and causing you to blush ever so slightly, you picked an arm to loosen. Gently you withdrew your arm that was linked with Kaoru's ever so slightly.

The boys eyes flicked towards you at the movement, understanding your choice. He nodded at you, taking his arm back completely. He turned to face Haruhi and jogged off to go help her.

"Well well, it's just you and me huh?" Hikaru grinned at you and you gulped.


Just like Haruhi, you were a 'commoner' who lived in an average sized house. Your attendance at Ouran was due to incredible test scores, and you and only a limited number of other people in the same financial predicament as you gained access. So far however, only the twins had been to your house. Hence why Hikaru was easily leading the way, a couple of steps ahead of you.

"Wait up will you? It's not like we're going to my house or anything is it?" You sighed, seeing the boys excitement in his bouncy step. He was the same as the rest of the club were when you all went to Haruhi's house. For them it was a completely different world.

"Why don't you try and catch up to me?" He teased, walking backwards to look at your reaction.

"How about I don't do that." You sighed. Suddenly Hikaru stopped still and you almost walked into him.

"Wow, Hikaru, what are you doing?"

"What's up with you today grumpy guts?" He asked, folding his arms and staring at you.

"Ah! I-I'm not grumpy!" You gasped.

"Sure you're not. So, what's with the big frown?"

"I'm not frowning!" You covered your face up quickly, hiding from Hikaru's scrutinising stare. And then it dawned on you.

"Will you quit teasing me?" You demanded, and began to walk around the self appointed obstruction in your path. Looking left you saw a path that led to the back of some buildings. You'd never been down there before. Not much point really.
You carried on walking straight by.

"You make it so easy for me though!" Hikaru complained, poking your side and causing you to gasp quite loudly. People turned to look at you in shock as Hikaru laughed.

"Don't do that man!" You uttered in embarrassment as people tutted at you for making them worry unnecessarily.

"Come on, I'm only having some fun." Hikaru smiled at you and linked arms.

"For you maybe" you rolled your eyes but didn't move your arm. Hikaru sure loved teasing the hell out of you.



"Oh pleeeease let me come in? Just for a little while!"


"Don't scold me. I can behave." Hikaru was stood with you on your door step to your house, which you knew was empty due to parents being at work.

"I just don't see the fascination." You sighed, putting the key in the lock.

"Of course not, you live here after all." Hikaru grinned, excited to be let into your house again.

Pushing the door back, you entered your house closely followed by one excitable bouncing auburn haired boy.

"Kaoru would be so jealous if he knew I was here without him." Hikaru chuckled, throwing himself down on the sofa in your living room.

"I honestly don't get it with you guys. Anyway, tea? Or maybe coffee?" You decided to be a good host at least. After all, you were told you were part of the host club and should act hostly only this morning.

"Nah thank you."

Shocked, you turned to face Hikaru. He'd never turned down tea before.


"No, I don't feel like it right now." He smiled and patted the sofa beside him signalling you to sit next to him. You wondered over and sat, wondering if anything was wrong.

"Anything wrong Hikaru?"

Hikaru was glancing at the floor now, suddenly very interested in the rug at his feet.
He mumbled something under his breath, his cheeks becoming suddenly very pink.


Without warning Hikaru faced you and gripped your shoulders, pushing you back into the sofa.

"H-hey! What!?"

A pressure on your lips cut you off and you realised... That Hikaru was kissing you. His soft lips moved against yours, deep and slow, a quiet hum of appreciation or happiness sounded at the back of his throat as he kissed you. Slowly he withdrew only slightly, catching some breath. You didn't move from under him. He was smiling, his hazel eyes shining at you, cheeks still a dark rosy colour.

"H-Hikaru..." You breathed.

"I said that I...I like you." A brilliant red hue blossomed over his cheeks, darker still than before. He was stumbling over his words, struggling to get them out and still sound coherent. Those hazel eyes couldn't manage to keep your stare and adverted to the left.

Was Hikaru...shy?

"H-how easy it is for me, to with you. Never before have we l-let someone this close to our world. B-but you you're different... You fit so well in o-our world." The sentences were rushed as Hikaru spoke them, still adamantly refusing to meet your gaze. His fingers that were still wrapped around your shoulders were shaking ever so slightly. Nerves?

Suddenly he laughed, a short hard laugh at himself.

"I don't do well with these kinds of things. It took me a while admit to myself my... Uh, f-feelings. You just wouldn't leave my head, the stubborn girl you are." At this his eyes softened and finally lifted to look at you.

"Say something." He almost pleaded you.

You were so overwhelmed and shocked by this sudden confession, that you just stared at him back, wonder and bemusement etched on your features. You were suddenly very aware of how close he was, leaning over you, holding your shoulders in a tight grip. Your own hands had shot up to hold his shoulder up when he'd moved so suddenly, like an automatic reaction, and now you were aware of the very firm muscles of his arms.

You gulped, thankful he couldn't read minds.

"[name], why aren't you talking?" Hikaru's eyebrows puckered slightly in a faint frown, anxious and nervous for your reaction he wasn't receiving verbally.

"I...I'm just surprised... This is so sudden." You told him the truth. Sudden, but if you were honest, not unwanted.

Suddenly Hikaru sat up, pulling away from you and leaving you laid out on the sofa in wonder.

"I see."

There was a change you noted in Hikaru's voice. It wasn't as low and silky as it had been just then... He sounded... hurt.

"Hikaru...?" You asked, also sitting up, debating whether to put a hand on his shoulder or not in a consoling gesture. But before you could make up your mind, Hikaru rose.

"I should probably be going." He said, not looking at you but straight ahead. This was odd, not the Hikaru you knew. He seemed more distant now, almost a different person.

"Hikaru! Wait!" You gasped as he began to head to the door. He stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around.

"I have to leave. You can call one of your other friends if you want." His fist tightened, but you couldn't see the sad expression on his face with his back to you.

"But Hikaru!"

It was no use. Two strides and he'd reached the door, opening it and leaving without another word.

And just like that, he was gone.
I hope you liked this first part! ^^ Go ahead and don't be afraid to tell me what you thought. Also, I suspect maybe some people will read both Hikaru's and Kaoru's paths... if so can you tell the differences in nature? I hope I write them well, they may be twins but they both handle things differently!

Any way, hope you enjoyed! ^^ Let me know if you would like the next chapter! ^^
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"What are you doing here?" you questioned.

The boys' eyes widened at your hostile tone; your voice had come out as a low growl due to your throat being dry from lack of water. The short, black haired man seemed unfazed by your hostility and continued to stare at you with cold eyes.

"We seek shelter," the black haired man replied in a monotone voice. His grey eyes continued to bore into yours as he slightly nodded his head in the direction where Jean sat. "We have an injured soldier who needs medical aid."

You ceased the staring contest with the short man after a moment of silence, by throwing your dagger into the ground by your bare feet. You let out a grunt and curtly nodded your head at the men.

"(First Name)," you said simply.

The black haired man remained silent for a moment, before replying in a bored tone, "Levi."

"I'm Eren Jaeger," the brunette said.

"Jean Kirschtein," the injured one said, smirking at you.

"A-Armin Arlert," the blonde one stuttered.

You walked towards your house and motioned for the men to follow you as you passed them. "Put him on the bed," you said as the men cautiously entered your home.

Eren brought Jean over to your unmade bed and Armin assisted in lifting his injured leg onto the mattress. You walked over to the kitchen without a second glance at the soldiers and grabbed a wooden bucket from beneath the counter.

"There's a river not too far from here on the right. Go fill this up with water," you said to no one in particular, and placed the bucket onto the table.

You could feel uncertain eyes boring into your back as you opened up your kitchen cupboards and rummaged through various unlabelled bottles and vials. You heard Levi order Eren to follow your instructions as you quietly picked out a bottle and brought it over to the kitchen table.

"Shirt. Off," you said, gesturing to the blood-soaked shirt covering Jean's chest.

Levi quickly silenced Jean's protests and removed the dirtied garment while Armin approached you with the strips of cloth he had found earlier. You snatched them from his hands and brought over another bucket that was already half filled with water, along with another piece of cloth. You soaked the cloth with the water and brought it to the wound on Jean's torso. A gash stretched over from the side of his left hip to above his navel and was temporarily closed by a layer of dried blood.

After rinsing his wound with the cloth, you grabbed a small vial of clear liquid from the table, uncorked it, and dripped some of the substance onto the wet cloth.

"What's that?" Armin asked, blue eyes furrowed in curiousity.

"Wild onion extract," you replied.

"Aaaand what's it for?" Jean asked with uncertainty lacing his voice. He attempted to shift away from you as you approached him with the cloth, but his open wound hindered him from moving very far.

"Anti-septic," you said and proceeded to dab the cloth onto his injury. He hissed in pain at the stinging the substance caused, and jerked away from you. "Stop. Your. Moving," you commanded with a harsh voice and firmly pressed down onto his shoulder with your free hand.

Jean had many injuries. Besides the gash on his torso, his left arm was covered in bruises and a two-inch long cut on his forearm. His torso and right arm had a few scratches, and his right cheek had another small cut as well. The worst part of his injuries, however, was the discolouration forming on his lower left leg.

After patching the remainder of his wounds, you gently prodded the tender area on his leg. Jean groaned in pain at your actions and you quickly mumbled an apology.

"You have a fracture in your leg," you stated, removing your hands and standing up. You turned to face the blonde boy and he flinched at the sudden attention. "There's some matches and dried leaves in a box over there by the fireplace. I need you to get a fire going," you said, eyes staring intently at him. "Please," you hesitatingly added in a softer tone after noticing Armin's uncomfortable fidgeting.

The blonde visibly relaxed at your change in tone and nodded his head. "Y-yes, Ma'am", he replied, blue eyes full of determination as he set about igniting the fireplace.

Without saying anything, you abruptly grabbed an axe hanging on a wall and exited your small home, leaving two startled boys and one suspicious man behind.

The sun was already beginning to set and the air was starting to cool down. You sighed in annoyance at the receding sun; you still had much to do before dark. You rushed over to a tree at the edge of the clearing, placed the handle of the axe between your lips, and proceeded to climb as fast as you could. You studied a particular branch before taking the axe into your hands and bringing it down upon the limb with as much power as you could muster.

"What are you doing?" came a voice from below.

You halted your actions and peered down at the short black haired man standing in front of the tree. "The Jean person needs a splint for his leg," you said slowly. To say you were rusty at communicating with others was an understatement.

Levi looked at you oddly for a split second, before his expression returned to stoic. He may have appeared to be bored, but you could feel his eyes watching your every movement like a hawk.

"You distrust me," you observed. He didn't respond. Turning back to your task, you lifted the axe and said over your shoulder, "If you're going to stand there and stare at me, then make yourself useful and collect the branches that I'll drop down." You heard him make a "tch" sound before you continued to hack away at the tree branch.

You dropped three branches down onto the ground from where you were perched in the tree. Levi picked up the fallen branches without a word and returned to the house before you could even jump down.

The house was brightly lit by the fireplace when you entered. You nodded at the blonde boy and attempted to show a smile of appreciation, but it turned out as an awkward grimace. He looked at you warily and nervously twiddled his thumbs.

"You," you pointed Eren who had returned with a bucket of water.

Eren frowned slightly at your outstretched arm. "What?" he asked.

"Pour the water into that pot," you pointed towards a large, black pot resting on the stone slab beside the fire, "and hang it over the fire. Then, go back to the river and refill the empty bucket."

"Why don-"

"Do as she says, Brat," Levi interrupted Eren.

You turned your attention to Armin as Eren reluctantly exited your home with the emptied bucket.

"I need you to chop the carrots on the counter," you said. Armin nodded his head and walked over to the kitchen counter.

You switched your attention to Jean and handed him a bundled piece of cloth.

"What's that for?" he asked, eyeing you and the item suspiciously.

"Put it between your lips," you ordered, then sighed and rolled your eyes at his continued stare. "It's for biting into," you elaborated, then quickly shoved it in his mouth before he could react.

You moved your hands to his fractured leg and swiftly pulled his bone back into place. Jean's eyes widened at the sudden action and he screamed and bit down onto the cloth in his mouth. Armin halted his work at the counter and looked on at the scene with worry etched onto his face, while Levi remained silent and observed you and your patient with emotionless eyes.

With your guidance, Levi had helped you tie the two forked branches around Jean's fractured leg. You connected the splint with a smaller branch below his foot and wrapped a piece of cloth around his ankle. You then placed a stick against the ankle wrap and twisted it until his leg was straight, and then fastened it to the splint.

By the time you had finished tending to Jean's wounds, the pot of water hanging over the fire had begun to boil. You carefully dunked a teapot into the pot and filled it up with some of the boiling water, then dropped a tea strainer full of crushed mint leaves inside of it. You placed the teapot onto the counter and waited for it to steep while you cleaned up the mess you had made when tending to Jean.

"Um...I've finished cutting all the carrots..." Armin quietly told you.

"Good. There's a sack of potatoes under the kitchen counter. Peal five of them," you ordered, then added after a moments pause, "please."

"O-of course!" Armin said.

You poured the tea into a clay cup and slowly brought it over to Jean.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Mint tea. It'll help you relax," you explained.

You walked towards the front door with a basket in hand, and abruptly stopped just as you were about to exit your small home. You turned around and faced the black haired man who stood by the table, looking out of place. "Oi, short man," you called out.

Jean and Armin grew tense at your words and looked at you with wide eyes. The air quickly grew heavy, but you remained oblivious to the change in atmosphere as you patiently waited for the man to reply.

"What did you just call me, Brat?" Levi said. Armin and Jean visibly flinched at his dark tone.

You completely ignored his death glare and gestured towards Jean. You opened your mouth to speak, but paused, then slowly said, "You must watch over the...Jean...person...while I gather some vegetables from the garden. Let me know if anything goes wrong." You quickly left the house, not even waiting for Levi's response.

Jean stared at your retreating figure with confusion. "...What did she just call me?"


You returned shortly after picking some food from your garden, with Eren not too far behind you. He placed the bucket of water on the counter and you joined Armin in chopping vegetables. You added the chopped vegetables into the boiling water and sprinkled in some spices. While the vegetables were cooking, you went back outside and skinned and gutted the fox you had killed. You used the light streaming through the windows as your guide, as the sun had already gone down.

"Blonde boy," you called from where you leaned against the door frame.

Armin turned around to face you and visibly cringed at your bloodied hands. "Uh...yes?" he asked.

"I can't touch anything at the moment. There's some left over deer wrapped in a cloth in that cupboard over there. Cut it into cubes and put it into the pot...please."

"A-alright," he said.

You nodded at him and then went back outside to finish cutting the fox meat.

You returned with a bucket full meat and proceeded to wash your hands and the meat in the sink. The tap didn't work, but the drain did, so you always made sure to have the drain plugged and the sink full with fresh water. You flushed out the water after washing everything and replaced it with the bucket of water Eren had brought in. You then placed the strips of fox meat into the water and sprinkled it with salt.

"What're you doing?" came a voice from behind you.

You glanced over your shoulder and saw a pair of bright green eyes staring at you. "Preparing the meat for tomorrow," you said. "I don't normally hunt fox, as I can get bigger pelts from other animals, and their meat isn't very good unless prepared properly." You looked down at the fox meat and frowned. "But this fox tried to eat any meat I left outside to dry and was stealing from my garden. So I killed it. But I don't want it to go to waste after all the effort," you explained.

You almost regretted your decision to hunt the red animal. The little amount of salt you had was already in the house when you had stumbled upon it four years ago, and was quickly diminishing. You also didn't have any vinegar, and the climate wasn't warm enough to grow limes or lemons, so you had to substitute any cooking that required acetic acid with tomato juice, which wasn't very effective.

After preparing the meat for tomorrow, you poured the hot stew into five bowls and served them to the soldiers.

With the addition of four people inside your tiny home, the living space was certainly crowded. You were no where near prepared for guests, as evidenced by the hunting equipment and laundry cluttering all but one of the four dining chairs. Levi claimed the only empty chair near the fire, Jean was slightly propped up on your bed, and Armin and Eren sat beside each other between the bed and the fireplace. You situated yourself on the floor against the cabinet on the opposite wall from everyone.

The men sat in silence and stared at you. You sighed in annoyance when you noticed that none of them had taken a bite of their food. "It's not poisoned," you said. As if to show a point, you scooped a large portion of the stew onto your spoon and shoved it in your mouth.

Your guests started to slowly eat the stew. You figured if they weren't distrustful of you and the food wasn't so hot, they would probably be wolfing their food down. You were also incredibly hungry and exhausted from a long day and skipping lunch, but the stew had already burnt your tongue when you foolishly took a big bite, so you had no choice but to pace yourself as well.

Jean's face contorted into a look of concentration as he ate. "It's a bit bland," he commented.

You stared blankly at him. "I know how to survive, not pull chocolate cake out of my ass," you deadpanned.

Eren snorted at your comment, Jean choked a bit on his food, and Armin stared at you with wide eyes. You smirked at their reactions.

"Just be glad you're eating a meal and not starving, Kirschtein," Levi said.

"Uh, yes, Sir."

"," Armin slowly began, "what are you doing here outside of the walls?"

All eyes shifted towards you. You took your time with chewing the bite in your mouth and slowly swallowed. The suspense had them hooked, you could tell, as their eyes remained glued to you. Finally, you opened your mouth and simply said, "Surviving."

"Well, yeah. But how did you get here without getting eaten? And why are you here?" Jean asked.

"I dunno," you shrugged. It was true. You really didn't know. After four years of living in this fictional world, you still hadn't recalled anything of importance from your life before.

"How long have you been here?" inquired Armin.

"About four years."

" old are you?" Jean asked, eyeing you up and down with a smirk on his face.

You frowned at him. "17 or 18. Maybe 19. Or 16. Not 100% percent sure. But must likely 18," you replied. While you did know your date of birth, you weren't sure of your exact age when you had arrived four years ago, so all you could do was guess.

The boys stared at you in silence, mouths agape in shock at your confusing answer.

Eren quickly changed the subject. "We didn't encounter any titans the entire time we were walking in this forest. And I didn't see any while fetching water," he said.

"Yup," you said. Eren looked at you oddly. Oh, he must want an explanation or something, you realized. "The forest is very dense. Plants and trees are all very close together. The titans are too large to fit through," you explained.

"That was obvious from the start. How could you not pick up on that, idiot?" Levi asked Eren.

Eren flinched. "I-I was preoccupied with carrying Kirschtein, Sir," he defended.

"Tch. You're as dense as this forest."

Noticing everyone had finished their meal, you abruptly stood up, effectively ending your guests' conversation, and placed your empty bowl on the counter. You grabbed the bottle of onion extract and a few pieces of cloth and spun around to face the men.

"I need to treat your wounds," you said, pointing to Levi and Armin.

"They're just scratches," Levi said.

You shook your head at him. "Doesn't matter. When out in the wilderness, you are much more prone to infection. Any wound, no matter how small, has the potential to turn into something much more severe if left untreated."

Your words halted any further protesting, and you soon had cleaned and patched up all of Levi and Armin's wounds. Eren didn't have any, of course, as you recalled him having some sort of self-healing ability, which you didn't dare let them know you were aware of.

Shortly after you had put away the medical supplies, you pulled out all the pillows and blankets you had in the cabinet and handed them out to your guests. Eren, Armin, and Levi took the items and set up their beds on the floor while you unstrapped all of your weapons and pouches and carefully placed them on the cluttered table.

"Where's your blanket?" Armin asked you as you laid down on the hard wood floor across from them.

"I don't need one," you mumbled.

"But you don't even have a pillow and you' in warm clothing. You'll get cold," Armin persisted.

"I'll be fine," you said, resting your head on your arm.


"I said I'll be fine!" you snapped.

Armin looked taken aback by your harsh tone and quickly stuttered out an apology. The room had become silent as everyone settled into their makeshift beds, with the exception of Jean, who took up your bed. Exhaustion finally caught up to you and just as you were about to fall asleep, a quiet voice filled the room.

"Thank you for your hospitality, (Name)," Armin said.

A collective mumble of sleepy "thank yous" followed after from the other men in the room. Your eyes shut closed and just before sleep completely enveloped you, your lips formed into a smile.
Wow, this one took a long time to write. I kept cutting out and rewriting parts.

So, Reader has sort of indirectly appointed Armin as her sous chef, I guess. :P

Here you get to see that Reader's survival knowledge doesn't just cover hunting. And that she's a bit...blunt Why so skeptical? 

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 5

Hajime Isayama owns Attack on Titan

I own this plot and any original characters

You own yourself
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The morning sky seemed dim in the land of Rohan. No purples, oranges, or pinks could be found behind the clouds. They had been replaced by an odd blue color that had the slightest tint of grey to it. While it wasn’t hideous, it certainly did nothing to brighten the already dying land.
You had come to Rohan because orcs invaded your small village, burning everything they touched. The smell of ash and blood still lingered in the air, though nobody else seemed to notice. Perhaps the memory remained with you because you experienced the tragic slaughter. You not only experienced it, but you were forced to watch it. The sound of skin being torn apart still found its way into your ears, tormenting your already troubled mind.


The sound of deafening screams drifted into your small home. Blood and burning flesh polluted the air, causing you to gag. The village was under attack, no doubt because of the orcs. Something had been giving them courage. Why else would they attack a village in the lands of Rohan?
“(Name),” your father started breathlessly as he entered your home. He had black blood splattered across his face as well as his own blood spilling from his lip. “I want you to hide until it is safe. When the orcs are gone, we will ride to Rohan to tell the King of this invasion.” Your father placed a dagger in your hands. “I will return,” he whispered before kissing the top of your head as if you were still a child.
“What about mother?” You asked quietly.
His face grew dark. “An orc has captured her. There will be time to explain later. Now hide!” Your father quickly shoved you into the small room where the herbs were stored. There were thin cracks in the door which allowed you to see into the main room of your home.
Just as your father picked up his sword, an orc appeared behind him. Without warning, his throat had been slit. You covered your mouth in order to contain the sobs that threatened to escape your throat. After a few moments, another orc entered the room. He dragged a woman behind him, hands tangled roughly in her hair.
“What should we do with this one?” He asked, showing his rotting teeth.
“Kill her,” the other orc commanded. “Only children are to be taken alive. He says a child carries the ring and that we must bring it alive.”
The orc holding your mother threw her roughly on the ground, placing his foot on her back and slamming his sword into her flesh. Yet again you were forced to look away, fearing that you were next. The sucking sound of the orc’s sword pulling out of your mother’s back made you turn your attention back to the pair though. They glanced around the room for a few moments, and then simply left.
You waited a few minutes before you sprinted into the main room, kneeling down beside your parent’s bodies. Your mother’s hair had been stained with her own blood that pooled around her body, and your father’s eyes remained wide open in shock. He didn’t see it coming because he was too busy worrying about you.
“I will not let your deaths be in vain,” you whispered as you placed the dagger into your boot. After checking to see if the way was clear, you mounted your ebony black horse and rode in the direction of the kingdom of Rohan.


Your memory began to fade as you slowly returned to the present. Only two weeks had passed since that tragic day, and you continued to dream of the attack. It wasn’t something that could be easily forgotten. Not even sweet Eowyn could ease your pain.
“Why are you sitting alone?” Out of the corner of your eye you noticed Eowyn sit on the stone stairway beside you.
“My memories will surely destroy me. I feel as though I am to blame. Should I have done something to help them?” Your question came out a little above a whisper.
Eowyn gently placed a hand on your shoulder. “You were brave, (Name). There is nothing to be ashamed of. You did as your father instructed.”
“Then why do I feel as though the mere memory of him is haunting me?”
“We cannot pretend to understand death, but I do know one thing. You must be strong.” Eowyn knew this all too well. The previous day had been quite traumatic for her as well. Death had claimed Theodred, and not long after, a group of four strangers –an elf, a dwarf, a man, and a wizard- had appeared. The wizard somehow managed to rid Theoden of the evil presence that had been controlling him as well as the manipulative advisor.
“Thank you,” you whispered, pulling Eowyn out of her thoughts. “I think I will visit my horse for a while. She is not accustom to being away from me for so long.” Your horse eased your pain, if only for a little while. She made the world seem less evil with every whinny she let out. It gave you tranquility.
You sighed in content as you leaned your head against your horse’s mane. She gave a small huff of approval as you stroked your fingers through her hair. “Sometimes I feel as though you are all I have left. You’re the only real thing in my life.” You closed your eyes, nuzzling your face against the horse. “I fear losing the one thing I have left. Shall you leave me as well?” The sound of footsteps suddenly caught your attention. You whipped your head around to see a man with dark hair and light eyes. The man who traveled with the wizard.
“Forgive me,” the man spoke softly, as if he would frighten you if he spoke too loudly. “I am Aragorn, and I suspect you are (Name)?”
“How did you know?”
“Lord Theoden has spoken of the attack on your village. I am very sorry for your loss.” Aragorn stepped forward, making you move closer to your horse. “Lady Eowyn speaks as if you have lost hope in yourself as well as the world.”
You turned your head away from the man, hiding the pain in your eyes. “Hope is forsaken in these lands. I will not pretend the world is in order. Orcs are invading villages searching for the ring of power. If they find it, then we are lost.” The sound of footsteps appeared once again and stopped when you felt a presence close behind you.
Aragorn placed his hand on your cheek as he turned your face to meet with his own. “Then we must not let them find it,” he said with a small smirk. His hypnotizing eyes stared into yours, searching for any sign of doubt. “Do you have no faith in the world?”
“I have no faith in myself,” you whispered, staring at the ground.
“And what would make you have faith in yourself once more?”
Aragorn’s words surprised you. He had only just met you, and yet he displayed a kindness you had never known. He left you at a loss for words. You were only able to stare into his eyes, which seemed so full of life and hope. A few minutes passed before you finally managed to find the words to say. “What makes you have faith in yourself? What makes you hopeful?”
Aragorn leaned his head to the side in confusion. If anybody else had asked him, then he would have known what to say. This girl, or rather woman, was different. She had a way of turning Aragon’s words or questions around to him once again.
“I suppose I believe the future will be better,” Aragorn answered. “As for why I think that way…” The man’s voice trailed off as he thought of a sufficient answer. “I’m not exactly sure. Maybe we can figure that out together.”
Before you could respond, the elf who traveled with the man appeared in the doorway. “Aragorn, the King wishes to—.” He became silent when he noticed his friend speaking with a rather depressed looking woman.
“I must go now,” Aragorn explained. He took your hand gently in his, placing a soft kiss on it before bowing lowly. “Until next time, Lady (Name).”
So I noticed that there weren't very many Aragorn x Reader stories. I decided to write one of my own just to see how it works out. If someone ends up wanting a part 2 then I might make this into a series but I don't know yet. :3 Hope you enjoy! Oh and I got the picture off Google Images so I don't own that!

Part 2:…
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You had lived in Mirkwood many nights, but its beauty still amazed you. The sun was barely visible behind the trees and mountains as you stood on the soil, admiring the scenery. The sound of a river in the distance slowly flooded your ears. Everything was beautiful. It had a certain calming effect on you.
“___?” A voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “Would you care to join me on a walk through the forest?” Legolas, a dear friend of yours, appeared beside you. He smiled at the entranced gleam in your eyes. He knew you loved being close to nature.
“Of course,” you replied, placing your hand upon his.
Legolas was painfully aware of how you felt for him. He knew that his father would never approve of an elvish girl who wasn’t royalty. It saddened him to know he could never be with you. He could never have the pleasure of calling you his, no matter how much he wanted to. One day, he would have to leave you, but until that day he would spend all of his time with you. He was still holding onto the hope that perhaps his father would finally approve of you.
“Something is troubling you,” you stated. You had known Legolas so long that you began to understand his emotions by simply seeing his facial expressions. His eyes were narrowed, brows furrowed in thought.
Legolas quickly relaxed his expression, lifting your hand to place a gentle kiss against it. “Do not trouble yourself with caring for me.”
“I care for you because I wish to do so. Are you thinking of your father again?”
“Yes,” Legolas admitted. “I am sorry. I should not be thinking of such things when I am with you. I do not wish to waste the time we have been given.”
“You talk as if we are mortal.” You knew what Legolas meant. The two of you would eventually grow apart. He would find a noble she-elf, and soon you would be nothing more than a memory.
Legolas pressed his lips against your hand again, mumbling, “Sometimes I feel as if we are mortal. My mind plagues me with cruel thoughts of losing you.” A moment of silence passed before he turned his head to the side, hearing a strange noise. “Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?”

Lay down your sweet and weary head.
Night is falling.
You’ve come to journey’s end.
Sleep now and dream of the ones who came before.
They are calling from across the distant shore.

It happened so fast. One moment you were walking through the forest with the Prince of Mirkwood, and the next you were lying on the grass. Orcs had ambushed the two of you. Their target was Legolas, but to their dismay they hit someone else instead.  
The feeling of warmth slowly escaped your body as a cold shadow drifted near. You heard Legolas fighting the orcs until they retreated, followed by his angelic voice speaking to you in elvish. He wrapped his hand around the arrow protruding from your chest. He glanced at the troubled look on your face. He knew you were in pain, but what could he do? If he pulled the arrow out, then you would bleed to death. He decided it would be best to leave the arrow in your chest. He wasn’t sure what organ the arrow hit, but he didn’t want to take any chances.
“Shh,” Legolas comforted you as he smoothed your hair back. “You’re going to be okay.” He lifted you in his arms and began running as your eyes began closing.

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see,
All of your fears will pass away.
Safe in my arms.
You’re only sleeping.

Legolas entered the halls of his father, begging for someone to help him. The girl in his arms had fallen unconscious. No matter how hard he tried, she would not wake. Her skin started to lose its glow as her breaths became shallow. “Please help!” Legolas laid her on the ground as a pair of healers ran to them. “Will she be okay?” He asked after the healers examined her.
“We need to work on her immediately,” the woman said to her fellow healer, ignoring the Prince. “We need to take her somewhere warm.”
“Take her to my quarters,” Legolas demanded. He picked up the girl, carrying her to his room as the healers followed his lead. The elf tenderly laid the girl on her back, sliding his hand across her face.
“You must leave now, Prince Legolas,” one of the healers said. “We will take care of her.”
Legolas began to protest but the other healer interrupted him. “You will only get in the way. Please, wait outside.”

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea,
A pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.
And all will turn to silver glass,
A light on the water.
All souls pass.

Legolas paced the hallways with his hands folded behind his back. His mind would not calm. It began to play tricks on him, whispering the harsh truth he could not believe. You were strong. You would survive. A life without you would be so dull, monotonous. What was left without you? Legolas pushed away the thoughts of hopelessness. He could not abandon his faith in you yet.
The sudden sound of a door opening made Legolas stop pacing immediately. “Well? Is she stable?”
The healers stared at each other before averting their gaze to the ground. “We tried our best,” one healer stated. She cleared her throat a bit before adding, “The arrow punctured her lung. She had no hope of surviving. I am sorry.”
Legolas shook his head in disbelief, shoving the elves out of the way and running into his room. The girl he had come to love lay on his bed, blood soaking her clothes and the sheets beneath her. “No,” Legolas whispered as he dropped to his knees. He laid his head on the girl’s chest and tried so hard to find a heartbeat. “You cannot forsake me. We are immortal, remember?” Tears filled his eyes as your blood stained his skin. “I would have abandoned my throne for you. I would have traveled to the end of the earth to be able to call you mine.” His voice came out in scratchy sobs. “What am I to do with the time I have left?”

Hope fades into the world of night,
Through shadows falling
Out of memory and time.
Don’t say,
“We have come now to the end.”
White shores are calling.
You and I will meet again.
And you’ll be here in my arms,
Just sleeping.

Your death pushed Legolas into a silent rage. He loathed orcs more than anyone else. He loathed them so much that he killed them for sport. It became a game to him. Each orc he killed would, in his mind, avenge your death; however, no orc could ease the pain of your loss. Your memory would remain forever.

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea,
A pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.
And all will turn to silver glass,
A light on the water.
Grey ships pass
Into the west.
I created the image using picmonkey. The song used is Into The West by Annie Lennox.
I know it's sad, but it fits the song! Please don't hurt me. APH England: /shot   slap 
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Legolas x reader drabble 02
Natural Love

Read description below before reading the story please! you will understand it a bit more~

A butterfly settled itself on your nose, and you sneezed. It flew off, frightened by your sneeze, and you giggled like a child. Your dream was pleasant, a flowering meadow with animals all around, and no men to hurt you. You sat up quickly and looked around. There was one thing missing though.
Something damp touched your nose and you sneezed again. You slowly opened your eyes. A warm, wet towel patted your face and you closed your eyes quickly, as not to get water in them. The towel was removed and in it's place a smiling face.

"Legolas!" you cried, and jumped into his strong arms.

He embraced you warmly, letting out a sigh and clutching you to him.

"don't ever do that again. It nearly killed me to see you close to being......" Legolas trailed off, never finishing what he was going to say.

"I ...I'm sorry, Legolas." you hugged Legolas tightly and brought his face down to quickly kiss his cheek.

Legolas's eyes opened wide as your lips touched his cheek, and he smiled sweetly, pecking you on the cheek in return. You giggled and hugged him again, and then released him to twirl over to the open window on the other side of them room. Legolas siddled over to where you stood on the balconey in your nightdress, swaying in the light breeze, tousling your hair. He puts a gentle arm around your waist, pulling you to him, and covers you in his warm cloak. You snuggle closer to your brother, and her looked at you tenderly. He petted your head, and put his head a top yours, savouring the willow and chestnut smell lingering in your hair.
He had all the time in the world to protect you. That was what he was born for.
The continuation of my previous one. It makes more sense if you read the first...
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You had known Legolas for a long time, since you too were elf lings. He was your best friend, you grew up together. From elf lings to grown elves you started to have feelings for your best friend. But you never told him, thinking it would ruin the friendship you two made. For years you didn’t tell him. It was killing you inside whenever another female elf went on to him, you wished he would be yours. One night you couldn’t handle it anymore. You pulled him aside after a feast one night, into one of the walk ways in Mirkwood.

“(Name) what’s wrong?” he asked a bit surprised.

“I need to tell you something Mellon” you said nervousness in your voice.

“What is it?” he asked his blue eyes looking at you with worry in them.

“I…..I…” you couldn’t get the words out. You took in a big breath “we have been friends for as long as I can remember, but for a long while I have had other feelings” you explained “Legolas ……I love you” you said and quickly looked down. He didn't know what to think of it, but all he could do was pull you into an embrace. You quickly put your arms around him. You had wanted this for so long. He took your chin and made you look up at him. He smiled sweetly, then took your lips on a soft kiss. You blushed, but kissed back. When he broke the kiss all he could do as smile

“I love you too” he smiled and kissed your forehead.

“Really? I should have told you before but I was so scared” you said

“It’s alright” he said and hugged you tightly “(name)?”

“Will you pledge to me?” he asked. Your blush depended. You nodded and said yes. He held your face with his hands and kissed you tenderly.

You got what you wanted  



~Time skip~

A year passed and it was the night before your wedding. But there was one problem you were scared that you will be an awful wife to him. You started getting nervous, ‘what if I mess up’, and ‘what if he starts hating me ‘ all those thoughts going through your mind.

“My lady are you alright?” A female elf asked you

“Yes I am fine, just getting cold feet I guess” you said, shakiness in your voice. “I can’t do this, I should cancel the wedding”

“You are talking nonsense (name), let me go get the prince” she said and left your room to go get legolas. You sank on your bed not hearing what the female elf said you started to weep.

            Legolas walked into your room finding you on the bed weeping. His eyes softened at the sight of you.

“What is wrong (name)?” he asked and knelt down in front of you. His voice was low and sweet.

“I can’t do this legolas” you wept “what if I’m a terrible wife?” you frowned. Legolas was taken aback by the statement. But his eyes soften again and he pulled you into a hug.

“You will be a wonderful wife, don’t ever think that” he said. Your arms warped around him. “I love you more than anything (name), all I need is you” he said and kissed the top of your head.

“I love you too” you smiled “I don’t know why I thought I wouldn't be good to you

“Just wedding night nerves” he chuckled. You smiled this was going to be the best day of your life.


You two were married the next day and will love each other forever





My first character X reader ever woah 

Legoals was always my favorite character from lord of the rings and when i saw he was in The Hobbit i almost died

i do not own Legolas 

Legolas (c) Tolkein 
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   'Life truly could be a cruel thing. It led people on, leaving them to live as if in a play and when one actor fell, their mask would be passed onto the next waiting in line. And soon the fall of them would be forgotten, what was would slowly fade away into the wind, floating away into the heavens with all those before them. But like always, there would always be that one person who would always remember, who would never forget, no matter who came along next.
Nothing could cure a shattered heart from loss, an unhinged mind from the view of death, because deep down, the stench and the mark would always remain. Push it away as you may, into the farthest regions of your vast mind, but just remember, the harder you try to forget with keeping it in, the more you remember it.'

But of course, that was not the case with this situation. "Do not worry, Mellon-nin, it will heal in time.." A soft voice spoke with the wind as a hand rested on your shoulder, gently patting it, comforting you in a most appropriate way. A frown etched his way onto his perfect lips, sympathy with every word he spoke as he looked down at you with sadness in his eyes. He might not have quiet understand what the object was, but if it had meant this much to you, it was obviously very important.

Turning your head in the most dramatic way direction of your best friend, prince and shiny haired friend. You could see his face cringe when you tear drowned orbs melted with his blue ones. Kneeling down, your hair fell down, framing your face and the rays of the sun sparkling off the water, only caused his heart to twist more, for it added onto the sorrow being displayed. Clutching the fabric of your dress, your head turned back towards the water and your eyes squinted, seeing the faint glow down in. "No, Legolas.. It will never heal.." You bit your lip, harshly, trying to hold back more of your tears from escaping. "I loved, Phill.. he held everything dear to me.."
Silence. "All of my pictures, Leggy. My contacts, my games- TEMPLE RUN!" And with that said, your threw your arms up into the air, letting out a loud moan, letting your body limp to the side as you mourned shamelessly, loudly for the loss of your phone. "WE WENT THROUGH EVERYTHING TOGETHER!"

The blonde prince cringed as you let out another round of overly loud cries. Sighing, he looked down at the ground and crossed his arms. Great. Now how was he to deal with this? Your 'phone' could not be replaced while you were here, but he hated seeing you like this. So pitiful, so sad, crying.. There just had to be something to get your poor mind off of this. So he thought, hard. He even stood in his thinking pose as he did so until he came up with the almost-perfect-plan. Smiling a charming smile, he walked over to you and crouched down. "I have a glorious idea to cheer you up.."

Glancing up at him from the corner of your eye, you blinked and sniffled before reply. "Leaving me to die a most painful death?"

"How about we take a leisurely travel to Rivendell, and once we arrive you may ask Lord Elrond all the question you wish and 'play' with  Elladan and Elrohir as much as you desire."

Okay, so that later he absolutely despised the idea of, but he had a feeling you would like the idea of it and that you did. Your immediately sat up, jerking your head to look at him with a serious stare. "Do I get ice cream?"

"Until you throw up- or get tired of it, whichever comes first."

The smile that crossed your face caused his heart to melt, but the actions that came next from you, caused him to choke on it for it rose into his throat. You leaped up, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. "Thanks, Legolas! I love you!" Letting go of him, you picked up the end of your dress and took off towards your quarters to pack. Frozen in his spot, his eyes widened with shock, he slowly brought his hand up to touch the spot you had just kissed and the words continued to reply in his mind. At this moment, he couldn't care less about the explaining he would have to do later.

  'But perhaps, if we come across the right companion, the cuts and bruises within our soul may heal, even if the scars linger. Though, if they truly are the perfect ones, they shall love us and cherish us always, no matter the different, mix-matched patches sewn onto our hearts. They will always find a way to bring light into our darkness..'

Well.. this started out to be something serious..
Then I was like, "WHAT IF.."
Well, this was a request from :iconusername353:
Maybe it's not exactly what you wanted, but here it is.. I hope he didn't come out too OOC. xDD
And yes, it's your phone, you dropped it into the lake.. HOW SAD.


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"My beloved."

Groaning, you swatted pathetically at the air and snuggled deeper into the bed. Your husband chuckled and  looked down at you fondly. Tucking a stray hair back behind your ear, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead, then you your cheek, nose, jaw line, and then he lapped at your neck with his tongue.

"Legolas." You groaned, pushing him away and turning onto your stomach. "My dear?" He replied, smirk evident in his voice. "What do you want from me?" You asked, the sound coming out muffled considering your face was mashed into the pillow. "I want you to wake up so I can give you something."

"Is it food?"


"Then go away."

Legolas laughed again and you couldn't help but smile at the angelic sound. "Please?" He asked softly and you pushed yourself up onto your elbows. "Okay, okay." You sighed.

Maneuvering so you were sitting up, you looked pointedly to the tube shape box in your husband's hands. "And what is this?"

"As humans say, happy mother's day."

"I'm not a mother yet."


You opened the box carefully, Legolas watching you excitedly. "Wow." You whispered, reaching into the box to pick up the arrow placed inside. "Is this the arrow that I almost killed you with?" You asked, holding back a laugh. Legolas grinned and nodded.


"(Name), are you sure you want to do this?" Legolas asked nervously. "Yes, I can do this." You replied, reaching back into your quiver. "Okay, but why can't we set up a target for you?" He suggested. "We already have." You replied, nothing an arrow in your bow string and taking aim. "An apple on the top of my head if a very small target." The elf informed, eye wide. "Legolas, shut up. I got this."

And with that, you let the arrow fly.

Legolas cried out in pain and dropped to the forest floor. "Oh my Valar!" You yelled and dove to your knees next to him. "Valar, It's in your shoulder!" You shrieked. "Pull it out!" The elf yelled. "No!" You screamed. "(Name), just pull it out!"

"No! I'm not just gonna pull it out!"



You hissed and grabbed the shaft of the arrow. "Okay, Legolas, just breathe, I'm gonna pull it out now." You whispered. "Don't tell me! Just do it!" He shouted. "Stop yelling at me!"

"Stop!? You shot me!"

You quickly pulled the arrow out and tossed it behind you, hearing it land in the small pond. Legolas groaned and clutched his arm. "Come on, Aragorn will fix you up." You stated, helping him to his feet. "This is all your fault." The elf snapped. "At least I didn't shoot you in the head."

He pushed you into the water.

[Present Time]

"You aren't still mad at me for that are you?" You asked shyly. "No, not at all." Legolas promised. You laughed and set the arrow back in the box, pushing it aside. Leaning up, you kissed him gently. "I love it, thank you."

"You're welcome." He replied, hands settling on your hips. "I actually want something different than food right now." You admitted, running your fingers through Legolas' long hair. "Oh? And what would that be?" The elf asked with a raised eyebrow.

Locking your arms around his neck, you pulled him down on top of you. "Oh, I think you know."

It was the best Mother's day ever.
WARNING: Idotic Ideas & Actions/Implied Sex


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